Win A 60 Minute Makeover

What would your business look like if I deconstructed, dissected, and detailed the areas where you are facing the biggest challenges and reworked them so they became the biggest profit centers of your newly remade, reorganized business?

I’m going to do that for ONE lucky person on my list, so they can experience a true feeling of independence on July 4th.

This is an opportunity for you to work with me, one-on-one, no holds barred, mono-e-mono, on your business…just as though you were one of my clients.

We’ll take apart your business, brick by brick, and replace the clay with solid gold.

If you would like me to re-engineer your business, in a lightning 60 minute makeover, absolutely F*R*E*E, you have to do only one thing…

…tell me why I should choose you?

Right now, I want you to tell me about your business, your single biggest strength and why you deserve to have me work on your business. When you post, make sure to fill out the private email field, so that we can contact you if you are selected.

You have until noon time on Sunday to submit your post. All posts submitted after that deadline will not considered. With that being said, please understand that this is not a race for the fastest post – I’m looking for the best answer.

One other thing. Today, Friday, my assistance Sheila did not come to work.

She refused to take one more phone call from people trying to “cut” into line trying to secure a spot in my coaching program.

Please – for the sake of harmony in my office – do not call and ask that your business be selected.


Rich Schefren

P.S. Ever since our Alexa score hit 492, our server has developed a sever case of arthritis. If you experience any problems posting, please be patient and stick with it. I look forward to reading your posts.

11 thoughts on “Win A 60 Minute Makeover”

  1. Because I understand everything you say and I conduct the same analysis in my daily “offline” job (process mapping, change acceleration process, six sigma methodology, etc.). But to get started on the internet today, such a fast paced environment, you need a mentor to help you keep from getting sidetracked. Especially since starting out your time is split even further between your full time job and family.

    Just as you have posted that Jack Welch (former GE CEO) sold off the businesses in GE that lacked growth potential, he also maintained that the bottom 10% of employees also lack growth potential. This still happens today within GE and for good reason. Jack’s methodology was to cut your losses and move on to new resources that can provide the potential needed to maintain or exceed your growth model.

    My right analytical side sometimes interferes with my left entrepreneurial side and I feel that having a mentor, even for 60 minutes, will provide me the information I need to learn to:
    Become more organized in my new internet entrepreneur “lifestyle”
    Delegate more productively to free my entrepreneurial spirit (right side)
    Focus on achieving my goals through the most productive analysis methods (left side)
    And get this train-a-rollin’

    I have the passion and I have the funding. Or at least enough to start a project and I also have the knowledge of how to obtain additional funding if needed. What I lack is focus with a beginning mentorship to help me keep on track and the hours in a day to make the transition from full time “offline” employee to internet entrepreneur.

    You’re killing me Rich, this just cost me $465 of my time. I hope it is worth it. 😉

    Daniel W.

  2. Dear Rich,

    Thank you so much for your Manifesto. You spoke directly to me. For years I have been looking for the next big thing. The next opportunity to move me forward, the next tactic of the week, month or year. I have been an opportunity seeker for much too long. Thank you for freeing me from the chains of an opportunist who thought he was an entrepreneur.

    I remember reading some of the first financial newsletter published by your friends over at Agora when I was a youth. At the tender age of 12 I was reading the direct sales letter for Taipan (Taipan Online now, the financial newsletter). You see, I had a great interest in investing and making money, even then. While other boys and girls were dreaming of becoming a rock star, famous football or baseball player or singer my dream was to become a successful business person. Why, you may ask?

    I’m not really sure, but I just wanted to have the freedom and lifestyle that I saw was apparent for the “rich and famous” people. I remember fairly distinctly that this direct mail piece from Agora Publishing discussed a great stock called Silicon Graphics right around the time that Terminator 2 had just come out. It was their recommended stock and I remember that to this day because at the time Silicon Graphics was a little known company that no one had ever heard of. My father did not subscribe to that newsletter, but it left an impression upon me to this day (13 or 14 years later).

