Front Of The Line Pass Available Tomorrow

As you’re well aware, the buzz surrounding the launch of my coaching program has reached a deafening level. I have my secretary and two virtual assistants working TEN hours per day running the phones and answering email.

It’s gotten to the point where two people called the office this week trying to BRIBE my secretary, in order to reserve a spot in the program.

At this point, I realize I’ve GOT to do something in order to stay in control of my office.

Otherwise we will not be able to get ANY work done over the next few days leading up to the launch. I have way too much work to do, and these distractions are preventing me from taking care of my many other priorities.

So here’s what I’ve decided to do.

I’m going to issue “front of the line” passes for those of you who just CANNOT wait to get a head start into my exclusive coaching program.

Now, there are over 36,832 people on the edge of their seats waiting patiently to hear more about my program. But in order to gain some semblance of peace in my office, I’m going to issue 1,500 “front-of-the-line” passes.

TOMORROW AT NOON, I’m going to give you the location where you’ll be able to enter your name and email address to get a pass.

This pass entitles you to a ONE HOUR head start on everyone else. You’ll be able to view the coaching offer on Tuesday, July 18th at 11AM. That way, you’ll have just a bit more time to see if the program is right for you.

I realize this will upset a number of people who are not able to get a pass. But I NEED to find a solution to my chaotic office.

So make SURE you set an alarm to go off at 11:55AM tomorrow so that you will be reminded to check your email. There is a VERY good chance that those who are issued a front of the line pass will take up all the spots. So don’t miss tomorrow’s email.

11 thoughts on “Front Of The Line Pass Available Tomorrow”

  1. I am reading and re reading the transcripts now.

    I am convinced if a person studied and applied the strategies of mindset in the free materials you provided thus far and refined why they really want to build a successful business in the first place, they would greatly increase the quality of their lives and personal relationships.

    You have provided so much value and reminded people that TIME is the most precious resource.

    You can make more money but you cannot make more time. Your business success should not be at the expense of everything else. It doesn’t have to be.

    Mike, I never knew all this about you, thank you for sharing so openly.

    Great stuff!


    “Goal Guru” and creator of audio program

  2. When you post a time can you also post the time zone?

    I live in the Mountain time zone and I am not sure exactly when to dial in on the 18th.

    I can probably figure it out from when I receive your ‘noon’ e-mail today, but it would be easier if it were in the message/post.

    Thanks and thanks for the awesome information.

  3. I guess that front-of-the-line passes will run out in less than 2 days. If Rich’s giving away 1500 passes, on the 18th would at least twice as much will eventually curious and wanted to be in.

    Since Rich promised to give 30 minutes one on one consultation, his coaching program will be very limited to select people.

    I don’t remember if he has mentioned about the quota, but in my opinion it will be more likely limited by the coaching price.

    That’s good, ain’t it? An automatic selection by nature. Who’s willing to pay the price is more serious than who’s not.

    What if the price is just out of your budget? As Rich might’ve suggested. Forget about starting a business. Go back to your ordinary work and earn some money. You may have the right moment to start your business in the future.

  4. Thank you Rich for your efforts and generosity, I wish all “guru” types were as open and honorable as you are. I love the Manifesto and the Missing Chapter and would so love to have more of your exellent guidance, especially at the point I am in my career. (Early) I can’t wait to listen to your interviews! My unfortunate sob story is that my internet connection has been out for a tad more than 24 hours, and of course it is the 24 giving a “heads up” on the head of the line passes. (sob!)
    I will keep faith in what *will* be.
    Again, thank you.

  5. Great Manifesto. It has certailny started my thinking about different growth strategies – the main one being the fact that my husband and I need to start outsourcing big time because we seriously want to take our online business to the next level. I am intreged by your coaching program. Looking forward to learning more about it!

  6. I was in late for The Line Pass but still had the chance to see live the “Invitation” page. Although I coudn’t afford it myself now, I am sure it will mean a tremendous business and personal shift for those 150 happy clients.



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