The Office Is Under Seige…

My office has been under siege for the past two days and it looks like a horde of English World Cup soccer fans were parked here.

Ever since I released my Internet Business Manifesto, the phone has been ringing non-stop, Sheila my assistant has walked off the job three times because people insist on talking to me about the contents of the manifesto, and Debbie the secretary has told us we’re getting more calls coming in than the call center up stairs.

And to really top things off, my wife and daughters saw what was going on and high tailed it over to the other side of Florida for a “girl vacation.”

Our Alexa ranking is a cool 492 today and over 16,612 people have downloaded the manifesto.

It’s been one of the hottest topics on the Warrior Forum and I’ve been getting rave reviews from people like John Reese, John Carlton, Jim Edwards, and many more.

Here’s what Jim Edward’s told his list:

“Most people don’t know this, but 18 months ago I was so stressed out… strung out… and just plain tired, I was ready to quit the Internet at the “height” of my career…

All I did was work, sometimes 16-18 hours a day for days on end… and there was absolutely no end in sight. Yeah, I was making a good living, but my organization sucked and I was trying to do everything myself…

Then I met a guy who helped me understand that I was in charge of a *business* — not the “one-man band” that was getting ready to put me into an early grave. He is one of the main reasons I stayed online and now have a REAL organization that is growing by leaps and bounds with each passing month!”

Then, my server crashed briefly under the number of people trying to get their hands on the report. Let’s just say my bandwidth bill isn’t going to be cheap.

Plus, Dan my right hand man has found hundreds of bloggers from all corners of the web, discussing the manifesto and declaring it “the most important report to be released in years.”

Another one of my assistants, Kate, tells me there are thousands of people emailing me asking questions about the manifesto.

People are asking me what I’m going to be presenting at the Dan Kennedy Infomarketing Summit, and my new partners at the 300 million dollar company I’m working with are wondering why they can’t get through to me.

At one point, 17 people were opting in every second.

No wonder it’s so crazy around here.

But I’m not done. People have been begging me for more details about my strategies.

So I’m going to actually let you create the content for the follow up to the Internet Business Manifesto.

Here’s what I’d like you to do…

Answer the following question…

Q: After reading the manifesto, what is the one thing that you think will prevent you from achieving success similiar to that of my clients?

I’m preparing a video you should expect to see in your email box in the next few days. In it, I’ll try and answer some of
your questions.

I feel like Noah trying to hold back the flood…


214 thoughts on “The Office Is Under Seige…”

  1. The report really opened my eyes to the fact that I’m opportunistic. How to I become strategic when I’m not even sure what I should be doing? Thanks again for the incredible insights.


  2. The Manifesto was great – and I really see your point about staying focused to achieve scalability, but how do I figure out what niche to go into since I assume your advice might be different from a lot of the other gurus out there? Thanks for what you are doing, you are certainly making internet marketing a better place.

  3. Rich, your manifesto absolutely changed the way I look at my business. I couldn’t believe that I’ve been working “in the dark” for sooooooooo long! I don’t know what it was, but you made it so easy for me to understand, that something just clicked, a light went on, and I “got it” So thanks a million… Here’s my question… How do I begin to develop a strategy from the current mess I have? Should I start from scratch or should I work with what semi-successful “opportunities” I’m currently working on? Thanks again…

  4. You mentioned about outsourcing and project management. Can you describe more details on the outsourcing – I saw some one already about local vs. online outsource,how about some matrix on the outsourcing. On project management – can you give some checklist -prioritize on things that people need to learn about project management. Thanks for the greate report.

  5. Hi Rich!
    I am happy for you!
    In answer to your question:
    The one thing that will prevent me from achieving success is if I am not accepted into your program:o)
    Following your direction would be a slam dunk! Your strategies are spot on…
    Thanks again for the manefesto…

  6. I, too, have jumped from opportunity to opportunity, but I realized what I was doing to myself and am now focusing on my main goal… My question is this… It sounds great to be able to leverage your business to the point where you can make it grow very quickly, but since my income is limited at this point, I am not able to hire help out and I am stuck doing all of the tasks myself. What kind of advice would you suggest to someone who has to spend their time working on the “little things” as well?

  7. As an opportunity seeker, I have chased the goose that laid the golden egg for the past year. I think now it’s time to switch my focus into building a nest so the goose can come sit beside me. Thanks

  8. Hi Rich,
    Loved the Manifesto Report! Right on advice. It seems to me that you have two sets of people here. Brand-Newbies and Not-so-Newbies eating up your stratagies. There are those of us who understand the concepts you teach but really need a more detailed, step-by-step plan because we are at a different place than those who have established internet businesses. Those with established internet businesses would greatly benefit by your personal or group coaching skills. How about creating a mentoring system where you teach those who have the experience to teach those who do not? Just a thought. ;>)
    Thanks again!
    Eileen Hebert

  9. Yes,,, a much better and realistc reading then the volatile fluff written by the same “experts” that apparently learned from you.

    I now wonder if they learned much about product creation though. They learned the strategies no doubt. You are an awesome strategist, but maybe they should also be advized that it is NOT OK to sell rubish.

    Other than that, I must say, this is a rarely written and well presented truth about business in general. Not just online concept. I know a bunch ‘mass mentality’ oportunistic wanabies that could use to read something like this. They may put logic rather then oportunism in action.

    Unfortunately, I believe it will not be the case for majority which is still a great thing for bad product creators.

    Great work Rich.

  10. OK-
    I agree that this report is by far the most ‘real’ thing that I have read on the Internet in months – if not ever.

    The thing that could be holding me back is figuring out where to focus and how to prevent information overload. I’m just tring to absorb too much at once I tend to research things to death.

    Ahhhh! I could really use some good direction!

  11. After reading your manifesto I believe nothing is going to hold me back! This is the best paper I have ever read. Powerful – life changing.

    I sure hope i will be one of the lucky ones who will have the honor of being chosen to be part of your next coaching seminar.

    Thanks for asking,
    Timothy Rea

  12. Excellent report. I see that I am suffering from “outsourcing turnover” and then I fall into the trap of “It would be easier and faster to just do it myself”. Where do I find talented, stable people to outsource to? I know about Elance and but is there a better source or an easier way than wading through all the portfolios/resumes, which can be like looking for a needle in a haystack? Thanks.

  13. The problem is money.

    If I had the money to afford your coaching, or to buy the serious tools required then I am sure I could be successful.

    Having money means you can afford to fail a few times, then still have the funds to eventually succeed.

    It is alot easier to make money when you have money to start with, than to make money from “nothing”.

  14. I know I need to automate things and outsource help. There is one thing that stops me. Trust. Trust has been broken in the past several times by people I tried to hire to write programs I needed for website ideas. It is either trust and/or cost these days. Ideas of where to find the trusted help needed to go the next step in my business?

  15. The one thing is……………..
    myself….either seeing that rather large map of yours as either an “I could never do all that s**t”….or “Yippee, for my hyper visual learning…..just systemize that sucker!”.

    I’m posting it on my wall for two reasons:

    (1) Just seeing that someone can indeed map it means it must be do-able.

    (2) Diffuse the overwhelm by creating a system for all those freaking boxes.

    Bonus Reason: Remember that I should not even try to do it all as a one woman show.

    Thanks Rich!

    To being honest,

  16. Hi Rich,

    My question would be how do you get to the point of outsourcing and building a system for everything if your business is very new and you aren’t yet making any money? Do I have to do everytthing myself at first until I can afford to hire it out…or is that just a trap too?

    Thanks…you’re report changed a lot for me.


  17. G’day Rich,thanks for the maifesto and the worthwhile info.

    Here’s my question…
    I’m trying to get capital by taking advantage of some of the opportunities, so I can turn those into the outsource strategy. But how do I get off that roundabout??

    thanks, Glenn

  18. Awesome Report Rich!

    The 1 thing for me that seems to prevent me from achieving success similar to that of your clients is…

    See that’s my challenge; picking just 1 thing! Since 2 things stick out in my mind, I’m going to go with that 😉

    The 2 things that hold me back seem to be #1 – not being able to solely focus on 1 niche long enough without getting a bit bored and

    #2 – Delegating projects, etc. to others, when I have a limited budget…I see clearly the beauty of Outsourcing, however I keep saving/investing the bulk of my funds in advertising and learning instead and then I end up being the only one left that I can afford to hire.

    At times it seems like a Catch 22!

  19. Awesome info Rich, on time and on point. For me the most important point was that we need to capitalize on the oportunities we have NOW before big business comes in (the Wild West was a long time ago). To answer your question, the only roadblock to me achieving results similar to your clients are the limitiations of my own imagination. After reading the manifesto 10 times so far, my limitations are being shattered. Thanks for the insight.

  20. Rich, you left me short of words. Still trying to put my jaw back in position. Mate you’re spot on you’ve been watching over my shoulders all this time.

    The only thing preventing me from getting into your program would be if you don’t allow me to pay by instalments. Whatever the price you’ve convinced me already. . . u r too good mate!

    Jose Espinoza

  21. Money, in particualr seed capital, is all that stands in the way to prevent me from achieving success similiar to that of your clients. To me your manifesto is a very compelling and accurate insight that bridges a gap between theory and reality. In many ways it has brought clarity to my current ebook co-author project that when systemized would make a good contender for a joint venture with you.

    Thank you and may fortune continue to dignify your good work.


  22. what is the one thing that
    you think will prevent you from achieving success similiar
    to that of my clients?
    money is my issue..just starting in business…no way could I afford your services when I’m not making money yet.

