Answering The Most Pressing Question

Hey Guys,

November 1st is ALMOST here.

So I want to take this opportunity to clear up the MOST frequent question that I’ve been getting about the Internet Wealth Alliance.

IS the program for beginners?

Answer: YES, the program is suitable for newbies. But here’s the CATCH…

The program is designed to teach you the invisible factors that are CRITICAL to know in order to build a multi million dollar, online business.

It’s not necessarily the program that will teach you the technical aspects of how to setup a website. While we will provide you with software that will help you do this (if you need), please understand that it will not be the central focus of the program.

Another question that I’ve been getting is about the price of the program. Here’s what some people are speculating:

“I was prepared for a $25k price tag on this one, but $50k seems a little steep to me. But I understand the essential need to keep the alliance free from those who will drag it down. Maybe Rich will set on a price somewhere in the middle.”

I think you’ll be relieved to know that while we’ve considered price points in this range, we’ve decided to make it MUCH more affordable.

Finally, availability.

While we have not made any official decisions… …please understand that the program WILL be limited.

Also, keep in mind that there are approximately 30,107 serious entrepreneurs who are EAGERLY anticipating the launch of the program, which means it WILL sell out VERY quickly.

If, on Wednesday, you would like a chance to join the program before the general public, (in order to beat the crazy rush) then pay CLOSE attention to your inbox over the next few days.

To Higher Profits,
Rich Schefren

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  1. Hi Rich – Always the question of “how much” pops up. Brad Fallon had most of the internet interested in his last launch with Andy Jenkins. You just said in an email two minutes ago – “Yep this is open to newbies as well as seasoned pros..”
    Well mate, not many newbies could afford the $800 per month price tag on Brad and Andy’s program…. I’m not saying that their program isn’t worth it (It probably is!) but many of us and especially “Newbies” would have to stop feeding their kids to pay out this kind of cash..
    If the program has to cost money in these regions then for the sake of us people trying to feed kids AND build a business please make some kind of system where we can pay as we’re earning..
    If we’re earning (even the same amount of money as we’re spending on this whilst we’re learning (in other words earning nothing) then fine – it’s an education and you made it so we can learn and work and eventually earn the bucks.. If the cost would stop bread going on the table then all us “breadwinners” will be left behind again..
    I’ll work 24/7 if I’m learning something exceptional that will pay off big in the end for no money. I just need the chance to do this and still feed the kids…

  2. What do you imagine Agora’s acquisition of Money Magaazine from Time Warner will add to the value of this program. I know millions read this magazine. It seems that with the magazine on board, we have a reitical breakthrough to the public which has yet to be seen. Certainly, this acquisition alone will drive the membership price for the alliance. You can tell this by the increase in interest from 26,394 to 30,107 in just one day. Expect an expensive price tag…but well worth it.

  3. I recently attended Rich Schefren’s conference for his elite coaching group, as he calls it, and I can tell you that this guy is the real deal. I believe I was actually the very first person to join the alliance and I did so because I believe in Rich. (He gave us a little preview and the opportunity to get aboard early) Everything he has delivered has exceeded my expectations and I believe that by taking action and following his advice, my business will grow far more successful than it would without his guidance. That’s my two cents.

  4. What type of guarantee is being offered for the $35K? Are we buying full page ad space in Money Magazine? How is the ROI on this investment being calculated? Just a few questions that I have.

  5. Hi Rich,
    A newbie myself I can agree with the dilema Russell poses concerning the monetary issues involved here. I know myself that after I spent a period of researching a good many of the hundreds of “gurus” out there I feel you have captured my trust as the premier man to follow. I hope I can make this journey with you all. Will this new knowlege be available to Strategic Profit members or is this going to be a new path to follow?

  6. Rich,

    I have read all of the Manifestos and am soaking it all in. I am wondering if the alliance will work for my business. I market over the internet for customers for products that are healthier and safer. I also market for individuals interested in making money by marketing my products. Once I have customers I am connected to a manufacturer and 95% of my customers are reordering each month straight from them and I make 20% from direct customers and 7% from affiliates. Although after five years my customers are ordering about 90k per month I have yet to find a way to really drive the business through the internet. The only thing I have found to work is calling the leads generated and developing a relationship. Do you think the alliance will help this type of business model improve?

  7. “IS the program for beginners?

    Answer: YES, the program is suitable for newbies.
    But here’s the CATCH…

    The program is designed to teach you the invisible
    factors that are CRITICAL to know in order to build
    a multi million dollar, online business.”

    How is this different from the first four modules of Business Growth System?

  8. Another program to buy that will fix all your business online problems…We have 30,000+ people waiting for this product…bla, bla, bla, so why do you send all those message to opt in list…PLEEEEASE stop it!

  9. Very good information and not surprisingly Rich is absolutely on point. This is particularly true when you examime some of the off line business models.

    The convenience store industry is one example. Starting out serving a targeted niche, stores grew up in neighborhoods. Several small companies became larger and then larger by rolling up and acquiring regional chains.

    As buying patterns were identified , new stores took on a new look. When the stores discovered the success of places like Subway and Starbucks, they either initiated Joint Ventures, offered competing products or acquired brands that met the demands of the customer.

    Does this mean the local convenient store is out of business? Walk through an ethnic neighborhood or visit one of the cities within a city like Little Italy in Baltimore or Chinatown in San Francisoo.

