A WWE Smackdown At Strategic Profits? What a Rush!

Things are getting a little out of hand at Strategic Profits this week…

Tempers are flaring. Veins are popping. Normal conversations are turning into shouting matches.

I swear, you’d think this was the WWE instead of a marketing business (was that a chair that just went flying over my head?).

Seriously though, we did have a major rift in the office this week. And here’s what’s happened…

We were THIS close to releasing the new report. All the graphics were done, the formatting finished, and it looked fantastic.

The only thing left to do was cut it down to a more manageable size (if you recall, my first draft came in at over 300 pages). So I got the team together and the editors and asked them one question:

“What goes and what stays?”

We started poring through the report, line by line, and discussing how and where to trim it down.

And that’s where the trouble started.

Everyone had a different opinion. Some wanted certain sections left in, while others felt that they only hindered the main message. Still the editors thought most–if not all–of the content should be left as is.

And as we went on, it was blatantly apparent that nobody wanted to give in. Discussions became more and more heated. The fur started to fly. I even had to separate a couple of team members before they came to blows.

It was ugly. And I mean UGLY.

Like, why not put out all 300 pages right? That’s what some want because they felt it was so good.

I will explain why not soon.

Then, like a ray of sunshine through the dark clouds, a single voice spoke up:

“Why don’t we let our readers decide?”

It was Kristen, one of our newest (and quietest) employees at Strategic Profits.

Kristen is the voice you hear when you call our offices. She hadn’t said two words throughout the entire debacle until just now. But when she did, they were pure GOLD.

We instantly stopped arguing, looked shamefully at each other, and collectively thought the same thing:


So long story short, we’re putting the editing job into your hands. We want to know what YOU want to know. And here’s how it works.

Clicking on that link above (or email to BlogReply (AT) Strategicprofits.com ) within the next couple days and it will send us an email where you can answer 3 simple questions:

  • How long have you had an online business?
  • Are you making the kind of money and achieving the level of success and freedom you thought you would be by now?
  • Why or why not?

That’s it. Once we get your answers tallied, we’ll dive back into the report and tailor it to your particular wants, needs, and desires.

I assure you that all your questions, concerns, and stumbling blocks will be addressed in your report–BUT you have to tell us what they are first.

So please go here now and do exactly that. It will only take a moment.

I’ll try to hold the fort until you do. Anybody got a taser I can borrow?

To Higher Profits,


P.S. As if our in-office Battle Royal wasn’t enough, now we’ve got an even more serious situation brewing here in South Florida…

Hanna, Ike, and Josephine may sound like a 60’s folk singing group. But they’re actually 3 deadly tropical storms that are barreling through the Atlantic on a beeline towards our Delray Beach office.

So needless to say, we’ll be keeping one eye on your answer submissions and the other glued to the Weather Channel. Because when these things make landfall, they can wreak SERIOUS havoc.

Please keep us in your prayers…

43 thoughts on “A WWE Smackdown At Strategic Profits? What a Rush!”

  1. wow…Wow…Wow….
    Wonderful rich to hear about the arrival of the new report….

    It is much similar to “Release of New Operating System”
    say with release of OSX10.5,there have been a lot of profound advancements..

    you can have the most sophasticated applications,but if the Operating Systems Sucks……..then whole thing Sucks….

    Internet Marketing Community had seen lot of new application arrivals (Product Launches) and it is awesome and with this release of New OS (Schefren Report πŸ˜‰ )..wow…

    PS:Guys i think the Tropical stroms are approaching Rich’s Office to get into this very report to shook the whole internet marketing Community πŸ˜‰

  2. What an awesome way to not only generate pre-launch buzz, but also to get the audience engaged and involved with the launch of the new report.

    Brilliant Rich! Absolutely brilliant!

    But will I get my email written and sent before 50 others reading this blog right now?!

    I better hurry!