  23. A really well-consdered report; nice that it’s coming from an internet perspective rather than off-line. Project managing growth is not new in the offline environment, but comes with new challenges online. Areas I would like to see addressed are how one perceives one’s own role, which aspects of an operation are value-adding and which aspects do you vow never to touch again! (helpdesks and customers take at least three hours a day at the moment) and most importantly developing strong sustainable relationships with outsourcing partners. Certainly all great food for thought.

  24. Rich: I loved what you wrote. It was direct and to the point. It was easy to follow and easy to understand. It reminded me of some of the things I learned in marketing class and long since forgot. I am one of your newbies. My biggist problem with succeeding is lack of passion for anything but helping people break free from the 9 to 5 and helping people break free from distructive habbits. I have tons of product but need to take your advice and use the first thing I learned in College, Start that Business Plan. Your article has given me a great format. I am one of the 90% who has lost all most all I have on scam deals or junk. I would love to be able to afford to be one of your chosen. My advice to anyone who can afford it is to go for it now and quick. Hugs and thank you for such a wonderful free set of instructions.

  25. Hello Rich,

    The one thing that is holding me back from achieving success like your clients is one on one personal coaching sessions with you Rich. 🙂

    I’ve watched a couple of the people who have given testimonies about you. They seemed to have increased there activity online. But I’m convinced now that they have more people doing there work.

    They are definitely building there organizations with hired help. This makes sense to me.

    Where should you start in building your organization? Which key employees should you start with?

    Thanks for your assistance.

    Best Regards,


  26. Great manifesto…just enough material to intice one to want more. Your 11-wk program I’m sure will be dynamic. What will keep me from experiencing this kind of success?Missing out on the 11-wk program perhaps.

  27. That was one of the most eye opening reports that I have read. Your map of all the tasks really hit home. It visually exemplified all the things I was trying to do (and then some). Due to the sheer volume of work I have been unable to do any of them extremely well.

    I have slowly learnt over my 5 years of being in business that it has been inefficiencies within my business processes that have always cost me money. Reading in your report about the importance of process mapping was by far the one point that hit home with me. I plan to learn as much as I can about process mapping and implement it within my business ASAP. Where can I learn more about process mapping and improving processes?

  28. all the comments and questions apply to me. I bought into an expensive program that was supposed to provide lots of help but all I got from it are emails selling me the latest “best thing”
    I need a mentor or guide but from where?
    The “Manifesto” is awesome but how di I pick the right niche from the dozens I’ve got around me????

  29. Myself. I am the problem. I must recognize that I can’t always do “Great” certainly not in all areas, I have to be comfortable with “Good enough” because in most cases that is what my customers really want.

    Your report put in writing much of what we spoke of at BS7, when I first met you. It is one thing to know it, and one thing to execute.

    For example, my current project, by every account I have an excellent product, however, nobody knows about it. I need to follow through on a strategic plan to create awareness for my market, and then follow through. First I must create the strategic plan 🙂

    This isn’t easy stuff, but is certainly worth the effort.

    BTW, did you know how many YEARS it took Noah to build that Ark? That alone is an encouragement.

    Thanks for everything!

  30. I was a complete opportunity seeker. I have already begun the strategist mindset before I read the manifesto so that spoke to me personally. My last hurdle is making that final step to *trust* myself that what I already have is enough to focus on – and quit looking for more opportunities. My mind knows I have enough there, I just have to finally *trust*

    Great work!

  31. Great Report. I realized that I am not opportunistic, as I have been working on one goal and one goal only. I have looked at some other information, but only took that which would help in achieving my business goal. I don’t believe in get rich quick schemes so don’t spend much time looking at them. I would love to follow your plan completely, but I am a new business, started in March, and am not making money yet so don’t have the cash to outsource anything. I believe it would be wonderful to be in a position where I was able to outsource, but at this point it’s just not possible. About the only thing I have right now is time and I believe I get more than two or three truly productive hours in a day. It’s probably closer to 5 or 6. Your Manifesto is great for someone who is already making a bit of money, or has other funding to use, but doesn’t do much good for someone in my present position.

  32. My head is still spinning…
    Looking at the complex model you laid out begs the question – what model(s) would you suggest? That same model applied to ONE niche?
    Success blockers?- Money to fund the outsourcing, step-by-step plan to keep focused, and a pared down, scaleable model.
    Thanks so much for your insights, Rich!

  33. The part of your Manifesto which I felt really hit home for me was when you explained how Carl Galetti used to throw up new infomercials every day, during the “wild west” of the infomercial days… and now look at the price of entry into that game. Your manifesto is warning about the changing of the tides, and it has, indeed, already begun. “Network Neutrality” is the topic, and there are many people looking to stop it (see the link in my name) but really, is it stoppable? Or just the natural course of development? Regardless, the internet will become as regulated as television and radio. The wild west has been fun. Time to switch gears and start building a real business.

  34. I’ve filled in the report request form many times and haven’t received anything..and its not being blocked. What can I do to get my hands on what all the buzz is about?


  35. Rich,

    I just received your email asking what one thing might prevent me from achieving success you’ve helped your other clients achieve.

    I think my biggest challenge is getting caught up in overwhelm, information overload, and “analysis paralysis.”

  36. Hi Rich, I took sydney’s class a year ago, to boost my Ebay sales and find products that will sell. The class was more geared toward opening a website. I know what market I want to sell in, but scared to death to make the first move. My wheels are spinning, but at the end of the day, just more of the same, how do I start??? Your manifesto I am sure is helpful to those who have tried to manuver thru a website business, but for me, I am more confused than ever as to where to start….I am tired of ebay, and want to start a business. The end result? My husband can quit his high stress job and join me at home making the big bucks!!!
    Open the Flood gates!!

  37. With my earnings currently barely covering my living expenses, how can I best implement your plan? Should I try to get an investor, borrow money to pay for outsourcing, or work up to that?

  38. I have outsourced very little and done virtually everything on my ecommerce site myself.

    I have applied lessons I learned over the net but there appears to be something missing as the sales are not good at all, even though we have a great niche product.

    To answer the question put by yourself “what is the one thing that you think will prevent you from achieving success similiar to that of my clients?”

    There is nothing to stop me or anyone acheiving what your clients have. Along the way we meet those barriers and in most cases need others to help us over them.

    Enjoyed reading the e-book and still ahve it on my desktop so I can go back and re-read it.

    Many thanks & Blessings.

  39. Hi Rich,

    Thanks so much for this brilliant piece of work. I know it is only the tip of the iceberg of what you have to offer me/us.

    What will get in the way of my wild success is me. How can I come up with new and creative ways to pay for outsourcing and your 11 week course after spending so much money chasing opportunities? And, gaining knowledge and experience in marketing… to get women to find me and my products and services.

    Thanks again,

  40. Dear Rich, I would like to join you. I agree with what you have said and with what you have accomplished. Why would I want to invent the wheel if I can hitchhike with you in your Hummer. Please allow me to be your next protegee. Thanks.

  41. You opened my eyes to productivity…I spent six hours “working” today but when looked at objectively, only fifteen minutes were productive.

  42. You’re spot on Rich.

    I rebuilt an offline business from scratch to 4.9 mil/year in 5 years… problem, I WAS the business. 18-20 hours a day, 7 days a week. Killing me.

    I want to do it different with my online endeavors. I have assessed 2 key points…

    (1) I know I need some form of mastermind group for brainstorming and focus, but how to go about that?

    (2) I understand the concept of outsourcing/assistants… but how to find the right key-players?

  43. The bottom line for most of us, is at the end of the month, we are out of money. So to cut cost, we try to do all the work ourselves until more money comes in. That is where so many get stuck. How can I outsource without additional income? It seems that I am in a vicous cycle.
    What I am doing is a business, just 90% of what I am doing is online. This is not a MLM, your typical affiliate program, and yet what you wrote about we help me as much as anyone in one of those programs. It would be very helpful if you could explain how to make the money stretch to allow for outsourcing. Or an inexpensive very effective way to bring the customers to my web page. I have tried so many with not very good results.

    Thank you,


    Thank you,

  44. Your Manifesto absolutely rings true! My husband and I have learned (heard) many of the principles and concepts in your Manifesto in high-end seminars and mentorship programs.

    We are passionate about helping people create magical, loving, deeply connected relationships. We have been teaching our relationship workshop for almost six years and I have been working with clients one-on-one for almost 18 years. We have a great vision of the results that we plan to produce and very big goals.

    We are just starting to create products. We have attended a few Internet Conferences and trainings. Each time we leave overwhelmed. Neither one of us are technical. There are just too many ideas to deal with and we don’t know where to start. I like the idea of outsourcing the technical stuff, but I have no idea how to find or work with high-quality, reliable people that actually know what they are doing. We have heard lots of horror stories about outsourcing. How do we communicate with someone at that level when we don’t even know what we need for them to do?

    We need a logical, step-by-step plan that we can take action on.

    We love your theroy. It is sound. We need specifics. How do we come up with the right strategies for our business? How do we find the right vendors for us? How do we create marketing and profit generating systems?

  45. This was a truly amazing read. I found out I was coming from an opportunistic thinking mindset. I was taking notes while reading your Manifesto until my hand got numb. Brilliant stuff!

  46. I would like to comment, but my laptomp COULD NOT pull up your info after I downloaded it. Is there a way you can send it to me in another format? Thanks.

