What’s Happening On November 1st?

Hey Guys,

As you can probably imagine, my office has been getting HAMMERED with phone calls and emails regarding the Final Chapter.

The MAIN question people are asking is, what’s the deal with your next program, and how can I get in?

Up until now, I’ve been TRYING to keep it under wraps.

I REALLY want the ideas from the Final Chapter to resonate with everyone. I want people to take their business to next level.

And I STRONGLY believe the Manifesto trilogy can do tha


The many, many emails and blog posts I’ve seen are FILLED with brilliant observations and insights on how to grow a business.

But since the doors to my office are CAVING in, and my staff is tired of answering the same questions over and over, I need to address the issue RIGHT now, once and for all.

So here’s the OFFICIAL statement:

YES, I’m introducing a new program on November 1st @ 4:00PM Eastern Time (mark your calendars).

…and yes, it’s going to be my best program to date.

Now as you know, I’ve made the transition to working with Agora nearly full time, in addition to working with my current clients.

But there is MASSIVE internal debate going on about the program.

Everyone involved, (Early To Rise, Strategic Profits, and my Internet Marketing Guru friends) ALL have different ideas on how to make this program the greatest program EVER to be offered.

Here’s the main issue, and I’m hoping you can help me out.

The program that is coming up on November 1st is going to be a hybrid program. It’s based off the knowledge and experience of the world’s most successful direct response business, Agora Publishing.

Agora (more specifically Early To Rise) is essentially a goldmine of business building knowledge. I’ve been mining their wisdom for a while, and even with my background and experience, I still can’t find an end to the mine shaft.

So that leads us to the issue at hand. We have what we believe is a VERY strong foundation for an INCREDIBLE program.

It’s called the Internet Wealth Alliance and it’s built around four fundamental principles. Briefly, they are:

1. List & Relationship Building: The cornerstone of any online business that has longevity. We’ll show you the most powerful ways to build a list, from the pros who have more names than any other direct response business in existence. Absolutely no one else can claim that. We’re talking millions and millions of names here.

2. Alliances and Joint Ventures: You can’t do it alone. You need alliance partners to expand the market and to leverage the efforts of others. You understand this already, especially if you’ve read any of my work. But in this program, we’ll show you how to develop powerful alliances, and even facilitate joint ventures between members, and potentially (IF it’s a good fit, Early To Rise).

3. Market Analysis: It’s important to provide the market what they want. This program will teach you how to find and develop your niche, and (this is UNPRECEDENTED) share some of our marketing experiments for you to see what’s hot and what’s not. This program will teach you advanced competitive intelligence, and go into great depth on how to setup a front-end that works. Agora is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars per year on market tests. Sharing some of these results with you is valuable BEYOND calculation.

4. Proven Direct Response Models: To top things off, even if you know how to build a list, in the right niche, and have access to the right joint venture partners, that doesn’t guarantee success. Case in point, the big Internet gurus. Even THEY are doing things backwards. This fundamental cornerstone will teach you how you can build a multimillion dollar profit model that works, and works VERY, VERY well.

So there you have it, the four cornerstones of the program, complete with a panel of experts to guide you through every step of the way.

Everyone I talk to says this program WILL be the HOLY GRAIL of Internet Marketing programs, since it’s grounded in real world experience (and success) that is second to none.

But I STILL need to know one thing in order to feel that this program has everything it needs in order to go down in the history books as a massive success.

What is the ONE question that you absolutely need to have answered, in order for this program to be THE best investment of your life?

Please answer this one question, by commenting below.

More than ever, I am looking forward to your important feedback.

Warm Regards,
Rich Schefren

P.S. As far as the contest goes, you guys are off to a GREAT start. You can learn a TON just from reading all the brilliant responses on the blog. So keep the entries coming. I have a few favorites, but I’ll be looking for a few more over the next several days.

128 thoughts on “What’s Happening On November 1st?”

  1. Number 1 Question — How to bootstrap a business startup to begin with. I know you like to focus and excel at: How to Take a Business to the Next Level. And How to Grow Tenfold or How to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Business. But…. I actually wonder if the harder question isn’t how to go from 0 to six-figure (profits) business. Especially given that most of us have a day job to pay the mortgage. Some businesses are
    easy to start very small and build, but others are very hard
    to do part-time or on a limited budget. That’s my number one question.

    p.s. Is there a long delay between when I post and when it ends up in the blog? I posted to the contest 8 or more hours ago and haven’t seen the entry. Are the timestamps that are shown with each entry, simply the time it got added to the blog? Or are they the time people made the comments?

  2. This is fairly simple. Always do your very best to provide great content for your visitors and subscribers to your ezine. I read all the emails and do business with those that provide great content and I feel alot of other people do as well.

    Dale Calvert

  3. Does your program truly align your risks, incentives, opportunities and interests with mine at an affordable level of investment?

  4. Three questions:

    1) Will there be any one-on-one coaching in this program?

    2) What kind of access will we have to the facilitators of the program?

    3) Will we learn how to effectively outsource some of the work, such as market research?

  5. How do I develop content that is worthy of the volume of customers I want to generate? Is there a process to developing quality content in any niche area?

  6. How long will it take to get a return rate over double my investment in the program, when I do it they way you say I should? 😉

  7. The problem with many instruction manuals is that they tend to be written by ‘experts’ who assume, usually incorrectly, that the people reading the manuals are at a similar level of expertise as the writer.

    Consequently, readers who are less knowledgeable about the subject, often find themselves at a disadvantage as they try to unravel the true meaning of what is being described.

    Where manuals are concerned, the K.I.S.S. principle works best.

    Believe it or not, people really DO want to be able to understand the instructions and put the programmes or software into action, and not have to deal with instructions reminiscent of the early MS DOS Operating System manuals.

  8. How can I introduce the 4 Steps stated above to an industry that is void of any savy marketers. Hardly anybody uses Direct Marketing and even the bigger companies use email all wrong. I am all alone. There are alliances to make, but none of them know of the importance of list/relationship building.

    Cameron McGehee

  9. Will this be a “blueprint” business model? Will it be scaleable from the one person (+outsourcers) to the nine figure gross incomes?

  10. How much does it costs to find people to outsource and build your websites for your info products and salesletters.

    I don’t know how you guys come up with web platforms that capture emails and the copy to make people fork over their money

  11. Hi Rich,

    very good quality info you provided in the final chapter. I understand that it is extreemly important to frequently stay in touch with your the potential customers on your list. The ezine is the best known way to do this (it is one of the factors that made Agora big). For many small business owners like myself it is time consuming to procude a great ezine with related products for your customers. The best way is to seek a partner that produces great ezines that I can call my own. Who do you recommend for this?

  12. Will this program have a simple step by step process that even I as a neophyte can follow? I understand that this program will attract people with many different levels of experience, expertise and skills, so will this program be able to cater for all of us? Will it also take people like me to the next level and the next level when we have mastered the basics and develop our level of competence?

