The Internet Marketing Call That Made History–Three Times Over


MAY 29TH: Special Note From Rich Schefren:

HOLY MOLY… we did it again!

REPLAY #1 – Filled to CAPACITY

REPLAY #2 – Filled to CAPACITY

Just like the first time… we CRUSHED the capacity of the Teleseminar Replay tonight and not only had to have the Teleseminar company add more lines…  but… we actually had to have them immediately schedule a SECOND back-to-back replay at 9PM ET to accommodate all of the marketers who registered!

CRAZY thing is…

We STILL weren’t sure if we’d be able to accommodate everyone who registered.  So, Brian, our resident Chief Operations Officer, was thankfully able to work his magic and convince the Teleseminar company to let us do a desperately needed THIRD REPLAY early this morning May 29th.

ONLY PROBLEM WAS… in the midst of all of the craziness going on with all of these replays, our VP of Marketing posted the WRONG TIME for the replay.

So, to make it up to you, we’ve just decided to give you the AUDIO RECORDING and WORD-FOR-WORD TRANSCRIPT of the entire Teleseminar so you can listen right now, instead of waiting for another replay or something.


To Higher Profits,

P.S. If you were able to get on one of the replays tonight, I’d love hear what was your biggest takeaway from the call.  Share your comments below.


New Record: The Most Internet Marketing Superstars on 1 Teleseminar - EVER

Whew…just trying to catch my breath after a whirlwind past couple of days…

As you may already know, I spent over 2 hours on the phone with a group of friends, business associates, and former coaching clients who are now world famous gurus.

And I’m proud to say that it was an unprecedented call for several different reasons–two of which I saw coming, and one of which was COMPLETELY unexpected.

Let me explain…

First of all, this call was completely the opposite of what most people expect on a teleseminar.

Usually, it’s YOU with the problem and THEM offering a solution, right?

Well, in this case, we made a 180 degree turn–it was THEM with the problem instead of you. And it was my job to find out how they solved it.

My goal in this call was to delve into their biggest issues, going straight to the heart of the matter by simply asking each participant 4 quick questions:

  • What was your biggest constraint to your business?
  • How did you overcome that?
  • What was the quantifiable results of your solution?
  • What did you take away from it?

Then I moved on to the next guru in the queue. Which brings me to the second unprecedented occurrence…

A group of this magnitude and million-dollar firepower has never–EVER–been assembled for one call.

Usually, a couple of gurus will tag team on a call. And once in a while you’ll see a third swoop in for a few minutes.


I mean, take a look at this lineup:

  • Mike Filsaime
  • Brad Fallon
  • Jeff Walker
  • Frank Kern
  • Willie Crawford
  • Joel Comm
  • Liz Thompson
  • John Carlton
  • Yaro Starak
  • Tellman Knudsen
  • Michael Cheney
  • Kevin Hogan

Pretty amazing, isn’t it? But there they were, waiting patiently for their turn to spill their secrets.

And the answers they gave were MIND-BLOWING. For example…

Joel Comm revealed how playing to his strengths took him from a struggling one-man show to almost $10 million a year in profits…

Mike Filsaime talked about taking his $30,000 a month business and multiplying it by tenfold, hitting the $375,000 a month mark in less than a year by making one simple mindset shift (that you can easily implement today)…

Frank Kern recently got over a hump that plopped 2000 new customers into his lap in 65 minutes. And all came from one realization: “Your brain will lie to you.” In the call, Frank hands you the warning signs to know if your brain is helping–or hurting–your business…

Brad Fallon shows us why his past business attempts all ended up going south, and how he discovered the key connection between strategy and execution that helped create not one–but two 8 figures-a-year businesses…

Tellman Knudson had a business plan that was flawed from the start. But once he and I focused on a single change in his strategy, Tellman turned a small coaching program into an $894,600 profit windfall…

Willie Crawford was trying to do everything himself (sound familiar?) and heading towards burnout. But after learning this secret technique, he began adding talented resources–and big time profits…

I floored Yaro Starak with my out-of-the-blue recommendation. But he reluctantly followed my lead and saw an immediate jump in his income. Get the whole story inside…

Fantastic stuff. And there’s MANY more content-rich tidbits where those came from.

But as if that wasn’t enough, now it gets even better…

Because you people decided to trump both of my accomplishments with something that completely took me by surprise.

See, we had scheduled the first call and we filled up those lines in a heartbeat.

“No biggie”, we thought. “We’ll just add a replay for those few hundred entrepreneurs who got shut out.”

Those “few hundred”…seems almost comical to say that now–especially after what transpired next.

To put it bluntly, when the word went out about the replay, the floodgates didn’t just open–they were BLOWN TO BITS.

If you saw my last Twitter post, you know I was up at 3:00 am last night, watching the registrations roll in at an average of 6-10 per minute.

That’s up to 60 a minute, or 3600 an hour. At 3:00 am on a Monday night.

Yeah, that’s what I thought too.

Needless to say, this was not only our biggest call ever…but by far the biggest call in the history of our industry.

But honestly, if it didn’t do a thing for you…if it didn’t help transform your mindset…if it didn’t turn on the light and reveal the ugly, nasty thing that’s holding you back from success…

Then it wasn’t worth a dime.

So with that said, I want to know what you thought about this call….

Tell me everything–and I mean EVERYTHING. I want to know what you learned…when you had that “aha” moment…and how it’s going to change your business.

And if I didn’t deliver, then let me know that too.

Go ahead–fire with both barrels. I can take it.

In fact, feel free to post your comments below so everyone can see. I’ll be monitoring them and chiming in from time to time, and you never know when I might shoot a message right back at you.

Sound good?

Great–thanks for joining me on the call, and I can’t wait to see what your thoughts are…

To Higher Profits,

379 thoughts on “The Internet Marketing Call That Made History–Three Times Over”

  1. The best part of the call in my opinion was the summary you gave at the end Rich. It demonstrated in a nutshell the kinds of challenges that business owners face, and I think it will cause a lot of us to question the areas where we need to make improvements.

    As always, you provided plenty of food for thought.


    Andrew Lock

  2. My biggest take away was what Frank Kern had to share. When I worked for Robert Kiyosaki, one of the biggest lessons I learned was from his friend and advisor, Blair Singer. Frank echoed that lesson today and I am grateful for the reminder.

    Blair called it your “Little Voice”. And what Frank said is that your little voice lies to you! Your worst enemy is often right inside your own head. Boy am I dealing with this right now.

    Thank you Rich for the call – Just awesome!


    • thanks john – always remember, it’s easier than you think or willing to believe – although, work is still required 😉

      • Hi Rich..
        thank you for your teleseminar i have yet to read it but i would like you to answer a question which may interest you in the long run..
        i am building an office in Pakistan in the Punjab which for many reasons has a very large market of young people who want to know what you are teaching tho; starting with a primer program ( i have chinese urdu and english translators…
        we are offering free internet (30 computers to start )access to the whole community who in general have not got this facility,
        the immediate market is 700 of the most influential people
        then 5,000 of the NGO’s seewww. …
        then the educational system..around 30,000..the punjab is the more stable part of pakistan and has many expats who are also interested..
        my qestion is would any of your alliances be interested in office space ? or a list of these young entrepreneurs ?
        or use of the ” creative” team we are building to invent and market internet strategies ..?

        thank you ian amor ceo testmyidea beta test rig

  3. Hi Rich,
    I just hung up from the call. This was amazing. I think the greatest outcome of the call is just to realize that every one of these huge names in the business has the same issues, the same constraints, the same fears as I do just beginning. To hear Frank Kern talk about his constraint- a few weeks ago- blew my mind. Frank Kern?? A few weeks ago??? How human is that? I really needed something to confirm my beliefs that I can get into marketing and make it work and this call did that for me! Thank you, Rich! I am a loyal follower from this day forward!

    Teresa Hall

  4. We are a growing non-profit with a unique value proposition in the animal welfare sector. Part of the No-Kill philosophy, we are creating a sanctuary for 1,500 domestic animals in rural southwest Florida that will be supported by satellite adoption/pet stores in more populated coastal cities.
    My initial take away was trying to do everything because I’m so concerned that we mis-step. Strategy is a strength, but it is diluted with day to day.

  5. Rich,

    This call was particularly helpful for me because of the combination of where my business is at and the niche I’m in.

    Particularly Tellman talking about finding those products/services that only focus on my strengths, and Frank talking about how the mind can trick us.

    I am now at that beginning stage of my business – a one-man show and I want/need to outsource if I want to grow my business… to truly reach and help the people who already look up to me for spiritual guidance.

    I also got a lot from Mike Filsaime’s interview… just the simplicity of hiring one single person to help. In his case, what caught my attention was the admin assistant – part of me doesn’t want to let go of control (like Willie talks about), but this call really opened my eyes to one simple thing:

    – The most important task I can do right now is identify which activities can be systemized and then strategically outsourced, so that I can spend my time doing what I’m best at as much of my time as possible.

    And when I do that, like Michael Cheney says… I’ll be happier, my subscribers and customers will pick up on that, and ultimately they’ll be happier too.

    • I haven’t found a niche yet, this is my huge constraint. Just got out of MLM to do this all. I am researching in all the niche areas I’m interested in. So I’ll go from there. Studing Ed Dales 30DC right now, I think your stuff is a bit advanced for me at this point.. but I am going further in it nevertheless. I am watching all of your moves, twitter baby.. and following/ copying everything I can, so at least I have my experts to tap into.. thanks to the man who figured out screen cam baby!… As Jeff talked about.. You guys have the life I want, and I will pay when I get the funds to do so! I am pretending to be the top 76th internet guru now.. lol

      I would love to see another teleseminar like this.. although more focused on their life lessons at becoming in their beginner levels..
      as so paying more attention to ALL of these wonderful guys.. and gal.. life lessons on how they began and what they went through in the beginning.

      Brads interview was perfect of what I mean. I got a lot out of what he said. He talked more about strategy and execution, understanding betwn a good biz idea, mental switch.. books he mentioned which I’ll get, what he did just starting out..
      I’am going to do this exercise: writing on a piece of paper, on the left side.. what I need to learn.. on the right.. what my goals are/what I want to do… sweet!

      Props to you Rich, and props to all the guys, and gal.. lol, can you do another one, prioritized on life lessons each went through, and what you all did, the day you started it. Books you read.. ppl you went to for their expertise..

      Gimmie a time line more like a life line..

      What were the top 10 things you had to learn to get further down the road…

      What you needed when you were dayz old in this biz…

      ..oo.. you know, I might have found what I would enjoy teachin.. lol.. but… dont have a list.. or funds.. or expertise yet.. soon! Although I am skeptical about bein just another internet marketing guru.. I would love to do it, love that niche.. mucho, but you guys have it covered, other niches need atten.. I do guess.

      Thanks guys!


  6. After reading The Internet Manifesto and finding it not to be some-hypey sales page, I thought the call would not be a waste of time.

    And I was right.

    What did I take away? That my complaint about being only one woman trying to do the work of at least 4 is a common complaint; that I’m not SUPPOSED to it all by myself; that it’s perfectly legitimate and even desirable to out-source.
    I learned that writing and Google AdWords are worth taking the time to learn.
    I learned the distinction Strategic and Execution.
    I learned that most of these highly successful people started out where I am, and there is no reason I can’t get to where they are.

    I was very glad to hear a woman on the call as well.
    Thanks for having her.

  7. I found the call extremely helpful and look forward to the point where I will need help. Right now I am training with a group called thrive, I’m not certain that they will be the right group for me, but as a total newbie, I had to start somewhere. I hope to have my eBay store up very soon. I have been ordering some products from both Mike Filasaime and Michael Rasmussen as well as others and trying to learn as much as I can as fast as I can so I can make my business a success and have some of the issues the people on the call mentioned. I am still investing money into this venture and have yet to see any return on my investment, but “Failure is not an Option” for me, so I will make it.
    I hope that with your upcoming products and information, I can get some guidance and steer my business in the right direction.

    Thanks again,
    Lisa Nardi

  8. Great teleseminar today (09/09/08). As I look at my situation, I rather suspect that I’m just too lazy to succeed. Or not focused enough. Or doing what I want to do rather than what I should do (Michael Cheney’s comments spring to mind). I’m encouraged by all I heard, and look forward to hearing more.

  9. I learned that I don’t have to do it all by myself; there are essential tasks I need to learn and execute, while out-sourcing other tasks that I lack time and/or expertise to carry out.
    I learned that these highly successful people started out where I am and that there is no reason that I can’t get to where they are now.

    (I apologize if this is a repeat – the first time I tried to post didn’t show).

    Thanks for a great call,
    Esti Allina-Turnauer

  10. My favorite take-away: Trust that if you focus on following your heart, everything else will somehow manifest. Focusing on your strengths is what will bring a breakthrough.

    Thanks for the inspiration, Rich!

  11. I was hoping to hear something about the problem of: What does one do when they dont have the $ to hire someone? They only have just enough $ to pay the bills right now.

    Maybe someone here can help with that. Thanks

  12. Rich,

    Thank you for assembling the folks on this call. It was the kick in the pants I needed to make the final push on releasing my flagship membership.

    I got value from each of the speakers.

    My biggest constraint is money. How to earn more and spend more on my business.

    Look forward to more great information.

    To Your Desired Life,

    Darrell Ritchie

  13. I missed most of the call due to a medical emergency but the concept of constraints caught my attention. I am in the process of starting my first internet business featuring organic coconut oil and other coconut and obscure nutritional products and I feel I have to do everything myself because I am using income from my job and it also has to pay my current bills so there’s truely no money available for outsourcing. Would this be considered as a constraint, if not what would you call it and what are my options in resolving it, and is there some formula in determining what your main constraint is. But what I caught of the call was awesome

  14. This was so generous on your part and that of all your guests that it moved me.
    The one thing that strikes me is that we’re all the same, we all make the same mistakes, basically. The one thing I learned was: there is hope.

    I LOVE your counter approach (that’s my style!): work with the constraints 🙂 Love you for that.

    My question for the future would be: how do you delegate to focus on your strenghts when you just don’t have the money?

    Thanks again!

    • Yhanks foryour info. I am patient like an Elephant, and try to follow up my activities as a BROKER so I need no money to invest. The problem is that the global situation is quite inequal, when industrialized ciountries have a huge budget deficit, while like others, China have surpluses, due yo undervalued Huan and competition is so fierce that lots of manpower are dismissed to effect production at cheaper prices.
      As I informed Rich previously, I am a Macroeconomic Expert and have sent my records to the NOBEL PRIZE COMMITTEE in Stockholm.
      In fact we have to invest money to buy stocks vs. commodities to be paid in currencies. This shows the discrepancies arising from the Stocks, the commodities and the floating currencies bringing to a chaotic situation all over the world and lack to fund social welfare, also to the elderly,including healthcare.
      Best regards
      TEL : 972 3 5731380 / CELL : 972 54 4573138

  15. Wow Rich, I don’t know where to start. That is not a comment, it is what I took away! I have broken about every rule including the domain I have started with. I am struggling with silly basics like getting autoresponders to work right. I am way below the level that any of these guys were when they started with you, but I will get there. I am already attempting to work with a couple of the guys on the call. I come from a background of working with very small brick and mortar startups and find myself repeating so much of what I counseled against. Pray for me—

    • Hi Rich,According to this program i never heard any good news like this from you.everything I am going through from many years,and today I have supprise and I dont know how to say thank you to your love and kind to others including me in the great things you have done.Iam thank the lord jesus christ that HE has choosen me to be the member of your group.thank you may God bless you.

  16. As a newcomer to the internet marketing business, still holding down a regular job, there is so much information to absorb.
    Information good, bad and indifferent is coming at you from all angles. How to know what is good information and advice is difficult. The pure nature of the web naturally perculates recurring names and information to the top.
    Once you can attach real credability to real people, I think you can progress forward.
    With regard to tonights call I think the best advice, especially for new marketers, was to focus on specific, goals,targets, obsticles and not “flit about” achieveing nothing.

    P.S. Only small problem with the call. Loggged on here in the UK 8.30pm to find you over half hour through already.

    Otherwise great simple to understand advice K.I.S.S.



    • Amen to that… and sometimes I just can think of who to believe. People like Rich (and many within this call sheet he’s provided us) are just rocks to return to in the storm. They help get centred, focused, and laser-site the target/s.
      Then is just that old a.c.t.i.o.n on top of the earnest endeavour to earn a quid here in Oz.
      Just great stuff.

  17. That was the call of all calls,fan & funtastic! The biggest takeaway for me was hearing about getting support or outsource the things i’m no good at. Then concentrate on the things i am good at. Further i’m to paranoid in thinking i can do it all, or i have work with those that are costing a arm and a leg to get my blog up and business, i’m streached to the limit now.
    My wife is rolling her eyes as we speak /:

    Ivé been struggeling with this for 1 month in,and although i can’t afford to pay anyone. i have found in roads through trial and error and frank kern,ed dale,yanik,fallon,makepeace,and you had them all onone CALL! deep… but you hit the nail on the head.

    You’ll see my site is not up yet, which is a funk guitar lesson site. Web2.0 style,i’m adding my autoresponders to 2 blogs. My product is “The 6pak”of funk guitar lesson. Which is a niche” in the HUGE market of guitar lessons. i reseached views,keywords,comment on other sites,learning camtasia etc.

    I’m finishing my youtube vids with links to responders to build a list, where i’ll give away 1 free 6pak. Then will launch Oct 1st / : hopefully & give away these guitar mousepads to the 1st 250 purchasers. My 6pak will sell for 24.95.

    Would love to hear more about building list, autoresponders, copy,web2.0. Once the bucks start coming in i can afford you,kern,mike koenig with no regrets.
    RICH YOU THE MAN,i’ve sworn alligence only to Frank kern, it’s time to add one more person, And one more only YOU !

    Best Regards

    • thanks tim, i’ll give you more details in the days to come, but here’s a little mind-shift…

      when it comes to building a list, web pages that convert, getting hordes of traffic or any other marketing ‘must-do’ – the challenge marketers & entrepreneurs come up against is never the constraint itself. those are the symptoms of the constraint. it’s similar to the story that frank shared.

      another way to think about it is – the constraint always precedes confusion (we’re knowledge workers right?) – stated more simply, whenever you are frustrated or confused, look at the decisions, assumptions, and steps you took previously – the constraint is hidden in there.

  18. Rich the call was awesome, and it was just what I needed. I’ve been redefining my online business for the last couple of days and the call really helped me to solidify the solutions to some of the issues/constraints that I’ve been struggling with.

    I’m quite looking forward to skyrocketing my business.

    All the best
    PS: Thanks 🙂

  19. Enjoyed your Internet Business Manifesto Teleseminar today. Have managed Google adWords for others since 2002 quite successfully. When I learned PayPerClick marketing I immediately knew I’d hit upon something I was uniquely suited for and absolutely loved. I also knew in future years it would become more competetive and difficult. My constraint: I’ll be 72 years old in two months! I studied and became a Google Advertising Professional in 2005. I am successful and now turn away new clients;but still, I realized there was so much more to learn and things are changing rapidly.

    This past year has been devoted to learning everything I can about internet marketing in order to attempt my own promotions. I have several things of my own I would like to try. What’s holding me back from trying is that inner voice that tells me “You’re too old for this kind of thing”. Your telesiminar today really helped me realize that as long as I’m breathing and enjoying it, I should quit limiting myself and get in there and TRY! Thank you so much!

    • Nancy – you are an inspiration… you go for it… I am going for it too and I’m not far behind you in years, however, I sure don’t understand a lot of this stuff – yet – but it can’t stop me and it won’t stop you.
      I totally missed the call but I’m getting insight right out of this blog. Insight is everywhere. Thanks for your words and good luck in all your endeavors

  20. Rich,

    The biggest takeaway that I received from the call was the realization that I CAN create the business that I’ve always wanted to have. Listening to so many people share their challenges and eventual success makes the concept of creating a multi-million dollar business seem attainable.

    As I’m just in the beginning stages of planning my business, I believe the information that you’re sharing will impact it by helping me steer clear of the same trials and tribulations that your guests had before they reached their level of success.

    I have every intention of standing on the shoulders of these business giants to help me find the most direct route to the business success and lifestyle I’ve always dreamed of.

    Thanks for everything, Rich.

  21. Hi Rich,

    I just wanted to say that I just finished listening to your amazing “high value” teleseminar call.

    WOW! Thank you so much for doing that.

    It’s such a small world. It was one of your highly successfully guests, another fellow Aussie, Mr. Yaro Starak, that actually introduced me to your entire hit list of Internet marketers, that you had on the call today.

    I have learned so much from this group of people, that it is just mind blowing. (Thanks again Yaro 😉

    I just can’t wait for your new report, and I hope to get into your new, revamped coaching program, when it launches.

    As Jeff Walker aka Mr. Product Launch stated on the call, I believe the easiest way to move forward is to model the “best” in the game, and start by implementing what they are doing.

    It’s not all good news, you’ve given me a ton of things that I am going to have to focus on to get my business moving in the upward direction (I’m still at zero in my new business so it can’t be any worse ;-)), but in the first case, I will focus on changing the No. 1 problem, ME.

    Thanks for sharing your stuff

    Keep Breathing

    Chris Arts

  22. Rich,

    Great Call!!!

    Lots of value. All the contraints everyone faced were very enlightening.

    Definetely the motivational push I needed to begin to promote my flagship membership.

    Biggest take-a-way for me was to get help from others.

    Money flow is an issue for me. How to increase income and spending on business.

    Thanks again,

    Darrell Ritchie

    PS – might be a duplicate reply – laptop bugged out??

  23. Wow! What a great call. I really appreciated the twist in letting the “success stories” share what they struggle with, as you say, their “constraints.”

    I think the most important thing I heard today came from Frank Kern: “Don’t listen to your brain when it tries to lie to you.” My brain likes to make the “widget” bigger and better, etc. only to have no action taken because I have become overwhelmed. As he said, he didn’t really need or even want a membership site. So, staying focused on the original goal or outcome will be critical for me to move forward. I am learning to accept the concept of something being “just good enough” to get started and then move forward. I guess it’s like the small pea-sized snowball that begins the avalanche.

    Secondly, the idea of not having to “know” everything or “do” everything myself. I have tried to save money in areas that are not helpful to my reaching my goals, so that will have to change.

    Thank you for bringing to my attention that to focus on anything other than removing the constraint that holds me back is an effort in futility and ultimately very inefficient.

    I look forward to learning more from you.

    Laura Breite

  24. Hey Rich…great call!

    It is interesting that each successful person on the call had an obstacle to remove before they florished. I’ve been in serious introspection lately because I know I’ve got one, and maybe all of them.

    Sometimes it’s a matter of being unable to make a choice between two good alternatives. I think that may fall under indecision. And that’s just one of my obstacles. I’m a cesspool of opportunity for your coaching!

    Anyway, thanks for some great stuff!

    Michael Wafer

  25. Rich,

    Great call. I enjoyed it even if it was the replay. I got several things from it that could help. First, I know my constraint is not having the knowledge needed to build the business I want, and as one of the guys said, go find someone who knows what you are attempting and learn from them. Well, that has been my problem from the start. I have spent a fortune on aquiring that knowledge and there is always a whole in it. How do you find an ethical, knowledgeable person in todays environment with so many ‘GURUS’ that don’t have a clue on getting you what you need. From my experience, they just want to sell you another program that works great. One you can do from the ‘beach’.
    Sorry to run on. I did enjoy your call and have signed up for the rest of the program.

    Thanks again for the great information today.

