From A One Man Office To 150k

I’ve interviewed a few coaching club members who were kind enough to spill the beans, and tell the world how my coaching program has DRAMATICALLY altered their business for the better.

Before I tell you how powerful this call is, I want to give you some special instructions.

I want you to listen to this call through a ‘filter.’ Since you’ve read the Manifesto and the Missing Chapter, I want you to keep those concepts at the top of your mind when you listen to my client discuss his INCREDIBLE path to a personal fortune.

Tonight’s call is with my client Mike Filsaime. And before you say, ‘well all his money was generated from the launch of Butterfly Marketing,’ I want to make one point.

When Mike started in my coaching program he was doing $15,000 a month. Fast forward 16 months later, he brought in over $150,000 with only 8% (about $10,000) coming from Butterfly Marketing.

Mike is a VERY sharp and VERY gracious guy. You will learn a TON as Mike walks you through step by step from working all alone to building a real Interent based business.

After listening to the MP3 and reading the transcripts, please post your thoughts here. If you did not receive the email with a link to the download (and you’re on my list) please let us know on this thread.

Rich Schefren

P.S DON’T FORGET to get your Front-Of-The-Line Pass tomorrow at NOON Eastern. You’ll be able to watch the firestorm LIVE, in real-time on the page as people start to flood the site in hopes of getting a pass.

19 thoughts on “From A One Man Office To 150k”

  1. What a great audio. One thing I love about Mike Filsaime – apart from the fact that he’s a hell of a nice guy – you never get the feeling that’s he’s holding back.

    He just gives you the real hard core nuts and bolts of how to really make it online – and he has the track record to back it up.

  2. Rich, I can’t believe how much you are giving us – this interview is amazing. I’ve always been curious how people have been able to grow their business and you are showing us everything we need to know. I plan on being one of the first people to get my pass tomorrow.


  3. Awesome – just 17 minutes into Mike’s interview, and already I have a couple great tips. The manifesto has already caused me to shift my strategy for one of my businesses. Thanks for sharing, Rich!

  4. Wow great interview with lots of food for thought. I am now very curious as to what Mike actually sells to get his income. I will have to do a search on him on google and see if can find out.

  5. Mike’s interview just goes to show how we forget to look at the forest beyond the trees around us… thanks for opening our eyes to real world waiting for us to enjoy… keep up the good work..

  6. Rick, that is a really helpful discussion. It’s one of the first calls that I’ve read (I prefer transcripts and the transcript was first rate) where the concern was primarily focused on the listener and not on hard selling.

    Thank you.

  7. As a consultant who takes off line businesses up several levels in a short period of time, I can say from experience Rich is totally focused on helping people apply proven business fundamentals to make a dramitic difference in their on line based business.

    I didn’t read it specifically in the transcripts but I often discuss the 80/20 rule meaning 20% of the items or effort or work drive 80% of the business (or sales or profit).

    In both interviews, Mike and Hans demonstrate they have learned to focus on the actions that drive the most profitable business and leverage the other required tasks.

    Very few people consistently can do this because it required discipline. Personally I work on it all the time. I imaging Rich’s coaching program will help 1500 people make a quantum leap in their business if (and this it a big IF) they actually follow his program. Most people will immeditely try to shortcut the process and this is a mistake. Look closely and what Mike and Hans are saying. I see no eveidence of shortcuts.

    Steve Pohlit, Business Consultant

  8. I really appriciate your providing transcripts with the MP3’s. If you read the transcript while listening you will double your retentention. If you can read out loud (which not everyone can do) you will increase your learning and retention even more. JB

  9. Hi

    I didn’t receive a link to the download either. Is it still available? I know the training is sold out but I hear this interview was well worth listening to.


  10. Hi

    I too would like to get the interview with Mike Filsaime. It was through his butterfly marketing package that I first heard you speak Rich, and I gotta tell you it was eye-opening.


    Sean Khang


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