  47. The manifesto was truly an eye opener. My question is what do you do when your starting out with hardly any money? I have to do everything myself right now. I’m a one person business.

  48. A really well-considered report; nice that it’s coming from an internet perspective rather than off-line. Project managing growth is not new in the offline environment, but comes with new challenges online. Areas I would like to see addressed are how one perceives one’s own role, which aspects of an operation are value-adding and which aspects do you vow never to touch again! (helpdesks and customers take at least three hours a day at the moment) and most importantly developing strong sustainable relationships with outsourcing partners. Certainly all great food for thought.

    Another point – of all the business choices/revenue opportunities facing an internet marketer – what process do you use to (a) choose and (b) focus on just those issues?

  49. Hi Rich, I’ve already started using the Proces map. Thanks, the map is already saving time. I started just 9 weeks ago, and at the starting point I knew NOTHING about Internet Mareketing.
    It is NOT as easy for a newbie as every salesletter claims. I am afraid that I arrived the Internet Marketing area too late. Will the big guys win this race even before I have created my first website offering my first e-book?

  50. Hi Rich, couldn’t stop taking notes and highlighting my copy of your manifesto! Thanks for organizing your systems and strategies in a concise 33 page report.

    You asked the question about the one thing that I think will prevent me from achieving success similiar to that of your clients?

    Personally, I believe what will PREVENT me from that success is TO NOT:

    1. Continue with teaching points (learnt from your manifesto) that I’m currently implementing
    eg. Niche, Vision & Strategies, Developing solid VA relationships

    2. Take action on the (new) teaching points taught in your manifesto
    eg. Time Value, PM Methods, SLAs, Core Metrics

    3. Return to teaching points tried before but stopped
    eg. Process-Mapping

    This is what I’ve done and currently doing …

    – Carved and am developing my niche in teaching SOHOs simplify blogging with WordPress via instructional videos,

    – Brainstorming and am fine-tuning my vision and strategies on paper,

    – Acquiring products & services that will ONLY support my direction and strategies

    – Built solid relationships with 4 VAs that I’m currently training and they’ve been instrumental in different aspects of my business

    And what I’m going to take action on…

    – Specify my time value and strategize to increase it

    – Study, implement and fine-tune project management methodologies

    – Develop SLAs for my VAs

    – Return to process-mapping (loved it, left it, will return to it)

    – Develop “Performance-Gauging Core Metrics” for my team

    Thanks once again, Rich, for helping me crystalize my path to wealth 😉

  51. Rich,

    The “one thing” that I can see holding me back from *that* level of monetary success is not being able to develop effective SYSTEMS of managing the tasks that I *can’t* do all on my own…

    – What do I look for when finding a manager (or managers)?

    – How do I structure things from DAY ONE so that any project I roll out is both scalable AND easy to manage – even if I’m starting on a “shoestring” budget?

    Those types of issues – which is basically growth strategy – are what I can see as “dampers”.

    I’ve got the selling/marketing fundamentals down (that’s the easy part)…

    …but Management is a whole other story.

    And as your manifesto foretells, I also believe that if you don’t become a DOMINATING force in your niche, that you’ll eventually just get snuffed out…

    So this IS crucial.


    -Chris Rempel

  52. Dittos to what Paul said above, “MONEY”. $0.00 X 10,000,000% plus, is still $0.00. First, I have to make money (even $1.00 would be a start) before I can spend it on coaching, or outsourcing or anything!

  53. The one thing that is preventing me from achieving my maximum potential is the inability to bridge the gap between understanding and applying. This is where I feel the need for a coach who can help me take the first step in application.

    I am perched on the branch near my nest and my mother has been showing me how to fly for two days now. She has been flying from one end to another and returning to me with the look that says, ‘Go ahead and try it. It is the easiest and most natural thing to do for birds.

    I wish I can kick myself off the branch and start my journey in the sky. I wish I can outsource somebody to give me that kick!

  54. What fantastic content. A lesson in there for every business owner. Only obstacle I see is maintaining the discipline to follow through, not just for a week or two, but on an ongoing basis.

  55. Brilliant, thouroughly enjoyed reading your manifesto – I already outsource thanks to Elance but need to decide which projevt to focus on from the mess on my desk !
    A ‘likely to succeed’ formula would be good for info / physical product areas. Possibly starting with size of market by keyword search etc.

    thanks again

  56. Fantastic Report and a huge eye opener. My obstacle is going to be which niche to choose to build into a business, what happens if I choose the non profitable one? It is different selling one ebook into a niche that sells well but how do I know if I can turn this into a sustainable business?


  57. What will stop me? I am not organized person and don’t do things the way I should. I have problem with traffic, not many people talk about it.I need a mentor I can afford.If not 1:1 then on line,by email some kind of help to boost my business.

  58. Having been a programmer most of my life, I view your manifesto much like the design of an elegant software program. There are the various classes (your systems), functions, and methods (your procedures) and so on.

    You asked what stands in my way. Well nothing really. In fact it seems like you could apply the same process map elements from page 27 of your manifesto toward creating a Starting System that would work universally for just about any niche.

    Perhaps that’s what’s needed to extend your paradigm for the masses. Just a thought.

    If you open any scholarship positions to your 11-week intensive, it might make an interesting “undergraduate” project that would also serve to chronicle my learning experience.


  59. If there’s one thing that would stop me – it’s money. My kids like to eat, and as a newly single mum, every cent counts right now. I’m working on turning that around though!

  60. Rick
    I am about to start an internet business but have NO idea where to start,I want all the help I can get and your program looks the best by far
    Hope you can help
    Regards David

  61. Hello Rich, a great big HI from down under, Australia. What will hold me back…? I am a 67 year old age pensioner trying to secure a reasonable old age. I started late at learning the ecommerce business. Only about 2 years ago in fact was when I purchased sites to work on. So, all I have is my pension to rely on and therefore I wouldn’t be able to afford your 11 week course, whichever form it should take. Your manifesto really opened my eyes though. I now realise I am an opportunist, but I feel only because I have had to be. Although, when I say ‘opportunist’ I mean doing everything myself in regard to running just one site and trying to make it the best. I have to do everything myself because there is no-one else to do it and I do not have the wear withall to outsource. I really learned a lot from the manifesto which I printed and read it in the late hours of night after working on my site.
    Rich, this is a wonderful work you have produced and a great help to anyone who will take the time take on board the ‘insights’ within.

  62. Hi Rich. Your manifesto was brilliant and reinforced many of the ideas I vaguely thought about but had difficulty putting into practice.

    I reiterate some of the comments made above: like any business, you need money to leverage your efforts. But without capital, you have to do it all yourself.

    Yeah, I know that the gurus all tell you that you have to invest to get your business going, but that simply isn’t possible for many of us. Remember all those 1-page sales letters bragging that ‘I was once £100,000 in debt and now I’m a millionaire’? Well, the reality is that many people start out on this journey already in debt, and the first thing they want to do is get rid of that debt. So they’re not starting from square one, but square minus one.

    Only when you have a positive cash-flow and profits can you begin to outsource and employ people.

    That’s the challenge we face: to put enough effort in as a single worker to get to the position where you can spread the load and leverage effort.


  63. Hi Rich – I was referred to the Internet Business Manifesto by one of your clients. Unlike your usual clientele I am just a babe in the woods when it comes to REAL internet business. I haven’t even found my niche yet! Although I do have a strong desire to work from home and be financially independent.
    Don’t get me wrong, I have tried as many internet “opportunities” that uses the wheel spinning organisational chart you mention as the next person (which makes me a classic opportunity seeker -lol. But I have come to the realisation that if I am to get off the 9 to 5 tread wheel of a JOB (Just Over Broke) I need to shift focus and become a Strategizing Entrepreneur. I too have wasted money and time on products full of fluff and hype with no substance looking to educate myself on how to make serious money and more importantly buy back some time for me and my family. How pleasantly surprised I was when I put my scepticism aside to download your manifesto. It has given me a new perspective and clarified for me those nagging doubts I had about what I have been doing. I just love the Poor Business chart on page 14; it describes exactly what I have been “taught” to do to have an “online business”. It graphically demonstrates the chaos that has been my life in recent months. I have even downloaded it to my desktop so I can use it to remind myself not to get caught up in time wasting business models.
    Is it no wonder that you are finding yourself blocked by other marketers – if what you have to teach gets around, the uneducated may actually get smart and cease to be their money making fodder!

  64. As someone who’s involved in “off line” business — both outsourcing and project management and deals with SLAs daily — there is no new material here. Just–key point-things that many people don’t get or don’t do. In real estate they call this setting up a system for scalability and outsourcing “OPM” or using Other People’s Money (the bank’s money).

    People who you can outsource to and really give them freedom to “just do it.” are hard to find and many times it’s easy to forget when you find gems one needs to hang onto the ’em for dear life! You do get what you pay for, or perhaps you don’t get what you don’t pay for.

    The challenge in many ways seems greater for those like me doing this internet thing part-time (“moonlighting”): to break through that first barrier to have enough funds to actually outsource and the time issue–it can be quite hard to focus well when you only have an hour (at best) at the end of very full days. Working at a desk job that requires focus maybe is another reason for the mental fatigue that makes focus hard.

    Maybe I should buy a laptop and squirrel away in a hotel room one weekend a month … away from all those distractions …hmmmm… install Netnanny to keep me from checking my email during productive, creative time.