  3. Hold off those tropical storms until the report is out! (and longer for sure …)
    Hope Hanna, Ike, and Josephine decide to play the gig out in the Atlantic rather than in Delray …

    But back to the smackdown –

    Way to go, Kristen!

    But I can’t believe that Rich won’t leave in all 300 pages …

    We’ll always think we were missing something … πŸ˜‰

    We’re holding on to our seats – better bring it out fast!


  4. Hey Rich, πŸ™‚ Will be sending an email shortly…

    Sounds like fun at the office… Not!
    (Would have liked to be a fly on the wall for that)

    Hope you guys over there are all safe & well,
    Sounds like some pretty hairy & scary weather going on.

    Looking forward to the report though..
    300 pages sounds good to me!

    Dianne in NZ πŸ™‚

  5. A little breathing room for you I hope! As you know, Rich, any additional editing will only strengthen your understanding and ability to present the material in a succinct manner. I am not in a hurry for incompleteness… Work on it until you are really satisfied! We will all benefit.

    Heartfully, Karl

  6. Listening to the customer/client!

    Interesting idea.

    I wonder if it will catch on?

    Seriously it is good to see although your data’s not going to come in the most structured way with this approach although you may have some “I never thought of that” topics thrown up by the open question at number 3.

  7. I know this next report will be awesome. Why edit any of it? Why not make it part 1 and part 2? i see no need to sacrifice any of it. Your staff seem to have the same opinion. It could settle the arguments and restore peace. πŸ™‚

  8. How long have you had an online business?
    3 Months
    Are you making the kind of money and achieving the level of success and freedom you thought you would be by now?
    No. I have been getting opt-ins, but not members to my site. I am doing PPC (just started) and set up a Word Press blog to send traffic to my site.
    Why or why not?
    I haven’t made my first sale with this site. I am going to ad a modeling agency to this site, but right now it is a model coaching business. I am beginning to think model coaching is not as profitable as owning an online agency.

  9. * How long have you had an online business?

    I am just at the start.

    * Are you making the kind of money and achieving the level of success and freedom you thought you would be by now?


    * Why or why not?

    No experience

  10. Hi Rich (and team)

    Ask your customers what they want and give it to them. You have distilled the whole marketing story in a line and you cannot distill your 300+ pages report in less than 100? Please do so and let us have a copy. Good luck man!

    And good luck with all those hurricanes – hope they don’t the normal life much.


  11. How long have you had an online business?
    Seven weeks.

    Are you making the kind of money and achieving the level of success and freedom you thought you would be by now?

    Why or why not?
    Having read numerous tutorials on what to do I still don’t know where to start. Get a web site? Do reviews? Write articles?
    What comes first, secont, etc.?

    Thank you!

  12. Only one hectic day and you are complaining! I have had years of
    hectic days.

    If everybody thinks the whole report is ‘that good’ we deserve
    the 300 pages. Inprove if you want to but don’t eliminate

    * How long have you had an online business?


    * Are you making the kind of money and achieving the level
    of success and freedom you thought you would be by now?


    * Why or why not?


    Guess I need all 300 pages and more.

    I’ll be praying that trio stays away from your office,

    Heartfelt thanks for all your training.

  13. How long have you had an online business?: I am ashamed to say 4 years (part time)

    Are you making the kind of money and achieving the level of success and freedom you thought you would be by now? No

    Why or why not? Confusion, haven’t build a list substantial list, did not manage to hire somebody to write for me (but this has now changed), no strong alliance to jump start, but many great ideas for joint ventures in European market.


  14. I think if the information is good and there are significant graphics that you should keep it all. The fact that there isn’t agreement in your office suggests that it would be better to keep everything in it because at least there is no chance of leaving out something that would be of great benefit (as it clearly was for some of your staff)…I don’t think 300 pages is a lot to sift through. If it was 400 or 500 then I would say cull it.

