Analyzing Your Current Reality

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well!

And I hope you’re implementing some (or hopefully MANY) ideas from my recent reports.

Now as you probably know by now, the launch was NOT what I expected.

As usual, I’m writing something up that I think you’ll find very interesting (which you can then turn into business profit).

I don’t want to go into detail here, but what I’m about to reveal will be something that you’ve never heard from a well know marketing personality.

It’s all about analyzing what works and what doesn’t.

And facing the current reality can be one of the biggest challenges that any business owner can have.

So for now, please review the Internet Business Manifesto, The Missing Chapter, and The Final Chapter.

If you study these documents carefully, especially the sections on planning and strategy, then you may be able to discern what’s coming. 😉

To Higher Profits,
Rich Schefren

P.S. The main lesson in this post is that there are probably things in your business that you’re not “owning up to”. These might be problems or issues that you just don’t want to face. They must be addressed. Your profits will thank you for doing so.

17 thoughts on “Analyzing Your Current Reality”

  1. …there are probably things in your business that you’re not owning up to…issues you just don’t want to face? Is this about the product launch? I don’t get it.

  2. I am speechless. But it’s worth hundreds if not millions of dollars. I would like to really appreciate your work but I prefer to make it private. If you don’t mind, please give me a chance to say a word or two about your work. Your email addie where you receive the most junks is enough for me. I’d like to write my appreciation, then you can delete it and go on with your life.

    Someday my family and I are definitely going to thank you…

    ‘When a diciple is ready to learn, the teacher will come’

  3. Hey N,

    I’m curious about your last comments. Are you talking about the “Internet Wealth Alliance” package that us IWA memebers are going to get by mail?

  4. Hi Rich

    I just want to include a note of support and gratitude.

    As a member of your elite coaching program who just had a baby I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of what you provided, but I can tell you that just one idea you gave me has already recouped the investment I made in your program, and I am confident of multiplying that return over the coming months.

    I don’t know what happened with the launch but I sense it didn’t go exactly as planned. Tough situation straight after such a big success this summer.

    But knowing you, your thirst for learning and your heartfelt desire to share, I know that not only will you bounce back even stronger from this, but turn this situation into an experience that everyone of us can learn from – even your critics (although I’m not convinced they deserve your generosity – especially when they have no idea of the value you provide.

    Wishing you the best.

  5. Rich, does the document you are currently writing, talk about what happened with this launch? Because in your last post you said:

    “I’ve got something to tell you regarding the launch” and told us to sit tight. I mean hopefully people have gotten up to stretch their legs by now and are not literally sitting tight. But, people clearly have a lot of interest and faith in your advice, so some of us are sort of expecting that if there was something you had to tell us about the launch, that we would be hearing it before too long. So will that be included in what you are currently writing?

  6. I could care less about the launch.
    My purpose here, and I suspect that most who come here feel the same way, is to learn from those (Rich?) who are on the cutting edge. Guess what? Those on the cutting edge often get cut!
    Now, what can I learn from how Rich deals with disappointment?

  7. Product launches are very trickly things. For example: in network television out of 20 new shows maybe two or three go on to be come hits. Anyway…

    “The Final Chapter” Charts, both begin with a vision.

    If the one with ‘You’ in the center is to be , it would have to be organized by function, etc.

    The ‘Six Sigma’ Chart as a borrowed paradigm, come’s off as contrived to those who are exposed to models all the time. But the advantage is that is organzed under a central function.

    I find it interesting that all of the disciples that have become successful with Rich, are now beginning to copy the system of name branding and offering their own ‘personalilty based lifestyle business models’.

    The market is over saturated.

  8. Hey Rich,
    I have to admit I didn’t follow your advice – and read the final chapter first (just had to read it immediately). So while I am reading the first parts, I also want to drop a note on the final chapter.