    Definitely getting repetitive things sytemized helps. And, the silver lining is that while success can be had owning a big hotel chain with 1,000 hotels, sometimes you can do so better if you spend a little time at the beginning washing laundry and vacuuming. Or maybe it’s the other way around. If that’s how you have to work your way up then be sure to use what you learned to better outsource and project-manage.

    As someone mentioned there’s probably at least two demographics here – the full-time marketer and the time-starved, sleep-deprived moonlighters like me who are not a newbie but struggling to build, increase momentum to critical mass.

  65. Dear Rich

    I read your manifesto and found it to be a pearl in the sea of ‘pigswill’!

    What is stopping me succeeding?

    A failure of getting what one is paying for! Products and labour!

    As an example: I took fancy on “The secrets, tips and tricks to marketing products and services from home” and paid for the setup, a website based on that product. I am still waiting!

    My ‘American dream’ was purchased on the April Fool’s Day and it remains pie in the sky!

    Your manifesto is a ‘must’ reading for old players as well as budding enterpreneurs!

    Thank you,


  66. The one thing that could prevent me from similar success is my fuzzy vision of what I want my business to be like and therefore not having a clear plan in place so the winds of opportunism can not blow me off course.

  67. There are many things holding me back i.e lack of time, energy and money after my day job but the biggest challenge is to have a clear sense of direction and a strategy to enable me to achieve my goals.It is very easy to be diverted from any chosen path with the latest must have tools from some ‘guru’.

  68. Rich,
    Thank you for your generous gift.
    I will channel the power gained from reading your report to translate into a gain in the development of my internet business. I won’t let anything prevent me from achieving my goals.
    As mentioned already by others, it is tempting to get distracted studying the myriad of internet marketing styles, techniques and methods being promoted to us all day long, day in and day out.
    The biggest obstacles that delay my progress are that I do not have a team around me yet and as a result I get bottlenecked and have periods of slow progress. I was relying on a long distance web designer whom I hired to complete my website and he slowed down his work output into a crawl. This slowed my overall progress, but I put the time to good use being prolific and putting together some strong original content for my websites.
    I have learned the importance of outsourcing and bringing in partners. I have been working towards forming a team taking on partners. It has been a grueling and time consuming process to go though applicants in a search for the right web technicians who are a good fit for my team.
    Rich, if I had a power mentor or coach such as you, I would get that quantum leap I need to catapult me on my inevitable path of financial independence and I would fulfill a double win for the power mentor who works with me.
    Thanks once again Rich,

  69. Derek, He didn’t ask for the truth as you see it, he asked what’s the one thing holding you back.

    The one thing holding me back is connections. Connections to those with resources, to those with large email lists and active buyers, and connections to those with website with loads of traffic they can redirect to my site for a price.

    I can figure out all of the other after that gets handled.

  70. Preventing me right now is finding quality people to delegate to. I dont have much cash to pay so I need people willing to work for commissions. I have great projects started but going nowhere fast.

  71. It’s school holidays (vacation) here for two weeks and I’m away for the full time but I’ve taken the print-out to read on the plane and will get back to you
    when I return.
    I’ve just registered the domain name “”
    so I’m right into it and am putting it into gear in two weeks
    have a nice day

  72. Congratulations on your huge success. The “Manifesto” really was an eye opener. Especially the part about big corporations always winning over the amateurs and how this will happen in internet marketing as well.

  73. Hi Rich:
    Killer Report and in answer to your question. I would have to say that Clyde Willabus is right when he stated what that limitations is what would keep him from making the same amount as your clients. Same here for me and thanks to your report I can now see where I have been going wrong and now change that.

  74. This manifesto arrived at just the right time. I have just changed gears and focus on one task at a time to bring in profits. Model those that are successful and don’t reinvent the wheel!
    Thanks for the honesty Rich.

  75. My problem has been attempting to provide for all tastes. Now that I am focused I have a target market problem. Seems that most only want the income yesterday and don’t understand they must work for it. Where do I find intelligence lists?

  76. Great report your manifesto and congratulations on the responce you have earned it. The report is very helpful it clarifies many things people miss as they are to busy doing everything on their own. I have been workig o my strategies the last six months and done a lot of research, your report helped clarify the things I have been working on and now I can really start implementing. I especially liked where you define “productive time” and “Super-productive time” and that time is the most valuable asset we can ever have, “well what is the point in having money, if you have no time to enjoy the freedom money should give you”
    I cant really think of anything holding me back anymore, perhaps the one thing that could be the most challange would be finding the right people for my organisation? anyway thanks a lot for your great report.
    Best wishes, keep up the great work and thank’s for the inspiration. Magnus G.

  77. Hey Rich,

    The report was bang on ! Brilliant stuff .. and a must read for anyone remotely associated to Online marketing !

    When I downloaded the report, I was already a victim of Outtasking, and the report provided a great insight into developing a strategic view of developing good relationships with free lancers.

    Also, the part of the report that gave me the biggest AHA! effect was – The next reason you need to know your hourly rate is it serves as the barometer for
    which activities you should personally be spending your time on and which activities
    you should be outsourcing. The trick is to consistently focus on those activities that
    can raise your hourly rate. Start delegating and outsourcing what needs to be done that costs you less than the hourly rate you need to generate.

    This statement is so simple and yet so PROFOUND !

    What I would like you to dvelve more into is, with the current earnings how do I decide on a delegation price. What I mean is, if I figure that getting my Linking Campaigns outsourced costs me X amount, which is lower when comapred to my dream income/hr. and higher than my current income/hr. should I delegate it or keep doin it myself?

    This again leads to a catch22 situation, ‘coz how do you free yourself if you decide on continuing the same? And if you delgate it, how do you go about planning the extra spend?

    There were so many other lightbulb moments, when I just had to stop reading and revisit my entire business.

    Thanks once again for the brilliant report !



  78. Hi Rich,
    Great reading. I have to keep going back because i discover something new each time I re-read the information. Give me more!!!!

  79. The one thing that would keep me from experiencing the same success that your clients have received is that I don’t act upon the opportunity that has been presented to me and that is, viz., to be able to gain the knowledge that you will be providing in your 11 week Mentoring program. I personally know Stephen Pierce and was with him for the weekend of June 9, 10, and 11, in Ann Arbor Michigan. I know without doubt the success Stephen Pierce has experienced, and he is one of my mentors.

  80. Great manifesto, it’s long overdue that someone should remind us about the basics of any business. please consider adding that the foundations of any business need to be in place before you start-great product, reachable market, knowledge of what it will pay, etc. I have seen so much of this quick buck, “me too” crap out there recently.

  81. I have not totally finished reading it yet. My eyes kept closing, I downloaded late in evening. Amazing report.

    By the way, I would like to notify you that there is a spelling error right on the top of your blog. I know I would like to know about this 🙂

    “Want to receive this blog though email?” I believe you meant “through”

    Just a professional courtesy to you….

  82. Exceptional points you’ve made, Rich. Prior to focusing purely on joint ventures, I’ve successfully marketed seminars and info-products priced up to $18,000, and the mentality of almost all buyers is certainly ‘opportunistic’ as opposed to strategic/entrepreneur. Great to see your report has opened a few eyes…! And I hope this raises the bar for product quality of other marketers in the future.

  83. Thanks for THE REPORT.

    I hung up the picture.
    I cancelled some subscriptions.
    I do a daily to do list.
    I have a 60 minute clock.
    I read emails only twice a day.
    I check my stats (even adsense) only once a day.
    I´m working on a new business strategy.

    My question – NONE.

    My suggestion:


    Thanks a lot and 1000 greetings from Germany – I´m more focused than ever.


  84. Thanks for your mano-insights… finally a successful internet marketer who has a life;?) When one looks at your opening flowchart it is no wonder it takes forever to figure IM out. I’m looking for simplicity on start up, residual income, long term growth and an auto-pilot… is there such a thing? I checked out the just over-broke coctail waitress website. If she is a client of yours, I’m not sure I understand whether her business is controlling her life or she is controlling her business… she is her business! Is there really a way out of the guru trap?

  85. Great report Rich. It’s made me rethink many aspects of my business and I’ve already started looking at the processes.

    I’ll never give up so nothing will ultimately prevent me from achieving success! But here are my barriers right now:

    1. Lack of money or rather cashflow. How can I be certain that a project will succeed so that I can beg, borrow or otherwise raise the cash to outsource and make it happen? i.e. confidence in the niche.

    2. How to start simple and bring in cash to fund the rest of the big picture? Is everything on the big “You” chart really necessary or is there a simpler business model we should adopt?

    3. Fear that outsourcing won’t help. I’ve had a good experience but also a few bad experiences where I’ve spent money and time (outsourcing still takes up time) and got poor results that took me more time to sort out. I’ll probably blog about these some time.

    4. Knowing the right strategies to follow and how to cope with distractions.


  86. After reading the Manifesto, it’s obvious I’m the Poster Child for the Opportunistic marketer. The one thing that would hold me back is lack of a detailed plan on how to develop a real internet business from the ground up – including places/people to go to, to set up the different parts of the business. Also, I need a systematic way to find and develop the one strategy that I know will work for me. I look forward to reading more Rich.

  87. I read your manifesto and it makes since. I have been struggling for a year and have not been successful getting clients. I have gotten taken by so called great internet marketers. I am trying to find one that is honest, reliable and will do what they say they are going to do. Any advice on how to weed out the scammers and find the right one?

  88. Bravo Rich ! Rich cheer!

    Like La Fountaine

    “Nothing is used for to run; it is necessary to leave at point”…

    I did not finish yet the reading of your marvellous manifest. I go gradually… It is that I am obliged to translate, in French, page by page…

    Is what I can use and publish the translation in French of your marvellous proclamation in my blog?????