  13. Hi Rich,
    Well, that will be the same answer as I give almost everyone that asks me what I want to learn. That would be: “How to pick a niche market that includes my strengths and passions, but is also a profitable market for the long run of my business”

  14. My question is will this coaching program give me action plans and blueprints at a strategic and tactical level and will it allow me to acheive scalability in my business

  15. Hi again Rich! Well I’m sure all of us feel as though we know you very well even if you don’t know who we are, thanks to your Manifesto trilogy…:-)
    Like everyone else, I have zillions of questions buzzing around in my head so its a bit difficult to pick just one.
    OK, here goes – the one question that I would need to have answered would be,
    What do I have to to do – what are the progressive steps – to be able to utilize, to maximize the business tools on offer in this course so I can set up my own multi-million dollar business?
    I have a feeling I’m going to find out on Nov. 1st!!!

    Cheers & good health to you, Rich

  16. If I persue my passion (screenwriting) can I create a website about that subject that would still make money…and would it be anything more than just adsense ads and article on script writing. I don;t have a site now so I always feel like I’m on the sidelines when these offer come up.

  17. My ONE question…

    How to do market research right? If Overture, Ebay, and Amazon worked as well as suggested, success would be more common.

  18. “What is the ONE question that you absolutely need to have answered, in order for this program to be THE best investment of your life?”

    How can I besure that after failing miserably in the past to earn a real income online as promised. That this program will anything more than a effort of the “Usual Suspects Gurus” taking advantange of the great many newbies coming online through another JV Mastermind Group?
    It seems you guys are joining forces and cornering the market and all the newbies are eating it up but are not getting the results. Just like myself ove rthe past few years, it only works if you have the right friends and unless they can use you, you don’t get into that circle. How much more money do you guys need anyway?

  19. I am a ebay merchant with a niche market that may be too small to build an internet business by itself. I am struggling with the decision to keep building my niche and content to get a bigger share of the small market, or go to a completely new market that has better demand. My head and heart say I should build off what I have, and yet I usupect your advice may be to stop wsting my time on a dinky market and focus all my time on building a new market. I sell covers of collectors of postal history. There are hundreds of sub specialties, one of shich is ship covers. I have built out the ship coves idea somewhat, and could do similar with other related sub categories. Or I could leave what I have standing and focus all my time on new markets with stronger demand, demand that could turn into a significant business, which my cover business is unlikely ever to do.

  20. I have purchased tons of information, followed the expert steps exactly as defined and I’m following my passion. Will you be able to tell me EXACTLY what to do to bring success to my current projects?

  21. How will this be different from your first/existing program?

    Will it offer more detailed ways to actually APLLY the strategies you share.

    While the quality of your information is EXCELLENT, I resigned from the program because I couldn’t understand how to APPLY what you were teaching.

  22. This all sounds good if you already have an internet business/website with something to market, but what if you don’t and have no idea what you could possibly sell? How could this program help you?

  23. Rich, first of all, let me say I stand in strong appreciation of what you say, and what you are trying to accomplish. I see that you see the bigger picture, and in addition to achieving personal success and success for a limited number of high-fee paying clients, you have been kind enough to make your manifesto trilogy available free, publicly to those of us who are not currently in a position to become your clients.

    The reason for that, in my case, is that I had to give up employment with the UK health service, where I worked as a psychologist in 1990, and suffered a long-term abdominal illness for 13 years. I have two first class honours degrees, in English and Psychology, but as I have pretty much always worked in the public and voluntary sectors before, your knowledge and skill base is exactly what I need to help me secure a financial future for our family of seven.

    I too am a missionary. You can see the initial 32 page project which dates from 1986 and I guess constitutes my ‘manifesto’, from here:


    I have had the difficulty, over the years, of getting people to actually understand the breadth of my vision, of what people have actually accomplished in terms of turbocharging their creativity and achievement in the historical examples I have studied, and how it could be applied by closely interacting communities today. You may have suffered something of the same problem, but I guess you have had less trouble attracting support for your ideas because they are specifically oriented to helping people achieve financial success.

    During the recent ‘Stompernet’ launch, I had a couple of email exchanges with Andy Jenkins, and I think he could appreciate the parallel I drew between what they were accomplishing with Stompernet, kind of getting a group of people to ‘hoist themselves by their own bootstraps’ above the general level of internet business success. I see it is very similar to the model you are proposing, and the general principle, which I call creative synergy or social synergy, is encapsulated in a diagram on the first page of chapter 3 of my project, page 13, I think. I know that you are a big fan of mindmaps and diagrams. I am too. It is true that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, more actually.

    So it is clear to me, from my viewpoint, that you have are, what I call ‘planing’ (you know, like a hydrofoil) You are a missionary, have what my coach used to call ‘a bit of a blurred vision of a better world’ in that its best to not overspecify too much, but let circumstances and serendipitous occurrences – such as this post, maybe? 🙂 – feed into and help shape your action, very taoistic, very zen, actually, which I think is very wise and thoroughly approve of. It also keeps things exciting and fresh, doesn’t it? – which you clearly comes across in all you write, by the way.

    So I feel like we are standing on two high hills, our outlooks have been somewhat different throughout our lives, but if you read my project – and anyone else interested is welcome to, too – you will see that I also have a global vision for using the same kind of synergising methods you are advocating to change not just the business climate, since that has never until now been my focus, but the global social climate, and of course the internet is the most brilliant tool for doing that.

    But if you skim to the conclusion of my project, you will see that in order to effect widespread change in the social climate (in your own case specifically the business climate)it would be good to provide resources to those potential achievers and knowledge and skills resources that do not have them due to accident of birth, illness as in my case, or other reason. That is what many net companies have been doing, from mozilla and netscape through hotmail, and it is of course in line with the original ethos of the net pioneers.

    I see that you are already doing that to a great extent, through your 3-part manifesto, your blog and your google video, which is the first time I saw you, and really enjoyed and took on board.

    I am currently gearing up to promote two products, an extraordinary book written by my wife which has been 13 years in preparation, and a range of electronic music CDs composed and produced by my 18 year old son. The link I provided is to his website homepage, which is not yet public.

    SO (sorry to say so much, Andy Jenkins was kind enough to comment that I *am* ‘to the point’, I just have a lot to say 🙂 – to answer your question, which prompted this post:

    Q: What is the one question that you absolutely need to have answered, in order for this program to be THE best investment of your life?