    George Woodberry

  26. Wow! My partner and I have been really wasting a lot of time on the every day “non-money” making parts of our business. This call really reinforced that for me. I devoured the call. Thank you Rich and I’m looking forward to more great stuff.

    I think I am on almost all of the “gurus” lists–save a few. Also, as I stated at a Master Mind session I recently attended in L.A. there are NOT enough women marketers–who are truly making the big bucks.

    Hmmm, I want–nope scratch that–I will be—among the TOP internet marketing women on the net!

    Thank you for pulling all the greats together in one place.

    Holly Powell
    GUTz Community

  27. Rich,

    Thanks for putting together such a valuable call.

    Everyone you had on the call had something valuable to say. I specifically appreciated hearing from Jeff Walker, Frank Kern, and Brad Fallon.

    Those two hours flew by.


  28. Rich…your teleseminar was…
    an absolutely brilliant, informative, insightful & “Real” one hour & 30 minutes… to implemented your “Internet Business Manifesto” will energize as well as prophetize anyone who desires help in growing their business. What a great information filled seminar which should have everyone who was on-board so energized for success.
    To all who read this post…but were not at the teleseminar…
    I would emphasize finding that strategic “Maven/ Entrepreneur” which lives within each of us.
    I testify that Rich has the right approach to the right cause for the right reasons for establishing truth, success, and life changing relationships which will make for an over the top business-success formula to whomever seek to find it.
    Thanks Rich… for being a mentor and the success story that you are to all of us… Rich Etsler
    PS: I look forward to our teleseminar at the end of the month…

  29. Hey Rich!

    An amazing call. There is so much hype on the internet and so little substance delivered. This call delivered. The way I can always tell when something has substance is that even though the results of the action maybe complex the action or concept behind the action is simple. Simply stated: What is your constraint, removing that constraint creates success. Very simple but the results behind empowering the concept is powerful. Thanks in a big way Rich! You rock! 🙂

  30. The best part of the call in my opinion was the individual declarations of road bump attached to being successful. I worry that my chance for a website is slipping away while I am frozen into INACTION. I see other sites that were less are now more than I had imagined for my own. I was forty when my niece printed 6 or 7 books out of paper and string when she was 9 or 10. I was waiting till I got it all, the pack right things together.
    Thanks, Rich and all

  31. Rich, Today was a real “eye opener” I thank you for putting such a dynamic group together. I have done copy, marketing advertising for years for other companies and today really made me realize my constraint. And yes, I have been a “one man band” in various entreprenural ventures with no long term staying power. I need the help getting “ME” out of the way. You recommended getting a mentor, I have found one in you!
    Again, thank you for Opening my eyes to the possibilities and eliminating tasks I would should not be doing(or frankly I stink at doing 🙂
    I am anxious to the new release and the possibility of doing a venture with your guidance
    Thanks again, Buddy in Clearwater, Florida

    • Hi Rich:

      Thanks to all for taking the time out of your busy days to help others. I am truely honored to be among all of you.

      I always enjoy my invitations and hope to some day work together.

      Best Regards,


  32. Dear Rich,
    Thank you Thank you Thank you….
    Like so many others I have thought for years that and internet business was pie in the sky. like you said, have laptop will travel, business from the beach, lavish lifestyle…. OH MY GOSH am I so happy to hear for myself, from real people, that i actually will have to PLAN, SET GOALS, WORK HARD and WORK SMART to have a successful business…. it all most sounds terrifying. I’m serious, we are not creature that naturally move in the direction of hard work and risk, so of course we avoid it. Through this call I realized my constraint or (at least of them) was the wrong mindset about an internet business. Now as a newbie, I feel I can move forward with more direction and purpose, not overlooking that the small things can and will cloud my vision. YES, I will work hard and do my best to have fun along the way.
    From my heart, Thank you again! Today, you have changed lives and given hope.

  33. First I want to thank you for putting together such a great call. Thank you to all the guests for speaking openly about the challenges and then all of you sharing your knowledge and wisdom.

    I was able to take many things from the call. This is perfect time for me because I have made some big mistakes and serious financial setbacks. A couple of the biggest take aways for me were that many times I will execute with out good strategic plan, I think I can figure it out as I go and wow I got into trouble this time. Also I need to review my strengths so that I can get back on track and focus along with eliminating those crazy inner thoughts that can block us.

    Look forward to your next release and thanks again!!

  34. Hi Rich,

    This was my first learning experience with you, and I must say I am impressed!! The information shared was fantastic, and most of the speakers had a similar message – get out of my own way (or in Liz’s words “get your head out of your a**!”), give up control of my business, do what I love and let someone more competent take care of the things that I’m not good at. My ah-ha moment came when I remembered my mistake in taking on my own bookkeeping because I was having challenges with finding someone who would finish the job. After three bookkeepers and three months looking for a new one, I decided to learn the program and do it myself. Well, that ISN’T working well and I’m going to resume my search – and focus on the things I am GOOD at in my business.

    Thanks again for the fantastic seminar and the not-so-gentle reminder of my most recent faux pas!! I am looking forward to hearing more about determining my own constraint(s).

  35. Just got off the Tuesday afternoon replay of your biggest constraint teleseminar, Rich. You asked for comments on what we got out of the call. Frankly, quite a lot.

    It was amazing to hear many of these Internet “gurus” talk about how a few years ago they went through specific startup and business growth problems and struggles that many of us “newbies” are now trying to overcome. The common thread was that years ago these “soon-to-be-gurus” found a mentor who had gone through it before them. That mentor could relate specifically to the startup struggles and could help and advise them down the right path.

    From a personal standpoint, I think I found a mentor or two on this call. My current business involves consulting in management, marketing, public relations and other communications areas, often related to some degree of problem-solving. I’m often contacted out-of-the-blue by people who say that John or Jane told them to call me to ask if I could help them resolve some sort of work, career or personal dilemma. Then, 15 to 30 minutes or more later, we’ve talked about the situation and I’ve brainstormed a half dozen options for the individual for resolving the problem at hand.

    Well, I almost jumped out of my chair when I heard Tellman Knudsen describe a similar scenario and how he turned it into a $500 per person monthly seminar. Boy, I need to stop buying his products and talk to that man directly.

    I also gained a good deal of insight from many of the other participants, and especially from your comments, Rich. Your synopsis put a lot of this into perspective, particularly your comment that (paraphrasing) “it’s a false efficiency to work on anything buy your own constraint.”

    My goal is to use my existing business as a springboard to an online information products series of Websites employing a new blog to drive traffic to my sites. As a former reporter, I can handle the writing and the content, along with affiliate marketing, joint ventures, and private label rights products. It’s the technical and equipment sides that are my biggest hesitancy constraint, especially since I’m a one-man band without the financial capability to hire a supporting string section. Is there a constraint for a lack of Internet Angels?

    Anyway, I really enjoyed and appreciated your teleseminar. I’m on your list for the upcoming chapters as well as the products you plan to issue in the next couple of months. Thanks for helping to enlighten me.

    Michael Sheward

  36. Thanks Rich!I’ve been painfully aware of my constraints and didn’t know who to turn to…now I find I had even more than I thought I did!
    In 1986 at a Sacred Psychology workshop with Jean Houston, she replied to a few devotees who were concerned about ruffling the feathers (ego?) of their Guru, “I thought ‘Guru’ meant Gee, You Are You!” (G.U.R.U.).
    In the Internet Marketing world we are advised to select narrow niches to gain SEO favor, so eventual experts become so-called Gurus in each respective niche and tout their wares accordingly. This means that we newcomers are enthusiastically pitched by each, and we end up buying some of this and some of that…then either lack underlying infrastructual elements or don’t know how to pull it all together into a viable business. So we flounder and spin our wheels while continuously exhorted to TAKE MASSIVE ACTION!
    I learned from each of your guest ‘gurus’ but related to your own comment about the supposed internet lifestyle. This belief, itself, led me to believe I wouldn’t need any staff, and have been scrambling to do it all myself since. Bad idea.
    Additionally, I appreciated how reframing the issue (what do I REALLY want here), allowed the shifts in perception leading to breakthroughs in choosing the best business model for them (Mike Filsaime, Tellman Knudson and Frank Kern). And, of course, reframing the bigger issues is really what you do so well for us, Rich.
    Ultimately, it is all about knowing what suits each of us best, fulfilling the true mandate of G.U.R.U.- then slotting into a receptive market. And getting the help to do it all.
    My request for what’s next would be specifics on the order of what Brad Fallon suggested- identifying necessary & strategic ‘need to knows’ and ‘who to hire first’ & ‘what to look for’ (a la Joel Comm).
    Look forward to the nexr installment!

  37. Dear Rich,
    Great call with lots of material to digest. Your guests were all phenomenal and I found Frank Kern’s breaking out of the Membership site box really helpful because I’ve been struggling with starting a membership site myself. Jeff Walker’s obtaining mental clarity and getting a wave of energy and admitting that I don’t know it all have also given me fresh insight. This was a great call.


  38. Hey Rich,

    Just got your email about the replays of the call, and about how all the lines were full before 2:30 because of the THOUSANDS of people trying to get through. That sure sounds good. Except that I called in 20 minutes LATE and got on the line no problem. That means either A) tons of people bailed on the call because it wasn’t so great, or B) the email you sent was BS. I’m sure you do great work, I’m sure you’re for real. So why the false scarcity? Do you really need to pull that?

  39. Note: Website not quite live but am aiming for October 1.

    The most ABSOLUTELY important take away for me is Frank Kern’s realization that he does not have to have a “membership site” to have paying customers. This is especially valuable for moi because is intended to become a community support site for families of people who have either been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD OR who are undiagnosed but are in continuous motion, nonetheless. The tag line is, “Let us take care of you so you can take care of your family”. I thought would have to be a membership site in order for me to make a living because I need to be paid. Consequently, I figured that by making a membership site and charging people to belong they would have the community support and information they need and I would have the income I need. Except that, as a newbie, I am even less prepared than Frank to deal with the technical tribulations of the software.

    Now, thanks to this call and Frank’s story, I see that I can offer the site, which includes a community blog, and a basic newsletter for free, and simply charge for coaching, teleseminars, webinars, and other ongoing services. (The services offered will NOT include psychotherapy despite my being a licensed marriage and family therapist).

    Also, John Carlton, and KISS. What can I say? It seems that the obvious is often the most hidden.

    Thank you, Rich, Frank, John, and everyone for a brilliantly helpful call.

    Arieljoy Fine,
    Gardnerville Nevada

  40. My biggest take away was the confirmation on the down fall of doing it all, which is were I am at the moment. I get overwhelmed when I think about everything I need to know and do to move my business forward, which is mentally crippling at times. In the past I’ve hired people to help me but in the end have turned out to be flakes or they really didn’t know enough to do what I truly needed, but charged $$$$ as if they did.
    I would like to learn; How to avoid this from happening in the future? How do I go about finding a person or company to take over my website and marketing who I know can deliver? I look forward to the next call. Thanks a million

  41. Rich, I hope your soon to be clients read this post.

    You have NO IDEA what your coaching has done for me. I started BGS 2 yrs ago, and interrupted on module 4 to take off on a transatlantic crossing by sailboat. Six weeks later I returned to my real estate bus. of 8 yrs. and played catch up ever since. Great trip/ big mistake. Took care of bus. on satellite phone while at sea. (fun?)

    I listen to all the BGS modules on mp3 when I go running. Never had reason to put this life changing info totally into play until now.

    Had approx. 500k in net profit wiped out due to current real estate market (despite outperforming our peers).

    I finally got my head out of ass, and got serious a few months ago out of necessity. Put my head down and did exactly what Brad Fallon said on call about learning everything you can to get up to speed.

    Have had many 24hr sessions, I haven’t showered since yesterday, nor shaved in past 4 and I caught a 1/2 hr nap before this call since I was up until 5am working on project launch.

    We use the Kolbe in our real estate bus.(everyone on our team- operations mgr, virtual asst, contractor, realtor, etc) and now I’m going back to basics w/ BGS and an on hyperspeed.

    Watched your video on “failing fast”, read blog on the emotional hang up of perfection, etc. We’re moving at light speed now and after few months I stuck my head up and said “holy cow, I get it now on how to market, harness the internet, etc” and I’ve only scratched the suface.

    When I bounce back to my real estate bus. It’s incredible how inefficient things are and it’s only because I was forced to put everythign you teach into play, has it hit me like a ton of bricks how critical this is to succeeding online and in general.

    The blog URL I used for this post is an example of just getting it done. I threw it up after watching Yaro’s videos on creating a blog just for practice.

    I’d watch 10 sec and do what he said, and repeat. Talk about closing the knowing/doing gap!

    I’m building a better version that is set up properly but within 15min of posting and throwing up a crap video that was encoded wrong I had 20 people view the blog- and it sucks.

    But my driving force is to always create value no matter what I’m putting out there (even if it’s humor, a cool video, training, etc), and deploy it with lightening speed.

    I could go on and on but BGS is my guide and I hope I can be 1/10th of the “net producer” that you are.

    No, you didn’t pay me to say this and I thank you wholeheartedly for creating Strategic Profits and with it sharing the knowledge to change peoples live. Will pass on our successes and how you’ve been a part of it. Hope to be on one of those calls in next few years.

    This should make up for all the times you asked for feedback on modules and I was too busy to make the time, sorry about that.

  42. Great Job Rich & Guests!

    I’ve been a coach for many, many years and it was great to hear more succesful people sharing what held them back or as you called it “Their Constraint!” I look forward to you next call!

  43. Hey, Rich…

    Great call. Brad did it for me! Balancing strategy and
    implementation…simple, elegant, but profound.

    That’s getting down to the nitty-gritty for those of us who will have to do it all out of necessity for awhile. And adding the $20K a month threshold as the milestone to reach before
    getting help…that’s big.

    It makes it all more realistic and attainable…vs. running around from chore to chore just because some guru says, “Take action!”

    I say, “Take measured, planned action.”

    Thanks and keep up the good work.


  44. Rich,

    Thank you for the teleseminar today. To think that all of us heard the call from such great internet gurus…for FREE! An amazing showing that there are people out there that are interested in more than just money and fame for themselves – all 13 of you were “paying it forward” by helping those of us on the call!

    I had recently realized what my constraint was – making phone calls with prospects. I outsourced that part of my business so that I can concentrate on other parts of it. My assistant calls the prospects and prequalifies them to see whether they are interested in my business, three-ways me in if they are, and then lets me take it from there. I actually had one of those calls on the other line while I was on the teleseminar. I took the call and then came back to learn more. I had almost felt guilty when I decided to outsource the calls because I felt like I was not putting all of me in to my business, but after today I realize I made the right decision. Not only did I turn that part over to someone else because he is an expert in that field, but it allows me to focus on other things.

    Thank you again for making this and more information to come available to those of us who wish to succeed with our online businesses.

    Linda Dougherty

  45. just wanted to say thanks for the great tele-seminar. the common theme from all these gurus seemed to be the importance of out-sourcing virtually everything that i’m not an expert at and freeing up my time to do what i enjoy most. and this is invaluable because i was banging my head against the wall trying to do everything and it was ll coming out half-assed and i was getting royally frustrated trying to learn html and code, etc when i should have been doing something else more productive. nothing real earth-shattering here but was definitley good reinforcement.

    thanks again,


    • your partially right erik – while outsourcing is important (you have read the manifesto right?) there were many other constraints surfaced too.

      what i want everyone to understand is:
      (1) your strength determines your potential
      (2) your constraint determines your success
      (3) there is always a single constraint to focus on, it’s the one thing that’s currently holding you (and everyone else) back.
      (4) the biggest leap is always achieved by eliminating your current constraint.
      (5) the gurus have eliminated more of their own constraints then others.

      That’s always been my modus operandi when working with clients (like the gurus) and it’s the single biggest contributor to my unrivaled track record in skyrocketing clients businesses.

      The great news is my research over the past year has evolved into systematized approach to surface and then eliminate constraints in fastest and most certain way possible. And that’s what i plan on sharing through my report and a few other surprises i’ve got lined up for you in the next two weeks!

      to higher profits,

  46. I learned several things from the call, but I guess the one thing that hit me the hardest was realizing that you cannot and should not do it all by yourself.

    In a way, for someone like myself who is not particularly good with the tech side of things, it is reassuring to hear that.

    On the other hand, it opens a whole new can of worms. How can someone starting out find affordable dependable help that they can actually trust with these important tasks?

    Great Call, Thank You!


  47. Dear Rich,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Having the privilege of listening in on your call earlier today has already made a positive change in my life, and I know it’s just the beginning of even better things to come.

    I used to be a very high level programmer–one of only two in the Free World who were trusted enough, and whose work was trusted enough to write programs for use by our (and other friendly) government(s), in some cases in situations where National Defense or Security was involved. It was an exciting career, but, unfortunately it was too exciting, and far too demanding.

    I made the mistake of letting too many people know just how good I was. The result was that more and more people and agencies came to expect more and more from me. Not wanting to let them down, I continued to meet their expectations until, one day, I just couldn’t do it any more. I mean really couldn’t do it–I couldn’t program–at all. Even code I’d written recently no longer made sense to me.

    It turns out that enough stress can do actual physical brain damage, and I had burned out the part of my brain I needed to be the hot-shot programmer I had been for so long. So, I was forced to go on disability–a situation that did not fit well with who I am (or at least, who I had been).

    Ever since then (about 4 years now), I’ve been fighting with depression, because I cannot be as dramatically productive as I had been all my life. This condition affected not only my ability to program, but all aspects of my life. Projects I used to complete in a few hours now took days.

    I had resigned myself to just living a boring life until, a few months ago, I realized that the private disability insurance I have, through my old employer, will soon run out, and, if I don’t do something to generate a fairly significant income, my lifestyle will have to change dramatically. Well, the thought of that was just too depressing, so I started prowling around the Internet, looking for ideas, looking to see how other people were making money with E-businesses, etc.

    I can still program well enough to write Java and Perl scripts to create very attractive and functional web pages, and the like, so I thought, maybe I could find something related to the Internet I could do.

    Eventually, I came across one of Shawn Casey’s pages, advertising his instructional material on “Stomping the Search Engines”. “Well,” I thought, “Maybe if I got really good at taking advantage of Search Engine Optimization, so I could get really good exposure, maybe I could find something I could sell over the Internet.” So I ordered his “Stomping the Search Engines” package.

    Soon after, I got an e-mail from him that talked about you, and what you do. So I got on your mailing list, and found out about today’s teleconference call. Again, I was hesitant–unsure if I could really pull something worth while off.

    I’ve had my own business three times before, and all three times, crashed and burned. Besides being disabled, I have ADD–my confidence level has been pretty low for quite some time now. But, I figured, what could it hurt. So I dialed in to your call earlier today, and I can’t tell you how much it boosted my confidence.

    I still have no idea exactly what kind of business I can get into, but after listening to your guests, one after another, after another, talk about overcoming problems, and achieving downright amazing success, I began to think, “These don’t sound like Super persons–they sound like relatively average people, who found something they could be passionate about, and were willing to work hard to make something of it. I’m an average person, maybe I can achieve success too.”

    And hearing you talk about what, after the fact, seem like just good sense techniques and approaches to the kind of problems that cause so many businesses to fail, I thought. “With the help of this fellow’s instructional materials, and things like this call, I’ll bet I can become successful again–really successful!” Now I can’t wait for Shawn’s materials to arrive, and whatever is forthcoming from you, because now, I feel, all over again, like I can take on the world, and come out victorious.

    I really liked the format you used today too. It really conveyed the fact that these are normal people, and not people born with some kind of genetically based super business sense. They just had the good sense to seek out people like you, learn from them, and apply what they had learned. I can do that!

    I think my favorite among your guests today was Willie. There was just something in his voice that was reassuring, something that said “Look, I did this, and so can you.”

    Actually, all your guests were great. They each had had different experiences, but they all had succeeded by doing very much the same things, making it all the more obvious that, if I pay attention, learn, as they did, and apply myself and what I’ve learned, there’s no reason I can’t achieve similar success.

    Thank you again for taking the time to put together today’s teleconference. And thanks (indirectly) to all your guests for taking their time to tell their stories. I am sure I am not the only one who was inspired, and I feel a whole lot better about what my future holds this evening, than I did this morning. I now realize that I DO have more control–much more–than I had realized since I became disabled.

    I am looking forward to hearing more of your good advice in the future, and hope that there are many people out there, who listened to the call today, who got as much out of it as I did.

    Bill Haynes
    [email protected]

  48. Hi Rich,

    I have been following and learning from your blog for a while now without commenting, but felt tonight it was the very least I could do to say thank you (and the Guru’s) for putting the call together.

    Being a relative newbie, the biggest take away I got was that the difference between the Guru’s and the struggling marketer not that great. For none of them did success happen overnight or without trials and tribulations but they worked hard and learnt as they went along. We are all capable of achieving our goals if we work smart, have a strategy and take action.

    Although I am not at a stage where I could consider taking on any paid help yet, the comments on this call made me think about the constraint of having too much to do and not knowing where best to put your energies. In our business it is the norm, especially when you start out, to work totally by yourself, as if in a vaccuum.

    Having read “Think and Grow Rich” I had previously considered how beneficial it may be for me to work with someone else (I’d be Brad Fallon to their Andy Jenkins!)to help each others projects and maybe create projects together. I think this is something that I may pursue after tonight.

    Thanks again Rich I feel truly recharged and ready for the fight once more.


  49. Rich:

    Wow, your guests were great. It was refreshing to hear they don’t wear bullet proof armour and even get to trip up now and then… just like me.

    I’m brand new to internet marketing and found it fascinating to see where your guests were then and where they are today… charging light years ahead. Takes some of the apprehension away from starting out.


  50. The part I loved about the call is these internet marketing giants inspired hope by telling us the unseen story. So many people set unrealistic expectations and shoot themselves in the foot, because they don’t give their dream a realistic chance. I look forward to your next call

    Sincerely, Jeff Faldalen

  51. Thank you, Rich…

    The most soul-stirring statement for me was Liz Thompson’s observation that when she discovered that she DIDN’T have to do EVERYHTING, she felt like she was cheating, somehow. I’ve been an entrepreneur since 1987 (obviously not all in the Internet realm) and prying my fingers loose from every nook and cranny of my businesses has always been my biggest obstacle. I have the SuperWoman complex, big time…

    But Rich, you also made a statement in your wrap-up comments that resonated with me. When you made the comparison between treating your business like a pet or a child, I felt as though I had been slapped. You are SO right. I never have managed to create self-sufficent businesses–even though I’ve alway know that’s what they need to be. In my personal life, I’ve never had a problem recognizing the needed boundaries to keep my daughter standing on her own two feet. But I wasn’t treating my businesses with the same respect.

    Thanks for that insights. I now have a lot of sober soul-searching to do and I’ll be waiting to see what you offer over the next couple weeks to help us deal with the Pandora’s Box you’ve forced us to open…

  52. Wow, Rich- the call was awesome! It was very inspirational on several points but you asked the listeners to zero in on one in particular: (and I apologize in advance for the not remembering which “Internet Master” said it but) one of the guys asked something to the effect of “who was I to command $500/month?!” This man’s point was he wasn’t yet experienced enough (by some unknown standard) to justify that amount of money but he went for it & people bought it! I think that although I feel pretty confident most of the time, I need to heed this kind of motivational prompting. It echoes Henry Ford’s famous comment: Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.”
    Thanks, Rich and all of your friends for a great teleseminar!

    • Terry: It was Tellman Knudson who made this comment. And you are right, Tellman’s comment was very motivational. My mind is spinning with ideas after hearing Tellman tell his story.

