Announcing The Final Chapter Of The Trilogy

Hey Guys,

I’ve got some GREAT news. In just a few days, I’ll be releasing “The Final Chapter” of the Internet Business Manifesto trilogy.

I’m ABSOLUTELY convinced that this third and final installment is my BEST work to date. I’ve been showing off the ROUGH draft to some of my inner circle friends and they all think I’m NUTS
to be releasing it for free.

But, like I said before, I’m NOT going to leave anyone out in the cold, even if you couldn’t afford my exclusive coaching.

Now I’d like you to take a minute and think about what has changed in your business since you read the original Manifesto and the Missing Chapter.

It will reveal some DEEP insights into your personal approach to business, and what you need to CHANGE in order to be successful.

So leave a comment on this thread and let me know how things are progressing for you. It will be a good exercise for you, because it will force you to closely analyze your progress over the last three months. It will also help me tailor the remainder of the upcoming “Final Chapter” to address your most pressing issues.

Warm Regards,
Rich Schefren

40 thoughts on “Announcing The Final Chapter Of The Trilogy”

  1. Rich,

    I’m one of those who couldn’t afford your couching — but I devoured your Manifesto! Thanks so much! At the time, I was spinning my wheels exerting more energy into “making money” than following my skills and interests. Since then I’ve released a new product that I made myself and that I’m very proud of — Site Page Tracker. I now realize I excel more at strategizing than programming, so when I can afford it, I’ll be outsourcing all of the programming for my future products.

  2. Ggod man, I too have changed my thrust. I have tried since 1997 to get a web site up,,just ain’t working,,I am now pointing toward research and writing articles for others. Thank you for your kindness, especially to we beginners..God Bless

  3. In part to you, I now have worked out a long term relationship with a very proficient programmer.

    It’s so refreshing to just give tasks to someone else so I don’t even have to think about them.

    My mind is so clear now.

    Also I use Mind Maps to relay my ideas and concepts to my partner/programmer. It’s awesome.

    Thanks Rich and I look forward to see your final piece of the Trilogy.

    Joe Lavery

  4. I have started planning changes, which I am very excited about. I have not had time to implement them yet, because my 9-5 job has become a 9-9 job for the time being. Most of the time it’s not like that, it tends to go in cycles. I can’t wait for my time to free up and implement some of the changes.

    Thanks for all the great information you have given us!

  5. I started using some of the tools you recommended, have decided to give away my $39 ebook in exchange for having more subscribers, and have focused on outsourcing development of a new product I am working on. All of your concepts fit in well with my strategy. I’ll read it again now. Thanks Rich.

  6. Hi Rich,

    I am in your monthly programme and am currently on the 4th module.
    with your help I’ve identified what my strengths are and importantly how I can leverage them in my business so i do the things that I am good at and not getd slowed down by all the other things. I have come up with some awesome ideas that will set the the coaching and coach training business I am invloved with ( set us apart from the masses that are out there. Impoortantly I am in the process of setting up a business that will provide outsourcing services ( to internet marketers so they can concentrate on doing what they do best. Module 4 is absolutely awesome you are defiantely over delivering thank you.

    Gavin Allinson

  7. The Business Growth System is exactly what it is, a “business growth system” and it’s been incredible for us. I literally can’t wait to get the 3rd part of the manifesto trilogy given the first one inspired me to pay $5k before I even knew what was in the program! Bring it on!!.
    John Allen Mollenhauer “JAM”

  8. Hi Rich – The mind mapping has been instrumental in helping me to visualize the big picture, gain clarity and implement.

    When combined with Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula, its been absolutely amazing in setting us on a course to achieve the goals we set out for phase 1 pre-pre launch at TIMME, which continues at Big Seminar.

    All of us at PMC look forward to the final installment, as I am sure do all of us members of the Elite and BGS courses.

    The thing I have found is I spend about 12-17 hours per module, summarizing, mind mapping and applying what you teach to our launch. And it’s bang on – Gives me everything I need to prioritize tasks, outsource etc.

    So I’m really grateful – your help has been instrumental in our successes so far.

    All the best, see you in Atlanta at Big Seminar!

    Danny Guspie

    Record – Share – Connect – Monetize Today!

  9. Taking a cue from your writings, I’ve adopted an approach I’d call “Strategic Outsourcing.” It involves a careful and ongoing examination of what can and should be outsourced and what I should do myself not only for monetary reasons but for reasons that have to do with keeping in touch with the business’ vital parts.

