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  • What’s a “hack?” It’s a shortcut that gives you the profits you want FASTER.
  • What’s ProfitHacks? It’s leverage. It’s the exact shortcut steps you need to redesign your business so you get everything done for your business in 25 minutes a day.
  • What can it do for you? In short, help you build your business FAST. You’ll know how to create and publish content everywhere your prospects will see it. Create products to sell in hours instead of weeks. Get traffic and make sales – faster than you ever thought possible. (And a whole lot more.)
  • Will this work for me? This course is designed to give any entrepreneur leverage no matter what business they’re in. It allows you to focus on ONLY the things you enjoy doing, and still build the business you want.
  • Why is this different? ProfitHacks isn’t just a “productivity course.” Or just a “time management” course. It’s the leverage you need to overhaul EVERY area of your business. It’s essentially 5 courses all rolled into one.
  • After ProfitHacks, you’ll know how to: Learn fast… create content fast… publish that content fast… get traffic fast… build a team fast… and earn profits fast.

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A Look Inside the ProfitHacks Program…

  • Module 1: The Key Principles of Leverage (Retail Value: $397) — These are the exact leverage points you can use to overhaul your day, your workweek and your business. That includes…
    • The “Procrastinator’s Hack” that lets you focus and get the most out of every minute of your day (great for beating procrastination once and for all).
    • The secret to getting things done: These first hacks revolutionized Pete’s workday, and let Pete triple his business in a matter of weeks.
    • The Minimum Effective Dose: Discover the absolute bare minimum you need to do to get the results you want.
  • Module 2: Time Hacks — (Retail Value: $497) These hacks let you get more done in minutes than most get done in hours including…
    • 15 minutes to Market Leadership: Become the next thought leader in your market… in 15 minutes a day.
    • 1-Minute Email Hack: Shock your customers by responding to every single customer personally – in under a minute.
    • 5-Minute Information Overload Hack: Organize EVERY piece of information, so you can read as much as possible and NEVER succumb to information overload.
    • 60-Minute “Know Everything” Hack: Devour all the latest news, client information and even the new videos and books in your industry in a fraction of the time.
  • Module 3: Content Creation Hacks — (Retail Value: $997) Have trouble creating content? Then all these hacks are designed for you. This includes…
    • Create High-Quality Content in Minutes: How to constantly create valuable content while never sacrificing your time or integrity.
    • The “Sell Through Video” Hack: How to sell your own products through video…without spending a second filming.
    • Your Credibility & Content in One Hack: The step-by-step process that lets you instantly gain credibility for yourself and create high-quality content at the same time.
    • No Ideas for Content? Use this Hack: How to constantly generate killer ideas for content – so you never run out of ideas for your blogs or videos again.
  • Module 4: Content Syndication Hacks — (Retail Value: $697) How to create endless streams of revenue by turning one existing piece of content into three, four or even five new products.
    • The Content Leverage Hack: How to publish your content in multiple channels, funnels, and publications to drive traffic back to your site.
    • Turn an Old Piece of Content into Profits: How to republish your most popular blog, YouTube video, or podcast in offline publications to drive new, highly converting, prospects and leads to your website.
    • Become a Published Author FAST: Quick-start step-by-step guides on how to get published on Kindle…Amazon…and Nook.

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  • Module 5: Manpower Hacks — (Retail Value: $1,697) These hacks tell you exactly where to go to hire a team of superstars to build your business for you. That includes…
    • The Solopreneur Hack: This is how to find the right people to help you run your business so you never have to do everything yourself again.
    • How to Find Your Qualified Team: Where to find an entire world of skilled employees just WAITING for you to hire them.
    • Never Get Burned By Hiring: How to find the RIGHT team members so you’re never wasting time or money on the wrong person.
    • Team Management Hacks: The sleek, sexy processes to turn your handful of outsourcers into a ridiculously efficient team of superstars.
  • Module 6: Software, Hardware, Tools and Resources — (Retail Value: $297) These are the actual online tools and products to “hack” your way to profits. That includes…
    • 25 Hardware Hacks: These are the exact computer tools that let you hack your way to profits even faster.
    • 18 Software Hacks. These are the specific resources online that make ProfitHacking even easier.
    • 3 Quick Team Building Resources: These include three quick places to start looking for the next superstar for your team.
  • Module 7: Step-by-Step Blueprints — (Retail Value: $997) These step-by-step blueprints let you get EVERYTHING done for my online business FASTER. That includes…
    • Solving Your Biggest Problems: These blueprints let you blast through all the obstacles that usually stand between you and the kind of success you want.
    • Start a Business from Scratch. This is the exact step-by-step process that Pete would use to start a business right now.
    • Become a Published Author: This blueprint walks you through how to get your next book published and build your credibility FAST.
    • Get the Traffic You Need to Make the Sales: This is the step-by-step blueprint to get the profitable traffic you want.
  • Total value of Profit Hacks $5,579. $3,785. (Now: $997 – a $4,582 savings.)

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Plus, by signing up as one of the first clients for ProfitHacks, you’ll receive the following bonuses:

  • Four Weekly Q&A Calls with Pete Considering Pete charges $5,200 for consults, these four calls are worth at least $1,300. This is Pete’s way of ensuring that you understand absolutely everything… so for an entire month, Pete is going to be FULLY accessible, once a week, for your questions.
  • Pete’s Most Popular Presentation from Our Profit Hacker Workshop $397 Last summer, Pete held a private closed-door workshop for an elite group of ProfitHack clients. With this bonus, you’ll get to be a fly on the wall for the most popular presentation of the workshop.
  • Strategic Profits 12-Month Blueprint ($597) Program: This bonus includes every single marketing piece Rich Schefren used at Strategic Profits to go from a complete standstill to $7.4 million dollars during their first 12 months in business.
  • Rich’s “Science of Business Success” Presentation ($697) Program: In this presentation, Rich breakdowns the science of how to build a business from the ground up and iterate your way to success.

Total value of Profit Hacks $5,579. $3,785. (Now: $997 – a $4,582 savings.)

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