    A: I would absolutely LOVE to be part of your program. I do consider you my business coach, since you are the best one I have found. But, as in the case of many in every other way eminently suitable people, who would actually contribute insights to your mix (I *love* dialogue, its the most helpful thing, as my project shows) I I feel, to some extent ‘locked out’ by the realities of my limited finances, resulting from my previously long-term ill-health, from which I have recovered fairly recently, due to surgery. What I would request, and urge you to do, is be kind enough to at least skim my project, and continue to provide a kind of ‘bread crumb trail’ that those of us with intelligence and the other necessary qualities, but not currently the ‘cash’ 🙂 can link in to, follow and learn from. I see that the emphasis you put on requesting feedback here as payment for your manifesto, and through your emails, shows that like me, you are completely aware of the crucial part that feedback and two-way interaction play in giving you wide-ranging and timely intelligence to feed into your creative ‘psycho-cybernetic’ decision-making and success seeking subconsious process. I was started on the path to business success by a little dialogue I had in a teleseminar with Stuart Lichtman (anything-fast.com) who, if you know much about him, I don’t think you would be insulted if I called you the Lichtman of Generation X 🙂 I was astounded to learn from him that he made a successful pitch to Margaret Thatcher and came over here to England to teach his cybernetic transposition success method to the captains of British industry. It is interesting to speculate how much of a part that played in the clear rejuvenation of British business from a pretty dire state in the seventies. But re: Mike’s ‘Butterfly effect’ take, it could have been a crucial. He’s 67 now, but like you, he’s a ‘thoroughly nice bloke’, and was pretty much unknown due to having spent his career consulting to the corporate sector until he went online with an e-book co-written with Joe Vitale, due to his prose being academic (he started at MIT with Norbert Wiener, no less).

    Anyway, I just mention that to show that, although they are rare, there are a few absolutely first-class, top-notch resources and predecessors around, but I see, as does every other intelligent person who comes across you, that what you are doing is absolutely ‘on the money’, and naturally I would like to learn from you, and collaborate with you, to whatever extent you can make available for people in my position who can’t currently afford a high-level coaching program. As I did with Stompernet, I am going to advocate some kind of ‘Shefren associate’ or second-tier membership for people who just haven’t got big bucks to spend on a coaching program, even if it is worth every penny, which of course I know it is, and more. It’s just the hard realities of life and people’s family responsibilities or other contingencies. Off the top of my head, I would suggest a pricing level of around $50, although you could edge towards £100, for that kind of associate program, which would provide an additional revenue stream, and have the additional very important function of allowing people who can’t easily afford more to be part of your program, have some access to resources, maybe through secondary level coaches – I’m guessing this is what you had in mind by systematising your coaching progam. I know this is a good suggestion – not only for me 🙂 It’s win-win, Rich, and how many people do you think would buy in to a Shefren associate student program priced between $50-$100. It would be interesting to see, wouldn’t it?

    I’ll close now. Just to re-iterate, I stand in absolute appreciation of all you are doing, your ongoing learning process and mission, and especially appreciate that you are making it publicly available. Thanks for reading, and more power to you, man. 🙂

  24. Theoretically the 4 Steps make sense. But what/whose tools do we use to handle the opt-in & opt-out of the list, control the eCommerce transaction and evaluate marketing results?

  25. How, specifically, can newcomers get a quick start, giving them the cash flow needed to move forward with building their business?

  26. Hi Rich,
    Your infomation has already been overwhelmingly comprenhensive and informative. I suspect, however, that your new program will be even more oriented to marketeers who have already “made it on line” and are looking to “grow up.” My question is – can I afford the tab and can I apply the lessons while getting started, before I have made a big time impact on the industry?
    Thanks for your intelligence

  27. I’m grateful for the active thinking that your ideas spark in everybody concerned. You’ve helped me, for one, to further clarify objectives for http://AlterAbilities.com

    This is ” A Humble Request for Your Beneficence” – Basically, I came to wake your angels…

    I trust you can see your way clear to issue a gratis copy of your program, or at least a portion of it.

    The Manifesto Trilogy is so damned useful for us folks with beneficence in our hearts and solid plans to work on, and it costs you so little to donate at least the downloadable items to worthy individuals – or perhaps the entire package.

    I trust that our project will awaken your angels, and that you will see fit to join Jack Humphrey in our benefactor’s group, by blessing us with your good graces and donating a free copy of whatever you can justify in your deeper heart.

    FYI – Below are some recent refinements for alterabilities.com



    . Aggregate the rare wisdom, strategies, tactics and tools of the Cashflow Elite, the ultimate contributors within each online, business sector.

    . Review and promote proven business systems that create quantifiable, positive results.

    . Spotlight inspiring case studies of folks who rise above challenging circumstances to issue value worthy of devotion.

    . Organize story ideas and interview candidates, and buzz for print and broadcast media.

    . Maintain the premiere, online, networked community for discovery, expansion and monetization of alternative abilities.

    . Create the world’s leading infoproduct for transformational growth, self-motivation, value facilitaton and cashflow production based on timeless, fundamental principles that endure.

    . Channel the inherent good in successful people by offering ways for them to leverage charitable contributions to power a better world.


    Voice communication may generate more alternative ways we can move forward together, so please shoot me a phone #, so I can call you on my dime, OK? I can be a fun, productive friend to have…

    Just know that I humbly appreciate this opportunity, and thank you in advance for anything you can do, my brother. Until then, I remain…

    Yours Most Sincerely,

    / Clay Cotton
    skype: ” claycotton ”
    claycotton AT yahoo DOT com

    “You’ve got to ask! Asking is, in my opinion, the world’s most powerful – and neglected – secret to success and happiness. A clever, imaginative, humorous request can open closed doors and closed minds. The world is full of genies waiting to grant your wishes.” – Percy Ross

    “In the long run, we get no more than we have been willing to risk giving.”
    – Sheldon Kopp

    “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, What are you doing for others?”
    – Martin Luther King, Jr.”If you could only love enough, you could be the most powerful person in the world.” – Emmett Fox

    “Any business arrangement that is not profitable to the other fellow will in the end prove unprofitable to you. The bargain that yields mutual satisfaction is the only one that is apt to be repeated.” — B.C. Forbes

    “Whoever performs ONLY his duty is not DOING his duty.” – Bahya Pakuda

    “When you cease to make a contribution, you begin to die.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

    “It takes courage for a person to listen to his own goodness and act on it.”
    – Pablo Casals

    “In nothing do men more closely approach the Gods than by doing good to their fellow man.” – Cicero
    “Each person has inside a basic decency and goodness. If he listens to it and acts on it, he is giving a great deal of what it is the world needs most.” – Pablo Casals

    “Our acts of kindness are whole unto themselves. They require no acknowledgement and no reward, for the act itself returns us once again to the heart of our own humanity.” – Anon.

    “If you hear a voice within you say “you cannot paint,” then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.” – Vincent van Gogh

  28. I’ve been around the web a little for the last few years and generally have loss money. As you know 97% of IM’s fail. I am one of those a few times. Will your final chapter have an actual business plan in that if I or anyone follows a set of steps and pay zero dollars upfront I and whoever will make money and from that money follow a set of steps to build a ‘real’ business.

  29. How to convert an existing offline centric business and convert to on-line? …also, if the market is something OTHER than bus-op, ora internet marketing course.

  30. Rich,

    Several people have touched upon my question in one way or another.

    It is: Can you teach me, through a systematic approach, how to differentiate myself from other people/marketers in my chosen niche/passion in a way that focuses primarily on creativity, rather than competition?

    To clarify, most of the marketing sales letters I read include some implied message about conquering or dominating your competition.