  10. Well I’ve always tried to follow your ideas as presented in Manifesto and missing chapters…but just too many pre-packaged shove-it-down-your-throat “businesses” offered by the gurus- often wildly disagreeing on what/what not to do and once they have your money, most don’t give a hoot about you or your success. This gets me back to two businesses I do love- both involved in helping others achieve more…one with a CLEAR market, the other with ‘fractal” markets- unrelated groups except in one or two common areas. Very hard to find these people on the internet, or even where they hang out…and they aren’t searching for the ‘common area’ keywords (which are quite expensive and clicked on by dufuses (dufusi?) not qualified for my help).
    So the BIG problem is how to reach out to people of different ages and many professions with a message they’ll all relate to…

  11. I read your manifesto during the summer when it first came out. I’ve been striving to pull back from the day to day stuff and focus more on the long term. It is easy to be distracted by all the “gurus” shouting I’m the one just “follow me”. Of course to follow you have to pay a measily $47 or $97 or $997. It is important to focus on my mission not on what everyone else is doing or not doing.

    Defining my mission and staying true to it is freeing and yet humbling. I am looking forward to the third installment. Outsourcing of the parts I used to do allows me the chance to breathe and think strategically. Actually taking the time to write out the plan and processes for our business prevents the treadmill approach to business thinking if you just work harder and faster maybe tomorrow you can breathe.

  12. Hi Rich,
    I was thinking of throwing in the towel on internet marketing until I started reading your material. Thanks for setting me straight on the path.
    I see you understand “give and it will be given unto you”.

  13. It continues to amaze me that there are so many kind and generous people in the world who give and give and then give some more.

    I read your Manifesto and Missing chapter many months ago and it helped me tremendously. It helped me to begin to treat my endeavours on the internet as a real business and position myself accordingly.

    It helped me to recognize that I can’t do everything and to focus on what I can do. It led me to really look at what my strengths are and to work with these. And it was a life altering revelation to get off trying to prop up my weaknesses and just get on with focusing on my strengths.

    I have since started working with a company on the internet and in this work I able to do the things I am good at and I love which are writing, editing, proofreading, customer service and support and
    streamlining processes for greater efficiency.

    I can’t help but think that it was reading your short but very helpful books that set me on this path.

    I have just skimmed the manifesto and missing chapter again to write this comment and will read it again today. The prospect of Final Chapter is something to look forward to with anticipation.

    Thank you, Rich.

  14. Hello:

    Rich: I realized about 3 things after I read your manifiesto:
    1. I have an overwhelm flood of information (in most cases a lot of if was not neccesary)
    2. I got to have a plan (and I did it)
    3. I have to build a company based on my strengths (and I did it)
    My company is in the early stages, but is running and I’m happy to see things in perspective and walking toward reaching a goal that I visualized and planned.

  15. Hello Rich,

    I didn’t join your program. I’ve always been an extremely able book learner. I don’t need or want tapes or DVD’s to waste my time. I’d rather not travel to conferences. One-on-one coaching would be great but didn’t fit into the budget.

    But your Manifestos and (as well as Paul Lemberg and Tom Matzen’s Earn Twice as Much with Half the Stress) have been extremly helpful in helping me grow my company and get some major projects done.

    I think these million dollar teleconference coaching programs are a bit of a scam quite frankly – you’re not the only one doing them now – but I am impressed with your desire to share. Still I am sure your private clients got more than their moneys worth.

  16. Looking forward to the final chapter. I too was unable to afford your program, but I really like your approach and methodology. I have printed some of your quotes and keep them hanging around the office for inspriration! Great job.

    Now, I am busy building one of my stores Sweet 16 party favors

    All the best!


  17. Hi Rich.
    Just yesterday I was reading the missing chapter again and realizing how much it has helped me and how everything it says applies to what I’m doing.

    I’ve quit freelancing for a dead-end client and now I’m working at my first product which is very close to being released. I was naturally strategistic about this product, in that I didn’t look for a ‘nice niche’ such as AJAX based shopping carts (many of my friends still tell me I should be doing that instead), but I asked myself what my strengths are and built something to scratch my own itch. So far I’ve gotten really good feedback on the product and I’m expecting good results with it.

    Thanks Rich!

  18. Hi Rich, I knew right away after reading the manifesto that you were the Guru for me. I’m in the month to month program and while it’s a bit pricey (but worth the money) I feel that it will pay dividends for the rest of my life and pro rated over how long I indend to live will cost very very little.

    Or, you could say that it would have cost me a lot more in lost revenue not to take the course.

