My Online Business: An Assessment

Yeah, I went there with the Jetsons reference. And no, I’m not going to announce the addition of the Spacely Sprockets to the Strategic Profits family…

But I wanted to get your attention. Because not long ago, I took a good hard look at my business. And I didn’t like what I saw.

Let me explain…

About a year ago, I decided to take a step back and do a quick assessment of Strategic Profits.

And at that time, things were going pretty well. With the help of my mentor, Jay Abraham, and a crack team of specialists, I had built this company from nothing into a multi-million dollar marketing and business building powerhouse .

So money was coming in at a steady clip, our reputation was stellar in the marketplace, and the future looked very bright.

Which meant the overall picture was very positive, right?


Upon further inspection, I saw that we weren’t growing nearly as fast as I wanted to.

Even though things were going good, I really wanted to take things to the next level, a level that we had never experienced before.

Ever Feel Like This?I kinda felt like George Jetson on that crazy treadmill. Doing a lot of running in the right direction, but not getting where I wanted to go.

So I did what I always do when I need sound advice and wisdom: I went to see Jay Abraham and did my George Jetson impersonation:

“How do I get OFF this thing?”

Jay just smiled like he always does, and said something so profound that it changed my business perspective forever:

“Rich,” he said, “I can give you my insight on which direction you should go. But I think you should also get a second opinion. And a third. And maybe even a fourth.”


“Listen,” he continued. “You’re at a crossroads in your business, and the next step you take will be crucial. So you need to gather input from a variety of different sources to give you an enhanced view of your current status–and a clearer picture of where to go.”

Now, Jay ‘s never steered me wrong about thing like this. So for the next several months, that’s exactly what I did.

I dove into dozens of books, audios, and videos from over 50 of the world’s most highly respected and successful business people

My goal was simple: To get to the next level in my business and continue the record-breaking growth we had experienced.

What I discovered was INCREDIBLE. There were so many amazing viewpoints and ideas…strategies I would have never considered before…tactics that were mind-blowingly simple, yet profitable beyond anything we could have ever dreamed of…and new twists to current ideologies that opened up a world of possibilities.

I took all of this explosive information and started connecting the dots, putting together an aggressive growth plan that would take Strategic Profits into the next decade.

Slowly, we began climbing the mountain once again. Step by step, our team took action and implemented the new techniques that had been revealed to us by these masterminds.

That was about 8 months ago. And today, we’re seeing the fruits of that labor.

We’re poised to have one of our biggest years yet, while my workload is less than half of what it used to be.

Which means more time for me, for Deb, for the girls, and for the things I love doing most. And that’s what it’s REALLY all about.

So what’s the moral of this story?

Simple. It wasn’t until I started seeking the business advice of MANY (rather than the business advice of one) that all these monumental insights were handed down to me.

If I had just stuck with one viewpoint, I would have never been exposed to the multiple perceptions of others. And I wouldn’t have seen the unending possibilities–and the tremendous profit opportunities–that were available to me.

But by tapping into their vast areas of expertise, I was able to view things with a perspective I would have never experienced before.

Sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it?

Well get ready…because over the next few days, I’m going to reveal exactly how you too can leverage the credibility and influence of the same world-famous business advisors that I did.

It’s called the “League of Extraordinary Minds”, and it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before (or will ever seen again).

So keep an eye on your inbox. Because we’re about to make business history.

To Higher Profits,


22 thoughts on “My Online Business: An Assessment”

  1. Rich

    I am really excited about the forthcoming launch for the League of Extraordinary Minds.

    Great to see so many people I respect being brought together and I was thrilled that you gave me what was probably the first public scoop on my blog in April

    Rich Schefren is cooking up something big

    Mind you it took longer than I expected to be announced but I know that’s because you knew that this is extraordinary.


  2. Hi Rich,

    I have read your emails building up to the League of Extraordinary Minds with great interest. As a member of both your GPS and Founders Club programs I know your latest venture with Jay Abraham is going to be quality.


  3. Fun Post Rich…brings back many childhood memories! 🙂

    And, busy-ness experiences I have had.

    You’ve hit the nail on the head of what business can become, a treadmill of hurry hurry rush rush.

    “Awareness,” is the word which coins for me what you have shared in this post, and it’s what I’m anticipating being expanded upon with the League of Extraordinary Minds.

    An Expanded Awareness that reveals what I don’t know that I don’t know.

    You’ve over delivered countless times Rich and I have no doubt what you’re bringing us now will continue that trend. I plan to have a front row seat.

    Bring on the light at the end of the business treadmill-tunnel!

  4. Rich,

    In short, you continue to justify your position as an authority and leader in the field of internet marketing – although the knowledge you chpoose to share should not lead to you being pidgeon-holed into a single category. As you know, the concepts inherent to much of what you share are relevant to offline business also.

    Looking forward to the LoEM.

  5. Hi Rich

    Situation awareness was the key for you. You stepped back and took a good look at your business, a snapshot, to capture the moment then went out seeking advice for your next move. Great strategy on your behalf. I am excited to watch you reach the next level. I know the League of Extraordinary Minds will be in afterburner all the way to the top.

    Good luck


    Go out and make it a successful day! 🙂

  6. Hey rich,

    quick comment as I’m on my iPhone (no laptop in the house)

    as you know today was the first day in my new office outside the house … (I’ll do about 2 days a week max there)

    and looking forward to more time with Katie & cameron 😉

    Any how after talking with you on the phone today I know this project you’ve been working on for us is going to create internet marketing history,

    sounds like the usual IM hype right!