    The thing is, I DON’T WANT to compete (at least not directly), because I feel there is more than enough room for new products, methods, technology, etc., to allow each of us (those of us with vision) to create our own unique empire (of whatever size and scale)- to include multiple continuity offerings.

    And all this IM hype about getting a leg up on your competitors can be made obsolete.

    Like the little bald kid on “The Matrix” said to Neo: “There is no spoon”. I say, “There is no competition” (except that which the marketing hypsters have brainwashed us into believing exists).

    A pollyannaish view? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

    What do you think?

    PS: Thanks very much for sharing your knowledge and vision with us through your profoundly revealing Manifesto Trifecta!

  31. Being a fairly green internet marketer, will this program provide a structured guide that tells me what to do first, second, third, etc. to build the foundation for a million dollar plus business? For newbies, the most intimidating hurdles are 1) what is the best business model for ME to start with NOW, and 2) How do I proceed to build the business to the point where it is actually viable and making money. Between the 3 reports and this program, I hope that everything would be covered.
    Kurt Hagemeister

  32. I’d like to know the marketing subtleties that can kill or promote a business as well as making milestones, how to know you’ve hit them & what it means when you do.

  33. Dear Rick: You asked: What is the one question that you absolutely need to have answered, in order for this program to be THE best investment of your life?

    The best places to advertize our landing pages or squeeze pages to collect names and email adresses of keenly interested parties.


  34. Building targeted traffic and maintaining the relationship with your lists are very important to the success of a IM. More coverage of such topics with real life example / step x step guide would be great.

  35. What’s the difference between I’m learning the 4 cornerstones from different experts? Show me the real advantages besides just putting together into one pricy program/system you named.

  36. My biggest hurdle and peeve has been finding competent technicians. I spend significant amounts of time interviewing and training people. I have kissed too many frogs … So for me the missing link is creating a network of people that can deliver …

  37. There needs to be a part of ther program that CONVINCES starters that THEY CAN SUCCEED! If people do not believe in themselves at the beginning of the course all the tips, hints, videos and seminars will be worthless. People need to believe 100% that they can do this or they will give in to doubts and stop trying. That’s why 95% of starters give up without making good money.

    For this program to be REALLY SOMETHING a LARGE proportion of starters need to gain success for this program to be called successful.

    How often have we heard of the zillions of dollars made in this launch or another. What’s really important is WHAT PROPORTION OF THE PURCHASERS go on to be successful with this program!

  38. Since you’re attempting a record-breaking feat… are you pricing your membership in the mass consumer range?

    Also, what specific quick doable steps that you will have your members implement, to enable their very small longtail niche businesses hold their grounds against the coming corporate onslaughts that you warned about in The Manifesto?

  39. Hi Rich… I’m excited to see you go full time with Agora/ Early to Rise. As a ETR subscriber for over 3 years now, I can honestly say that I read at 90% of there Earlt to Rise Ezine. Why… Heavy No Non-Sense Content. I have ordered much of what they have to offer because the knowledge they offer is priceless. As a direct response marketer, going on-line has been a huge challenge for me, but being associated with ETR- Hello Michael Masterson- and being introduce to this year, I can say things just got better for me and anyone new to the internet and business world! I look forward to my future! Thanks!

  40. Given that you have many clients who have paid Big Bucks for your personal coaching,
    What is different in your new program that is going to help anyone achieve the levels of financial success that your present clients are enjoying, since this is the ‘Holy Grail’ of Internet Marketing. 🙂

  41. In the myriad of expensive “guru” launches, that are simply full of common sense, I ask “Is it inexpensive enough not to matter if there is only ‘more of the same'”, and; “Will I be ripped off because the quality of the content doesn’t match the quality of the sales letters?”

    I can’t help but think that too many people are searching for “the holy grail” (maybe translated as “get rich quick”), forgetting that the internet responds to the same business principles as any other.

    Learn to succeed in business then you have a chance to succeed on the net — will your assistance really make a difference?

  42. I need to know the best ways to generate traffic without spending a fortune. I can build the sites, I’ve out sourced to a coder whom I’ve built an excellent relationship over the last 2 years. We bend over backwards to make sure our customer service is the best it can be (as evidenced by our 100% postitive feedback ratings) We retail products on many different auciton sites plus have our own e-commerce sites but the eternal quest always seems to be trying to get more visitors. And yes I am guilty of not grooming my list effectivly.
    I’m very picky who I work with -there are too many scams out there but I do need a mentor. I am willing but guarded – I can tell you what doesn’t work!

  43. Hi Rich
    Thanks for the manifesto. I’ve got as much from the content as I have from watching you build up the buzz for the launch of your program.I’m not really interested in the newbie stuff as I have learnt and put into practice the marketing of info products 101 stuff and love it. What I am looking for is 2 fold:
    1. I need systems, systems, systems to streamline my business so I can have a quicker “churn rate” of projects.
    2. I want great jvs though find that often the internet marketers with big lists are more attracted to people who can offer them software to streamline marketing and cutting edge techy stuff – so advice on how to package my skills to be attractive to influential jvs partners would be great.
    Looking forward to learning from you. Cheers

  44. I agree with many of the questions about getting started as a newbie with a limited budget. I would like to generate an income that can be poured back into the business without a large outlay in the begining and be able to grow in time. Can we do that together?

  45. I want to know how to FOCUS and put aside all the clutter of information that I have accumulated and BEGIN from a very BASIC starting point. I read and I read and I read more. And I become more and more and more confused. And FRUSTRATED. Sell different programs for different audiences with different skill levels, if needed. Or begin with a very simple and basic strategy. And build and build and build! Others may join in where their knowledge leads them!

  46. Wow and very incredible regarding your Internet Wealth Alliance!

    2 questions ABSOLUTELY need this answered:

    1. Will these four fundamentals be taught to us in a written format like transcripts or step by step implementation instructions…(in addition to any verbal
    presentations – so that we are able to make full use and implementation) AND

    2. Will this program have any type of individualized pacing to it?

    Each of us is at a different stage of development and some of us (like me 🙂 being VERY new to the subject of marketing and yet COMPLETELY willing and able to learn and master all this) will go slower …as we proceed to grasp applying all this. I do not just want these 4 critical topics poured on to me faster than I can digest…hence getting overwhelmed , unable to apply it as fast as the program is teaching it… and then lose the value.

    Many thanks and cheers to you!

    Dr Betsy

  47. Dear Rich
    You asked: What is the one question that I absolutely need to have answered, in order for this program to be THE best investment of my life?

    I am a math teacher at heart: it is my passion, my strength, and my desire to help as many parents, students and schools as possible to learn and do and enthuse about math.

    Math is associated with the widest range of jobs, tasks, and analysis, whether online or off. We all need math whether we like to admit it or not, and I know it can help to equip many people for more useful and productive and satisfying lives. Sounds optimistic, but I have taught thousands of students (and talked with their parents) who have all wanted to be better at math. It boosts confidence hugely, and I think they deserve it.

    I would dearly love an online business that provides highly effective tuition, resources, contacts and support, so anyone can improve their confidence and skills, regardless of their current math status.

