The Rumors Are True: A New Report Is Coming…

Okay, time to come clean…

It’s been rumored all over the internet, I’ve been teasing you about it for a while, and I’ve even let it slip in a few emails and blog posts.

But what you’re hearing is true–there’s a new report on the way.

Watch this video and see if it whets your appetite…

Now, I must tell you: this report is very unique from the others…

Because the previous reports only took me a few weeks, maybe a month at most to put together. All the info was upstairs–I just had to spill it out on paper.

But this one was totally the opposite. In fact, it’s been coming together, slowly but surely, for almost a year now.

See, I started noticing certain things about our business…certain “rules” that used to apply but don’t anymore.

And with each discovery, I would tuck it away in the back of my head, thinking “That’s something I need to change in my business right away and tell my blog readers about.”

But then something interesting happened. To put it into disc jockey lingo, “the hits just kept on comin’.”

As I went on, more and more discrepancies started popping up…significant differences in how things used to work and how they work now.

And we’re not talking about subtle changes. We’re talking MAJOR shifts in business building strategy.

These are died-in-the-wool principles and standards that are still revered as age-old gospel today…but in reality, aren’t worth the paper they’re written on.

So as the “back of my head” began to get a little overcrowded, I began jotting them down into my notes.

And before I knew it, I had the makings of a KILLER report.

Now, I knew I had to get all this down as quickly as possible in order to get the word out to thousands of entrepreneurs who were still following the old paths.

And to be honest, there was no way to get it done around the office. Too many distractions.

So I got away from it all–and I mean GOT AWAY–jetting to the remote wilderness of the Canadian North.

I spent the next 3 weeks with no phone line, no internet, and nothing to lure me from my task at hand.

And when I finally returned to Delray Beach (tired, unshaven, and resembling Grizzly Adams), I was completely tapped out mentally–but BURSTING at the seams to show everyone what I had on my laptop.

Right now, I’m still putting the final tweaks and edits on this baby (first draft came in at 380 pages but the final report will be slimed down to the best parts…talk about your mother of all brain dumps).

And the best part is, you’ll be the first to see it.

That’s correct–when I unleash this report on the world, everyone on my lists will be the first in line to get their hands on a copy.

I’ll send out an email with a link to the download page.

So if you’re NOT on one of my lists (and why aren’t you?) and you want to be among the first to see what all the fuss is about, then go here NOW and sign up immediately.

Our strict privacy policy keeps your email address
100% safe & secure.

Because what’s inside my newest free offering is unlike anything you’ve seen before. And it very well could mean the difference between success and failure for your business.

Don’t mean to scare you, but it’s true. In fact, some of these discoveries scared ME. Because I was buying into this baloney just like everyone else.

But I immediately put some processes in place to eliminate what was holding me back from doubling or even tripling my bottom line. And I began to move forward on the cusp of the most exciting trends to hit our marketplace since the web was born.

And it’s already paying off in a BIG way (more on that later).

So stay tuned…because pretty soon, things are going to get REALLY interesting around here.

Consider yourself warned. 😉

To Higher Profits,


P.S. As you’ll see in the video above, the report is only the tip of the iceberg…

In September, we’re going to change the way you do business online (and offline for that matter) with a system that’s going to blow everything else out of the water.

It’s true–everything you’ve learned so far, all the dusty old tactics and tired, beaten-to-death methods are history.

It’s a whole new world out there…one brimming with tremendous opportunity for unprecedented wealth, success, and freedom…and you’re going to be among the first to capitalize on it.

I can’t wait until you see what I’ve got for you. In the meantime, want to speculate?

Because you can in the comments below. Tell me what you think is inside this breakthrough new system, and I’ll give you the hot-warm-cold signs.

Go ahead–tell me what you’re thinking!

88 thoughts on “The Rumors Are True: A New Report Is Coming…”

  1. Rich, great video – thanks for it. I’m glad to see that you’re continually pushing the envelope and delivering new content.

    What’s the likelihood of us catching the full video session? 🙂

    Looking forward to the report!


  2. Hi Rich
    I’m certainly looking forward to reading your latest thoughts although I’ve not got much idea about what it is apart from anticipating future market trends.

    Hope the report is much less than 380 pages though and I have been speculating about your title.


    • thanks paul,

      your comments are always appreciated. we’re trimming the report as we speak – i plan on emailing and posting today about our progress. i am confident you’ll get a lot out of it.


  3. Rich,

    I can’t wait for your report. As an avid student of yours, I soak in everything you do and say. Thank you so much for everything you are doing here for us.

