Win A 60 Minute Makeover

What would your business look like if I deconstructed, dissected, and detailed the areas where you are facing the biggest challenges and reworked them so they became the biggest profit centers of your newly remade, reorganized business?

I’m going to do that for ONE lucky person on my list, so they can experience a true feeling of independence on July 4th.

This is an opportunity for you to work with me, one-on-one, no holds barred, mano-a-mano, on your business – just as though you were one of my clients.

We’ll take apart your business, brick by brick, and replace the clay with solid gold.

If you would like me to re-engineer your business, in a lightning 60 minute makeover, absolutely F*R*E*E, you have to do only one thing-

Tell me why I should choose you?

Right now, I want you to tell me about your business, your single biggest strength and why you deserve to have me work on your business. When you post, make sure to fill out the private email field, so that we can contact you if you are selected.

You have until noon time on Sunday to submit your post. All posts submitted after that deadline will not considered. With that being said, please understand that this is not a race for the fastest post – I’m looking for the best answer.

One other thing. Today, Friday, my assistance Sheila did not come to work.

She refused to take one more phone call from people trying to “cut” into line trying to secure a spot in my coaching program.

Please – for the sake of harmony in my office – do not call and ask that your business be selected.


Rich Schefren

P.S. Ever since our Alexa score hit 492, our server has developed a sever case of arthritis. If you experience any problems posting, please be patient and stick with it. I look forward to reading your posts.

243 thoughts on “Win A 60 Minute Makeover”

  1. The reason I would be a good candidate for your personal coaching gift is because I am motivated, teachable, and persistent. I have excellent follow-thru skills. And above that your Manifesto really spoke to me.

    I have been mulling over in my mind how to achieve what you spoke of for the last week. Your coaching will give me the tools to achieve my goals. I have always had a dream of leaving a financial as well as moral value to my family. The morals have been transferred. Now it is just the financial!

    I have been working at this business for 5 years, income has improved but not earning a significant income. I have taken other courses but something is missing in the integrity of what is taught and what I am asked to do. That is very important to me. Integrity means living in my word and staying legal.

    Thanks for the opportunity.
    Madeline Binder is my main site.

  2. I just started online and i have a mass blogging site that i am trying to get to work perfect and make me some adsense money, finally.I am not very good at building websites, but i am on the computer almost every second that i am not at work. I need help with the hows of it. I am not afraid to do the work as long as it is explained in step by step direction. If i am choosen, i will succeed, i know i will. I do not want to work for my employer anymore.

  3. Sometimes I feel like I have a strategy and other times I feel like I have some form of internet ADD – hopping from opportunity to opportunity. Some ventures are in my niche but some go way beyond what I should be doing. I keep going off on these tangents justifying them to myself as “useful education” that I can somehow relate back to my main business. After reading your manifesto I could relate to many of the concepts. I am now thinking I should just give away my $39 ebook on affiliate strategy, and focus on building a list towards some higher level strategy.

    Thanks Rich!


  4. Hey Rich,
    I currently do not have a true Internet business, I dabble with guitars and music equipment on ebay.
    You need to help me becasue I genuinely want to help people be sucessful, but I need to be a success first, I know I can generate a massive income if someone like yourself would take the time to show me, I have never been mentored at anything and yet I have acomplished some impressive things, at least from my perspective, now I know there are probably a great deal of deserving people out there who have not had some of the advantages that I have had, still, If I were shown a road map to sucess, and it worked for me, my biggest passion in life would be to get as many people as I can, off the treadmill and the dead ends that so many of us encounter, It makes me SICK to see people suffer needlessly because of fear,procrastiantion or general lack of direction.
    In a nut shell, you help me and I will multiply that a hundred times over.

    Thank You for your consideration

  5. Help…Yes…I Need HELP…
    Why you ask…well. I have been on the hunt for a website that produces a solid steady source of income for 3-4 months now. I tried this one, I tried that one, I even tried to make my own and all I accomplished is a giant hole in me pocket and major information overload. Do I have a website? No, I had to give up when I ran out of money. Do I want a website? Honey I want one (or more) more then I want air to breathe. Am I ready?? You bet. I am now on long-term disability and can not return to my job…ever…but that won’t stop me from wanting a successful carrier at home. I need to be financial independant and I will be, even if you do not help me. It will just take longer. But one day you will be calling me for an affiliate spot or a conferance cal. Because the ski is my limit and I know once I get up and running, I have lots of time to keep the momentum going. What ever it takes. No, please don’t get me wrong, I am not FULL OF MYSELF. I am my best friend and I must keep my confidance loaded with great fibes. I will not go down without a fight. I will concer this new challange in my life with the same braveness I am concerring my illness. I just have to make some cash fast and get things up and running. I want to succeed. Will you please help me and give me the break I need to get started and keep it going. p.s. The website I built but hade to let go because of money problems was with Shawn Casey at goldphoria. It was

  6. I have been online for a while now with different websites too many to mention them all here.

    I am applying all that I have learned. I know many of the online “gurus” who I won’t mention here but that you know.

    I have done all this and yet it eludes me. Why? Perhaps you can tell me something that others haven’t yet. How do I unlock the door? Or have I done so already and haven’t walked through it yet…

    If you understand the frustration and sometimes horror I am going through, then maybe you’ll help me see the mistakes, or the light; or just push me through the DAMN DOOR!

    But whatever it is that eludes me, can you help me snatch it? I will testify that it was you that gave me the last push. . . if you choose me.

    Anyway, thank you for the manifesto and I am sharing it with everyone on my list. It definitely has re-inforced what I knew to be my problem and maybe that’s all I really needed.


  7. I’ve been online since 2002. My site enjoys a Google Top 10 Organic Ranking.

    I’ve distributed a number of articles through Article Directories.

    Additionally, I receive anywhere from 500 to 1000 hits daily.

    You would think that I would be making a comfortable living on the internet… I’m not!

    Rich, last week when I was standing in front of the Judge because I couldn’t satisfy my monthly CS obligation, coupled with eviction from my apartment, I knew that I had to do something fast!

    I really had do to some soul searching.

    I doubted myself… and my offerings. I know I offer credible products, but I can’t reach that level to be successful on the internet.

    You would think I would be a millionaire by now.

    I wonder if I’ve given away so much information (through my autoresponders), that people feel there isn’t a need to invest in my offerings.

    My sales copy isn’t converting as it should.

    I know how to really play and teach. I invite you to read my bio at:

    There are competitors that are making a handsome living and their products and courses aren’t as good as mine. I’ve heard this from my active students.

    I need your HELP!

    I’ve studied and worked hard. But, I just can’t get over the “hump!”

    If you help me to realize my goals, I will play at your children’s weddings for FREE! 🙂


    Ron Worthy

  8. Hi Rich,
    I think you should give my business a makeover because I do business in an extremely competative market place. The companies I compete against have completely saturated the industry and actually brainwashed people into thinking that cheaper is better for goose down comforters and bedding products.

    The fact is, that the products we manufacture are sought after by the finest luxury hotels and resorts in the world and I am on a mission to give that luxury to the every day public.

    I want to increase the consumer awareness out there and show people that true quality does exist. Sure, you can’t get it for nothing, but when you do get it, you’ve got it for life!

    Select me to make over my business, and together we can expose the world to ultra comfort and luxury!

    All the best & thanks for your consideration!

    Darren Salkeld

  9. Good day Rich.

    I am a 26 year old male South African of Indian decent. I have a friend who is a broadcaster and we have both come up with the idea to start an Internet Radio station with a postmodern target audience.

    We are gearing toward making this a community based venture (lots of advertising) with a non-corporate, holistic feel. we basically want to build a healthy/full database of contacts that are relating with us on many levels (blogs/emails/web feeds/events/ and of course via our radio station)

    I have tons of ideas and have been working on this now for a year. We want to be able to provide value added services and products to our listener/client base. (our initial product being radio content and advertising)

    I deserve your attention because i believe that i really can make this work and i will be successful 5 years from now (the market for wellness/postmodern thought/holistic approach is huge in S.A) I would like to say that you were instrumental in this when it does become a success.

  10. My name is Purva Mewar. I am an Indian Resident. I have built and operate my own website through which I sell home based business opportunities and tools.

    My single biggest strength is my perseverence. If I need to re-arrange my entire approach to make a successful online entreprenuer, I will.

    I deserve to be your pupil because I don’t take my work casually and I deserve a guide who will show me the way to succeed. In reciprocation I will make sure my guide is proud of me. I will not let you down.

    I am very serious about making a success online, irrespective on the time it takes. If my post is chosen.. a lot will change for the better… fingers c..r..o…s…sss…e…d!

  11. After my wife and I retired from to 9-5 world, we both decided to try and set up an internet business rather than sit in our rocking chairs and watch the rest of our life pass by and not excerise our minds. We also felt this would be a way to supplement our income in a fun,challeging effort. It turned out to be much more stressful than we anticipated. We have had little sucess with the site and have been scammed and misled. We have taken our product line and sold locally with some sucess. That is an indication that we have a product that customers do want if they have a change to see it.
    I guess one of biggest misteaks was to focus so strongly on customer satisfaction and overlook the marketing aspect of the business. We still feel very strong about providing the best customer satisfaction and support but are now trying to market the business. We both feel that we need help in this area. Thanks for your consideration.

  12. After reading your manifesto I came to the realisation that I was leaning strongly towards being an opportunist rather than an entrepreneur. My business is based on a speculative investment opportunity which I strongly and personally endorse wholeheartedly. My site is Go and check it out. I feel that the content and the design of my site are its strengths. I believe that with your help and guidance I could see massive profits, which of course was my main aim in starting this online business.
    Thankyou for your consideration Rich.

    Jonathan Peacock

  13. I’m probably no more deserving than any of the other applicants. My main strength would be stubborn persistance and a belief that someday I will have a breakthrough. I try to build good content and am an ok writer, but maybe not persuasive enough? I can’t offer anything in return, only my appreciation. Anyway thanks for the “Manifesto” Rich, it has given me some good ideas.

    Best regards

  14. Rich:

    Would like to enter your program as being most deserving
    of your coaching.

    I am 84 years young and have been around the Internet for
    approximately 10 years. I have been several programs, but
    have not been successful to the point of making several
    thousand dollars per month.

    Because of my recent wife’s illness and stint in a nursing
    home, most of my savings are used up and although I do get
    a decent social security payment, my regular bills and living
    expenses are usually more than my income each month.

    I am in a new program which, if I can recruit a few people
    to begin with , can earn a very good income per month. This
    isn’t hype and if you want, look at my url to decide for
    yourself if it merits doing:

    I consider myself an intermediate on the computer, am hard
    working and love to contact people and help them succeed.
    Also, because of my good health, I am considering getting
    remarried, but will not until I feel I can support both of us.

    Thank you for considering me and God Bless!

    Don Leithoff
    Pittsfield, IL 62363
    [email protected]

  15. Hello Mr. Rich. My name is Orlando Arias. I’m a professional Actor and Clown. I received through Mr Jim Edwards your “Manifesto” and I try until today (I read it)to be an Opportunist like you said. I have two strengths thoughts into my mind: Be the Best Clown in USA and the world and the second one, to be first Millonaire and after Billonaire to help people in my country: Colombia, I don’t know how but I’m going to do it.Thank you for your time and god bless you for all.

  16. We sell instructional DVDs on how to braid and weave hair. I started the business with my wife with absolutely NO knowledge and made $100,000 the first year in business, now we do well over $200,000 per year. The reason you should choose me is because I actually will DO what you suggest and give it a shot, I’m not afraid to take chances.

    I also built this business while being active duty Air Force which I still am. This lets you know that I will do whatever it takes. I also have a 1 and a 2 year old.

  17. I’m writing to ask for a raincheck. I’m an internet and entrepreneural-business newbie. I’m doing well. Beginnings are good. I’m working with some ‘guys’ you know to get myself into the marketing theatre. My sites are doing a ‘bit’ now, I will be doing a major amount in the next year. I had the pleasure of hearing you on one of ‘my guys’ CD programs and decided you were someone I needed to listen to.

    Can I have a raincheck on this offer? Nan

  18. No website, and a new business. I have a nephew, Patrick Lamb , who’s a phenomenal jazz-blues-rock saxophone player. He’s been touring with Diane Schuur (multiple jazz Grammy award-winning vocalist) and Bobby Caldwell (jazz-pop singer/songwriter — e.g., “What You Won’t Do For Love”), as well as recording as the “Patrick Lamb Band”. He’s developed a Ray Charles Tribute program out of his home base in Portland, Oregon. The company raised about $500,000 last year for charities, and paid the musicians pretty well. He has a couple of major possible corporate sponsors and wants me to help him put together a production company to take the project nationwide, perhaps in conjunction with Pops Symphony concerts. I will be in charge.

    My background is as a singer-songwriter in my teens and 20s, and as a marketing/sales executive for over 15 years subsequently, primarily in software and financial services (such as, a German-based epayment company, now merged into another company). My strengths, according to the results I’ve created and the comments I’ve received from colleagues and clients, are my leadership skills, and the ability to quickly identify the one or two key actions a company needs to take to have the most highly-leveraged positive effect on its profits. A psychologist friend of mine says I have both strong “left brain” and “right brain” skills. And I LOVE helping someone else achieve their goals, particularly when I’m excited about what they’re doing. And raising money for charity, while providing first rate musicians an exciting gig with good pay, AND making as much money as I can quantify[!] looks pretty exciting to me. I would like to make upwards of $250,000 this next year, and would welcome highly skilled coaching.

  19. Hi Rich!

    About my business:
    Galaxy Nutrients first opened about 7 years ago. (It is the cyberspace division of a nutrition corporation I have had for nearly 10 years now – prior to the Internet)

    Galaxy Nutrients sells Whole Food Supplements and Cleanse Programs to both the retail Public and also
    wholesale to Health Professionals.

    We sell a unique line of whole food concentrates , intestinal cleanse kits and complete do it yourself natural health programs and kits.

    My Single biggest strength:
    Unshakable Persistance on my purpose of reaching the goals I set.

    Why I deserve to have you work on my business:

    Because I most deeply care for peoples true health and well-being and am tops in terms of ability to dream the highest ideals for achievement of mankinds natural health.

    Speaking forthrightly, I have the capability of bringing these ideals closer and closer to fruition.

    I have been researching and developing an entire universe of natural health products and services for nearly 30 years now – in addition to the site.

    These additional products and services will be completed, one by one and start releasing in the fall of 2006.

    From that point onward, it will take approximately 3-5 years to get ALL the products and services I am currently developing to be completed and released on the market.

    The time frame depends primarily on how much I can afford to hire more and more help/staff to assist me and get the work done as fast as possible.

    There you have it 🙂


    Dr Betsy

  20. Hello, I just opened my website two month ago and definitly would be a good candidate for your assistance.
    Both my husband and I are disable due to a work related accident and the website is a way to earn money. We would love to become richer because right now this is the pits. Our store takes what little we have to spare which is the bare min. My strength is that I work and dedicate myself to what ever I undertake.
    Your help would greatly be appreciated.
    Thanks . Jackie Pierce

  21. Hi,

    As of August 1st I will try to survive online full time. I am 31 years old, but will be 32 on July 4th(Another reason to choose me…its my birthday 🙂

    In September I am moving to Antalya, Turkey. I have a year and a half old son who lives there. I decided that no matter how far I have to move we need each other, so I will live there and try to survive online as I cannot legally work there..

    If you give me the chance, I will not waste your time.

    Thanks for the opportunity,

  22. Hi Rich,

    This not an application for your generous offer. It is a thank you for your Manifesto. That book has given me enough to think about and work on!

    Again, many thanks! Kay

  23. I admit it Rich… I need help badly. I have a superb idea that I KNOW can sell. I know there is a market for it, and I know that with the right direction I can get there. I’m motivated, dedicated, and willing to grab this opportunity by the horns and ride it. But I just can’t get off the start line. I am, sadly, an opportunist. But I know I can change that, and I hope you are willing to work with me to give me that chance to realize the full potential of my ideas. Thanks!

  24. is the ONLY place in the world where an author can instantly publish, promote, distribute and sell unlimited ebooks across multiple web sites. It is 99% automated, and has been in business since 2001. The business model works: I’ve published over 500 authors and nearly 1000 ebooks worldwide.

    I am 20+ year veteran of traditional, online and cable television marketing, yet I am suffering from tunnel vision when it comes to growing and expanding my own epublishing business. It should be generating 6-7 figures annually.

    My greatest strength is coming up with ideas for new products and services, and in applying automation to streamline them, and lower their operating costs.

    Help me, Obiwan, you’re my only hope!


    Steve Schneiderman

  25. There is so much out there I am clueless of what worth my time. I am trying to do this reasonable well so that I feel that I have accomplish something well. I guess my strenght and weakness are similar. I am new to the web as a market so I am open to anything but that also it’s my downfall I need to get with someone that can point me in the right direction and get me thinking the right way of this business. I know that I’m going to make mistake but that is part of the learning process. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m coachable. I not sure an hour of your time could help me or that I would get ahold of everthing you would teach me. And last but not lease is that I’m interested in making over a million dollars a month but giving a millon dollars a month away. Thank you for you consideration

  26. Hi Rich
    Before i begin to pleed my case, I would like for you to think back to the first three months of your online venture. Now unless you had the advantage of having a ‘big bro’ style mentor, and/or previous PC and WWW knowledge and experience, you were probably in a world where you felt like you knew nothing, But, at the same time learning so much as every second goes by. Personally i hope you did NOT have the ‘big bro’ style mentor Nor the PC and WWW experience. Why You Ask? Its simple, If I am to enter a competion to win the service’s of an accomplished webmaster and marketer then i want to know that they started where i am now, have been through the silly little problems and tried and tested as many techniques and approaches possible to find a proven working plan. If this is not the case with you Rich, Then please dont waste your valuble time with this genuine request for help from an ever so keen newbie.
    Ok if you fit the criteria needed to help me reach my goal, thats great, Read On
    My site is
    as you may notice i have no idea what i am doing, It covered in untargeted ads, and is all JPEG!
    I need a ‘big bro’ style mentor to help me turn this site into not only a nice little earner, but to get trust and people coming back. Thats its, I wont grovel for your acceptance, If you are not intersted that fair enough, But i would like you to know how serious i am to getting a quality online presence, building a member base who not only values the service, but contributes to it and of course making money along the way. I know i could go out and pay a designer to build my site, and hire people to…. I dont want this, I want 1-1 mentoring so i know and understand every area involved.
    So there is my case, If you fit the crieria and are interested in helping a newbie to get lift off then get in touch, If Not thats fair enough, I wish you all the best with you online venture/s and look forwardn to your next newsletter

  27. Hi, Rich!
    Not really sure how can you help me but I’d like to think you can.
    I live and work in the Philippines, Rich. i’m a hotel executive working to have my full time Events business. I’m currently working on having my website by late July.

    I’ve been reading and acutally buying some stuff on net marketing to increase my knowledge but the more I read, the more I get confused.
    I’m hoping that through myweb page I can be reach by people who will plan to have events in Manila. Doing events is my expertise. I do have quite a lot of contacts as a hotel professional but i’m not sure as to how will that hold when I’m on my own to do my own business.
    Thanks for allowing me to place my comment here. Cheers!


  28. Hi Rich.

    My site is and it is the official site of the ORIGINAL millionaire maker.

    First off, I want to “thank you” for sharing your Manifesto with all of us. It was an incredible gift that I am extremely grateful for because it opened my eyes up to what I’ve been doing wrong for 7 years.

    The problem is I need someone to work with me to show me how to make the changes needed to take my business to the next level and beyond.

    I am extremely proud of what my business represents and I truly feel the entire world could benefit greatly if you worked with me to really get my business optimized to create a true global presence.

    I have some very interesting products in the pipeline. I’m even working on a movie about Earl Shoaff and the untold millions of people he has touched through his very famous students.

    Jim Rohn, Bill Bailey, Zig Ziglar and Mary Kay Ash were all students of Earl Shoaff and between them have made hundreds of millions of dollars from what they were taught.

    The main product of the site right now is a CD/MP3 featuring the only known recording Earl ever made. It also comes with an ebook transcript.

    Several “well-known” Internet marketers have attempted to help with very disappointing results.

    The material and the man deserve the very best and I believe, through what you shared in your Manifesto, that you are the missing piece of the puzzle.

    With that said, I hereby make my request for your coaching and ask to be considered for your services.

    No matter what, thanks again for the Manifesto!

    Ron Henley

  29. Why should you choose me?…Actually i don’t know, this is really up to you…but i can tell you a little bit about me and where i come from.

    You see i started online because i wanted to help the mother of my little girl to make more money….so i started last year, it was difficult and i wasted a lot of money….made a couple of bucks but not enough….but i persisted….But then the truck hit me….She left me with nothing, took my little girl away, and now i am paying a big check every month for my kid. Not counting the bill she left me for the lawers.

    Anyway…i dont want you to chose me out of pity….But this is what i did. Since i dont have a lot of money anymore (i use to), i never gave up and i did my first website (with almost zero knowledge) and manage to get my alexa ranking from 1 544 055 to 300 000 in one month and a half….i an now on the first page of yahoo and msn (hoping google soon) for a couple of keywords…..

    What i want you to see in me is….i never give up….even though i had the most difficult year in my life, i never gave up and i never will…I know my chance to work with you are less than 0…but i can guarantee you one thing. i will succeed in the internet marketing field. It is my dream to make enough money and get my little girl back….i will do it.I will never quit…So if you are looking for someone who is determined to succeed…i am the one you are looking for.

    Best Regards

  30. Hi, Rich,

    Thanks for such a generous offer. I’m probably not as deserving as many here – my husband earns enough that I have the privilege of staying home with my kids, which is a blessing.

    My business is all about helping other moms do the same and stay sane and calm doing it! I want to help them find the joy and delights of motherhood without losing their minds!

    My business makes no money right now, and I’m working on ways to help it do that. I am starting a “work at home” challenge this month (July) as a trial and then in August as an official launch. I am also thinking of e-books and courses but I want them to be of great value, not just something to make a quick buck on.

    My goal is to not only train moms to be able to afford to stay home with their kids, but also train kids (mine are 11 and 13, and I homeschool them) to create their own businesses and manage their money well. I believe life should be lived to the max, and having some money makes that a little easier.

    I’d be delighted if you chose me, but I’m aware that I’m definitely not the most needy person here! Good luck trying to choose!

    Darlene Hull

  31. Hi Rich,

    I’ve heard so much about you, especially from my mentor, Mike Filsaime (he probably doesn’t know it yet but, I’ve been following his every move since I got online a couple of years ago).

    I understand that you are the “go-to-guy” for many of the top internet marketers.

    When I started my internet business it was for purely selfish reasons. ie:

    -Work at home (I’m a single parent)

    -Autopilot income (more time with the kids)

    -Low overhead (just out of bankrupcy in an offline business that depended too much on a key customer that eventually moved on)

    etc. etc.

    Once I got into it, I found myself concentrating on filtering out all the rubbish for my subscribers’ and customers’ sake.

    I don’t seem to have any trouble getting subscribers to opt in to my lists but, I spend so much time researching for the sake of my clients that, I don’t really spend enough time on making my business the revenue machine that I know it can be.

    I’ve noticed a few of my subscribers “lapping” me and although it gives me a sense of pride to know that they got there with my help, it doesn’t help my bank account or my kids’ college fund.

    I you select to work with me, I will likely use the knowledge to help my subscribers as usual but, hopefully, with your help, there might be something left for me.

    Warm Regards,

    Mark Sandquist
    eAuthorResources NewsLetter

  32. Hmm, this is like a job interview. Great idea to get people to beg you help them.

    Anyway, I would like to be choses because we already have a great niche, profitable company, thousands of customers, great exposure in our industry and on the web, and we think the same. In fact we have a business delevelopment bookstore book coming out in a month in which one chapter is all about how to value time and how much should you make per hour – what you put in your report, but a more expanded.

    So if you do choose us, any increase in sales will be big numbers. And that will look great as a testimonial. PLus we have systems and people in place to implement quickly.

    We are on the verge of greatness. We just need a little help to make the whole thing explode. Perhaps you have the key.

    Thanks for your time.

  33. Sorry Rich,

    The highlighting didn’t show in the above post.

    However, If you re-read it I think you’ll see what I’m talking about.


  34. Hi Rich,

    Jeff here from (Australia)

    I have a web site that I feel would be an ideal candidate for your a makeover offer. I have incorporated many techniques to date, many of which were Jay Abraham inspire. I have an affiliate system at which is always growing. I am current doing a PDF file rebranding scheme for off-line marketing and local magazine advertising. I believe many opportunists for leverage exist with my site, I further believe my web site would offer many challenges with great potential for growth. Looking forward to the possibility of you working your makeover on my site.
    Jeff Staniforth

  35. I’m nobody and probably no more deserving than any of the other
    applicants for this generous offer. I need help badly, I just started my website lest than a year. I can not get things going on it. My strength is that I work and dedicate myself to what ever I do. At this time I would like to thank you for your Manifesto.
    Your help would greatly be appreciated.

    Thank you for just reading this!!!

  36. Hi Rich.

    Firstly — I’m not going to introduce
    myself much.

    I’m going to talk about how I can
    benefit You, in the future.

    My name is Seth Chong, currently
    aged 17. What that means for you
    is Rich, I’m ready to take your
    Strategic Profits advice a long
    way, in the years to come.

    AND it also means that, I can take
    your name much further into the
    world as my business grows with
    your advice.

    Secondly, I think it’s time for
    somebody to choose, to educate
    a young gun.

    Why, because it’s time to make a
    DIFFERENCE in picking winners.
    And make a DIFFERENCE in the

    There’s been winners who’ve been
    chosen to win prizes all along,
    but how MANY stood back up with
    a BIGGER success, BIGGER name?

    I’m a copywriter by nature, so
    you can certainly trust me on any
    strategy laydowns which SELLS.

    Although my Internet business is
    still not super profitable yet,
    but I’ve attracted 2000+
    subscribers through some hardwork.

    The rest, are still “puzzles to
    be solved.” Once they’re placed
    into the right positions —

    With your advice, Rich, I truly
    believe it’ll boost and have
    skyrocketed results that’ll show
    the word — Breakthrough.

    The 60 minutes of conversation,
    could turn into “magic”.

    But will it fall on the right
    hands to be taken further, that’ll
    really mean the MOST.

    Thanks for this chance, really
    appreciate it.

    Enjoy your day people. 😉

  37. Dear Rich,

    Congratulations on the phenomenal tidal wave your manifesto has created.

    Having attended a year ago your teleseminar with John Carlton and Stephen Pierce, it is very understandable why you are very much sought after by the best internet marketers.

    My name is Jonathan Mitchell and I am the co-founder of the Ucan College Prep center.

    My personal vision is to build our offline and online college prep company so that within 6 years, it would be a good candidate for a merger or an acquisition by one of the test prep leaders in the industry: Kaplan, Princeton Review or Sylvan.

    We have a very strong track record: we guarantee that each high school student will increase their SAT test scores by a minimum of 190 points and win the admission war through our college planning and proprietary test prep program.

    Another unique aspect to our program is we teach the X factor, the most critical ingredient for a student’s success, yet the most neglected one in the world of education.

    This year, as a result of the X factor, our unique test prep methodology and our college admission program, 1 in 5 of our 2006 seniors were admitted into an Ivy League college.

    The X factor and our program defied Time Magazine’s gloomy minority high school drop out rate of 50%(April 17th article) helping 100% of our minority students not only get admitted into college, but also get into universities like U Penn and Yale.

    Rich, imagine the impact this program could have on education in this country…

    Along with hundreds of parent and student testimonials, we have also been blessed by a very strong endorsement by Harv Eker whose two children we worked with (for proof, fill free to visit our site at

    Predominantly an offline company, we seek to position ourselves online as a results oriented test prep company that provides test prep coaching combining “traditional” video based tutorials along with real time and live instruction by our master teachers utilizing voip technology and web based instruction.

    Rich, through a recent online survey to our list, we discovered a huge interest among parents and students in a breakthrough teaching format that is currently not offered in our industry.

    Now aware of this huge need among high school parents and students, we could really use some help as to how to bring this service to market by an experienced and successful marketing consultant like yourself.

    By the way, we have implemented online customer support systems that are unique to our industry and highly appreciated by the families we support.

    By choosing our company for this 1 hour makeover, you will find me to be highly coachable, inclined towards fast execution of your ideas, energetic, friendly.

    And if your consulting fees are within our budget, I will likely and gladly turn into a long term client of your firm.

    I hope to hear from you.

    To a future and successful working relationship,

    Jonathan Mitchell
    Co-founder of the Ucan College Prep Center

    (626) 798 5879
    [email protected]

  38. I’m the PERFECT candidate for your very generous offer because frankly…

    I have less than 30-days from now to turn my business around… or I will be forced to go bankrupt!

    I’m NOT looking for any sympathy or any handouts… but… I DO need your help as soon as possible. And I will implement every strategy that you recommend. I want to be your ultra unique special case study. Your multi-million dollar testimonial.

    I’m in a desperate situation here. I DESPERATELY NEED YOUR HELP… I’m in a mirror-like situation as Jeff Paul once was before Gary Halbert turned his life around. I’m DROP DEAD SERIOUS.

    I have a niche (with many sub-niches that tie-in) that is in the alternative health info market.

    My target market is the contrarian adult that doesn’t trust specialists, big pharma, and seeks out their alternative options available.

    One of my first products is an info report on how to get rid of your sciatica pain… without the dangerous drugs… without the ongoing specialist visits… or… without the expensive back surgery… almost overnight!

    Its only getting marginal sales though. I want to dominate this niche (and many related niches as well). The product does exactly what it promises, so the product isn’t crap. It’s the real deal.

    My strength in marketing is my vision. When others are struggling to find a good niche, I can find many great niches. I’m an idea man. This is my greatest talent in my view.

    I need some extremely useful tips and ideas to get this thing turned around. I know I can confidently turn this around with the right help.

    A wise man once said, “Ask and ye shall find.”

    Well, I’m asking; will you help turn around a urgently desperate marketer that has a bullseye on his chest (and back)… with a red laserlight already aimed on him?

    The walls are closing in…

  39. Hi Rich,

    First off, let me say thank you for putting out such an
    eye opening report. It truly hit home, & has opened my
    eyes to quite a few things. When, not if, I get into a position
    where I can afford your services, I definately plan on trying
    to recruit your help.