    Your report cames to confirm what I want to transmit to my children… to incite them with better reflecting… because I think that there is no more place with the opportunist ones.

    Cheer once again Rich

    Algerian greetings


    Comme a dit La Fontaine:

    “Rien ne sert de courir; il faut partir à point”…

    Je n’ai pas encore fini la lecture de votre merveilleux manifeste.Je vais petit à petit…C’est que je suis obligé de traduire, en français ,page par page…

    Est ce que je peux utiliser et éditer la traduction en français de votre merveilleux manifeste dans mon blog????

    Votre rapport est venu confirmer ce que je veux transmettre à mes enfants… pour les inciter à mieux réfléchir…car je pense qu’il n’y a plus de place aux opportunistes.

    Bravo encore une fois Rich

    Salutations Algériennes

  89. The NUMBER ONE THING that is holding me back after reading your manifesto is “WHAT VENDORS DO I CHOOSE” to help me with the various aspects of my business? If you could provide a list, then send it to me personally (because everyone will inundate these poor vendors if you publically broadcast it) that would be great (that was a joke, by the way). Not about the vendors, but about sending it to me personally. But the question and request is serious.

  90. I agree with Andy Murray.
    It seems an entrepreneur requires money to get started.
    Do you suggest that it should be borrowed to get you started ?

  91. Rich,

    You have just provided THE key to long-term success instead of the fly-by-night “make a million this week” opportunist sales pitches.


    To answer your question… the biggest thing standing in my way is nailing down the Core concept for my business. I see opportunity in everything – but that’s not a business strategy and can be exhausting.

    Looking forward to your course.


  92. The Manifesto is not only for internet marketers. I am in the real estate investing business and I can relate to the challenges expressed in the Manifesto. I was outtasking more than outsourcing.
    Thans Rich, excellent job.

  93. Hi Rich,
    I never had the habit of posting comments at blogs. This is the second blog of yours I am posting at.

    I just can’t digest that I was an oppurtunist and I did not even aware of that!!! Now I look at my business in a different way. Thank you.

  94. The one thing holding me back is that my English is not good enough. My native language is Dutch so therefore my market is too small compared to the English spoken one. I will have to do the same effort for maybe 1/50th or less of the possible result. Maybe if your course would cost me 1/50th of the price 😉

  95. The one thing that I think will prevent me from achieving success similiar to that of your clients is: Not listening to my self. After 25 years working my butt-off for a large company and now I have ventured out on my own starting from scratch. In my mind, I am in uncharted waters. I ask the questions, but there is no one to answer – well, I really mean I don’t trust their answers. I don’t trust them, but I still buy their products hoping this will be the one that will kick everything in high gear. After reading your report, it seems that I am the one that needs to be kicked! The only person I need to listen to is my self, and I need help in doing this very thing to succeed.

  96. Like so many other of your commenters, I am a “I can do it myself” type. However, when I finished the “Manifesto” and did the numbers about reaching my income goals, the “knot got jerked in my tail.” LEVERAGE!

    Find more “productive” time. Great read — and a refreshing read. It’s about time!


  97. GUYS!!! Stay focused here, this person is using the same ol trick john reese did 2 years ago to launch his so called million dollar day……..they just shove all these products on your face with these cheezy pdf’s……use your commmon sense and stay ahead of the game……..he’s been contacting alll the so called gurus to makret this report!!!! same old trick……

  98. Exellent! I have two situations that I have to solve first. I do not currently have a business. Secondly I have a short-fall of funds. Thanks for a great exclusive report

  99. Greatly enjoyed the article. Very enlightening. I do have to agree with Eileen Hebert though. I’m still sitting here looking andbuying “junk” and joining everything with promise and still only have the makings of a Web Site. Domain, Aweber, Seo Elite, Keywood Elite, just to name a few, oh!and I almost left out “A HUGE HEADACHE” tryong to figure out which Guru is right. Step one, two, three, for us really ne Newbies would be great. Sorry about the “soapbox speech>”

  100. Where do I find the answers to all the great questions that others have already posted here on your blog? Hmmmmm. Great questions…couldn’t have asked them better myself.

  101. After reading the manifesto, there shouldn’t be anything to prevent me to achieve success. However I started this business a week ago and I am over whelmed by all sorts of good advise how to make millions. When I only want somebody to tell me how to start my web page. What to put on it ? I have lots of advise except I don’t know which is the really good one to follow. So Rich can you tell me?

  102. Outstanding and thought provoking report. Raises some questions though. Not sure that I understand totally what you are saying. If viewing your business from the 12 processes standpoint is an example of opportunist thinking, are you saying that viewing your business using this model is not valid. Surely, it is still a valid model even under strategic thinking (vs Tactical opportunistic thinking)? Or are you implying that the mindset needs to change to viewing activities as either Projects or Systems.
    Anyway, this insightful report has reinforced why I am working harder without the results I feel I should be getting.

  103. What an insightful report! Thanks for sharing it with us. The one thing that could prevent me from achieving success would be to not develop a core business strategy and stay with it.

  104. First off, thank you so, so much from the bottom of my heart, Rich! For me, this was a MOST important document and an eye opener onmany levels. But thank you not just for me but on behalf of all the people who you are helping – you are literally giving them back their lives 🙂

    Now, to answer your question: If I had a precise, step-by-step blueprint to follow, I am sure its not a problem. So, I guess the lack of a written down, step by step, broken down plan would be the only thing i can imagine that would prevent me from achieving results similar to your clients’.

  105. I am one of those newbies you reference in the Manifesto, and I have been guilty of the traits you describe in an opportunist. I have out of necessity begun to concentrate on some of the things I need to do to make headway in the areas where I would prefer to work. Giving people insight into how they react in situations as this report does is extremely valuable and I certainly would recommend it to anyone involved in internet marketing or any other form of marketing for that matter.

    P.S. I really do not see why any of the other “gurus” would be incensed about this report because any sensible person would eventually come to these same conclusions or become bankrupt and out of business completely.

  106. Great report on the necessity of treating any business as a whole. Otherwise we are not in business but simply self-employed. The one thing that could get in the way of becoming a success is becoming destracted by multiple opportunities and ceasing to focus on one.

  107. To answer your question: I’m a control freak and like to do things myself. The one thing that will hold me back is trusting other people to do quality, professional work and having the cash flow to pay them. Thanks

  108. I do indeed understand the premise of your report and agree it is ALWAYS better to leverage as many resources as possible to handle your workload.
    However, to add to what I have seen posted more than several times above… if you are just off of the ground, don’t have the cashflow to hire or reputation to JV with those whom you could outsource to… where do you go? Have to have an income to get it rolling.
    I have seen this report come from 2 of your mentioned students… Mike and Tellman. While I’m sure they have used your strategies, they have also added fuel the fire by offering more opportunistic tools.

  109. I’d like to answer the question from the perspective of what I believe is needed to achieve this level of success. I believe that is a resource list of the best of the best that are proven outsourcers that we can trust to do the job.

    Thanks for contributing to a less stressed out entrepreneurial community!

  110. Congrats, Rich! Your report is the best Internet Marketing content I’ve ever read! It will be a watershed moment for many aspiring marketers.

    IMO, the main problem I (and most) Internet marketers suffer from is a lack of vision. An opportunist thinks along the lines of, “I’m going to make a lot of money on the Internet”. A real entrepreneur thinks with a focus like, “I’m going to produce and sell language learning products, and become the world’s premier language instruction company.”

    IMO, people who are trying to crank out huge portfolios of small niche sites should really focus on the section where you discuss the evolving Internet landscape. Lots of people are building shacks in the wilderness in the hope that many such shacks will grow into an empire. But a shack in the wilderness won’t have anyone paying to stay there when the large hotel chains build competing hotels nearby.

    What techniques and strategies would you suggest for evaluating and refining the long term vision of what a business will become?

  111. What will hold me back is finding my niche and building a list for it.
    Your manifesto is GREAT!
    I’m justsorry I wont be able to afford to be one of your next selected few!

    Best of luck,


  112. Your Manifesto was a “brilliant read”. Like most folks initially I was an opportunity seeker but coming from a strong financial background you realise very quickly that in order to succeed online and off you must have models that produce tangible/measureable/profitable results in all areas of your business. I think people mistakenly believe that they can achieve on-line riches without the foundation and the building blocks and that’s simply not true. It’s not true of any business. What’s stopping me from being successful? Nothing! However, I personally need a step by step plan that illustrates the “whole” with sound principles not just strategies along with a system that enables me to implement the road map quickly and effeciently. I’m sure your 11-wk intensive will provide this. I’m in!

  113. Q: After reading the manifesto, what is the one thing that you think will prevent you from achieving success similiar to that of my clients?

    A: Although I have a vision for my business, I need professional help! I need a mentor like you and not another “how to package”. I doubt I have the funds to hire someone like you. But if I could find a way, I would.

  114. About 12 months ago I started a service that provides Networkers a genuine shot at high targeted qualified leads that were exclusive to them… vs. buying from brokers… it took about 7 months to really make things happen and now I’m flourishing… new clients daily… recurring monthly fees… and now I don’t SLEEP… my business has created more products I can put into the funnel and really blow this thing up… multiple seven figures is more than reasonable to expect… but again I’m burning at both ends… I read the Manifesto yesterday while my 5 and 4 year olds where playing on a water slide… The universe is in line… I finally hit the revenue stream I’ve been working so hard for as a self-employed person for the past 10 years… Anyone who can relate even a little bit to my story must read this and beg to be one of the select few to work with you… Here’s to More money and less work!