    By the way, your maven intensive is incredible and I am working my butt off to be the next maven in my own market.


  4. Hi Rich,

    Great video, I’d love to watch the whole presentation, it sounded pretty awesome.

    My take on your new report is that as entrepreneurs we need to pin down our business strategy fast and then look for ways to systemize each step of our business.

    I think you’ll also go into how people can get more things done in a shorter period of time so that you can maximize profitbility.

    So Rich am I hot, warm, cold?

    Thanks for your time.

    Scott Wilson

    P.S. Up to month 4 in your coaching program and just working through the Competitive Intelligence Program. It’s been one of the most eye opening experiences that I’ve had in my business.

    • hey scott,

      thanks for the positive feedback, working the whole video presentation (see above).

      i’m really happy you’re getting lots out of the business growth system. get ready for version two (it’s coming soon).

      on both of your predictions you’re warm… but you haven’t nailed it.


  5. OK – I will guess that with the emphasis on ‘make mistakes as fast as you can’ that is must be tied to testing – measuring results, making adjustments, etc.

    Maybe a user-friendly Taguchi system?

  6. Hey Rich,

    As always, looking forward to your next report. I agree that the marketplace is changing rapidly and I’ll look forward to your take on this.

    Plus, I just can’t resist a great free report…I always learn a lot from what you do. Thanks in advance.

    Marketing Wisdom with a Twist

  7. With all the shift to social commentary and client survey, I am thinking…

    The move is strongly away from simply selling products… and perhaps now even away from the newer survey style of asking clients what they want and providing it.

    Perhaps now we are moving into creating stimulating social environment, improved lifestyles, greater philanthropy, more giving?

    Eben has been instilling the need to go deeper and deeper with our “magnetic message” to our clients…. to go beyond the product… beyond the face value.

    We are no longer selling… we are drawing in those in need… instilling “let’s do this together” attitudes… always providing value.

    As we lead these groups we find the holes that need to be filled and we create solutions and direction.

    OK… I’m waxing philosophic… sorry… but it just seems that hucking more and more at clients is not what’s working in the long term… it’s creating community, continuity and belonging. Good vibes create good clients… good clients stay around… and that creates loads of opportunity for synergy and profits.

  8. Wow Rich;

    Super teaser video, though your editing did allow just enough through to definitely create great anticipation. Looking forward to the release.

    Last month you released a membership program that I joined, one where I would be receiving some content via snail mail.

    While I have yet to receive anything beyond your blog posts, I am wondering if this new system you are describing ties into the program I am in.

    That would sure be great, as what you have eluded to today promises to be of incalculable value.

    Best Regards,
    Rick Louis

  9. You’re setting some very high standards for fellow marketers. 🙂

    … hot warm cold signs…

    Does it have anything to do with relationship building (a whole new level)?

    How about the shift in consumer behavior on the net?

    *** For those of us who like to print out your reports…. ***

    Whatever its about- I’m looking forward to reading it. Just make sure that there is a notice on the report saying that it is OK to print it. This one will be sent to Kinko’s and often times when I send ebooks or reports that I’ve purchased to them, they will not print them due to the copyright notice. (This has happened many, many times.)

    Maybe say something it’s OK to print for personal use and reading only.

    • thanks for the kinko tip rob – never thought kinkos would give anyone a problem printing out a pdf, but we can certainly fix that problem going forward.

      the report does take into account the shift in consumer behavior but it’s not the focus… close, but no cigar.


  10. Rich, the way you market your each thing on the net nowadays are like appetizer. Even if you just give blank pages as a report, people may rush to get it at first. 😉

    Keep sharing your appetizing knowledge…

    To our success…

  11. Hi Rich

    Here’s my predictions for some of the key themes for your report:

    1. Trendspotting
    2. Becoming the “latest news story”
    3. Viral spread of content by becoming the “news”
    4. Claiming ownership of “big ideas” (whether or not you thought of it first)
    5. Personality driven relationship building via social networks
    6. Market research strategies using social media
    6. Licensing
    7. Advanced virtual team management strategies

    hot, warm, cold ?

    Glen Crosier
    Brighton, UK

  12. Hi master, I´m always looking for fresh new great contents to digest and share and I´m sure this will be something to talk about.

    I´m just beginning to achieve some degree of success and that´s thanks to people like you, Frank Kern, Clayton Makepeace and other respectable masters of the online world.

    I can´t wait to see what it is about, please don´t make us suffer give it to us.

    I look forward to know from you.