    Now, on to other things. I have been in Online Marketing
    for a little over 4 years now. For the first 3 years I roamed
    about trying to make a few bucks here & there, as I could.
    I tried everything from Affiliate Programs, to MLM, to
    anything I thought would make money.

    About a year ago, I settled down & decided to start my
    own newsletter. Which was the best thing that I have ever
    done. It was definately the step in the right direction that I
    needed. I started actually making sales, from Affiliate Programs
    to products I had purchased with Rights.

    Recently I came out with my own Original Ebook –
    “List Building 101 – Building Your List From A to Z”. I also
    have two other site sitesbesides my newsletter
    ( I also own
    & .

    Here is my problem: On my list I have 25,000 mainly NON – Responsive
    Subscribers. I have tried everything I know of, but it is like
    pulling teeth ! I have gotten my subscribers from co-optin &
    giveaways mainly. I have a hard time generating QUALITY
    traffic into my sites, especially since I don’t have a budget
    to work with. I have tried Google Adwords, as well as Yahoo.
    And I need to learn how to approach JV Partners, since I
    could only get 3 for the Launch of my ebook !

    I have been consistently pulling $150 – $200 in sales a week.
    But, by Doctors orders, I am susposed to quit work because
    of the Degenrative Arthritis I have in my back. So I need to
    increase my Income, since I have a wife & 3 kids to support.

    Any help you could give to point me in the right direction
    would be greatly appreciated !!

    Thanks for your time !!

    Gary Gross

    And I won’t quit my J.O.B. until I can make a living from doing

  40. Hi Rich and Sheila,

    I can’t say that I deserve your guidance anymore than the next individual because we could all use it. Honestly, I had heard of you on the Warrior forum but never really knew who you were. I still can’t say that I do. To have so many top marketers put their trust in you, in and of itself tells me something about you.

    1) You can be relied on
    2) You know how to help people succeed
    3) It’s apparent you love what you do

    These are great talents and qualitites that I would be priveledged to acquire.

    You see, I am a well read person but I am missing something. I am missing that one thing to help me put everything together, the ah-ha moment so to speak.

    I do not know if you are the link that will help me put everything together. I can only take a leap of faith, that’s why I am here.

    I am not down and out, out of a job or anything like that. I am just a man trying to make a name for himself. Someone trying to put all the puzzle pieces together to reveal a future free from the trenches of blue collar society.

    Do me the honer of advising me Rich, maybe you are just the one thing I have been looking for. Thank you for your time and this opportunity.

    Shane Wilson

  41. Rich,
    My greatest strength is my skill in helping people learn to love and accept themselves and each other.
    One of the most exciting moments of my life happened after the publication of my first book. I received a phone message from a stranger telling me that my work had changed her life.
    After 35 years as a psychotherapist, relationship coach, management consultant and adult educator, I have the contents of 4 published books and numerous articles (around 1000 pages total) that many people have found to be life enhancing.
    I want to make this material available again. My husband/business partner/webmaster and I have made a good start.
    We have turned this content into 3 ebooks and a multi-media course. I have learned to write passable sales copy. We have spent most of our time putting all of this in place and have several different websites selling info products.
    We have learned a little about so many different things to do to drive traffic to these websites that we are thoroughly confused.
    We need help creating a strategy that will allow us to turn this project from an expensive hobby into a self-sustaining and growing business. Then more people will be able to use the wisdom we have accumulated to live richer and happier lives.

  42. Rich,
    I’m in Sydney Australia so, ah, “G’day Mate!”
    Let me share a story if I may.
    Life has been my most ardent fan, and fascinating teacher, and the BIGGEST pain in the A*S – I’ve stumbled, I’ve fallen and I’ve hit the tarmac so many times I’ve left an imprint.

    I love the Rags-to-Riches stories, I’ve come from my own “rags” and faced an inimitable challenge: Do what others were doing, “be” like my peers and my family before me, (and die a slow death of boredom, and under-achievement)… OR face the world, do what ever it takes (I’ve even walked Anthony Robbins’ Hot Coals) to find the way to break through… to discover my inner courage and live my dreams. Rich, in case you can’t tell, I’m a writer. I live for the love of words. Yet, for years I’ve conformed, done the 40-hrs thing and whilst thankful for working, still came away everyday, feeling numb and unfulfilled. In March this year, my most precious 20yr old cat (the dearest pet you could ask for) died so horridly, that I left my job to grieve… It was so painful. I felt like I lost my child. And in the face of that grief, I knew I had to change my world… and to cut to the chase, I threw myself into the clutches of the Universe ((with no previous show of faith to draw upon)) and built my website and said the world “I think – therefore I am… a writer!”
    ((“Build it and they will come…!”))
    And they have… sort of.
    In 3 short months I have awesome clients and yet, to fulfill my dream I kinda need to know how to maximise potential – I literally have no business experience and not only want my business to thrive, I want to set it up as a business model, for both leverage, and as an example to offer the world ((a “how to” kind of story…))

    Not sure what you can do for me – I believe in giving in order to get, and will do what it takes. My dreams burn inside me and I am doing all that I know how, in order to shift my mindset – to help me accept being “rich” and to think like a millionaire – an “enlightened” millionaire…
    I don’t mind if you don’t pick me, you know… because I’ve been learning along the way that the universe will take care of me – that my success will depend on how big my questions are, and how willing I am to learn and how powerful and influential and ethical my Circle of Influence.
    Good luck choosing the recipient of your ‘competition’ – someone will be all deserving…
    we all need someone to believe in us.
    Warmest regards,
    Terri Mitchell
    Two Hands Dancing
    Freelance Writer.

  43. Rich,

    Thanks for the offer. I don’t think I am ready for the kind of coaching that you provide. I am still bumbling my way around the Internet and I have no startup money to buy any tools or even to get my own website. I am just using free blogs in the hope that somehow I get that moment of “satori” where I realise that either I have found the secret to make me succeed or the realization that I had better spend my time on other ventures.

    Thanks for the offer,


  44. Hi Rich,
    Thanks for your kindness to offer me a chance to change my life . Right now , I don’t have any business going on , even I have been searching and studying throught the internet with different opportunity such as Real estates Investors, Internet marketing , Working from Home . I used to be a Chemist , working for GM Reseach Technical Center in Michigan , now , I am in Tokyo , with 2 grown up children , I have more time and like to challenge myself to find something to do and help to pay for my kids education , and help people less fortunate than we are . There are alot of things to do by helping others to get what they need for everyday life . I have been reading on line with different products and spent some money already , but I still didn’t make any money yet. There are some missing link and I am not expert in computer , terminology and all these stuff. I would be very grateful if you could be my mentor , and I am willing to do whatever it takes to achieve my goal .I was a Vietnamese refugee , came to US 1975 with nothing and managed to graduate from Michigan State University after 3 years, started working for GM Techical Center as a Reseach chemist . Then,got married, being a mom with two kids to raise , lots of work and lots of things to learn ,since i am in different land again . I misses my career and have a strong desire to start any business on line .
    Well , if this year is my year , then You are the one who can help me and mentor me . Thanks ,
    Best regards ,
    Kim Dang

  45. Hi Rich,

    Hum… My business?

    Well, I made tutorial e-Books for:
    and a few more…
    8 so far.

    Others are coming, I receive requests every week. Owners want them and users download them.

    My new toy:
    I just build a Newsletter Reader that “Kicks Butt”. It’s hard to explain in a few words how it works.

    Basically, it reads newsletter right from your desktop. Simple? yes. But here is where it gets interesting.
    Users download the reader ONLY ONCE. I can add / edit / remove newsletters from it and every Reader on every desktop is updated at the same time.

    I can change the menu or the look of everything in real time.

    Currently, there are 5 newsletters and 2 blogs in the Reader. More will come. I add to it every other day.

    I guess my single biggest strength is creativity. Why do I deserve your help more than the others. Because I take action.

    I don’t like people wasting my time and I don’t waste other people’s time. I gather knowledge and act on it.

    Have a good day, you have a lot of reading to do.


    Michel Lavergne
    P.S. You must read my blog to get a better understanding of the Reader:

  46. Hi Rich,

    Thanks for this amazing offer. I am in the very early stages of launch for my business. I have a website that offers a free report to a very tiny micro-niche of business customers. The report explains my position and sells my basic product, it also alludes to my consulting backend.
    My micro niche members have a serious, painful problem that has them in a tizzy. Unfortunately they are fairly certain they know the answer to their problem, thus they are not actively seeking a solution. The good news is, their solution sucks and my solution is much better.

    The factor at play is; I already have their mailing address, phone and fax numbers. Here’s what I’ve been doing, I’ve been sending postcards directing them to my website. The optin rate on the website is running at around 60%. Thats optins, there have been no sales thus far.It appears the postcards are sending visitors at a 1-2% rate… not as good as hoped for.
    So, on the advice of another marketing mentor I have converted my website into a sales letter and will be mailing it after the 4th, looking towards a Monday or Tuesday arrival.
    The reason you should choose my business is because my business helps two distinct groups of people. First, it helps the business members attract and retain more and better qualified employees. Two, it helps individuals find better employment with better pay and benefits than they may currently think is available to them.

    The reaso you should choose me is because this a niche and business I am extremely passionate about and am willing to do whatever it takes to get the message out to the niche. Thus, I dont care if it is done online, offline or with three mile long banners flown behind the space shuttle… they will know who I am and what I can do for them before it is all said and done.

    I know the details may seem sketchy, but when you interview me, I can make the whole vision come clear… it’s multi-faceted and exciting.

    Thanks again,


  47. Rich,
    the name of our internet business is CHIC UNIQUE INC. I am an extremely driven person. I have a wedding website, offering hand painted aisle runners, bridal accessories, and favors. I know what I have is beyond good. I have most of the same products as the #1 wedding site on google (you and I both know who that is) and I am offering much lower prices than they, YET, I am lucky if I get an order a week. I have tried to teach myself the “TRICKS” of maximizing my site with little reward. My daughter and I started this buisness out of necessity, she just had a baby and wanted to stay at home and raise him, while supplementing the family income.
    Upon my husband leaving myself and my children in another state, I started a house cleaning business, and for a number of years, made a very good enough income to support myself and my kids on our own. Unfortunately, that line of work has taken its toll on me physically. We started this business with a lot of trial and error. Everyone that views my site is quite impressed, including us! The most shocking to me is WHY IT ISN’T A BIGGER SUCCESS! We spend soooo much time at this. I’m on this computer till all hours trying to mimic the best sites in our field. Our biggest obstacle is $$$. Short of that I know we have everything else in place.
    Sign Me,

  48. Hi Rich,

    I’ll keep this on target and as detailed so as to not waste your your energy and time.

    Our Business:

    Daniel Turner (my business partner) and myself have just started our success in the Internet Marketing Industry.

    Our main business leg is which has done extremely well and has ALOT more potential to it, it could be a million dollar a year business just on its own.

    Currently Daniel is doing 18 hour days and I myself am doing between 16 and 18 hour days.

    Our business model is alot more then just plr articles. We are rapidly expanding into new area’s and never limit ourselves.

    Our Biggest Strength.

    Us, we are our biggest strength and our never ending quest to constantly improve our mindset and the way we deal with other people.

    If there is one thing that could sum us up and we use it daily it would be.

    “Whatever It Takes”

    This sums up our entire focus with everything we do. There is no such thing as can’t.

    We are firm beleivers finding people in the position we want to be in, then learning and modelling ourselves after them to make it to that level.

    With us it is like a never ending barrel full of idea’s and projects just waiting to be fullfilled.

    Enjoyed the read thanks and hope you enjoyed mine.

    Marc Lindsay & Daniel Turner

  49. I work at the US Postal Service. In September of 2005 I was forced into hip-replacement surgery. My hip completely collapsed. I put off the surgery until I could no longer stand the pain, as I didn’t have enough leave for recovery. I had to go a whole month without pay as a result. But I’m no longer in any pain. I started looking for alternate forms of income. I won’t go into all of them. Robert Allen offered to make me a millionair. Only it cost me $8000 to become one. My husband has a pattent-pending invention of a golf club saver, so we started building a site to sell them. Only building the site was costing more money and they weren’t really helping me build that site. I asked for my money back and was informed I couldn’t get it back, but they would give me another coach. After three sessions, he stopped calling. So I looked elsware. I joined Success University, but that’s mostly just mental uplifting. Not much help making money. Then I found PlugInProfitsite. They built a site for me and even gave me a 30 day course. I had my son help me with some of it. And for awhile I was getting referals, maybe 2 or 3 a day. Then, nothing. Stone Evans, the builder, suggested I repeat the 30 days, along with Simpleology. The problem is I’m getting so many “Gurus” sending me so many “helpful” things that I find I don’t even have enough time to read all my emails! I want to retire and spend my time working on the computer, but I can’t find the time to actually make enough money to retire and spend the time. I have reseller rights to many things, but I don’t know what to do with them. I’m up all night trying to drive traffic to my site, but I don’t have major money to spend on doing that. I’ve joined teleseminars, but their advice is way above my head. A friend suggested I go to MoreThanTraffic, which guaranteed $100,000 in 4 months. When I did, that’s when my referals stopped. I purchased a link machine, but I can’t find it to look for leads. I purchased InstantBuzz, but that wasn’t working. I seamed to be waiting to download all the time. I’m so busy reading how-tos that I don’t have the time to apply anything. I need help. But no one wants to give it without a major pricetag, which I cannot afford. Is MoreThanTraffic bothering my site, or is it something I’m doing or not doing? I’m willing to follow directions, but I need directions. I don’t know how to fill in the blanks. I just want to make enough money to retire. So I will be able to work full time on my business. I can’t do it alone, and I can’t afford to pay someone to do it for me. And I don’t understand how to apply what I’m told. I get so far and I get lost. I don’t know if this is the right answer, but if you could just get me a foot in the door, I know I can do it. I’ll be 54 in August. Retirement is 25 years and 55 years old. I have 25 years in. And I don’t want to have to go to work for another year. Can you help me?

  50. I would like a business makeover because my website could be very profitable. I have a lot of visitors every day but not that many sales.
    I send out a newsletter occasionally but it is not very successful so that needs work doing on it.
    I am very interested in keeping the hundreds of customers I have but need to know how to do that and how to build and acquire more.
    I offer about 600 products to card makers and am always adding more products but I do not do all I could do although I sell a lot on ebay and should have built the website up far more than I have done.
    Please show me where I am going wrong.
    Karen O’Donnell

  51. HI Rich,
    I’ve just read all the foregoing comments and there are obviously many, more deserving and needy than I am.
    I would love to have a mentor to keep me on track but, as your Manifesto has told me, I have been operating opportunistically, to the joy of many internet marketers, so will now change my strategy to being strategic. It won’t happen overnight but I’ll force myself.
    I know you’ll choose wisely and I hope whoever that may be, will truly appreciate what is being done for them. All the best always, Frank

  52. It is now technologically feasible, for a project that I’ve been researching for 3o years, to now become a reality. With the advent of computer and software industries, the internet, along with today’s telecommunication and electronic banking systems, this project can be quickly established.

    Utilizing the fully functional phases of opportunity through some manufacturing, and the use of my various finished products, this project will provide well over, 10,000 permanent jobs throughout the country within 1-2 years, and quite likely, well over 500,000 permanent jobs within a 3-4 year period.

    It may also, quite conceivibly, help in the reopening of hundreds, possibly thousands, of pre-existing businesses that had closed because of the laging economy.

    This project will also provide a substantial one-time income, to be earned in a short period by every interested participant, individual and/or family, that would allow most everyone to be able to get totally out of debt and even possibly well ahead in their efforts to truly recognize the opportunity of life, liberty and while in the pursuit of happiness.

    My project’s phases encompass the same needs most everyone strive for, and in actuality, what our country desperately needs to do, to return to a viable, ethical, and morally proper direction to save the future for our children and their grandchildren.

    Each phase is an easy, must-do phase, that will provide $40-50 TRILLION of a tax revenue within a 7-8 year period of time, of which when used properly, will get our country out from under the burden of debt that we all face at this time.

    And thus, by doing these things that most everyone already does, or needs to do, and/or enjoy doing, but need to be doing them in a more safely organized, most educational and entertaining manner, so much so, that people will be astounded that we have not started to doing this before now.

    I’ve recognized that this is a project that I cannot do alone and sincerely need someone who is honest, forthright and dedicated toward doing what has to be done to basically save the world, and to save it as we wish to know it.

    If you are capable and with your assistance, this could become a sincere reality within a mere matter of two-four months for us to actually be able to turn it on.

    I would appreciate your counsel. Thank you for your consideration,
    Will Lovsmith

  53. As you can see from the domain name, we specialize in the Jewelry Industry and in the Valuation Appraisal Niche. This is a very small niche but profitable as I personally developed the only system in the World where clients can do an appraisal for themselves online.

    I am a qualified gemologist/Valuer with over 35 years experience, especially in Antique and Estate Jewelry. The software program even calculates for period jewelry too and then prints out a completed Certificate in any one of seven currencies.

    Marketing is my weakness even though I have run successful offline businesses, be they small shops or one man band shows. This is probably my main flaw as I want to do everything myself. Your Manifesto has opened my eyes…

    I am a published author and have written many articles and courses which we use on this site and some of my other sites.

    I understand there are some things which we should be doing (such as Affiliate Marketing) even though I sort of semi-retired (ha – that’s a laugh as I work longer now than I did before) I never seem to have enough time.

    I currently eat – sleep – breath and shit my websites, working on them every day.

    Back to the Manifesto eh..?

    My last flaw is I’m very ‘tight’ and dislike spending on coaching or self help. That’s sounds really bad, doesn’t it? Truth hurts sometimes.

    Finally, while the internet is supposed to be fast – I find things move very S L O W (getting PR ranking for example) which is frustrating. We are based in Australia, but the products we have created are worldwide and US Targeted.

  54. Like many other internet marketers around the world, I too have struggled a lot and finally just started my business. My target is Indian business people. As my business is new, I feel it is very simple for you to reconstruct my business. And I am certain that I will make every internet marketer in India to talk about your help to develop my business for years to come.

  55. Hi Rich,
    My name is James Jordan and my Underground Mass Secrets course has been one of the best selling bodybuilding ebooks of all time.

    My strength is I make alot of mistakes.
    I admit I am LAZY. I have a hard time getting started. It is a miracle I am even writing this right now. I would rather be just sitting somewhere I can aimlessly nod off in my underwear.

    If you helped me it may anger alot of people. IT may even ruin your reputation and drag your income into a deep hole.

    Hell it may even ruin your health and looks.

    But if you succeed you will truly be a hero, possibly immortalised like Achilles.

    And regardless of if you choose me or not I will most likely cough up the cash for your coaching.


  56. I wrote this great book on Children’s Health, its in ebook form on my site and I self published it in hard copy.
    My strength is the fact that I educate people about health in a practical, useful way and I see the need for healthier children.
    I have worked very hard at this and I deserve help, so my book can help parents get their children healthy.

  57. Hi Rich,
    Firstly, I am not a great writer, and can be considered a woman of few words,there are so many great postings here I hesitate. But I feel I must post, so here goes…
    Your report was so right on in many areas it made me feel a sense of relief, all of my buying and trying without much result can be changed! I have spent the past 2-3 years learning about IM, it took a while to get to the better information. I know the puzzle is still missing a fair number of pieces. I am currently working on a plan that has leverage built in but can be ramped up even more with some help from assistants. Of course at this point money is tight, as I have supported the IM community too well. Having assistants will be another learning curve. My barrier right now is a lack of systems in place, lack of general business training and an overall goal chart for 1,5,8 years and so on. I would say my strength is undying determination and motivation that come from personal reasons (aren’t they all?)that will keep me on the path to the ultimate result.
    There are many deserving people seeking your knowledge, but if I am chosen to learn from you, after the immediate needs are met, I will love to be able to assist those who need it most.
    Thank you for sharing your gifts.

  58. Hello Rich,

    I truly believe that I have alot to offer on my web-site. I have a professional lay-out and for the past week I’ve sent out ads and leads to other business opportunity seekers. I still have no replies. Sometimes I begin to think that some one has hacked into my computer and has some how managed to redirect payments for my inexpensive programs to thier own personal accounts. I know that sounds crazy, but hey, I am confident in my programs and the ads that I’ve submitted. I feel that I invest wisely and I don’t jump into every business opportunity that shows up in my inbox. I know that I’m missing something and I am getting close, but I just can’t grasp what it is. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You in advanced,

    Mack Favors

  59. Hi Rich,
    Thanks for this opportunity to learn. I am lack of computer technology, I know more internet business by reading ebooks. Most of the internet market will say this is easy , I can do it, you can do it too, It is cheating people, the sucessful internet marketer needs a lot of update technology information,money and quite professional in computer knowledge. For me, I am learning quite hard and start the website and stop here, why, no professional knowledge, depend on study ebooks without physical coaching, don’t know how to do next step, I know I am doing another people’s copy, give up and fustrated. If I have a real coaching and I willing to learn, this is a dream to me, it is not the point of sucessful on earning, it is telling me, there is a real kind person to helping people without benefit purpose. I am a looser all the time, I hope I can have a chance to show myself I can do it with someone’s encourage and helpful.
    Thanks a lot to let me have a chance to say something from my heart!

  60. I read all 58 of the previous responses. My business is the most deserving of your time to intensely review and makeover for three reasons. First, because mine is a financial ministry; second, because of that, I probably have the most to offer to you; and third, because I’m the least truly “in need” of money, but perhaps the most in need of your skills. As such, if you review my business, you will learn the most, and be more successful as a consultant; as you see what I’m doing right and help me in areas where I can use help.

    I give investment advice, and Biblical investment advice at and

    My own investment portfolio is just over $10 million, and I expect to grow that by $5 to $10 million in the next 12-18 months.

    I have just under 1000 people paying me $40/month to “look at my portfolio” once a month, which brings in over $450,000/year.

    I have over 25,000 people on my email list.

    I suppose that if I make $5 million next year, and if I work 50 hours a week (I work more) for 50 weeks a year, my time is worth $2000/hour according to your manifesto.

    I once made about $25,000 in one hour, as I did a phone consultation for a man (for $500/hour), as I suggested he buy Abcourt mines in a private placement at $.25/share. He did, and I earned a commission which turned out to be 31,800 shares, (and options) recently worth over $1/share, which is over $60,000.

    This year, my portfolio gained $1,000,000 in one day after I sent out an email about the benefits of a few of the stocks I owned.

    I currently have an ad budget (from the “portfolio look”) which is just under $40,000/month. My most pressing challenge right now is how to spend that money most effectively to enlarge my email list.

    Should I hire a PR agent, an ad buyer, or what? Last week, I spent $6k on ad ad at for a month.

    Some of these PR guys demand up to $30,000 up front, and it seems rather excessive. I’ve been trying to hire a ghost writer to help me edit some of my prior essays into a book for the past year and 4 months, but found nobody (out of 4 contacted) willing to take on the project.

    I am a victim of my own success, and I need help to learn how to leverage and manage my time.

  61. Hi Richard,

    I humbly submit my business for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a number of reasons. First, some background. Until last month, I was the Presiding Archbishop of a small (but growing), autocephalous, Anglican Church Jurisdiction based here in the USA. I had suggested to our House-of-Bishops that the best way to increase funding to pay for new Food Bank Programs, Anti-Domestic Violence Counseling Programs, Homeless Veterans Shelter Programs across the country was to create Internet-based, secular businesses and run them with 100% of all funds going into our non-profit accounts. We incorporated Mike Filsaime’s Butterfly Marketing Course into our planning, we acquired a HUGE number of products with resale rights of all types, but decided to concentrate on products we could re-design and private label for our own “BRAND NAME” and I legally adopted a pseudonym of Thomas Andrew Brett, so an Archbishop’s Name would not appear on eBooks about Internet Marketing, etc.,

    As of last month, for some minor, but chronic, health reasons (NOTHING that will disrupt any training I may be blessed enough to receive through you) -I stepped down as Presiding Archbishop of the entire Jurisdiction and became the Presiding Archbishop of our All-Inclusive, Non-Residential, Male & Female Religious Order: The Anglican Order Of Saint John [AOSJ]. Again, rather than institute jelly-making or book-binding to increasing revenues, I am simply bringing along the same web business plans. This new start-up is why you will notice that my sites have the look of starting up just recently, as everything is new, right down to the hosting companies, all designs, all files, etc., Please forgive the newbie look, it’s NOT really that bad once I get all operational again.

    I must tell you that I believe your offer is literally a gift from the sky! Only yesterday, after reading your manifesto, did I realize that, in far, far too many ways, I am spinning my creative, administrative, and emotional wheels in mud with so little getting done constructively and I DESPERATELY need the type of assistance I believe you can provide.

    After re-listening to Mike’s CD’s of his interview with you from his BF Marketing Course, I KNOW YOU ARE THE MAN TO GET ME/MY CHARITY’S BUSINESS GOING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION! Without you, Rich, I have literally been spending until between 3-5AM, 7 days a week, at my computer, desperately tying to work, but getting tiny bits of many different projects done, with little of the Big Picture formed completely. I need an overall direction, someone to guide me into FOCUS, an objective viewpoint on my ideas and plans, and an outsider who isn’t afraid to say “NO” to me in spite of my position and title. (By the way, I’m just like every other human being, don’t let my title make you think that you wouldn’t be able to say anything you wanted around me, use whatever language around me, or you had to walk on egg shells – I’m as human as the next guy and dislike it when I’m treated like I’m “above” it all and that no one can swear around me, etc.,)

    As to my one strength, it’s this: My Determination that, NO MATTER WHAT I HAVE TO DO, I WILL SUCCESS! This is for all those who are less fortunate out there, and I will not let them, or my God, down – under any circumstances! You will have someone who will do what you say, and if you tell me NOT to question you, I will NOT question you – even if I do not understand your reasons. After all, you are the expert. I am loyal, intelligent, can follow directions/instructions to the letter, will keep at a task until it has been accomplished correctly (even if I have to stay up all night at it).

    This is not your typical request for you to help an businessman to build a financial nest egg for himself and put his kids through college and retire at age 40. I am a very young Archbishop – elevated at a fairly young age (2006 makes me only 44), so I have the energy and drive to make this a successful funding source for our religious order so we can divert 100% of the monies into helping others. I should point out that NOT ONE PENNY goes to any ordained person, administrative staff, volunteer, monk, nun, priest, bishop, etc., not even I accept a penny of money we accept from our fund raising. Our Rule requires all Religious Order members to have an outside source of income, so your efforts with me will directly and totally benefit the needy at this point. However, to be perfectly honest and above board, I must tell you that, once I am well trained, I DO intrend to put my skills to good use by opening my own, personal Internet Business, but ONLY after the charity’s finances are well in order and there are multiple revenue streams pumping money into her coffers first!

    I have unselfishly put literally thousands of hours into these Internet-based fund raising projects, but in spite of all this effort, I MUST have the assistance of one as superior in training, intelligence and knowledge as yourself! Please do not permit my sacrifice of all this time, not to mention all of the money I have personally invested in many of the programs, hosting space payments, and hardware needed to get off the ground – and the support of my immediate family – all go to waste by allowing me to continue to SPIN MY WHEELS SO UNPRODUCTIVELY. Each day that I am NOT making the charity enough money to supplement the Food Bank Program, or the Anti-Domestic Violence Programs, another person is going to bed hungry – or another woman and child may be getting assulted. I cannot sleep at night thinking about that wasted time – please help me eliminate even more future wasted time! May God bless and keep you and your loved ones as you consider these requests and, I pray, choose to assist me and my ministry. You have, all my best wishes – always….. and in all ways! I am,
    Awaiting Your Decision Anxiously,

    Archbishop S. Scott Holmes
    a/k/a Thomas Brett
    P.S. Please feel free to call me by my Pen Name, Thomas or Tom

    P.P.S. May I suggest that you ask Mike Filsaime about me and/or my charity work, for a reference?

  62. Why should you consider me or my website ?

    My website is typical of the hundreds you have seen…lots of good ideas but no real focus!

    Am I saveable ? yes, with a bit of really true guidance.

    Have I the desire? Very much so, I am a Scot, having recently taken early retirement, and have a great deal of persistence, patience, and the will to learn.

    Do I have knowledge of my niche?
    This is the one thing I really enjoy and have enthusism for.

    I have read your ‘Internet Business Manifesto’ and realised that all you have said in that great report, applies to me and my business.

    If you choose me, I will certainly be able to give you the time, and commitment, that you would need in helping to turn around this business.

    Are you up for the challenge, or is it too much for you…..


  63. Just Point Me In The Right Direction –

    My business consists of two very different niches, both of which I market almost exclusively online and sell “physical” information products.

    Both of these niches have made money for me. However, the money has come as a result of a series of “promotions””launches” and sporatic “JV’s”,rather than the consistent execution of a solid business plan.

    In short – I feel like both of my niches have huge potential. But, I’m somewhat frustrated and burned-out and could really use some help with my vision, and establishing a road map, and a plan of attack to take it to the next level.

    One of the niches is business opportunity seekers, and I offer a business-in-a-box that teaches people how to start their own newsletter publishing business in their local market.

    The second niche market is made-up of contractors, and my product line is all marketing related at this time. (I have extensive experience in this field and plan on making other products for them as well).

    The biggest strength you will find here is my ability to follow directions, TAKE ACTION and IMPLEMENT. I’ve proven that through my success in building a couple of franchises which were sold for a nice profit.

    You won’t be working with a “newbie” here. We have the systems in place, the willingness, and the knowledge to “get-it-done”.


  64. Hello Rich…short & straight to the point, I’ve been in business for myself around 30 yrs. as a professional musician (keyboads) up until 3 yrs. ago when I suffered a stroke. Since then I’ve come a long ways, but unable to perform professionally any more. However 1 yr. prior to that (2002) I started a home based business dealing with technology & have a service I feel everyone could benefit from, especially realtors & proffesional sales people saving them time & money! I am a very passionate & driven about this project & need your expertise to guide me to GREAT SUCCESS through marketing my service over the internet! I feel you could mentor me to CAPTURE THE MARKET I’m looking for via the net. I’d feel so blessed & prevledged if you could give my business a 60 Minute Makeover!! Thank-you for this opportunity…Artis Starks

  65. Rich,

    There are several reasons why you should choose me for your makeover.

    First, the ideas and principles in your manifesto have been the basis of the strategy I have been following for the last 3 years and I am having trouble with the implementation of these ideas, not the concept.