    The reason that I wanted to become a business person was because I was told stories as a child about my great great grandfather who started an import and export business in hong kong and shipped to and from the United States (a long time ago) and later branched out to real estate. He did well enough that my great grandfather did not work a day in his life and was able to father over 9 children and leave a legacy for his family. Over 4 generations that wealth has not been retained, however I feel that I have the entrepreneurial spirit that lived within my great great grandfather. I would like to create a fortress around my family that nothing can penetrate as Jim Rohn says.

    I have been fortunate enough to have had many mentors and teachers throughout my life. Some I have studied and read from afar, others I have worked with closely. You have helped me realize that time is of the essence. I have been playing around and making a “hobby” of this internet marketing thing. But I do see now that there is not much time and I need to create a business. I better get my butt in gear and mark out my spot in the wild wild west before the big boys come and just wipe us all out like a tsunami. The most important thing in our lives is our time and how we choose to spend it. The discussion of leverage and systemization really clarified for me how to gain more time and buy back my life. The process mapping idea simplifies how to create systems. If we cannot figure out what we are doing in a repeatable way with metrics and follow a set procedure we will get different results every time. This is what pilots use, McDonald’s use, and this is what Rich Schefren uses.

    One of the other biggies for me was that I really do have all the information that I need right now. I do not need to get more information unless it moves me that one step closer to my goal or target. Becoming laser focused on that one thing to the exclusion of all else. I have tried multiple MLM’s Excel, Quixtar / Amway, OBT and The Federal Chamber of Commerce. I have tried several programs and purchased inordinate amounts of products and courses from the gurus and not so gurus. Yet the success I seek has eluded me. It wasn’t because I had bought the wrong thing, or didn’t have enough information. It was because I had not become who I needed to be in order for that success to come to me.

    I know that I will be successful because I have the end in mind. My vision is to build a financial fortress around my family that nothing can penetrate. Then when that is done elevate and expose the abundance mentality to all children and youths of this world so that we can build a better place for future generations. I remember a video of Jim Rohn drawing a triangle and telling people that you can pick if you want to be at the top of the triangle and making a lot of money, be in the middle and be making a moderate amount of money, or at the bottom and just getting by. It is all a choice, but not being aware of the possibility that youths and children have a choice is sad.

    Thank you so much for the Manifesto and sharing just a sliver of your vast knowledge that has rocked the Internet Marketing and business world. I look forward to working with you. Good luck with your projects with Agora. They keep coming out with so many new and different things (I liked the grouping 5 or 6 newsletters into one package and then having a limited time, lifetime membership) and say hi to Bill Bonner and Addison Wiggins for me. I’ve been reading their DR stuff for about the last 2 years. Always something amusing to read there. Especially when they talk about the “lumps”.



  3. Dear Rich,

    My talent is that I change peoples lives. That means for the best.

    I agree with your manifesto and your mising chapter 100%.

    I have traveled 61 countries.

    I have developed a mathematical process for analizing quantum mechanics and relativity. I have calculated their frontier levels in a simple mathematical process that yield their exact frontier levels.

    I studied international relations in the US and understand the current world situation better than 99.99% of the world.

    I have figured out how to make a good killing with a current business while multiplying my thoughts times yours and I think it can fly with escape velocity as all the right fuels are combined. Yours is definetly the kind of fuel any rocket from NASA would want to incorporate.

    I think time spent talking with you can change my life and that of many others for good. And as I said in the begining hopefuly your life will also change as well as a result of speaking with me.

    I live in Mexico, I can operate well from here. My tel number is 52-998-898-0624 or US tel (213) 596 0230

    Please call.

  4. Hi Rich!

    I just read the email you sent out about not having a home study course because you don’t have time to create it or to answer questions. You mentioned that we leave ideas here on the blog if we had any so here goes:

    1. Do you have understudy people who can do this kind of work for you?
    2. Could some people who want your services substitute some of the costs involved in your personal business coaching in return for serving as people who can field questions from course members (If you had a course).
    3. Farm out the course. My sister is a technical writer and does this sort of thing for a living so I know it can be farmed out.