    Best Regards,

    Daniel Cajiga

    • master… ha, never thought i’d be referred to as that (although i keep dreaming debi will start calling me that – just kidding – sort of)

      frank, and clayton are great – you can’t go wrong with their advice.

      don’t worry – you won’t suffer too much longer.


  13. I can’t wait! But, must. Timing is great for my current “advice” to Newbie’s. Very anxious to promote it. When will the affiliate links and pre-launch stuff be available? Hopefully before the launch!

    Denny Lauritsen

  14. Rich, GREAT tease!!!!

    I’ll be awaiting the report as I have with all that you’ve shared in the past. With ‘barely’ contained enthusiasm!!!

    As for it’s content, I’d guess a rethink of our attitude and way of getting things done (closer to 4 hour work week than 80 hour work week). Meaning vastly improved productivity. And, a much better method of getting into the heads of our prospects and giving then what they WANT. Socially !!!

    So, am I warm ??????


  15. I do look forward to reading your report after this teaser. I am sure it will contain some good stuff and hopefully some ideas that can be put into action in my business.

    However as a teaser this one bordered on being too long after we got the idea that there wasn’t really going to be any content revealed in this!

    Fair enough. It was only a teaser!

    Thanks Rick.

  16. Sounds cool Rich. I’m going to guess that you’ve finally found a way to directly think the thoughts of our markets.

    )erhaps a reverse virtual reality machine!

    Keep it coming

  17. Hey Rich,

    Having left your last few reports for too long before reading them, I have no intention of making the same mistake again.

    I missed out on a lot last time.


  18. Hi Rich,

    RE>”So I got away from it all–and I mean GOT AWAY–jetting to the remote wilderness of the Canadian North. ”

    Just curious where you actually jetted to?

    I grew up in the wilderness Farley Mowatt style, living off the land in the Canadain wilderness…however that was moons ago and now theres Internet even in Tuk-Ti-Yuk-Tuk???


    Seriously though I would really like to hear where you stayed.

    Looking forward to your FREE report as always!


    • Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada – not sure how that relates to where you were thinking – but debi (my wife) is from sudbury, so it’s just a hop, skip and a jump to the island.


  19. Rich,
    I just love your message. And so much of it comes down to action…action…action. Just do it! Easy to say, and yet so hard to do amid the many distractions of running a business. Looking forward to the report.

    Thank you,
    Rick Pedley

  20. Every time I see you speak I think WOW!
    i need to think more strategically in my business.
    The thought process and conclusions are pure genius!
    but simple and practical.
    IT just makes sense.

    Thanks for the great information once again!

    David King,

  21. Hey Rich, 🙂

    If this report is anything like your others, can’t wait!

    You big tease! Great video!

    Don’t keep us in suspense too long aye..

    If there is a section on productivity, great..
    Will look forward to it!

    Cheers, Dianne in NZ 🙂

  22. Hi Rich,

    I think everyone so far is cold, cold, cold – those ideas are more of the same trends, not the new ones.

    My vote goes for this:

    The age of people paying for information is dead.

    Record companies are now giving away tracks, and viewing that as a marketing exercise to bring buyers to where the real money is made – merchandise and live appearances.

    Internet marketers can’t get people to buy a report or an ebook on its own these days – either the author has to be a maven, or there has to be a heap of bonuses attached, and not just more information as bonuses.

    The bonuses have to include something tangible, like useful software or live time with the author for coaching, or they have to include something practical – aka the “we will do it FOR you” bonus.

    As the cost of delivering information approaches zero, and the cost of marketing and promoting it becomes minimal, barriers to entry fall, competitors with no overheads and third-world living expenses enter the picture, and competition drives the price of information towards zero.

    My prediction – the new report will be something like “The Death Of The Information Product”.


  23. Looking forward to the content Rich! What do I think will be in it? More actionable goodness I hope, but here’s a few I’d like to see covered.

    1. Hmmmph…nah, I’ll keep this one to myself, just came up with a great product idea
    2. Faster means to guage effective implementation
    3. How to have confidence and competence in forward looking market research
    4. Triggers that foster long term consumer evangalism
    5. Marketing to the affluent (no offense Dan)
    6. How to increase the speed of influence in the sales cycle
    7. How to identify/train freelancers to anticipate my company
    needs and retain them
    8. Advanced trendspotting strategy
    9. faster pricing ladder/up sell cycle

    Hey, I have my own hot-warm-cold sign, but I welcome yours Rich. lol

    Love First..Love Last..Be Legendary!