    There are endless ongoing opportunities for niche offerings, consolidating competing initiatives and having an continually evolving stategy for satisfying customer demand.

    Steve Pohlit
    Business Development Consultant

  10. Hi Rich,

    I’ve read all your manifestos and I must say this last one put it all together for me. I’ve got a traditional e-commerce site that sells furniture with a “hook” of a front end design service. I’ve struggled with a way to make the “design portion” more effective since I get a lot of folks who want to get design help but I’ve never found good way to convert them into paying product buyers. Your front end/back end differentiation with the different ways of prioritizing and managing/tracking customers coupled with the “how to spend your time” advice from the earlier manifestos really hit the nail right on the head for me. Thanks a bunch, I think I can see a path forward here.

    Chuck Rosselle

  11. “ComScore Forecasts Total E-Commerce Spending by Consumers Will Reach Approximately $170 Billion in 2006″…

    People need to wake up and stop being manipulated being these so-called “gurus” who combined don’t even make 1% of the total revenue online, yet, some how these “BIG” players plan on cornering the market…!?!?! lol..

    Definitely some of the best marketing tactics I’ve seen in a while. Unfortunately, its used on the same poor individuals looking for a way to make real money but only get exploited by the same people they trust to give them information…

    Great Job Rich on your product launch buzz and your attempt to break the IM record for one day sales!

  12. I heard there is a MILLIONAIRE GUARANTEE that comes with every alliance membership which is why this program is more expensive.Makes sense to me.

  13. This is not about one day sales. This is about the opportunity of a lifetime. An opportunity no person can pass on because it is life changing. The information is so POTENT and EXTRAORDINARY that failure to JUMP on this program will leave you behind to fend in the world alone without a life jacket or any hope to achieve what we all know is THE SECRET THAT IS SUCCESS. If you have a humanistic hesitation or concern about social justice, you will LOSE. This program is for serious marketers ONLY. The paradigm of WIN WIN died twenty years ago. Lets get rich now!

  14. I am certain there will be a crush of people on Wednesday. Everyone wants to see the invisible factors, but what is the Alliance ACTION PLAN. How will our FEES be INTEGRATED into the plan? What is AGORA’s payment for their participation?

  15. I think it should be for all levels, Rich, because that way you can maximise potential profits from all prospects efficiently.

    I’ve just contributed this as my final, 3rd iteration answer to the ‘win a trip to meet you and Agora’ competition, but its directly relevant to this question, too.

    I’ve just finished editing it. It’s funny how just a few tweaks and cleaning up a document, adding the odd sentence can make a massive difference, but if you could take a look at it I hope it is now in a publicly useful state.

    I’m a little concerned that, for the size of your launch and potential customer base, which I’m quite sure is MUCH bigger than 30,000, the lead time has been rather short. If you take a look at my final version pdf, reachable from the link in my name at the head of this post, you’ll see hopefully see what I’m getting at.

    It may be a little quirky, but there’s a very serious point in there, if you would be kind enough to persevere with it.



  16. Hi Rich
    I would commetn if I could read the files. All I get after downloading them is that the files are damaged and cannot be fixed. Very frustrating.

  17. Just to address something that a lot of people come up with: Why is it so expensive? Why do I need to give so much money, and can’t pay from my earnings…

    Well here’s the deal, in my opinion: If you can’t afford, or don’t want to pay money for this incredible service you aren’t even ready to become succesfull.

    You can become succesfull without putting money on the table, but it will be a path of learning through failure. And those failures, especially when you don’t go through, will cost a lot more then the solution Rich offers.

    Then comes the ‘I’ll pay when I’ve earned some’. That’s the lame excuse to get free education, don’t put it to work and claim that it’s not working.

    Rich’s materials from his current coaching group at $397 have already started to pay off in my new business. This month his strategies made me about $2,000 Nothing to write home about, but I know in the long term it will grow and create a great future for me.

    See it as an investment. If I can generate in a new business, within 2 months – $2,000/month from my investment (which is $397/month for his coaching), it’s a 500% return on investment.

    And that’s just the beginning… incredible!

    -Dave Origano

  18. Agora info has helped me for many years. Their financial advice got me past the tumbling stocks with the insight from Bill Bonner’s news letters. But this is a little scary sounding. I hope they have not forgoten where the floor is. This sounds ALMOST to good to be true. The price will tell if world domination will be their next goal.

  19. Hi Rich
    Have to pass on the launch but all your writings have given me the necessary focus to see where I have to drive an internet business. See you in a year when I have the income to consult you.
    P.S. Your last piece reminded me of John Wayne in “The Shootist”. The Wild West was ending and gunfighters were an anachronism.

  20. Rich, the sales and marketing knowledge you have acquired over the years as expressed in your four volumes are just what we all needed to hear as opposed to all the junk most guru’s and wannabees are trying to sell us.
    From seeing the other posts about this potentially costing an extravagant amount as opposed to something reasonable, I’m sure will be weighed by the desire to get as many intelligent people on your new
    Alliance Team as possible.
    Your program sounds great, and I hope I will be able to get into your program. For those who don’t “get it”, just advise them to go back and reread the entire program two or three times until they “get it”.
    Lois Kelly
    Delray Beach


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