    My question is this: can your program enable me to have an international business I know will make a difference to the eductaional aspirations of the many who currently struggle with math?

    Rich, my answer is purely about vision, strengths and passion. I trust your program can show me how to acquire and develop the competitive intelligence, resources, tactics and planning capability to turn the vision into reality.

    Rich, can your program do this for me?

    With much appreciation for sharing your vision and strengths and passion, and more, with us.

    Yours sincerely
    Stephen Barrett

  48. I want to transition from operating a small personal service business to a running an Internet-based consultancy and info-product business on pretty much the same wavelength. My chief assets are expertise and street cred, but I’m an Internet newbie. Almost every training program is too advanced for me, and, rather than a vision, I have a vision of a vision. My thinking needs help before I misuse time and money going off half-cocked. My question would be —

    Is this the program that allows you to start where you are, as the Zen saying goes? Can I achieve clarity as I learn, or would I need clarity coming in before I could intelligently get to work? There is such a thing as having passion and motivation and thinking off-target too.


  49. Today I sat down and read the entire trilogy. I am astounded and amazed. I see the specific reasons why my offline business involvement has not been successful. I would like to know more about how to take an online business from $0 to six figures while working full time to meet living expenses. Realistically how long does it take to be in “5-figure” profit starting from $0? This is my burning question! 🙂

  50. I like many others have mentioned would like to know how how to put one foot in front of the other to go from 0 to unlimited income, in realistic time and with doable effort and attainable investment.
    Thank You for your help.
    Tina Simpson

  51. If you and I were meeting three years from today, looking back upon your launch, what has to happen personally and professionally for me to know that your program contributed to my feeling happy with my progress?

  52. Hey Rich,

    Thanks for all the great advise and content you have put out there in the last couple of months.

    It’s been really helpful.

    Believe it or not we’re a “struggling” million dollar online information business looking for a coach to take us to the next level. We have way too many problems I would not list here, and I am sure you can name about a dozen of these issues from the top of your head without talking to us.

    My question is: would your new progam help our situation, or should we contact a coaching company where we get direct personal help.

    As far I am know your direct personal coaching service is closed now and you will not have time to deal with individual clients anymore.

    Who else would you recommend from the industry who could help us forming strategic alliences and take our operation to the next level?

    I would really love to hear your recommendations. We already have a couple of highly reputable firms in mind. Most of them you are in direct relationship with, you worked with them or coached them.

    We need help.

    Looking forward to your soonest reply.

    Thanks a lot.

  53. One Question?

    “What makes this program so much better or investment worthy than every other new hyped up, hypno-scripted, greed-gland-greasing, take my money then disappear, new product, service or opportunity out there?”

    Or…a little less graphically speaking;

    Rich, “What’s In It For Me…REALLY…and What Is Required of Me to ‘Get’ It (besides my money) or the results that are promised?”

    Coming up with a dozen other questions would be easy – all basically related to Benefits vs BS.

    Rich, what do you think the most pressing question we should be asking is?


    Steve Odette

  54. Getting started in marketing is a great step, but getting one’s self really ready for success is premier. In studying the rapidly growing “The Law of Attraction” field, I am convinced most people starting projects that offer the six or seven figure potential, in relatively short order, will not take their projects anywhere near those potentials due to “not being personally ready”. The self development field can be of significant value in this preparation, and is most oftentimes not included in the mechanics of building (potentially) massive incomes, leaving most people floundering if their business is taking off, and especially if it isn’t. “The Masters”, in their fields, have the “self” to handle the success, perhaps have always had it, as some do, or have forgotten how they got it, and therefore just expect all who purchase any of the multitudinous courses for internet riches (legit…) to also be able to “make it”. It doesn’t just happen, for too many. The “Law of Attraction” and the parallel quantum physics knowledge should be part of these courses, to begin with. More success stories will emerge, I believe, with this additional training.

  55. Enough of the “what” we need to do. We all need the “how” in a step by step plan. Then we can identify where we are at in the plan and take it from there. No doubt it will resemble a pyramid with many of the newbies at the bottom.

  56. I read your trilogy with intense interest. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insight. Here’s my question:

    In an era where the information superhighway is increasingly becoming information super-hyped way, there are a few who succeed wildly, but many fall on the sideline. The newbies keep forking out money, but see no success in sight. I’m only assuming that with the recent acquisition of new clients and your nearly full time business relationship with Agora, your plate must be full. How are you going to be able to provide quality coaching to each and everyone who will become your students under your wing with your new program?


  57. I have spent thousands on internet strategies. How do I truly know this is THEE ONE AND ONLY ONE that will do it for me. I am getting short on funds with these ideas. Thanks.

  58. My question would be – does this program have enough to provide the best outlet for me to exploit, profit and enjoy the best and uniquely found niche one could ever have?

    I’ve gone through Rich’s program and albeit a long road to what seems to be the simplest of answers – I’ve become absolutely CRYSTAL clear on my vision, direction, strengths and goals. And couldn’t be happier about it. Now – the only question I have is do these four facets of the alliance make this the best possible fit for me to exploit the bountiful harvest that I have uncovered and to best serve my time in effort in this planned program direction?

  59. Rich,
    I really learned from your materials. They were like reading something a friend sent me to assist me in succeeding in business. I enjoy your style of writing.
    I am a new person to internet business, business in general. I need more information on how to talk to a prospect and especally how to close a deal. I have a few scripts that I use but they are so lengthly and are too wordy.

    I would also like information on how the successful people spend their time. I know from your materials that that is a major problem. I guess time management is what I need to know about.

    Thanks for the great information and in your quest to help so many of us that are new.

  60. #1 Question: Will it include thorough business management training and coaching?

    NEED BUSINESS MANAGEMENT COACHING! YESSS!! Need system to manage keeping all the balls in the air! Need true business-owner brain!
    (I suspect this is actually what many folks are thinking of when they’re asking for “step-by-step” help. We don’t know how to manage all the bits.)

    Rich, you have presented so much information–and so effectively shown the difference implementing it will make–that I hardly know where to begin. And that’s just considering the info in the Manifesto! With all the additional info I expect the program will provide… yikes! Learning to smoothly juggle all the aspects of my business by prioritizing, delegating and outsourcing (while setting aside time to plan for whatever is next no less!) is what I need help with the most. I am just barely ok at managing something very small. I need some serious training to grow, and then sustain, something big.

    Did I mention how cool it sounds to undertake all these things partnering with great mentors and fellow entrepreneurs who are headed for big stuff?! It sounds *very* cool!

  61. Hi Rich ,

    Firstly , thanks for a great read in the trilogy you wrote. Very enlightening.

    I read all the copies marketing the Marketing conference very closely and took the decision to fly in from Holland to attend, because your promises in the copy were among the list of things I felt my business needed to go to the next level. So in answer to your question , I would simply request that you uphold your end of the bargain , as promised in the sales copies your team put out and not turn the event into some kind of funnel principle , where the new need defined, becomes the need for “The Coaching program ” This would be really frustrating as there is a real investment in time, money and effort to fly out to Delray beach.