    Colin Taylor

  24. Oh My Gosh, Rich!

    This is unbelievable what you are saying!

    I have been feeling this on a gut level for so
    long now and seeing the signs of it everywhere
    I look, but you are the first one to actually come
    out and talk about it!

    There ARE major shifts in business both online
    and offline, and the scary (if you will) part of it
    is that almost no one realizes it yet, let alone
    implements it or even takes advantage of it.

    What I see happening is that the Internet IS
    affecting completely the way we do things
    in business, but because it is still relatively
    new, the trend is going unnoticed by most

    But it’s not just that the Internet is affecting
    the business world. The Internet itself is only
    a reflection of a much bigger trend that is
    happening in world consciousness itself.

    I don’t know what you have in store in your
    new course, but I do know that if I was to
    bring out the points you were saying in
    your video, I would make sure to emphasize:

    1. The Internet mirrors the field of Quantum
    Mechanics more than almost anything out

    2. That means that the Internet is:
    More Powerful
    More Profound
    More Unified
    More Simple
    More Complete
    More Holistic
    More Integrating
    More Intuitive
    More All-Knowing
    More Comprehensive
    More Instantaneous
    More Effortless

    than any other medium or method used so far.

    3. To be successful in business using the
    Internet you not only have to utilize the
    technologies of the Internet to the maximum,
    but you have to mirror the qualities of the
    Internet YOURSELF in your business.

    Just like the “gurus” in your training sessions,
    the only thing that was holding them back was

    If this same way, the only thing that will make
    anyone fail in business is themselves.

    If you don’t get out of your own way and
    move up to be what I like to call “A Quantum
    Mechanical Internet Marketer in a Quantum
    Mechanical World”, you will be sorely left

    Yes, all the latest Web 2.0 is absolutely
    crucial. Everything from social networking
    to viral marketing to online transparency to
    mavenhood is working like gangbusters
    and will continue to grow exponentially.

    But what you are hinting at here is not
    Web 2.0.

    It’s not even Web 3.0 in my opinion.

    This is more like Web 4.0 where the Quantum
    Mechanical Internet Marketer not only anticipates
    and preempts his market, but he is actually so
    unified with his market that their desires and his
    desires are one and the same.

    No time wasted in anticipation. No time wasted
    in preemption. Just immediate implementation
    and immediate results.

    You said that buying was a process, not an

    I would say that buying is both a process AND
    an event.

    I would say that buying is the sequential
    unfoldment of the fulfillment of a desire from start
    to finish that once completed, is experienced as
    an event.

    Gosh – I’m going on much too long here.

    Sorry, guys.

    But that’s a few thoughts on Quantum Mechanical
    Marketing, for what it’s worth.

    Can’t wait to read the full report. Awesome.

    Thanks for everything you’re doing, Rich.

    All success all the time,

    Carolyn Carey
    Global Success Builder

  25. Rich,
    The build up is always enticing and creates a hungry market. You know how to launch better than NASA.
    But, like Mark Joyner’s products and others I hold in high esteem,the price tag to tap into your well of information for success is often prohibitive.
    Surprise me…us…with a price tag for the ultimate product/software that doesn’t cause those of us struggling online to empty the piggy bank and sell our wives or husbands into bondage.
    Your raison d’être for doing business at this stage of your success cycle cannot simply be to accumule money, can it?
    While you are not Bill Gates in the money department, you certainly are in an economic stratosphere allowing you to share under the “pay it forward” mindset.
    Let the good times roll for as many as possible who are hungry for success and cash-strapped (yes, because of their own ignorance and bumbling).

    Richard Posner
    Tokyo, Japan

  26. Hi Rich,
    Another great presentation, I can’t wait to get my hands on the report. I think the new trend in marketing is heading towards online video presentation, because it’s easier to show a person or a group how things work than it is to have them read about in a book.