    I stay busy selling real estate here in Mexico and it’s hard to keep up with the course, but I do.

    I really would pefer the price to be lower and given less content per month to learn and apply.

    I’m applying your concepts to my brick and mortar business now.

    At 65 I plan to have it ready to sell or at least to step back from within 5 years.

    I’m working on all the things you’ve taught to make it a sellable business.

    So far I’m spending a lot of money on outsourcing, but it has allowed me to focus on my strngths and to move more quickly along the road to achieving my goals.

    I’m still working 12 to 14 hours a day but much more of my day is spent on creative business building and building systems into my business rather than just running all day doing everything myself.

    I’m in the process of opening a storefront office to work out of which will allow me to hire my first employee and to allow my computer guy to come in at night and work for me when he can’t make house calls as I can just give him a key to the office.

    Also having an office outside of my home office will allow me to spend more quality time with my wife.

    Working at home is great if you can pry yourself away from the computer long enough to have a life outside of cyberlandia. And since I’m an admitted work a holic seperting myself physically will help me to foucs on other important aspects of a good life.

    Thanks for all your help.

    Siempre tu amigo, Sid

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  20. My Oh My….Rich you’ve done it again and again…you below me away with all systems stuffs..though it all common sense when you come to terms with it…i guess common sense is not common after all and people appeal more to emotions then to logic…this is a logical approach to online business but most of the people has been online doing everything on their own and following their emotional gut instinct…what you have done has certainly demistify the entire internet business process in a logical manner…and thank you so much..

  21. Thanks Rich. One of the methods you highlighted in the Manifesto and the Missing Chapter was the need to use processes and systems. In fact, I now Process-Map everything I do. It helps me get clear on the stages I have to cover in preparing a product launch, marketing plan, or anything in the business – both online and offline.

  22. Rich, thanks for the Manifesto & Missing Chapter it helped me to be more productive, implement Process-Mapping in all my activities, and most importantly for the first time using my strenth as an advantage to building my business. Thanks again for that powerful information..

  23. Hi,
    I think that your internet manifesto is really the best book out there. Because I am still seeing Super Affiliate not performing the things written in your book and not being able to explode their earnings further!

  24. I’ve made some changes in my business model and who I choose to work with! I even gave “The Missing Chapter” to a friend who was thinking about getting married. She read it and has really started thinking about getting married & how she runs her business!

    I can’t thank you enough!


  25. I was very impressed with the reality of truth you managed to convey and in showing my business partner who had no idea what all setting up and establishing a page was, it was quite the eye-opener for him. He does not harp when I am working at the computer so long. Thanks extremely much.

  26. I really appreciate for what you have been done. Providing such a great guides for free. One day, after put all manifesto lessons into practice, I will meet you and I would like you to train me to the next level. Thx

  27. Well, Rich. I can’t seem to get off first base. I want an online business, but can’t seem to find exactly what I want. Guess I want it to be a sure-bet before I start! It doesn’t seem that I know enough to really start.

  28. Hi Rich:

    The two Manifesto pdfs just releases are superb, top class content. I’m expectant about your next release. Sure it’ll be great. Thanks for sharing, you’re great.

    Antonio – Barcelona, Spain

  29. Rich, I have just read your Final Chapter and I must say for me it was the best yet. Whilst I did read the earlier two reports they did not hold much in the way of new revelations, at least not for me. But I am sure they would for many other people.

    I already have a formal business education and have run and been part of many new business ventures so many of the concepts you wrote about were very familiar to me.

    However in the Final Chapter what was a revelation for me was your chart on P19.

    I have never seen the critical elements to business success so clearly explained. I have been trying to figure out the missing pieces in my personal jigsaw for years and in a few seconds from one diagram all became clear.

    It was a Eureka moment and one I’ll not forget in a hurry.

    Thanks for sharing


  30. I enjoyed reading your new ebook “The Final Chapter”

    It has good logic and presentation. It seems to me the ebook revolution is designed to sell something not impart knowledge.

    I cannot list the ways your book was useful to me.

    I have something for your consideration.

    Nothing is what it seems !!!

    For the past 100 years or so western civilization has been technology orientated. The higher the technology, the better we like it. Technology is logic based.

    Our logic is based on our reality window.

    If we become aware of a different form of technology which is not only outside our logic base, but also can’t be replicated reliably and worse still, cannot be measured on conventional instruments, then we panic!
    It is outside our reality window.

    If you find a way to make our logic comfortable in your presentation, you will have found the secret to sales.


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