  15. How long had an online business? Just getting started.
    Are you making the kind of money…? Not yet.
    Why or why not? Information overload: finding hot niche, web-site(building landing page- affiliate marketing), doing back links, getting traffic, building list, and conversions.

  16. Based on your past reports I would definitely say keep all of it. I think your office represents some of your clients who would be unhappy if they missed out on some content that your staff believe is important. I don’t think people will be upset if there is a little bit of filler in there. The only suggestion I would make is to take out anything that is repeated. While repetition is the mother of all learning, forcing repetition on the reader rather than giving the reader the option to re-read a paragraph or a chapter would seem to be a better way to go.


  17. Ya’ll know what you’re doin’, keep fighting so I can be entertained; send me my report. I answered the questions!!! JK Smile. Do you have anything course wise teaching people how to start and build entre clubs locally. I’m 25 and my town has a lot of dumb people in it. I’m one of them. JK Smile.

  18. How long have I had an online business? Four years.
    Am I achieving the kind of success I though I would have and the lifestyle. No, it has been fascinating, but truth to say very little fruit.
    Why not. I have pondered that question often. I was told I have no visibility. learnt about SEO now have good Google ranking. Have 113 visits monthly, but no list building, no services being sold.

    Decided the site was not good enough totally rebuilt the site quite pleased with the appearance and content. Carefully selected key words using Google’s keyword tool. Bid 40 cents, was told to raise the bid to 80 cents which I did. The next day they told me 12 key words out of thirteen were inactive and I should raise the bid to 4 euro, next day 8 euro.

    Currently Google are carrying out a free optimisation evaluation, we will see.

    The service we offer is brilliant, but for sure I have not mastered the marketing game.

    Kind reagrds,


  19. Hi Rich,

    The link above did not work so here are my answers to the 3 questions.

    How long have I had an online business? 16 months

    Are you making the kind of money and achieving the level of success and freedom you thought you would be by now?

    Not yet.

    Why or Why not?
    There are a couple of reasons. First, I haven’t established enough credibility as an expert in my niche until now. I recently authored a new book that’s on sale on amazon called “What’s In Your Water?” I already have (6) 5 star reviews so far! So that should help.

    The other reason is that I haven’t built a marketing system that consistently generates thousands of qualified leads..yet.

    I look forward to the report, even if it’s 300 pages.

    John Hinds

  20. How long have you had an online business?

    I just incorporated. I’m not online yet. I’ve been learning and researching for the past five months, doing this part time. I’ve also got a 50-hr.-a-week job.

    Are you making the kind of money and achieving the level of success and freedom you thought you would be by now?

    Not yet, but I’m only a little behind the schedule I’d set to be online.

    Why or why not?

    1. I have a hard time giving this as much time as I’d like, and everything goes slowly the first time I do it.

    2. Most of the things I’ve learned are too high level and not specific enough to be actionable.

    3. Most of the courses I’ve bought take a long time to digest. Their information density is low. You have to listen to a lot of audio or watch a lot of video. The transcripts of the audio are not designed for skimming and fast absorption, with bullet points, lists and tables. They don’t provide quick summaries.

    4. Once you’ve got your strategy set, you still need to go through the mundane and somewhat technical steps of building a Web site with autoresponders, links, etc. Most of the gurus don’t give you help on such things. You’re mostly on your own.

  21. Good Morning Rich & Staff!

    My sister and I have been developing the content of our website for the past 2 years. For the past year, their was a necessary break in our plans to assist a family member in closing her business and home before we could continue with our business blueprint.

    We would love to be available to partake in your conference and review your material as a prerequisite to launching our online business.

    Jenny & Beth

  22. Hey Rich,

    Just my 2 cents on this:

    If Joel Comm could afford leaving all 300 pages intact in his latest book…

    Why can’t YOU?! πŸ˜‰

    Here in Canada we will all be praying for your safety, just like we prayed for the folks in Louisiana 2 days ago…

    God Bless you and yours, Rich.