      Jon Poland

  53. It was a Great call. Thanks 🙂

    I got alot of different eyeopeners but the one thats got me was fokus on one target at a time in my business.
    It has not been easy since I feel the business online are complex and need to learn alot to get goin but now after listen to this I can step back and use all I learned and transform it to get goin on the right track.

    Arild Folgerø
    Norway, Europa

  54. Thanks for the call Rich! It was great and there was a lot of content.

    My biggest take aways .. just the fact that I believe I need a mentor or a coach to help me guide my business and that was confirmed for me by listening to others that went and found a mentor.

    Also just the fact that it can be hard to remember this, but everyone is different and I really need to play to my strengths. It is an awesome feeling when you are in the zone, doing ‘what you were born to do’. I need that feeling more often.

    My biggest constraint is simply not turning the engine on and being too cautious when starting. What was said during the call .. “Fail quickly ..” or succeed tremendously.

  55. Great call, Rich!

    I love the way you do teleseminars. It’s obvious from this one and other ones you’ve done that you really do your homework beforehand. As a result, your calls are very well directed and focused. And you really keep the people you interview on track and on topic.

    This call opened my eyes on the subject of constraints and because of the variety of constraints from the people you interviewed, gave me an expansive view of possibilities.

    I particularly liked the way you summarized them at the end.


    Tom Chandler

  56. Dear Rich,

    Thank you so much for the possibility of the recorded seminar. Though it was very useful and informative, and opened my eyes for certain important facts, I am looking forward to getting some more detailed coaching for newbies – who have not succeded financially yet -, how to be able to outsource things and not to do by themselves.
    I also have difficulties to find “the one”, the right business. (Too many interests?) I feel that I am in a row of “forks”(and not just in front of one. Any Special advice? – would be highly appreciated.
    Looking forward for the follow ups. Thanks again and

    Best regards,


  57. I made time for your call in the middle of my day (west coast) and I was glad I did! I could relate to many of the callers. I liked, and was not surprised that they answered your question fully and frankly, and added value by doing so. I gained the most from hearing that the internal work is important. If only the corporate world could learn this. I’m no longer in it but I’m trying to help it and so it is my market. The call reinforces that my decision about six months ago to reach out to the internet/information marketing community to help me grow my company my way was the right one. You see I operate with a similar “customer engagement/add huge value/and guarantee it” mentality (rather than our big competitors’ “we’ll spend so many dollars on sales, channel and ads that our customers won’t think they have another choice so they’ll spend the big bucks on us and will be hooked to us forever” approach) and I am challenged still with connecting this into my market. Little by little we are doing it! Oh, and my biggest constraint is selecting who I work with. Thanks again! Lori

    • Hey Stick:
      Go here and optin again.
      There were sooooooooo many people that could not get on because the lines filled up that there is a replay after the opt-in.

  58. Rich,

    The guys and Lady were really, really GREAT!!!
    I found that their individually they were (and Are) very
    successful in their own niches. However, collectively they (and you)
    form a HUGE Mastermind Group, that coninues to provide solid content
    each and every week.

    Also, I believe that you would add even more value if you invited even more of the Ladies who are kicking some serious butts, in the industry.
    Besides, confident, (and competent) ladies are also way more SEXY than us guys 🙂

    You cats really are special to soooo many of us. Please continue to gather your cohorts and provide the Ultimate in Braintrusts, (in Internet Marketing) for our generation.

    Thanks again,
    Dr. Mike ([email protected])

  59. It’s great to see that people who have achieved such a level of success still have a lot of the same hurdles that others do. As well that they are so willing to share their struggles and how they overcame them to drive on.

  60. Rich, I heard the absolute passion and laser focus in your voice to communicate to me your heart around what is it that is stopping me? I’m very touched and wanted to share that my biggest take away from this teleseminar was to “live and bring my very own nature into my business.” Thank you for reminding me about not eliminating my heart, and my gifts to others and to my customers.
    With Gratitude, Josette

  61. Well, the call was quite a surprise. It was much less than I imagined – and much more at the same time. Let me explain:

    I thought your guests would go into long-winded diatribes that might be difficult to follow and understand. Actually, they were very succinct and to the point. That was refreshing and easy to understand.

    The other thing that was disarming was that many of them had the same or nearly the same constraints – trying to do it all themselves. And many shared how they broke away from those golden shackles. So, Rich, once again you came through. Thanks.

  62. Hello Rich,
    True internet newbie here. Three months of researching, buying info, joining affiliate programs and a mastermind community.

    I started building that cloud of activity you diagrammed on the Internet Business Manifesto, and I was becoming completely confused and overwhelmed.

    First, I’ve seen a tremendous amount of hype and fluff.
    Second, I’ve been digging through it to find real value.
    Third, your call is a whole new level of internet business information because it was foundational business mindset education.

    Rich, the 2 hours flew by. I loved the idea of looking at the constraints from your perspective. Every speaker brought immeasurable value by revealing their constraining ways of thinking–mindsets that would ultimately prevent the growth and maturity of “their children.”

    The most impacting thing? It was your intro and summary. Through the whole call, while I was trying to pick apart the stories and get to the root of the constraint, I would ask myself the all important question. What is the biggest thing holding me back? Once I know that, I can take the necessary steps to overcome it.

    What I need you to cover next is probably what coming in the new report. How can I definitively discover what my constraint is? Not what I think it is, but what it actually is, so I can roll up my sleeves and get to taking that hill and then the next and so on.

    Wouldn’t you know it, I’ll be leaving tomorrow night on a trip to rural South East Asia. I’ll be gone for exactly 2 weeks. I may or may not be able to get the updates. I’m sure I’ll be interested to find out more.

    To your prosperity,
    Collette G

  63. Hi Rich,
    No doubt this was a great call, but what about all of us in a different timezone who didn’t get to hear it? Any possibility of getting this call as a download as getting up in the middle of the night isn’t an option.

    • If you go to:
      optin again and send the call to a friend, you get the full transcript and the MP3


  64. That was a great call Rich. It’s so easy to assume that the big names just waved their magic wand and got everything. It’s wonderful to see their problems and, most important, how they solved them.

    Thanks again, Mitchell.

  65. Eleanor

    Rich,I am so glad that you offered this Teleseminar for me to listen to. What stuck with me was believe in your inner kid. Make your grocery store the world, when you go shopping for customers. There is some truth with keeping the inner kid happy. I have changed my perspective outlook, for my buisness.
    The obstacles, just keep you bogged down in quagmire, where advancement is almost next to impossible. My website and Blog, needs the help of a mentor, within my skimpy pockets. Kindly tell everyone on the program, I do appreciate their help and positive encouragement. Mr. Chenney who sent me an email to help me, as one of his non-productive affiliates. I am glad I listened, even though weary. It’s 10 p.m. eastern time here in Pennsylvania. I really want to get my online business moving ahead, after trying with a loss for over 3 years. Exceptional Call. Enough of my grey sky jazz.
    My Humble Regards, Eleanor

  66. Rich,

    Thanks for the call. The benefit or take-away for me was that I have some of the same constraints that these very successful Internet Marketers have had. They were able to move through and beyond their constraints to Internet Marketing achievement, so there is hope that I could do the same. This is especially true because some of their constraints are mine now. Like Brad, I am much better at strategizing and envisioning than I am at execution. Like Joel, I have been trying to run a one-man show and like Frank, I have been too focused on membership sites (and membership site training). So much so that it has taken away from my profitability of selling products on a website successfully by outsourcing what I do not do well.

    So the call gives me hope and that is a great benefit. Keep up the good work.

    Curt Siemers

  67. Thank you Rich. Now I don’t feel so badly being where I am. You have given me hope. If the Guru’s can be where they are now, after having those challenges, then I should be able to build my business too.

  68. My biggest takeaway was from Brad Fallon. If you’re a strategist (a big picture thinker) have with you someone who can execute. I thought outsourcing or an executive assistant will do. That’s not enough. If you really want to grow big you need the guy who can execute right next to you. That Andy next to Brad. And vice versa. That was a big takeaway.
    Thanks Rich.

  69. A common constraint that was mentioned is trying to do everything yourself. Hiring others was the way to overcome this.

    As others have commented, I would like to know more about how to do this and coming up with the funds to do so. Do you just go on blind faith that it will pay for itself or do you have a more scientific way to determine it?

    I have recently hired out the SEO of my website, which I think will pay-off (too early to tell). Website design may be next.

    Keep up the good work. This was an amazing collection of experts that you assembled.

      Optin again, do a send to friends and you get the download of the call and the full searchable transcript


  70. What an amazing call! The value you provide Rich is unrivaled. It’s no wonder you are the Guru to the Gurus.

    I think the point is lost on lots of people commenting here. What all of these legends have in common was… They Were All Coached By Rich!

    It boggles my mind to think of the impact you’ve had on Internet marketing, and what it might be like without you.

    I heard you slip in that you are going to coach again – and let me tell you – I Will Be First In Line. Your results speak for themselves.

  71. Man Rich I need to apologize to you…I hate to I missed it. Originally signed up and read your manifesto., but I was too busy trying to earn a living to apply any time. Now things have changed in my life, last night was actually the first time I ever checked your blog (red faced embarrased am I) Because I missed alot of good things .so now I’m starting from scratch.

    Can you show me the way to the top sensei? Guess I should of been reading all along right!! Okay okay I know I’m rambling… The bottom line. Is there going to be a replay?

  72. It seems I missed a great call- time zones, country’s…pure excuses I know. I know form your event rich, and meeting you at Stephens house last year, that I am following the right person.

    Will there be a recording?


  73. Hi — will there be a transcript available? I know I’m not “with-it” in today’s world of online video and audio, because I’d much rather read instead of watch or listen, but hopefully others feel the same way too?


  74. Thank you Rich, and thanks all those who shared their pearls on the call. Valuable lessons, indeed.

    Looking over the participant list, one name jumped out and struck me: Liz Thompson.

    Does there seem to be a preponderance of men in the Who’s Who of IM?

    Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not an anything-ist. I just found it surprising . (And Liz didn’t make it into the picture, either.)

    Come to think of it, the women in my business co-op are outnumbered about 5 to 1.

    Hmm. Could be some interesting material here. for someone who is statistically inclined. That’s not me, BTW.

    But I would like to hear more from the Women of Internet Marketing…

    – WidgetWoman

    • look above – more women gurus would certainly be welcome.

      yes, liz isn’t in the picture – but neither am i, or mike filsaime – so there’s no hidden agenda.

  75. As a marketing and infopreneur coach, I actually enjoyed the brilliant execution of hyping up this call more than anything.

    But some of the takeways hit home as well. Nice roundup of stars.

  76. I am very new to the Internet Business. I think that this was a great learning experience. Many of these experts had some of the same constraints that I am finding and many of the suggestions were something I can relate to. Thanks for getting so many Gurus together for 1 phone call.

  77. Hi Rich,
    Sorry I missed the call. I’m in Nairobi, Kenya and our power was out (again) and so was the internet. I had registered, but just couldn’t get on. Will there be another replay I can sign on to, or a pdf?


    Patrick Bell

  78. Rich I missed the calls because of a mix-up in my time conversions from US to Australia. It sounds amazing so any chance I can download it and listen to it in my time?
    I’m a newbie to the concept of business online and a bit overwhelmed so would love to hear from the gurus.
    Russell R on the Gold Coast

  79. What was said as far as meaningful content could have been made in 15-minutes, instead of taking up an 1-hour and 30-minutes. And as you said, most was just common sense applied to the business.

  80. There were many insights shared by your guests on the call.

    Going over the realities of starting a business was very helpful and how you can identify constraints in an internet business just as with traditional business.

    It was time well spent.

  81. The call was extremely timely. Biggest takeaways:
    You can’t afford not to outsource the biggest drains on your most valuable resource which is your time. Also, reading the comments from each person is valuable because each person hears something different.

    Excellent call and thank you for sharing, Rich.

  82. Hi Rich,

    Wow, you did it once again!

    Thank you so much to you and your colleagues for providing such an incredible call. There was no fluff, no hype and listening to what you and the gang had to say was really beneficial to me.

    Really, it have me now thinking outside the box and what needs to happen in my business going forward. Also, kudos to Brad Fallon for sharing those insights and I can’t wait receive my Stompernet2 & The Net Effect package in the mail – I check it anxiously everyday.

    All the best to you Rich, and once again, Thank you!

    Paul Facey

  83. Thanks for the awesome call today, Rich!

    I enjoyed both the topic and the constellation of amazing IM stars that you brought in on a conversation.

    The most powerful takeaway for me was when you and Kevin were talking about the dilemma of treating your business like a baby or treating it like a pet. I guess it boils down to pure attitude, and whether people are being serious about building their businesses or they just play around with it, as if it was just a hobby for them, or a thing that they can get back to when they feel like it…

    That has also been my constraint for a number of years. Not knowing what I was really good at, not really pursuing my dreams, not really building my business around my strengths. Your phone call caused a lot of soul-searching for me. I know I’m standing on the brink of an important revellation, but in order for me to make the next big step, I just need to focus on my biggest strength, and start building around it. Then everything would fall into place naturally, as most of the marketers were saying.

    Can’t wait for your next report. I know that uncertainty is on everyone’s mind right now…How should we deal with it? Do you have answers for all of us, Rich?

    Keep smiling,

    Val Slastnikov

  84. Thanks Rich for such a valuable teleseminar! I had a lot of takeaways – especially that I need to outsource more tasks as I know I am the big constraint in not delegating enough. I also appreciated your recap at the end. I look forward to your next report….Jan Marie

  85. Rich:
    Great call!

    I’m just getting going, not even online with my blog yet. I’ve just realized two things: I need to get moving and do things, or get them done; and there’s a lot that I don’t need to do myself. I really need to outsource a lot of stuff.

    Liberating stuff!

    Ken Noel

  86. Rich: I listened with awe to the exceptional, once-in-a-lifetime webinar you presented today. Thanks to Frank, who invited me, along with several others. I had no idea about the sharing that would go on. As luck would have it, this was just what I needed to hear to move on in my business. Michael Cheney has given me a good start with his fantastic, step by step videos. Questions were answered today for sure! Women in the business are few and far between and it was great to hear from a woman, who like me, wanted to do it all herself. My wish is to be a good example for all the newbies out there that help is on the way! Thanks to all the speakers and especially to you for being so thoughtful and sharing.

    Talk later,

  87. Hi Rich,

    Great call. I missed a big part of the call because I had to take my girlfriend to work. I’m trying to pin point my constraints (there are many). Somebody throw me a life jacket… I feel like I’m drowning in this sea of marketing information and hype.


    – Mel

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  88. Thanks from a total newbie ( just finishing my website) who was born to be an entrepreneur! I was reminded about a problem I will face…going it alone. I think this constraint is a fairly common one with entrepreneurs because we are different and don’t usually fit the mold like “everyone else” in town. I also learned that I need to find a mentor which is something that needs to happen soon, as I am sponging up everything I can get my hands on to read about becoming a successful business entity online. Thanks for all knowledge given to us during this call! It was incredible.

  89. Thank you, Rich, for pulling this call together. It was like taking a line up from a 3 day success seminar, telling the speakers they needed to condense their topics into one main point, convey the point in 6 minutes… oh, and by the way, we’re starting now… go! Next one up! Next!

    I really appreciated hearing about identifying and overcoming obstacles. It’s an easy mistake to look at others who are successful and think, “well, it was easy for him,” or “she had resources that I just don’t have.” It’s nice to know I’m not all alone at the starting gate. I look forward to learning more over the next few weeks.

    I’d like to hear the call again. Perhaps you could offer downloads or DVDs.


  90. Hi Rich!

    I must say…..I was BLOWN AWAY today….by quite a few things.
    I honestly don’t know if I can put it into words, the impact this had on me. I’ve changed my entire school of thought and strategy on what MY daily tasks should be.
    The purpose of this call was so amazingly well-planned and executed. Thank you so much for your role in helping those entrepreneurs succeed, and then share with us, the defining moments that exploded their businesses exponentially.
    I’ve taken away more from this ONE call, than I have from any other in the industry, the past 18 months!
    Michelle Miller

  91. Hi Rich,
    Yes, thank you, I listened to every minute and gained so much. It opened my eyes and made me realize I’m not alone.

    Brad’s idea about writing what you need to learn in the left column and your goals in the right. I needed to hear that. It’s just a simple thing but it gave me an AHA moment 🙂

    And Frank getting past what he thought was so important actually led to the success of his launch. This is just so awesome.

    Thank you much.

    Marlene Cronkhite

  92. Hi Rich

    Can you hv a replay slot catering to your readers in asia? Probably eastern time (8am) or even on weekend.

    Or even make the recording available.

    I love to be in the call but most of the time it clashes with my working hour.

    Appreciate your consideration.

    • Hey Glen
      Go here and optin again.
      The lines filled up so there is a replay after the opt-in.

  93. Thanks Rich for a fantastic call.

    The biggest thing I took away from the call was from Brad Fallon when he talked about strategy & execution. I find that I am great on the area of creating ideas but many of my ideas don’t result in finished products ie. I’m lousy at execution. So, I will be looking for someone in the near future to help me with this.

    I have learnt that I cannot do every thing myself and just in the last 7 days have hired my first outsourcer on Scriptlance. I have also learnt that we only need to concentrate on the things that will actually generate the money in our business. These tasks relate to lead generation, conversion, marketing and strategy. If you concentrate only on these areas and outsource the rest, we will have profitable businesses.

  94. Pingback: “Am I The Business?” |
  95. Hi…….I’m new to this world of internet and have been getting email from some of your speakers. So far I still have a long way to go to get anything started.
    I know many time the millionaires in the past went broke at least once before they made it to their millions.
    It seems much easier on the net, so they say, almost over night. At least they don’t seem to go broke first because of it. It is usually told that they came from broke to rich after they set up their internet.
    It was intersting to hear that most all felt the need for a coach to help them see their weakness and discover what was holding them back.
    And the sharing of their program with others to help. No worry that they might steal the idea and go out on their own.

    Also, how you can get so caught up in your expertise and knowledge of the net that you actually waste time trying to set up an unique set of software that wasn’t needed. If you used the old method of just sending it in the mail.People are so used to cheap on the web that you forget about the efficient of doing by hand. [free email and etc.]

    And of couse there is the inflation of costs and prices charged on the net that seem to just make people loose all sence of reason and pay those high prices. Which is there own fault, because they won’t order it if it is at the low prices.

    The internet does make you feel that it all has to be done by you. Email, passwords set up of web and all the other endless things, just to try to make some money. One even gave the fact that there are people that cancel and return stuff. How about the money problems from all over the world, spam and dishonest people.
    It is scarry when you begin to think about it. Some even brag about how they go on someones site and take the money that he earned. The guy never knew it was stolen.

    I wonder if the future will be least easy to make big bucks on the net as it fills up even more. As they said, some have been on the net for years and don’t make more than $2,000 a month.

    It is important to be able to have get together to share without all this big money fees. Everyone has a hand out to take advantage of the poor that has a wish that they will get rich too. [Much like the casinos do]

    Workshops come around and tell you how they will help get on top for a small $50 or $3000 for their kit. Then a one day workshop. And not tell you about all the other hidden charges for setup. And oh yes the trickey ones with the free things that become a monthly fee after 30days. Plus the guarantees of full refund if does not work for you in 90 days. They know the buyer may just quit and not do anything to stop the fee or return the goods.
    Today they work but will they continue?

    My big question is…..after you get your business up into the millions with all the repeat business… can you stop?
    Maybe when you get so big you have so many people running it and the software that you can sell it and walk away. Would some just keep on running if no one was there?
    What happens to the one man show if he dies and no one knows? Does the money just pile up with no withdrawals?

    Thanks for the program. Dick Winter

  96. Hi Rich,

    Thanks for the valuable call to both you and your guests. The biggest breakthrough I had was the fact that even the “gurus” went through the same constraints I face and continue to go through them. It just proves the rule that when the going gets tough, the tough go out and make millions.

    Another would be when you asked what our biggest constraint was. Mine is a fear of asking for the sale so now I’m even more motivated to bust through that by next week.

    Thanks again,

  97. Hi Rich,
    Thank you for bringing these great minds together of Internet Marketing.
    The cognition I had that was being brought up repeatedly with some of your guests was that you have to delegate and empower people to help your business reach for the next higher level.
    Your mind is the most powerful tool you have and it can constrain your thinking from you being able to attain your goals.
    I learned who you are from Yaro Starak and that you were his mentor. I see now why you are.
    I appreciate your teleseminar and I look forward to your next stuff.
    Yours sincerely,
    Rick Resch

  98. Rich:
    I had to miss my CALL OF A LIFETIME this afternoon for a medical reason out of my control. I was SOOOO looking forward to spending a couple of productive hours on the phone with you, your friends and so many people in the same shoes I wear. You see, I am a newbie to this internet business class. I, like others here, have heard the internet has money, and plenty of it to go around for all that are willing to take the risk and grab their share of the wealth.
    The last couple of weeks I have done a lot of research and spent plenty of money I don’t have right now to learn where to find this money and how to best go get it.
    The biggest thing that I hearing everyone got out of this call today is constraints. How to come face to face with them and turn them into your personal tools for success. One big constraint I am facing in starting my business is like many others. MONEY! You see, I have been out of work and down to my last couple dollars. Yes, seriously….a couple dollars. I totally understand the concept you cannot start a business with no investment money. But, let me ask, where do I find this investment capital when all my resources have been exhausted? I think I have even seen an ebook for people like me. The diff is-they had $200 to spend to get their business up and running to make $1000 in 48 hours. I agree $200 to make $1000. Great work!!! But, what if you seriously don’t have $200? You live on a shoestring and hope for a chance of a lifetime like today was for the many people who did get to attend your call.
    I just want to say I am soo sorry I had to miss out on this best investment I could have had for the money I have to spend. Zero, zip, zilch!! Instead, here I am, reading all the blogs and seeing how so many learned so much today. I just wish I was one of them! 🙁
    Rich, I hope you offer another call in the future for those of us who missed out for some reason or another.
    Much thanks,

  99. Rich,

    That was a great job and the call was an eye opener for entrepreneurs. Thanks for assembling a great team. It was a big seminar on steroids minus all the hype.


  100. Hey Rich nice job,

    Dean Rasera like Mike F said in a email I feel like Sahara Palin A nobody to anyone but the state of Alaska cause one day soon I will be there.

    I’m a power thinker but every time I turn around something stops me from gaining momentum towards building a Internet Business. Now I have never posted on a Blog I’m a private family man. Duh big time constraint & as I seen all the big wheels had an office to go to besides their home office.

    I’m going to kick this into high gear pretty soon. I have some great Ideas every time I see a site but all of mine are affiliate sites I will be making my own. Had fun on the call for once I felt it Frank said it it ur own mind that stops ya get over it anyways I got hurt on the job & my whole life saving has been deleted & then this is like a God Send finally I know what stopping me & that’s me I need a great mentor & a push in the rite direction & then I be over the top just like that.

    Thanks for the great call Rich I enjoyed relating to everyone of those gurus& fFrank & mike said a few things plus I remember sumone saying sumting bout i can do this job better than the owner & quit it & went & made a copy of it & thus the bug got me really Powerthinking about my personal constraints I have to kick them to the side.

    Dean Rasera
    P.S. My affiliate site is forwardeed to my very own URL got to do some Powerthinking bout this one might be a slight delay but I’ll be
    pretty soon.

  101. The best message for me was to do what your good at and to allow others to do the other work while at the same time do some of those to improve upon my weaknesses.

    Great stuff thanks Rich

  102. And to think i missed the call.

    Thats what happens when you have a pc crash and you gotta run out and buy another 🙁

    Well is there a recording somewhere i can check out?

