There’s An Empty Chair At My Table With Your Name On It!

So we had this meeting recently at Strategic Profits, and I was looking around the room at my team. What a collection of All-Stars we have

– There’s Brian, Mr. Harvard Business School himself, my right hand man…
– Anna, the Jamaican Wonder, whose attention to detail makes my events shine…
– Dwain, our marketing guy and resident Canadian who eats and sleeps hockey…
– Artie, our software developer who leads our team of overseas developers…
– Lauren, our graphic design expert and our cookie queen…
– Ken, our whiz at content creation, online marketing, and music trivia…
– Matt, our writer who researches the blogs and social media landscape…
– Christina, fresh out of college, eager to write, and brand new to the Florida lifestyle…
– Ricardo, our finance guy, who makes sure the money keeps flowing where it should…
– Carlton, our customer service pro, whose smooth voice makes problems disappear…

As well as the rest of my superstar team in Florida and at productive locations overseas.

These are my colleagues… my teammates… my friends. And I cherish each and every one of them. 


But guess what?

There’s an empty chair at the table.

That’s right. We’re missing an integral part of the team. Someone to work alongside me in our marketing efforts and drive those horses to the top of the mountain.

We need someone to fill that chair because Strategic Profits is accelerating far beyond our initial vision. We are growing so far, so fast, that we need more help from talented people like YOU.
But hold on – before you go shooting resumes and CVs my way, hear me out. Because I’m not just looking for anyone.

See, the Strategic Profits team has a certain delicate balance that’s uncommon for a work environment, and I need someone who can slide in easily and hit the ground running — without disturbing that balance.

Have you launched your own products and created your own campaigns? Been there, done that in our space?  Then come play with our team and take your experience to a whole new level.

So here’s the skinny…

  • If you’re an online marketing whiz who enjoys both the thrill of a successful campaign and having a good laugh at the expense of a co-worker (most of the time me), you could fill this chair.
  • If you know SEO, PPC, PHP, HTML and a whole bunch of other “alphabet soup” abbreviations that are important to our business, then you could fill this chair.
  • If you dig online marketing–I mean REALLY dig online marketing – to the point where you catch yourself thinking about it at the most, shall we say, “inopportune” moments (you know what I mean), then you could fill this chair.
  • If you realize that spending a year with me and my team would be the networking equivalent of at least a decade of attending seminars – a real-life education to which few are exposed – then you could fill this chair.

Do these qualifications hit you right between the eyes?

Well, first get some ice on those peepers to hold down the swelling. Then send an e-mail of 400 words or less to me at [email protected]

Tell me exactly why you should be a part of the Strategic Profits all-star team.

And no, I’m not going to ask you to move to New York — like my buddy Mike Filsaime — where the prettiest thing outside the window is the new graffiti on the underpass.

This is Delray Beach, Florida, baby. We’re talking palm trees, sand, sunshine, ocean breezes, South Beach just a short drive down the road, the whole works… And you could be smack dab in the middle of it all.

Don’t want to move? Tell you what I’ll do… Wow me with your e-mail and maybe we can work out a telecommuting arrangement. Maybe… 😉

Sound cool?

Send me those e-mails. And who knows? Maybe the next post will be welcoming YOU to the Strategic Profits team.

10 thoughts on “There’s An Empty Chair At My Table With Your Name On It!”

  1. Look! I do not really fit the criteria you are looking for. I am a 72 year old ex local government officer looking for something to add to my pension on a part-time basis. i have no knowledge of any of your key basics so I really am not suitable for what you have to offer, and on top of all that, I live in Wales-United Kingdom, too poor to move to New York or Florida and probably too old to make a go of what you so kindly offer. I think this the end of the line for these emails so I wish you many happy and successful dealing in the future whilst the likes of myself look on in admiration and some envy (in a nice way of course) so all the very best my American friend, I feel as if I have known you for some considerable time. Kindest Regards, Lionel Jones.

  2. Rich,
    I know of just the man. He can transform wordpress from a blogging platform into an environmentally friendly Ferrari enzo in less time that it takes to say “there is a hippopotamus in my bathtub”.

    He just loves solving internet related problems with simple front-end and powerful back-end solutions. This international superstar has an awesome attitude and seeks awesome results, always.

    You are partly responsible for changing him from an opportunity seeker to a strategic thinker, so he has strategies to execute before he can get that email to you. He will be in touch via email and video over the weekend.

    Have a good one.

    Mr. Who?

    P.S. This star, likes to speak in the third person every now and then.

  3. Hi Rich,
    I hope you find that last piece of your jigsaw, I hate it when you build one and there is a piece missing.(arggh), I wish I was a lot younger, computers were still in there punch hole days.
    I hope you get the best person soon, I feel you deserve the best.

    That chair looks too comfy
    Margaret Halliwell

  4. I have a piece I just finished painting and it can solve the puzzle for you:-). If you like, you can send me your address where I can send it to you. You’ll love it, I’m sure…And if it doesn’t complete the star trek family, may be you can decorate your room with it. It’s my favorite, honestly, serious now, you can have it.

    You see I’m cool. Are you?

    P.S problems are only in our head if we choose to…

    good night!

  5. Hi Rich!
    Of course you’ll find your missing puzzle bit. I really wish I could be the one.
    But looking at your warm and shining, glossy environment gives me
    ideas to live in the opportunity of the world.
    But age prevent me to make a move, I have to stay in the land of midnight sun and northern light.
    I shall continue to strive with your blocks of education, trying to accomplish something after my retirement from business. However I love to be a part of the vivid stream of ideas and information, and of course all good comments from your fellow friends.
    So thank you for letting me in and the invitation to be a bit of your puzzle.
    Have a wonderful day, enjoy your life.
    Greetings from Elsa

  6. Rich,

    Your offer is tempting and I bet there are many who will jump at the chance to be around one of the worlds’ most sought after consultant. I have a feeling

    I would fit/slide right in but there are there main problems with your Job offer:
    1. It is a Job offer.
    2. Location
    3. Pay likely bellow my standards. (I mean it with all due respect)

    So I prefer to just pick your brains from distance and take advantage of from half way around the world, from a more sophisticated international environment. Florida is perhaps a good place to retire but that is a long way ahead for me.

    Hope you find the right person. You deserve that and much more.

    Nicholas Mancini

  7. Hi Rich,

    Once again – how strange that both you and I are struggling with that last piece of the puzzle, that last ingredient that would make our business running in a perfectly smooth and seamless fashion…Isn’t that a coincidence or what?!

    Listen, my ad is far from perfect, and not as cool and catchy as yours…:) However, if you happen to have some ‘rejects’ based on the specifics of what you need to achieve at this time, but othewise suitable – could you do me a favour and send them my way?

    Here’s what I’m looking for at the moment, my friend…:

    uVme Toronto Online Gaming Club is looking to fill the following position:

    Head of Marketing


    Chief Marketing Authority of the Club. Overseeing the Club’s Online and Offline Marketing Activities. Defines the Club’s Marketing needs, selects Marketing Methods and Marketing Materials from VWD, according to the Club and Road Show needs. Develops Email Campaigns and Client Relationship Management activities. Liaises with Printing Companies, Web and Graphic Designers and VWD Marketing Department.

    Coordinates all marketing activities of the Club. Stays on top of most current online and offline marketing methods and recommends them to the Club management. Performs other marketing-related activities, as required.

    Experience in Internet and Network Marketing preferred…

  8. hey rich… what about us canadians… planning a visit to Toronto anytime soon…? i’m not the person you described to fill that elusive empty chair… but hey, there might be a stool with my name on it that u didnt even realize you were missing… one way to find out…


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