    But Reading this post and knowing how much effort you have put into this project,

    I can hand on heart say …

    I’m not only excited to promote this project but I’m going to study every last call along side you and hang on for a ride of a lifetime … totally living in the moment 😉

    … I remember the excitment building up inside me before I joined your GPS coaching program,

    and that energy is light once again after Reading this post and BOY o BOY if your this pumped about this project,

    then my reaction is ….
    I’m like a kid in a candy store ready for the big pick a mix of your finest line of speakers

    this is Internet history in the making I have no doubt and proud to learn from you and your team

    thanks for all your support

  7. Rich,

    That’s great to hear. The power of many different marketing minds all added up are great… especially in your case.

    You see, it’s once you already have taken ONE expert “guru”s advice in building a business to its fullest, you can *then* expand teh business even further taking ideas from otehr great marketing minds.

    most people don’t get off first base by implementing a chunk amount of Jay’s advice… they just go guru-hopping and don’t follow any proven method for more then 3 days before giving up…

    Can’t wait to see what you put together, Mr. “Make Me” Rich!


  8. Rich,

    What can I say? You are a huge inspiration to me. Great points about taking the advice of many.

    I am a college student but spend most of my free time reading books from such people as OG Mandino, Napoleon Hill, Michael Gerber and countless others in order to learn from their knowledge. The way I look at it is that someone has been in the exact same situation as me and has encountered great success. By taking some gold nuggets out of all of these books, I am able to pick and choose parts and ideas from each story to implement into my life and business.

    The information you share for FREE is worth more than tons of other information I have paid $100’s for…

    Keep sharing the great info!

    Chris Hughes

  9. I agree with your “discovery,” as being a great value. When I first decided to “cure my ignorance” about Advertising, and Marketing, I read everything that even looked useful. Most wasn’t, but it made me realize that there was no “one absolutely” right expert. So, since 1992, I’ve “listened” to dozens of experts, and taken what seemed good to me. Each one has taught me something, or a way of looking at things that formed my core of how I do business.
    What you offer has always had value, and I know this will only get better, as you discover new insights,

  10. Rich

    Cant wait to see what the League of Extraordinary Minds has to offer. I have no doubt that it will be a great range of fantastic content that we can all learn from. I’m still catching up with the Founders Club but cant wait to add the League to my learning.
    All the best


  11. Rich

    This is looking to be another awesome product. I’ve dipped in and out of books by some of the authors that you’ve mentioned.

    The more you read, the more you see a few common powerful themes throughout all the things they do and believe in as ‘extraordinary business people’.

    Really excited to see how this develops.


  12. Hi Rich,
    I’ve had zero income for nearly two years. Sorry I had to drop out of the Founder’s Club but I hope to come back in when I build my online business.

    After the call today, I was inspired so I went out and built a website named I’m hoping to drive a lot of traffic to it for the benefit of all.

    Thanks for doing what you’re doing. You are a great example to me.

    Patrick Bell

  13. Isn’t that what oldies since our grandpa told?
    But I guess, when I read this post & am thoroughly excited about this new launch & wanna wish you all the very best & all the success for it. I know the urge to grow is the key! It ain’t matter how you do it….
    I know we do find the way.

  14. Rich!

    Your and Jay’s idea about launching “The League of Extraordinary Minds” is simply AWESOME!!!

    I feel very excited about the launch, and I consider this campaign to be The Biggest Launch of the 21st Century.

    If we all align our efforts to help each other achieve success and prosperity we rightfully deserve and desire, imagine what kind of Extraordinary Lives we can build together for all of us!

    I applaud you and your Team of Experts,

    Val Slastnikov

  15. It is interesting to look at the list of Extraordinary Minds and you realise just how far away from Internet marketing you’ve moved with this program.

    So just out of interest, I started wondering who would be in the League of Extraordinary Internet Marketing Minds.
    It is easy to round up the usual suspects but what if you turn it around and start with the subject and work back to the guru?

    I’d welcome any comments on my blog at

  16. Hi Rich,

    I just signed up for your fantastic event with a link from Spike Humor’s Tweet. I can’t wait ’til the end of the month for it all to get going.

    I do agree your concept really is awesome and it could really change a lot of lives for the better.

    I don’t have to wish because I know you will have great success with this project. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

    S. A. Williams aka RPMwealth

  17. i love the jetsons great ideas from 50 years ago why isn,t life actually like this NOW? WE should be on the moon and going to MARS,,,,,,TIME! the year 2000 was 9 years ago!!!! TONY says DECADES INTO DAYS,,,, IRADICATE WAR and famin e what great things could we actually DO WITH MONEY? as JOHN,sings:” IMAGINE” and the budget to DO it now,,,,,,,

  18. Hi Rich,

    It’s interesting to read how your latest getting to the next level came about.

    You have a good knack for knowing where to seek business advice.

    All those monumental insights were handed down to you?

    Will you give yourself some credit please?

    I do give you a lot of credit not only for knowing where to get advice but also for heeding the best of it.

    And then making it all work, the toughest part.

    I wish that everybody could realize what you are bringing to the world, the chance to access something that has never been possible to access before, for anybody.

    As I asked in my post about your latest undertaking, what would Andrew Carnegie and Napoleon Hill have to say to us regarding the opportunity to learn from the best minds?

    Thanks for the chance.

  19. Its good to see that even the guru’s guru goes through moments like this with his business and the one thing I am not doing is making the most of the minds out there – figuring it out alone is no answer!



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