    Thanks Rich,

    Glen Persson

  103. Hi Rich,

    Thank you for assembling a great team of professionals who were willing to share their past constraints and current successes.

    It was awesome to know to that what they’ve collectively shared is what I actually teach in my book, namely, don’t do things alone. Hire the talent you need so you can focus on your offering your true gift in the form of products and/or services.

    Great job!

  104. Talk about thinking out of the box. Great stuff! I can hardly get my family to sit with me at the dinner table! Awesome Job Rich!

    I look forward to your great stuff!

    Keith Carberry

  105. Rich,

    I’m a beginner in the internet marketing and blogging arenas. I’ve been following Yaro’s newsletters and blogs for about two months and I learned A LOT. First time in your site. Today’s teleseminar was just fantastic!!!, clear, informative, entertaining. You got one more reader on your blog!

    Answering your request at the end, the”jack of all trades” roll is the biggest constrain I experiment; along with that, the lack of help. Doing an internet solo job is not fan and easy; obviously we need some help, some coaching from somebody in the chain ahead of us.

    I am still reading your Manifesto.

    Excellent job!!!

    Thank you so much!!!

  106. Hi Rich,

    Thanks for getting such an awesome group of marketers on one call, top stuff.

    I think hearing Jeff Walker talk about how he had hit a brick wall because he was not open to learning from other people was most valuable for me. I could relate because I have recently had that experience.

    It is a great thing when you realize that there are people out there who have been there, done that and are willing to teach those that truly want to learn.

    Look forward to the storm that you beat up over the next couple of weeks…. Here comes Hurricane Schefren to blow us all away again :).

  107. Hi, Rich –

    I enjoyed the call though I admit that I was somewhat overwhelmed. It occurred to me that the constraint that everyone mentioned could really be boiled down to making and acting on untested assumptions. I know that I do this; the difficulty is in pinpointing which one or ones are the offenders.

    I also would have liked to know by what process people were able to zero in on their strengths…the simple answer seemed to be that they eliminated the things they didn’t feel passionate about. I liked Frank’s and Brad’s answers because they seemed to be more nuanced.

    It also seemed to me that the constraints mentioned specifically focused on business-related personal challenges rather than more global constraints that hinder people – like me from time to time – such as “I really don’t deserve to succeed at this because…”

    Finally, I was really glad to hear Liz Thompson because she is the first woman to have been included in such as assembly of people. Clearly internet marketing is a male-dominated field, and, being a woman trying to succeed in this field, I have really wondered why there was never a woman included in anything I have attended either in person or on-line. It is quite striking. I’ve never heard of Liz Thompson (as well as some of the others), but i’m going to make it a point to look her up and see what she’s doing.

    Thanks for an unusual and enlightening call.

    • jeanette, glad you enjoyed the call.

      i’m not sure if you read the original manifesto yet (if not, you’ll get more clarity there) but after i released it i realized that many online entrepreneurs didn’t know how to isolate their strengths. so two weeks later i released a second report titled ‘the manifesto’s missing chapter’. in the missing chapter i went into great detail about isolating your strengths.

      plus, we have a product that takes finding your strengths even further, named strengths mastery. lastly, in my coaching program there is an entire module (1 month in length) on isolating and building a business around your strengths.

    • Jeanette,

      I understand your thoughts about “there was never a woman included in anything I have attended either in person or on-line”. We still live in a macho men concept, though is changing.

      Even though I’m a beginner in the blogging sphere, I found MANY wonderful interviews to women in Yaro Starak’s blog. Take a look under his Podcasts tab.

      I also believe that the constrains these people talked about, are applied to new entrepreneurs and they are valid; we all have go through them and grow by overcoming them through a good coaching.


  108. Unfortunately I should have missed such a great event even it has been extremely interesting even from point of how to build it (needless to say about such a gathering).

    Exactly that time I was conducting an online “Bringing Back Power” training for Russian women living abroad Russia (actually, there are not just women and not just who lives abroad :-).

    If you remember I won your BAP in January among 6 (but found out that in May exactly before my birthday :-)). Since then there is a lot of material to learn and to use… and there are several impressive achievements.

    So, I just want to thank you again for the prize, which helps me a lot (and not just me but all my clients) to see very strong perspectives…

  109. This call was a great follow up to the “Internet Business Manifesto.” My only challenge was that the line went dead about an hour and 40 minutes into the call so I missed the summary. The call certainly brought out the value of strategy and execution. I run a fairly successfully auto repair business and have started learning internet marketing both to improve my brick and mortar business and to develop some new income streams.

    We paid Prosper Learning $10,000 for coaching and internet skills training. The “MANIFESTO” and this call gave me more usable and applicable knowledge than my $10,000 bought. Keep up the good work.

    Charles L. (Bud) Evans CEO Rattlesnake Mountain Enterprises Inc.

  110. Good Evening and Kudos Rich,

    Greatest couple of hours I’ve spent this month,…and it’s been a great month! I look forward to more of anything like this. Awesome lineup! I’ll be back and bring some friends. I think they had something for everyone! I look forward to your next whatever, and I look to visit with you again soon. You might also look for our newest site coming to a computer near you,… ! I’m sure we will give this particular site a prominent link in our links section. Again, great stuff!

    Thanks Again,
    Chris Hay


  112. The most important lesson I learnt from this call is to have a mentor but not just any mentor. It should be a mentor who can relate to where you are.

    I am a newbie. So my problem is to find the right mentor at a price I can afford. Does such a mentor exist? Your recommendation would be much appreciated. I do not think that there are enough services and products out there that cater specifically for newbies at affordable prices.

  113. Great call, unimpeachable authorities – these folks have made it – and the way they were able to tell their stories and put their own unique response together was very helpful, and it said a lot about you as their interviewer. Like Andrew, I appreciated the summation as well. And you’re absolutely right, we need to focus on our weakest link. I believe in manufacturing they call that the Law of Constraints. Fix that and everything just clicks.

  114. Rich and Guest Gurus,
    Thank you so very much for what was perhaps the best call I’ve ever had the privilege to be on.

    You made reaching internet marketing goals more achievable by making these hugely successful marketers human and REAL.

    The most important takeaways for me are;

    ~~ It’s critical to have a strategy.

    ~~ You need to do what you’re best at, what you love.

    ~~ You can give away the busyness of your business without giving up control.

    One constraint that wasn’t addressed was fear of failure (or is it success) and I have felt fear and I’ve pushed past it.

    But the biggest takeaway for me was the pride I feel at being part of an industry where people aren’t too big to give back. Where people can admit and laugh at their mistakes to keep others from doing the same.

    Thanks to you and all your guests for sharing the truth about the highs and lows of internet marketing. I really look forward to the next adventure.

    Patty Rutkowski

  115. Hey Rich,

    Thanks for giving all of us the opportunity to crawl inside a guru’s brain today. Everyone has a sticking point they encounter in the development of their business… it doesn’t matter who it is… as we’ve found out from your cast of experts.

    Although I was able to idenify with most of their obstacles, I found Jeff Walker’s inspiration to be similar to mine.

    You need to picture your outcome and believe in it 100% like you’ve already accomplished it. You need to own it… smell it… feel it… live it.

    I have an article on my site called: that addresses this very subject. Even when we all think we’ve moved beyond the barriers we ‘percieve’ are in the way, we’ll inevitably find another. We will always have ‘challenges’ in our lives… it’s the art of finding a way round it that will make us better at what we do.

    Keep up the good work… I know that getting your group today together was achallenge in itself that you had to overcome… and for that, we’re all truly greatful!

    Yours for Bigger Profits,
    Stuart Scriven

  116. Thank you so much. I really enjoyed the entire call. I am a very new, newby. I loved the things said about out sourcing, not doing everything ourselves. I’m learning what I am great at and what I just don’t want to do myself. I am currently doing everything but with a mentor guiding me. The call got me so excited about being on this internet marketing adventure. Hearing ALL the stories helped me to know I will be successful because I am persisting. I have so many ideas. Let the fun begin.

  117. Great Audio I love the discussion Frank Brought up about not really needing a web site. I also love Brad’s suggestion about what you need to know and what you should focus on.

    My question would be how do you determine what your greatest constraint is and then how to you hire to fill that constraint ?

    I would think that it is very important to make a great selection on your first hire to complement your talents.
    What is smarter to do hire as a partner or an employee ?

  118. Hi

    A very insightful audio that you have shared with us. It has made me rethink a couple of things in my business.

    Thanks for all these great information!

  119. Hi Lisa,
    Know where you’re coming from! Go here and optin again.
    The lines filled up so there is a replay after the opt-in.

  120. Yes, Rich… such a cool concept to build a biz around your strengths.

    That’s what I did for 10 years. (After 15 years of success with a J-O-B culminating in the corporate arena.)

    Then I tried jumping into the online arena to broaden the market reach of my biz to assist-help-facilitate greater numbers of people.

    Unfortunately, it has been such a circus for me, because none of the online stuff is really my gig. I’m very right brained, intuitive and extremely energy sensitive.

    All that aside, I pressed on, and determined I could crack the code enough to know who to hire and what to have them do.

    Wrong again… it’s like… trying to keep up with how fast everything is evolving online and keeping track of it all while holding it all in perspective.

    Not to mention, knowing which product launches and awesome copy writing to resist or succumb to, that we’re pelted with monthly.

    Your diagram of the Attention Age Mind Map, which I fondly call, the Internet Marketing “Mind Frick” (thanks T Harv), certainly explained why I felt so frustrated.

    Or maybe it’s the brain damage from 3 closed head injuries!?!

    Anyway, in the process, I’ve gone from someone who felt very certain and great about my strengths (off line and what I’d been doing for 10 years as my primary biz) to feeling quite inept, and downright have lost belief in myself.

    Contrary to thinking, ‘you know everything’ (J Walker? and don’t need any training), I’ve gone to feeling almost worthless.

    And really, there’s been a muddying of the water re: my vision of self…. because what I do or don’t do online, is not a reflection of my core competency.

    Yet, it’s been such a grueling journey, fruitless, and downright depressing that it can’t help but shatter other areas in one’s life.

    Can I afford to hire out the skill sets I don’t have? Not right now. Yet, do I bring a powerful message and information to the table that would benefit many, you bet…. I think….
    (You see, I used to say- “You Bet” without any question mark.)

    This is a very difficult position to experience. Especially, when everything else I’ve ever done in life was a slam dunk, over-the-fences experience. Yes it was work, and the work paid off. (Work on self, mentoring from others, ongoing education etc.) I gained ground and could measure progress.

    Haven’t had that experience on line. And it’s not fun to find, not only is there a lack of success with the original plan to expand with online marketing, but to also lose a certain portion of self in the process.

    It was indeed refreshing to hear some of the stories on your call today, as well as the relative transparency they were willing to share.

    Thanks again Rich.

  121. Rich – I want you to know that I’ve listened to many, many calls over the last handful of years. Never once have I been compelled to leave a comment.

    Until now.

    The call was outstanding to say the very least. Partly because it is showing up for me at a crucial and transitional time in my entrepreneurship. And partly because it was a focused call that achieved a valuable objective.

    There are many things I take away from the call. However the most important thing is that we are all limitless human beings bound only by self-imposed constraints. The awareness of this fact alone is enough to help many people – myself included – move forward with unprecedented creativity, speed and agility not only in entrepreneurship but in every aspect of life.

    Thank you for such a fantastic gift.

  122. Wow Rich,

    This Tele-seminar was just awesome and very helpful to one like
    myself. Got more to do than any one person can accomplish in Spreading
    the Word of God Using the Internet. After reading Your “Internet Manifesto”
    and every Report Your have Shared thereafter, we just released a Pdf,
    Prayer Warriors -Soul Winners Manifesto.

    Our greatest Takeaway is understanding that Willie Crawford, Joel Comms,
    Frank Kern, Mike Filsaime, Jeff Walker and everyone that succeeds had
    to have the support of other people and they were reaching out to be a blessing
    for someone else.Every gift that we have is to be spent for others and those
    that manage and understand this always excel. From what I’ve been able
    to realize is that grace and truth was realized in Jesus Christ. He gave
    each of You to Encourage others just as You all are doing on this call.

    Rich, what light is manifest in this question: Thank You All, God Bless.
    A fellow servant In Jesus Christ Like Mary, Amen:who was seated
    at the Lord’s feet, listening to His word. Luke 10:39b

    “What Does it Mean to You?” – In Jesus Christ Our Lord
    All things came into being through Him, and apart from Him
    nothing came into being that has come into being. John 1:3 {NASB}

    The Real Deal-Be Blessed always…Peace!

    Sincerely In Jesus Christ,
    a fellow servant-Jim Legington

  123. Hi Rich,
    This was really an amazing call, and I’ve taken 10 pages of notes!
    I’m a complete newbie in internet marketing, having discovered it just a couple of months ago, and having started studying what people like Mike Filsaime and Frank Kern do.
    Unfortunately I’m also in the process of building up my new business in other fields, and trying to build up 2 very different businesses at the same time is probably doomed.
    A couple of things your wonderful guests talked about really hit home (like “who am I to command $500 a month …”), and others I am in the process of applying (like outsourcing the daily grunge that I have doing).
    But the whole idea of looking for your constraints was really refreshing to me. And Brad’s comments about needing to have an executor by your side at the top, when you’re the stategist.

    So what do I do if I have a sinking feeling that I’m more the executor type? If I have ideas, and things that I’m good at, but haven’t found the passion for them? Or if all my ideas don’t seem to be scalable?

    Many thanks, Debi

  124. Hey Rich,

    Great call! My takeaway from the call is that it seems most of the constraints fell into one of two categories: Either mindset, or outsourcing.

    I still find outsourcing to be somewhat challenging, (ironically) and sometimes the mindset holds me back as well.

    Also have to remind myself to have FUN!

    I guess we’re all “works in progress!” Thanks for all the support over the BGS program and beyond.


  125. Hi Rich,
    Thanks for putting together such a great panel. You were superb in how you managed their input and putting together a summation of what came out of their sharing their struggles and success.
    I have had my own business for almost 20 years and I have been through what most of them went through, i.e. how much to give up to others instead of holding on. I learned to outsource admin, accounting, logistics planning, program management, etc. But, here I am in 2008 and I know that I cannot run my business like I did before because of the internet. I have jumped on board and now I have to figure out how to market my business online. I am so new to internet marketing so I am struggling. But will keep hanging in there until I succeed. It is like starting all over again! My goal is to be as successful as Liz and be on one of your panelists in the future! Thanks for the inspiration!

  126. Thanks Rich. A great call. As many others have said it is so great to hear that some of my demons are no better or worse than for instance Frank Kern’s. Thanks for creating such a great context for the call.


  127. I learned a lot from the call. I especially enjoyed the way the speakers were asked to say how this could apply to a newbie. e.g. Find someone who is ‘higher up the food chain’ – study them, copy them and learn from their success.
    New Zealand

  128. i missed the call 🙁 due to some family emergency. was it recorded? is it possible to download it? i’ll be launching my new blog soon and i need all the help i can get. i hope by this time i can make it right.

  129. Hi Rich,

    Even us Aussie’s were listening and what a great call! I really like that idea of tkaing one sheet of paper and dividing it into 2 and puting what you have to learn on the left and what your goals are on the right. You can so easily get lost in the technology and forget the goals or why you are in business in the first place.

    Great stuff. Will definitely implement that into my business and it’s so simple. Often the responses are so simple not complicated to isses you might have.

    Kind regards,


    P.S. THe KISS principle was valuable too…

  130. Rich
    this is crazy!

    Why on earth don’t you just make the replay call downloadable instead of making people queue up to miss it. Plus we’re not all in the USA, you know…

    AYK it’s pretty standard practice to make the replay downloadable. TIme slotting it is very 1980’s…





    • wow! thank you very much Rich! i just posted today asking where i can download or listen to it …and behold, just a few hours after my post…i’m listening to it already!

      a big thanks to you Rich!!!

  132. Fantastic call!

    The honesty you and those interviewed showed getting from chaos to clarity was the most exciting for me.

    Having the guts to show the critical constraints of your top clients really energised me. Thanks!

  133. Wow Rich. Gravitas. Enlightenment and firing understanding are filling me. I am currently involved in multiple potential and real business plans in the last month which will propel me into lots of $ and tonight I have heard so many great insights.
    I feel confirmed by Brad Fallon that a complimentary partner who can do the things you can’t is an amazing plus. That’s pretty much my current situation in more than one business plans! Putting a name on it and understanding it is really motivating and encouraging and it came directly from your call.
    My commitment to enjoying what I do and enjoying life have never been higher. Thank you and I look forward to learning more from you, making a lot of money and helping myself, my loved ones and others while retaining my humanity and compassion.

  134. Hello Rich and all interviewees!

    This was, without a doubt, the most stimulating and challenging seminar I was privileged to attend in “ages”—Thank you ALL!

    I am a (mostly) retired clinical psychologist/ hypnotherapist in the process of readying online seminars, courses, contributions, some of a humanitarian nature, etc.

    During about 35 years in private practice, I created, researched and conducted countless seminars on many pragmatic topics of interest and value in the private, business, professional and criminal sectors with amazing results. (*)

    I was a conultant, motivator, trainer and instructor at corporate and institutional levels, while serving as President of several Chapters of professional Associations, including N.S.A. (National Speakers Association whose membership is comprised of renowned speakers), culminating in my being elected California State President of my clinical hypnotherapists association. My extensive background also includes marketing and building large, successful organizations – one: National, with over 3,000 employees (mainly women).

    (*) Pursuant to a three months seminars series which I led inside Southern California Prisons (financed by my non-profit foundation)—of 57 test paroled inmates (whose crimes ranged from DUI to mass murder) not ONE was ever re-arrested for new crimes or breach of parole over the full year following their release. ZERO recidivism – a “first” in Los Angeles County penal history!

    Why all the “bragging” ?

    For one, I have no one on staff or a P.R. person to blow my horn for me these days. Nor anyone to whom I can delegate various and sundry time consuming responsibilities. CONSTRAINTS?

    After retiring from active practice to “write books” and prepare to share my storehouse of information and track records via the internet—I invested about all my spare cash into an advertising business which I built up to a highly profitable level.

    Divorced for many years, living alone, without any forewarning: one morning while shaving, the room began to turn around…An hour later I was being rolled into an O/R and underwent a 14 hour mitral heart valve replacement procedure. Just before that, I handed my Exec. V.P. of Marketing a hurriedly signed note to my Bank authorizing him to make withdrawals to pay employees, overhead costs, sales commissions, etc.—was strictly prohibited by two Physicians to even “think” of, much less contact my office for six weeks!—and came back to the end of WWIII: “he” had systematically and completely wiped me out!

    At my advanced age, I was reduced to surviving on social Security,
    yet, I do not believe in being a victim nor a martyr, and propose to rebuild my fortune while dooing a lot of “good” for humanity.

    Two individuals who committed to work on a generous percentage of future profits—building my website and “executing” other duties (with me as the “visionary” and strategist) of a technical nature within our joint I.M. endeavors. Also editing and organizing an extensive e-book I have written over the past four years, and a second “powerhouse” book, (the essence of which helped produce the awesome results with my prison trainings), etc.—ended up taking “cash up-front” work elsewhere—leaving me on the lookout for a support team of dedicated, loyal, ethical, dependable experts to help get my project(s) off the ground.

    My forced “no cash available – thus: budget” situation is my “constraint” of the moment and this is to ask any/ all of you – especially you, Rich – where you could direct me to go seek such support?

    I have Powerful, life-saving, wellness-producing, success-triggering and many other viable, pragmatic contributions to share with the world—which are also potential commercial “gold mines”—and a good % of the ultimate profits could represent a fortune.

    I am not greedy and will gladly share the latter with you dynamic, effective individuals in direct proportion to the results which you shall help produce.

    It is hoped that this long “tip of the iceberg” of all I have to offer will interest you enough to respond and help me do what you, Rich, and some of your guest speakers reconfirmed is what I know is my logical next step. I have many strengths to contribute to a synergistic collaboration that would be mutually beneficial.

    Thank you for your attention and response to this heartfelt “S.O.S.”.


    Jacques Girard, Ph.D., C.Ht.

  135. Thank you so much for what you do. (And the high quality that you deliver.) Apart from the insights I was taking away, I was also excited just to be on the call. It felt as though I was a part of your coaching session with these achievers, which was a great honour and benefit.

    Someone above in the comments said that they thought there was only about 15 mins of proper content altogether, and that it was just common sense in business. Of course you could summarise it all in 15 mins but that’s not the point. To me the value was also in hearing these people telling their own story and communicating the human aspect. I’m sure many agree. How much more enjoyable to listen to this – and live at that – than to read it in a manual or similar.

    Main take-aways: 1. Treat your biz like a child. (Fantastic insight, thank you.) 2. Strategic person + Executor (Is there a place we can go and link up with each other?)

    So looking forward to what’s to come. Much appreciation!

  136. I really enjoyed hearing the challenges of very successful Internet Marketers. I’ve taken Rich’s Strategic Profits Coaching course, however, I’m still not done doing all of his lessons…because I’m too busy with two full-time jobs. I have cut back on all of the Internet Marketing products I used to buy everytime there was a launch, and I am much more focused. The main problem now is being able to afford the help I need to take my business to the next level. Rich offers something no one else does. Now that I know every technical aspect of my business, I needed a great mentor to teach me HOW to run my businesses! I am certain his new coaching program will be phenomenal! Warm Regards, Adrienne DeVita

  137. Thanks so much for the blog update…..My phone went on the fritz and I only got about 30 mins into the call. So the update here was great. Nice to know I’m not the loan ranger with the busy work syndrome. I’ll start of this morning cleaning up the cart to free up for productive time.

    Thanks alot,

  138. Hi Rich,

    Thanks so much for putting it all together for us last night.
    Everyone was great and learnt so much from each and everyone of them, but the one that sticks the most in my head is Frank Kern, here is a big guru in his field, very successful and you just assume he has got all the tools and connections he will ever need at his finger tips at this stage of his career but yet he went through pain like the rest of us in trying to achieve his goal and then bang he found a really simple solution that took away that pain, so I guess what I learnt from it, is keep things simple don’t complicate things unneccessarily and over think things and that even the big Guru’s go through pain, anxiety, like us beginners – so there’s hope for me yet!

    Thanks Again to everyone that spoke on that call.


  139. In French, we say: “Il n’y a jamais deux sans trois”—(Or: “nothing ever happens twice that it won’t also happen a third time!”)—
    This is my third post in a row—and I wanted to humbly apologize to you, Rich for my panicky second post (I am not very savvy at the subtleties or mechanics of computer-related items such as Forums, Blogs, Chat Rooms, etc.—Excusez-moi, S.V.P.: please excuse me).:o)
    I also wish to apologize to my fellow-attendees of your Excellent two-hour seminar for not having greeted them in my first post—so:
    HELLO EVERYONE!—I have read several posts, including those of a couple of fellow-Therapists: ARIEL JOY FINE and J.B. MOSLEY-MATCHETT—and another JACQUES (COQUEREL)—so, hello to you too!
    Well, now that I have SEEN that my first post has been posted—and got these apologies off my chest, I can go to get some sleep (it is pst 3:00 A.M.)—
    I am looking forward to hearing from you and many of your fans, dear Rich, in response to my appeal in post #1 above.
    My Best wishes to all!

  140. Thanks for insight into the problems of such successful marketers, my big take is two fold .
    One to focus on what the constraint really is, not what you might think or want it to be and two, to have the confidence to make that change.
    By litening to the call I understand more of why my business is not progressing, now I need the courage to get out of my comfort zone rather than just pretend to myself thats what I’m doing.