    Second, I have a solid product developed and refined over several years, at great expense, and which has serious commercial value in the offline market. It is Point of Sale software for brick and mortar retailers and Fortune 100 companies have paid large license fees to use earlier versions in their outlets.

    Third, when I deal with prospective clients one to one, there is no problem. But I want to automate this process and reduce the personal contact and need to physically call on clients. The name of my company, is a contraction of the words “highly” and “automatic”. This is what you are most effective at doing, and so your efforts would not be wasted. This can work. Some of the other proposals you receive can’t.

    Fourth, this does not have to be a freeby. I would happily go into an arrangement where you received a return for your work based on results.

    Fifth, choosing me is easy and simple. Forget about “eenie”, “meenie” and “mynie” and just do your makeover with “Moe” 😉



  66. Hi Rich,
    My personal strength lies in the field of Systemic Thinking, where whenever you consider things you look at combinations of things – “the sum of the parts is greater than the whole”. My personal goal is to help others achieve what they want to achieve in life – for some reason I get great pleasure from seeing others succeed! I put my business on the internet but have been largely unsuccessful.
    Regards and thanks for the opportunity,

  67. Hi Rich, I’m albert from Malaysia, currently 21, still have 1 year to go before graduate from computer course. I started to learn internet business since 2.5 years ago. It’s really a bad experience for me, due to at the starting I have zero marketing knowledge, don’t know building credibility, and many essential thing include building my own list. I failed many times, but keep on trying and reading the online materials. But, the more I fail the more my internal desire and dream become bigger. I believe everything is possible in this world, only thing is whether I already master the specific thing or not. Also more failure makes me like to help others to get out from failure. However, this dream only can be achieve if I can success. Recently my knowledge and fundamental has improved a lot, at least when I surf through the websites, I can easily guess out what’s thier income source, why they use the particular marketing technique etc.. But I still not able to having great success. I currently promoting a mlm and a few affiliate program. I now only able to build a small list, and the profit is not equal to the effort i currently put in. I hope to have financial independence, and like to use technology to achieve the high productivity.. I have strong desire to learn from you, I know you can help me to achieve my dream. After so much time of failure, I realize that I must find a successful person like YOU to guide me. If not, even if I can success in the future, it will also not be a big success.

  68. Hi Rich and the team.

    I’ve been starting and trying to make money since as far back as 16 years of age when I tried to sell firewood to local stores.

    My business, was launched June 1st 2006.

    I scooped 5 signups…….

    We are a team of 6 people. Myself, four contributors and a graphic artist.

    We write a monthly magazine geared towards entrepreneurs. The contributors are already successful at making money, and a success within their chosen areas of expertise, such as adsense, ebay, stocks and shares and NLP/business coaching.

    We also talk about health and fitness.

    My vision is that an entrepreneur should be all-rounded person who is knoweldgeable in multiple areas, as well as in great fitness and enjoys great relationships with their partner.

    I am trying to bring that together through our magazine, training center with videos and monthly articles created by all of us.

    Our biggest strength is that the information inside the magazine is truly brilliant, however the hardest thing is trying to get people in through the door in the first place.

    I have created a warrior forum thread and have received almost 40 replies, all different. It’s kind of confusing and overwhelming.

    I have tried so hard to make success, working many 18 hour days.

    Before this paid membership site, I created a free weekly newsletter, and gained over 1000 active subscribers, using just free methods.

    I managed to sell several products through this, my best day was earning $1000 for one email – what a feeling!

    I have 2 kids lauren and Ellie (and a screaming wife, or was that 2 screaming kids..). Anyway, I need to say one thing here, I have to make things happen this month.

    Pick me and our magazine and we will prove your methods.

    I seem to reach the same point many times, 99% there, with everything in place but just missing that one thing…

    For me, I believe it’s getting traffic, and sorting out the sales page, then putting it all together and wrapping it all up in a more professional looking design.


    Shaun Baird

  69. Hi Rich,
    Your Manifesto is most informative and is the blueprint for a brilliant Personal Business Plan. I have Forty years work experience, much of it in a family printing and manufacturing business. I find myself now in a brand new field with the same determination to make good as we had in manufacturing. Concurrent with that experience is training people who wish to be able to engage in Public Speaking. I intend to run a Free ezine on how to become a public speaker. This is about training people of any age – with the only prerequisite being the ability to read.

    Another Free ezine will be on PC tips. I find that for newbies like me – it can still be very difficult to obtain satisfactory answers. For example: I am running Windows XP and am unable to watch Macromedia style videos because my ActiveX settings prohibit me from doing so. I have checked my programs and have got installed Macromedia Flash Player 8 and Shock Player. However, my security settings will not allow them to be properly installed, and Microsoft are only interested in ensuring that all PC’s are as secure as Fort Knox. I am going to get to the bottom of this – as well as other nigglies and these will become part of my tips for newbies.

    Further tips will be on how to manage downloads: knowing what each one is and where it is located for quick easy access every time.

    My whole life has been about helping and encouraging others. Our new Internet business will be an extension of that philosophy. (Although we have registered our business and Domain name – we are only about to launch our Website – So this critique state of the art opportunity will enable it to get off to the best start.)

    Thankyou very much for the excellent information provided in your Manifesto, and thankyou again for my being included amongst all the other applicants interested in your super project.
    Kind regards
    Toni Hughes

  70. Hi Rich,

    Your manifesto made me realize that I do not have a business yet… I have a website on a subject I know and love: great customer service. But I have yet to adopt a strategy that turns it into a business.

    My strengths are my intelligence, creativity, flexibility and common sense.

    Rich, I do not need your input to succeed. But the prospect of discussing the prerequisites of success with you thrills me!

    I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn from you.

    At your service,


  71. Hi,
    Thanks for the offer.
    I have built the website 2 years ago and am learning and implementing more and more about the marketing I learn.

    I teach a spirituela system that is stronger than yoga or taichi and thus has a big potential to help a lot of people.It gives them results pretty quick too.
    It is called Yellow Bamboo.
    The site is:

    It slowly grows, but it is still not on the level I feel it could be. I am persistent and try new things out, but it just doesn’t go as fast or as big as I feel possible.
    I just became responsible for spreading it worldwide. So that is a big task and I will have to study and work hard to make it happen. But happen it will, it is just a matter of time.
    So basically I offer you a chance to help me improve the growth in people their human potential. Let me know if you are up to it… because I am.

  72. Hello Rich, Maureen Cooper again the 67 year old age pensioner from down under Australia. I have read each and every one of the previous entries. I have what I call a normal working website. One that does not generate residual income, but one that I need to work at each day for several hours a day seven days a week. Not much income to speak of. But still willing to learn. Since I have had this site my learning curve has been so great that my head is touching the ground behind me. It has proven to me that there is life in the old girl still. LOL.
    Whoever you choose I wish them the very best for a profitable future.

  73. Hello Rich,

    Today I was pointed to your manifesto and have literally -just- finished reading it. Much of what you had to say resonated with me and I would like very much to learn what I can do to solidify my place and start succeeding in achieving my goals.

    I would consider myself new blood in business, marketing and online marketing since I’ve only been at it for a short 6 months. I’ve been struggling to put things together into what you called systems and projects that would put me on a path to productivity. I have the focus, the heart and the desire to learn. I am teachable, resourceful and enjoy work with as well as helping people.

    I would very much like to be considered for the one-on-one with you because I have a vision and I feel that your guidance can help me realize that vision.

    For me it goes beyond just a business and ‘making money’. Its about networking, relationships and alot more.

    Kudos on the manifesto and thank you for opening my eyes to the way an entrepreneur things.

  74. My single biggest strength is my unwavering determination to success. I deserve to have you work on my business because my success comes with ten zeroes. You will want to be known as that self-made billionaire’s coach.

  75. Hey Rich, I am 17 years old and am 100% determined to become an internet marketer/copywriter.

    Over the past few months I think I have every single mistake possible, but I’m still working at it.

    Right now I have created my own golf ezine at and am also creating my own product about how to get a job within the video game industry.

    Whether or not I am chosen, I am still 100% sure that I will be able to make a good living from internet marketing and copywrting, but I would still love to be able to get some help from you so I can really kick things off. (so far I am barely breaking even).

    Matthew Roberts

  76. My business helps people from all walks of life gain the mindset and wealth consciousness they have been searching for so that they can achieve time, life and financial independence. If you would take a look at our testimonials page on you will see that we really, really do shift people’s realities massivly and positively.

    Now, for a long time now, I have been asking myself, how can I do what I do, in less and less time, reach more and more people, and earn more and more money all at the same time? You are the answer (well, what you know is the answer). So, this is the reason why you should choose mine: You are the answer I have been waiting for, and by helping me, you will be helping us reach millions in coming years and thus help shift the reality of the world through an endless butterfly effect. 🙂 Have a look at to see what I mean. Actually, what you teach me will be going even more towards a new website I am having built called, a membership based website that will assist people, thorugh NLP, law of attarction, and high tech, to get their goals down, get all the resources together, retrain their neural systems to ways that support achievement, and much more. So, please, welcome aboard 🙂 Thank you!

  77. Dear Rich

    First – Many thanks for the Manifesto! It’s a terrific guide to making an e-Biz efficient and effective.

    Secondly – July 4 is my Birthday (56!) and the best present in the world would be to have you review my fledgling e-business, so that I can pass the wisdom on to others.

    I used to manage major infrastructure projects, then set up a property investment business ( but have been looking to set up an e-business ( and other sites) for the last year focusing on helping others to set up real and successful businesses. I’m working on 3 major business strands at present:
    * Entrepreneur & self development
    * Biz Start-up/ BizOp newsletter
    * Real e-Biz opportunities

    My strengths are determination and business experience but – in the face of you Gurus, I’m a real Internet Newbie! I’ve studied most of the Experts you refer to – and of course tried too many unsound BizOp products, too!!

    Your guidance would make the world of difference to rocket-propelling a business that can really make the difference to others!

    Many thanks for the opportunity
    John – from the UK

  78. because i need you ! i need the best ! i need someone to prove to me that this internet success is “NOT” just for all the big shots like you but also for the obscure struggling and desperate types who are truly in need like myself . And what might just possibly be the biggest thrill would be then i could go around and duplicate how you have turned my life around and dedicate myself to repaying your kindness by helping others who are in real need to turn their lives around as well . What a blessing that would be ….

  79. Hi Rich,
    My single biggest strength is that I will let nothing stand in the way of my success and I work towards my goals until I achieve them.
    My business is in the Internet Marketing Niche, I have a number of products and I also offer coaching to many.
    I deserve to have you work on my business with me because, I am confident in my ability to achieve massive success but we all need a kick up the rear every now and then!
    Take care

  80. Hi Rich,

    Short and sweet.
    I am 45 a year old Engineer. Raised 4 kids, married 27 years, and now in process of launching an “online and home based” Embroidery business for my wife and Adsense business for myself. I have both selfish and philanthropic motivations for doing this. Qualifications: Intelligent fast learner, looking for that “edge up”. If you want to know more about me, my site tells all.
    Thanks for the consideration.

  81. Hi Rich: I recently partnered up with Elsom Eldridge Jr to relaunch his site for coaches and consultants at Elsom had a stroke a few years back and is now moving forward with the project of “Supporting the educational and communicational needs of consultants and coaches throughout the world”. Our plan is to help others succeed with their business while growing this association. My single biggest strength is looking at ways to implement and improve systems and the business. Why I deserve to have you work with me is that the end result of our work will benefit not just me but thousands of coaches and consultants around the world. I did meet you in person at “The System Seminar” a couple of years ago and have followed your success. I have read your “Manifesto” which is key for anyone looking to leverage their time and dollars. I am familiar with your work so the 60 minutes will be productive and put into action thereby exponentially helping many others and not just me. Thanks Rich!

  82. Hi,

    I recently received the link to your manifesto through Yanik Silver his newsletter.

    Once I read and implemented the things you described I realized that I am truly an entrepreneur and not an opportunist.

    With my most recent project (website mentioned previously) I’ve outsourced all the work which I felt neccessary and at this moment in time I’ve just launched the final product.

    I am however in serious need of guidance to end this project with a positive balance.

    I chose to give up my day job to pursue a full time online career. This without making any real income yet. The main reason is that I am completely convinced of the opportuntiy the medium internet has to offer to the right people and I am 100% determined to become one of the successful ones.

    I sincerely hope to be the one you choose to support. I certainly wouldn’t let you down and would give everything that’s within my power.


  83. Hi, Rich,
    your Manifesto sounds good and I´ve found a lot of truth in it.

    But there is one problem – and that´s the reason you should choose my business: I´m working with high quality nutritional supplement in Germany – some products are MLM-products – and all I heard about it was that e-business can only be one part of the business. Beneath this – I wonder, if your proposals would work for Germany and German people too – we are a little “complicated”, you know?

    This really will be a challenge for your system, isn´t it?

    Best regards, Joachim

  84. Why do I deserve a makeover? Because my there would not be anything left of the original business. After reading the manifesto, I am sadly aware that unless I make some significant changes to my business practices, I am doomed to the continuation of my current lack of success. While my intentions are good (the pavement on the road to a really hot place), the amount of cash that I currently bring in from my business is pitifully small. I really do not know if there is anything short of a miracle that can bring my business into a position where it could sustain the growth necessary to hire the people to do the tasks that I do currently.
    While I personally do not deserve the makeover myself, my family deserves the results of what you could do for them seeing more of me, and being able to live in better circumstances than we currently do.
    Other businesses are probably more worthy because they are already in some sort of order, but mine deserves your makeover simply to bring me out of the chaos and back into my family’s midst…

  85. Hi Rich,

    I really need your 60 minute makeover! I’ve been online two years now. I’m a semi retired programmer/analyst, a widow, an entrepreneur and a baby boomer! WOW that’s a lot of descriptive adjectives! Mostly, I’m someone that desperately wants to make some extra money online to help my daugheter pay for college tuition and to pay off the mortgage that I had to take out to get a new roof on my home. Circumstances in life have not permitted me to build the nestegg that I thought I would have when I reached retirement age.

    Basically I love to help folks that want an extra income online and to save them the two year process in finding something that really works. I created the website and put plenty of how-to-videos and products with master resell rights in the members area. My problem is that I need the sales page and that all important successful presentation concept added to my site. I know the site has potential…I just need some help!

    I joined JVAlert and other sites hoping to get help in promoting my site. Bottom line, most of them want you to have a list of 2000 to 5000 before they will JV with me. In one month, I’ve just got 124 confirmed signups. I would like to see that improve to 124 on a daily basis and I know that it would be possible if you could put your Midas touch to my website.

    Please consider me! I really need to start making some income.

    Barbara King

  86. Dear Rich,
    I’m greatly disappointed in the lack of original material in your Manifesto. After careful dissection, my attorney and I believe we have a slam dunk case against you for plagiarism.

    Reference pp13-16 of ‘your’ Manifesto document beginning with “Poor Business Design Results in You Doing All the Work.”

    Reference MY COMPANY’S Business Plan pp 1-4 (enroute via courier to your office).

    Specifically, our strongest claims against you include the sections you lifted from our business plan that talk about product development, content activities, blog posts, site maintenance, tracking, copyrighting activities, and traffic activities – pretty much everything. To the ‘T’ this is exactly how our business plan is written and exactly how my one-man/two-internet site-new-blog-new-ppc-campaign-every-day-business is run.

    For this reason, we’re prepared to move against you for the damage you have done. Until now, we’ve had a modicum of success for our primary craft industry, niche site, given the ‘kitchen timer’ only tach’s out at about 60 minutes twice a day, six days a week, max – despite my efforts. But now that you’ve published OUR Manifesto, I will simply have to add more things to my to-do list in order to compensate for the damage… that is, unless I find a better way.

    For your information, our second primary site is in the same industry and suffering the same damage. I’m sure you will learn the necessary details once our attorneys exchange information, but for now you should know: It is a new service-oriented membership site that was launched in March of this year. It is growing, but at a fraction of its potential due to the same lack of leverage and scalability as our primary site/business.

    In conclusion, I have a bit of operating capital to support the surge necessary to shift our business practices. I have more than enough motivation. You should know my experience level falls somewhere in the middle, as I’m not a beginner and I’m not a pro when it comes to the internet. I’m 42, a father of one and one on the way and my family is my favorite job. When I can, I enjoy sports, the outdoors, and reading. With this writing, I humbly ask for your sincere consideration in helping my business attain a very reachable ‘Magic Number.’ In exchange, I promise to commit to your recommendations and would consider dropping all charges against you 😉 With deepest regards, Nick R. P.S Websites furnished upon request.

  87. I’s sure ny story is not unlike many of the responses posted. I am need to the internet business arena and obviously, thre are lots of lessons to be learned. My entire effort thus far has been attempting to pursue the affiliate marketing of other people’s products. Of course I’d like to build and market something of my own, I chose my present course as a means to get started. I would like to “make over” my curreent effort and position myself for other unlimited possiblilities.

    I hab=ve as an objective to acquire as much knowledge as I can and put myself in a position to help others not as fortunuate as I but would like to significantly improve their plight.
    It’s no question that your “Manifesto” was indeed a blessing in disguise. It open my eyes to why I am floundering and practically going under from trying tobe a “one-man-band”. And, of cousre, one tries to “keep the costs down”. I would hazzard a guess that your makeover effort(s) would unleash more creativity, know-how, and overall improvement in management of teh enterprise. I am fully aware that I have to take my place in line sice you and your services are in such apparent high demand. But, to me the primary question is can I afford you? And, equally important is the question can I not afford to have your expert intervention? Thank you for letting me “air” what’s been churning inside me ever since I launched my website.
    Be Blessed.

  88. I think it was Buddha who once said “…when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Whether he was the one who said it or not is not important. It still conveys an idea that I hold as truth: the idea that genuine learning is a two-way street. While we may indeed be surrounded by those who have knowledge, we can’t partake of their knowledge until we (as interested learners) have readied ourselves to defer, acknowledge, receive, and follow their teachings.

    These were the first thoughts that crossed my mind when I read your offer to be of genuine counsel to one lucky respondent. To me, that saying sums up my life — as a fatherless child on welfare, as a gifted student and later as a university professor (even though I have chosen to no longer work in that profession).

    Hear this: I am deserving of your wise counsel not because of the words I use, nor because the stories I tell, but because of how I live my life. I am a fighter, pure and simple.

    I have broken vicious cycles of ignorance by becoming the first in my family (going back at least 250 years) to earn a college degree; add to that, a masters and Ph. D.. For some reason, I was held as something of an outcast, an interesting oddity, perhaps as my school’s “answer” to Affirmative Action. Without mentor or father-figure, I endured because of my faith in God (which I’m ashamed to say has wavered at times, but I’m still here). You see, I have always believed in the inherent value of education and have never doubted my God-given intellectual talents. For the longest time, I was under the impression that, by obtaining more education, I could turn around and help others do likewise (particulary those who had been disenfranchised by society); I wanted to help them turn their lives around and help themselves. In the process, I’d sort of repay them for their support . . . which was perhaps a noble thought, but after all had been said and done, and especially to my surprise, I instead found jealousy and resentment. It was as if I had broken some “code” that said “none of us are getting out of this situation and, if you try, we’ll take our love away from you.” With that, I was effectively “marked” and “left alone.” Neither black, nor white, just “out there.”

    It hurt tremendously, but I could only allow it to hurt for so long before I came to realize that others would change if/ only if they decided to do so (much like the idea that “when the student was ready, the teacher would appear”). Apparently, they (family, friends, students, administrators) were not ready, so rather than “inconvenience” either of us any further, I decided to accept my fate. With a few months expenses saved up and a supportive wife, I left my job as a university professor to work for myself at home; this was in early 2004.

    Perhaps because of my online work with students, I came to realize that I was most interested in online marketing and quickly learned more and more on my own. But, try as I might, and as you explained in Manifesto, much of what I was doing was opportunistic and, so far, the most I’ve earned in the course of a month has been about $3K and some change. That’s about what I expect to make this month as well.

    My revenues come from a few websites that I’ve put together by hand ( ( ( About 50% of my revenues come from affiliate products sold from each of these sites; the remainder comes from publishing Yahoo ads and selling links. I am a one-man operation and as you indicated in Manifesto, I work too hard — usually 7 days, 6-9 hours per day.

    I won’t detail the many “opportunities” I’ve pursued, not right here — but, I will say that of everything I’ve read/ learned about internet marketing, your brief work has impacted me the most. From my perspective, the field of online business marketing is largely atheoretical, almost anti-intellectual. It’s a field of action, of doing, not a field of theory or of thinking — and for that reason, most of what is passed off as “knowledge” is really “advertisement.”

    I found your work refreshingly different in this regard — even down to the example you used about using one term paper for two college classes! With that one example, you captured my absolute, undivided attention! That made perfect sense to me because I’ve done it myself countless times (this is how I think also). I have lived enough years “in the dark” to know that you fully deserve the attention you are now receiving for the good work you have done for others, and for bringing to this field a much needed beacon of light, a strategic vision of small online businesses that incorporates both macro/ micro perspectives. To have a heart for those who want to learn is a blessing (IMHO). To make money at it is pure genius; your blessing has come back to you.

    Over the past year, and as well from my academic training, I came to appreciate a couple things: one, as you indicate in your book, that you cannot become so excited about each and every new opportunity that arises. Doing so can only lead to a fast burn out (particularly after those opportunities fail to pan out). And, while you did not mention this in your book, I’m sure you would agree that strategies are viable to the extent that they incorporate some measure of flexibility in them, so as to take advantage of certain opportunities as they pop up. Things change over time and strategies need to adapt to the changes in the environment. Of course, I just had to think of this after receiving your (unexpected opportunity) by email this morning!

    I left a post on your blog a couple days ago, explaining that I’ve come no where near the level of success I might need to begin “leveraging and scaling up” my operations. But, that’s the reason why I took in/ received your Manifesto in the first place, and why I have responded to your kind invitation for counsel — I am that student. I may not be the only one, but I am ready to learn, to decide, and to act. I still firmly believe that, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear — and, I believe you have! I know you have been innundated with thousands of sincere and heartfelt requests, and I trust you will appreciate the blessing of “being appreciated.” I hope, even more however, that you will not become enslaved by their praises. I know only too well what’s it’s like to be enslaved (by anything), and I’ve chosen time and again that that was no life for me. I am a fighter. But, God knows, I could really use your help. And, if you would be so kind as to offer it to me, I pray you will be blessed many times over.

    For many, many years I have prayed for wise counsel, for a guiding hand, that God would “enlarge my territory” and keep me from evil, so that I might not cause harm to others . . . I am a student, and I am ready . . . I respectfully ask that you will appear for me.

    Thank you, Rich.

    Steven A. Maclin

  89. My Business

    My business is selling IntelliCAD. I’m selling
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  90. I really don’t have a “business” to disect at this point, but I really want to conduct business online. Your manifesto has pointed out very well that I have been an opportunist rather than a strategist. I have committed to change that. I WANT A BUSINESS PLAN and I will have one. To have you help me blueprint one would be a phenominal advantage. My one basic desire, other than making an income online to enable me to do it, is to help other people get a pathway in this confused internet maze of offerings of which most promise a Get Rich tone.
    I do not feel that you would select someone as new in this as I, but I would be remiss if I did not at least apply.
    Your manifesto helped me greatly. Thanks for sharing it.
    Jim Kelley

  91. Hi Rich.
    There’s no harm in trying so here goes…

    My business is the WAHM (work-at-home-mom) business. Helping Moms (and Dads) who want to start their own business on the Internet and stay home with their kids. It’s something I believe in and do myself. But let me make this clear – the WAHM business choice happened very recently and is brand-spanking new. It is important to me that I walk the walk as well as talk the talk. I’m not out there just to make money but you can’t build credibility if you can’t prove that you do it yourself.

    I’ve just started building my list and it’s going very well with all 6 people so far 🙂

    * Strength: Determination.
    * because I’m as deserving as anyboby.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  92. I have a business that I want to love and enjoy with balance, satisfaction, and profit with freedom. In my heart, I know I am a millionaire, I just have yet to collect the money. I am a strong public speaker, have a great idea for the golf industry, wrote a book about time management (with audio recorded) and love to create from thought.

    So far, however, I have underperformed. I am obviously missing something BIG that takes my passion into profit. I want to work with you in this makeover Rich because I feel I am on the cusp of something great, I just need direction to see what I’m missing, revamp, reconstruct and move forward with profitable focus.

    Thanks for the opportunity to present my case for consideration

  93. My Internet business is about helping people change their negative experiences in life and to achieve rapid and deep personal growth. My biggest strength is my knowledge and writing ability. My weakness is – I have very little funds to outsource the help I need to make this work. My hope is that some talented people will see the potential in this for them – personally as well as monetarily and offer to come on board. I will personally coach anyone who volunteers and give them a seriously high commission on sales. Rich, please help me help the world. Sincerely, Tom D

  94. Just starting on line and there is soo much to learn. You can get all the ebooks and newsletter you want but the fact is you need the time. I work full time and there is not enough time in the day to accomplish everything one needs to do to get it out there. I have tried to read as much as one can. They say you need a list, you need seo, you need traffic. But I at a loss and overloaded with info but need direction and better train of thought. And then there is JV, bloggs, affiliates, etc. Where does one start with limited time.

  95. Rick, Why should you select my business for a makeover?

    Good question, in my reply yesterday I stated that this manefesto should bring about a vast opportunity to build a business based upon doing everybody elses outsourced work.

    I could certainly use some direction and pointers to redevelop my business to accommodate helping your clients to reach their goals and objectives.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  96. There is one reason that I can think off at this time, and it is not just about me. It is about you too. Imagine how you would feel if you can rescue the sinking ship of my business. If you can help me keep it sailing, I am sure you would be a proud hero. Thanks

  97. Hi Rich,

    It’s kind of embarrassing to write this message. However, I do need your help.

    I’ve heard you on a couple of free calls and I know the kind of results that you’re capable of delivering.

    I’m sure you’ve never had that moment in life where you felt that if you only had that “one” person who could give you a swift “kick” in the backside, and a real b
    “blueprint”, that you could finally start to put it all together.

    Rich, I know that you can deliver those results, and the only thing between me being able to get into your paid coaching program and get your advice on a regular basis is just being able to get my “first win” – my “first success”.

    Although, this may be a shot in the dark and you may not have any interest in what I’ve just tried to convey to you – yet, it is my heart felt belief that if I could get that 60 minutes with you – my life could change for the better.

    I am appreciative of the fact that you have taken the time to present this opportunity to me, as well as the other members of your list, and I know that whomever wins will be blessed.



  98. Hi Rich,
    I have a great product that can save everyone money who drives a car.I save 20% on my gas mileage.I must be doine something wrong. I know the product works but I can’t get people to join and try it out. Also I have tried a lot of programs and so far none have worked for me.I have spent thousands of dollars and now I can’t do that anymore. You purchase a program and you need help or have questions and you never get an answer. I know not all programs are like that but a lot of programs just care about selling you a system and after you purchase it they tell you need more products to make it work. I understand it to a point. If you don’t have the money to purchase everything then what do you do? I have purchased 2 systems in the past with coaching and both people would schedule time to coach on the phone and many times they would not call and I would have to call there office and set up another appointment. Then they would try to get off the phone asap. I know there are a lot of good people out there but A lot of them want $ 997.00 for there system and I don’t have it right now. Thank you very much.
    Jack Hadley

  99. Hi Rich!!!! The reason I am asking you to help rejuvinate my business on line is because I am a persistent person looking for that one person that has been very successful at helping others achieve their results in the shortest amount of time possible. My strength is in the persistence of looking at different aspects of online marketing systems and working with them. To this point, I am still not able to move things forward to reach the goals set forth. I am more than willing to learn but after serving my country faithfully for over 27 1/2 years and virtually helping many soldiers to get their careers in order I find it a little more difficult to comprehend everything online. I have helped in various projects especially people who lost their homes to a tornado that devestated the western part of our state about 8 years ago. I saw their pain in the loss of their homes and that was all that I needed to go the extra mile for them. I care about helping others and put their welfare before mine. If everyone looked at life that way it would change the world overnight. The saying goes that if you help others to reach their goals and you do it enough times then you will reach yours. As we said in the military when we did missions: never give up & never quit because you may be closer to your goal then you realize. We must build up our inside with positive affirmations and then this will propel us to move forward and get that outside of us. This is a great attribute for anyone that is people oriented and will leave a lasting legacy for all to follow. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of what you are accomplishing for everyone that is willing to not give up.

  100. Hi there!
    Since 1980 I’ve been self employed/ owned small businesses. One was in Toronto, one in San Francisco, and the rest out of Toronto. I’ve been a coach, consultant, speaker, etc and have a web site, an ezine and a blog.
    So why do I need you and your services?
    From November, 2004 to November, 2005 I didn’t work because I had a heart attack and multiple strokes, the last few of which have left me talking and walking “weird”. But I’m still here and as an entrepreneur I have a positive attitude, new ideas and LOVE to learn. I’m not a public speaker now but am writing and do Internet marketing and share everything I learned and did just as I did before (only now in a different format).
    I know the value of a coach who has done it before me because I have been one and I’d like to learn from you and your successes and failures.
    Will you teach me, please?
    signed Trudy at

  101. Attracting serious investors who are looking to multiply their return through investment secured by real estate is the essential part in fueling and expending a real estate investment business.

    The challenge in creating a business based solely on privet investors is strong marketing and strong business structure.

    We have a system that automates the entire process there after, sell/buy.
    To get there it is necessary to have the marketing and business system in place.

    You created a beautifully powered efficient proven system to maximize productivity and profit with far less energy spend.

    I would love to be part of it.

    My background and education is in the fine art and since 1993 digital production, animation, digital film and film editing, on the creative side. With that background, intuition, talent and the ability to catch and learn I can go some distance.

    I raised my sons and now facing economic challenge. At the present time I have limited amount of money to sustain myself for few months.

    If you choose to work with me success will also clear the stage for my passion to create. I have fascinating projects for the future.

    I am grateful for your Manifesto,

  102. Hi Rich.
    You should choose us because our site really helps to ease peoples suffering and pain, both physically and emotionally.
    My wife is the top nutritionist in the UK specialising in women’s health. She sees and helps thousands of women – and their partners – a year through her clinics, seminars and books . She is very well respected in both the natural and medical fields. Our site (NHP) only lists supplements, books, e-books health tests that she recommends and approves of. So our visitors are assured of only the highest quality supplements in the most effective doses.
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    Our NHP site is not her site – she has her own site which is non commercial – but we will not list anything unless it carries her seal of approval – which means she has read the labels so you don’t have to.
    So why choose us?
    Because we have really genuine products that make a difference in peoples lives – eases their suffering – and more people need to have access to the real thing. There is a lot of poor quality products out there and people are getting ripped off.
    We are in the process of updating the site at the moment and now would be a great time to have an expert like yourself to come and help give us some practical advice so we can reach and help more people.
    Thanks for listening and for all your insightful and great work.