    I am already a huge fan of yours, and have your website as my home page. I sense a certain level of integrity in your documents and would like to simply say keep up the goog work.

  62. What you are offering is making me salivate because it’s what we are hungry for. However, in spite of offering good and innovative services in two very ‘busy’ and expanding markets we are on the verge of becoming one of your business failure statistics.

    If you’ve ever been there, you will understand that finances are tight. We intend to repay all our creditors and those who have trusted us. Question: I want what you are offering. I definately need what you are offering. I will implement what you are offering. Now. How can I get on board?

  63. Thanks for the awesome content.

    The biggest question:
    Will I have genuine and honest access to and Michael Masterson and you to bounce ideas off and get honest genuine feedback without making it seem as if I’m wasting your time.

    I’ve enrolled in many programs where the ‘guru’ throws in free critiques or 12 months of email access or phone contact. But the gurus just seem to forget to return the calls or reply to the emails or seem to misplace the critiques. I’ve been through this over 13 times.

    There is already too much information out there. What’s required is a program where genuine honest feedback can be given to questions especially on strategic type stuff.

    Look forward to your offering.


  64. Hi Rich
    I have found your trilogy a real treasure chest. It contains so much that if applied to any business will make it succeed. I am however judging from all the comments before me. one of many people who have spent a fortune and read ourselves into confusion. I am an IMV (Internet Marketing Virgin) which means I have yet to make a dollar online.
    I have an awesome product but it is not info product or something tangible. It is an investment that I am am licenced to market. (I am a licenced financial planner in South Africa) All the research I have done has shown me that none of my so called competitors use their websites as a business. (Website does not equal a business) So I believe If I can turn mine into a business, I will be the leader and hopefully leave them behind. So what my question is, “CAN YOU HELP ME MAKE MY WEBSITE REPLACE ME”? I need to turn my website into me so that I can Leverage my time. There are processes that need to be followed in order for me to do this, legal ones and system ones. If you help me to do that them my business and life will be awesome. I believe we should all learn how to use the internet and computers to do what we all thought they would do when they first came into the world. THAT IS, “Make our lives simpler”

  65. Thank you for your the Trilogy! It’s been a great enlightening experience to read them!

    Our main issue to solve is not to get more clients (at this moment yet).

    Since we are trying to follow many internet gurus’ advice for years, we developed a site that educates the market and collect opt-ins. We also have a site that sells our webanalytics, e-mail marketing and affiliate software, and many more services that generates monthly income. Besides these services what generates nice profits is to develop sales websites for our clients. Since our reputation and our credibility as an expert, we really make nice profits on these projects – and our clients are happy with the results as well.

    The neck on the bottle is this: I find it very difficult to find the kind of employees, who can manage these projects well enough, and who can produce the same quality for our clients that I can. So how can I duplicate myself, how can I grow our capacity?

  66. During your recent teleseminar with Michael Masterson, perfecting the “invisible factors” was mentioned as being critical to the success of any business.

    Will your program give more information on these factors? Providing marketing and business building secrets with lots of examples is also of great interest to me.

    It would be extremely beneficial to include one-on-one coaching calls with your program to assist me in in drawing these factors and secrets out of my selected niche.

  67. Hey Rich… whatever you do, it’s got to include a STEP-BY-STEP method. This is CRUCIAL to beginning internet marketers.

    I’ve purchased stuff from Early To Rise that’s been marketed as almost foolproof.

    Yet I still had to sift through all info and experiment in order to come up with a system to follow.

    All the info in the world won’t help unless a person can put it together systematically and duplicate it.

    Gerber has it right.

  68. Rich,
    your tri-ology is truly amazing, I love the flow-diagrams, because as a process engineer, thats how i’ve been trainded to think…

    My all time question will be, when setting up my business as a leveragable resource. How do I structure my leverage for an Online Business model the best? Meening, should I be the sole owner and out-source most work, or should I build a company with employees doing the same work for me on different projects? Or both?

  69. I don’t currently have a business either online or traditional bricks and mortar. Unfortunately I, like many others, worked long and hard to earn a degree and went to work for a large corporation which was supposed to provide a dependable income and decent benefits. What I got was a 30 yr. death sentence on a perpetual corporate hamster wheel in a job which provides no opportunities, no marketable skill development, and no way out. Am I desperate to get out? Yes. Can I walk away from corporate hell in order to pursue an internet start-up business and still pay the mortgage and car payments? NO. But I know that leaving this position to get on some other corporate hamster wheel is not the solution. My own business that I understand and control is the solution. So what question do I need to have answered in order for this to be the best investment of my life? I would need assurance that the program would provide enough practical assistance to enable someone like myself with adequate intelligence but no expertise in any subject area nor a consuming hobby or passion I would like to build upon, to know in what areas to direct my very limited time and energy for the greatest chance of success in an internet business enterprise, and provide enough technical information that I would not feel that I need to purchase yet another program in search of the fabled carefree internet business owners utopia. Is that a tall order? Yes. Can you provide that? I anxiously await details on your next program.

  70. The vast majority of potential customers for your program are “one man shows”. Therefore, a vital element for guaranteeing success of such a program is to facilitate direct interaction and communciation between the members of the program. This – for mutual support, reference, synergy and cross-pollination. A mastermind group, which would include selected members that exhibit rapid adoptation of the methods taught – could serve as a sounding board and review system to other members of the program.

  71. Additional expanded comment to my email questions yesterday, specifically question 2:

    Could you offer a few options to this program,

    Option 1: Fast-track – heavier price, more intensive , very fast pace to get all the data and implement it asap, possibly one-to-one coaching options…for those who want that
    *Also, then those who are ready and want to go FAST, won’t be held back by the newerbies…and vica-versa

    Option 2: Regular gradual track – mid-range price-accesible to the large range of those who would be interested but perhaps newer to marketing and internet marketing.

    All the same data as Option 1, but delivered over longer range of time to allow for implementation and learning ,some optional coaching one-one at a set interval (versus heavy on-going intensive)

    Cheers to you again….
    Dr Betsy

  72. Rich,
    I’m working a reverse system. The web site I am having built for me will give away a tool to save lives during emergencies.

    In line with your advice, “customers” will create their own “product” for free on line. I won’t have to lift a finger for this product to flow into people’s homes.

    My three concerns are:
    1. How to reach millions of Americans and convice them they need this service (everyone does);

    2. How to attract advertisers; and,

    3. How to price ad space for a web site whose product no one has seen before.

    Will your program help me?

  73. Hi Michael:
    Will this program teach a complete idiot like myself, how to build and occasionally modify/update the site.
    I have absolutely no idea, how to build a website, but would like to have one.

  74. Rich,
    One thing I would like to see is:

    Introduction into a mastermind group consisting of successful marketers to give me insight into future trends, methods, products, releases – but… also to assist me re support and motivation.