    I am the biggest constraint!

  141. Always great content and much to think about, with Rich and the gang. Thanks to each one of you for your personal stories.
    And Rich, do like the updated photo!

  142. OMG I’m so cheesed of I missed out on the replay… where can I get this from? I’m having a hissy fit in the middle of the office, but can’t tell my coworkers what I’m so P***ed off at.

    PLEASE tell me there’s a replay of this call somewhere..?


  143. Rich,

    Have you considered just putting the call link on your blog. I have tried several time to hear it without success. Was shut out the first time and had schedule problems thereafter. Wouldn’t the link satisfy everyone in the easiest possible way?


  144. Rich,

    I highly enjoyed the call. My biggest take away was the aha moment I had when Brad Fallon mentioned strategy versus execution, understanding the relationship, and internalizing how they work together. I realize that for now, until I get some consistent income coming in, I am going to have to do both. But now, because of listening in on the call, I am cognizant that I am the strategy person without a doubt. Ironically, my husband, who will soon be coming on to partner with me in the business, is the execution guy – so we are in fact a perfect counterpart for each other. It was great for us both to hear this on the call, because it solidifies our roles in our minds, and allows us both to succeed. Each of us will concentrate on our own strengths and not try to tackle that which we do not excel at doing.

    I am also going to use his suggestion of the two columns, one with what I need to learn, and one with my business goals.

    Great call. I look forward to what you have in store in the following weeks.


  145. Wow Rich, Great call. I had a sense of your talking about me listening to how often these successful people felt they had to do everything themselves. I have been struggling with creating my Internet business because no one around me shares my vision, or is even interested in what I am attempting.

    I have found people online,e.g. warrior forum, that are in tune but even there I felt I was doing it all myself. This belief and finding the right people to propel me out of this box will be crucial to my success.

    I definately appreciated this call, especially after having met Mike Filsaime during his review site launch and being in on Frank’s launch, and hearing about their doubts, constraints, and solutions.

  146. Hey Rich,
    That was an awesome call as I printed out the business manifest that I read on Sunday which is one of the days I have chosen to take off but I could not resist looking at my email from Willie. I’m a wheel spinner and it was a great kick in the but, making me realize the research is over, the foundation is built and time to come out with a plan to action. Looking at the manifest made me realize what I had forgotten about and what I had learned in the corporate world. It is all about the money and a team of people can make things happen. A team of people who want what you want. When I was in the corporate world it was to keep our jobs by increasing the bottom line. Mike Filsaime and Brad Fallon were the guys I listened to. Mike who had to break away from the working from home thing to realize he needed an office and Brad Fallon’s failing businesses right out of college and now look at them both! The greatest and the most inspiring thing I got from this event was what I got for free from Frank Kern was “NEVER GIVE UP!” It is the bottom line to what all of the speakers had to say.

  147. WOW Rich,
    This was awesome information!

    For me, hearing these “Greats” of the online marketing industry talk about their constraints was a real eye-opener.

    I am developing a training program for my fellow real estate agents to help them learn to shift their language in response to internet leads. My method will focus on the quality of the response to those leads, rather than the quantity. I will model many of the methods I have observed from you and your guests to communicate with the agents.

    Many of the constraints that these gurus experienced are similar to the constraints I have experienced as a real estate agent. It seems that I know each of those experiences personally.

    My BIG TAKEAWAY is that these people who have led the adventure into internet marketing are just like me. I guess the most identifiable guru was Tellman. When he talked about how he could live with the inconsistent income, but when hiring others it required him to find a consistent source of funds that was not dependant on others. I could see myself in his description of the situation.

    I am so very excited to be at the beginning of my own personal adventure into internet marketing. Rich, I admire the pioneers of this industry and greatly appreciate you bringing them together for this amazing teleseminar.

  148. Dear Rick,

    Your call was such a breath of fresh air, I felt like I could finally relax and take deep breaths and absorb all you were giving with your call. I am usually quite tense as I listen to calls such as these, I realize that I do not know much about internet marketing. The lingo and terminology are not familiar to me so I need to struggle that much harder to try to understand what is being taught.
    This call was just people talking to people about their own humane experiences, much like women used to do talking over the fences as they hung up their wash on the clotheslines.
    You made everyone human or should I say, you allowed their human side to come out so we could share in their challenges and the way they overcame it.
    The biggest thing I learned is not to try to do it all yourself. Most of them said because they did not have the finances, they were trying to do it all themselves. The solution to having more money was not clear but it gave me the courage to take from my meager retirement fund and invest in myself and my mission to the world. Thank you for bringing some fresh air into internet marketing.

    Love and Light

    Mary Grace

  149. Way too long. Too much information all at once. I found myself constantly zoning out and having to refocus my attention and and mentally concentrate on what was being said. It wasn’t engaging to pull in the listener. Dave Woodward’s Legendary Marketer approach was so much better. He assembled a similar # of gurus, but instead of cramming into one afternoon when many are trying to listen while doing work, he hit one guru at a time, twice per week, Tues & Thurs evenings. Genious.

  150. Hi Rich,
    I am sorry I could not attend the call, is there a link where I might listen to it I am in the UK. (eastern +5hrs)
    Thank you
    Gerry Kenny

    • Go here and opt-in again.
      It will now take you to a special page for the replay. Because everyone could not get on from the lines filling up we posted it again. But it will only be up for about 24hours.

      Enjoy Everyone

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  152. As an entrepreneur, you are often alone. When you put your name in all the boxes of your org chart, you don’t have time to take a breather and evaluate where you’re at.
    I think the forum was excellent. No quick recipe for success, just plain old common wisdom.
    What I really got out of it, is the fact that there are a lot of people with similar problems. I was very interested in hearing people like me describe their journeys. I gave me additional incentive to keep at it, albeit in a smarter, more organized fashion.
    Also the Manifesto Rich wrote is a must read. But don’t read it before going to bed. Your head will be spinning and the day after will be wasted.

  153. Hi Rich! Thank You very much for that great call. It wasn’t just one big sales pitch… The call really did hit my core because of what I’m experiencing at the moment. Even in my primary job.I’m doing certain things that I cannot commit to because I don’t like them that much but at the same time I feel moraly obligated to do those because I made a commitment to people i work with. Then i try to rationalize and convice myself that I like it… This brings me huge stress!! I’ve been studying Internet Marketing like a maniac for the last months and prior to that I’ve never done anything related with sales or marketing or even the Internet. I’ve put up some websites and now I’m going through my autoresponder messages. I’m doing everything myself so the process is really slow. However, I cannot outsource much because my Internet business didn’t really start and I need to keep investing in basic things that I still need to learn. And as far as I understood it’s important to do these things first just to have some experience, is this correct? The products I see are either cheap and bad or very good and extremely expensive. So it’s hard to trust now. I really got started with Cheney (autopilot income profits) then I bought John reese Traffic 2.0 and Stompernet’s free offer(for the continuity program) SO I guess I’m covered both for products, traffic and SEO. It’s a lot to work with and I’m very happy with it. However, I still lack knowledge about copywritting and email marketing but I cannot invest more at this point. I’m trying to work with what I have, stop the buying products addiction and I’ve actually done something already, I took some action but the fact that I still don’t see the overall picture makes me get a bit desperate at times. I mean,I have 6 product to sell, the websites withg salesletters,I still need the optin page and I’m finishing my first autoresponder series but now I might have to do PPC or articles and I don’t know much about it so it’s kind of scary… So it seems like an endless processs. My ultimate goal is to aply all of this to my primary job… Everyone thinks I’m crazy for doing this Internet thing because they think it’s all a scam and after some time without real results it gets dificult to anwear them. And As You can see by my writting I’m not extremelly consistent in my thoughts, a bit like Tellman said he was. I don’t have that business personality. Up until now, every product I bough leaves some stone unturned and that made me come to the decision of not buying nothing more for a while and see if I can get the big picture and know what I really need to buy!
    I’ll be listening to You and hopefuly I’ll be able to aply what You teach and maybe someday I’ll have money to buy Your products! Sorry for the long post, I needded to let some steam out :)!!
    Thank You for the great information You shared with us on the call and through the report!

    • Hi Pedro,

      Are you portuguese? if yes, email me so we can exchange some experiences and talk about internet marketing. I’m from Porto and facing the same problems you are, so my friend you´re not the only tuga on this war (i have started 9 months ago), but you know what? I just love this business.

      Have great income and never give up.


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  155. HI,

    A favour please. I missed the call because I got the time conversions between UK and ET mixed up. Will you make them availbale as a download?

    Talk soon

  156. Absolutely fascinating, Rich,

    As per a couple of the others, I missed your summary–I had client calls. (Too busy earning a living to make any money.)

    I am looking to do a similar thing for Christian business owners–as to the example of your inspiration and encouragement (hence my beginning URL). I will have others offering more help to me later on–but one thing–I am teachable!

    As someone who has experienced a moderate amount of offline success, I am still an Internet Klutz–but with the determination to learn…72-year-old Nancy (?)and her post was/is an inspiration. (I’m just 10 years behind you so you go girl!)

    Thank you again, Rich, for your willingness to share so openly and honestly for the good of all. And also to your ‘stratosphereic’ successful coachees, for their willingness to share with you. May you achieve many times the success you already have achieved.

    Warm regards,

  157. I found the teleseminar pretty useful. It surprised me actually. Some of the answers many of the popular marketers gave were answers I already knew. Others, like Frank Kern, gave me a little bit of insight on how to handle my product and customer service more simple.

    His advice hit a homerun with me more than anybody else’s. He’s right – your brain really will LIE to you on certain aspects. He helped me solve a problem instantly with that advice.

    What I liked about the seminar the most was that each person was detailed about their experience. That itself made everything more relatable and understanding. People like to leave out the hard parts of running the business and the stress, especially when they have approached things a little harder than they should have.

    I was glad to hear this “reality check.” And much of their conversations related to some of my most recent and past expereinces. Wonderful seminar, great show and tell.

    Now I truly feel better about K.I.S.S.

  158. Rich,

    Great call! I’ve had the privilege to listen to all of these gurus before and have learned a lot from each of them.

    My biggest constraint is the same that almost every one of them mentioned on the call…and that is outsourcing and hiring assistance. I’m doing it all myself and the You-followed by You-You and You-You-You-You is ME!

    I’m beyond the learning curve of the typical “newbie” and consider myself to be more of an “intermediate” marketer, but my income is stagnant due to my reluctance to hire help. This call made me realize in order to move to the next level I’m going to need to break down and get help with those things I don’t enjoy doing.

    Made my first post today on e-lance for some copywriting and article writing assistance and hope to find a long term relationship with a good writer. This is a big step for me but an essential one …so thanks for the call that pushed me out of my constraint.

    Your Niche Templates

  159. From the land of Oz…thank you. I was not able to connect to your call and having access to the replay was great…
    These are the biggest take aways, for me as an absolute newbie to the internet scene and business scene having worked over 20 years in ministry (church) and charities where you do what has to be done regardless of hours, wages (or not)or obstacles.

    They are areas I have been working on for the past 18 months after a near physical, emotional break down (twice)We worked overseas in a second world country building a women’s centre and then back in Oz with a run down rehab centre….sometimes functioning on as little sleep as 12 hours in a week…These were timely reminders as I find myself set to get manic about this new adventure before me

    1. VALUE OF MYSELF- I dont have to be all things to all people at all times for less then I am worth.
    2. BALANCE – take time out and stay balanced, work, diet, exercise, rest and play. HAVE FUN DOING THE THING THAT BRINGS ME JOY.
    3. GETTING OTHERS ON BOARD ASAP – I am not indispensible or all knowing – have and know my business model and help others to help us reach our goals.
    4. FOLLOW MY GOALS AND DON’T LOSE FOCUS – which should equal my passion, and my joy which will = my success
    5. DON’T GIVE UP – loved the analogy of the children, As a mother, grandmother, and director of rehabs I have never given up on any of them regardless of the stage they are at…so I am not going to give up on me or my dreams….(tears welling got to go)
    Thanks again from down under geographically (or so they say- which way is top) but on the way to the top otherways.

  160. Hi Rich:

    Thank you very much for the chance to listen the replay of the teleconference. I’ve read all the comments, took good notes and I’ll listen to the audio. Very interesting insights from you, the quotes from the gurus and the thoughts of the commenters. You’re doing a great job helping a lot of people.


  161. Rich,

    Thanks for the gem of a call. I was deeply touched that these internet marketing stars were ready and willing to step up to the plate and show their humanness, talking about their main obstacles or “constraints,” proving that setbacks and blockages are just a fact of running business no matter who you are. The important thing, as everyone indicated, is to tackle the main constraint rather then wasting time on the trivial allowing the player to move from breakdown to breakthrough.

  162. Thanks for a terrific teleconference, Mr. Schefren. While I was somewhat pulled out of it from moment to moment due to domestic distractions, the one main theme I repeatedly heard from (it seems) each contributor was the overwhelming responsibilities about carrying on a business when one is depending strictly upon oneself to execute each and every duty.

    The solution of hiring more people was well taken, as they all seem to be in a for-profit enterprise of some sort. They apparently all had the funds to hire some folks and watch their businesses explode.

    I, however, am running a not-for-profit arts company, and funding is a perpetual crisis. While still having to work my day job in a law firm to pay the domestic bills, and running a studio for singers, the time left and financial resources depend strictly upon my fundraising activities which are difficult to say the least in the current financial environment. If you have any ideas, I’d love to hear them.

    Conversely, of course, tax deductible donations are always welcome! [You know I gotta say that!] Thanks!!

  163. Thanks so much Rich for the amazing call!

    My greatest take away was that no matter what level we are in our businesses, that we often run into the same constraints.

    I really was able to see through each of the “gurus” the truth that it is not our talents or education or experience or anything of the like that hold us back from success, but it is the thing or things that constrain us.

    This call truly helped me to look at my life and my business and determine just what it is that is constraining me and holding me back from all the success that I so dearly want to achieve.

    Thank you Rich for a real eye opener!

    I look forward to th coming days.


  164. I like the perspective of looking the difficulty (constrain)to overcome…What is holding me back. For me it is the executive part, all the technologic aspect and how to find the solutions, the right person. Also I made a big reflexion on the opportunist and the entreprenor, the concept you bring in you report. I realised that I had the opportunist attitude, jumping from one product to an other instead of deepening into my own niche.
    I like your questions and the solutions you brings in.

  165. Wedn., 9/10/10:46 A.M. (PST)
    Hello again, Rich!
    Sorry I did not leave comments specifically pointed at yesterday’s power-packed two hour mini-marathon.

    I wanted to wait (and still do) until I have the opportunity to peruse “The Internet Business Manifesto” and “The Missing Chapter” (thank you for the links). These, plus the copious notes I took during the teleseminar, should empower me to send you my objective feed-back.

    Meanwhile, I would sincerely appreciate yours RE: the posts I left above in the middle of last night. Thanks again! Cordial regards,


  166. Rich,
    There was so much that is good advice on this call it is difficult to single out which had the most impact. Since I am very new to the world of internet marketing I think that what Liz said applies best to me — find a mentor, doing what you want to do, who is just a ways ahead of you and model their techniques.

    I often listen to the ‘big guns’ like the folks you had speaking today and I feel that they are akin to celebrities who don’t necessarily live by the same rules that I do. It is nice to hear just how human these big names are, how they also struggled with self-doubt, low confidence and fear of taking action.

    I was gratified to find that every suggestion offered boiled down to a mindset of human response. No one suggested to throw a lot of money at the problem, buy a lot of software, etc. etc, What is really exciting is that all of this is information that can be used right now, immediately, to create proper focus and take massive action.

    Thank you for the gift of this teleseminar. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to be introduced to these people and hear their stories. I believe that every persons success enhances my own. I celebrate the success of all the participants of this call. Thank you for taking time to throw bread upon the water.

    Karen Elizabeth

  167. Hello, This is a very long list of replies to read here….but, I have managed to read almost all of these reply posts.

    I can tell you that, I have been on Rich’s marketing lists for a long time now. Almost, back to the time Rich started his list. Yes, that long ago.

    So, compared to me, most of you people here are very new arrivals here.

    Anyway, my point is that, yes, I have listened to 2 hours worth of Rich’s call,
    and read most posts here.

    And, I can tell you that, most of you are in thrall of Rich, you can look up
    that word in the dictionery.

    Now, knowing Rich for all these years, for me….tho, Rich’s call about
    our ‘constraints’ was no BIG deal really.

    I know my own constraints already and all along, even before Rich’s call.

    But, that is just a common-sense to me as : J.Martin, in his above post
    mentions, and really can this 2 hour call can be just wrapped up in 15 mins.

    I think, Rich is an ok guy, knowing him after all these years, but, he is not
    as BIG a deal as most of you seem to think of him. Dont hype him.

    (John Day)

  168. Hi Rich,

    My fingers where typing quickly during your phenomenal 2-hour call! Just revisiting the Manifesto prior to the call was a reminder to schedule time to revisit the Missing Chapter and the Final Chapter.

    When Mike Filsaime referenced the Manifesto ‘eye chart’, I glanced at my hard copy and instantly felt overwhelmed (talk about the power of an impactful graphic).

    Some of the insights shared on the calls were friendly reminders of what I have yet to implement. I found tremendous value in each guru’s story, yet there were a few spoken and unspoken comments that resonated strongly with me:

    (1) Frank Kern’s story reminded me that we ‘forget’ what we know in our gut is true, but because we are mired in the tactical, we lose site of the strategic outcome.

    (2) Joel Comm reminded me that being a leader or a CEO is often a lonely job. Having a partner who compliments your strengths and accompanies you along the journey makes building a business much more fulfilling (not to mention successful). For people trying to ‘make the Internet work’ for their vision, struggling alone gets old pretty quick. And the truth is, most of your peer group don’t get what you’re doing.

    (3) Rich, towards the end you said, it’s “false efficiency to work on anything other than the constraint. Most people do not know it. They focus on everything else other than their constraint. Getting less results than predict.” Guilty as charged. Along the way, I subconsciously avoided addressing the constraint. Thanks for the splash of water to the face. Hello!

    (4) Regardless of where you are in the business growth cycle (beginning, 6-figures or 8-figures), there will always be some constraint that holds you back from getting to the next level. Isolate it and work through it, if you want to grow. This truism was refreshing and inspiring.

    (5) I echo the sentiments shared by others who recognized Liz Thompson as the only woman example on the call. While much can be said on this particular topic, the opportunity exists for other women in the community to emulate Liz’s success and be showcased in an upcoming Schefren call.

    Again, thanks for the getting folks riled up on such an important topic and for sharing this gift. I look forward to your new report and the ensuing conversation with the Strategic Profits community.


  169. Rich,

    Thank you for putting presentations like this together for us to hear the mistakes before we make them. I did not have the chance to make this call because of work obligations but would really be interested in attending the reply. Could you please send the link or information about a time that this will be availiable for me to hear this.

    Warm regards,

    John McDonnell

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  171. Hi Rich

    Greetings from one of the Spanish islands in the Med.

    Brad’s comment about moving from strategy to execution and realising your role in either one or the other or both struck a cord.

    Tellmans concept of a flawed business model also made sense.

    At the end of the day nothing of any real importance gets done without the help of others.

    I would like to extend my appreciation to the teacher in you in presenting many common buiness issues so clearly.


  172. Buenas Tardes Rich!

    Greetings from Spain. Thanks for your valuable work on this call and the excellent biz ideas. I am now planning to put various ideas in action tomorrow for our travel and event planning biz here in Spain. I had a number of them in my “procrastination” file.

    Dan O’Beirne

    PS Let me know when you want to set up a workshop in Spain for the European market

  173. Rich
    Thank you. I heard you at Stompernet, and now again. Just juggling with what to do when my biggest constraint is needing to hire, but don’t have the money, capital or credit to hire. Going to try some free family help for a while. Whatever it takes to make the goal, there’s no turning back now, especially after listening to the call yesterday.

    Thanks. Looking forward to your next piece.

  174. Hi Rich!

    It’s a great idea to have the audio version in your site, but it will be great if you let us download the mp3 version!

    I have no time to sit down in front of the computer and listen to it; may be I need some of your coaching.

    If you let me listen the teleseminar in my mp3 player while driving to my 9 to 5 job, I will be very great.


  175. I wanted to thank you for putting this together and for providing it for free. Going to a seminar with this quality and with a panel full of experienced entrepreneurs would cost big bucks, and would probably be hosted in some far away city. I have taken away some valuable information and now see my business in a different light.

    Being a mom working at home, I definitely understand that to help my business grow I will need to treat it as if it were my own child. I created it, so it is my child, and for it to thrive it will need my dedication. I also liked hearing that it’s fine to relinquish some of your responsibilities to someone else. That way if I wanted my business to grow, I could do that and be able to enjoy being with my son. Thanks again!

  176. Hey Folks, Have you ever tried to listen to one of these calls on a SLOW dialup? I cannot be the only one on the planet in this situation.

    What would have been far more “merciful” would be to give a download link so that the “slow folk” can finally get to listen to this call without 2 hours of hiccupping dialogue…which is very very time consuming and frustrating. A 2 hour call would probably take me over 3 hours to actually hear it all…broken up into 2 or 3 word “bits”.

    Would the kind people who put this call up consider this easier solution?

    Thanks Mickeywest.

    • Hey Mickey
      Go to the recording page and if you do a send to friends you get the MP3 and the transcript.
      Check it out here:


  177. I didn’t get that much out of it. A lot of talk but for a newbe it didn’t mean much. Was it just me or are there others out there that felt that way?:

  178. Fantastic seminar…. great benefit to me as I am still “getting ready” to get a business going. It showed me that I just need to jump in and do it… just hire others to do what I dont already know instead of learning everything before I start.

  179. Thank you very much for your excelent information, what i learn last night will help me for ever in my business life thank you very much keep up the excelent work.

  180. Thank you Rich!
    listned twice, took notes (5 or 6 pages), took time to digest. The strengest thing of all is that after long search (many years)and many business beginings I can relate to all speakers, and most of all to your “false efficiency to work on anything other than the constraint. Most people do not know it. They focus on everything else other than their constraint. Getting less results than predict.” I did not know that. The harder I worked the farder my goals would be, and guilty fillings never left me. Subconsciously I new, something is wrong but avoided addressing the constraint.
    Thanks again for big eye opener.



  181. This call was exactly waht I needed to hear right now.

    I have help but what holds me back is I believe I need more help and I need more income to get more help and it’s a vicious cycle.
    Here’s what I got from the call.

    – #1 I need recurring monthly income to insure vendors/assistants get paid every month

    -#2 I am the idea person and like Brad Fallon said, I need someone who is the operations person.

    -#3 Losing focus and getting side tracked by what’s in front of me and then feeling frustrated by not getting to the things I really want to do.

    -#4 I really need to look at how committed I am and to what and grow the business based on that not on what I think I should do.

    Thanks Rich,
    It was definitely eye-opening.

  182. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Thanks Rich this call was a eye opener for real.

    I see myself wanting to learn so many different aspects of business building for my future in copy-writing.

    I guess thats can prove to be detrimental to a certain extent.

    I totally appreciate the incredible value behind this priceless information.

    I cant thank you enough.

    For Families and Kids In Crisis,

    -Marcelino Latorre

  183. This call was like an Internet marketing “Dancing With The Stars”.. great job everyone !

    Anyone who is serious about success in online marketing would do well to listen and listen well…. No need to reinvent the wheel.. you guys have already figured that one out… All we have to do is follow the leader(s)

    Thanks for all you do to point everyone in the right direction…

    God Bless !