    First of all I want to thank you from the depth of my heart for freely sharing such impactful insights. No doubt they are also a great promotion for you coaching, but you would have filled that program without sharing so much with tens of thousands of marketers. May the help you give come back to you multifold 🙂

    I firmly believe that your reports contain the most important messages for marketers to be found anywhere these days. It just seems so common for Internet marketers to get caught up in the different techniques of marketing, while not looking properly at what they market and why. Eventually, this is a hard business to succeed in and it’s all the little, even subtle things we do and think that will turn the wind of fate and have us be either dead broke or multi-millionaires in days to come – and those little things are largely determined by our larger vision and how much heart we put into it, how passionate we are about what we do.

    So not only will your reports empower many of us to see what seems so obvious once pointed out, and to be much more successful financially, but it will also ensure that we set our sails towards goals much hgher and more fullfilling than just a big bank statement – for all of us have bigger needs to be filled, even though they might be clouded by the immediate need to secure our families and the coverage of financial needs.

    Again thank you so much. If enough people take action upon your insights, we will also see the quality of content marketed on the internet take it to the next level. Eventually, the knowledge of Internet marketing should be a noble, powerful sword in the hand of responsible people – aware of the fact that we will play a continously crucial role in what kinds of information and applied knowledge (products) spread on the Internet…and this will dramatically impact social, political, financial and economical structures worldwide.

    As marketers in the IM niche we impact thousands of people’s perspective on not just how, but also why they market. May we axpand our horizon on how much responsability we carry and use this sword wisely.

    Okay, got a bit carried away here…just one more note on your cover images from the first and the last part. You asked to what we think they have in common.

    My interpretation is that they both represent all the aspects that relevant for an online business – with the difference that the first one looks backwards at the problem and thus reflects confusion, while the second one looks ahead and reflects a solution-oriented visualisation of an internet marketing business. It shows the integrating principles, without which the breathtaking variety of aspects have to be overwhelming to a point of making you incapable to act.

    And this is what your reports provide. the essential backbone structure that allows for a clear perspective of the tasks at hand and makes success not just mere luck.

    Looking forward to reading the other chapters fully (just started the missing chapter). If there should be room in your coaching program in the future, please let me know, I wouldn’t hesitate on it!


    Raam Toerper
    PS: I am creating a system for marketers to take action upon those insights and was wondering whether I could use your cover images on the sales page – of course with a paragraph on where I took them from and a link to your website?

  9. Rich, I’ve been so busy launching my own stuff and putting your great advice into action that I haven’t paid much attention to what’s going on recently, but just wanted to stop by and Thank You for helping me in IM. It’s Working, Rich! I have 4 sites and I’m no longer working for others ; Keep helping people out!
    Take care,
    Tiff 🙂

  10. Rich –

    I recently discovered and now have read all three of your “Manifesto” ebooks. I had previously viewed the video on Google Video. Just the video got me to thinking about the things we (my wife and I) have been doing online. We really haven’t been taking it seriously.

    I am now going to be reading all three ebooks a second time, taking copious notes and planning my strategy for success. I have so many questions. Hopefully a second read will help answer some and help to create more!

    I will be keeping my eye out (like I always do) for information that will help educate me in Marketing.

    Thanks for all the great information thus far!

    Phil Parks

  11. I like your manifesto and added chapters but if you make it shorter one can learn what one has to in half a time. Are we really has to pretend we are ‘close and personal millionaires’.

  12. A good friend & colleague told me about your 3 reports just after Christmas and, although I’m not heavily into Internet Marketing, I am an ambassador of direct response marketing so was interested to read what you had to say.

    I think the issues you address and the strategic points you make are fundamental (as you rightly say) to ANY business person. All small-medium-large business owner/managers should read these reports regardless of whether their business ins online or offline. It all applies.

    I shall definitely invite any business people I come across to read and absorb these insights – especially the calculating of your hourly worth!

    Great and generous reports Rich.

  13. Every time I’ve downloaded “The Missing Chapter” & “The Final Chapter” I get another copy of the same document.

    I’m missing something. Would somebody please steer me to these separate documents?

    Thank you.

    Rich thank you for sharing your knowledge.


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