  103. Hey Rich… the reason why I think you should choose me for the marketing makeover is because at 34 years old I just realized my dream of going full-time in the Internet business (so I can spend time with my wife and 2 daughters), but am falling a bit short with the scalability and leverage side of my business.

    I have created a $250,000.00 plus per year business because I am very coachable and very action oriented. I don’t have any issues with self-discipline or time management and can assure you I will immediately implement whatever you tell me to do.

    With the skill sets and drive I currently possess, along with your coaching, I have no doubt I can be doing over 500 to 750K per year within a few short months.

    If you want to do a makeover for someone who is a doer and all about getting results (not a talker), coachable, and is someone who will create an amazing success story with your assistance, I’m the guy to pick for the makeover. I hope you’ll give me serious consideration. Really.

    (Even if you don’t pick me… I want you to know how much I’ve already learned from you and have made because of the guidance you’ve shared. Thanks so much!)

    Todd :O)

  104. Rich,
    Best Practices? What a novel concept for the internet… I read your Manifesto from cover to cover. It was enlightening, and well thought out. I would be honored to be considered a candidate for your program because – I am going to earn $1,000,000 on the internet in the next 12 months starting from zero. This is tied to my core strengths of off-line sales consulting and coaching. I am poised to execute on my weaknesses in on-line marketing with a unique web site that is a map of mini-sites that will target off-line entrepreneurial CEO’s. This will allow me to reinforce and grow my brand on-line while continuing my growth off-line. I would love to have your assistance as a personal coach. And, I’ve had some great mentors. I look forward to speaking with you personally.
    Dedicated to Multiplying Your Sales;
    Joe Heller, The Sales Samurai
    ps. Do you want a true online success story to add to your testimonials… look no further.

  105. Hi Rich,
    I am online since 1996, got serious about branding my business (Add2it) and creating my own product line in 2000 and went full time in early 2002.

    Since 2002 I can live from my Internet business. Some months have been great, a lot average and a few months rather bad… my monthly business profits have been as high as US $9,850 and as low as US $300. My monthly average online business profit in 2005 has been about US $2,300.

    As of right now, my main business is my Add2it line of marketing software scripts & services.

    Here is a list of the main products and services that I offer to this point…

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    10. – Who the heck is Frank Bauer? (About me & Blog)

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    My single biggest strength is persistence (When I want something, I find a way to get it).

    Why I deserve to have you
    work on my business?

    I believe I DON’T deserve it any more then anybody else that posts here on your blog. That’s right… I honestly wouldn’t feel good braging here why I should deserve it more then anybody else. That wouldn’t be me.

    Thank you for taking your time to read this blog post… no matter who you choose… I appreciate the time you took to read all of this.


    Frank Bauer

  106. hi
    I am new in business..a little guy(girl actually) in a very competitive niche and have become disillusioned by many dishonest businessmen and woman online.I guess that brings me to my strenght…honesty ..too much actually.I’m niave I guess but nonetheless can use your help because my business is not making money and I really don’t know who to trust anymore.
    thank you

  107. In 1998 after working in the automotive field for 10 years I decide I didn’t want to work on cars anymore. I took some internet courses at Penn State at night. Going back to school and learning something new was exciting but I learned something more valuable. Even though an education is important the relationships you build while in school are more often than not more valuable than any education you could receive. In 1999 I discovered eBay. I sat next to a guy in school that was selling collectibles on eBay part-time and doing $75K a year from his basement. I figured if he could do this I should give it a shot. Since that day my wife and I have turned a slightly obsessive hobby into a $27K a month business and we are currently one of Brad Fallon’s largest volume dealers on eBay.

    Having no business or sales education has been our biggest obstacle. I have bought many info products claiming to be the answer to our sales problems. They all seem to have one thing in common. That is a way to effectively implement in the real world all the great ideas that the give. I found your manifesto truly eye opening. Your example of the business model that sucks is like looking at a map of all the problems and their causes that we experience. I now see why doing everything ourselves and not having clear goals and processes is the main reason we can’t produce consistent results. Even though we do enough business for my wife to manage it fulltime. We can’t seem to grow enough consistency to support both of us working at it fulltime. As I write this I still work in the automotive field fulltime and manage the technical part of our business at night. Some day I hope to be able to afford the services of someone like yourself who truly makes a difference in people lives. I have found that their are many so called experts ready to help and offer advice. At the end of the day the only thing they are good at is cashing your check with no concern if what they have done for you worked. We would look forward to working with someone with your level of commitment.

  108. Hi Rich,

    When I first saw your generous offer through my email, I cannot help but wonder why you would do something like this? What is in this for you? And who are you looking for?

    I decided to read about you more carefully and try to figure out what you are looking for in this 60 minute business makeover relationship. Here is an extract from your mission statement on your website:

    “We strive to provide a proven system that allows smart, but overwhelmed business owners to quickly consolidate profitability, eliminate wasted effort, and put the best possible version of your business on autopilot. So you rake in more money, spend less time in the office (and more time on vacation)… while everything runs (and grows) with amazing professional efficiency!”

    In other word, you are looking for a smart, but overwhelmed business owner whose porfitability is suffering because of wasted effort and business not being on auto-pilot.

    So that answers the question of who you are looking for. How about what is in this for you?
    Lets be honest, while it is undeniable that you want to help other people succeed (as you had done so many times already), there has to be something in it for you too for it to be a win-win situation. My guess is that you would like to use this “story” which many will witness to bring your internet marketing celebrity status to another level and be able to shoot for bigger and more established businesses (as you mentioned in your manifesto). Thus you need a story that fits well into the profile of people you are trying to target as well as maximizing the dramatic effect of the event.

    I am going to illustrate to you thereinafter how my current business lifestyle and situation, my mindset, and my vision fits into your various requirements of who you are looking for, and what is in this for you.

    I recently graduated fom college and am running my business that I started since junior year of college. My lines of business include mainly ecommerce and internet marketing. For internet marketing, I have minimal (at best) success at promoting affiliate products and no success at all at creating and promoting content blogs. My main source of income actually comes in through my ecommerce business where I sell event tickets, college textbooks, and dining products.

    The organization chart of my company comprises of me and my girlfriend, and needless to say I am running the whole nine yards. For my internet marketing side, I research affiliate products to promote, build the mini review sites, manage my PPC campaigns, and create contents for my blogs. For my ecommerce business, it is even worse, I have to research what to buy, do product sourcing, order them, sell them and manage the delivery all by myself with the help of my girlfriend.

    If there is any one person here who is most hungry to be a successful entrepreneur – that is me. I build business not for the money (I graduated from a top 15 college in the nation and have investment banking jobs which offer me over 70K + bonus right off the bat) I build business to prove my ability independent of a corporate environment. I do not need an institution to recognize me and tell me how much I am worth; the marketplace will determine how much I am worth.

    My vision of business is to build a long lasting entity which continues to grow and prosper many years after I am gone. I also plan to use internet marketing to change the world and further my business and political endeavors. If I were chosen, you will get the most publicity out of this and obtain the maximized result for your time.

    You can see that my current business situation, mindset, and vision for my business fits extremely well with your requirements of whom you are looking for as well as what you will get out of this.

    I take this whole process more seriously than anyone here will ever (I think you can tell from my application) and I hope you will choose me to be in the 60 minutes business makeover.

    Thank you and look forward to working with you,

  109. Hi Rich, I test out genius in most areas, med. high in mechanical and mathimatical areas, but unfortunatly test out dumbass in internet marketing so far. Pure potential here, someone you would be proud of.
    Brian Ankner

  110. Hi Rich,

    I’m a Retired Houston FireFighter that read Your “Manifesto” from beginning to the end in one setting just the other night after getting an email from Jim Edwards, Thanks.
    Rich, I have the System and I believe my greatest strength is a passion for God’s Message to be realized in Jesus Christ, all things were created by the Word and for the Word of God.Our business is focused on the Liberation of the Comman/Woman so that more of mankind really
    understands that it God’s will that all be blessed. Here is why God sent His Son that we are restored the blessing of GOD in Genesis Chapter One and Chapter Two.We are to be in the Blessed One of God, Jesus Christ Our Lord. I’ve been doing my best as a one man band on the Internet, but when I read Your “Manifesto” the light came on, I saw leverage that has to be intergrated into the vision using the internet.When I read the comments posted here before this one, it made to be almost embrassed to ask you to consider our site when I can see even as bad as I need your skills someone here needs you more.Because of Christ in me I have to make others more important than myself. Therefore I just want to encourage you and say Thank You for allowing us to pour out a cup of water among our fellowman for the cause of Christ. We love Everyone, and may
    the joy of the chosen one for your project be as blessed as we all have been just sharing our need. May Everyone be blessed and encourage by your efforts Rich.
    Thank You again, Be blessed!

  111. Hello Rich,
    Thank you for offering to help so many people succeed. the information in your manifesto has opened my eyes to so many things i have been doing wrong. Thank you.

    I write books on health and healing especially in the area of infertility and childbirth which affects millions of people each year and is an issue that is not discussed much.

    I will appreciate your make over because it will help to make my books more accessible to the people who need them.

    My goal is to learn and keep on improving my life so that I can be blessed and be a blessing to many.

    Thank you for considering my work.

    God bless you Veronica

    My web sites:

  112. Fly swifter round ye wheels of time!

    “All time has value; and the way you think about time and think about yourself will affect everything that happens to you inside and outside your business for the rest of your life. In short, you have to value your time before anyone else will.”

    Rich Schefren

    Life has so many dimensions to it and how we feel about ourselves is directly correlated with how we value our time. But it goes so much deeper than that.

    As my grandmother quoted to me last Sunday as we were drinking root beer floats, “Catch for us the foxes, the little foxes that ruin the vineyards, our vineyards that are in bloom.” Song of Songs

    There are so many resources out there that teach you how to make the sale, how to make money, how to build a business. Everyone’s situation is very specific and unique. You can have 5 people that have the same resources, business systems, and “physical time” available to make it happen, yet have 5 different business philosophies, habits and belief systems. These are the areas where the little foxes can creep in and make or break your success in life and business.

    There are so many things on my heart that I would like to share with the world as pertains this Manifesto and my own insight I have gained in the business and life building process (because truly these two must go hand in hand in order for us to change our world and the world around us.) Integration is truly revelation in more ways than one. This information can be truly life changing if received on the soil of a fertile heart.

    I am working on systems that encourage others along very similar lines. Thanks for paving the way for us.

    Heart motivation and self-love play such a critical role in manisfesting the fruit that we bear in our daily lives (both physical and spiritual.)

    There are a lot of people out there dying a little bit everyday for lack of knowlege brought forth with divine intent. Concentrated core knowlege that pulls the weeds out from the root and foments everlasting change within and without.

    I wanted to share an excerpt from Mark Victor Hansen that talks about the power of divine intent. These principles, combined with the rich, concentrated simplicity in the direction shared through the Manifesto—-along with the advice of mentors, resources, and skills that one has acquired along life’s wonderful journey, will prepare anyone with a big vision to receive all of the help, guidance and support they need and help so many others along the way. There is plenty to go around. Universal relationships are the processes within any given system.

    “Universal relationships are those we have with every living thing on the earth, and with God, or whatever Infinite Intelligence you believe exists. Let’s say you decided to help build houses for the homeless. This selfless decision plusses your relationships with other human beings, and sets a karmic chain of prosperous events into motion. Those homeless people become homeowners. They remember the kindness and generosity others have shown them and help build homes for the homeless. Those people do the same and so on, until one day there are no homeless people, only homeowners helping one another…..The Beatles once sang, “All you need is love.”….”Our first goal, in everything that we do, should be to practice love.” Mark Victor Hansen

    Love for ourselves and love for others.

    “Fly swifter round ye wheels of Time and death itself shall die.”

  113. Hi Rich,

    Well, I’ve been doing good online these last couple years. I have a business that makes me enough to pay all the bills, and then some.

    I have several viral membership sites, and popular piece of software that’s doing pretty well.

    But the problem is. I’m stuck.

    My business made the same amount this June, as it did June last year. Now, I’m not complaining. Its still a good amount, and at least its not collapsing. But I know that I should be growing it.

    My biggest strength is that I’m a jack-of-all-trades. I can design HTML, code software, write salesletters. And I’m pretty good at all of it.

    But that’s also my biggest weakness, since I can’t trust anybody else to do any of it. And so my business is a one-man show. So, quite frankly, I would barely call it a real “business.”

    Which, as I can see now, is the problem.

    Rich, I’m going to follow your advice and I’m going to grow my business into the millions in the next few years, either way. I’m determined to do it.

    But, any help from you would definitely make it go a lot faster and easier.


  114. Thanks for offering your time & wisdom, Rich!

    Name: Sherman Hu
    T: 360-635-5578

    \\\ Business Summary:
    I’m a blogging evangelist and creator of WordPress Tutorials, a video tutorial membership service, helping hundreds of online entrepreneurs and small businesses simplify blogging for fun and profit.

    Some of my upcoming projects include:
    – A podcasting and videocasting training series
    – Educating the entertainment industry about blogging via workshops, and
    – A podcasting joint-effort with Tony Dyson (the man who built R2D2 for Star Wars) in educating schools internationally about robotics.

    \\\ My single biggest strength:
    Seeing the big picture, with an innate ability to breaking it down to its core elements that need deployment/delegation, and taking action on initiatives and deliverables. Skilled creatively and technically, I can ‘see ahead’ processes/steps needed that lead to the end goal. (What this means is I can take your coaching and run with it effectively!)

    \\\ Why I deserve to have you work on my business:

    I’m already halfway there, which makes it easier for you. Plus it will give you a great challenge to grow a business that’s already on its feet, compared to coaching a business that’s still an idea.

    ==> This is what I’ve done and currently doing:
    ….. Carved and am developing my niche in teaching SOHOs how to simplify blogging with WordPress via instructional videos,
    ….. Brainstorming and am fine-tuning my vision and strategies on paper,
    ….. Built solid relationships with 4 VAs that I’m currently training and working in different aspects of my business
    ….. Worked out my time value (developed an Excel spreadsheet that easily calculates time-value based on your manifesto instructions)

    ==> And what I’m going to take action on:
    ….. Strategize to increase my time value
    ….. Study, implement and fine-tune project management methodologies
    ….. Develop SLAs for my VAs
    ….. Return to process-mapping (loved it, left it, have returned to it)
    ….. Develop “Performance-Gauging Core Metrics” for my team

    Rich, thanks once again, and I appreciate your consideration.

  115. When I was young, my mother taught me not to set too high a dream. We lost my dad when I was nine and it was a struggle to raise 2 boys without a father. I think that made her give up. I remember after seeing some program that showed something about successful people her saying, “that will never happen to us. That’s for other people; you just have to accept where you are in life and live with it.” Those were not her exact words, but that was what I remember her communicating: don’t dream big because you will just be disappointed.

    So that was how I lived my life. Finish school, get a job, and get on with life. Don’t expect too much. After quite a few years, and 2 moves, I realized that I was not going to be satisfied with my career. I also did not want to make my family tear up roots again and move to another place and job, only to have me become disenchanted again after a couple years. I knew I was in a never-ending cycle. I needed to change careers, but what could I do? I enjoyed messing with computers and there was this new thing called the Internet. Maybe I could do something with that. I went to a seminar spent a lot of money on “coaching” only to fail. I tried MLM and that did not work either. I know now it that was opportunistic thinking that was driving me. I think still that there is room for that; if one can seize an immediate opportunity, hopefully that will provide a boost (and funds) to get better, strategic thinking in place.

    That is what I am attempting to do now. I have leveraged what I obtained with an opportunistic method and now am being coached by a couple better known Internet Entrepreneurs working on producing information products. I am getting ready to launch the first one. So I am basically starting from scratch.

    My biggest strength is following instructions. In fact one of my coaches complimented me during our group’s mastermind session that I did as I was told and got the job given me done.

    You might be asking what changed. How did I change from a non-risk taker to someone who is out on a limb financially? That goes back to the MLM. I saw a tape that featured Jim Rohn. He asked a question that changed my life. It was, “why not you?” Why can’t I be as successful as Stephen Pierce, or Jim Edwards, or any of the “gurus”? They all started out just like me; so, why not me?

    So why should you help me Rich? Well, only you can answer that. But let me share this. When I started out my goal was basically to get out of a dead-end job. As time has passed, I have realized something: it’s not about me. I have a passion to help those with less than I have been blessed with. There are kids in Haiti that need food and schooling. There are kids in India that need heart surgery to live a full life. We have friends that have chosen to give up a lot to help others and now they need help. I have chosen R.G. Letourneau for my example. He built an empire manufacturing earth moving equipment in the 1930’s on. He gave away 90% of his income. That is what I want to do. I have a problem; I can’t give what I don’t have. I was sharing with our Pastor a few weeks ago, I said, “I believe God has called me to sit in front of my computer until I figure out a way to make a million dollars so I can give nine-hundred-thousand away.”

    That’s what I’m asking, Rich. Help me so I can help others.

    Thanks for listening.

    Gene Ilten

  116. Hi Rich,
    After inventing a product because I was so frustrated with my jewelry box. I hooked up with a marketing company and they did get my product manufactured, but as far as marketing and selling my product they dropped the ball. They agreed to let me out of the contract and I was left with 1000 pieces of my product in my garage. I decided that the best way to reach the largest audience was to market it through the internet. Now, I could barely do email, but I knew this was my best shot. After taking courses and applying what I learned I made my own web site, wrote the copy, drove traffic to my site and sold out of my product in 5 months. I am PASSIONATE about internet marketing and want to go to the next level. I loved your “Manifesto” and am ready to FOCUS (Follow One Course Until Successful). My passion, drive, persistence and abundance mentality make me a perfect candidate to receive your guidance and put it into action!
    I think the 4th of July is my lucky day!

    Your ready and willing student,

  117. Dear Rich,

    It’s quite good of you to make such an offer. The person who gets to take advantage of your experience will be quite fortunate.

    Rich wrote:
    1. tell me about your business,
    2. your single biggest strength
    3. why you deserve to have me work on your business

    My Business
    Okay, here we go. My name is Larry, and I’ve been a professional free-lance web designer for the last 6 years. During that time, I’ve created literally hundreds of websites for clients all over the U.S. and the world (you can see a few of my sites here

    I truly love web design, however, my income is limited since my time is limited. So over the last year or two I’ve been searching for an alternative business. I tried real estate with some limited success, but the market has changed. About a year ago I realized what I was looking for was right in front of my nose – I needed to move my focus from the technical side of web creation and learn about web marketing. I’ve been doing that since last September, and have been very excited about this decision since it builds on the skills I’ve developed over many years.

    After much work, I designed and launched my first website, about 1 month ago. This site is based upon an affiliate model and leverages my understanding of web and graphic design. I’ve used my design skill to make the site attractive, however, I have not made a single affiliate sale in the first month. I know I am missing something and am not sure what I need to do to get the traffic I need and then convert the traffic to sales. (One thing that is finally working – I began offering a free web template for people who sign up for the newsletter a few days ago and the response has been decent – I’m using pay-per-click to drive people to the site and build up my mailing list). It is clear to me that the advice of an experienced person would be most helpful.

    My Single Biggest Strength
    I really have two items here and I’m not sure which to choose – my determination to make things work, or my technical experience gained over a quarter century. I am very, very determined to be successful at this (you can read the reasons in the third item below). I know it takes a lot of effort to build a business, and I’ve been making that effort consistently for many years now, with my web design business and now with my online busines. As far as my technical skills, I’ve owned a personal computer since 1979, was a programmer/analyst for 5 years, a computer sales manager for 3 years, did customer support for Hewlett Packard for 3 years on CompuServe (in the pre-internet days!), was an IT project manager for a charitable organization for many years, and finally a web and graphic designer for 6 years.

    Why You Deserve to Have Me Work on Your Business
    The primary reason I would value your help – I’m very determined to make this online business work so my wife can move out of her full time position and we can work together in our own business. She currently works in the health care field, and, unfortunately in healthcare, many people are overused and under-appreciated. She is great at what she does, but her employers take advantage of her goodness and push her beyond human endurance. It would be a wonderful gift to her if she could take her considerable talents and energies and put them into something that will benefit her rather than someone else. We’ve been married for 25 years (in July), and she raised my children after my first wife passed away, and I love her dearly and really want to make this work for her. The only way to make this work is for me to build a business with enough income to support both of us.

    The other reason why I would like your help is because, over the years, I have done considerable volunteer work for a charitable organization, and I would like to continue to do this. This occasionally requires travel, and having a business I can conduct from any location is important to allow this to happen.

  118. My business is still being developed, but I want it to be about healing and healing resources. Ultimately, I want to invite all to be mystics to unite in one spirit across the Planet as hearer/heres, but I’m not sure if I can or should do it through the same website. Otherwise I have/had several opportunities like Mannatech, Ecoquest, Freedom Technology Now that all deal with aspects of healthy living. I realize most of us are bombarded/overwhelmed with so many ‘good/great’ products, so I realize I need simplicity to present something people will look at and consider. I am/was a Medical Doctor as well as a Sister, so this is credible background for my offers. However I can’t seem to ‘get going’. I am taking a course Business Abilities for disabled people, but still struggling on Welfare and Disability, bankruptcy so no credit, and a grossly unjust treatment by the Medical profession who cost me everything and never accused me of anything. I need to write a book, but it seems I need to get an internet business on its feet first. So I deserve your help not only because of my neediness, but because I also feel my business dream could be very helpful for a lot of people. My email is [email protected]

  119. I’ve found that the best way to help others is to find the best help you can to help you. Your knowledge in the area of online business seems unsurpassed, and your references and past experience prove the point superbly. Just the small amount of information that you put into your “Manifesto” again shows the knowledge and experience you have. I’m not trying to flatter you here… you deserve the praise.

    For you to make anybody a success you need a person that is not just willing to listen, understand and learn what you are teaching… you need somebody that is willing to implement and actively use all the knowledge you pass over. Knowledge without understanding and action is useless.

    Right now I’m helping diabetics naturally eliminate the need for drugs and insulin. This in fact is relatively simple to do. We have an incredible 96% success rate of doing so. Thousands of previously diabetic people are now living normal lives again as a result of our products.

    My goal is to help thousands if not millions more. Your help would allow me to do so quicker and with greater efficiency. I would take you’re information and training and apply it in the most effective way possible. Based on your previous experience the results will be a rapidly expanding company.

    You will see the results of your expertise applied into the real world… giving you a proven model to proudly demonstrate the effectiveness of what you teach.

  120. I left Zimbabwe kast year after an horrendous experience that lasted a couple of years and left me physically, emotionally, mentally and financially battered.

    I quickly got a job here in Australia but soon realised I’d never be able to retire unless I found an additional source of income. So I searched Google and joined emailing, then surveys then affiliate systems.

    None of them lived up to the promotional material or the expectations though I worked (no, spent) up to 6 hours a day on them.

    I then went searching for information and better opportunities and became the epitome of the opportunist you described so well in your manifesto.

    In looking I discovered that we are heading for a melt-down. That people who have worked all their lives in stable environments are also desperate for additional income and may not survive without it.

    I know from my own experiences that most of the trouble in the third world has a financial base.

    We have to do something about it. We have to provide them with the only solution before that chance is gone to the big boys. In building them up and providing them with the wherewithal to survive we will stave off global disaster and make the internet marketplace a healthy, vibrant, living thing before it eventually succumbs to big business.

    I am like a chicken without a head. I’d love to succeed and be in a position to finance at least a part of the global solution.

    Maybe something can be made of the affiliate programs I belong to or we can take advatage of the digital products I’ve purchased or been given but I believe we would be better off starting from scratch.

    What do you think?


  121. Rich, We are in the financial solutions business for companies and after starting one year ago we are the preferred vendor for 1500 + companies across USA, with another association of 250 companies around the corner and an association of 20,000 merchants in early stages of developing. We have five divisions and a new eBook coming out soon. We not only are on the web but soon will be creating a National Tele-Sales Office. We are no longer a local company but fast becoming a national company. We have three websites. WE NEED YOUR HELP TO MOVE TO THE NEXT LEVEL, so that we will be ready for the multi-million dollar company we are on target to be in the next five years. We are developing so fast i’m concerned we will be prepared to handle it. Help please.

  122. Rich,
    Thank you for the reminder.Some times we can’t see the trees when we are standing in the woods. I had a real life changing experiance 5 yrs ago. My ex-wife kidnapped my son and and move back to germany. I always wanted children,so I sold everything and moved to germany to be a dad.
    Just like internet marketing my family thought I was crazy. I should just find a new women and make a new family. I had other PLANS…. Where I live in Southern Germany has 25% unemployment rate, I knew that my only chance to carry out my PLAN was to create an internet business. I have attended many seminars to learn the internet business. Big Seminar last april was agood place to test my ideas. Well I knew I was on to something when I mentioned part of my Idea and a few people disagreed. But a few months later they designed a system close to what I was describing and it was a success. Now most people would of gave up right there I said, YES they proved there really is a need and market.
    I have designed a product and in a few months I will do a PRODUCT LAUNCH on a digital library.
    This is a place that all marketers can up load there video or audio products to sell to people. It will eliminate a lot of the post DVD’s. It has several visions in one website.
    #1 Anyone can have there own personal library, Grampa and Grand Ma can read a book to there grand children or great grand children. Leave a holiday message to a loved one, tell a story of family history.
    #2 People can take there knowledge in nitch market and create a “How to video or audio”
    #3 All schools can stream live sporting events or record and sell copy’s for down load or on demand to create extra money.
    #4 Company’s can now make video’s to show people how to assemble or repair there products. This will save alot of money on returned products broken while assembling alone.
    #5 This is where it gets really fun, people can have there own digital library right on there own site, that’s right I have it designed that you can sell your own content from your own web page and if you like in our library as well.
    The other visions we can discuss when we talk. That’s up to you of corse.
    I look forward in learning from all your knowledge of marketing on the internet. Like me I see your a man of vision and knows how to make a PLAN..
    The best PLAN I ever had was when I decided to sell everything and move to germany to be a dad. I get my rewards every other weekend when I get my 7yr old son. I always dreamed of being rich, to day I’am the richess man in germany at least every other weekend.
    I’m sure some day our paths will cross.
    Thank you for being open and honest with your knowledge. I will admit I was standing in the woods and couldn’t see the tree’s. You have provided a compass for me to move on. I have a map(plan) you reminded me we can have the best map. But sometimes we still need to ask for DIRECTIONS….
    THANK YOU, Law

  123. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. I have a website for my hairstyling business which supplies me with many new clients. I also have a website for my eBook and this is my one and only product that is unfortuanetly not successful. It was my intention to add other hair related products but there simply is not enough demand for it. The niche is too small. I have tried for years to get my internet business going. I spent thousands and thousands of Dollars on coaching and gathering information. If you ask me what my biggest single strength is it has to be perseverance. I think most people deserve your 60 minutes of coaching. As for myself I would appreciate it that for once you could tell me how to do this internet business properly. I would like to develop separate sites to promote other peopel’s products and find out how to get my own products so I can build a list for these products.
    Doris Moller

  124. I’ve been trying to break into online business since the early ’90s. The things I wanted to do then weren’t really possible til now. But now I can cry over all the failures, frustrations, financial woes. personal limitations and hard-earned lessons that everyone else has already spelled out above. I am just asking you to take pity on me because I’m nearing the end of my rope and after all this time I think it would be tragic for all my efforts to just go to waste. Thanks for your consideration.

  125. Hi, Rich

    Thank you for this opportunity.

    To answer your question, the reason you should choose me is that I need your help the most…

    Here’s my story:

    Some time ago, I came up with the brilliant idea that I little old me would compete with the Sears and Best Buy’s, etc of the world…

    How? I would offer plasma tvs online… yes, little old me would take on the giants…

    Of course, I knew I would have to carve my own little niche… so I decided I would offer the plasma’s but much more… I would supply an entire home theater system to you (no more searching around trying to figure out what tvs were best, what additional parts you needed and so on.

    Not only that, I would deliver them right to your doorstep… and more, set them up and install them for you right in your home…

    and to top it off I would throw in a 3 year warranty… not just a junky warranty either… if anything went wrong you wouldn’t have to reach for your wallet to pay a deductibe… and lug the thing to the nearest repair center… this would be a no deductible… “in home” warranty… the best… just like the plasma tv and other components…

    Cost?… I would do this for you for one set price… not the lowest price… but an attractive price…

    And, if you couldn’t afford a plasma system? No sweat… you could buy on layaway (no additional charges for the lawaway)…

    And, by gosh, if you were a corporate, educational or government institution, you could purchase from me, and I would deliver, install and warranty for you anywhere in the lower 48…

    So, if you, Mr. Corp wanted 6 units in Florida, 3 in Ohio and 4 in New York, you would just place one order… and be set up nicely within 30 days…

    To sum it up, your plasma experience with me boiled down to a “two click” experience… the first click would be on the website to buy… the next click would be the one you make on your remote while sitting on your couch… to start watching your dazzing new plasma experience!…

    So off I went… I negotiated agreements with overseas suppliers… and shippers… and a top of the line warranty company… and a top of the line installation company… and pretty much wrote all the copy for the website… and seared for the great domain name… and designed the website… and had it built… hit and miss… the fourth web company worked…

    And… oh… I got a merchant account… and hired a 24/7 company to handle calls… and got an 800 number… and hired a gal Friday…

    And, then I started marketing… I actually at one point had telemarketers set to go all throughout the nation…

    I could go on… but the gist of it is I worked my ass off, spent tons and flopped…

    I’m brilliant no more… My biggest strength?… I set out what I’m going to do… and I do it… very disciplined I guess you could say…

    My problem… what I set out to do here, was heavily flawed… that’s where you maybe can help me screw my head on straight… to help determine if my concept is at all workable… and if, so how I should develop it…

    I’ll listen hard…

    Finally, some praise for your manifesto… I’ve read more than I care to remember about entrepreneurship… but your manifesto is the very first teaching I’ve ever read that clearly explains what an entrepreneur is, and how to be one… Unbelievable!…


  126. Before I make my case, I noticed something interesting in reading through every single response (It took quite a while). At least two other people have similar niches or niches which compliment each other and there are others who have achieved the same level of success. This is a great opportunity to help each other out as we are all here seeking help. We are here for a reason, to get help and each one of us has the key to each other’s problems. It is said we are only six degrees separated from each other. You can choose to make people within your niche your competition, but Jim Edwards reminds his subscribers to work together with their competition in-order to gain leverage. Leverage is the key we are looking for.