    Roger Johnson

  184. I truly enjoyed the teleseminar that you hosted. I really appreciate way you chose to feature the entrepreneurs that spoke on the call. Instead of them talking about what they did to become successful, they talked about what was holding them back from success and how they overcame it. That was wonderful! Sometimes I feel like the blogs and e-books that I read are written by people who were instantly successful that did everything right the first time around. It’s good to see that they had to overcome obstacles. It was even better to hear how they overcame those obstacles. Thanks so much for doing the seminar!

    • I’m glad your perspective shifted ashia.

      as the coach to most of today’s internet marketing gurus i can assure you while success can come fast, it doesn’t happen without obstacles being overcome.

      for years that’s been my job. i’ve helped those very same gurus eliminate obstacles, crush constraints, and smash through their doubts and fears.

      but now that i’ve developed it all into a simple system, soon you’ll be able to do the same.

  185. Thank you too many for repeating the call. Since my site is on the Law of Attraction, I kept wondering why I was attracting such an incredible delay in getting my website up and active. Now I know, it was so I can do it right with your help. The takeaways 1)were that being a do-it-all-myself is not necessary. Relief! 2) Stopping to determine my strengths & my constraint
    3) Having a strategy for success & focusing on only that
    Thank you so much for your generosity.

  186. I thought it was pretty boring. Most of those guys have told their stories before and they were all very similar. So much of it was “I was trying to do it all and that didn’t work”. Big deal. That’s where we all start.

  187. Rich,

    Amazing job and with a identical lineup. I was really blown away how you were able to keep the call to just 2 hours. Really that in itself was astonishing. You are a great thought leader and I think I speak for everyone when I say, “thank you for be a servant”.

    Remember… be a servant,

    Cory Boatright
    Loss Mitigation Specialist

  188. Hi Rich,

    Just wanted to say thanks for your efforts. In the past I have found your work top notch. I have been onboard since the Manifesto and have learned so much. I wish I could have listened to this call but now my hearing is gone. All the tools I had acquired to let me hear just a little longer are now useless. But if this call was any where near the quality of your past offerings then I can truthfully say “it was over the top”. And thanks again for all the “learning” I have received from you in the past. You rock!


  189. g,day guy,s thanks to all for the takeaways were in for a big feed , massive aha,s! so you are all REAL people too thank,s Rich simple ,,,, why do i make it so damb hard i gotta get out of my own way,great i love a challange,,,,

  190. Hi one n all … Thanks a million … Great reminder on the business fundamentals you have given us lots of example to identify with I’ve noticed that the people who are the most successful in any field of endeavor are passionate about what they do — enough so to practice every day and go through years of training. There are no overnight successes. Success is where discipline meets synchronization. That being the case, I’ve learned I’d better love what I do enough to be passionately playing the game every day so that when synchronicity knocks on my door, it has to go find me because I’m on the playing field!

    All my best to you and your game-plan
    Phillip Skinner

  191. Hey Rich.. 🙂 Thank Goodness, You Recorded that..
    missed out on all the replays & live ones..

    What an amazing call that was…

    “My Only Constraint is ME” but hope is in the air..
    I have had a weird week, & that was truly what I needed to
    hear… Very Inspirational & just Wow really …

    Nice to know that all of them started the same way!
    What an eye opener that was..

    Thoroughly enjoyed all the stories.. am on most of their lists
    of those on the call… some I did not know how they started off, so that was brilliant, to find that out!
    (Makes them all seem a little more human.. 🙂

    Take-Aways: there were sooo many…& have been at a crossroads just lately, on deciding which way to go..

    So Clarity will be something I need to sort out…
    as my passion hobbies are not really viable business opportunities, especially online..

    So I do believe that may be why I have
    taken a while to get to where I would like to be!

    Have found some awesome Mentors though, & am passionate about
    learning something new everyday, & helping others..
    As online biz’s go, do have three I truly believe in..
    (All Affiliate related though!) .. hmmmm..

    I loved Kevins’ “Go to the Grocery Store of Life” WOW..
    and believe he said it best.. As I have four sons.. & loved his
    analogies about business , compared to children.. CLASSIC!

    Absolutely fantastic.. and Thank You for doing the Replay..
    or I would never have heard it… And I So needed to hear that!

    Very much appreciated, You have no idea..

    Can’t wait till your report.. but seriously , that call could change my whole direction… of what & where I need to go!

    And I noticed the theme of finding Mentors throughout the call,
    I am in The Mentors Club, so you get to pick which ones you
    want to learn from, which is amazing..

    Tony Robbins, Stephen Peirce, Zig Ziglar, whoever etc…
    So am sticking like glue to that..
    Would be nice to see you in there.. as obviously you have
    played a major Mentor role to all those on the call.. 😉

    Cheers, Dianne in NZ 🙂

  192. Thank you so much Rich ,i bel;ieve i need a little patient and time to get on the go. i haver seen and read all your previous messages ok thank you

  193. Hi Rich

    I’ve just finished listening to a recording of your call ‘that made history three times over’! Thank you so much for making it available to those of us who did not make the call.

    You’ve asked listeners to comment here on what their ‘takeaway’ from the call was. Well, apart from the following nuggets of wisdom that I collected i,.e

    ~ Do what you enjoy, let others do the rest
    ~ Treat your business like your child. Commit and Invest in it having complete confidence that it will grow and become independent
    ~ Use experts/mentors
    ~ Determine/Discern what you truly enjoy
    ~ Realize that there is a difference between a constraint and a weakness
    ~ Don’t always believe your mind/thoughts – ‘I must have a membership site to get money’
    ~ There are now shortcuts to becoming known very quickly

    what made me sit and listen to the entire recording was:

    ~ Knowing (or at least believing) that I was listening to people who had really made it and made it big
    ~ Hearing the more anecdotal snippets such as ‘learning really, really simple things from Tony Robbins like drinking more water and breathing techniques’ (both of which I personally practise and encourage others to)
    ~ Having the belief myself that despite all my past experiences and beliefs, I can move forward with new beliefs to create new experiences and new realities

    Once again, thank you so much for sharing this so generously!


  194. Wow Rich what an awesome eye opener that call was. I missed it for a good reason I easily get distracted and would have left half way through if I actually attended. I managed to listen to whole thing on my own time and seriously I loved it.

    I especially liked the part where Kevin Hogan said treat your business like your child and you added not like a pet 🙂

    One problem Im having is getting in the right business if you could address something about that in your upcoming report.

    Apart from that I owe you a huge THANK YOU RICH I think…sorry I KNOW Im gonna be making it by the end of this year

  195. Hi rich
    Thanks for the recording. It mens so muchto me.

    It is so nice to know that there are other people who are having some of the same concerns that I see in front of me.

  196. Brad Fallon and Frank Kern were most affective for me. Brad’s suggestion to make a simple list for what I need to learn and what i need to do will be helpful and ties in the Frank’s comments about focussing on the outcome you want to achieve. Keeping this advice in mind will certainly help me try to avoid distractions and get the job done. Thanks.

    Nuala Coombs

  197. It was an awesome call, Rich! Thank you so much! I’d love to be in your coaching program. I hope you price it right so even a start-up small business can affort it.

  198. Rich,

    All I can say is WOW!!! I am familiar with your work and reputation through Early To Rise and I also am on many lists from your tele-conference panel. When I heard they were going to be on the same call and were going to be sharing with us what held them back and how they overcame it I had to be there (I’ve listened 4 more times as well, thanks!).

    It seems that a re-curring theme that held people back was trying to do everything themselves. I feel their pain because there are only 24 hours in a day! My offline business as a marketing consultant eats up 10-12 hours a day and that leaves little time to build my online empire. Hiring help will actually help speed up time!

    Thanks for pulling this group together and for sharing success! No fluff here these are real people and have earned real dollars! I can’t wait to see what you unveil later in September!

    Robert Newhart

  199. Rich, I enjoyed the call. it’s always great to hear the big successes talk about what they had to overcome to get there. In my own business, I’ve also struggled with how and what to outsource–been trying to figure out a way that someone else could handle my routine email and somehow spit the nuggets and the really important stuff back out to me while handling all the routine requests.

    Shel Horowitz

  200. Rich,

    Thank you for bringing this all star cast on the phone. It’s great to see super success having the same problems as the guys on the bottom. Thanks again, I’m definitely watching the dirty dozen, for I need to get off the ground now. My constraint is money and time. I have none. Being a single father with children 2,4,6 years old and a puppy I’m petty busy. So thanks for making it free.

    STOP letting the power companies rip you off!!
    Get certified solutions that work.
    These solutions work extra well for people with mansions!
    Thanks again

    Robert Liudvinaitis

  201. Hi Rich:
    This is the first time that I can think of
    so many highly successful internet marketer came in one call.
    I could not believe the lineup of speakers as they
    spoke. All I can say that this was a historic call and
    I am glad that I was listening. For the first time it
    provoked me to think effectively what is really holding
    me back.

  202. Stunned. At the end, it even brought a few tears, that I thought I was beyond. Did anyone else listen to the synopsis at end, the last 10 minutes and find that pretty much *all* the constraints that everyone had *you* had or have?

    I have read all your reports and been changed and powerfully impacted by them all but this one coming up? I’m looking forward to more than any that have come before it.

    Following and engaging in the some of work/programs of many of these folks the last year of my professional and work life, this 2 hours connected with me on such an impactful, practical and human level.

    Clarity, a sense of defined purpose and control of all the issues that running your own business(or businesses, in my case) brings massive challenges to the business owner(that are ongoing) but there is hope – always – inside the worst, most frustrating moments and events so many folks listening to this audio are going through.

    I’ve been there and, many days, still am there.

    Obviously, there’s a new launch for Business Growth System coming up and if you are looking at it – either seriously or just as a possibility – hear Rich out in the coming week or so. Be open to what could change your life for the better.

    BGS has been hugely instrumental in putting my life on a path of more clarity, control and sense of purpose of what my work and personal life needs to be about. I am so grateful, thankful and appreciative of Rich’s work, it is beyond words on a blog. Another time, another place.

    Rich, I REALLY like the format of running rough-shod with 12 sharp minds in a 10 minute each format is something you should look at doing more often. Everyone is in a different place and hears things connected to their situation and leveraging all these folks’ experiences for your clients and prospects is long overdue. Reading thru the blog posts above and connecting to many of them – and others not – IS the point. Bringing us to the trough of others’ experiences and finding which one has the right mix of the ‘waters of our life’ to drink out of works very, very well.

    In a way, it forces you, Rich to get compact, overly clear(I sensed you both excited and frustrated with the process of moving along and transitioning so quickly) and bring it into a more controlled space for yourself – and it becomes the spirit of your work in a next-step evolutionary manner. GOOD FOR YOU! Look at this format more often – it’s not hard for you to leverage success of your many clients to the betterment of the existing ones and the future ones.

    Wrestle w/ that w/ your staff – looking at a component of BGS that integrates the stories of what BGS members(past and present) are doing, going thru and sharing their experiences. It’s something no other program is doing well, if they are even attempting it. Letting your clients – past, present and future – bring content is an interesting twist that you’ve not explored yet until now and I dig it!

    Forums don’t work(and they don’t work at BGS presently) – or at the least, are limited the constraints of people who are its members(lack of time, focus, commitment, different experiences and time-lines w/ their business experience, etc.). It can be done – and done well. It’s an opportunity, for sure. Your staff is more capable of coming up with something that can do it *right* and learn from the shortcomings of your own program and others – and move it forward for your clients.

    Keep it simple and it can happen. (Ex: a place for folks to upload vids of what they have going on w/the businesses and integrating it what is going on in BGS. Give BGS folks a chance to better connect w/ each other in a meaningful, relational manner will pay huge dividends!)

    Thanks for all the time here!
    Bruce Brodeen
    Not Lame Recordings

  203. Hi Rich,

    Massive value is an understatement in regards to the information you and the IM Super Star lineup shared with us doing the once-in-lifetime TELESEMIAR!

    It was truly a rare occasion and I was truly blessed and inspired to have had the opportunity to listen in on the straight-from-the-heart reasons as to why their businesses failed in the beginning and how they were all able finally realize what their constraints were and able to overcome and surpass all of the hurdels.

    It seem that most of the Super Stars suffered from the same problems that “I can do it all myself” syndrome. That sure hit home because I suffered from the same beliefs … that I can do it all! This is truly
    a wake up call for me and I would just like to thank you for that Rich for pointing out that FACT and for providing this vital information to help the “small fry” IM struggling to make her online bisiness a success!

    I know that I will be one of the lucky ones to join you in your next coaching sessions, I just hope that I won’t need to take out a LOAN
    to become your future student who will enbraced massive success.

    Thanks again Rich your my inspiration!

    Take care,

    Chaney Alulis

  204. Hi Rich;

    Brad Fallon’s observations struck a chord with me; strategic vs. implementation, wow…

    That is the primary ‘constraint’ I have operated under unknowingly for going on 20 years now; it has darn near made me crazy from time to time.

    I now realize that in order for me to really break through I need to find and team up with (per Brad) or hire (per Tellman) an implementation/systems person to organize & bring into reality the many elements necessary for business success. It’s very difficult for me to separate these two roles.

    I especially related to Brad’s comment that given a stable situation he would sometimes ‘break it’ to give himself some new problem to go after. Yeesh… can I ever see that in my life.

    Frank Kern’s observation that by keeping an absolutely clear picture of the outcome you are after to use as a ‘lens’, or criteria through which you analyze you decisions was also a terrific insight.

    Great call, with many excellent perspectives.

    Thank you for the replay, & I am looking forward to your “Cashmaps” program, which I joined last month.

    Best Regards,

  205. For me, the best part was the realisation that I don’t need to do everything myself and that this was one of the most common constraints among the most successful people online in the beginning. Its nice to know that we all face these challenges at the beginning and they are surmountable. I would really appreciate it if you could go into more detail about HOW to outsource work if its not possible to hire yet. Thanks for taking the time to get some of the leaders in the market together to share about their experiences. I found it very comforting to be honest and I’m really hopeful now that there is a way forward for me too. I’m just starting out and don’t even have my website up yet but want to get off on the right track and am greatful to have found this.

    All the best, Louise
    Dublin, Ireland

  206. I enjoyed the call, and learned some things. But for me, I would be very happy with 5 to 10k a month, if I could handle the work load myself…….

    Rather than drive it to say $100k per month by hiring a half dozen folks….. then worrying about work load, pay roll, etc.

    About all those you interviewed said the answer was hiring help……. but for those with no money to do that at this point, there was not much advice..??

  207. My big takeaway: A slow disturbing feeling started gnawing at me as I started listening to your guests. Yes, I have always known something was holding me back…. I knew I was my own blind spot, I was frustrated because I couldn’t see it. It’s like you can’t see the back of your head. You need a mirror. Well, you and your guests were my mirror; you all gave insight and inspiration. Finally I could see what I had to change in myself.
    I could no longer run around trying to decide what business to be in and in the meantime figure everything else out too. I falsely hoped that when I finally decided what the business would be, all the other information I’d gathered would come into play nicely… I’d have a great big perfect business! It doesn’t work that way! First things first…. Then the next thing, solving one issue at a time like Liz talked about. The first thing for me is to search out a business where there is demand, I can like it, love it, make it my child. I will not waste time on anything else right now. I am going hunting…..I will start at keyword research first to find demand. Then on to the next job. Thank you Rich, from the bottom of my heart. Thanks for your generosity it is truly inspiring. I will copy that generosity in my business too.

  208. Hi Rich,

    Thanking you for the awesome production formats you provided with the Teleseminar. The vital information provided by your mentoring team on empowerment demonstrates you all are compassionate with your business concepts and pull the same rope to success after overcoming those initial constraints.

    The Internet Manifesto shed light on the steps I must take to work smarter and become more productive with my time. As a student of mentoring programs by Michael Cheney, Mike Filsaime, and Michael Rasmussen, being able to be mentored by you (the Guru’s Guru) will keep the positive motivation flowing as I put all the pieces of this Internet Marketing puzzle together, and build my team.

    I look forward to your information exchanges in the coming weeks and wish everyone continued success as we make the world a better place.

    Always Remember 9-11

    Tyger Goods
    I know it is in you too!

  209. Hi Rich,

    Thank you so much for your giving completely. How you strategic focus on yours just right start from beginning, with your students now the best on the world, how you give away abundant total freely, the ideal modelling on treat the constraints, ensuring others and me to keep online business journey in a simple ways strategically.

    Best Regards,
    Alvin Yudistira

  210. Rich,
    The most exciting thing about this seminar was well, EVERTHING! Fist I felt that you were talking directly to me and about my business. It felt empowerng to know that other successful businesses started with the same constraints that I am faced with today. I believe that the information was practical and doable with a keen perspective from pofessionals that have been there. It’s like looking at my business with fesh, new eyes.

    Thanks and Great Job
    Penny Crabtree

  211. Rich,
    Thankyou so much for your excellent call. I’ve enjoyed every part of it. Especially the interviews and the stories of all the different personal issues these guru’s found on their path to success. But also simple things they had to cover in there daily business.
    I recognize now many wrong steps I made and forgot to focus on the fundamental parts of my Business. Thanks for the open vision and the Manifesto documents. I’ve learned a lot again.

    Jan Kaptein

    Have you checked out Cagora yet? : connecting people, businesses and community groups

  212. Hi Rich,
    Thanks so much for the powerful teleseminar. Your candor and insights were amazing. The most valuable new idea for me was the importance of really understanding and addressing my constraints. You were all wonderful–thanks for sharing. I am beginning the process of building an internet business and need to learn how to build a web site and set up the necessary business functions.


  213. I think my constraint is the importance, to my life, of creating a profitable internet business. I have been in a good J.O.B. for 15 years, but one that has sapped my creativity and joy – and I see this as a way out. So that’s great – except it becomes so important that I view it in terms of ” which is the best direction to go in to make the most money, what if I make the wrong choice of niche” – and I am paralyzed. For myself, I am trying to get to some kind of intuitive place where I can feel the answers in my gut, then use intelligence to consider them in the internet setting, go back to my gut to know if this is something I can pursue and find creativity and joy in it. If it doesn’t work – move on.

  214. Hi Rich, Thank you for putting together the valuable information from obviously experienced and successful entrepreneurs, in one session. As one who has looked at getting into this business but has not yet dived in, I was very encouraged to start taking action which has been my constraint for too long. My constraint has also been deciding who to believe among the many who claim to be gurus in this business and who claim that their way is absolutely the best way to get started. You and your clients show to be the best in the business. Thank you.

  215. Great Conference Call!

    I was on the call on Tuesday and the entrepreneurial spirit was definitely there. This is why I kept on listening to your guests. Aside from my blog I am the founder of another business which is Virtual Offices and Executive Suites. Moreover, I just finished a 2 hour meeting with a “super networker” and entrepreneur in my community. We were discussing some of the same topics: Having a scalable business and projects.

    I graduated from college this past summer with a BA in Business and concentration in entrepreneurship. In one of my entrepreneurship classes the main topic throughout the whole semester was about creating a scalable business. This was going to be essential to create growth in the school projects that we were working on.

    I am trying to create the same with my businesses. Systems! Systems should be in place so that there is no dependency of the head person. Systems can be replicated anywhere and be used by anyone when trained properly.

    I wish you the best! Thanks Rich!


  216. Hello Rich,

    Newbie here.Thank you for the great info. I’d like to tell you what happened so please forgive me it sounds dumb. I listened to your recorded call at around 1am. I couldn’t wait til morning. I dozed off in the middle of your recording. It seemed like it was only for a second. Finished listening to the recording but did not really “get ” anything.

    A day later something told me to go back and listen to the part where I dozed off. I discovered that I missed Frank Kern and John Carlton. That was the part that my “brain” did not want me to hear.

    Frank talked about keeping your eyes on the goal. Whenever I start to make progress, a little white rabbit runs across my path and like a hunting dog I chase that sucker all the way down the rabbit hole only to find that it is a dead end and that I am stuck. When I emerge from the rabbit hole and fix my eyes on the goal again, 2 weeks or maybe a month have passed by.

    John talked about “keep it simple”. I am really, really, really good at making simple things difficult. My acronym is KISD. (keep it simple [email protected])

    As I write this I still have that “WoW” feeling.

    Thanks a bunch and have a great day!

  217. Hi Rich,

    Thank you so much for the teleseminar, and also for posting the recording – I was only able to hang in there live for the first 45 minutes before I had to go!

    The three most impactful things:

    Brad Fallon: Write down your short term goals and the things you need to learn on a divided sheet and stick it up on the wall in front of you. That really helped me to focus and get a handle on Step One.

    Frank Kern: His constraint – the idea of owning a membership site, which was conflicting with his desired outcome of a monthly income from his customer base – perfect for those of us who get all tangled up in the modality and completely forget the outcome. “Don’t listen to your brain when it tries to lie to you.”

    Liz Thompson: Find a mentor who is ahead of you in the food chain, but not TOO far ahead, so that they can still relate to you. I feel I’ve done exactly that – thanks, Yaro!

    How it will impact my business:

    Those three things combined will help me focus, get moving and stop just dreaming, visualizing and studying. It’s so easy to just want to, as Yaro says, endlessly “consume other people’s content” rather than get off your butt and create your OWN. What you guys do is fascinating, but we won’t get anywhere by just sitting at rapt attention – we must take action.

    As to what to cover next – I’ll leave that up to you, as there is so much yet to learn!

    Thanks again for the extremely valuable free content, which introduced me to your work.

  218. Hi Rich,
    Thank you for posting the recording of the teleseminar so I could listen to the last five minutes because I had to go to work and leave before the teleseminar was finished.
    I listened to the whole recording to hear the last few minutes so I wouldn’t miss anything. It was well worth it.
    Thank you.

    Yours sincerely,
    Rick Resch

  219. Hey Rich,

    The call you did this week totally rocked my world!

    I was very happy to share both the recording of the call and the transcript with all my friends, relatives, on all my blogs, profiles, social networks, etc.

    Here’s a couple of responses that I received so far:

    “Thanks! I’d read the manifesto quite awhile ago and thought it was brilliant. Then, in the usual deluge (no pun intended) of IM ideas and info, I forgot about it.

    Since I’m finally making time for income-producing websites and article marketing, this is very timely. Thanks!”

    “Brilliant post! Thanks for the links, too.”

    So, it looks like your next call will be impossible to book, Rich?
    I guess, you’d have to purchase more lines for us, eh? 😉

    On a serious note, if possible, can you please keep all the “diamonds” of your wisdom intact in your new report, Rich?

    Also, I wanted to thank you for providing such a great contribution to the latest StomperNet offer! Thank you a million times for that! To offer a whole month of your Coaching program to us for only $1.00…You’re a hero, Rich – what a deal!

    Looking forward to receiving all of these great gifts from you soon.

    Keep smiling and have a great week-end!


  220. Thanks for posting the replay of the teleseminar, I really got alot out of it. I can’t name all of my constraint’s at the moment, but my biggest constraint is trying to do everything myself. slowly but surely, I’m learning to delegate tasks within my business. The most recent example is that I was trying to install a mysql database to go with a script I was trying to install and I just couldn’t figure out what was wrong with what I was doing, so I went to rentacoder and got the script installed for just $15. The issue hasn’t yet been resolved yet, so I’m going to see if editing the html portion of the script threw off the whole thing. So basically, I’m only outsourcing things that I try to do only to determine that mid-way through that it just takes up too much of my time (such as installing a script on my site that I can’t seem to get to work right). Don’t get me wrong, I like doing my own websites when I can figure out what I need to do to get the site to function like I want it to, it’s just when I can’t figure out how to get my site to do what I want it to do that it gets frustrating and so far, that’s been the only time when I’ve outsourced anything. I plan on doing more outsourcing in the near future, but I won’t go into the details here because I don’t want to piggyback on this blog to advertise

  221. Hi Rich,

    This is Abhijeet all the way from India. I am a blogger and a writer and I heard about you, I think just 15 days back (yeah that’s a shame I know…I should have known you much earlier ). And the ridiculous thing is that I was subscribed to your newsletter already in one of my email ids but never really paid attention. But later when I realized who you are and what you do, when I downloaded your profit vault and the free reports and when I listened to this call, well.. you know I regret further why I was so late to find you.