  27. 1). The editing of the video was a little frustrating even though it was a teaser, you certainly created interest and got the attention of everyone, (except the guy who went out half way through), many people will have the desire to have this information, but how many will have the conviction to put these revelations into action. Ah well, perhaps a sequel outlining the blueprint for success will do that…lol.
    2). In my humble opinion, key concepts of marketing such as Product / Pricing / Promotion / Distribution / Service / Retail / Brand management / Marketing effectiveness / Market research / Marketing strategy / Marketing management / Market dominance etc… will always exist in the commercial world. The tools such as Promotional content / Advertising / Branding /Direct marketing / Personal Sales / Product placement / Public relations / Publicity / Sales promotion / Underwriting / Promotional media / Printing / Publication / Broadcasting will always need to be applied to both offline and Internet marketing.
    Whilst I acknowledge that the primary aim of commercial marketing is financial, (a commercial marketer selling a product may only seek to influence a buyer to make a product purchase), and however, commercial marketers should contribute to achievement of social good, and help the consumer. The world’s leading marketing expert Philip Kotler once stated, “A social change campaign is an organized effort conducted by one group (the change agent -YOU) which attempts to persuade others (the target adopters – US) to accept, modify, or abandon certain ideas, attitudes, practices or behaviour.” Is this the messaged theme in your report? Is it for social good? Or perhaps I am being a little altruistic and philanthropically challenged?
    This places global marketing processes within the intersection of ethics, aesthetics and representation. Changes in the social environment and the ever evolving internet can create opportunities for a company, characterized by rapid and pervasive changes in the consumer environment such as changing lifestyles, the changing role of women and the Baby Boom generation.
    We should consider ways of anticipating changes in order to use them to the competitive advantage of a company by being able to distinguish between a fad and a long-term trend. So a little market research and analysis perhaps, to force consumers to purchase products which they don’t really need, but that they really want (after they visit a sales page), or is it more to do with pure customer satisfaction and retention? Perhaps we (all internet marketers) should all work synergistically to avoid a total collapse on the current online business model, and to avoid the implosion of IM as we know it?
    Is it to create a better social environment, better lifestyles with a better work / life balance, rather than the increasing trend of work at home to make life easier, except that the internet has not delivered on this? Greater philanthropy, more giving? Has it to do with creating and developing the global community, with shared riches, where everyone wins?
    An alternative 2008 version of the model of , perhaps it is more drilling down to target niches, and retention of existing customers and building a more sustainable brand loyalty? What are the most exciting trends to hit our marketplace? Or is it just a fad? For the first time ever… Even the little guy can make money?? Explain? Is it an E bay miracle report??
    I am lost? Am I warm?
    I am whacked out at what it is about exactly…. but I will look forward to getting a copy to see how this revolutionary report will affect everyone.

  28. Hi Rich, thanks for sharing your wisdom.


    Ok, so the world is changing and so is marketing and internet… but this applies to every country and every market, because here in Ecuador and in most spanish-speaking countries you can’t find even the oldest tricks and strategies that you use (in the english-speaking market.)

    Not even the internet is THAT important for businesses here, people still don’t trust that much in on-line transactions, it’s impossible to make JVs ’cause all are like “virgin” markets with nobody with a list, Web 2.0? social media? on-line video marketing? blogging? you can’t find that that kind of strategies being used in spanish, hardly you’ll find a website with a sales letter beside the people that teach marketing… Here not even direct marketing exists…

    So, how do I face these changes?

    Thank you Rich and God Bless,

    Carlos Juez

    • Good stuff with occasional nuggets captured quick.Im just now working to get through Trafficsecrets 2.0 so youll find me in my box under the overpass.

  29. Great content Rich, it definitly woke me up and peaked my interests. As you say, the internet is ever evolving and we are really only at the bottom of the mountain climbing up. There’s so much to learn about business in general and if you can apply smarter practices, everyone one will be more prosperious with the proper tools.

  30. Fluid dynamics comes to mind- just as in ice hockey, when team members follow or, Gretsky-like, pre-empt where the puck is likely to end up. There is a dynamic, responsive interaction of participants which is coherent and cohesive when done well. And the goal is reached, literally. Each player knows the goal, and has a specific expertise or role, but is multi-skilled enough to play along with however the game unfolds.
    So the next generation internet dance is where well-prepared participants enter the field with a contributory trajectory rather than a set agenda or itinerary. And all involved are co-creators.What’s the result? Possible anarchy, chaos, and disruptive innovation. And possible massive evolution! Anyone up for the challenge?

  31. Great video Rich, some of what you said sounded like Chet Holmes’ presentation on moving the buying criteria, so I’m interested to know what could be so dramatically new and different, but you’ve certainly raised the bar for yourself. It’s like you’re the pole vaulter and you’ve asked them to set the bar at the new world record and this report is going to be the beginning of your jump.

  32. Rich –

    Your Ultimate Report will show how to set up a system where BUYERS CONTINUOUSLY RECREATE THE SYSTEM.

    If this report isn’t that, you have at least one more report to write.

    The system described at comes close. It will create the world’s largest car company within 5 years of funding, with NO additional capital required.

