150 Spots Sold In 2 Hours 14 Minutes


We sold out EVERY one of the 150 seats in just 2 hours and 14 minutes.

I’m honored and excited by the wonderful response to my coaching program. If you’re one of the select few who managed to slip in the door, then congratulations!

I can’t wait to get ‘into the trenches’ with you and rework your business to achieve the results you’ve always dreamed about.

For those of you who arrived at my door, only to find it had been slammed shut, I want you to know that I have NOT forgotten about you.

Anyway, I’ve got a lot of work to do, so I’ve got to run. Thanks to everyone for a fantastic start to one of the most elite marketing clubs in existance!


20 thoughts on “150 Spots Sold In 2 Hours 14 Minutes”

  1. Hi Rich,

    I never received “the missing chapter.” You got my attention when you mentioned Demming in your Manifesto; I sold Improvit Statistical Process Control software for a couple years. SPC works!

    Could you send me the missing chapter?


    Mac Bartine

  2. Congratulations Rich…

    Jeff Walker can add another mark on his belt and this proves that your product launch map did its job! Bravo!

    Let’s see, 150 spots sold in 2 hours and 14 minutes…

    That’s 1.12 people signing up per minute when the order page (no time to read the fine print with this buyers) became live and a total of $749,250.00 less paypal fees and less miscellaneous overhead costs…

    Nice results for a product launch that was compressed in a pretty small time window.

    Respectfully, Gerard LeBlond

  3. I,Kathleen, am retired & in need of funds. Since I had several important ones in my 16 careers I volunteer to work part time for you briefly at no cost to you to have you establish me in your way. I believe I would be a GOOD ADVERTISEMENT for both of us. My IQ score is 399 so I KNOW it will work! Please let me know what you think & feel. Because of the way I am I will go your way. YOU ARE THE BOSS! Sincerely, Kathleen

  4. I can’t believe what I have just read. I have gotten more info from your two manifestos (for free) that from all the gurus whom have taken my money over the last 6 years.Thank you very much. I know I can’t afford your coaching, but I am going to try to impliment your ideas. Thanks again from a 70 yr young broke internet businessman.

  5. While I respect your thoughts and ideas, and you’ve obviously been quite successful, (congratulations on the overwhelming response!), I was mortified to find so many basic spelling errors in the Missing Chapter. I expect more from a professional. You’re hardly alone, though. I’m astonished on a daily basis by the huge number of so-called professionals online who can’t seem to figure out how to use spellcheck or a dictionary.

    That being said, The Missing Chapter is full of great information that challenges me to reconsider everything I’ve read about online businesses. I thank you for providing such insights at no cost. Maybe I should offer my proofreading services to you for free, just to become part of your group. πŸ™‚

    Wishing you continued success!

  6. Wow! Congratulations! We were not able to commit at this time but in a few months we will be ready and looking for what you have available. We’ll keep checking back. All the best.

  7. Wow, what a response! I read your manifesto and missing chapter, and I was impressed! My company specializes in Google AdWords management. I would be a fool not to make use of this opportunity and advertise my services. Since I can help so many people to leverage their strengths. We take care of all the AdWords management so you can focus on building a better company and spend less time at the office! Rich thanks again for the valuable information!

  8. Absolutely amazing Rich! But I’m not all too astonished: Your business manifesto and the missing chapter was the best business-marketing read I had for a long, long time – new, exciting and refreshing… thanks a lot for that.

    By the way, do you plan to publish any other materials (business courses, CD’s, DVD’s, eBook…) in the near future?

    Thanks a lot.


  9. I was in at the back door and had change to join. I would have loved to have joined. Whe I first read the price I didn’t see the “7” at the end! and was going to join. Can you set up something where it is free and you share a percentage of our success for a period of time?
    By the way your audios would improve substantially if you and the interviewed person stopped saying “you know” and “kind of”
    Anyway your launch has given me a very interesting week or so.
    Thank you

  10. About create a homestudy idea.
    You could work with your elite members and ask somebody to make dvd or some kind of recording about that work.Audio ,video,txt…. I would buy it.