  115. What is the one thing that is preventing me from achieving the same succes as your other clients?….MONEY. I have about four weeks left before I become bankrupt and homeless. I need to be productive in getting my internet business up and running, but I am drowning in the minutia. I am working 50-60 hours a week and getting nowhere….but I have no money to pay for outsourcing. (I would also like to know how you identify a “niche” market.)

  116. You’ve convined me! Now all I need is a product, or products, that I can believe in, and that are important enought, and that can be sold for enough profit!

    Thanks, Rich


  117. Rich . the manifesto was an eyeopener . i haven’t broken into internet marketing yet but i’m studying and working towards that end ( or begining )as diligently as i know how. The problem i’m hoping to get over is i’ve read so much material from online marketers telling me what not to do – it seems like so many programs talk so much about you can’t do this or you can’t or shouldn’t do that and it has somehow in a way demoralized or taken some confidence away from me . Why so much negative stuff and why not just a very concrete hands on step by step OUTLINE about how to get up and running efficiently online – something with lots of ideas – lots of direction all broken down into a simple step by step guide – do this first – do this second – then you need to do this ( with ideas listed ) then do that ( with contact information and how to ) from start to finish …. i’m alittle hesitant at this point figuring out what niche to get into . i have some ideas but i’m not quite confident . i suppost i should just Jump in ??
    A guide – step by step guide – perhaps several guides demonstrating different methods of how to get a business going from picking a domain name to finding a hosting to methods for finding affiliates . step one step two step three step four in a correct order ? if i have to figure this stuff out for myself i will … anyway – thanks for the manifesto i think it will prevent me from getting buried in my business when i finally get it up and running that way i can work on Other businesses as well while the first one will be on auto pilot .. thanks

  118. Incredible Information!!! One thing that will keep me, and many others is to keep focus. In Manifesto the revealing secret for me to reach my dream is to ask the question…”What I’m doing rightnow, is it adding or taking away from achieving my goals. Focus in and attack it like a Mad PIT BULL! Thanks a million, Literally!

  119. Besides learning at my advanced age that I am an opportunist and while it hurt it makes perfect sense. Still my
    biggest hurdle though will be getting into action someone commented “analysis paralysis” I’ve heard that several times lately and it is my status in a nutshell. I have 10GB of stuff downloaded to use WHEN I get started!

  120. Thank you rich for sending me the Manifesto! Like thousands of people, I’m one who has found myself buying and getting everything on how to make money and achieve success. However, for me I’v have learn alot about making a billion dollars! Really. But my point is this… Success is achieve by focusing on one project over a period of time. I think we have to much projects in the fire in the busy world we live in. Yesterday… I’m a MLMer, a Freelance Copywriter, a student of Internet, Real Estate Investor, A Seminar Junkie, Email Opt-in Junkie, You get the point! Today… I’m a Only a Freelance Copywriter and that all I focus on today! Focus, Focus, Focus, Implement, Implement, Implement!!! Wishing all you the very best, And your first million is the way, if you never give up! As we say in MLM “Live Your Dreams! or You’ll Be Living Someone Else Dream! Be Cool and Stay Prosperous- The Use to be MLM Junkie!

  121. Rich, you are hitting the nail on the head! So many things to do for us solo-entrepreneurs, speakers (, etc. And, you are right on! I notice that many of the postings say what about finding the money. Where there is a will there is a way! Think out of the box! Be willing to “give up” a portion of your business to someone who may want to invest. It’s what I’m doing with some of my projects.

  122. Me, Myself and I — we three are the one thing that will prevent me from achieving success similar to your students.
    It is my inability to focus, avoid procrastination and make a plan and worse — stick to it. This was a great piece and I have printed it off and will use it for help in the focus area at least.

  123. I am just beginning to try to build an online business. Your manifesto really clarified what I had suspected – all this malarkey these people are trying to sell is not worth the time to download., much less the money to pay for it.

    My problem is finding that niche. How do you determine what is a good niche and how to take advantage of it?


  124. Well, you really helped me see that I’m opportunistic and that’s controllable. But getting the initial money together to rebuild my website–a must–is a challenge, and so is finding a webmaster who understands built-in optimization. I took it on myself after 4 others failed and now I’m swamped and not conversant with html so as to do it correctly. I have 700 products or combinations.

  125. Incredible… all these years believing I was doing okay and I never figured this out. After reading the report I realize I’ve been all over the map. When it comes to my main goal, helping diabetics naturally eliminate drugs and insulin, I need to stay focused.

    I need to outsource more and not focus on doing it all myself… this is what I really need more information on. I’ve tried doing this but always end up with low quality work that I spend hours modifying myself. How do I find good quality people to outsource too?

  126. I was reading on the Warrior Forum that this is really just common sense stuff. But, I have never been introduced to these concepts and it doesn’t sound like “just common sense” to me.

    The manifesto has opened my eyes. I have never really thought about the business side of doing business online. I always knew it had to be done but not really sure of how to make it happen. I have a couple of sites all are affiliate. But I would like to create my own.

    I am a visual/creative type and am familiar with process mapping. The rest is new to me and I have been doing everything myself. I guess I need to be in business for myself but not by myself.

    I think that the primary thing that is holding me back from the level of success of your clients is how to implement/afford the systems that are needed to automate my business.

    Having limited funding at the begining should I start with using JVs. Or maybe offer a time limited percentage of my first couple of projects?

    Any insight on this would be appreciated. Thank you.


  127. I have always heard you need a business plan, a strategy, a goal. Well knowing what I would like to achieve is the easy part. Developing a strategy seems like pure guesswork to me 🙁 With a proper strategy I think getting the money will not be difficult, that at least is a renewable resource, but time is not and I am running out of time if I want to semi-retire in 3 years.

    As to oursourcing and out-tasking, to find people that do the quality of work I am happy with seems to require a lot of out-tasking but I am slowly building a reliable outsourcing list.

  128. Rich,

    I commend you for reaching out to help the less fortunate. By that I mean the ones who are struggling. The one thing that you think will prevent you from achieving success similiar to that of my clients is money.

    I see your guidance in the top marketers that are successful. But let me ask you a question, “Would you have help them if they could not afford to pay you” or Would they have been able to come to you if they were really struggling?”

    You offer us a way out of our struggle but at what price! Some of us are already at the bottom from following those that you have taught previously.

    I am fighting my way back from massive medical bills after my son’s illness and death and a layoff.

    In my attempt to build a business I have been depleted of funds. My credit is so bad even the toilet won’t accept it.

    Now a new savior is here but I can only pray that a way be made for me to accept your challenge.

    If not my prayer is that the Lord provide another open door at a more opportune time. (opportunistic).

    This is undoubtfully going to be a record breaking pre-launch. You should surpass Mike Filsamine’s Butterfly Marketing by a million dollars.

    I will work on manifesing the money needed to be mentored by you.

    Thank you for the manifesto and God bless.

  129. It was good and all but the whole hype that things are off the hook and the office is going crazy is a bit much, but I guess some people like that hyped up stories. For me I just want to here the facts not te marketing copy. Times change people want to hear you talking to them as if your having a beer with them, not selling to them at your door. But overall its not that bad, keep it up.

  130. I am interested to learn more on strategy developement, process development and branding.

    Thanks for the Great Info —
    Looking forward to the Video…

  131. After getting your email I would like to answer the question of what could possibly stop me now…

    Although I have already seen great success, it is NOT what I dreamed of.

    As you laid out in your manifesto my business looks much like the cover picture…

    The only thing that could stop me now is not completely undertsanding how I get people doing the right things for me in my business.

    For example I know I need to hire some people…


    Who? What work should they do that will free up a lot of my time? What type of training should I provide them?

    Looking at these questions I almost completely see the answer…I maybe trying to find that “secret” to doing this just as I was trying to find the “secret” to making money when I started online several years ago 🙂

    Take care!
    Keith Wellman

  132. After reading the manifesto, the one thing that may prevent me from achieving success similiar to that of other Rich Schefren’s clients is not having Rich Schefren as my personal coach. Thx for your insights. In the meantime, I’ll try to mimic your approach to relationship marketing and sales. This whole Manifesto campaign is a classic example of effective blog and email use to build anticipation of THE BIG TICKET ITEM/EVENT…I love it!

  133. Rich, The Manifesto is right on, we do need to leverage ourselves. I personally don’t have the money to be able to get the 11 week course even if I was invited to join as I’ve spent it all on “must Have SEO tools” and the like.
    The most important thing I saw when I read the report is the tremendous opportunity to grow a business and achieve success by doing all of the outsourced work. What a vast opportunity of niches ready made to help other to achieve their goals and desires. That will ultimately allow me to reach mine. Anything that we want is obtainable if were willing to WORK smart for it and not try to go the easy route. Thanks for the ideas, What goes around comes around and I’m sure you will be blessed in sharing your information.

  134. I’m old enough, and theoretically smart enough to figure this out – but I haven’t! It is so clear that I’m an opportunist, although I’ve been working at building an offline product for associations. Anyway, I’ve almost depleted all my funds, and don’t see how I can get the ‘you’ out of all those boxes before I create some cashflow. Help!

  135. Hi Rick,

    A fantastic report! It opened my eyes… and yes, I am (was?) definitly opportunistic.