    With that said I am a 20-year-old college student who’s been working online since late January. I spent many months gathering knowledge and since late May have put that knowledge to action in my blog, Life Liberator. It deals with mentoring others through the trials and tribulations of entrepreneurship and running a small business. I deeply believe in entrepreneurship and am dedicated to educating as many people as I can on how to achieve financial independence through doing what they love. There are other options to make money that are more fulfilling than a job. This business is not about me; it’s about helping others gain the wherewithal to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset and about furthering society.

    But this is a very large task I have been doing all by myself from my little corner of the internet and cannot continue to do it all by myself, since reading your Manifesto I have a completely different perspective on how I should be doing business and reworked my business plan.

    In the past two months I have achieved a degree of success online with my business, which indicates I will succeed with time but I need someone to point my business in the right direction. I’m at a pivotal point in because I came across your excellent Manifesto, which has educated me on super productive time.

    Even though I have achieved some degree of success, the money I have made is not encouraging enough for my parent’s and they are telling me to stop “playing on the computer and get a real job.”

    Though, I have seen the earnings potential of the Internet and know it’s entirely possible to make a living online.

    My single biggest strength is my persistence and passion. Even though I have a monumental task to achieve I know I can achieve it with taking the necessary steps in the right direction. Your report has given me the basis of what to do. The passion for my topic keeps me motivated to climb the mountain I am faced with.

    I am no more deserving than the people above or below me, but with your help I am going to grow and expand my website to reach the goals I only dream about.

  127. What a wonderful offer for a start! I would love to have you help me because I have just been on the MillionaireMindIntensive Seminar and seen the film The Secret. My aim is to finish a novel, film script and online dating site to go with this but meanwhile I need to have an income generating at least ten thousand pounds a month minimum (my goal) and I believe I could do this through my business club site. Just not sure where to start – I want to have the money to do the work I love and to help people achieve their dreams too so look forward to hearing from you. All the best. Susan

  128. Hi Rich,

    Thanks for the opportunity to have you take a look at my business.
    My name is Lisa Gelinas. I am a stay at home mom of six children under the age 10. I have been at home with the kids full time since I delivered our second child. He will turn nine July 3rd. Since I stopped teaching I have searched high and low for a legitimate business to run from my home. My search had been fruitless,everything I looked into or signed up for turned out to be a scam. Until Recently. A few months ago I somehow stumbled upon a website that offered a affiliate handbook. I was quite interested and did some more research. Hmmmm. Building a website? Yep, My dad could help me build a website, he does that for a living. Write my own e-zine or newsletter, article, and ad copy? Absolutely! Writing is right up my alley! Just imagine it; I could use words that were longer than five letters ending in the letter Y… you know the ones: potty, tummy, and yucky…. Need I go on? Sounded good so far. I purchased the handbook, took copious notes and began to write content for my site. My dad taught me HTML and helped get my site up. Everything seemed to be going swimmingly until I realized…. I have no business experience at all!
    I have not yet launched my website. Currently, its sitting on my dad’s server at Dartmouth College. I’m quick to learn and I’m sure I could figure out how to drive traffic to my web, get e-zine subscribers, and launch new projects. With that said, I know it would shorten my learning curve if you could take a look at what I’m doing and let me know if I’m on the right track or way off base.
    Either way this venture has been great fun for me. I love to write. I enjoy market research. I am writing about something that I am passionate about. I feel like I am using my brain. The information and products that I am offering are useful. The niche I have chosen is one that is in high demand.
    As I’m sure you can imagine, one has to be creative with finances when living on only one income. I wouldn’t trade raising my kids for the world, but I would love the opportunity to earn some money and contribute to our income. Thank You Rich for all your great information and for your consideration in your “Independence Day” Contest.

    Lisa Gelinas

  129. Have tried to spread the word on the website to a small audience in a restricted area and need assistance in all areas, from design to implementation to marketing, I’m a newbie and know just enough to get me in trouble

  130. I had a website, tried to set up EBay auctions, Had Internet Yellow Page FIASCO, Tried Direct Marketing several Products. But ALL FAILED. My Greatest strenghs are Rabid Loyalty(To those who believe in me and can teach me) Persistence/Perseverance(I worked for 3 companies till they closed down) and a willingness to learn.
    Lack of money has forced me to close down my ventures. I have No Money and No LIST but I have ammased numerous Ebook, PDF and .EXE files with up to Master resale rights. I could use a mentor to pinpoint my problem(s).

  131. Dear Rich,

    We are out to change the world. Our entire business is about leading people to their innate power, using the principles of quantum physics and the Law of Attraction – which go hand in hand. These scientific principles provide compelling evidence that we create our reality, simply by choosing what we wish to observe. (The famous “double slit experiment” demonstrates this phenomena quite nicely.)

    Our single biggest strength is our grasp of quantum physics, and its application to the practice of consciously creating one’s reality. So we use hard science to prove what has been said for centuries: That our thoughts create our reality. Most of us are creating our reality unconsciously, so why not learn how to do it consciously, and choose the life you desire? 🙂

    How do we intend to change the world? By leading people, one by one, to a life of inner peace, prosperity, and joy. We KNOW that this will have an impact on the world at large. One person at a time, we can help increase happiness, reduce stress and worry, and eliminate the need for competition – which we believe is the #1 reason for many of the ills in this planet.

    We launched less than two months ago. We have an Alexa ranking of approximately 160,000. Although we already have lots of great content, and a fabulous community of members, we still would really appreciate your help with marketing our E-Course. It’s a fantastic course (if I say so myself), but we’re finding it very difficult to convey its true value to (understandably) skeptical site visitors. Most people do not believe that they can be in control of their own destiny, so we think it’s a challenge for them to believe they have the ability to create a better one. We would be more than happy to give you complete access to the course for you to make your own judgement. And we would be truly honored to work with you, even if it’s through the coaching program and not through this contest.

    Our website is

    Thank you for your very powerful manifesto!

    Most sincerely,


  132. Hi Rich
    Our story is not unlike many of the above applicants.

    We have fallen upon extremely devastating times and struggle at times to get by.

    We have for the past 12 months seriously been studying, reading and evaluating oppurtunities related to websites, internet marketing etc. We have attended seminars, followed forums and found common poor planning, opportunistic ventures and the lack of trustworthy coaches always lead to disappiontment.

    So, we needed to be very strategic in our approach to any ventures and believe we are almost ready to enter the world of internet marketing.

    However, there is a common thread missing from all of us newbie/not so new internet businesses; that is a very well thought out “Strategic Business Plan”.

    We, subscribers above included are looking for a direction that we may consolidate and focus our energy and limited resources.

    This is a “Strategic Business Plan”.

    For our business we have developed what we consider a good “Business PLan” and will only spend our limited resources provided the end result helps to achieve our goals. We are at the stage of procureing suitable assistance to help with “Ghostwriting” + “Web Master Services” + “Graphics” etc..

    We would be grateful if you would help with the reconstruction of our business plan, possible help us with where or how to seek suitable ‘ghostwriters’, ‘graphics help’, ‘webmaster’ help etc…

    To maximise the benefits of your “60 MINUTE MAKEOVER” we ask that you consider our application.(particularly if you comment on the steps through your blogg site)

    Our person Strengths are:
    ~ Project Management/Logistics,
    ~ Mentoring,
    ~ Motivational Training; and
    ~ Writing.

    Best Regards
    Ann-Marie & Rob

  133. Mr. Schefren, your coaching would go into action though me as I am my single biggest strength. I don’t mean this to be heady. It’s just that I’m the single common denominator come what may business-wise or otherwise. I am a hard working, high achieving individual who welcomes the challenges of extraordinary rigorous sound wisdom.

    I have a few systems in place already, some essential business tools at my disposal and several consumable products/services that folks use already that I can provide at a considerable savings and through which they can earn an income if they desire.

    I’m poised for greatness beyond myself. I believe your coaching, Mr. Schefren, would catapult me into effective motion.

  134. I have two books coming out this fall, Hotel and Resort Marketing Ideas, and Destination Marketing Ideas, at a conference where hotels and resorts and destinations will be the exhibitors.
    I will be speaking at the conference, about Web site usability, for meeting planners, for usability is a HUGE part of marketing. Or, it should be.
    I can tell almost anyone how to find a creative way to market whatever they’re doing or selling. It’s a different story when it’s for myself.
    I would love to have an outside guru lead me in the right direction.

  135. Rich,

    You may find our mission worth sharing.

    The Healing Codes have helped people heal themselves of everything from incurable Lou Gehrig’s Disease to Poison Ivy to Cancers to Children’s Nightmares.

    See our testimonial page at:

    We charge a premium; but we have never turned a client away for lack of money.

    One of our strengths is the product which has provided us the support of Mark Victor Hansen, Bill McGrane, Chris Attwood and Joe Sugarman. All of whom have their own personal stories to tell.

    See the 101 second video at:

    We are testing new and better ways to bring this technology to the world. We need to improve our automation and systemization to properly test and take this into new markets.

    We would like to lower the price and make our profits from other sources; if lowering the price helps our sales and results in more people using the product.

    We do a few things pretty well; but, one heck of a lot wrong.

    We are also introducing new products using the same technology; but, they don’t have the incredible number of testimonials which is one of our selling strengths.

    Come to think of it, we probably need to do some product launches. People don’t expect a 100 pages of testimonials when you first launch something.

    I am a student of Alex Mandossian. His Teleseminar Secrets course took us from starving to a decent sized company.

    Our teleseminar closing ratio is consistently well over 20%.

    “Dr. Alex Loyd has the defining healing technology in the world today – it will revolutionize health. It is the easiest way to get well and stay well fast. Dr. Loyd may very well be the Albert Schweitzer of our time.”
    -Mark Victor Hansen, Co-author Chicken Soup for the Soul books

    Whoever you choose,
    Live Long, Free & Blessed,
    Don Winfield & The Healing Codes Family

  136. Well, I don’t know what your definition of “best” is, but I can tell you I am very commited to my business working.

    I’m learning all I can, have a target niche, and am very excited about it!

    I am new to the internet (about 3 mo. now)and am learning all I can to make my business work.

    Jim Edwards is one of my mentors, whom I hold in high regard.

    I looked at your info at his reccomendation, and am pleased with what I found! Thank you! 🙂

    I’m ready to soak up all the good stuff to bring my business to fantastic levels and create true independence for myself and my family financially (and other ways as well).

    I’ve been to the bottom and it challenged everything I new. My life has changed for the better.

    I’ve come accross fantastic information that I currently use, and it’s been a key to where I am now.

    The simple information in your manifesto was VERY clear and useful.

    It is exactly the guidance I’ve been looking for to take me to the next level!

    Whether or not you critique my site, I still appreciate what you have shared with the online world! 🙂


    Elena Dahle

  137. Hi Rich:
    On why you should choose me and what is my greatest strength? I have read the previos replys and I am no better than them. I read your manifesto aamd IT IS GOLD! I even burned some to CD and gave it to some friends of mine. I have been online since 12/2005 After reading your manifesto I relized I am an opportunist instead of an Entreprenuer. So even if I don’t get picked I have enough from your gift already to make changes and revamp my business model and THANKS Nora

  138. Hi Rich,

    I read that you want a “challenge” not so much a person begging for yet another free ride to wild success.

    I have what you’re searching for. This is something no one else would touch if you threatened to take every last dime they have.

    This is a chance for you to do something you have yet to consider doing, and walk away knowing you made a true difference in many people’s lives.

    I have been “brain building” my current business for over 25 years. This is more to me than a simple means to make money – it is, in its existance, my reason, purpose and entire cause for my continued life.

    I spent the past quarter of a century, studying and developing several skills as well as working to become worthy of my vision.

    This is absolutely no joke!

    I will continue to build my business regardless of who you choose to help out. You just may save me a few months by getting me past the tactical and onto the stratigic form of actual business building.

    I will not disclose any details concerning my business here – it would do no one any good and would be taken out of context by yourself.

    But, if you’re up for a “real” challenge – give me shot.


    PS We just went “official” a few months ago. We’re just getting started.

  139. Hi Rich,

    Three years ago I started an online business. Two years ago I was able to leave my cubicle job at the phone company. I am not a copywriter. I am not an IT person. I am proud of what I have accompished. I dream of contributing even more to others, especially my family. I never give up. Your gift of 60 minutes will change my life and those around me because I will make the most of every second. I deeply desire to take my business to the next level and beyond. I just need some guidance.

    I am just a person with passion and a vision….a huge vision.

    Best Regards,

    Laura Gawne
    South Florida

  140. Malcolm Gladwell in his excellent book The Tipping Point talks about how small things can make a big difference and I believe in remarkable and dramatic turnarounds – setbacks into comebacks (there have been quite a few major setbacks)

    Could the course of somebodies life be changed in 60 minutes? I would sure like to find out.

    Mike Litman has a great CD called Greatness Held Hostage and I think that is the case for many people.

    Jimmy Brown has an analogy which I like which I think fits in well with the Report about one person starting out pushing a car. He starts puffing and panting and doesn’t get too far in pushing the car so he looks to another car and thinks that one looks like it would shift easier.

    He starts pushing that one and before long he sees another car which he is sure will be much easier to push.

    Meanwhile somebody has started pushing the car he first started pushing.

    By the time guy number 1 gets to his 5th car – each of these have been pushed just a small way but the person who began pushing the first car was nowhere to be seen.

    He had kept with the first car and had built up the momentum…

    I would love to get that momentum going and need to master true Out-sourcing as have a demanding job with long hours

    God Bless


  141. Hi Rich,

    Thanks for giving us the opporunity to tell you why our businesses need your expert advice.

    Here is why I believe I should be chosen for your 60 minute consultation.

    Just like most business people, I am a hard working, persistant, creative, and an action taker. I am 22 years old and started Internet business at the age of 19. I am an inventor, product developer, marketer, busines
    owner, ezine publisher, and have been on many different sides of the spectrum. I am doing well right now, but I could do better. I believe that in this world, there is always room for
    improvement no matter the expertise level, far more can be achieved, yet most importantly I believe that I have the ability to use my love for those around me to help them start their businesses strategically.

    I am all about creating a strategic business plan and activating it no matter what is ahead of me. I am DO-er and a strategic risk taker, not a dreamer. Whether it means I will fail, I will take the proper action strategically and I will continue to be motivated.

    Let me give you an example of one of my Internet web businesses. I
    created a software that I knew would greatly impact the Internet Marketing world, yet before January 2006, I barely knew anything about Joint Ventures in the Internet Marketing realm. I had a great software product, yet I was not moving anywhere and I was making one sale per month. I knew if people saw the potential of my product as I saw it, I could use Joint Ventures to produce momentum that would funnel my product into success.

    Which I do thank those who gave me the chance to have my product promoted. I created a strategic plan, asked my friends for their thoughts, and then I took action. From January to March, I took action admist the many failures I went through, but in March I was able to do several Joint Ventures which funneled my software from having 100 customers to 1300
    within a 3 month period. My alexa rank for that site went from 2 million to 18,000 during the first two months. is the website and I have many other
    successful sites I recently started.

    Now I currently mentor and teach in workshops on topics of traffic
    generation for free due to my desire to help people in my industry. I also mentor individual that I believe to be persistant do-ers, not dreamers, yet they have un-used potential. I have taken on a few people whom I have taught and they have succeeded faster than when I had started. Many of these people had great potential which I saw and wanted to make an impact in their lives.

    I believe that what separates me and many business owners is that I believe in impacting lives and mentoring businesses to increase their potential profits. This has always been my major focus on and is the greatest reward in my eyes. With proof, I have a ezine list and many have emailed me saying that they are amazed that I
    truly care about their success. I have been told my Joint Venture
    partners that what made the Joint Venture relationship grow was my
    honesty, strategic action, and more.

    I truly have the desire to impact lives and that is what keeps me going in this business and I believe with your 60 minute consultation, I can take my existing business and strategically use what you give me to help my business grow. At the same time, I will used my business to continue to impact the lives of thousands.

    Thanks for giving us a chance to apply for your consultation. I hope you realize my potential and my love for impacting those in the business industry.


    Stephen Luc

  142. Hi Rich

    I think it is possible to take an MLM product and with the
    correct sales letter and technique, it should be possible to
    get people interested.

    I have come across one of the best skin care products ever.
    Everyone who has tried it, (and there are many
    including me), has had tremendous success with it.
    I believe every woman should have a chance to try this
    product. The 6-piece kit is composed of four main products
    for daily use, a facial, and a night cream. The most important
    aspect of this makeup is that the ingredients are mostly from
    natural source such as aloe vera, chamomile, arginine, squalene,
    sundlower seed oil and so much more. It contains all of the
    essentials (Vitamins A, D, And E included) so that the product
    can work work in complete harmony with nature to cleanse,
    condition, nourish, and protect the skin. Those who have used
    it marvel at how well their skin has responded and they “look
    year younger”. The product is that good that women can acquire
    the Natural Look without makeup

    I have set up a website of the before and after picture and my story.
    I have also set up 7 free tips which I call “Secrets To a Natural Look.”
    I think with the right setup, right sales page, right follow up system,
    more women would get to know about this fabulous product which
    sells for $129 US. Four of the six daily products can last 2 months
    and the facial and night cream can last 3 to 4 months or more
    depending on how often the person uses the product. It takes
    someone who really knows what to do to pull this off, but I am
    determined to find the way, the know how. I think it can be done.
    The product is 100% guaranteed, so there’s no problem there.
    What is needed is to persuade the reader that this product IS THE
    BEST, that they can trust what I say..

    I think if anyone can pull this off, it’s you. I hope you think
    this challenge is worth it. Thank you.

  143. Hello Rich,
    I don’t think I will get accepted since I live far away from you and not a native English speaker. (I am in a poor Asian country)
    But I have to say thanks to your manifesto. After going through it in detail, I understood that everything you told about “Lack of focus”, “Productive time” and “outsourcing” is 100% true.
    I am working in Tooling engineering industry for past 10 years. I got hooked to internet around 3 years back. I have always believed that a person must make money by doing something which he/she really likes to do in life. Most of us are working in companies whcih we do not like to work since we have to make money for our living. Once I learnt how to build websites, I soon realized that making money while building websites is the best thing which can heppen to me. Because I love internet and building websites.
    I have started my website, which is an informative site in the field of tooling engineering.
    I wish I could learn more from you and persue my dreams of working on building websites full time.

  144. Good evening Mr. Schefren.

    I couldn’t resist your offer to tell you why you should help me build my online business the right way! I figure I’ve already got an astonishing grasp of the wrong way, so what do I have to lose by trying, eh? (No, I’m not Canadian, I just like to say, “eh”.)

    I’ve been in offline sales and marketing for the majority of my professional career and have made a respectable living at it. I have been told by owners and managers I’ve worked for that I am a natural salesman and possess an innate desire to provide 110% effort to my prospects and customers.

    I understood the wisdom contained in your Manifesto, which I printed out and hung over my desk. I found myself nodding my head and saying “uh-huh” all the way through it. I have lately truly learned the lesson about “productive time” by dealing with the fine folks at eBay. Their mission in life appears to be collecting untold amounts of money in listing fees while inviting you to fritter away countless hours reading and answering their seemingly unending autoresponder messages.

    I KNOW there’s a better way!! I need to learn the secrets of keywords and meta-tags and sitemaps and link reputation and exchange and affiliate marketing. All the things that I don’t yet fully grasp. I know I will eventually, but a kick in the butt such as you could provide would undoubtedly give me the boost in confidence that I need.

    I have fully committed myself to my new online life. I’ve been in business for myself for the past four years, working from home, but I’ve been planning this venture for quite awhile. I’m in it for the long haul, have a clear vision of where I want to be in one, two and five years down the road and am willing to invest up to one year before I see any appreciable income from it.

    If you help me, I promise to listen and I guarantee that I will put what you teach me into action. Who knows, I may be able to teach you something as well!!


    Dan Velcofsky

  145. Rich, if you choose me, it would be a dream come true. I have impacted every organization I have ever served because I have a good sense for marketing and I am a sponge when it comes to systems. I am great at tweaking systems and making them more efficient but terrible at designing them. As good as you are, I am sure you have learned from many of your clients. My main strength is my people skills and I like to get under the hood of every product or project I am involved in. I have yet to figure out how to translate that to the Internet. Most importantly, our 401k is gone due to medical expenses, I am disabled with little chance of returning to regular employment however I must do my part so my wife can retire in 4 years at 62. I am building this business for her.

    Rich, if you don’t pick me, I feel like I have already won just by reading your Manifesto. Just recognizing that I am an opportunist has already paid dividends and made me prioritize and focus on that which I want to do instead what I am wanted to do.

    One question for you, how in the world did you get a hold of my biography?

  146. I’ll be real Im 21 years old, I dont believe in alot of things on the these internet marketing websites. I feel like Ive learned alot in my time going to school and reading all these get rich sites. I have two websites that I would love to market on the internet, I get an idea on what to do, but lets be real, it takes time and money, time I have, money I dont. One site is about the internet and web design etc. and the other is top secret. joke, but that one I cant talk public about yet since its a startup company. But, all in all show me wrong cause Im dont buy half of this things, not saying I dont believe in you, I just dont know yet. Thanks

    [email protected]

  147. Hi Rich

    I’ve been marketing online for about 2 years. I’m currently promoting 2 business opportunities
    and finally starting to see some encouraging results.
    I want to make the transition to product owner. I have a great concept for a membership site that would appeal to all online marketers. Many marketers are confused and feel ripped off with all kinds of traffic claims from many unscrupulous companies promising a gazillion unique visitors. Members would have access to results of various traffic sources.
    Early research shows this service would be in great demand.

    Why choose me? I believe with your help it can be developed into the permier traffic validator on the net. And of course the biggest testamonial anyone could possibly give.

    My greatest strengths are concept creation and a’ go thru a brick wall’ determination.
    I’m weak on sequence ofimplimentation, so Rich I would be honored to be selected as your next student.

    I understand how difficult this choice will be so I ask 1 small favor if not chosen. Can you please recommend someone Who could help me if not selected?

    thanx a mil

    Dave Menzelefsky

    647 885-4766

  148. I’d love to talk to you for an hour. After 16 months on the internet battle field and trying to do the right things, have got me scrambled!

    Brief History: 16 months ago my wife and I were laid off from high tech and I convinced her that we could change our lives and build a solid future for us and the kids on the internet. We took some money we had and bought a web package and some coaching, found a great product we believe in and everything came together nice. (Some minor issues)

    So I started and built our site myself and followed the coaching and spent the next 8 months building my website, that’s everything from layout to checkout. Meanwhile doing the linking, submitting, content, writing articles, press releases, built a blog, started an affiliate program and every other task you outlined in the Manifesto. Hoping for some sales and a quick Google index and some growth, haaaa, what was I thinking?

    While I was enjoying what I was doing I just wasn’t getting anything out of my efforts. I started to look down the traffic paths and spent too much on traffic schemes and other things like ad blasters and blog blasters etc.. I’ve been down the pay per click road and other cheaper advertising and marketing due to limited funds, but no improvement.

    I started working part time days and working the site at night, longer days. I started to build decent link popularity and got indexed and a few more months went by and still slow growth. I kept going and then I got panicky and searched or an SEO solution and after a heavy tag, 5 months later I was only mildly ahead of where I started but I have seen some exposure in Yahoo and MSN, but Google is a problem. Even though they give me a PR5 I certainly don’t see us in the search results.

    I’m only receiving between 60-80 hits a day and my conversion rate is fairly low, so I get caught trying to drive traffic and work aimlessly to figure out why no one is the buying mood. After 16 months I find myself wandering if it’s possible to make even a modest income, but I really think I can.
    We’re real close to breaking through, we have a great product, and we truly believe in our offerings and care for our customers. We have all the pieces in place, site, security, blog, affiliate program, link manager, seo, we’re so close but I’m having problems focusing my efforts to break through.

    Having 60 minutes of your time to not only help our site but help me understand how to arrange my thoughts moving forward. We don’t want a “here today, gone tomorrow” website we want a business for years to come. I’m at the point where I feel like it’s about to break through but I need to recharge and refocus and I’d prefer to do it with your input! I need a plan.

    We just want an honest, successful business that provides a quality, affordable product for our customers, while giving us the opportunity to spend more time with the kids, provide for them and maybe be able to afford a vacation. I’ve already done a lot of work and I certainly don’t mind doing more to make this a reality.

    I’m sure whoever is picked will benefit greatly from your help but I hope it’s me! We’re so close; I just need a smack for focus and a nudge in the right direction, we ready for success!

    Thanks for listening.



  149. Hi Rich,

    The single biggest strength is that my “why” is BIG enough… let me briefly explain.

    You see, just as I was about to turn 30… I lost a very dear friend.

    I made a promise on her deathbed, that at the time, I didn’t know would change my life. Long story short: Driven by a “why” much bigger than I was… I ended up on a 10-year sojourn during which time I interviewed over 5000 incredible people around the world.

    Now, my cancer programs are on five continents and, in North America,they received prestigious medical publishing awards and are listed as the #1 patient and professional orientation resource throughout every cancer care clinic on the continent.

    All on a shoestring promotional budget… going up against such publishing Goliaths as Time Warner and Life Journeys. In fact, my bareback “dog and pony PR show” to the top 25 media markets in the U. S. resulted in a phone call by the Executive Producer of Murphy Brown requesting the use of my cancer series as the show “theme prop” during the entire 1997 fall season, which focused on breast cancer. So in essence, I am very much a “raconteur” … telling other people’s stories (wisdom) for the benefit of others.

    True to this purpose, I now wish to help others who have a “good” message (wisdom/ expertise/ seasoned specialized experience)a way to utilize my considerable “in the trenches” PR experience online … to “earn” a following (commonly called “list” building … albeit the Internet is about people) through straight-forward (no riskly tricks) organic PR and promotion. (I have a system I am just now putting in place to disseminate my knowledge).

    So I am in essence using the experience form my long “assignment” to help others realize their dreams… for I have observed that once one’s financial needs are met… they go on to achieve an even greater success … as they stand in their own power and evolve into their greatest self-expression.

    I thank you for your generosity in offering this to people.


    P.S. I recognize that the site listed is in extreme need of update as I have been totally involved with global positioning of the expertise of two incredible “pioneers” in the energy field since completing my cancer “assignment” four years ago… that focus in not pertinent to my current re-positioning of my expertise … in progress as I launch.)

  150. Hi Mr Schefren
    I am writing this in hopes of some help, I have been doing online marketing for about 2 1/2 months now and I am in infomation overload. I presently work for myself, and have been for 13 years now, I know alot of people would think well she doesn’t have aboss looking over her shoulder like others do, or have to punch a clock. Well what I do is take care of severly handicapped people in my home 24/7 365 days a year, it cost me $400.00 to get out of the house for a 3 day weekend. (If I can find someone to come and take care of them that I trust) I have devoted my life to taking care of these people, but I have no life,if they are sick all night then I am up all night. Now I started this business so I could make a difference in someones life, and I have done that, and I love them like they are my own, but I am almost 47 yrs old and physically giving out because of all the lifting,( 2 out of 3 are in a wheelchairs and all are totalcare, bathing feeding, changing diapers etc..) and I just can’t do this anymore, but my problem is there isn’t enough hours in the day to work that could replace what I make for money, I get paid good for what I do, but if you do the figuring for 24 hours a day I only make about $6.00 dollars per hour. So to cover everything I need to make about $10,000.00 per month to cover all taxes etc. So that is why I need help. I’ve given my life to them and now I NEED it back and I’m stuck. If you choose some other deserving person I will understand, I will find another way. Thank you for your time.
    Sincerly Kim Weston

  151. 5 Reasons Why Rich Shefren Should Choose Dr.Mani:

    Reason #1: We’re both dedicated, committed, workers-learners. Everything you say and do proves your committment to your students and mentees. It is a pleasure, even delight, to work under such a caring coach – who energizes and empowers his students.

    Reason #2: We’re both good – you at teaching, me at learning. You are one of the very best business coaches I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting and knowing. And I’ll be one of the best students you’d ever hope to have!

    Reason #3: We’re both passionate – you, about sharing your business experience from real-world insights, me, about putting that knowledge to effective use in my online work and leveraging on its success.

    Reason #4: I’ll tell everyone how great a business coach you are, and boost your fame and popularity sky-high – until you’ll be a house-hold name in the online marketing world. (Edit: Sorry, too late… just noticed you already ARE!)

    Reason #5: You’ll help save a child’s life (or even many of them) – literally! Details about this are on my website here:

    Hmm… I just typed this out in a reflexive flourish – but when I sit back to read it and think, I just realized one thing…

    You’ve ALREADY done ALL of this for me – 2 years ago!

    So, seeing as there are 150+ requests for your time and skills that have been posted earlier, and having enjoyed the fruits of your wisdom and knowledge for 24 months now, I’ll be less greedy and let someone else grab you to work with them.

    But this I’d like to say:

    Whoever the lucky person is to get Rich Shefren to hand-hold and guide you through your business growth, you are REALLY fortunate. This man knows what he’s talking about – and is a FANTASTIC teacher.

    Don’t listen to Rich Shefren – just do what he teaches!

    All success


    P.S. – Sheila ROCKS, too. Without her help, I may not have been able to come to the U.S. and meet Rich. So, thanks Sheila 🙂

  152. Hi Rich,

    This is the story of a woman who
    three years ago, left a highly stressful job to pursue an online business. She allowed herself several months to learn all she could, since all she knew how to do was send email.

    She studied diligently, believe it or not, day and night, very determined to make it work some how, some way.

    She purchased internet courses from some of the best “internet gurus”, looking for answers. After all, others were making money on the internet. So she
    should be able to as well, right?
    That’s what she thought and still does, in spite of the fact that after the past three years of working, working, every night,
    every day, she has only made a few sales.

    Right now she is “stuck”. She doesn’t know what to do next. She’s done what she’s been told to do by the experts, but she knows something is missing. But What?