  11. Rich:

    Knock it off!

    Congradulations on all your success. I am a fan, I appreciate all the insights you have shared, and I can appreciate that you don’t have time to create a solution of those of us who can only wish we could have afforded to be first and ring the cash register to become one of your elite members. But, since all has turned out as you design it, and you are on to the next phase of your personal accomplishments, how about stop rubbing it in with all these followup e-mails reminding us we the unfortunate one, the very people who needed your help, but like you explained, are simply to needy and cash starved to waste your time.

    No hard feeling, but enough of the e-mails related to something we missed out on.

    Best wishes for your continue success,

    Robert Orange
    Innovest Quantitative Analytics
    website: http://www.BuySellHoldAdvice.com
    (404) 513-0348

  12. Regarding a program for those of us that couldn’t afford the tuition or were simply out-paced: There’s a saying “You teach best to others what you most need to learn yourself.” If your new clients were to each pick up a student and were to pass along what they learned from you, your client would benefit in that they would be reiterating what they learned (thereby ingraining and proving their new knowledge) and their student would benefit from their newfound information as well.
    Just a thought πŸ™‚
    Thank you for your very logical manifest and congratulations for your fantastic success – you deserve every penny.
    Barbara Wainwright

  13. I don’t know why you don’t just video your next presentation. You could sell it as a “limited quantities available” and sell it in a package that includes a date for an online, one-time-only, live Q&A group session for anyone left with questions.

  14. Rich,

    I have to say, I feel for you buddy – a 150 people waiting in line to give you (what was it?) five grand apiece, then all the cheapskates and slow starters come begging for a home study course. What a dilemma!

    If you don’t have time to create a home study product from scratch you could do it this way:

    Print and bind an unedited course curriculum (which you will have already) adding chapters and some numbering system. Record all your sessions and edit the sessions that most pertinently illustrate the points you were making in the curriculum. Put it all in a box for $950. –

    Then do a series of teleseminars interviewing your top students who had the most success and who were quick to grasp the concepts you were teaching.

    And then maybe, give the first 150 takers access to an affiliate program to promote the material.

    All the best,


  15. Hi Rich

    I missed your sales letter due to a rather long 8 hour traffic jam. I’m assuming your mentoring programme has three components (a) personal mentoring from you (2) group conference calls which will probably be recorded where you explain your strategies and tactics and give your students homework to do and (c) resources you recommend students use.

    What if you had a tier two programme which excluded (a) but included (b) and (c). This would allow you to help a larger group of hungry buyers and not take up any additional amount of your personal time. The second tier group would simply listen in on the original group calls you will be doing anyway and be personally responsible for doing their assignments without being responsible to a coach.

    I hope you work something out. I love your strategic and systematic approach!

    Nick Devine

  16. Hey rich, I’ve just downloaded the manifesto yesterday and I had a tremendous shift in my mindset after reading it. I HAD to ask you a question, so I’m posting here instead of your latest blog post since this one has got less comments so its more likely that you’ll respond to me..

    I see you mentioning that one should try to outsource/out-task as much of their business as they can, and focus at only what their biggest strengths are. Well you see, I’m a programmer and I’m working on my first commercial software product. You can say that programming is one of my biggest strengths. I believe I’m much more creative than other programmers, so people will want to use my product because they love using it.

    But on the other hand I’m also a very good marketer and communicator. So my sales are going to come due to two factors:
    1- The quality of my product.
    2- The quality of my marketing efforts.

    And both of these I believe are my biggest strengths. Should someone with a limited budget, whose strength is doing the technical work involved in building the product, also outsource or should he go ahead and build it himself?

    I know this is a bit long but I hope you answer this for me, even if its a 1 line answer!
    P.S I blogged about the manifesto here:


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