    Best regards,

  23. Rich:
    May I suggest that you precis some of the sections. Summarize the verbos paragraphs. Yes, I see that often marketers use too many words to get their point over to the customer. They also repeat themselves just as I am doing here. Three ways to say the same thing when the first line would have sufficed.

    And, don’t forget the spell check.
    You are one of the few that actually has something meaningful to impart so I am looking forward to the report.

  24. Heeeeeeeey!!! Leave those 300 pages alone!

    Seriously, us newbs need ever single solitary MORSEL of info. In particular the stuff you guys think might be “fluff” or unneccessary — WE NEED IT ALL! It’s not fluff to us!

    C’mon guys – think back.

    No… further back!

    Remember the days when you still worked a 9 to 5 job? Remember trying to “borrow” time during the day, and getting irritated with work tasks because you were workikng on your squeeze page? Remember spending meetings visualizing “What Is My *True* Passion?” Remember looking forward to the morning commute — only so you could listen to the next audio to help you “get it”? Remember finally making it home from work at night so you could find the energy later in the evening (when you really want to crash!) to work on sorting thru which ebook cover software to use, or check the days emails from Rich/Frank/Daegen/Mike? Remember sometimes feeling like it was all a fantasy, that you’d never get it all pulled together, but REFUSING to give up because you knew you could do it — with a lil’ help???


    Then don’t you dare cut out those 300 pages. We need it *ALL*

    Keep it going!

  25. Looks like the cooler head had the best idea. How about two reports? A short one with a few ideas and a synopsis from the 300 pages and a second report with the whole game?

  26. Great job Rich, people will obviously be more likely to read all 300 pages if THEY ask for the whole thing.You are one of very few mentors that I would lock myself up and read the whole thing. Let us have it!

  27. Hey Rich,

    Just checked the weather report.
    God willing, the worst will miss you.

    Of course I want all 300 pages.

    I will say though, (maybe I’m wrong), what an ingenious survey technique!

    Don’t say “I may need to add something”.

    Say “I’ve included too much and want to know what I need to take out”.

    Get the same, (or better), results with a more positive message.

    You’re brilliant! (of course that goes without saying).

    We’re all chomping at the bit to get it all.

  28. I do most sincerely pray for your peace and welfare in the face of this threatening storm. I hope your “time of preparation” has been well used.

    In order to protect your financial assets I’d like to offer custodial service. Just transfer them to me before the lights go out…he, he, he ;}

    Keep a stiff upper lip and a smile all the while and we’ll see you on the back side.

    Yours, MEJ

  29. How long in business? About a year.

    Making money? What’s that?#!!

    Why or Why Not? Hmmm, now if I had that answer… In truth, even with all the guru freebies, I can’t seem to figure out how to generate traffic that turns into sales. Perhaps a flawed concept, although I still believe in the value of my service. No autoresponder, no sign up, no advertising dollars… The possibilities are endless. After a free consultation, which suggested an $8k investment, I still came back to the initial question – although I believe, am I selling something few people want? Other sites offer similar products so the answer should be no – it must be me… Did I mention confusion reigns? (kinda like that day at your office.)



  30. Hi Rich,

    First off, I just want you to know that I am praying for you and your staff’s safety. The storms will pass including the one brewing in your office.

    I’m eager to get hold of your product. My only concern is the cost which I may not be prepared to pay on a senior citizen’s check. At any rate, I feel I can trust you to help me succeed in online business. If it happens, I will be your first senior citizen success story which should inspire so many senior citizens to keep their brains active and thinking before they succumb to Alzheimer’s. Don’t you agree? I think it would be a big endorsement.

    Take care and keep your cool,

    Monette Barlaan

  31. Hey Rich and SP Team,

    Instead of removing any content to condense the 300 pages, why not just break the 300 pages into smaller reports like a series?

    Maybe 3 reports with 100 pages, or maybe 4 with 75 or 5 with 60?


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