    I can come up with more solutions for broadcasting your basic business builder course (BBB).

    You the Man! You can get this done so others who have less money can afford your training and techniques.

    Let’s Roll It Out!

    Jim Furr

  5. Great video, excellent concepts, but some typos I can’t live with. Jarring case in point – I believe you mean “ma·no a ma·no” not “mono-e-mono”, literally meaning hand to hand:

    ma·no a ma·no ( P ) Pronunciation Key (män ä män)
    n. pl. ma·nos a ma·nos (mäns ä mäns)
    A bullfight in which two rival matadors take turns fighting several bulls each.
    A face-to-face confrontation or competitive struggle: a mano a mano between the presidential candidates.

  6. Your wake up call has left me with an urgent desire to act and get the mentoring I need.

    If you pick me you are highly likely to cause a radical change for my business, and earn yet another impressive testimonial – because I am ready to listen and take action.

    I did pick my business according to my strengths and experience and I think the site has got off to a good start – it does make a profit – so I think you do have something promising to work with.

    However there is everything to do – I’ve just created one main product and some additional bonuses to include in the autoresponder series (not yet in place as I’m waiting on a software fix). Everything else on that organisational chart of yours still needs doing and it’s a scary idea – even for a lunatic.

    Basically I need a change in mindset and the way I look at business. Despite reading Rich Man Poor Man several years ago I see with a slight sense of panic, that I’m STILL on the left side of the quadrant.

    Please give me access to your knowledge – either through this session – which would be truly an honour to receive – or through making your material available in other forms such as more affordable group coaching, or e-books and informational products we could buy. I really want to study with your mentors.

    Thanks and kind regards
    Shelley Vernon

  7. Okay, Mr. Hot Shot Business Guru, I have a unique proposition for you that, should you take on this challenge, you can use in your public relations and testimonials for the rest of your career to PROVE beyond a SHADOW OF A DOUBT that you are the preeminent business builder and internet guru of ALL TIME and leave a LEGACY that will be remembered for years.

    If you’ve got the guts to take this on, it could easily PROPEL you into the SPOTLIGHT on NATIONAL MEDIA, with more interviews and news coverage than even an energy powerhouse like you can handle.

    I can GUARANTEE that this has NEVER been done before…you like to be hip and on the cutting edge, don’t you?

    How would you like to be on Oprah and a household name like “Dr. Phil”? I can easily see writing a book about the experience (my degree in English from Duke might be worth something, after all!)

    You can “trump” the Donald with this one because it’s something even he has never achieved.

    Most sincerely,
    Ann Rangel

    PS Here’s my cell phone just in case you’ve got the nerve to actually give me a call 770-833-6898.

    PPS In reality, I’m a nice person, but I know you’ve got to have attitude and stand out from the crowd if you want your message to get noticed…and what I have the ability to offer you is just as SENSATIONAL as I say it is.

  8. Hi Rich,
    first of all thanks a lot for your work. I knew that I have to treat my internet business as a direct marketing operation, and the techniques you hint at in the last chapter are invaluable.

    But I want to add a remark about something else: The whole topic on alliances etc. is not only about growing your lists etc., learning from each others, sharing products etc., it could be the foundation for an organisation blueprint for people who work from different locations together.
    The alliances you build through your coaching programms, and through the coaching programms and relationships of your alumni, could evolve into a very strong ney type of organisation.

  9. Ms. Ann Rangel

    You were Almost very impressive, but blew it all by this comment:
    “PPS In reality, I’m a nice person, but I know you’ve got to have attitude and stand out from the crowd if you want your message to get noticed…and what I have the ability to offer you is just as SENSATIONAL as I say it is.”
    Pretend you were someone else reading your own post (you have my permission to pretend you’re me), and you’ll understand my comment.

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