    The biggest problem for me to overcome is a) being able to focus on what’s berings my business ahead and b) generating the cash flow to be able to outsource (and not outtask).


    Frank Bauer

  136. I am a man of 62 from Poland. I am new in ebusiness, unemploted for long time, without any money, without bank accounts, without credit or debit cards, for all the money I’ve earned I’ve bought dirrect access to internet and like to work and earn for living costs, for my family, to help others. Buy I am too tired by my long unemployment that I’ve loose my hope in anything.
    Andrzej from Poland
    tel > 0-11 48 609 932 036
    e-mail: [email protected]

  137. I am a physician who got turned on to internet marketing about 2 years ago. In medicine, we were taught to learn everything before putting the info to work. Using that paradigm, I have been attending many seminars and buying many courses. There was always one thing missing–I could could never see the BIG PICTURE of how everything fit together.

    Your “Manifesto” was brilliant. I was always excited by the internet marketing potential, but felt like I was on a never-ending treadmill. Your “YOU” chart showed that, instead of a treadmill, it was more like one of those rotating gizmos in a hamster cage.

    Thank you so much for a clear, concise picture of the whole process. But, more importantly, thanks for showing me the steps to get off that treatmill.

    Nothing is holding me back now, but I would like more info on “project management methodologies”.

    P.S. I saw you at Jay Abraham’s Boot Camp–Your 1st presentation and my 1st introduction to internet marketing. It was mind boggling. I don’t think I heard anything Jay said the rest of that day!

  138. Hi Rich,

    Great manifesto! Totally agreed with it. Here’s the rub… Don’t you have to “make” a certain amount of money doing everything yourself before you can start to outsource those tasks that are not “wealth-building” activities? Thanks so much!

  139. This manifesto showed that I’m already well down the track. Am already outsourcing and using leverage. Now I know how to do a flow chart all that’s needed now is to document the systems.

    This manifesto is a timely catalyst.

    Thank you.

  140. I must first say thank you for such a tremendous report. Your generosity with your knowledge and experience is admirable.

    My thoughts mirror many of those who have written before me. But one thing I didn’t see (forgive me if I missed it) was: the one thing that would prevent me from being as successful as your other clients is actually knowing that I have chosen a profitable niche before investing valuable time and money into it.

    I know that there are no guarantees, but I would be more likely to outsource if I knew that I would generate a significant return on my investment. Once I’ve been down the path a few times, I will have the income to invest back into the business. But until then, what do you do?

  141. Rich,
    Great report, you really tapped into the key mistake most people make. It’s not just an internet entrepreneur problem, most entrepreneurs try the DO IT YOURSELF strategy for way too long. You findings and recommendations dovetail with the advice I give in my upcoming book for entrepreneurs- The Flourishing Business. Glad to see we are on the same page!

  142. Rich, the manifesto was awesome thank you! I am very glad to have had the chance to read it, this has been one the most inspirational and informative pieces of literature yet.
    The one thing that has been holding me back most I noticed is the lack of knowing where to start and how to maintain a successful online marketing campaign. I did ok with PPC’s but it broke me and the niche I was in was swamped with competitors and the trend for the product was already starting to die off, but I dove in anyhow. I was being “opportunistic” and recognized this before the Manifesto but not until after my savings and profits had been soaked up.
    The entire internet marketing and sales opportunity is intriguing to me and I am still very young and willing to learn. I am a 19 year old Entrepreneur, been in business for only 6 months and hungry for an education of a life time from an expert.

  143. Well, it’s already been mentioned before but I’ll say it again all the same. The thing that’s holding me back the most is not the outsourcing but having the funds to do it. Just starting out and having more “outgo” than “income”, one is often forced to “do it all” until you have enough success to outsource.

    I think one answer is to leverage little successes and outsource a bit at a time if necessary. That might be a solution for not being able to go full throttle and outsource everything but it still requires you to either get something working or have the money to invest in the business. Hard to stomach if you’re not totally sure that your “big idea” has any legs.

    Great report.


  144. Insofar as I’m still relatively new, it’s been difficult to make enough to pay for outsourcing — this is the only thing standing in my way. But in time, I expect it too will pass!

  145. great information, lots of open loops…good stuff. to answer your question: what would prevent me is 1) not enough detail in the article to thoroughly follow up, but I know you can’t put it all in there, what then, would we buy? and 2) given my situation of being in a business that’s not giving me the income I want, knowing just where to jump into the brilliant process you describe…but I’ll go for it nontheless…you information is great and I”ll jump in wherever I feel is the most efficient place to start.

  146. What would stop me from achieving the success you talked about is not attending your course. What you wrote came at the exact time that I was thinking, “I must change for things to change, but where to begin.” I been chasing after rainbows instead of staying focused. HELP!
    Thanks, Madeline

  147. I am a “confessed newbie”. Your information has been an awakening. However, I have not made enough profit to think about outsourcing yet.
    Great information. Thank you.

  148. You say that you’ll accept a few elite clients into your coaching program. I’m not an elite — I’m not even close yet. So is there any chance at all for the little guy in my position?

    Cheers from sunny Japan,

  149. I can’t thank you enough for the rude awakening that you’r manifesto has given me. You have opened my eyes to the possibilities I can create. I look forward to the next words of wisdom for myself and others to follow.

  150. Hi Rich,

    I just finished reading your report aka mini ebook. “OMG wow what a report!” Much good in your report just lifted my inspirations as I’m in the right place at the right time. As a entrepreneur minded, it was ironic reading your beyond fabulous report. I’ve started a fresh slate right before hearing about the report was out. I must be on the right page. Alot of positive to your report not ideas. I’m glad I was lucky to be one to download it yesterday. Thanks
    Luann Irwin aka Bizymommie

  151. For those adrift in a sea of countless pseudo-opportunities, your manifesto cuts through all the internet fog and goes straight to the bone of what it really takes to get any business up and running – and truly working for you. I’m looking to start an internet business and my biggest problem is how to deal with information overload….

  152. What will stop me? Habits in a system that I have already built. What will break me out? Checklists and outlines of other possible structures to exchange for the ones I have in place.

  153. Rich, the manifesto was awesome thank you! I am very glad to have had the chance to read it, this has been one the most inspirational and informative pieces of literature yet

  154. I’d say the one thing that would be most likely to hold me back would be NOT KNOWING WHERE TO START!

    Anyway, AWESOME manifesto. I can’t wait to see what you have to offer next. Keep up the great work!

  155. This is the best manifesto I’ve ever read.

    Thanks and for my part, trying to find qualified, dependable people to outsource to will be my biggest problem.

  156. Dear Rich,

    Thank you for the download link to The Internet Business Manifesto. However, sorry to say that when I tried to open the ebook, it says that the file is corrupt.

    Please Advise.



    NB: I sent you an email on 29th June with regards to this, and as there was no reply to it I had no alternative but to write to you here.

    I apologize if this is not the right place to do so.

  157. Hi Rich,

    I downloaded your manifesto thinking that it was just another “gurus” manual. Boy was I mistaken.

    It’s not about websites or traffic or all the usual IM stuff.

    To me it’s about changing my way of thinking…


  158. Hey Rich, And all my united freinds around the world . 🙂 Scot corbett here! you know before I read Richard’s manifesto, I had some doubts,

    Doubts in my success40%.

    After reading Rich’s manifesto I am 96% sure of my success.and 4% confused the (((WARNING Actual numbers May very :):)J.K.
    If there is Element that could help in my failurel It Is myself! as we are all responsible for our own actions. Besides I dont plan on failing..Now
    To all of the readers of this blog I reccomend Not MULTI TASKING. of all things.
    It only slow’s you down. definition (more than one task at a time nultitasking)

    Even though you feel like you are accomplishing more than before in less time you. aA You probbably need to ASK yourself how much a hour of your time is worth:(

    Thanks Rich!! You Kick _ss bro Keep the peace.
    scot corbett ut.
    everything in all of the above statement’s are true great system .see ya!

  159. Thanks for the great work, Rich.

    You have a way of clearing away the clutter and providing a voice of reason that allows me to maintain a clearer focus.

    Like so many solopreneurs online today, it becomes a matter of balancing many ventures and interests while maintaining a reasonably sane family life.

    When I hear you speak or read your musings, it helps cut through the clutter.

    Sherman Hu is a friend of mine that I mastermind with and we have come to bounce ideas back and forth with on a semi-regular basis. After reading your Manifesto Sherman was inspired to create a spreadsheet that he could use to put some of those thoughts into action. Sherman created a “Time Value” spreadsheet & Process Map that he shared with me and is making available for free to others at:

    I think that others will find it a useful tool to compliment and implement some of the concepts you advance and advocate for in the Manifesto.

    Look forward to viewing this process evolve. Ron

  160. Happy Canada day and Happy U.S.A. day for the 4th!

    Specifically, I feel the one thing that will prevent me from achieving the success similar to that of your clients is a mentor to help me reprogram my thinking and recognize when I may need to reconsider my patterns of action.

    Fabulous work.

    Please let me know how I may retain your services and enter into the internet line of business. I just love the possibiltites it may offer too with regard to flexibility of geography…one could really conduct business from anywhere. I am about to buy a laptop, Music XPC or Mac bookpro is the final decision to be assessed, so let’s make it happen!

  161. Your manifesto really opened my eyes. I knew I was doing it all wrong but didn’t know how to change. Now I do.

    However, I can’t limit myself to one thing holding me back.

