Our Biggest Announcement in 2012 & The Contest Winners

Recently I was at Startup 2012…

Startup 2012 is NYC’s premier business plan competition and entrepreneurship conference. It covers all the crucial topics in entrepreneurship, and one winner goes home with $75,000 worth of cash, goods, and services at day’s end.

I was there with Jay Abraham, he’s been working with some of the biggest start-ups in the world.

My interest, other than hanging out with my good buddy and mentor, was that I’ve been studying this space for a little over a year now.

I’ve been watching the top venture capitalists, reading dozens of books about tech start ups, and analyzing the marketing behind rapidly successful start-ups.

What I found will change Internet marketing forever

When I launched BGS years ago I created 26 millionaires that now dominate their industries.

What I’ve discovered this year though, I think, is even bigger!

At this event Jay and I realized that what we were working on separately, and what was happening at the event, had an incredible amount of synergy. We’ll be working closely together.

We think this could revolutionize the start-up world and greatly increase a start-ups chance at success.

This includes YOU.

My Facebook fan page exploded with buzz

I couldn’t contain my excitement, so I offered a half an hour of my time on the phone to anyone on my Facebook fan page who could guess what we were up to.

Over 150 comments flooded our Facebook thread with people buzzing about what we could be announcing.

No one hit the nail on the head but two came close.

Real close.

Since I was in such a good mood, I chose to pick both of them as winners.

Here are their answers…

“Your own version of private equity or venture capital firm that leverage on existing successful business and both of your marketing and business expertise.” ~ Jeff Chen

“You’re working on a groundbreaking new program combining the core principles of Maven/Preeminence, Lean Startup, Testing, Rapid Learning Acceleration to educate entrepreneurs in the new tech led, global world…or something like that!” ~ Chris Janzen

Congratulations to the both of you!

You should have been contacted by my team already, if not send us an email.

Now, like I said, neither of them hit the nail on the head. However, they were very close. I can’t reveal the specifics just yet but Jay and I are confident that this will be the biggest announcement of 2012 when it hits.

If you’d like to be one of the very first contacted when we’re ready, even before it goes out to our email lists, then just leave a comment with your thoughts on Jeff and Chris’s guesses. I’ll have someone on my team contact you through the email address you use in our comment field when we’re ready.

To Higher Profits & beyond,

P.S. My traffic guy is emphatic about getting this blog up and running again. He’s got a post planned for later this week about the Panda and Penguin SEO situation. He’ll tell you what’s dead now and what’s the best way forward. So watch out for that.

19 thoughts on “Our Biggest Announcement in 2012 & The Contest Winners”

  1. Sounds amazing, waiting to hear about Panda and Penguin too after one of my websites has gone from 1000+ visitors a day to less than 100 after plummeting down the rankings overnight.

  2. hey rich ….. i like jeff’s comments .. there are a lot of business out there that are leaving lots of profits on the table that you could come in and dramatically increase their results and make $$$$ by taking an equity position …. so instead of putting in cash (like a venture capital) you’re putting in your knowledge and expertise…

  3.  Sounds very exiting Rich, I love it when brilliant minds take something that works well in one area and apply in in others, and with the synergy effects you mention on top I can’t wait to hear more.

  4. Groundbreaking is an understatement. This sounds like it will be huge. Looking forward to more news on it.

  5. To add to Chris & Jeff’s thoughts – You’ve learned another profound secret to why so many businesses aren’t successful. And may never be because…they are marching to the wrong plan.  And as always you & Jay are going to give the What, When, Where, Why & How of the model a business start up should march to.   

  6. You are going to setup a system to profit share with other businesses using technology and help many entrepreneurs grow through your coaching on a performance basis.

  7. With a investment background in Venture Capital and Private Equity, I am looking forward to see how Rich and Jay could use their expertise and experience to help startups.

  8. When you, Rich, and Jay are working together I can see the stars in the sky falling down here on earth. 
    We are lucky to have the privilege to observe this epic event take place and maybe get some of the stardust in our hands.
    You may even get the politicians to listen to you and follow your suggestions.

  9. I can’t possibly guess or comment on what you and Jay are up to, but I am convinced that the 2 of you working together to create a new program will revolutionize entrepreneurship mentoring. I am eager to learn more about your new baby…

  10. I agree Rich…this is an excellent choice for you both to plant your expertise and create insanely helpful and profitable ventures through your best advice. I’d love to know about the details ASAP.

    Sean W


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