    By creating a virtual car company with as close as possible to zero assets and zero employees, we will be selling anything on 4 wheels 15% to 35% less than vehicles produced on $800 million automated gated assembly lines like Toyota’s now-idled Tundra plant in Texas.

  33. I can’t believe the person that said this vid was content free – i made 4 pages of notes…

    Anyway. I really have no idea what you’re offering, maybe something that will tell us how to do it wrong fast, take action to increase clarity, measure before building (?!), think systemically, find out our constraint so we can leverage it, become a digital power user and get good at building a network of outsources.

  34. Dear Rich,

    I hope you’ve enjoyed the wilderness of our “neck of the woods”, Rich when you visited us here in Canada! LOL

    Thanks for the great “teaser” video…You’ve certainly paid attention to criticisms and the Red Bull is completely out of your diet”, eh? 😉

    On a serious note, these were the most impactful takeaways that I got out of your presentation:

    – Segmenting and Bounce rates are the two of the most profound things that you can learn about your business. (Please teach us more about “leaky funnels” and how to reduce those, Rich!)

    – When you are losing “the greater whole, you certainly cannot SENSE, you cannot PREEMPT. (Obviously, the Power of Strategy is going to be a major part of your new report, too!)

    – To have a ‘just in time’ hiring ability, you have to have a ‘just in case’ approach to building of your Network. (This was the most profound “gold nugget” for me personally, and I can’t appreciate it enough, being a professional recruiter in the past – I know I will keep on making lots of money from this advice and focus heavily now on finding my 3 people that’ll take me to where I wanna be in 6 months – thanks for this one too, Rich!)

    AND, most importantly, thanks for touching upon the constructive changes in the Buying Cycle that we all must be paying attention to…well, let’s see if I guessed this one right:

    Buying Cycle Vs. Sales Cycle

    1) Recognition = Demand Generation
    2) Research = Educate
    3) Refine + Reflect = Demonstrate Capabilities
    4) Reach Out = Position Advantage
    5) Resolve = Make it Easy
    6) Realization of Purchase = Perfect Delivery Mechanism
    7) Reconsider = Re-affirm and thank for the business

    Close enough, I hope? 😉

    God Bless ya, Rich! We are all looking forward to learning more on September 8!

  35. I was going to post that maybe someone had finally come to their senses and realized that the internet is not all that it’s cracked up to be, but… after reading Carolyn’s reply, I’ll hold off on that… a while.

    Maybe I’ll just give it up, quit the rat race and find myself a nice cave.

  36. If duplicate please delete…


    Thanks for everything. I think you will be talking about the creation of new high paid Social Networking places and we will WANT to pay the fees in order to get connected to the high end of these social entities (Groups) to be able to sell at higher prices and have a more targeted customer base.

    It will follow naturally just as in any social group. The groups within The BIG group (Internet as a whole or IM as a group within) will need to be formed for efficiency purpose.

    I did Buy your Business Acceleration Program. Great BUT too much material. We need something slim and more action oriented.

    Can’t wait for the report…


  37. It is the long-awaited 9-DVD set from Guns-N-Roses entitled “Welcome To The Jungle Of Internet Marketing.”
    It’s almost ready… Axl just needs to make a few changes…
    Ha ha ha

    Seriously. I think the report is going to built around the idea of Connections and Relationships:
    -Connections in your business. You aren’t paid for what you know, but WHO you bring to the table;
    -Relationships with your customers. Everyone’s been dancing around this topic for a few years, but almost no one has said “here is how it’s done.”
    I’m speculating this report will be a combination of Frank Kern’s “Core Influence” ideas with Rich’s own “Joint Ventures are more than just selling to some other guy’s list.”

    Although a new album from GNR would be equally kick-ass.

    Rick Carter
    (A work, and a website, in progress.)

  38. Hi Rich,

    I stopped by your office for a few hours in the middle of the night during the Strategic Profits conference and was impressed with your 100% commitment to deliver the best product even if it meant going without any sleep.

    Can’t wait to see your latest.

    If you would like any feedback or thoughts before you release it I’d love to read over it for you.


  39. Rich, Thanks ffor bending procedures. Adding the audio to the net was best for me because I am doing an electrical business while trying to learn the compuer sistem life, wich I hve lttletime for. Ihave retired 3 times now and I’m stil doing another carrer. Any way, I did pick up a lot of info and tips. Still working on my first web site.

    Look forward to hereing more, and getting started.


  40. Nice video. That was a bit too long but worth it. It excites me at the beginning. Thanks for the information. Your effort worth profits.


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