    Thanks and regards

  75. After looking for a business on the internet for several months and losing hundreds of $$$ and seen many scams, lack of support on and on etc. etc. My husband and I came across and read your manual “The Final Chapter” last weekend. My husband has been trying to help me find my niche. He is a Chemical Engineer and really wants the nuts and bolts of things and he found that in your manual for the first time. After reading it I was hoping you were offerring an opportunity as it seems you wil be on Nov lst. My question is after reading The Last Chapter I want to start all over again and start from scratch. My question is. Am I going to be able to make a lucrative income with your product without having one of my own? In other words is your offer going to be all in one package. My problem has been finding the product that is going to help others and I also make money. A win – win so to speak. Thanks for your info. very valuable. Luana

  76. How about an appendix or section on the technicalities of implementation?

    Having been an “opportunist” for way too many years, I’m now converted (or in the process of a conversion) to an entrepreneur mindset. The four topics listed above are great. For me, even though I’m fairly technical minded, the thought of getting everything working smoothly ( website, auto-responders, blogs, podcasts, and video’s) makes me cringe.

    I’m sure your first thought might be for me to delegate these to someone with those strengths, still I’m not able to invest thousands to turn a profit. I, like so many other wanna-be’s, am bootstrapping. Currently, self-employed for several years, I’ve just recently began earning my keep with one of my strengths. Until now I took whatever I thought would make money. Fortunately, my strength allows great freedom of niche choices. I’ve spent the entire day reading the three parts of the internet business manifesto. Now tonight, I’ll have to get back to work doing what was scheduled today.
    Thanks for providing truly inspiring information for FREE!.

  77. Question:

    What is the ONE question that you absolutely need to have answered, in order for this program to be THE best investment of your life?


    Rich, you can’t answer this question, because the outcome will only be dictated by me, the consumer of your product. “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink”. You can give a person the best tools for an internet business, but you can not make them be successful in that business (unless you do the business for them, and if you are going to do the business for me than I’m IN).

    What you can do however, is provide the best set of tools/systems to a person which in turn gives that person the opportunity to “make the best investment of their Life”. In this regard my question would be:

    If this program is truly a sustainable business model, are the concepts/systems dependent on the “flavor of the day web marketing”, or truly built on long term sustainable marketing practices?

    Lee Carroll

  78. I believe that the best way to be successful is to role-model winners. Will your program allow me to watch you make the critical marketing decisions that has proved successful for your team?

  79. I am so new at this business I posted before I finished my response. I just wanted to follow up with a comment about many of the posts here. I see many who are looking for the secret formula. When it’s not about the formula, but how YOU apply it! I am brand new to this industry, in fact I only put up my first web site my-websitevideo.com two days ago. But I can tell you something, and that is that Mr. Schefren is the only person that I have found in this industry that perches a sustainable long term business system philosophy. So I am sure this course will follow his philosophy.

    Lee Carroll

  80. Awesome material – thanks Rich!

    It seems to me that building an image and branding are very important keys in your business model.

    How do you cater for individuals who do not want to be high-profile, mega-stars in their business/industry – but who do want to create highly profitable, successful businesses applying the prinicples you lay out in the trilogy?

  81. What do I feel is essential? Not a question but a structure. A reasonably priced mentorship program that in exchange for the lower end start up receives a percentage of future profits of the business established. A variation on the bricks and mortar franchise system.

  82. Hello and thank you for allowing the opportunity to speak out.

    My questions relate to many I have just scrolled through. I have a new buisness that I am trying to launch and get off the ground. All the information I have seen thus far, from you and others, speaks to existing buisnesses but does not address the new business venture. Actually, the program I began following is the Chinese Trade Secrets, also from Agora Publishing and sold through ‘Early to Rise’. I paid good money for the strategies contained in the program but am now stifled because there is no trouble-shooting or suggested plan “B” approach that indicates what to do if things do not go according to plan – which they have. This is the missing link I find with most programs.

  83. I have a vision. I know and understand my strengths. I have passion. Resources– I am building relationships with those who have skills or knowledge that will work with me on making my business one of those that draws others forward and helps fill their needs at the same time.
    I know that Angora Publishing, Michael Masterson and yourself Rich have been there and done that. You know what to do and what works. My only question would be When can I start??

  84. Will this program extract ideas; after pinpointing our passion, and guide us in strategically planning to exploit our strengths in this endeavor that will produce a multi-million dollar business?

  85. In order for Internet Wealth Alliance to be an opportunity of a lifetime, it would need to provide me with the tools to build a self sustaining business, i.e. after proper execution it would run on its own, without me. Will this system give me the tools/system to accomplish this?

    Lee Carroll

  86. Rich,
    How do I identify my *passion*?

    Because, unless I’m passionate about something, I can’t possibly battle it out in the real world when problems arise.

    Please tell me this ONE thing: WHAT HELPED YOU FIND YOUR PASSION in LIFE?

    Sincerely yours,

  87. Judging from the HUGE interest, and Rich’s reputation, I fear this will be another MEGA$$$$ fee membership.

    There will be no hope for many of us if we cannot afford the pricetag… and if the pricetag is not an entry barrier there will be no hope of “getting in”. Either way… many of us will undoubtedly be left behind.

    This is not a complaint, just reality. And, it is a reality for many who are putting their hard earned money into their online startup.

    Sign me… Hopeful but not holding my breath.

    P.S. – Rich – I hope you’ve figured a way to bring us hard working but financially challenged IM’ers along for the ride.

  88. I’m interested in knowing more about your new release on Wednesday November 1, 2006. I will be in Delray Beach at the AWAI Bootcamp and unable to be in front of my computer. Please advise of an alternate way to find out more. Nina

  89. I have been on the internet for quite a few years now. However, I still have failed to make any significant income. I am a widow now with a 13 years old girl to support, I have a little money, but not buckets – so to speak. I guess what I would hope for is that I can build a vision, get a business going (really don’t know my passion as such – maybe you could help me with that also, make alliances, etc. like you have in your chart in the Final Chapter. That is what I would hope for. i looked at your other chart (the one with 101 things to do on it) and thought, this is why I seem to be going around in circles – very overwealming to say the least. Where do you start first, then what, and so on. I just seemed to get very overwealmed at it once I get started, that I tend to just leave it for a bit – information overload. (Trying to do too many things at once, probably).

    Hopefully, your new program will not be “out of my reach” as far as money goes, and will be able to “step” me through each process so as I don’t just give up my hands and quit. I am a big reader and follower of “Early to Rise” and I also know your reputation. Hopefully we will see on Friday, I have to work but will check the email when I get home. Thanks bunches and have a terrific day (or afternoon, evening)

    Loreen – networkgal

  90. Since your main Goal is to break all previous record, then I think it’s safe to assume that you would have to price your product between $1,500.00 to $2,500.00 maybe even more. Although I’m one of those that will not be able to afford it I do understand why you would have to price it that way.

    First of all, no matter how much you will end up charging for your product I know it will be worth it and more. I’ve learned so much just by reading your manifesto. I can’t even begin to imagine how much more I can learn from you and ETR-the two giants in the industry.