    First of all, the call was absolutely awesome and thank you so much for making available the recording and transcript, because this was just an unmissable call. I learned from Kevin to keep trying, from Yaro to discover the right business for you, from most of others to hire staff and get things done..and yes, I discovered my constraints too, although in hindsight I knew those were the constraints.

    Rich, I’d really like to thank you for making the free reports like the internet business manifesto and others available online, because more than anyone else it helps people like us here in third world countries like India where if you are not doing very good financially, you really can’t afford to get a coaching course worth $397 per month. Of course, I know it’s a course at a bargain and its value is much higher, but really the exchange rate sucks and the sum is really big here in this part of the world. And you know I think that’s the reason we don’t why highly successful internet marketers from India I guess, or even if they are there they are probably hidden somewhere. India of course an extraordinary pool of talent and the blogging scene is really catching up with 15-20 millionaire bloggers already here, but overall the internet marketing scene hasn’t caught up yet I guess. I’m not sure if you have worked with a great number of clients from this country.

    And listening to you, reading you everyday makes me crave more to talk to you and get some personal guidance which I know could cost me huge sum and moreover I think you don’t do it anymore, but yeah, if I get that opportunity and if I am able to afford it I ain’t gonna leave that chance for sure. 🙂

    Like most of my peers in my generation, I am ambitious and hard working. My business is in its initial phase and of course I would be probably like to be one of the first well known internet marketers from India and also have a network of great blogs like Gawker media has. I know I’ve got to hire the right people which I know will be a constraint sooner or later because I don’t know where and how to hire great talent, like Nick Denton did when he started off with the Gawker media blogs.

    So overall, I’ve got a few plans and working on that, and I have to say that discovering you was an absolutely awesome experience ! I’ll continue to read your stuff, grasp as much as I can and who knows probably someday have you as my mentor and get personal guidance to skyrocket my business ! 🙂

    Thanks again Rich ! Incredible stuff ! Am grateful and thankful !



  222. I thought the tele seminar was fantastic I have studied a few of the people on here and thier careers. Kevin Hogan being the main one. Kevin is very intelectual and to understand his constraints was an amazing way for me to apply it to my bussiness. along with the others very nicely done and also a very neet way to market the website.
    Thank you so much
    Best Regards
    Daniel Ingle

  223. Hey Rich!

    What a beautiful name you have! ;o)

    Thank-you so much for giving those of us who missed your call access to your informational and inspirational teleseminar!!!

    Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!!!

    Keep up the incredibly generous work, you are a great role to model!

    Cheers…Amanda van der Gulik…Excited Life Enthusiast!

  224. I’m just starting in the ‘online’ arena so I found the seminar long. Then it went from long to overwhelming when the list of things to be accomplished became more and more relevant and necessary.

    I have barely got a site up but without a plan what is obvious is it can go nowhere fast. Please can someone give me a list! Things like what is a feasible size niche, placing autoresponsers and finding products as well as getting advertisers is making my head spin especially since there is no monthly income yet.

    Great stuff! Let me catch my breath.

  225. Hi Rich,

    I was amazed that so many marketers had the same problem and I have it too. The epiphany that I got from the call was this: I hate the operations side of the business. I didn’t realize that this was the 400 lb.weight that I have been carrying all my business life. I am going to find a business partner starting tomorrow and I am already giddy just floating that idea through my mind.

    Thanks for providing such great insight. It reminds me to look at all 12 surfaces of the box.

    John B

  226. Wow!

    I must say the entire call was extremely valuable!

    Couple of the highlights for me…
    When Brad Fallon talked about having to balance between
    Strategy and Execution. Especially when you are just starting
    out (as I am), he recommend drawing a line down the middle of a piece of paper and writing “What I have to Learn” on the left side of the paper and “Business Goals” on the right side. He said to post this paper where you can look at it everyday and making sure there is focus and balance on both sides to keep things moving forward.

    I often get caught in “information overload” and spend so much time leaning and coming up with ideas that nothing seems to be happening. Something as simple as writing down the business goals and what I need to learn will really help me get more focus and direction. The leaning can then be focused specifically on what I need to learn to accomplish my business goals instead of just trying to learn everything I possibly can, then trying to figure out how it all works together to create a business and make money.

    Also, I think I need to find an execution person. I love researching, leaning, coming up with ideas – the Strategic Part – but the execution part is a bit more difficult for me.

    Several people mentioned the constraint of doing it alone! Yes – I can fully relate! One thing on my list of “What I have to Learn” is how to find the right people to work with and let go of doing it all myself. I have started many projects working with people – they love the ideas and want to create it – but then it turns out that they just like talking about it and if anything is to ever get done I’m the one that has to do it. So, I start doing it and get frustrated that I have to “DO” it myself and then move on to the next idea.

    I need to learn how to find people who LOVE the execution part. I thought it was just something wrong with me that I can’t seem to get things fully executed. Brad made me feel much better by pointing out that Strategy and Execution are on opposite ends of the spectrum and if you find you are always doing both the Strategy and Execution you are probably not really good at either.

    However, I think the MOST valuable part of the call Rich, was when you asked us to look at our own constraints. Why, was that the most valuable? Because, although I am very new to this world of internet marketing, the same constraints I’ve had in other areas in my life are showing up here as well! Imagine that! If I can breakthrough those constraints here – guess what? A whole new world is open to me. You said this was the best place to look if you wanted to grow your business. So….

    This is the first blog comment I’ve ever written.

    I almost didn’t write it. When I saw you had to put in your website, I thought – oh, maybe I should wait until my website actually has some content before I post (I just got it up but don’t have content yet) –hhmmmm constraint – “Waiting to have everything perfect before putting it out there”

    I then listened to myself further…hhhmmm more constraints – “I don’t have any content cause I don’t know where to start. I don’t know what I should write. I don’t even know if I can write. I don’t even know what I should write for this blog comment thing. What are people going to think of me? I’m actually a bit afraid of writing and exposing myself.” Constraint, constraint, constraint….

    So, here half a page later I have now written my first blog comment without letting my contraint stop me and have proven to myself that I can actually write something….



  227. Dear Rich,

    I must admit, everytime I say your name it seems I’m on my way to becoming “rich” myself. I wasn’t able to listen to the calls, a bit sad that I had missed this great opportunity to listen, learn and change my mindset for the better.

    But let me also tell you and encourage those who send in their comments that I am learning a lot right here. This is an awesome community build up!

    Kudos to everyone…

    I’ll keep my eyes glued to future posts.

    Deep Arora

  228. My problem, getting a decent page up. Forget marketing if your page stinks! How do we put audio on a page? How to load a product that we want to give away (or free report)? I get traffic to my pages, but no on ever opts in…that’s because it’s a sorry page….
    So many problems, so little time.

  229. I’m just starting out and sometimes get bogged down in the details. The biggest thing I took away from the call was to never stop learning and to study success. Keeping some of these ideas in mind, I’m positive I can get to the next level.

    Thanks for the inspiration,


  230. Hi I just wanted to sincerely say thank you.

    The call I just listened to had just the right advice and what i needed to hear.

    I have been trying to work out the internet thing for 2 years with no success yet.

    I realise that the do it yourself approach in counter productive and backsliding.

    this is a revalation and obvious when pointed out as it was very clearly hammered home in your call.

    Once again I am thankful and I will sit down and re do my overal strategy and get some help to grow my business.

    Thank you

    Have an awesome day


  231. Hi Rich,

    Your call cemented the fact that these ‘gurus’ started at the beginning, …just like me. Same problems, issues and constraints. They didn’t just ‘arrive’ at the top without hitting a few potholes first. I had many ‘light-bulb’ moments during the entire call and I’m now taking a good hard look at my constraints. I will progress a lot faster using their (and your) fantastic and priceless advice. Thank you Rich.


    PS Count me in on your future coaching program.

  232. Awesome Rich!
    You all laid it out perfectly. From a young copywriters standpoint, the information you just shared was exactly what I was struggling with: Not doing what I set out to do…, which was write…
    Outsourcing has proven to be quite difficult on a string line budget,but I have found key resources to delegate control to. The team I have put together so far, is investing time in our project in return for security within the company.
    Basically it hasn’t cost a cent to find and hire. Your group of experts here,that I have been fortunate to learn from, have taught me to leverage my skills and abilities, along with my teams’, to find a common ground for strategically establishing the same goals.
    I have realized that it is more about the goals of my team, than it is soley my own. Together,my team and I,we will succeed..
    Thank You Rich and to all those who shared their time and knowledge with us..We look forward to the next one…
    To Your Health And Continued Success,
    Shane S.

  233. Thanks for this valuable content Rich!
    The biggest takeaway for me would be John Carlton reminding people to K.I.S.S.

    Jim Edwards who mentioned about maximizing one system before jumping to the next.

    And finally Kevin who said treat your business as your ‘kid’, don’t give up on it.

    – Gerard

  234. no false scarcity… why the doubt?

    all it takes is one person to get off right before you called in – not tons. either way i hope you enjoyed the call.


  235. Thanks so much Rich for sharing this. I have danced around your material for a couple of years after first being exposed to it via Yaro Starack. I initially found it a bit intimidating, and I didn’t quite trust it.

    I have read the Internet Business Manifesto it blew my brain, described me to a tee, and I want the internal makeover. I was watching the profit vault videos and found the that middle one (about the momentum plan) keeps dropping out at about the section on NLP. Which is kind of painful as that seems like the meaty part (I am not complaining about something given for free, but thought you might like to know ).

    I can see the changes in Yaro and I am sure much of that is down to the hard work he has put in on himself however I think I can nearly make out some of your doctrine.

    You certainly have delivered a wonderful stream of media that has created exceptional value for me. It has very positively disposed me to what comes next. I hope I can learn to do the same with my own material.

    I mainly want to say thank you and to let you know about the video not playing through. I notice I have been checking my email more regularly that good practice awaiting the next installment.

    All the best. Dean

  236. Great call Rich!

    I dont have an online business yet butI think the biggest impact to me are the testimonies that they are doing all the work themselves,in fact Im laughing because I can very well relate to it and what a coincidence because just this morning I decided to hire two people to help me.

    Listening to the teleseminar reinforced my decision!

    Great content Rich, more power!

    Thank you very much!


  237. The biggest takeaway was clarity – the ability to clearly visualise now where our business is heading. To see that our problems are the same as yours were therefore there really is no reason at all why we cannot make this work. Now we can see a real business with an office and real people – not a laptop on a beach.
    We’ve also understood that we are strong because we have 2 people – one who is creative and the other who is operational minded. We just hadn’t seen that so clearly until it was put into words on the call.
    Listening to Michael Cheney and others reminded us of things we too like to do and are good at so we will shift our focus onto these things.
    What we’d like to hear next? Don’t know because we don’t know what we don’t know!! Once we’ve taken action on this over the next weeks and months we’ll probably have a better idea of what we need to know next.
    Heartfelt thanks for making this information available.

    Rachel and Ray

  238. I appreciate the insights from this call and I am grateful for each participant sharing very valuable information with us regarding their constraints.

    There are no coincidences. I have been evaluating everything I do and want to do and concluding how I should move forward. The big takeaways for me are:

    1. Define what you do best and let others help you with the rest. For me my best year was personally billing $1 million for my expertise (collected it too). Most of that money went to the company that booked the work but I gained confidence as to what businesses viewed as valuable. I also developed a perspective on even at that rate of revenue generation, I could easily have done a lot more with leverage. So it was very valuable and now I am working on implementing a program that will be more valuable by being able to help more.

    2. Have a clear view of the outcome you are intending. I would say I help others with that and have not done as well with myself. The past four months I have been focusing on that and I feel I have clarity now.

    3. Continually be aware of what you should probably know and don’t. For me that means I teach it. YouTubeMastery and BloggingForProfits are good examples.

    4. Take the focus off of yourself and deliver what your target market wants.

    Thank you again
    Steve Pohlit

  239. The call in its entirety was absolutely fantastic! I can honestly say that I related to about 90% of Rich’s colleagues. If for nothing else, they put everything in simple terms.

    Ever since I was a kid I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit but it wasn’t until about 10 years ago that I officially started my first bona fide company. I failed miserably though. Simply put, no one in town knew who I was and I struggled to generate clients. Over the last several years I’ve been thinking about, “If I were to go into business again, how would I do it differently?” My next venture will be up and running by next month and this time I’ve done a lot of research, listening to folks like Rich and others like Andy Jenkins of all of whom are phenomenal people and they know what they’re talking about.

    What Rich’s call has made me realize is that my dream of owning my own business will have to involve other people besides myself if I expect to grow to the level that I invision. Thank you Rich for making me understand this very basic truth.


  240. Hi Rich, I just finished listening to the ‘constraints’ audio. Your intro was reflective of many internet marketers ‘plights’ today, sacrificing time and money is one thing but sacrificing time with family and friends is the greatest risk if efforts aren’t focussed in the right direction, this market is highly addictive and leaves you wanting more and more knowledge.

    The short interviews that followed the intro highlighted areas which I now know to be true, ie Effective Outsourcing and Good Quality Mentoring, too much time can be dedicated to trying to do everything.

    I often compare my iM education to an honours degree. After working 9-5 I would immerse myself into 5-6 hours of learning every night, website design, seo, copy writing, affiliate strategies etc etc, there is a mountain of resource out there and the search is endless unless you pull your head from the screen and take time to think about your direction…your resources are truly inspirational, looking forward to the next level.

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  242. Youv’e done it again Rich….

    Every time you get in the zone and become really passionate about the puzzle you have mastered you simply roll to the next level with ease… You are lucky or blessed to be surrounded with Internet Marketers… But of course you created your genuine world…

    I’m not a huge fan of spending hrs listening to teleseminar calls day after day but that was a really nice piece of work… Well orchestrated and I can see people elevating to a new level in communication now…

    The Summary at the end of what constraints all the genuine people who made it successfully online was simply first class…

    I can’t believe we spend so much time on knowing how good we are at certain tasks and following our habits rather than following our true wealth path…. You call brings this so much closer to the common person looking to make a dollar online….

    It is not what you know but rather what constrains you that is the major difference between realising your dream life and the actual life of an internet marketer just starting out…. And why wouldn’t you dream of an internet life, the market is infinite and an infant at the same time…. It is a beautiful piece of artwork with contributions from millions of people who want to make a difference to themselves and share the wisdom withe their families and friends….

    Your call was a great enlightening moment for me with those summary’s…. I took notes but didn’t hit the nail on the head until you summarised the call… Short,Sharp,Smart and Simple…

    I have been on the internet marketing adventure for many years now but have never thought about what actually constrains me… RatherI have thought about all the quality knowledge, people and skills that I have around me and how I can use all of this to create lifestyle success for many people…

    Constraints sheds a very bright shining light on where I can improve in many areas, including managing my staff… Aksing the same constraint question to all my staff will certainly fast track our success… Your a Genius Rich, and thanku for your organisation of a great call with genuine and quality people….

    Look forward to your report Rich : ) Great call mate !!

    Clayton J
    Founder, Philosopher, Mentor

  243. HI Rich. I read the IBM after the call. Man, how you have gotten me anxious, pissed off and THINKING! Thank you! Most helpful to me in the manifesto & the call….
    1. How much my time is worth. It covers the gap between my dream income and what’s happening now.
    2. The biggest hit in the face, “opportunist vs strategic entrepreneur”!
    3. I want to build a company NOT a website. Building a company makes it a REAL business.
    4. Look at and operate my business as if it’s my child. There’s no exception that my child must succeed. PERIOD!

    Now to put it to work. Thanks again Rich, can’t wait to get physical especially after reading the new report.
    Geoffrey H. Fullerton

  244. Great conference call. And you’re right, usually calls like this focus on us and what our problems are and we get feedback and suggestions. Listening to these folks talk about the different issues they faced and how they overcame them was mind boggling. My “aha” was having someone say that being the Idea person and not the Implementer was okay and the key is to find the Implementer and watch the turnaround. I’ve always been an Idea person and can take everything through the planning stage and then fall apart on the follow through. Thanks for the clarity – seems so simple and obvious that I’ve been digging through the trees and completely missed the forest. My web site is projected to be up next week and I’ll be attending Joel Comm’s weekend intensive the end of October. Can hardly wait to see what lies ahead.

  245. Hi Rich,

    Just finished listening to your call — great stuff and who would have thought all that could come from two or three SIMPLE questions.

    I got alot out of the call but one of the more important points came from Kevin Hogan and I’d summarize it by saying simply “Believe in yourself!” He had quite a story of perserverence and believing in himself.

    Also I liked John Carlton’s “Keep it Simple” message. One that I keep telling myself and others but keep forgetting none-the-less.

    Finally I appreciate that so many of your interviewees basically said “follow your passion” or do what you enjoy! this is the message I’m trying to bring to the world in my website and course – “The Secret to Happiness” at but it’s also a message that I need to hear and its a blessing to find so much validation from your conversations.

    Keep up the good work,

    Tom Damman

  246. Rich,

    WOW! I am very new to this. I know I don’t know…

    You are so right. If I knew what is my constraint” it probably wouldn’t be a constraint because I could do something about it. It is the fact that I am not aware of it – I can’t observe it. Getting exterior to the condition is not easy when you are IN IT.

    We all need help and that is what echoed the most from all the presenters in the call. Everyone of them was willing to seek out and have help. Personally I love to help but be helped that is another thing entirely. This is probably because of too much failed help…

    This talk has really shown an Aussie that it IS being done and with some guidance and help from leaders I can do it also.

    I know that if I increase my knowledge on a subject I can be more responsible for it and control it.

    I just wrote out my goals fro the project. Being trying to do that for the last month. The simple things in life are often the best.

    Thanks all.

    Melbourne Australia

  247. Hello All

    I enjoyed listening to the call and I figured out what my constraint has been for the last 2 years that is having to many things on my plate and trying to being a J.O.A.T (Jack Of All Trades) which is a good and bad thing

    its good because I know at least something or everything pertaining to my business which means that if I had to do something like take over and update my own websites I know how to do it

    and it bad because I am only ONE person who cannot be in two or three places at once meaning building, updating, managing,troubleshooting, researching more information for website, playing with my daughter, washing the car blah blah blah blah see what I mean there is no way that one person can Truly make it doing everything on there on now you can do these things on your own yes its true you can but will YOU truly be making it and will you truly be happy doing everything I doubt something or someone will get left out which creates one more thing for you do argue

  248. Rich,

    What an outstanding call the other night! I’ve heard some of these gurus speak before, but the other night they really laid it on the line!

    Really great insights from Brad Fallon, Frank, and all the others. I actually listened to the recording a second time to make sure all of the wisdom sunk in.

    I can’t wait for your Uncertainty Syndrome report to be released today. Everyone who downloads is going to be well on their way.

  249. Hello Rich

    What can I say teach us more and don’t stop, we want to learn more and more, you sound confident, you are confident and what a blessing hearing from you always.
    Looking forward to your next email.

    Thanks again

  250. Anyone can help. I’m able to download the 5 bonuses, but still can’t seem to download “The Uncertainty Syndrome” Report.

    I went to the Internet Properties, went to the Privacy tab and Accept All cookies.

    Signed up and it brings me to the invite friends page, then I get the bonus page to get the bonuses.

    Still can’t manage to get the “The Uncertainty Syndrome” Report.

    Can anyone help?


  251. I was relieved to read in your report that this is NOT something that you can do alone and make millions. You see people all the time that blow their
    horn that they are the one man band.

    I know how hard I have worked to learn web page building, Copywriting,
    training, blogging, keywords and and on and on. The more I learn the more I need to learn and there is no way I can be good at all of it.

    Realizing you need to hire people in leaves me to this place … $$$

    I do not like to “sell” that is a constraint for me. I do not have a fear of
    talking to people WHEN I know what I am talking about. I do not like to be a balloon of hot air.

    I am anxious to learn more. I have always know partnering is something you need to do in this business to make it to the Rich Schefren level.
    People I have been around act like sharing tips to move up would be removing them from their high spot. Everybody wants to keep the success
    secret to themselves and I want to learn it and share it. Not everyone will get it or need it.

    Thanks Rich !!

  252. The call MPG file is only 5mb and stop s at about 7 minutes. Is it suppose to be cut short?? I thought maybe intentional as an upsell to buy the full recording??

  253. For some unknowen reaon I could not download – but – I got a lot out of the comments and look forward to getting a copy Monday.

    Robert C Attebery

  254. HOlla
    How’s it going fellaz?
    I have a question thats been bothering me for a while.. What is acai berry?
    I keep seeing commercials on tv and banners on the internet so im finally starting to get curious.
    I guess its some fruit that is very healthy for you and your skin?
    I wouldnt mind losing some weight so i kinda want to buy acai berry .. so if any
    of you know any good places that would be great!
    I also saw it was featured on OPRAH so maybe there is some truth to this lol.

  255. Wow! Rich thanks for the valuable content. My biggest take away was learning the diference between a contraint and a weakness. I thought I knew the difference. : ( I can now get started in the right direction. : )

    The impact this will have on my business is incredible. It’s like having a road map to get you exactly where you want to go. It’s as if a dark room has been lighten up and I do mean brightly!

    Thanks to everyone on the call for sharing! This is the kind of stuff we need. You guys are Incredible!

    I’d like to see you cover getting the help you need on a very low budget. Is there a way to work out a deal with people who will work for you whereas they get paid when you get paid?

    Thanks Rich for all you do


  256. Phil Miranda here… Buddy, thanks so much for the great info you’ve provided… It proves that you know what you’re talking about… Very insightful!

    Phil Miranda

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  258. I never heard the call, I was not available. I saw your email about it being played again tomorrow (Thurs) and I won’t be around at 7pm. How do I go about hearing at another time? I am a newbie and I believe I have paralyzes from analyses. I have minimal, make that very miniamal cash, my wife recently was downsized and my small business makes about 15,000. My monthly bills are about 5,000 or more. I need all the help I can get. Your response would be greatly appreciated. I also don’t have any real computer or marketing skills. I am willing to work hard and long. I have college degree and years of experience in accounting.
    HELP, please.

  259. Wow! It is amazing how when you hear something those around you, you don’t “get” it. But when you hear it from the successful icons it sinks in deeper! To the point where you see from a totally new perspective.

    Thanks Rich!

  260. Just beginning down this path and barely no the difference between domain names and urls. I’m so overwhelmed (that’s my constraint “information overload about things I don’t know yet”). Therefore, the most appealing take-away for me was “Get a mentor”. Several of the speakers spoke of the importance of a mentor and I can see where that would be a great help. If anyone knows a mentor that’s reputable and willing to take time to go one on one, I’m taking advice from those that’s been there and done that.

    Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to listen in.

    Great job,


  261. WOW! What a fantastic presentation!

    Felt like I was having a beer with all these great, down-to-earth folks, but at the same time you carefully and consistently brought it back to addressing the needs of everyone at every stage of business, including the complete novice.

    I prefer the experts who offer a bridge to success for beginners and who do it in generous ways. The way you had so many successful people say that they were sometimes their own obstacle, when the solution was purely systems-based was a great lesson. You’re what makes this field so right and the process so interesting. Thanks, Rich.