    I know a little about a lot of things but don’t have specific knowledge on anything except gold mining in Zimbabwe. And computer contracting in Sydney 13 years ago. So, how do I choose a niche?

    Is it better to outsource over the net or try to find local suppliers who you can sit and talk to?

    Is it a good idea to give one company all your outsourcing so you can build a strong relationship or is that a case of all your eggs in one basket?

    The cost of outsourcing would have to go on my credit card. I know this is almost impossible to answer, but, can you give a time estimate for a positive ROI if I do everything right?

    And, do I operate as a company or as a private individual?


  162. Dear Rich,

    I like your picture, you seems to be an inteligent man ! … strange answer, isnt it ?? SOME VERY IMPORTANT PRESIDENT OF THE US SAID ONCE “EACH MAN IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE WAY HE LOOKS LIKE” – which means that the face of the man shows a part of his character as well !…

    Now back to the point : what could keep me from NOT being successful ??

    Please read (clicking on my name for the link) what I’ve just answered today to Suze Orman (even if she is a very renowned financial advisor of Yahoo Finance she needed some help in order to write a book about money and kids and posted a question at *Answers just look at the Yahoo homepage of today)
    The fact that NOW I dont have a website-business says something tricky : either I have a better way of doing money than a website, or I haven’t one 🙂

    I will email you my e-book about success AFTER your meeting and just will ask you to tell me if that is helpful or not – as you are the expert and can see the value of any business approach.

    I will still keep secret the webpage where my e-book is offered for free (as the sole product), because I dont sell anything now even if I’m placed in an industry of billions of dollars – just because dont want to advertise myself here.

    Just my answer to Suze maybe is the answer to your today question (strange is that I just posted there and then I had read my email where you request our answers …)

  163. Hi Rich, thanks for the amazing information I have digested it and am going to take the appropriate action. It opened my mind up to a lot of information. This information is a must have in any online business venture.

    Thanks once again

  164. I already have a “successful” business but I work all the time.
    1. How can I tell if I have a business that will scale?
    2. Is one big site or several small sites better if you’re selling different but related products?

  165. Your manesfesto is a Boilerplate for Internet Business Plan. I must admit one single reason is for stopping me to dash forward is not sufficient fund to move…

    I think I will miss you coaching till my success in some multiple income streams

    All the best

  166. I have been doing a lot of opportunistic things and have finally decided to get my web site produced by a professional as this was what was stopping me taking the nect step. Now I think my success would be limited by the fact that I don’t have my own product, rather I am promoting affilaite products.

  167. breathtaking manifesto! Rich money is the factor that will prevent me from taking benefit of your ‘sane’ counsel. At the beggining of my career I probably will not be able to afford you.

  168. Having read your Manifesto from
    cover to cover, and having spent
    years in top management positions
    …what I read from your blogger
    respondents in what they require
    is a clear sense of direction
    from A to Z. You have a provided
    a great document, and a refreshing
    breath of fresh air from most of
    what is extant on the internet.

  169. Ur manifesto is just plain common sense. But as Shaw put it “common Sense is the most uncommon commodity in this world”. The one thing that is stopping is finances. It must cost a lot to outsource and stuff like that. Can’t U just start a mentoring program for the beginners like me?

  170. After reading the manifesto, the one thing that I think will prevent me from achieving success similiar to that of your clients is:

    Creating a vision and a strategy to achieve my vision. How do I do it?

  171. The one thing that prevent’s everyone is an excuse. The number one excuse is money. I could use it, I certainly qualify to use that as an excuse, but I won’t.

    I won’t ask you for anything else for free either.

    If you have a big enough want to you will figure it out. The great ones do.

    I’ve got to go sell something. I’ll be back after I cash in.

  172. I love the way the universe works, just when you need something to show up, it does!

    This report was timely and powerful. I always had a vision, but the strategy was under development when we started the company. It has been easy to fall into periods of being opportunistic and I’ve learned first hand that this can really affect your business in a negative way.

    Thanks Rich for writing the Manifesto! I’m looking forward to being part of this coaching club.

    John Allen

  173. Hi Rich,

    Thank you for the outstanding piece of work! You always get right to the point and provide relevant information. Truly nothing should hold me back, you have mapped out the process, now we follow it, simple… right? However, human nature dictates differently. We tend to get caught up in the daily ‘to do’ list and not get focused on that key profit time. Bottom line, I need to focus on one niche market, then establish priorities and just commit! The key for me….avoid over analyzing and just start and realize it won’t be perfect.

    Of course having you as a ‘coach’ will certainly help the business along!

    Keep this outstanding refreshing information coming, we are lucky to have you share with us.

    Have a maximized day,

  174. Eye opening. Swimming with the sharks in my business. I need to figure out how to have a controllable assent so I dont have another un-controllable decent. I like being a one man show but I am just about at my limit.

  175. I have read your manifesto. Actually I am based in India and totally new to internet business, How can it help me start new business? will it work outside USA in India?

  176. The one thing would stop me is when I defend the reason why I can’t do it instead of coming up with answers to how I can do it.

    I got this from Landmark Education, which teaches about creating an extraordinary life. A breakdown has to occur before a breakthrough can happen. What this means is that we have to be comfortable with making mistakes. It is through mistakes that we learn what we don’t know. So the more mistakes, the faster is change towards a better result.

    Your manifesto reminded me of the book “E-Myth” by Michael Gerber. He discussed about having a vision of the kind of life you want, which is similar to your discussion on strategic vs. opportunistic. He also discussed about having a system to eliminate the tyranny of routine, which you also mention in your manifesto.

    I agree with Ken about money being an excuse. I believe if someone need $10,000 for a life saving operation, that person will find a way if he/she wants to live. The question is are we willing to stake our life on the possibility of earning $1M per year? Do we want to find ways to produce the result or the reason for not producing the reason?

    One possibility I can see for the 11-week intensive is creating groups. Each person in the group would specialize on one box in the diagram. This will put into practice outsourcing. Revenue maybe split based on each contribution.

    Another reason for creating the group is accountability. I believe this is the reason why entrepreneurs failed. In the corporate world, someone is accountable to someone and maybe fired if the results are not delivered.

    If Rich would permit, the one selected to be coached can in turn share what he got to the group. This way, it reinforces and what he/she got and validates it as well. Investment in the program can be split. The one selected will probably bear a bigger percent (ratio 3:1).

    I’m a Business Technologist where I help people use technology to create leverage in their business and life. I wanted to start my own business instead of working for someone else. So I’m willing to work with anyone based on revenue sharing model.

    As Rick mentioned in his manifesto, I’m in the process of creating a system for small business to leverage their time, energy, and money.

    Be great!

    Alex So
    [email protected]

  177. What is stopping me? I am very new to this online business thing. It seems that there are a lot of things to consider and do. At the moment I do not have the experience and the knowledge to make it as successful as I want it to be. I am not sure where to start or do, therefore I feel overwhelm knowing there are a lot of things that needs to be done.

    The resources I am using is what I get from my day job, hence there is only so much I can put towards any development on the online. You would say and I think it is the confidence as I do not have the experience to back up what I am doing. It is all just psychological thing?

    I love the strapline on your manifesto e-book: “more money, more business, more time off”.

    I started this online idea because I wanted to be financially free and I want to be able to do the things whenever I want and at the same time I want to be able to make a difference to peoples lives, I want to add value to their life. I also want it ethical with integrity.

    One of the things I liked most about your e-book is the value for our time. I knew time is precious, although I did not consider the value of it as I thought it was pompous to say to people my time is valuable, hence I cannot really stay and talk etc… You know what I mean. I am very generous with my time to people. The one thing, I would like to ask you is how to do you approach the situation I have just mentioned above?

    I also like the calculation of what is your hour worth?

    I am doing something about my time managemen. I am listening to Brian Tracy: “How to master your time”. I just started listening to it yesterday. I have also purchased a speed reading software that I will get in a couple of weeks time, so that I can read a lot faster and comprehend things a lot quicker and alo build up the stength of my focus.

    The outcome I really want is to do things that I want whenever I want, wherever I want and whoever I want. I want a joyous, fun, playful, loving, passionate, phenomenal, luxurious life. I want to have fun whatever I am doing.

    Thank you for your email and thank you for writing what you have written and sharing it to all of us, God bless you and your family and also any business venture you do now and in the future.

  178. Great report. I think what would stop me succeeding is that I have only been in internet marketing for a couple of months. I am part of the group you mentioned that needs to collect lots of information as I knew nothing going in.

    It would probably not be worth taking your course until I have more of an empire to improve on. I am definately not doing productive work yet as my learning curve is too steep. It is probably not possible to take such a new business and make it into a successful business as I don’t think I have enough to work with yet.

    I will definately start process maps as I was kind of starting those but didn’t know what they were called or the best way to do them. I will focus on what my time is worth too.

    I wish I was at the level to be able to do your course but you have pointed me in a better direction so Thank You

  179. I want to thank you for the “Manifeso”. It literally made me face myself and see why I haven’t been successful. The process mapping was brilliant.

    My wife and was away on June 30th when challenged us to a “60 Minute Makeover”, celebrating our 16th anniversary (sweet “16”). With the holiday so close we extended to include a much needed time out.

    I was wondering is your offer still on the table and if not how can get your help. I believe this is my year for a complete turn around.

  180. Rich your insights have made me realize how closely i took internet marketing. For me it was only limited to affiliate marketing. Once going through all your videos and reports i am now preparing for a real sustainable business.

    Jatin Dhillon


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