    She put together lead capture pages with what she thought was good ad copy. Not selling anything, just capturing leads to go into her auto responder where she has a series
    of emails set up. The emails are each full of information/content so as to build relationships. They are definitely not “sales pitches”.
    She has faithfully done what she was taught to do.

    She drove traffic to her site and
    built a small list to which she sent emails each week for seven months.

    After seven months she thought–The Definition of Insanity is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over and Expecting a Different Result.

    So she began to do more research, read more e books, listen to more tele conferences,…………………

    Thinking if she kept at it long enough, she would get it all figured out some how.

    And then she got your e mail and feels confident that with the right guidance, she can achieve her goals.

    I am that woman and I want to thank you for your kind offer of help. My greatest strength, as you read above, is persistence. My business is nutritional products, and I want to help people suffering from arthritis
    and people who are experiencing stress. I sincerely believe the my story as written above illustrates why I deserve to have your much needed assistance and expertise. God Bless.

  153. Hi, Rich,
    I have the best reason in the world to be chosen. I recently lost my job, and want to start a millionaire website, so I can work @ home. I have applied for disability, but would dearly love not to have to take that kind of step. I am intelligent, eager, hard-working, & a real follow-through person. I have no web site to start with, so I am also completely malleable. I present you with the unique opportunity to make me what you will. I am wide open for success, and the sky’s the limit,
    (if that), with where the 2 of us can go together.
    Thank you for your time.
    Ellen Martin

  154. Hi Rich,

    First off, your Manisfesto was superb and very eye opening!

    I think I would be a good candidate because I am a hard worker, self disciplined, self motivated and dedicated to learning as much as I can to succeed.

    I also finally learned enough to create my own product, ezine and have an affiliate program for my product.

    But right now, I feel stuck. I just can’t seem to get to the next level.

    But with your expertise and my willingness to go to the next level, I’m sure I’ll succeed.


  155. Hello Rich,
    I’m sure that you have been deluged with pleas for help from every quarter. Mine will no doubt be similar. In my case, I would be asking for assistance, not so much for myself, but for my wife. She came to America 5 years ago. We have been so busy working and have been unable to come up with the money and more important, the time to go to visit her family in China.

    I am indeed the one that is trying to make a living from the internet but it is not so much for my benefit but so that I can give my wife a better life. The two of us have been working hard at our day jobs but I so dearly want to relieve my wife of the stress of worrying about the future. We have been giving our best for our employers but have nothing to retire on.

    So, I began applying my energies and talents to a web business. I have good writing skills and good site building skills. My first site, has had modest success. I am working on other websites, and others, trying to make the breakthrough that has so far eluded me.

    I have learned a lot since I started this online quest. But there is something that has escaped me. Obviously, I don’t know what that is but I am hoping that you would show me.

    Regardless of who gets the great benefit of your time and advice, thanks very much for making this offer. It’s a wonderful thing that you would give of yourself. There are so many that are willing to sell, sell, sell, but so few that are willing to give real value. As you know, what you give, you will receive, so you shall be rewarded for your help.

    Thanks Rich,

    Michael Matthews

  156. Hello, Rich!

    I’m 62 years young, and–as my email address suggests–I’m a teacher. I know where I want to go (live on 10% and give away 90% of my income, for example) but don’t know what steps to take and in what order to take them in. I almost seem paralyzed by all of the information available.
    My best attributes are my willingness to work hard and my bulldog tenacity to succeed. I’d especially like to promote my Stemtech site since it is a virtually new company with a breakthrough product that works to support the release of stem cells from your bone marrow. However, since I’m flexible and adaptable, I’m willing to do whatever you think would be best for my situation.
    Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.


    Bill Carver

    P.S.—Thanks for your Manifesto. You hit me right between the eyes with the fact I’ve been an opportunity seeker instead of an entrepeneur.

  157. I have a college funding business that helps parents of high school sophomores, juniors and seniors who will not qualify for much, if any, financial aid determine the best way to leverage their income and assets to pay for college – preferably on a tax-favored basis.

    The business’ biggest strength is that there is an annually renewable source of potential prospects (parents) who are highly motivated to act. They generally will work with me for all 4 years their child is in college. And there often are multiple children!

    Most of the information on becoming a “success” on the internet is geared toward people selling products. I need help translating a well-received offline service business into a profitable online business. Being selected would allow me to significantly reduce my learning curve and allow me to determine the priorities and what I should focus on and what I should out-source to someone else.

    P.S. I read your Manifesto. Through you charts I was able to determine my hourly rate is $408.16. Between being exposed to that concept and your discussion on opportunistic vs. strategic thinking was invaluable.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  158. Hi Rich,
    I developed a program which releases emotional stress in minutes and I was so blown away by the results I thought people would beat a path to my door – however that has not been the case.

    I have done everything that the “Guru’s” say to do, yet it has not produced the results.

    This program has the ability to heal so many people if only I could get the word out there in a way that people understand the utmost power that this program can do for their lives and their relationships.

    I have reached the point where I have seriously considered closing down my websites and putting that time and energy off-line.

    If you can help make this a successful on-line business then you will have succeeded where EVERYONE else has failed…are you up to the challenge


  159. Hi Rich,
    The Manifesto really puts things into perspective and also highlights more about “what I don’t know and need to know in order to succeed”.

    My partner Katie and I have put together a couple of websites and we’re grateful that we have had the right people and contacts to help us get started.

    We’re committed to providing an amazing service to our clients and equally committed to making money on the internet and to giving back what we put in.

    In order to make the next ‘leap’ of owning a thriving internet business, one that helps us achieve our goal of being financially free (an income of over $250K per annum), we know we need a mentor.

    Presently we’re putting in so much effort for very little return; we’re drowning in a sea of information and are in desperate need of a ‘captain’ to help guide our business and channel our efforts into the right place.

    Will you be our captain?

    Rich, we’re totally committed to creating a successful business and doing whatever it takes – short of providing a product or services that are worthless.

    We’re not looking for handouts, we’re not looking for someone to do the work for us, we’re looking for a Guide and hope that you can be that person.

    Thanks for the opportunity to get this to you, we’re grateful for every opportunity that comes our way.

    Best regards,
    Paul Newland & Katie Holmes

  160. Dear Rich

    Desert Wave Enterprises has been online for some years as a part-time operation while I work elsewhere. I have my own ebooks and earn an income from them and selling affiliate products, but the income is not at the level to which I aspire.

    I’ve been learning about the numerous facets of online marketing and feel I am now at the stage where I know what I need to do to develop a residual income of around $100,000 USD per annum to provide me with a comfortable retirement in two years time. I’m aware that while I have everything I need to achieve my goal, it needs some serious fine-tuning. For example, I need to narrow the range of products I sell on one site and try not to be everything for everybody.

    My strengths include excellent writing skills, attention to detail, self directedness and persistence. Maybe my best strength is that I’m a good listener.

    If you help me fine-tune my online presence, it will enable me to reach my goals and you to demonstrate your excellent business building ability.

    Thanks for this opportunity.



  161. Hi Rick,

    Many thanks for your invitation to perform a 60 minute makeover for my Internet business ~ or should I say my would-be Internet income stream. My problem is, frankly, that I’m so full of information that I don’t know where to start!

    For example I built a web site to support my ‘off-line business’. I created the whole thing myself in Dreamweaver. The site’s still there and gets some hits, but I stopped my off line business two years ago.

    Then there’s a site I built around a popular musical based upon a Victorian sensation novel. I built that one in XSite Pro and imagined that it would make some revenue via Adsense. [It’s located at]. Even if I say so myself it’s a great looking web site but as to ad-words, forget it!

    Currently I’m building a web site in Drupal, which is a content management system. It’s about a camera called a Fuji Finepix E900, [] and is the first site I’ve attempted that uses aggregated content. My aim is to produce sufficient content to bring hits, and then open up a discussion forum so that the site’s users begin to write the content for it. Revenue would come from Adsense, and also selling back end products, such as books, ebooks and image editing software. I suspect the niche may just be too small for all the effort involved.

    My journal is located at ~ I don’t attempt to gain revenue from it, but simply to present a transparent image to the world, a human face if you like. If you read the blog you’ll see that I live practically on a beach on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, not far from the Greek island of Rhodes. You’re probably thinking that my Internet business is failing because I’m spending all my time fishing or swimming. I hate fishing and swimming but right now they seem like far more fun than looking for achievement on the Internet!

    Why do I live here? My wife loves the sea, and Amazon this is a fine location with really clean air and water to bring up two year old Amazon.

    But for me, I spend far too much time in front of the screen failing to get organized, or even preparing to be organized and grow a successful business. On the other hand I have absolutely no doubt that I am potentially a successful Internet marketer, frankly Internet marketing is the only endeavour that I have ever seriously attempted and remain stuck ~ that can’t go on.

    I have three strengths:

    1, I am persistent, as Winston Churchill once advised: “never give up”. I only do so when completely defeated, and even then if I get second wind I’ll have another go!

    2, I’m pretty versatile, too versatile I suspect having read your manifesto, I like to do everything myself!

    3, I won’t compromise. If it doesn’t suit me I won’t eat it, drink it, perform in it, or dance someone else’s tune to it. On the other hand when I’m passionate about something I commit fully.

    Also I have three resources:

    1. A loving family supports me, when it rains, as well as when the sun shines.

    2. Previous successes have placed me in a position where I don’t have to work. For sure I’m not wealthy, and I enjoy success, but if I stopped doing everything today I could survive for a long time, if not indefinitely.

    3. The air and scenery here provide the opportunity to take time-out, refresh and regroup.

    Coaching me will require you to overcome three challenges:

    1. I live on the other side of the world, so little chance for face-to-face contact. I am unlikely to walk into your office, or you into mine?

    2. What capital I possess I regard as belonging to my family, especially two year old Amazon. I am very reluctant to part with it unless pretty certain that it will yield at least twice as much revenue, in a short period of time, as I have expended.

    3. Always I undervalue my time, and talent. My math isn’t really up to snuff. The pages in your manifesto concerning my ‘Magic Number’ had me blanked out for some time ~ all the stuff on the Internet about up-lines, and down-lines just sends me into a trance. However, I do appreciate that Pharaoh did not build the pyramids on his own, indeed he did very little.

    So Rick, give me your 60 minute makeover and I’ll be your friend for life. Put me on your coaching list and my wife and baby Amazon will be your friends for life too. But most of all Rick, no matter if you offer me the makeover or allow me to be coached by you, always be true to yourself. Continue to look after the little guy and I’m sure scores of little guys like me will look after you.

    Thank you for your time,

    Stephen Bray

  162. Latin America..!

    Spanish/English bilingual Niche, what are the advantages of a growing Spanish-Latin American Internet market..?


  163. Hi Rich,

    My name’s Marie Torres and as soon as I saw your post about the 60 minute makeover, I knew that this was meant for me and my husband, Andrew.

    I completely believe in the “Law of Attraction” and I know that I called this opportunity into my life because this is exactly what we are needing. I think it’s amazing that when you ask for something, the universe always answers, and this time my answer was Rich Schefren and the 60 minute makeover contest!

    Honestly, the chance to sit down with you would be unbelievable. Plus I truly believe that if you decide to work with us it will be a total win/win situation for all of us!

    So here’s a little background on us.

    Andrew and I are both 29 years old and have both been working full time on the internet since 2002.

    I think like many people, we struggled but like they say, you can’t help who, or what you fall in love with, and Andrew and I both fell in love with marketing on the internet.

    The idea that we could create a life by design simply by marketing on the internet was something we couldn’t resist. So when we finished university, we decided to pursue internet marketing instead of our respective careers (you can imagine how unhappy our parents were!).

    So we went along for years, very dedicated to becoming successful, that even with the little money we had, we spent whatever we could on products just to learn. In our first year alone I know we spent over $10,000 buying products just to learn whatever we could get our hands on.

    To understand how focused and dedicated we were about marketing on the internet, and becoming successful, at one point Andrew and I even sold our house in 2003 because we didn’t have enough money to afford our house and keep our internet business afloat.

    So our lives went on like this for a couple more years, making some money but not anything close to what we knew we could do. Then in January 2005, we decided to apply our internet marketing knowledge to help us market a direct sales company that we joined …what happened next was AMAZING!

    In just 15 months, using our internet marketing knowledge (finding niche markets, using the PPC, lead capture forms, list building, posting in forums, using articles and press releases, viral campaigns etc…) we implemented our own lead generation system and generated over $306,000! What enabled us to do that was everything we learned from those ebooks and other learning tools we bought during our years of struggle.

    In fact, it has been so rewarding for us that we have been featured in various ebooks including Mike Dillard’s “Magnetic Sponsoring”

    To name our strength, it is definitely creative marketing and persistence. We always have amazing ideas and because we think outside the box, this and persistence has helped us immensely.

    Right now, in our direct sales company, Andrew and I have a huge team and it’s very rewarding but we want to get back to the internet marketing because this is what we LOVE. In fact, in the last couple of months we have started to seriously concentrate on building our internet marketing income again and this is one of the many reasons I believe that the makeover is coming at the perfect time!

    I think our main issue is that we need direction. Part of it is that we don’t know what to do with the websites that we have. We have so many of them and even our main site right now is a jumble of pages that we built awhile back and it needs a major makeover.

    I am in the middle of trying to reorganize and revamp but it can be an overwhelming task. For example, we have many lists and even though we are capturing the lead there is no follow-up or even a OTO. When I think of some of the other things we might be missing, I know that working with you would put things in perspective because you are great at breaking things down and making it easy to understand.

    It’s so amazing that in the last couple of weeks we have started to really internalize the importance of having systems and have now begun to outsource various projects (something we never did before).

    To us, all of this is synchronistic – things are unfolding for us and this is a pattern that always occurs in our lives. We really feel like we’re on the verge of another great breakthrough and we feel like working with you is a huge part of that breakthrough for us. We see your makeover as another synchronistic event in our lives that proves to us that we are on the right path.

    So, to wrap up, I know that if you pick us we will be forever grateful and at the same time dedicated, passionate and willing to learn from you.

    This would be such a great opportunity for us and I know that whatever you tell us, we’ll take to heart and apply the knowledge. The success we experience moving forward from here, will be in direct relation to working with you and I am excited about that.

    By the way, the reason I know this makeover is destiny for Andrew and I is because July 4th is my birthday. I am turning 30 on the 4th and winning this makeover with you would be the BEST 30th b-day present ever!

    Thanks Rich for letting us share our story and I really hope you pick Andrew and I 😉

    Marie and Andrew
    “The Marketing Couple”

  164. Excellent information, however, as a ‘newbie’of a few days, still with a 9-5 job, I am still struggling with setting up a site. There is so much information available to buy that I am unsure what to access. I would be delighted with help to ‘make a business’ happen. I understand that instant success is a dream butI have the determination to succeed and will do so. Your help would be most appreciated.

  165. Hi, I have struggled on my own as a one man band long enough. I have a unique product in the pipeline but need some sensible, quality, independent advice on how to make the transition from hobby to career.
    Al the Best

  166. Hey Rich

    I’m certain there are a lot of worthy recipients to receive your makeover and honestly can’t say I’m any more deserving that anybody else.

    However, by choosing my project, your impact would benefit many thousands of current and aspiring Broadcasters who are either looking to enter, advance, or leave the field of TV or Radio broadcasting.

    I recently purchased the website as a backend service for my business. The intent initially was to turn it solely into a jobs membership site, but the idea has evolved into a full-blown “Online Broadcasting Career Center” due to the underserved nature of this market.

    My singele biggest strength would have to be integrating systems, processes and ideas from unrelated markets into my own industry and business.

    While at Yaniks Information Marketing seminar last weekend, I had the opportunity to have lunch with Marlon Sanders. After exchanging pleasantries, the conversation evolved to my new project, to which he made an insightful comment “It’s always hard to prioritize the important tasks when your rolling out a new product or service”.

    So true… and thats where your influence and expertise would be especially helpful. Identifying the most practical systems to implement would expedite the project-bring it to market quicker- and benefit many thousands of people in the meantime.

    As a side bonus, you’d also have my assurance that your act of kindness would be paid forward by me to others, as well.



  167. Dear Rich,

    Thank you so much for your Manifesto. You spoke directly to me. For years I have been looking for the next big thing. The next opportunity to move me forward, the next tactic of the week, month or year. I have been an opportunity seeker for much too long. Thank you for freeing me from the chains of an opportunist who thought he was an entrepreneur.

    I remember reading some of the first financial newsletter published by your friends over at Agora when I was a youth. At the tender age of 12 I was reading the direct sales letter for Taipan (Taipan Online now, the financial newsletter). You see, I had a great interest in investing and making money, even then. While other boys and girls were dreaming of becoming a rock star, famous football or baseball player or singer my dream was to become a successful business person. Why, you may ask?

    I’m not really sure, but I just wanted to have the freedom and lifestyle that I saw was apparent for the “rich and famous” people. I remember fairly distinctly that this direct mail piece from Agora Publishing discussed a great stock called Silicon Graphics right around the time that Terminator 2 had just come out. It was their recommended stock and I remember that to this day because at the time Silicon Graphics was a little known company that no one had ever heard of. My father did not subscribe to that newsletter, but it left an impression upon me to this day (13 or 14 years later).

    The reason that I wanted to become a business person was because I was told stories as a child about my great great grandfather who started an import and export business in hong kong and shipped to and from the United States (a long time ago) and later branched out to real estate. He did well enough that my great grandfather did not work a day in his life and was able to father over 9 children and leave a legacy for his family. Over 4 generations that wealth has not been retained, however I feel that I have the entrepreneurial spirit that lived within my great great grandfather. I would like to create a fortress around my family that nothing can penetrate as Jim Rohn says.

    I have been fortunate enough to have had many mentors and teachers throughout my life. Some I have studied and read from afar, others I have worked with closely. You have helped me realize that time is of the essence. I have been playing around and making a “hobby” of this internet marketing thing. But I do see now that there is not much time and I need to create a business. I better get my butt in gear and mark out my spot in the wild wild west before the big boys come and just wipe us all out like a tsunami. The most important thing in our lives is our time and how we choose to spend it. The discussion of leverage and systemization really clarified for me how to gain more time and buy back my life. The process mapping idea simplifies how to create systems. If we cannot figure out what we are doing in a repeatable way with metrics and follow a set procedure we will get different results every time. This is what pilots use, McDonald’s use, and this is what Rich Schefren uses.

    One of the other biggies for me was that I really do have all the information that I need right now. I do not need to get more information unless it moves me that one step closer to my goal or target. Becoming laser focused on that one thing to the exclusion of all else. I have tried multiple MLM’s Excel, Quixtar / Amway, OBT and The Federal Chamber of Commerce. I have tried several programs and purchased inordinate amounts of products and courses from the gurus and not so gurus. Yet the success I seek has eluded me. It wasn’t because I had bought the wrong thing, or didn’t have enough information. It was because I had not become who I needed to be in order for that success to come to me.

    My biggest strength is that I listen and learn from all places in my life and am teachable. When the student is ready the teacher shall appear. I know that I will be successful because I have the end in mind. My vision is to build a financial fortress around my family that nothing can penetrate. Then when that is done elevate and expose the abundance mentality to all children and youths of this world so that we can build a better place for future generations. I remember a video of Jim Rohn drawing a triangle and telling people that you can pick if you want to be at the top of the triangle and making a lot of money, be in the middle and be making a moderate amount of money, or at the bottom and just getting by. It is all a choice, but not being aware of the possibility that youths and children have a choice is sad.

    Thank you so much for the Manifesto and sharing just a sliver of your vast knowledge that has rocked the Internet Marketing and business world. I look forward to working with you. Good luck with your projects with Agora. They keep coming out with so many new and different things (I liked the grouping 5 or 6 newsletters into one package and then having a limited time, lifetime membership) and say hi to Bill Bonner and Addison Wiggins for me. I’ve been reading their DR stuff for about the last 2 years. Always something amusing to read there. Especially when they talk about the “lumps”.



  168. Dear Rich,

    I know exactly what I want but I need your guidance as to how to get there.

    Following the advice of yet one more guru, I initially aimed for my Internet business to bring in ‘multiple streams of income’. In the past year I’ve tried affiliate marketing, I’ve created my own software product for sale, I opened an on-line store, I’ve designed websites for others and now I’m into creating an empire of AdSense websites. Yes, you could say that this is opportunist thinking. But everything I’ve done seemed like a good idea at the time(!) and, even when it turned out otherwise, I gained very useful skills and experience.

    After one year I am poorer and wiser and I’ve narrowed down my options. I’ve eliminated the failures and stayed with the successes. My business is bringing in a small but regular income which I now want to use as seed-corn investment for expansion into the big time.

    What is my business? Briefly, here’s what:

    Affiliate Marketing
    I have a residual and growing income from promoting the ‘Reese Report’. I’ve put up a simple website, I buy AdWords ads: the affiliate income exceeds the cost of the ads and I make a profit. This runs on autopilot.

    Website Design
    I designed a website for a group of network marketing reps. Each rep pays me a monthly subscription to use the website They get a personalized version of the website to promote their business (you need to click through one of the links to see this). I have an affiliate scheme running for this: subscribers can introduce other reps and I pay them a commission. This is profitable and takes a couple of hours a week to maintain. This website has a Google page rank of 5!

    AdSense Websites
    This is what I really want to do because I can use my skills in what is an almost infinite market.

    I use some of the income from my other two ventures to subscribe to a service which provides me with content and research on high-paying niche markets. So far, I’ve created 10 websites (like and I’m aiming to create one more per week. But although I love doing this, it’s very labor-intensive. So, this is where you come in. I want you to help me create a system which will enable me to expand beyond my one-person capacity and grow an empire of websites which will bring in the fabled mega-bucks. I need to start small, but leverage my effort and income to achieve my goal.

    What’s my single biggest strength? Persistence.

    Why do I deserve to have you work on my business? Because I’ve made a start. Because I have my vision of where I want to go. Because I’ve demonstrated that I can think strategically. And because I know that this is a very ambitious enterprise and I need expert help!


  169. Hello Rich:
    About my business. It’s more a vision of the next generation
    in single family housing that I beleive will revolutionize the entire industry. In a nutshell, it’s an energy efficient “subterranean green home” for lack of a better term. The final idea
    was to produce three homes inside a five acre chunk of land that are
    totally energy efficient and self-
    sustaining. Bieng “buried” in the
    ground leads me back to the days when I was working as part of an electrical re-build crew on a cyanide gold extraction system in the 1980’s. At lunchtime (being as there were mine shafts and drifts within walking distance) we would walk into the drift about 50 meters to eat. Following the “hard-rock” miners into the side of a mountain didn’t make sense at first, until we sat down to a nice
    76 degrees . .as it was 108 outside- in and around the mill building! And the idea has been refined from then on. The ideal configuration would be in the shape of an “asterisk” fifteen feet below the surface. Photovoltaic controlled electricity, with hydrogen generated back up systems and low-voltage LED lights in all rooms. So half of the “topside” of the house could have a garden, a flower bed, or whatever. It wouldn’t need to be wired to incoming electric at all, and would be much warmer in the winter.. cooler in summer. .etc.
    They would also be tornado and
    earthquake immune due to the fact
    that the entire framework would be
    coated sheet metal.
    My single biggest strength is my
    ability to think strategically. I am looking at market conditions, ways to utilize the land for more than one purpose, and appealing to
    a large scale of homebuyers who might live in the desert, or along the tornado belt, or in the antarctic. Why would I have you help me? In reading your manifesto, I have NEVER been as inspired by the impact of a single
    PDF in all my days on the web. You have an incredible prowess for laying out the details of time management and cost strategies I’ve never seen before! One word
    sums it up. OMNIPOTENT. I’ve been working on this project now for 11 years and two years ago aquired the land. Also, last year my good friend who owns a large scale printing business gave in to help with the CADD and printing of the plans. Another local architecture
    “coach” has also climbed aboard.
    Finally, everyone in the last year or so that has seen the details of this project has given
    a unanimous “thumbs up.” I beleive
    this ideas’ time has come. For the planet, the people, and especially
    our kids. They need an inheritance
    they can manage for generations to come.

  170. I have got a vision for myself, for the entire community and the Nation.I cannot forget the continente where I live neither the world whrere I am.I love all the Nations and peoples of the world.I have really got a dream for all human beings on this planet.I am thinking and planning to work on the Angolan Projection for and to all Nations.I have concrete and specific projects to motivate and heal my family, the community and my Nation.I believe God for great accomplishments even though I neetmore than I can figure out NOW.

  171. Hello Rich!
    I met you in the spring of 2004. You took the red eye to Los Angeles to make a presentation to Jay Abraham’s marketing seminar and I was in the audience.

    When I heard you talk about your Internet business, I was in awe. I knew I had just caught a glimpse of the wizard behind the curtain we call a browser. I was envious as hell because you claimed you were a relative newbie at the time. And yet you owned hundreds of websites pulling in massive traffic and you were making a gazillion dollars a day.

    As for me, I’m a serial entrepreneur with a law degree. I think my greatest strength may be my ability to see opportunity everywhere, but I’m not an “opportunity seeker” as you described. I don’t buy businesses in boxes. I love the start-up phase of business, but tend not to love the business after about year 3-5.

    In 1983 I started the first B&B in Missouri. When I sold the business in 1991, there were almost 200 B&Bs in that state.

    In 1992 I started a regional golf magazine in Missouri promoting Lake of the Ozark golf courses (“Myrtle Beach of the Midwest”). Within two years I had expanded it to The International Golfer’s Guide and had commitments from 5 major U.S. railroads to let me put it in commuter rail stations where affluent golfers living in the suburbs would see it every day on the way to work.

    I sold my business to go to law school, but then closed my appellate law practice after a few years because it lacked the excitement of the marketplace. I discovered I could make a lot more money flipping real estate than writing winning briefs.

    A couple of years ago I met Harv Eker (Secrets of a Millionaire Mind), attended all of his seminars, became a Joint Venture partner with him and got a thousand people to sign up for his seminars (using online and offline methods). I am a member of his Inner Circle.

    I am now in the process of branching out. My plan is to promote other businesses or organizations that will pay me to find customers or members for them. Talking with potential clients is generating a lot of excitement. I have purchased cutting-edge lead generation software and am launching this new business as we speak.

    Your Manifesto really hit home. I am used to wearing a lot of hats, because I can. Sometimes that’s my downfall. I can do it all, but I really shouldn’t.

    Your Process Map made absolute sense. As soon as I saw it, I felt a paradigm shift. The work must be designed, streamlined, and automated, and above all, the work must be outsourced. Brilliant.

    Rich, I would love to spend a lightning hour with you so you can deconstruct, dissect, and detail the areas where I am facing the biggest challenges. I invite you to rework them so they become the biggest profit centers of my new business. Let’s get started!


  172. Well, I seem to fit the profile of most of the posts here: a fairly new business, conviction that I have a “great” product/idea, plenty of determination and persistence, tried all kinds of different systems but just can’t seem to get launched. After reading your manifesto, I realize that the missing ingredient for me is a strategic business plan.

    I don’t have a business background, so I lack basic information and experience about what it takes to build a long-term business. The more I try to build something, the more I realize I don’t know and the more I keep having to backtrack.

    First I tried to figure out how to build a website. Then I realized I needed to have something to put on the website, so I searched around for content and products. Then I realized I didn’t know if the content I was putting up would be valuable enough to build a business around, so I started trying to learn how to evaluate niches. Basically, I was running from one “hot” product to another and paralyzing myself into inaction.

    Then I read your manifesto and realized that I have been working totally backwards trying to throw a bunch of things together and calling it a “business.” Ha! I don’t have a business, I have some websites that I keep hoping will make some money. After reading your manifesto, I went back to my original brainstorming sheet to see what I really know and am passionate about. I don’t want to throw up websites about a topic just because it can make a lot of money.

    I hate how many websites out there contain nothing but ads and junk. When I’m looking for answers, I don’t want to find sites with no real content or value. I want to create sites that I am proud of. I want to offer real value and personal content that serves the needs of people. In other words, I want to have a BUSINESS, not a website.

    Now I realize that I need to start over to build a real business from the ground up. I need to develop my own manifesto of what I want my business to be. No more bouncing around from one random niche to another. Next I need to lay out the blueprint of how I can achieve those goals. No more dabbling with one business idea after another. Then I need to develop or search out the tools and content to build the business. No more senseless grabbing of e-books and products that have nothing to do with what I am trying to achieve. Along the way, I will need to be on the lookout to develop long-term relationships with people who can partner with me in developing a successful business. No more trying to wear all the hats! You see, I need to learn how to be an entrepreneur.

    So why do I deserve to be chosen? Basically because I am willing to develop a long-term business relationship with you. No, I am not a high-powered “guru,” but I would like to add value to your business in some way. Perhaps as a starting place, I can provide a test case for helping the “typical” hopeful new internet marketer develop a real strategic business plan and launch a successful business. If you were to invest your time in me as a test case, I believe I could offer you excellent feedback and would be willing to work with you on future development of products.

    My biggest strength is my ability to take a pile of information and distill it into an understandable and practical form for others. I love helping others achieve their goals and develop best practices in whatever they are doing. I am also someone who is willing to “pay it forward” by helping others develop their businesses, so 60 minutes invested in me would be multiplied to many others as well.

    Thank you for making this offer. I hope you will let all of us take a peek at what you do to help the “chosen” one. 🙂

    Audrey Berry

  173. Hello Rich,

    I have had a presence on the Internet for a few years now with moderate success. I firmly believe in the “Laws of Attraction” as well. There have been so many positive things happening to me over the past year. It’s all in the mindset that I have and I expect them to continue. There has been and will continue to be an abundance of blessings showered in my direction.

    Yesterday, I received an email directing me to your Manifesto download and without hesitation I proceeded. Again, the “Laws of Attraction” at work.

    There were several things within the Manifesto that caught my attention, but the BIGGEST one was the diagram of my organization. Yes, you got it “YOU…YOU….YOU”. You get the picture.

    My lifetime vision is simply “TO GIVE”. Give of myself and spread that giving so that others will benefit. It might not be today, nor tomorrow, but sometime in the future they will benefit. That is where your “60-Minute-Makeover” comes in. The more I know, the more I grow, therefore the more my circle grows.

    I look forward to the experience of learning from you. Thanks so much for choosing me.



  174. Hi Rich Schefren,

    I don’t wont your free opportunity, I do wont to be able to invite you to be one the first to join my new internet business which will be launched late 2006 or early 2007. When I am ready, I would like to be able to contact you with the details, and if you are interested I will welcome you aboard.