    The second reason why you would have to price your product high enough is that you wouldn’t want to give the impression that your product is cheap and have less value than all the recent huge product launches by people you have coached. The most recent launch is by Ken McArthur and it’s being sold for $1497.00. Selling your product for less might give the wrong impression about it’s real value.

    My only problem with the pricing issue is that I know I couldn’t afford it at this time. Certainly thousands of other great people wouldn’t be able to afford it too. In a way it’s a shame because you and I know that the industry needs new blood to assure sustainable growth.

    So what should you do to surpass all the other great product launches in recent times? I can’t answer it for you but here are my suggestions:

    1)If you want the quick bucks then go with the high price. Most of those that are already making money online will buy your product in record time.

    2)If you want to broaden your base and bring new blood in the industry to ensure growth then you have to make it affordable to more people.

    But how can you make it affordable without making it cheap? The answer would probably be in the form of membership. You will still end up making the same amount or more but people will have the opportunity to get in with a more affordable monthly payment.

    Of course I’m saying all this for my own good but I’m sure there’s thousands of others that see it the way I do. Since you believe in building a sustainable business with steady growth I know you will agree that what I’m saying does make sense. In the end I know that you are still a much better businessman than I am. I’m just expressing an opinion in hopes that you will see it the way I do so I will have the chance to learn from you.

    Justin Pitts

  91. A study in linguistics: The following words appear as all caps in the initial “massage”: hammer main trying really strongly filled right official massive all very incredible unprecedented beyond they very very will holy grail still great ton…holy grail?

  92. I am currently in the BGS program and am loving it! I feel I’m getting tremendous value and focus for the business I’m creating so THANK YOU for what you’re putting out there. I’m in month 4 of the 11 month BGS program. How will this new Alliance program compare to the content and tools you’re already offering in the BGS (which I’m expecting to be delivered through until July 2007)? It’s launching next week (I’m going to be in Delray at the ETR bootcamp so I hope I can hear something about it in person there as I may not be at my computer when you officially launch). Is it going to be redundant? If there’s not a significant overlap in content/tools/concepts, what will be different and how is the value proposition going to be so different that I should make another significant investment in a second program? How will you be able to keep giving the personal attention and focus I’ve so come to value when you launch this second major initiative? Have you given any thought to offering an option for those of us already in the BGS of folding into the new venture if that makes sense? Thanks and I look forward to meeting you at ETR.

  93. Thank you for your Trilogy! -Great info

    – How to create an effective auto-business without going bankrupt!,
    and have support for growth.


  94. Hi Rich,

    There needs to be step by step instructions for every level of marketer, and all of the software needed to support the step by step method all in one package. Now that would be pricless!!!!

    One more thing, if this new program of yours is like the “Holy Grail”, does that mean we will not be able to see it clearly or even know for a fact that it really exists.

  95. Nobody can predict what this program will cost and if it is any less than $25K, I will be deeply disappointed. Rich knows that he must cut the chaff from the wheat to grow this alliance. We cannot be concerned with those who fall by the wayside. This is wealth building people. Its not for everyone. Only a few of us are entitled to the most valuable information since the stone tablets. Only a very few of us can sit before Rich and listen with the devotion and care required to progress from merely successful to outrageously RICH! For this opportunity, the price should reflect the inherent guarantee that everyone of us will be thoroughly satisfied with the alliance and, like Agora, reap profits in excess of $250M. WE WANT THIS! So let’s get out our checkbooks and prepare for deliverance.There will be nothing like this again in the history of IM. This is THE ONLY possible solution for our success. I do not want a two tiered program as being considered. And nobody here wants to abandon TOTAL ABUNDANCE to offer this alliance at less than its FULLEST potency. It is no accident that Rich’s message was in the form of a trilogy. It is a trinity of remarkable content and the introduction to the holy grail we seek.

  96. I believe that focusing on standards of ethical and honest marketing behavior is required to bring Internet marketing to the next level. I would like to see a “truth in marketing claims” standard applied to the Internet marketing field.

    What about a voluntary, self-policing system that takes over before government regulators begin crafting “truth-in-advertising” type controls for this industry? Maybe an Internet Marketing Better Business Bureau should be in the works?

    In my research, I find that few of the marketing ploys floating across the Internet ethers meet the standards of ethics and honesty of “regulated” and “audited” print and broadcast media.

    The application of standard marketing “formulas” need:

    * Reliability
    * Validity
    * Transparency
    * Accurate Statements about Assumptions

    Most of the “Offers” that purport to be “cutting edge” marketing are just the sharp shears of “get rich quick” [sic] marketers lightening the fleece of greedy sheep.

    I was able to visit the online eComEXpo(TM) this past week. The quality of the information was superb, and the marketing claims seemed real. Absent were most of the “big names” in marketing hype. Present were people who shared believable information because their information blossomed with facts, pros and cons, disclaimers and multiple sides of the story. Real information…not “formula,” “hype” and “urgency.”

    I don’t know if the “big name marketers” fled this conference because ethical and honesty standards for entry were in place, or whether their experience showed that legitimate business people seldom fall for marketing hype that exemplifies their “expertise.” Because the “hypesters” were elsewhere, the “edge” was missing, and the “cringe” of exaggerated claims was absent. Overall a delightful change of pace from the ordinary “Internet marketing sideshow.”

    In summary, I think that taking Internet marketing to the next level means adopting ethical standards and policing our profession.

  97. Rich,

    Your work is good and well-thought out. People should know that any venture online is going to take time and effort to market properly. No shortcuts will suffice. In fact, it’s really not that easy to go from $0 to $10,000 per month online with multiple streams of income. I hope you take out as much of the drudge work as possible in your new program. Good luck! Bruce

  98. 11/18/2006 11:16 AM

    i found this mini-site during a fairly selective key phrase search. this is the url, http://www.strategicprofits.com/2006/10/24/announcement/

    Supposedly this means your group (promotes itself to have) much of what i am trying to find, related to e-home business development.

    why does this need to be based on an mlm model of doing business?

    yes, i like what is being said and there is a big buzz. but i need to have something where i do not need to be all agog with excitement most of the time.

    in time i would like to get this thing automated so I have less personal interaction with customers, not more. after a point it is important to me to slow down my personal involvement in getting new customers (i so hate the terms recruiting, downline and training my core group) and still have the business grow.

    It is certainly not my intent to sound negative or defeatist. But at age 56, with medical conditions I no longer have the enthusiasm, desire or energy to keep up with the 20 or 30-somethings. This is especially true if they already have an on-going fast paced business in hand. I’m starting over, from scratch.

    My recent attempt at e-commerce was a failure…mostly my own fault. Inadequately developed concept, poor market research…you know the drill.

    Anyway, since it is past your Nov 1st startup date, i’ll probably be able to find something more current about this promising venture.

    if you have any thoughts (beyond the elementary and obvious stuff)please feel free to call or write.

    thanks for your time

    Frank H. Maurer
    Guiding Survivors to Achievement (c)
    Where Profit Meets Pride (c)

    Glendale, Arizona
    [email protected]


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