  262. Hey Rich the best take away I got was that I needed a mentor who knows the online art business. I was successful (somewhat) in the gallery world with my art, but have not made the transition to the online world successfully, I need a mentor who can guide me through that transition, Thanks, Randy

  263. There’s really no way for me to point to a specific “aha” moment. The call contained a lot of eye-opening information.

    I had two Word files open as I listened to your teleseminar. In one I took notes about what the various speakers were saying, In the other I jotted down the things I need to do. Here is that list:

    List the stuff I need to learn and my online business goals.

    Diagram the tasks needed to reach my goals.

    Determine which tasks are too difficult for me to accomplish at this time and develop work-arounds for those items.

    Create a schedule where I work on specific tasks at specific times.

    Write a dreams list.

    List the tasks/projects I would like someone else to do.

    Ask some people I know if they have any of the skills I need help with.

  264. Rich,

    That was one of the best webinars I have been on.

    I have been in the corporate world and had my own business for many years. I never thought about what my constraint was. I always focused on my potential and why I hadn’t achieved it. As I listened to all your speakers, I realized that almost all the constraints they mentioned were a factor in my life. That was scary.

    I finally closed a business that was very successfull for 7 years and then hit the skids for 6 years. If I had asked the right questions, I should have closed it years ago and followed my passion which is internet marketing. I am earning a living now on the internet, but need to break out, so your call has given me a lot to think about.

    Many thanks,


  265. So many lessons today, I am aware of some of my obstacles and I feel there are more hidden ones as well. Not sure how to change a lifetime habit of multi-tasking, but I do know that it is killing my business progression for sure!

    On another note, the digital emarketing pack came with volume 5 of the maps yet the pdf was for volume 1. Am a little confused sorry??

    Looking forward to learning and growing momentum with my 12 month business plan.

    In appreciation,

  266. Thanks for the opportunity to participate Rich :>)
    For 10 years, from 96′ – 06′ I had a great online business, focused on a niche market. Maintained 95% repeat & referral business from site that pretty much ran on auto pilot. Managed to to gleen 35K to 40K each year. For the first 5 years I had virtually no competition then many started copying my business model to the same niche market. I still maintained my repeat/referral % ratio but in 06′ I just burned out from being in front of the computer practically 24/7; I just couldn’t turn myself off so stopped the business and for the past 4 years have been painfully working in the public employment workforce once again (huge yuk!).

    Since being laid-off I’ve been weaning myself back into coming online once more, wow the changes and new rules of the road are immense – I feel like a newbie all over again! So far I’ve just been playing around at getting back in the game.

    Anyway, I realized the huge constraint for me, after listening to the teleconference tonight, is that I have a strong tendency to get lost in “all” the details (A+ personality don’t ya’ know).

    Just the realization of that over the past few hours has calmed my senses down to being able to focus on prioritizing the tasks I already know to one step at a time and to stop overwhelming myself with “everything” that must be learned within the new internet playing field and my new (not yet online) sand box, and that it doesn’t all have to be done in a week (my own worst enemy to boot) . . . plain ol’ html, forms, a few great javascripts, and word of mouth just doesn’t get the job done anymore LOL

    Onward & Upward
    Wishing You a Blessed Day
    Linda Lou

  267. Wow, last time I checked 7:00 AM Eastern was 4:00 AM Pacific, but all I get is silence. Wish I was asleep….bummer.
    Hope there is Another replay:)

  268. Rich, I signed up for the last call and could not get on, Are you going to have another call. I was very disappointed that this did not work, I got up at 6:50 to get on this call and it would not connect. Vince

  269. Rich, I listened to the recorded version and I have to say it was super helpful. Nothing like hearing it from the true master marketers how they view things, what they face in their business, and ultimately how they resolve those issues. In the end it’s a relief to be reminded that they too put their pants on one leg at the time.

    Thanks for bringing such a powerful group together and sharing it all with the rest.


  270. Rich,

    I have read all 3 “Manifesto” reports…and quite frankly have read every one of your free reports.

    All good, solid, business-building content.

    This call is probably the best piece of free content you have delivered IMHO.

    Thanks for putting on the show Rich! 🙂

    Joseph Ratliff

  271. Hey Bengt… if you hit refresh on the thank you page (after you filled out the tell-a-friend) you should see links to download the audio and the transcript. Enjoy!

    • Todd,

      This doesn’t work since I already filled in that on May 27 and there was no thank you page then. It only said that I was going to receive the calls and transcript after the actual teleseminar.
      So when I received your email (May 29) saying your recording was ready and clicked only to find that I am back at the same tell a fried page I filled in 3 days earlier.

      So your suggestion doesn’t help. My simple question is – why didn’t you just provide the download links you said in the email???

  272. Great information on the call and in the Manifesto. Valuable content for internet marketers at all levels. Thanks.



  273. The download button for the free teleseminar MP3 and transcript doesn’t do that. Instead, it cycles around to a “tell your friends” page. Once you provide yours and others’ information, you are told you’ll receive an email. Okay, so the email comes and cycles you around to the same “tell your friedns” page described above.

    How does one get the free teleseminar MP3 and transcript offered?

  274. Hi Folks,
    This is powerful conceptual thinking combined with practical wisdom. Listening to Rich and the associated experts will help your business and your life! I really enjoyed “doing it wrong – fast, being unique and relevant, and thinking systematically using process maps.” Listen up friends, we need to outsource and develop partnerships; we can’t do it alone.
    This material has really impacted my life and will do wonders for getting my new venture, The Genius Channel, launched. Anyone looking to partner?
    Do yourself a favor, listen to what Rich has to offer!

    Thank you so much Rich and friends,
    Glenn Carlson

  275. Hello Rich,
    May 29. 2009

    It was fantastic information. I have looked at obstacles in getting my business going. After hearing all the experts give their individual analysis on constraint issues. It helped me to focus and envision, more clearly, where I am headed.

    I glean important points from each and everyone of the speakers. My thanks to you all for sharing. What stuck in my mind was Frank’s constraint: “don’t listen to your brain when it’s trying to lie to you.” I can relate to that and have committed to do something about it. Just keeping things simple and focus on my business will bring a terrific change, in helping it to grow.

    The overall content was extremely valuable and helpful information. I really appreciated it. Thank you all.

    Eleanor Lynar

  276. Rich,

    Amazing teleseminar. To hear all these heavy hitters say its ok to be scared really helps. Its easy to think that these guru’s of this caliber were lucky or the opportunity fell into there lap. Your 4 questions really set up the answers we needed to hear. Plus the bonus of some of the experts expanding beyond your questions. Thanks to all the experts for being 100% honest. The right questions were asked and now its time to take the right solutions to get “THERE”.

    Trey Zepeda

  277. Hey Rich,

    I am familiar with most of your guest speakers, and its nice to get the ‘back stories’.

    The constant in all the stories seems to be about the laser tight selection of how to use and focus one’s gifts…the sacrifices of not doing other things we might be somewhat good at, but that take us 1degree off course…
    I get superior feedback and critical analysis like this in one on one situations, but its amazing to drill down so far into the mind maps and the mind traps of successful entrepreneurship, while listening to a playback of a call I wasnt even on…
    Rich, a real high watermark for me was the maven matrix…I have implemented it, and achieved significant results in my domain…previous to that was the age of interruption paper you did…these are reference works for me in a practical non guruish way.
    Areas I feel you could still cover? when I can call that one, it will be time for me to snatch the pebble from your hand…

  278. Thank you Rich, what great questions to ask every day…what are my constraints? Am I committed…Yes! Am I trying to do it all…yes, now that will change! Rich, your encouragement is amazing, reminds me of Jim Rohn,”just walk as far as you can see”.

  279. Outsourcing needs notwithstanding, one nice thing would
    be to reveal some sources for BASIC-LEVEL understanding
    of :HTML, beginning SEO, Adwords overview, etc. ( a tall
    order, I know). You could spend your life hunting down that
    stuff. Or ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL books, videos, free or otherwise. How about a “Consolidated Best Resources list”

    To work on while getting un-constrained?

    Thanks for the FABULOUS call. Dale

    • I so agree! Those first few months/years are taken up finding out what to learn, and then learning them. The “knowledge aquisition bottleneck” I believe it’s called.

      I think that getting a mentor and/or joining a training programme is the shortcut. As one of the callers said, this is ideally someone a few steps ahead of you who can relate to where you are at. Other criteria are that you trust them to get you to where you want to go, and that they are currently where you want to be.

  280. Rich,
    You are motivational, and I can’t believe you are doing this “again”. Wasn’t that the story last time….? Sorry, no negativity here just wondering why you are doing it again.

    My BIGGEST take-away. Is I have to focus on one task at a time…. I know there is your attention age doctrine… but I am someone who has to learn about everything. I have to have the challenge of learning something new, I HAVE to have that. Or else life is boring, dull and uninteresting. I know I will need others help. But I have to do it once before I can teach someone else to help with my business… or else how do I know what to ask for and what price is fair? So I think my biggest constraint is fear of quitting my TOBACCO ADDICTION. Yeah I am a smokeless tobacco user. Why is this, my learning is slower, my thought moves towards a fix all the time instead of the task at hand and when I fight it, I become dreadfully irritable, tired and my quality of work goes down. So why do it? I am provided with a calming a serenity that I can deal with the multitude of people issues at work (I am in the military)? A crutch… what happens if I make a mistake (the mistake is usually violent in nature).

    Seeking leadership,
    Sean B.

  281. I didn’t listen to the call due to time constraints. I was looking forward to getting the mp3 and transcript so that I could review them at my own pace. Unfortunately, I have to spam at least 2 friends to get them. Sorry guys — ain’t gonna happen.

    I’m getting a little tired of all the hype and all the hoops you have to jump through. I’ve signed up for the e-mails. I’ve signed up for the teleconference with the idea of getting the transcript and/or mp3 since I didn’t intend to sit on the phone for hours.

    This stuff may be great material — I’ll never know and you haven’t won me over as a client for anything in the future. Especially if the stuff you’re teaching is the stuff you’re pulling here — I don’t want to do business this way even if it works. I have a little more class than that.

  282. Rich,
    This was great and for me it nice to have it available to us who could not listen to it live. I work and the timing was impossible to log in….Its amazing to hear from the others
    guru’s and how they overcame there constrains and sharing with us there issues they had to overcome. Just like to thank
    you for making something simple very powerful and enjoyable so we could digest and implement to our business and run with it….
    Thank You Once Again And God Bless
    Edward Zamudio

  283. Biggest Take-Away…

    Rich, Great call! Thank you for bringing together such an amazing group of people to share their stories.

    My biggest take away is that in order to hit the next level, you have to get help! I have been a solo girl for years and finally delegated simple things to others and look forward to hiring more and more people so I can focus on my strengths (speaking, creating product, building teams)

    The other big take away and AHA moment for me is to realize that I am so much more a strategy gal than an executer! I have started many businesses in the past that failed at execution! Great ideas and had nice starts, but just didn’t seem to run on their own like I would have liked them to! The businesses that I help other people develop seem to work like magic! I help them get started and then I leave them to the execution! I may revisit a few of the old businesses once I create my operations team!

    Oh, and one more! There were so many! Yaro Starak’s story about giving one thing up for another was great! I have been juggling a few projects with success because they are all fueling me, however there is one or two that just drain me. They will be released to someone else’s care!

    I am just honored to be on the listening end of these calls. You set the example for what giving value truly means!

    Think BIG, Take Action and Enjoy the Journey!

  284. I appreciate the frankness and honesty of what is really required to grow an internet business. So I guess if it as to be, it’s up to me to find and vaporize those constraints. Thanks for all your help so far. I have a much clearer vision now.

  285. Dear Rich,
    The informations on the Teleseminar were very important for my business on line but most of all for my personal development. I like very much the way you conducted the interviews.
    Thank you very much,
    João Festozo

  286. rich, i take away two things: KEEP IT SIMPLE and RENAME. what i want offer to my clients a speakercoach is progress, a new look to their message, a step to stretching their authenticity in the direction of the targetaudience. this is complex, with hundreds of options. this is demanding and full with barriers. complexity is to be made SIMPLE, barriers to be removed by RENAMING. A next area for progressing my business? I have plenty to do a result of this teleseminar!
    thanks – Cas de Bruijn

  287. Rich,

    I’m an artist. That thought actually becomes a constraint once you take it on as an identity, because it implies ” not-a-businessman, not-a-marketer ” Who says? Why, the brain, of course. However, the constraints don’t stop there. ( We’re not limited to just one constraint: we can evidently have as many as our little brains can create. )

    Thanks for holding up the mirror of self-reflection. This was a good format for getting to the nitty gritty of that question: ” Why am I stuck at a certain level?” Because good business practices aren’t enough if you’re operating under the sway of a fixed idea.

  288. Thank You Rich,
    I took the time to listen to the teleseminar, it was great, I enjoyed the way you conducted the interviews wonderful to hear each persons comments and actually understand that each one had their personal constraint they had to overcome and it has strengtherned my desire to work on my personal constraints that for me to go further in my business I have to let go of a few “mindsets” that is holding me back rather than going forward, I heard that comment a lot during the interview.
    I look forward to receiving more info, and building a stronger ME

  289. I enjoyed the call but have heard a lot of this before having heard from several of these people previously. Outsourcing is a good idea because there are other people out there that are much better at doing certain things (that need to be done in order to grow your business) than you can. But, until you get to the point where you can afford to hire people, you have no choice but to do everything yourself. It is very time consuming to implement plus having to learn about all this stuff to begin with. I have gotten a lot of good information from some of these people in the past, am very thankful for it, and am working on implementing these marketing strategies.

    P.S. Dealing with physical products, as opposed to digital information, adds to the work load; especially (reinventing the wheel) kinds of products that I’m involved with.

  290. Brad Fallon is the read deal. This guy actually reads! OMG. Re-listen to the audio, grab all the books Brad mentions, read them, and your business will grow.

    To Brad… if it ain’t broken brake it!

    Thank you Rich.

  291. Wow. So much material in that call I’m going to have to study it a few more times.

    As a newbie I’m happy to learn that my biggest constraint is NOT the lack of hours that I can devote to this endevour. Now I just have to find out what is!

    Best of luck to all,

  292. Hello Rich!

    As a GPS Silver pilot program member, I can’t thank you enough for your amazing practical-down to earth Theory of Constrains teaching, plus all the internet marketing knowledge you shared with us!

    This call was the beginning of a fabulous journey that took me from a ZERO internet marketing knowledge, to be able to take my biz from a “concerning” unstable low 7 fig business, to a solid rock and thriving 8 fig in JUST 4 MONTHS!!!, and because of that, we are opening and keeping a second clinic in ! (if you want to see a preview of our new offices, there is a link on the left in my site))

    I can’t wait to get hold of the new revised GPS program, when ever it will come out, since reviewing again and again what we got 7 months ago, keeps making my biz grow at a solid-steady pace.

    Great job! Hope to see U in LA soon!!!


  293. Seems like most of the “gurus” focused on the “you need to hire some staff – you cannot do it all yourself” point. I agree: over workload is my number-one bottleneck in my IM business right now.

  294. Thank you Rich for putting this together. During the entire broadcast I just kept hearing myself say, “That sounds like me!” I think we forget that the most successful people actually suffered and overcame the same constraints we often face every day.

    I appreciate your generosity in providing such valuable information.

  295. Wow Rich…That was a really intense call. Hearing these constraints in this way was extremely helpful. I took notes through the whole thing.

    I’ve been understanding more about my weaknesses and playing more to my strengths, but the best take away was actually what you said towards the end: “False efficiency is to work on anything but *your* constraint”.

    That was a pretty hot statement and really helped with putting the whole call into a big picture perspective.

    Thank you sooooo much and I’ll be looking forward to your next email.

  296. Rich,

    What a great call really enjoy hearing all the IM powerhouses on one call talk about there biggest constraints challenges. You don’t often hear this side of it. Thanks for making this available and best of all it was free!

  297. Just finished listening to the call…WOW!!

    Thanks so much for this call; I really connected with it. So before I forget:

    “What was most impactful thing I heard?”

    Two things, really: First, that among hugely successful business owners, there is a very common theme: I have to stop being a one-man show!! That sure covers the operational areas of my current business, and is one of my two main constraints. But secondly, and more importantly, what Yaro said: I’m in the WRONG BUSINESS. Wow…this one HURTS; but it most certainly covers the “heart” area of my current business! It also suddenly seems to be my other main constraint. 🙂

    “What effect do I think this will have on my business?”

    Well, it’s either going to change the focus of my current business, or change my business altogether. And once I’ve settled on what it is that I’m *really* supposed to be doing, I’ll be sure that I don’t do it alone. Now I’m actually looking forward to hiring employees or contractors! 🙂

    “What would I like Rich to cover next?”

    Maybe some business “gotcha’s”? I about fell out of my chair when Liz said “…our tax bill was bigger last year than our income a few years ago…” Whoa!! Now, I happen to currently be working on a cash-flow estimate for the business I’m starting, and the whole “tax thing” is really discouraging me…the fact that I will have to basically give 4 months of my hard earned money over to this government, who will use it to destroy America? The enormity of that never really entered my mind when I “quit my day job”. What other “gotcha’s” are we going to encounter that nobody is talking about? What other “800lb gorillas” are in the room waiting for us? (Of course I realized I would be paying taxes, but dang…)

    Thanks again, Rich; can’t wait to read the next couple of freebies you create! (Just downloaded The Entrepreneurial Emergency and have it open on my 2nd screen.)

  298. Thank you very much for providing all the great information that will help me move forward. For me the biggest problem is staying focused. There are so many opportunities out there and I have tried many but unsuccessfully. What I got from your call is to choose a niche and create business around it especially if there is a chance of adding multiple products to the niche thus creating constant value and increasing the credibility within the given market. I know what my strengths are and what niche should I be in. Now it is a time to do some hard work for the next 12 months to collect the fruits later.

    Thank you for inspiration.

  299. I just listened to this one and have to say that it was awesome . . . Would love some more “pre-launch” content about how to IDENTIFY your constraints . . .

  300. Absolutely loved the interview. It’s very interesting to hear voice, feel the style, psychological type of all those successful people. And I guess, you were correct saying that finding the constraint is hard. I’d love to hear or read more hints on how to do that. I was able to find one, but that’s not the biggest one, just the biggest at the moment.

    Amazing that your advice is a good old “find the biggest pain and fix it, then find the next one”, but in the “busyness” life it’s so hard to remember when it’s time to apply that…

    Thank you!

  301. Rich,

    Thank you for the outstanding teleseminar.


    The quickest return on capital: Frank Kern’s idea of DON’T do extra things that don’t need to be done. A straight line to your objective is the fastest.

    BILLION DOLLAR IDEA: (Strategic long term). This was hinted but not mentioned. The Gurus talked about outsourcing tasks. Outsource, but outsource the Schefren way. Outsource your proven SYSTEMS, not outsource your tasks. Think McDonalds. Via the systems, outsource these system components, ie cooks, cash register and accountant. Big return on capital.

    Outsource all of your systems possible except the strategic and the checkbook.

    Rich: Do you agree? I know you are VERY busy. Thank you in advance for any reply.


  302. Rich, just one more question (I would not ask, but you probably would love to hear that): how is it that when you asked for email addresses of the friends to make information about this video viral, you did not promised to treat them respectfully and never spam them? That’s the biggest obstacle to giving your friend’s address even for something they may enjoy. Where is the risk reversal here?

  303. Thank you very much for the great information in the video. It will help me move my internet business up to the next level. My biggest problem is to stay motivated. I have tried so many different opportunities and have no sales to show for any of it.

    What I heard on the video is to pick a niche, create my business around it, test it to see if there is any other products that would fit my current niche and this create additional value and increase my credibility in a market.

    I need to find my niche and work hard with it.

    Thanks again for the excellent video.

    Al Kiel

  304. Thanks so much for the post and transcript. I am new to your blog and find it very interesting and look forward to reading more of your posts and product launches. Cheers!

  305. Wow, when the Polish Grafix king Alex Albert told me I MUST make the time to visit this site and digest the information that would change my life, I wondered what he was getting at! Once again WOW it has taken my breathe away. I didn’t think that I could afford the time, in fact I would have MADE the time and paid for it if necessary. Great stuff.

  306. I forgot to mention that Alex Jeffrey’s guided me to this video.

    Thank you very much for the great information in the video. It will help me move my internet business up to the next level. My biggest problem is to stay motivated. I have tried so many different opportunities and have no sales to show for any of it.

    What I heard on the video is to pick a niche, create my business around it, test it to see if there is any other products that would fit my current niche and this create additional value and increase my credibility in a market.

    I need to find my niche and work hard with it.

    Thanks again for the excellent video.

    Al Kiel

  307. Great!The 180 degree turn–it was THEM with the problem instead of me. And you’ve done your job of finding out how they solved perfectly.
    Although at the beginning I had a temptation to associate my constraints with every speaker’s, at the end I could come closer to identifying my real ones (well, to a degree, because it is really hard, I agree).
    In the final analyses, as it seems, the my biggest constraint is resistance to change in the outer world and being too obstinate in sticking to my comfort zone.

    Thank you for broadening my horizon and
    Keep going.

  308. THANKS, really this was very informative and helpful. You read and hear this almost all the time, that you should stand back and view your business goals, learn something new, tweak your site, on and on. When it is as simple as “you” to become as water and flow around the brick wall that “you” have build. Standing back and looking at yourself is the hardest most personal thing in the world to do. And not only to state your constraint but to take the steps necessary to move around them. Listening to those who have made it not because of who we think they are but because they were able to take that next step. Beautiful, sorry i know that is a stupid word but i can not think of anything that expresses it right.
    Thank you again for making this call open to everyone.


  309. Very Interesting!! Even though I’m newbie at this, I came away with a lot of useful information. Focusing on your strengths! Great! It was interesting hearing that even you guys learn from each other. Thanks for opening this phone call up to everyone.

  310. 4:00 June 10 I listened to Rich and Shaun Casey.
    It’s now 2:06 am June 11
    Reading and listening still, You have given a incredible amount of information.
    I Thank you
    The video below, I just realized the value in a RSS feed ! The rest of the info is, cream on top!

    3-Part Video Series With Rich Schefren And Agora Publishing’s Michael Masterson

    Thank You, C

  311. Hi Rich,

    Thank you very much for organizing this teleseminar. It was really helpful.

    There are so many take aways but the biggest take away for me is to distinguish between weakness and constraint.

    I am sure that your vast experience and mentoring skills will help newbies like me to succeed in online marketing world.

    May God give you and your family health, happiness and prosperity.



  312. Like Brad Fallon I never have a problem coming up with new ideas but am not so good at executing them and sticking with it. I have previously beat myself up for not having enough staying power, but that is something that can be overcome. Like many of your other guests said, get someone else to do what you’re not so good at. How simple is that? Perhaps my ego has been in control telling me that no one else can be as passionate about my business or do it as well as I will. Hmmm. Thanks Rich for the amazing eye opener.

  313. Hi Rich,
    it´s so funny. Today I revealed another constraint for me. A similar one Frank had have as you described in your report. I was angry about my webcam that does not work whatever I tried. I wanted to make a video squeezepage.

    Never considered to use my mobilephone camera and simply upload it to my PC. Is that crazy? I was so laughing at me. The squeezepage will be in German, but who follows me on Twitter @UlrikeGerloff will be informed, when the side will go online. Offering some great free stuff about capturing clients online.

    Thanks for opening my eyes for these blocks in my way to get things done.

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