    Best regards,


  175. Rich, I suppose my highest skill is the ability to trigger money-making ideas for my clients, either one-on-one or in executive retreat settings. (My niche is doing business in the Asia Pacific.) That seems to be the fun, easy and effortless part of my work. Everything else (writing, developing training programs, reading emails from people you have trained who want to sell me more “activities, tactics and tricks”) slows and weighs me down. As you say, I have not made effective decisions on what activities I should be spending my time on and what activities others should be doing. The result is that I am always preparing to launch and never quite getting there. (One reason your outsourcing advice is so right for me.)

    Over the past six months, I have worked to lay a solid foundation for my internet business (physical book, ebook [in process], communication skills training program, CDs, “Asia Mastery Coaching Program,” websites, sales letter, articles, ezine). No delegating and outsourcing systems. No process. Clearly, with your guidance, I would have launched long ago.

    Why do I deserve to have you work on my business? Because I am immensely coach-able, highly respectful of mentors, and ready to make the change to your strategic approach. I probably work harder than anyone you know and you can be sure that I will implement all your suggested strategies, as I know better than to argue with success.

    Thank you so much for this opportunity. Whether or not you select me for your 60-minute makeover, thank you for your thoughtful and practical Manifesto. In particular, I appreciated your insistence on developing long-term relationships with people who have expertise outside one’s own.

  176. Richard, our organisation specialises in Orthodontic Solutions for adults and children. To that end our product exists on two levels, namely: the tangiable treatment plans our clinical specialists and staff implement on patient’s and the experience our patient’s perceive in terms of the service we provide them over 18-24 months. Long term relationships with our clients are fundamental to success of their treatment and our business growth as these people are ultimatelly our biggest referral source.
    Having arrived in the UK 3 years ago to expand our Australian based business (15 years and hugely successful)we have in this relatively short time managed to establish three surgeries across the UK and done a pretty damn good job to date overcoming every challenge and obstacle thrown at us. We are on the verge of a significant expansion in Oxford where the opportunity to capture a significant share of the Private market (£££) exists. We are currently working on the design of our UK web page and having been keenly aware of the exponential growth of internet sales & marketing in the UK in the last 2-3 years, we would be grateful for the opportunity to involve your skills and expertise in bringing this crucial element of the marketing of our business to fruition.
    Most pleasingly, your manifesto spoke a language that our management team is fluent in with some a number of your key ideas and concepts being central to the foundation of both of our businesses, particularly in terms of strategy driven goals and systematic driven process and procedure. Our goal of a global business that allows people to step in and out of our organisation for a mutually beneficial outcome is happening as you read this but it would be all the better for your input.
    I look forward to speaking with you soon.
    David Zollo
    Marketing Manager
    +44 7866 586 551

  177. Rich,

    I thank you for the kind gift of your manifesto, and this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have you work on my business!

    As of this morning, I have read your manifesto four times. Each time I read it another veil is lifted from my eyes. Thanks to you, I can see, and understand why I have been repeatedly running into that “wall” head first.

    I have experienced moderate success on the Internet, but it has all been trial and error. Nothing has been easy, and my first path has never been the correct one. If it does nothing else, your manifesto has proven to me that I am not the only one making these stupid mistakes.

    The fact is, your manifesto has already done so much more for me. Flow charts, systemization, outsourcing, out-tasking…I will be eternally grateful. I live in Florida, on the water with a boat tied to the dock behind my house. My boat has not left the dock in three years, and my life has been centered around my computer. Thanks for giving me my life back!

    tell me about your business is the business I would ask you to work on. We have a product that works, and we receive many testimonials. Here is just one powerful testimonial from a user of Psoriaway.

    “ A friend gave me some of your product “Psoriaway.” In 29 years it is the only thing that has helped!” -P.H. – Norwood, CO

    Psoriaway was developed by a man that actually has Psoriasis and is the result of someone spending years trying to treat himself. Psoriasis can only be treated…there is no cure. With over 7 million sufferers in the US alone, we have a huge market, and can do much to relieve the pain and suffering associated with Psoriasis.

    We also have several back end products for our clients.

    your single biggest strength

    I take action!

    why you deserve to have me work on your business

    I do not deserve to have you work on my business… certainly not more than any one else who has taken the time to write to you on this holiday weekend.

    But, I would like to repay kindness with kindness. If you choose me, I will donate 10% of the net of this business to those less fortunate than myself. I would like to have the funds spent on providing your stand alone coaching program to those who need this financial help to learn, and achieve their dreams.

    I think the program should be performance based, so it is not wasted on the “magic bullet” seekers. But, I would turn full management over to you, and give you full access to all income records of my business.

    Best Regards,
    Ray Barley.

  178. Hi Rich,
    I sell protective eyewear for sports. My goal is to open other sporting goods stores, each specializing in different products. I like the idea of each store connecting to each other but with a verity of url’s. I think customers will enjoy this shopping experience, so they don’t feel overwhelmed with too many products in one store. These are my goals, now, why you should pick me! I am a mom that received an idea from someone her husband talked to. I made a decision to read and learn as much as I could. I started out with very limited skills on the computer. Then I found a product and a wholesaler, made my website and started my advertising. I have a great deal of dedication and work ethic. I want to excel and create a super sporting goods shopping network. I am willing to listen to any ideas and constructive critisism you have to offer. I feel this has been a great learning adventure, although this is just the begining of the trail. I would appreciate and use any information you could teach me on how to improve my store. I would like to take all my new knowledge and grow my business into a super shopping network. It only takes one idea with a great deal of work and dedication to become the next person to be! I would like to be that person.
    Thank You for your consideration and time.
    Shirley Maiani

  179. My business is about true culture which is missing in the industrialized world. No, TV is not a culture in my book; it has to be something you do personally to build up society. Culture is not a vicarious experience like a couch potato watching his favorite TV show. Culture is being constantly equipped as a person to beautify the room you are in simply with your presence. Will anyone miss the couch potato when he is gone?
    People are going here and there so fast they don’t really live. is about a simple craft people can do with two pairs of pliers and jump rings. It is called chainmaille jewelry. My customers tell me they can slow down and actually loose track of time with this craft. I get really excited when they tell me that because I am helping facilitate a quiet counter-cultural revolution. Having this pivotal role has helped me feel like I am needed in the general sense by society. It has given me a larger purpose. My customers have won and I have won.
    I am a 5th generation jewelry designer, classical guitarist, mechanical designer and I am a multi-media publisher, but more directly I am able to facilitate via my e-book and instructions a stunning customer experience. My customers tell me how happy they are to have a new ability to make their own fine chain jewelry.
    This is a culture. A culture consists of people who have more to offer themselves and others today than they did yesterday.
    Rich, it is not “deserving” that brings me to submit my story; it is the thought that with your makeover I could spread my kind of culture, true culture, farther a field. I could reach more people, serve them more richly, and as a result, be able to serve my little family at home.

    Matthew Woodbury

  180. i DO NOT have a website, neither an idea about something which has not be done yet already. All i want is to earn more money without spending too much time on it, as i am already very busy but NOT EARNING a lot.
    Cheers from Switzerland

  181. Dear Mr. Schefren,

    Why would you spend 60 minutes re-engineering my business? Because at 60.01 I would start implementing everything you would have suggested.

    About my business: I’ve been online for 2 years selling an ebook on how to potty train a puppy. I am a real dog trainer… contrary to lots of people selling dog related products online. I’ve been implementing all the fundamental marketing techniques, testing, tweaking, improving, but it doesn’t change my bottom line. I always make the same $500-$600 profits a month.

    My single biggest strength: I’m extremely organized. It might not sound like the “super” strength of the century, but it makes all the difference between wasting two precious hours in a day and making these hours the most productive they can be.

    Why do I deserve to have you work on my business: Because I’m a doer not an opportunist. Because I want to give back. Everybody wants more money in their pockets, but the truly rich person is the one who uses it to enrich the life of others.

    Thanks for your manifesto,

  182. Hey Rich,

    This is David Green; I’m the CEO and owner of For Career Success, LLC.

    We focus on transforming your career into treasure by supplying superior knowledge to career professionals emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

    My strength is in generating and implementing ideas. We have 8 websites within our web-ring and more than 8 quality products, but sometimes I don’t know how to strategically arrange my ideas or resources so there most profitable for my customers and my business.

    There are 4 reasons why you should pick me and here they are:

    1.) I’m going to give you all the pieces to my business and how they currently fit within my puzzle (blog, name capture pages, salesletters, products, future plans, and my current project) prior to our consultation. Then we can strategically complete the puzzle the right way. That way the time we spend together will be more productive for me and you.

    2.) I already have all my questions carefully crafted and ready for you Rich. So I have to warn you, I will challenge you so if you’re not ready to be challenged in a BIG way… don’t choose me.

    3.) I will not disclose nor share any of your strategies or our conversation… period.

    4.) Since you’re generous enough to offer me a guarantee of 60 minutes, I want to make you a guarantee. Here it is… if I don’t implement all the strategies you give me BEFORE the end of this year, I will personally send you a check for your normal 1 hour consultation fee PLUS your chosen percentage of interest. This not only makes me accountable but as you can see I’m not in this to waste your time Rich.

    You became a millionaire at age 22 but now the real challenge is to help another 22 year old (like me) do the same. But you know what, I wouldn’t be writing this letter to you if I didn’t know you could help me in a big way so let’s make this happen Rich!

    I’ll talk to you soon Rich,

    David Green
    Career Private Eye
    “Finding Treasure in Your Career”

    PS. I appreciate you for taking the time to read this Rich and I thank you for giving me this opportunity!

  183. I do not know if my website will be ready by the time that you or somebody else on your behalf will visit my website, since I am struggling in putting together the sales letter; however you still can visit the website and download a book sample of the products that I already have and I will continue developing and that I will be selling as soon as I finish with the sales letter.

    If it is needed for your consideration, I will be more than happy to provide you with copies of the three finished products and three videos to teach how to play the game that I already have, just let me know and I will sent you the download link for them.

    What I have been working on for the last six months (considering that I still need to make a living out of the Internet, since so far I have not been successful), is creating a new version of the Sudoku game that instead of using numbers uses something else (I started with colors but I already have other options that are pretty cool), and also you have in front of you all the possible solutions for that particular game that allows you, by the process of elimination and following simple logic rules, to find the only solution to that particular game.

    Since the market for this product is already tested, and just visiting a bookstore will confirm that statement, offering something that is a little bit different but better, in the sense that does not uses numbers, since numbers are used only because four, six, nine, twelve, sixteen, etc. different objects are needed, but anything else can be used; and it is more visually attractive than mere numbers particularly for children.

    I believe that this is a challenge that you would like to have credit for. Why I said that? Because it is a series of products that will never be repeated and will never end (remember that Sudoku has something in the neighborhood of trillions of possibilities, and that is only for a 9 x 9 board, how many there are for boards of 12 x 12, 16 x 16, or bigger? almost infinite.

    Second, this is a product that can be sold anywhere in the world, it just needs to be translated to some key languages (Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, etc.) and those markets are ready for it. Since there are very few words involved, this type of work can be done pretty easily, and by the way, I am almost done with the products and videos in Spanish (since I am a technical translator and I do that for a living).

    Third, there are many other possibilities for developing other products around the same concept, like software for computers, a handheld device, a physical board (better than my do-it yourself-board), etc.

    I am also considering offering a subscription-based service, in which for a smaller price people will receive the brain workout that they need (meaning as many different games as they choose), this is an idea that I am trying to develop based on the fact that we do something about our bodies, but most people are forgetting doing something for their brains.

    This Sudoku-version concept allows creating seasonal products involving events like Halloween and Christmas (I already started working in some ideas regarding that), where instead of using colors, different symbols representing these seasonal events can be used.

    The corporate world could be another source of income for this type of product, because instead of using colors (like my first product) I can offer them to use images of their products and/or logos, etc., and then they can offer calendars, or something else as corporate gifts. There are not limits for this.

    Even for families this same concept is applicable, since they are going to be able to either design their own boards or replace the colors with pictures of the people they love.

    I can go on and on and on, and it will take me a while until I explain all the different ideas that keep popping in my mind around this concept, but I hope that I already offer you a clear picture of it.

    Regarding my strength I guess that I am gifted with the skill of long term vision and great imagination, which allows me to develop an idea from a concept to a whole new level that is richer and deeper, however I do not have the skills to bring partners and/or people that can help me marketing and making all these ideas real.

    And the reason why I believe I deserve your help, is quite simple, I have been looking for help (mentor) for a long time, and I know that is getting closer because my brain keeps bringing ideas without any rest, and I know that I need somebody else to help me going from the world of ideas into the real world; I just hope that that person is you, and as the saying goes, “when the student is ready the master will appear”.

    And last but not least, since we already have a connection because your name ends where mine starts, maybe that is an indication that we should try to work together to see how far we can go, due to the fact that I am not planning in making this potential help from your part only a one-time deal.

    Thanks for your consideration to my small presentation, and thanks for giving your time to a bunch of persons that are willing to do something for themselves.

    Warm regards,

    Efren de Gortari

  184. My reason is your Manifesto. That has been the greatest motivator I’ve ever read.

    I’m 72 years old — I’ve been knocking around on the Internet for over 16 years. The reason I’m asking for some help is that I’ve never learned out to go beyond the “knocking around” stage.

    Am I able to follow your lead at this age? Yes! I am sure I can. Obviously, at this age, I don’t have an outside J.O.B. — I can devote the time necessary — I just need to learn HOW to turn more of my time into PRODUCTIVE time.

    If anyone could teach that to me — it’s you.


    Ron Rink

  185. Rich, ** PLEASE DO NOT PICK ME!!! **

    Yes, YOU read that right, Rich!,…but here’s the “fine print”: Please Do NOT Pick ME, as one of the many unlucky, yet desperately hopeful (and perhaps equally deserving), clients who YOU did NOT select to be the “ONE lucky person on my list, so they can experience a
    true feeling of independence on July 4th.”

    Rich, YOU most definitely do NOT remember ME, but we did meet face-to-face, one-on-one. Where? When? Why? How? For How Long?

    I somehow (by ways of Divinity, perhaps, or a mindset attuned for attracting the “right” person & opportunity — at the right time),…..

    …met YOU at the great Armand Morin’s “big seminar” in the Fall of 2003 in San Franciso.

    Do YOU remember that ONE, Rich?

    It was during an intermission, while the genius Stephen Pierce, was speaking about the principles gleaned in his phenomenal “The Whole Truth”.

    I was coming out of the mens’ room, and it was almost as if YOU were waiting for ME, right outside the doors to get back into the main forum….

    The look on YOUR face was as if you were under a controlled, deep, intense “zone” — a ponderance of a multitude of ideas, and mind-explosions, based on what Stephen was presenting, in the very next room!

    The look in your eyes was as if you had something — too many things — or perhaps an epiphany — and had to leave the main forum to assimilate the thoughts in YOUR genius head…and had to share it with SOMEONE, right then & there!!

    You walked up to ME (Thank You for selecting ME, Rich!)…and you basically gave me the bottom-line synopsis of Stephen’s SMART Pages system & priciples in a mere 7 minutes!! HOLY SHNIIKEES!!

    Our “meeting” was absolutely mind-shattering — at least for ME!!…and obvisouly for YOU!!

    …However, somehow, my mind was not quite ready for the transitional, transformational “serum” that you injected into my brain!! I did not know the “WHY” of our brief meeting.

    ..Rich,…I have been following your footsteps ever since that fateful day…….and…..

    * I am NOW ready!….My mind is now ready… business is now ready….for YOU! *

    So the venerable saying goes,… “When the Student is ready, the Master appears…”

    Rich, you appeared to ME once already, however I was not the “right” Student.

    I am Now! Please CHOOSE ME, the Lucky One! 🙂

    * My Business: A loosely-connected network of ideas, ebooks, websites, blog, affiliates….around my direct sales (network marketing) business, with specific stated & written goals.

    * My Strength: I already know YOU, Rich! (and You know Me). I know how YOU operate, and have a strong sense of YOUR business philosophies, and how YOU think.

    Let’s re-connect, Rich, and materialize what we were supposed to, starting back on that fateful day (thank you Armand!) in 2003.

    * Why I deserve to be selected:
    YOU’ve already selected ME, Rich.
    You’ve already chosen ME once before,..however, perhaps we were both not ready the first time around. I know where You’re going, I know what YOU want to do. I’m here to help YOU, Rich.

    Let’s continue where WE left off, Rich, and finish what WE started. 🙂

    Your Apt Pupil, Your Partner in Prosperity, The ONE,

    Alain (Alan) Diza
    …the Ex-ENRON guy…
    Houston, TX

  186. I am in the process of developing a web site in which I intend to be an affiliate for other sites that show people how to create money and how to best handle the money they now have. People need to learn about money in ways that are different then they now have been taught. I see my web site as a way for me to teach people about money that can and will show them how to really gat all the wealth the desire and deserve. The internet is such a powerful way to get much needed information to a large number of people. Yes I do intend to make money with this site and I feel that making money by helping other people realize their money dreams is a great match. I am going to do this and prosper and help amny other people prosper at the same time. Your help would speed up this whole process and I would be very appreciative of your help. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

  187. Thanks for providing the info in your manifesto and allowing us an opportunity to share our needs with you.

    We own a few businesses in niche markets (7yrs) and one in the internet marketing niche (2 yrs). Over the past year we launched our first major product and hosted our own conference. Since one of our strengths is taking action with the courses we buy, these events were a success. Our other strengths include creativity to develop products, ability to develop and maintain positive relationships with customers, and integrity to stand behind our products.

    Where we need help is in tying together our products and activities with an overall strategy. Since the last Big Seminar, my husband has been looking for a coach that will give him direction/focus with our daily activities and our business plan. He wants to choose the most profitable direction to move in, as well as capitalize on his own time with the most important daily activities. We both have a hard time letting go of all the activities required of a business, but we know this is necessary to grow.

    We also need to leverage our existing products, customers and affiliates so we can move to the next level. Moving to the next level will take guidance from someone who will be brutally honest with us.

    Finally, we believe your advice will free up our time as we outsource our needs and perform in our strengths. Then, our children will not have the memory of daily seeing the back of Dad & Mom’s heads as they work continually at the computer. We will have more time to do what is most important – spend time with our family.


  188. There is a saying: “If you don’t change direction you end up where you’re heading for”. Thanks to your Manifesto I can now see where I ended up: Opportunist-Hell. You burst my bubble – for the past 30 years I thought I was an entrepreneur and the hard going was simply part of the package. Today I understand that the difference between an Opportunist and an Entrepreneur is simply a well defined and managed strategic plan – that ONE thing that I somehow never had time for.

    I am most certainly that guy who has bought everything that remotely looked like an opportunity to make money. There are however two positives from this! First and foremost it placed my email address on a list that put me in touch with your Manifesto. Secondly it taught me that the only two people that ever make money from these money-making systems are the author and the affiliate that sold it to me. Each one of these systems simply deprived me of more time and contributed to a further decrease in my monthly income.

    After the message of your Manifesto hit home, I simply got up and drew a line. I turned off some of my sites and vowed to take time out until I have defined my strategic plan. Now, if only I can pinpoint my actual productive hours then I can work on a plan to double or triple them . . .

    My business consist of 3 income generating areas: I provide SEO and Internet Marketing services to Small Businesses ( Greatest problem – I ask too little and spend too much time with each client. During the past year I also delved into AdSense marketing and Affiliate marketing. I am encouraged by my initial results but after six months still find myself in the nickel and dimes earning bracket.

    My greatest strength (and curse)? I am a sucker for detail. I trust no second-hand information and will not rest until I have fully analyzed and discovered everything there is to know about the topic or system I am working on, and make it my own.

    I am ready to discover more. Thank you for your Manifesto!

  189. Pick Me!! Pick Me!!
    I’ve been whacking away at this for almost 7 years. After reading your manifesto, I see where I’ve made a lot of mistakes. I’ve spent thousands of dollars… the point that my husband says NO MORE!! The thing is, I know I can do this. I’m disabled and no longer able to work a “REAL JOB” yet I want my financial independence more than anything in the world, I just can’t give up!! So far all I’ve managed to do is put myself in debt about $20,000. I’ve bought all the ebooks, and read them. The thing is they all tell you what to do but not HOW! If I just had someone to talk to to help me get going some how!! I’ve done the google adwords (though I’m not sure that I’ve done it right) I’ve tried the classified, autosurf programs, safelist, you name it if they said it worked I’ve tried it!! (and still am!) I get to the point that I finally say maybe I should just give it up…..As does my husband, but I keep getting drawn back in. I just know I can do this!! Other people are…or are they? Perhaps they are just telling us they are so that we’ll keep spending our hard earned money that we don’t have to begin with. Man, I’ve even thought maybe just go on faith! That isn’t working either! I have a website, but I’m not sure that it’s set up properly. I really need some help!! I need some direction. As do most people who have posted here. I’m sure that my story isn’t that much different from any one else’s but the bottom line is, I’m will to do just about anything to prove to my husband that I’m not a flake. I can’t tell you how quilty a guy can make a poor girl feel when she just can’t get it to work!! Choose me and I will promise to use my knowledge to help other’s like me. Take this poor girl from the bottom and give her a hand up!! I’m telling you, I’m at the bottom of the heap, if you could help me of all people succeed at this online stuff…..I’ll bow down and worship you!! Do I sound desperate enough?????


  190. Thanks for providing the information in your manifesto and allowing us an opportunity to share our needs with you.

    We own a two businesses, one in a niche market (7 yrs) and one in the internet marketing niche (2 yrs). Over the past year we launched our first major product and hosted our own conference. Since one of our strengths is taking action and following experts’ advice with the courses we buy, these events were a success. Our other strengths include creativity to develop products, ability to develop and maintain positive relationships with customers, and integrity to stand behind our products.

    Where we need help is in tying together our products and activities with an overall strategy. Since the last Big Seminar, my husband has been looking for a coach that will give him direction and focus with our daily activities and our business plan. He wants to choose the most profitable direction to move in, as well as capitalize on his own time with the most important daily activities. We both have a hard time letting go of all the activities required of a business, but we know this is necessary to grow.

    We also need to leverage our existing products, customers and affiliates so we can move to the next level. Moving to the next level will require guidance from someone who will be brutally honest with us.

    Finally, we believe your advice will free up our time as we outsource our needs and perform in our strengths. Then, our children will not have the memory of daily seeing the back of Dad & Mom’s heads as they work continually at the computer. We will have more time to do what is most important – spend time with our family.

    ps. Our other website is I couldn’t include 2 links on the form.

  191. Hi Rich,
    Wow, What a great opportunity for an individual to have an hour of your time. I can only imagine how many responses you will get to go to that next level of business success.
    I am presently a PowerSeller on Ebay. I am also in the starting phase of opening an internet store. I have choosen my product line and I am starting to design my site. I have also taught myself some HTML without any formal training. I realize I do not fit all the criteria for this one lucky individual. So, the reason you should pick me would be to show how you can take someone who has nothing, and turn it into a successful business. I am a quick learner, and give 110% into everything I do. I would love to have the opportunity to open an internet store that is successful from the beginning. That is my challenge to you.
    Some lucky person is going to have a whole new definition of independence day. I would be honored if you choose me. Thank you for your time.

  192. An entrepreneurs dream.

    We have been in the retail bakery business for 25 years. We have sent 2 of our
    employees to the Culinary Olympic competition in Erfurt, Germany in 2000 and 2004.
    In 2000, one of our employees came back with the only gold metal in individual
    pastries. In 2004 another employee participated as a team member. The team won
    the silver metal. We are clearly focused on and capable of producing extraordinary
    bakery products

    In 2003, we closed our retail store, concentrated on local wholesale business and began
    the journey of creating an on line presence. That journey began locally and as of
    February we have begun to market nationally. With 25 years of business experience, and 16 years of teaching ( my wife has taught baking at a local community college for
    those years), we can produce and ship unique real world bakery products and provide
    limitless educational and information products.

    Lack of a competent and knowledgeable coach to guide us through the labyrinth of
    the internet . (this is one of many, but it is the primary weakness)

    The internet, in virtually every category, is seeded with impersonal and inadequate
    Products and services. We have the opportunity to be very dominate in our niche
    And the possibility to have my wife become the “betty Crocker” of the internet –
    Providing knowledge and products. ( As an aside, a few semesters ago, in a
    2nd semester continuing course filled with students from the prior semester,
    the class stood up and clapped as she walked into the room!! She is a great teacher)

    There are many, but as with most threats to a business, the greatest is a lack of
    knowledge. You can provide that.


  193. Hey Rich,

    Thanks for the truly inspiring manifesto. We’re already implementing your strategies and effortlessly saved/earned an extra $4,525 last week as a result.

    Here’s why giving us the benefit of your 60 Minute Makeover will definitely serve your goal of “completing the systemization” of your coaching program.

    Our greatest strength is actually a one-two punch:

    1) The demand for our unique and combined consulting services from Fortune 500 companies and leading “Social Profit” entrepreneurs (e.g. folks featured in Fast Company) far exceeds supply. We’ve grown our business over the past 10 years offline into a 6-figure enterprise.

    FYI, Our circle includes international leaders in finance, education and the arts, many of whom are ripe for what you have to offer. Rest assured that we aren’t shy about informing our network about top-flight resources.

    2) Thanks to a major life-transition last month, I’m 100% available to implement Internet strategies for the systems and infrastructures we need to take our business to the next level.

    In fact, I kicked of this year with Alex Mandossian’s Teleseminar Secrets course. Intensified caregiving for my aging father took me almost totally out of commission until he passed recently. Is it an accident that you released your Manifesto just as I’m getting back to serious work? I don’t think so!

    (See website,, for the inspiring story of how I’m turning the loss of my father into healing for the world.

    Are you aware that an estimated 17.3 million US women are desperate to learn strategies to care for their parents while carrying on their high-powered lives? Your clear, no BS approach to growing strategic profits is just what my sisters in service and savvy need. I speak their language. Show me how to implements the wisdom of your words for this niche and the case studies we’ll JV will generate wealth for multiple generations.

    Hey Rich,

    Thanks for the truly inspiring manifesto. We’re already implementing your strategies and effortlessly saved/earned an extra $4,525 last week as a result.

    Here’s why giving us the benefit of your 60 Minute Make-over will totally serve your goal of “completing the systemization of your coaching program.”

    Our greatest strength is actually a one-two punch:

    1) The demand for our unique and combined services from Fortune 500 companies and leading “Social Profit” entrepreneurs (e.g. folks featured in Fast Company) far exceeds supply. We’ve grown our business over the past 10 years offline into a 6-figure enterprise.

    FYI, Our circle includes international leaders in finance, education and the arts, many of whom are ripe for what you have to offer. Rest assured that we aren’t shy about informing our network about with top-flight resources.

    2) Thanks to a major life-transition last month, I’m 100% available to implement Internet strategies for the systems and infrastructures we need to take our business to the next level.

    In fact, I kicked of this year with Alex Mandossian’s Teleseminar Secrets course. Intensified caregiving for my aging father took me almost totally out of commission until he passed recently. Is it an accident that you released your Manifesto just as I’m getting back to serious work? I don’t think so!

    Are you aware that an estimated 17.3 million US women are desperate to learn strategies to care for their parents while carrying on their high-powered lives? Your clear, no BS approach to growing strategic profits is just what my sisters in service and savvy need. I speak their language. Show me how to implements the wisdom of your words for this niche and the case studies we’ll JV will generate wealth for multiple generations.

    Hey Rich,

    Thanks for the truly inspiring manifesto. We’re already implementing your strategies and effortlessly saved/earned an extra $4,525 last week as a result.

    Here’s why giving us the benefit of your 60 Minute Make-over will totally serve your goal of “completing the systemization of your coaching program.”

    Our greatest strength is actually a one-two punch:

    1) The demand for our unique and combined services from Fortune 500 companies and leading “Social Profit” entrepreneurs (e.g. folks featured in Fast Company) far exceeds supply. We’ve grown our business over the past 10 years offline into a 6-figure enterprise.

    FYI, Our circle includes international leaders in finance, education and the arts, many of whom are ripe for what you have to offer. Rest assured that we aren’t shy about informing our network about with top-flight resources.

    2) Thanks to a major life-transition last month, I’m 100% available to implement Internet strategies for the systems and infrastructures we need to take our business to the next level.

    In fact, I kicked of this year with Alex Mandossian’s Teleseminar Secrets course. Intensified caregiving for my aging father took me almost totally out of commission until he passed recently. Is it an accident that you released your Manifesto just as I’m getting back to serious work? I don’t think so!

    Are you aware that an estimated 17.3 million US women are desperate to learn strategies to care for their parents while carrying on their high-powered lives? Your clear, no BS approach to growing strategic profits is just what my sisters in service and savvy need. I speak their language. Show me how to implements the wisdom of your words for this niche and the case studies we’ll JV will generate wealth for multiple generations.

  194. Hello Rich,

    Thanks for this opportunity for a makeover. provides lists of people who have just moved into neighborhoods over the past week. The leads are emailed, ready to use. New movers are ready to buy, and we help businesses be first to deliver their offers. I want to grow this enterprise into a significant piece of a $100 million parent company. This month, we’ll add search-it-yourself and click-to-buy functionalities to our sales brochure website.

    Visibly, our single biggest strength is our subscription model, which conveniently and automatically lets clients get fresh leads on a regular basis. Invisibly, our biggest strength is the absence of weakness: after comparing the quality of our data with that of other providers, we have no real competition; our tech support is lightning-responsive and practically round-the-clock; we’re committed to creating systems that make it easier for customers to order and use our product, and give them marketing tips for getting high response.

    We deserve to have you work on our business because when you help us quickly dominate our niche, every business that our product is a good fit for will profit by coming to us for their new movers lists. On a personal level, I deserve to have you work on our business because I intend to grow this business tenaciously, like I’ve grown myself from a shy, stuttering boy to the not-shy, not-stuttering, much-improved, work-in-progress that I am today.

    Mark W.
    Marketing & Sales Manager

  195. Rich,

    Please forgive the slip of the finger that sent my reply to you thrice without as much as a “thank you” at the end for your generous offer.

    Believe me, I was raised better than that!

    No matter who you choose as the the lucky person for your July 4th offer, thanks for the clarity you’re offering us all.

    I listen forward to hearing more from you soon.


  196. Dear Rich,

    Thank you for the tremendous opportunity to have you review and enhance my business.
    Although I generally hide it, I tend to be direct and blunt. In this case, if you don’t mind, I am going to bring it out. I think it will save both your time and mine.

    I would glad to have you as a partner, consultant, or whatever else you would like.

    Here is why you should choose me. You will find that I am a motivated person. I do not mind doing the hard work it takes to make something successful. Contrary to most people’s concept of the internet, I do not look at it as a way to “get-rich-quick”, I do not believe in scams or getting scammed. My philosophy is that “Why should I scam somebody else, when I c ould acually put in some more hard work, and feel good about helping them.” However, I do not want to remain poor the rest of my life, and I am committed to creating a business that fulfills peoples needs, and that I enjoy.

    In addition, if you choose me, you will find a person that takes concrete steps. I have spent many hundreds of hours learning about online marketing, offline marketing and programming, and can proudly say that my knowledge has increased hundred-fold from when I first got interested in the market. I have already spent hundreds of hours on the website myself, and have finally gotten an investor to have it profeesionally designed.

    My website is It started of as an amateur website, as you can see. It is currently under a huge site redesign, and will go live sometime close to september. The idea was to shave hundreds of dollars a semester of the cost of textbooks for students, by having them buy second hand online. This is great, because every student in college is plagued by high textbook costs.
    I live in a low-income area, so it really is disturbing how the bookstore-run by the government, is hurting these students pockets terribly. The proof of the success is that there are many successful textbook websites online. What makes mine special?
    Interestingly enough, many of these require you to enter the isbn number to do get the book comparison prices. Nobody has started a campus by campus database of textbooks.
    Until now- I am. It is a big challenge, as the bookstore is scared, but, legally I have all rights to the information, and I am getting it. Once this plan works, I plan on spreading from campus to campus. I live in california, and there are hundreds of colleges, and hundreds of thousands more students.

    I think that the idea is huge. There are so many opportunities, that it is mind-boggling. I have a credit card site for one, that I plan on linking up to my main student site. I can do a product search engine specially for students, I can create blogs and forums for students, and make money off the advertising, the opportunities are endless!
    In short, this is an under served “niche” that is huge. My goal is to get under the radar of all the big companies, and, as soon as I see success from my first website, to get financing from associates, and spread to as many colleges as I can, as quickly as possible.

    There are many people that I am close with that have indicated a willingness to work with me, however, I do not have somebody that has gone through their own internet trial and error, and knows what works and what does not.

    I think that this is an amazing chance for you to seize on my dream, and help this concept turn into the tremendous results it is destined for. I think that you have done a tremendous by service by offering your services, and I really look forward to having you help me with the strategy, web copy and etc.

  197. I listened to your audio interview on Mike Filsaime’s program–as well on the Agora CDs. All of the other speakers were discussing tactical aspects of marketing that we have a solid grasp on. But what you were focused on was the exact source of my frustration– having too much to do, in too many different areas and because of it, making little progress anywhere.

    I’ve built 3 multi-million dollar companies, from scratch. I consult with other business owners who pay me six figure fees for assistance in developing and implementing direct marketing based systems in their business. Over the last 12 months I’ve launched multiple online projects–each profitable from day one. In fact, one of the businesses we’ve started online generates anywhere from $150K to $500K in revenue each month.

    But the bottomline is, I can’t personally continue this way. One of my top values in life is FREEDOM–and while I may have the lifestyle–I no longer have the life.

    Here I am, sitting in paradise in FL, and I do nothing but work. Something has to change. I must find a way to manage this workload and systematize my business so that it can work for me, instead of me working for it.

    I know you are THE MAN with the plan that can help me. People come to me everyday asking… sometimes begging… for my help. So I understand how difficult it will be for you to make this selection.

    I’ll turn this around either way, however, I recognize the value of finding the foremost authority on any subject and following their advice. So thank you, in advance, for this opportunity.

  198. Hi Rich! Since I’m on the West Coast, I’m hoping you’re giving us a tad more time…It’s 10:10 a.m. here….

    My business has been constructed entirely by myself. Not because I didn’t need or want help, but because I started my business on a shoestring budget. I did buy a few e-guides to help me on my way, though. I am now on my way to success and finally in the black.

    My business focuses on my customers’ needs and the desire to make sure my customers are happy with their purchases. I look to build long-lasting business relationships with them.

    My single biggest strength comes from knowing I’m in this for the long-haul. While I am busier that a one-armed (wall) paper hanger, I desire to come up with a system that will allow me to focus on new business ventures and some free time as well.

    I deserve to have your help in my business because I’m the hardest working person I know (notice I didn’t say the smartest). And while I am quite bright, I don’t always work “smart”. I’ve learned a lot from past mistakes (which is time consuming). I look forward to learning from you & I would love to be one of your success stories.

    Thank you so much for your time and this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

  199. Dear Mr. Schefren,

    I will grant you a singular thought as to why I would be a good candidate for your “60 Minute Makeover” offer.

    So if you would Sir consider this thought for a few moments. You made a reference the other day to an individual who is credited and believed by millions worldwide to have been fully responsible for saving what today has grown into nearly 6 billion people on this planet. I refer, of course, to your comment of feeling like Noah trying to hold back the flood.

    Although I would venture a very large wager that there are a couple of aspects of that writing that no one has ever drawn your attention to in your life. The first being that in the vision Noah was granted that eventually became his Ark; there were absolutely no life rafts considered, designed or requested. Secondly when those that were instructed to come to him arrived; he turned not one single one of them away at all.

    So you were granted your own personal vision of building an Ark and there have been many who have been instructed to come to you as a result of your sharing that vision with others as Noah most likely did in his time as well.

    Thus my question to you is this- “Would you invest your “60 Minute Makeover” offer in a discussion of how this Internet Ark being built here could become one where no one who has come to you would be turned away and left floating in their little life rafts of “The Internet Business Manifesto”, they have been given already, only to be swallowed up by raging waves later?”

    So in answer to your question of why you should choose me; I have this response, “Because I personally believe this Ark can be built to encompass all those who have found their way to its boarding ramp, under a rainbow of Internet success that has yet to be achieved.

    Respectfully submitted for your consideration,
    Douglas P. Blackthrone, AEO
    Golden Eagle’s Monetary Solutions

    PS: At the time of this posting it looks as though your offer will be handing out 199 life rafts. Is this truly acceptable to you, for if I read and understood your comment about no longer sitting on the sidelines watching so many dreams fail. I would not believe this would be acceptable to you.

  200. Hello,
    I think I should be considered because I believe I would represent your biggest evr challenge!I really dont know what I’m doing and , apart from flogging a few books and bags and jewellery on ebay I keep running round in circles spending more and more money and getting nowhere fast.I dont even know what time of day it is and have probably missed your noon deadline!But if anyone can sort me out you can!

  201. I actually don’t deserve to have you work on my business as much as the people I can help through my information and products do. (I sell an honest and highly effective exercise program as well as a healthy, and VERY tasty meal replacement protein drink) And the only way I can help them is if I can reach more of them with your help.

    Here’s a basic tenet… The most highly advertised products are usually not the best products. My field is Health and Fitness and I’ll give you some examples of what I mean.

    1. SLIMFAST – Everybody knows about it, and how it can “help” you lose weight. One of the most highly advertised products around for this purpose. Ever taken a look at the ingredients? water, milk, sugar, low-quality protein. Each serving has 34 grams of sugar (this is 8 1/2 teaspoons of sugar)?!?

    2. Ab-Doer, Ab-Blaster, Ab-Lounger, yada-yada. Think any of these really work? Think people get results from them? One of the most highly advertised pieces of exercise equipment in history. Yet Junk, Junk, Junk!

    3. More esoteric machines, wild diets, weight-loss cookbooks than you can shake a stick at. Yet, there remains only one core principle that truly will help people lose and maintain their weight for good. Yet, that information is not being provided to the masses.

    THESE ARE THE REASONS why I am asking for your help. Of course I would benefit, but others would benefit more. Are you up to the challenge to really help change the quality of life for many, many people?

    What would I bring to the table? A Never Say Die Attitude. Give me the basic template, point me in the right direction, and I will keep moving. As a business owner I completely understand all about hurdles. There is no free lunch even in the most perfectly of designed businesses.

    Want an example of what your coaching can do ‘IN THE EXTREME?’. Then choose me. Every other choice will pale in comparison to the results I will achieve.


    Because I have that rare combination of what you are looking for.

    First, I am a relative newcomer to the entrepreneurial world.

    Second, I have real products, not just information, this means you can offer this to bricks and mortar companies and larger established companies, typically a harder sell then the information junkie.
    Third, I have the means to implement strategies, hire people, pay for advertising campaigns (let’s just say I have access to mid six-figures in order to make this work the right way).

    Fourth, I will be an immense success REGARDLESS of whether you help me or not. It just so happens that you are catching me at the right moment in my business-building career – at the beginning. Now, I don’t mean that to sound arrogant, I just know my capacities. I do know this as well, without your help I will definitely go through a major period of the “school of hard knocks”. I would rather learn from the best and eliminate potentially years from my ultimate successs peak (is there really a peak though?).

    Fifth, I love to help others. This means I will be about as unselfish about this as you will allow me to be. Want me to speak to others and be a testimonial to your methods? You will find no better. Heck, when I won the 1998 Body For Life contest I spent the next year and a half helping others without pay or compensation, just the sheer fact that my knowledge made their lives just a little better was all that drove me.

    Sixth, I am able to communicate well, both verbally and in the written form.

    As you think about what you really want to get out of this, make sure you look at the big picture and all facets of the person and business AND… “HEART” of the person you will be helping.

    I have all the confidence in the world you’ll be making the right choice.

  202. Hi Rich,

    Thanks for this opportunity.
    I would like to start a membership site including webucation and marketing tools.
    I will soon post a capture page
    to start building my primary list. My main strength would be persistence against all odds. I do believe I will make it in online and offline business.
    I don’t deserve your help but would greatly appreciate it as I NEED to SUCCEED.

    Thank in advance

  203. I had a very quick start making over $1600 on my first ebook offer and I have made more then $10,000 in an hour but I’m exhausted, working too hard, and frustrated all the time.
    What keeps me going is the fact
    that my clients get amazing results with my ebook-writing and marketing courses and some have even written an ebook in one day.
    When I’m doing what I love it’s very rewarding but no where near enough time is spent in the work.
    Also I’m having a difficult time trying to figure out how to make my business work for me instead of doing what everyone else is doing just for the sake of making money.
    I want to succeed in a way that
    works for me and so far that isn’t happening.

  204. Once again, thank you and the staff for mailing so quickly. I’m interested in mathematics as you are. Online business has been my maximum goal to success and therefore joined and upgraded some affiliates programs. Having said that, I’m now revealing it to the world but it look and sounds if the proper tools are not there.
    I therefore needs people like you to continue the path to success.

  205. Rich, how you made so much money in hypnosis is beyond me,you have to be a genius.As Past Pres. of an national hypnosis assoc.,i have been sucessful in helping drug addicts kick their habit(written up in U.S.Congressional Record ,hypnotized a high school football team, allseason, 2-3x’s a week &they won their 1st championship in 20 yrs.(shown NBC nationally.)The only hypnotist that worked with a Super Bowl team & a World Series team,(the 1ST time they made it for both)& never made the kind of $you have.I am now ready to put my services on the net to reach a world wide mkt.& also to help people who are not able to travel for health services.You can be a life saver for many & help a senior finally make it, financially.My tithe would be to help seniors & altzeimer patients with several technigues that are proven successful.Testimonials available upon request.Keep up the great work. espectfully, Frank Rocco, R.H.,C.L.L.

  206. Hi Rich,
    I am an 82 year male licinf on SS and have recently declared bankruptcy. I have written an EBook (for a free copy go to I have a ClickBank account and a selling page. and the ebook is a WebSite digest of over 200 top sites for people to learn how to be a better parent.
    I believe that aach of these sites would gladly become an affiliate but I don’t know how to set that up.
    I am seeking a mentor/partner and would be willing to split the income.
    As ususl, I’m afraid I am a dollar short and a day late but nothing ventured, nothing gained.
    Thanks for listening.
    Dr. Vernon Brabham 770-893-2582
    Look me up in Google for my background.

  207. Hi Rich,

    Hopefully I made the deadline. Thanks for this chance of a lifetime. You probably remember me from the China trip. I sell belt buckles online. I have had relatively nice success over the last couple of years. With your help I realize I can dominate the fashion industry. My greatest strength is persistence. I know I don’t know everything about selling online right now. But I keep trying and learning and testing and learning. It would be awesome if you could help take me to the next level. I’m ready to go there. Thanks.

    Rob McNaughton-

  208. I believe I would be a good candidate even though I’m late (our comcast service went down this weekend)because your assistance in helping me reach people would truly change many lives in ways I do not believe any other product or service can. My personal a Blessing to everyone I come in contact with. I have a company that sets people up with a financial mentor that works with them one on one for extended periods of time. Typically we can help a family free up hundreds of dollars every month, pay off all of their debt including their home mortgage in five years or less, and retire within ten years all using just their existing income.

    It seems that virtually everyone is out there trying to make more money. The unfortunate fact is that even most of those who learn to do so only end up broke at a higer level. How often do we hear of the lottery winner who is bankrupt a year or two later? For the most part, there is no financial education taught in this country and most folks, regardless of their income level, are simply broke–living paycheck to paycheck and never getting ahead. A firm financial foundation is essential if anything is going to stand on it long term, yet the number of people who have such a foundation is mind bogglingly low.

    My organization provides people with the ability to create a better life and a strong retirement for themselves based on the money they already make.

    Why would you help me? Because I don’t really need the help. I have a proven system and organization and do quite well for myself–but it is not an internet based model–and it is not about me. Helping us to more effectively reach more people through the internet would Bless many people in many ways, and perhaps pave the road to a long term mutually beneficial relationship between our organizations.

    Respectfully Submitted,

    Dan Hollister
    Integrity Consulting Co.

  209. Hello,
    Thank you for the opportunity to be picked for a makeover. You should pick me because I’m a great student, I have written 2 books and 5 programs and countless special reports, I have bought many courses and followed them. The one piece all of the courses seem to skip over is how to get traffic to my site, keep them their and turn them into buyers.
    I will work as many hours as needed and follow your system to a T. Pick me.
    Thanks again

    Dave W.

  210. hi rich!
    i heard about this generous offer you are handing out and just knew i had to be the one to get my hands on it!
    as you probabely know, it aint easy to produce and market a successful buisness online, so im am sure, with your expeirience and my adaptability, we will create something special!
    I am currently the owner of 4 websites (2 of which i designed and sold to my mates), so obviously i have some idea about website design, just not a clue about marketing!!!
    the website i currently run is a restaurant review site. It has great grapphics, amazing admin and a friendly welcome page….it even has firggin ‘restaurant virtual tours’!!!….except, nobody is coming to it!!!
    rich mate, i need your assistance desperately!!!

  211. Hello Rich
    I’ve been getting e-mails from all sorts of people claiming to be the answer to my problems and the problem i have with that is they all seem to be selling the same thing. However I believe if you hang with the right people some of their inspiration will surely rub off on you. Now i’ve spent some time reading your Blog and noticed that some of the guys you rub shoulders with are actually some of the same said people I have met over here in the UK and one Steven Pierce actually spoke it me at the Wembley conference centre with regards how to research your niche. This kinda got me thinking a bit and decided to drop you line to outline in a nutshell that I’m actually the sort of person who you could help, I’m very ambitious, dedicated and put the hours in especially when there is a need to develop a strategy. I have a number of sites all new and still in the development stages and all in different areas of business verticals. I have what I think is sound project plan in terms of how i want to develop this business. I’m also a strong believer in in doing things in the correct manner which includes the rules on marketing and e-mail marketing is an area where i’m getting feedback from seminars I’ve done, and i’m still a novice but a quick learner. I am beginning to learn that its not so much having a great looking site, but how you enable it through the power of marketing to ensure that the paying customer comes back time and time again and hence I believe I have have what it takes to drive it forward with the help of someone willing to take a chance on me. So I’d appreciate it if you would consider me as the ideal candidate to take forward.

  212. Stop! Your search is over.

    If you are an Internet Guru, who publishes free information to get the public at large thinking…
    If you have made millions of dollars by applying natural and intuitive thinking patterns that others simply dismiss…
    If you are sought out by all the other so-called Internet gurus for advice and guidance…

    Then you are wanted. No. You are needed!

    Wanted: Internet Mentor to help web-neophyte with no internet skills build a hugely profitable business around the client’s strength of writing, health and fitness and motivational knowledge.

    I have been in the corporate world for 20 years and I am ready to leave the cage. I have 6 months before my plant closes and I become “unemployed”. I recognize the Internet to be a powerful medium of communication and a means for a business to reach a worldwide audience. I recognize an opportunity for independence. Don’t misunderstand…if I can’t make it on the web, I will brush off my resume and simply enter another cage; however, I PREFER NOT TO.

    My friends and colleagues tell me I have a knack for writing. So I have been writing my own “manifesto”. I know I can help others to be successful, but I can’t very well instill confidence unless I have achieved the success or freedom I want to impart.

    I am better at helping others succeed than I am at helping myself succeed. I have no explanation for this conundrum.

  213. It is my fervent desire to work with someone of your caliber who can light the entrepreneurial path and eluminate the internet darkness that’s plaguing my endeavor. To say that I am floundering is an understatement. Every word that has been written in both the Manifesto and The Missing Chapter is without question applicable to what is currently drowning me. Try as I may to “tread the cyberspace mud puddle”, I’m up the “cyber creek” without a life preserver. Am I in need of a tossed life-line? You betcha!

  214. Why I should be picked for the Rich Schefren’s make over.

    Well that’s pretty obvious: I am your perfect case study.

    I am a 46 year old Dutch business consultant who has had it with, traffic jams, being away frrom my family, trying to consult to CEO’s who don’t want to hear your advice because they know better anyway, share holders value (as opposed to stake holders value) and not being able to make ends meet because I lack marketing skills.

    So looking for other opportunities I spend a small fortune on mlm programs (I love the business model), e-books, courses and whatever these clever marketers throw at you and eventually I fall head over heels in love with online marketing. I desperately want to make this work for me and my family. I am proving to the world I am because after months and months of studying, working my but off and spending more money than I can afford I am still hanging in there, refusing to let go.

    Apart from having tought myself to build websites and being able to (copy)write I haven’t got a clue as to what I am doing. But hey .. I’ve got a mastersdegree in management & organisation. I know how to study. Who says I can’t do this?
    Everything I spend my time on is new. A membership website with PHP pages communicating with databases, installing autorotators, getting an idea on how to generate traffic, finding niches and products; I’m wandering in the woods without a compass, having a great time, getting nowhere and the food is running out. Every single day my mailbox is jamapcked with newsletters and one fantastic offer after another. At the end of the day I have not been doing what I set out to do. I have read this, downloaded that, organised stuff , spend more money on must haves and got no futher on the road to making some money. When I finally get to do some work that I wanted to do in the first place I spend hours and hours on some IT problem and I am mighty proud of myself again to have solved it.

    Then comes along the Internet Manifesto. Being a business consultant I recognise my situation instanly. After a couple of days I am still stunned that, in spite of my knowledge about organising a business, the organisation chart fits my situation to a T. I have created a fantastic job for myself. I am even proud that I am mastering a several new trades in such a short period. But ….. after al those months I haven’t earned one single dollar or Euro. And the budget is getting tight, very tight. The only resource that I have left is time and I am not using it effciently. But I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. No funds to outsource, and not enough time to do everything myself.

    So I am not a hopeless case ( I have some skills), I admint to having a problem, I am determined, I am teachable and I am a prototypical. Teach me how to make a success of myself and you have stated your case.

  215. I’m Rare To Find, Mr. Rich. If You Carefully Read This Short And Precise Letter, We May Both Enrich My Lovely Island Of Puerto Rico In Countless Prolific Ways… Do You Dare To Read?

    Where else can you find a 24 years old proactive Puerto Rican that wants to bring a change to his lovely island- his country, through a new way for sharing and enjoying financial freedom through “Online Marketing”.

    With a country that has over 120+ –FAMILIES– a day rushing out of the country to both Miami, Florida and Orlando, Florida…I truly believe and have the confident that I can teach and spread the word through seminars and speaking events that having life and a excellent living are NOT through *Surviving*… it is through one of the most important aspects of life our *God* wanted us to enjoy, “True Freedom”.

    Freedom to enjoy the greatest things life can offer, both financially and in-spirituality.

    I’m already earning a full-time income from the Internet,however, getting to the $100,000/per month goal Mr. Rich, before my 30th birthday is the biggest exciting challenge I currently hold.

    And one more thing Mr. Rich, if we partially work as a team for a given timeframe, my habit of doing “Whatever It Takes” will get the job done.

    Respectfully Yours Truly,
    Joe Maldonado

  216. My name is Suzanne Fernando and I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer when I was pregnant – and almost died before I got a chance to hold my newborn baby girl.
    The nightmare began when doctors discovered a tumour the size of a tennis ball blocking little Aaron’s arrival.
    They immediately delivered Aaron by C-Sect – but I haemorrhaged.
    My bed sheets were soaked in blood and doctors could’nt get the bleeding to stop.
    As my life slipped away, docs warned my partner, to expect the worst as he stood helpless with our baby in his arms.
    He was left praying for a miracle – and fortunately for us, those prayers were answered.
    “My instincts told me all was not well. There is Cancer in my Dad’s side of the family and thats what kept nagging away in my mind”
    But what choices did I have?
    Ttreatment at that time would have damaged my baby. I didn’t want to face that, so I just retreated into myself and kept my fears secret.
    After months of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and a last chance 24 hour bombardment of radiation directly onto the tumour, I was eventually in remission.
    I had sailed through a trouble free pregnany with my first daughter, Jordan whom was diagnosed with Asbergers Syndrome when she was 6.
    But I have to admit, the minute I fell pregnant with Aaron, I felt very ill. I was sick all the time, I was in pain, I could’nt eat, and nothing could convince me
    that this was a normal pregnancy. When I was expecting Jordan, my partner and I backpacked to India just in time before settling down with children.
    I felt so well throughout the pregnancy, mind you I was always relatively fit and healthy having just spent almost 7 years as a Military Policewoman in Her
    Majesty’s Services.
    This time I thought, well no 2 pregnancies are the same.
    I remember my partner and I agreeing that there would be no more babies for us. I was dragging myself through the pregnancy. I couldn’t wait for it to be over.
    Every now and then I’d start bleeding and end up in hospital.
    But I think because of the position of the tumour, it simply didn’t show up.
    When I was 8 months pregnant, I was back at hospital for the umpteenth time after bleeding.
    I’ve got a rare blood group ‘O’ negative, so whenever I would take a bleed I’d have injections to stop the baby’s blood being poisoned.
    This time the doctor said she was concerned because I’d been in so often, that she’d like to examine me further.
    Nothing was showing on scans so she examined internally. The pain was unbearable. Then she told me there was a growth the size of a mans fist in my cervix.
    I had a biopsy and had to stay in hospital for the results. That night was awful. I lay awake wondering what was going to happen to us.
    Next day they told me. I had Cancer, and because of the tumour, I wouldn’t be able to deliver my baby normally, I was in shock.
    I was rushed into theatre for an emergency c-sect. The baby was perfect I was so releived. But when I was in the recovery ward, my partner noticed
    that my bed was suddnly saturated in blood.
    The room was suddenly filled with nurses, but by then I was slipping in and out of consciousness.
    I vaguely remember nurses wrapping me up in silver foil. They were wrapping themselves around me too, trying to raise my body temp. I was rushed back
    into theatre, and, after about 2 – 3 hours, the doctor came out and told my partner he was sorry but he couldn’t stop the bleeding.
    He asked my partner to sign a form permitting them to give me a hysterectomy.
    My partner said, “My partner is dying in there – just do what you have to do to save her”
    I spent a while in hospital while my partner looked after the girls.
    When I eventually did go home I was really worried about all the time I been apart from my girls, I hadn’t had a proper chance to bond with my newborn.
    A bed was made up for me in the livingroom and I began my chemo and radiation treatment the following week, just after New Year.
    Sadly despite an intensive course of 20 treatments the tumour was still there.
    I couldn’t believe it, after all that the cancer was still there.
    During this time my partner was giving me intensive Healing through Crystals, (Kes is a fully qualified Holistic Crystal healer) and this helped
    imensly, his Sister Al would visit me (she is a qualified Reflexologist) and heal my body through healing to my feet and a friend from Cancer Care
    came along weekly and gave me some hands on healing, all in which played a big part in my recovery, that I am positive of.
    I was then offered a 24 hour intensive course where they would bombard me with radiation non stop using long metal rods directly onto the tumour.
    It was ghastly. I couldn’t move for 24 hours but in the end, the tumour had shrunk.
    To be honest I think it was the nurses and doctors who kept me sane.
    When the tumour shrunk, I was still ill, but very very happy.
    But along with the tumour, other organs had also shrunk and I needed more surgeries to repair the damage.
    I had ignored the little voice in my head which told me I had Cancer. Like many people, I didn’t want to hear that because I knew that any treatment
    would seriously damage or kill my unborn baby.
    Today though, I have 2 beautiful girls and a future.
    My daughter Aaron celebrated her 5th birthday at Christmas which was an amazing experience for us all.
    I’ve since had to cope with more operations, skin grafts, scars, reconstructive surgery, however am now enjoying life hospital free, and with my family
    by my side……………………….well I made it and later married my partner Kester Fernando on the 10th anniversary of the day we met. In a romantic ceremony at the Blacksmiths
    cottage in gretna green, Scotland accompanied by our two girls and friends, we tied the knot – & were overcome with emotion. We were not the only ones.
    It was the happiest day of my life, after all we have been through. Everyone was crying at the ceremony, it was a very emotional service. It was a beautiful day and very romantic.
    We all went onto enjoy a wedding celebration in Annan in cottages overlooking the Solway Firth, with the memories of darker days well behind us. We have come through a lot since we met in Blairgowrie in jun 95, when I had just left the military police to start work as a private investigator and met my portugese beau Kes.
    We all enjoyed the day especially our girls Jordan and Aaron and will be a day we will never forget. I’ve since been in training for the “race for life” Cancer Research Charity race this year and wow what a day, very emotional with a hint of excitement and nerves all rolled into one. I was running on behalf of my late Grandad Scott and my
    dear friend “tam the Gun” who sadly died, (he fired the 1 oclock gun at Edinburgh Castle for over 20 years, we became very good friends when I served up in the castle for many years as a military policewoman, we kept in touch frequently over the years).
    There were 2 groups one group for runners and one for the walkers, I (not being of sound mind today) joined the runners, the course was pretty tough at times having to run over sand dunes and on sand, however I done my best (considering I’ve recently been diagnosed with tendonitis in my joints and
    will need an operation soon) finishing in at a cool 26 minutes,and the 100th person to cross the finish line, out of over 2 and a half thousand runners, was not bad going, my personal best yet (knowing full well I’d suffer for it though….) it was worth every last ache and pain.
    I can honestly say with my hand on my heart that I’ll definately be taking part in next years race, all being well.
    “What a buzz”!
    I’ve been adding up my sponsors and I beat my target of £500 by a mile, todate I’ve raised over £600.
    Now that I’ve got my health back I have successfully started my own business as a Registered Childminder working from home, as you can imagine I do need some guidance and help from you regarding my home and place of work, I really need to be shown how to combine them both together. Please do consider me.
    kind regards
    Suzanne Fernando
    I’ve enclosed some pics for you.
    kind regards
    Suzanne Fernando, Kilbirnie survivor!

  217. I know you want to sell your product but I can’t even get google to pick my website up. I would like to set another website up but all the products that I have seen come from the middle man and by the time I get them, you can actually buy them in the store cheaper than you can off my website. I need people to buy things from. I need google to pick me up. I haven’t a clue how to do adsense words. What is butterfly marketing. And most importantly…. can you guarantee me that this will work and if I have trouble do you have a support team that can help or can you mentor me. I am having the worse time getting off the ground and I really need some help. I can’t buy till I know it will work because I can’t afford myself at this point.

  218. I actually need you to help my wife, because she had a complete hysterectomy a few months ago and she decided her life should change and she needs to spend more time at home. Now she is looking for a way to start her own career from home.

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  220. After spending five years online focus, follow through and learning to ask other people for help is really the key to building your business into something great. Helping brides plan their wedding from the invitations to booking the honeymoon has become our passion. We have applied the free information you provided and have grown from 5k a month to 45k per month. A make over would put us over the 1,000,000 mark in less than two years.

  221. i would really like mymums house to have a 60 minuite makeover because the house is really old and untidy and 6 people live there and 1 sleeps on the sofa so it would be nice to have an extra room as its abit cramped so plz give us a chance it would be a life changing

  222. i would like you to do my sister a makeover as she is getting marred and it would be a great pressent to her and she has all bein there for me and she never stop at her house but because she is very busy look after all her kid which she has 4 and she just never has time to do her home up 🙁 and i think she dester to have a nice home
    thank you
    love from natalie diggins

  223. Even though i am 15, i would like to get my mums (linda) house re-decorated, because the house as it is right now it makes my mum depressed as she doesn’t have enough money to pay for anything, and she really would like the house to be re-decorated and so would i, me, my mum and my brother shane would like the whole house re-decorated, even though she tries to what she can with the house its still doesn’t seem right for all of us, she gets stressed with the house it doesn’t feel like comfort, we have so far lived in the house since 01/05/2004 that is 5 years and half, we first lived in york and that was a much bigger house than we live in now and it was a much nicer house, we live in a row of houses on a council estate in a 3 bedroomed house, it has 1 tiny bathroom upstairs 1 large living room 1 medium-sized dining room and a tiny kitchen and a tiny hall way with 3 bedrooms upstairs we would like the whole house redecorated, i would really like to treat my mum to a 60 minute makeover but worried about the cost, she is a single-parent to 3 children me and two other brothers which one of my brothers he is the middle one he lives in york on his own and me and my elder brother live with my mum, we live in Thirsk North Yorkshire, i think that she and me and my brother would be thankful if we had a better redecorated house to live in
    Please and Thank You
    Love Asher

  224. Please come and do a 60minute makeover to my mums house she has never got time to do any thing to the house . She is such a good mum my brother has got epilepsy and she is a carer of my brother she has wanted her house to look lovely and homely please help me change my mum house plz

  225. hello i would love for my mum to get here house re-decorated because my mum is the best mum in the world. she has a old and ugly house and because she would really like it done to here house. i want my room to be the coolest room out of all my friends thanks.


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