3 Tips To Help Guarantee Your Success In 2009

Since we’re all going to be up to our ears in holiday stuff for the next 6 weeks or so, I thought we might just skip ahead to the new year’s resolution part…

Personally, it’s one of my favorite times of the year. Because I get to look back on all the success of the previous 365 days and look forward in anticipation to the next 365.

Hopefully, you’ve had as good of a 2008 as Strategic Profits has. We’ve seen record-breaking growth–and 2009 looks to be even MORE promising.

And I hope you also have some big plans ahead of you for 2009. I can’t wait to show you what’s up our sleeve…it’s really going to exciting.(This will be the first place you’ll hear about it, so make sure you check back often.)

But like the title of the post says, there are a few things you can do to virtually guarantee your success in 2009. And no, they have nothing to do with buying a lottery ticket.

The secret to achieving the wealth, freedom, and lifestyle of your dreams is to actually DO it. Taking action is the most important part of any process, and the biggest player in your success…or your failure.

Because let’s face it–the following scenario has happened to all of us at one time or another.

It’s like this…

–The new year hits, and we come out of the gate firing on all cylinders.

–We’ve got tons of ideas, stacks of big plans, and we’re ready to take on the world.

–But then it happens.

–Real life sets in once again. Stuff gets in the way…projects get derailed…launches become sidetracked.

–And before you can sing another chorus of “Auld Lang Syne”, it’s April. And you haven’t done ONE thing yet.

Ouch. Sound familiar?

I know it does for me. I went through this cycle numerous times. And I’m absolutely certain that I’m millions of dollars poorer for it today.

But there are a few things you can do to avoid this trap. Here’s 3 tips that can help you get moving in the right direction…

1) Shut Up: How many times have we spouted off about our ideas, only to never see them come to fruition?

I used to love talking about my plans, ideas, and strategies. But then I realized something: I enjoyed talking about it more than I usually enjoyed actually rolling up my sleeves and doing it.

Now, I hold back that urge to talk. Instead I channel that energy towards the act of doing. This increases my desire to get started, which is usually all it takes.

2) Reduce Shelf Life: Have you ever noticed ideas are more like milk then they are like wine? It’s true–the longer an idea sits around, the more stinky and worthless it becomes.

Because if you let an idea sit in your head without being acted on, it becomes weaker and less promising.
After a few days the details get hazy…and after a week it’s forgotten completely.

That’s why we need to cut the time from idea to implementation. Act as soon as you can with whatever you have to begin with. Doesn’t matter whether it’s at the beginning, the middle, or the very end–just grab a piece of the puzzle and jump into it immediately.

If you start by making smaller decisions more quickly–without overanalyzing–you’ll gain momentum and REALLY start cranking away.

3. Dive In: I know it sounds simple, but when this is what it all boils down to.

If you need to write something, force yourself to sit down and write. Put pen to paper. Brainstorm. Doodle. By moving your hands you’ll stimulate the flow of ideas and inspire yourself.

If you need to create a video, sit down and start recording. Doesn’t matter what comes out, just as long as you press record and begin doing something. You’ll begin to see the possibilities.

Same goes with audio. Or product creation. Or whatever it is you’re trying to start on. Action must precede action, and the only way you’re going to see success with your project is to actually do something that moves you towards the final goal.

If you put these 3 things into practice, I can almost guarantee that you’ll come out a winner in 2009.

And by this time next year, instead of singing “Auld Lang Syne”…you’ll be singing “We’re In The Money…”

Sounds pretty sweet, doesn’t it?

To Higher Profits,


P.S. Right now, I want you to think of 3 things you’re going to do to kick off the new year right…

I’m talking about actionable tasks that will jump start your next project and get it moving from idea to implementation.

Got ’em? Good–now write them down in comments below so everyone can see them.

Why? Because once they go from your head to actual words in a post, you’ll feel a stronger sense of commitment to getting them done.

Plus, they’ll be displayed in all their glory for every blog reader to see–including me.

Can you say “accountability”? πŸ˜‰

So go do that now. And let’s take the first step towards your business achieving HUGE success in 2009!

90 thoughts on “3 Tips To Help Guarantee Your Success In 2009”

  1. 2008 started off with major family problems – my father’s stroke – and I am the only surviving child, so I spent months shuttling back and forth between Cincinnati and Reno – a full day each way no matter what…BUT…by just diving in and getting creative with my available time, I still launched my mobile marketing service this month…simply because I decided to move rather than wait until the timing was perfect.

    My biggest lesson in running a business is that there is rarely a ‘perfect’ time – there is always something going on (at least in my life!) and if I didn’t just dive in…I would never get anything done, much less actually have a business!

    Great advice – not just for 2009 – but for life in general!

    Have a great Turkey Day!

    Internet Marketing Goes Mobile!

  2. Hi Rich. The first thing I’m going to do is to help people make even more money online. The second is to build my first blog. And the third is to buy camtasia so I can produce better videos for the web!

  3. Great Post as always Rich.

    My plans are as follows:

    1) Get my Affiliate Program up & running.

    2) Communicate more with the people who can help my & vice versa.

    & 3) Spend more time with my family.

    To accomplish #3 I have to execute on #1 & 2.

    Gary Gross
    Marketer’s Daily

    • Dear Gary,

      Good idea… but it helps to have something you can measure against… Like: 1) I will get my affiliate program up and running on or before “April 15th” 2) I will communicate at least 3 times a week with “these people” 3) I will spend at least “7 hours” of quality time per week with my family.

      I wish you the best!


      Your Ideal Day


    I already know what has to be done, im just an expert at procrastinating:

    1. start up this wordpress blog with ‘spy’ content i’ve been, – right after posting this comment – mulling over for awhile.

    2. Write up actual financial projections with my entrepreneurship class-group mates for the music-download service we are trying to create.

    3. figure out how to bring supply & demand together, on electronic tender sites.

    Im probably taking too much on…hmmm

    • Hi Rich
      I am going to try harder to get what I have started, going so I will have some money coming in.
      I will read more Tutorials on setting up a Website. I will concentrate more on my Business than anything else until I get it going.
      And last but not least, I will keep reading Rich’s Email and Blog Post’s.
      Keep up the good work Rich, and have A Happy Holiday Season.
      Thanks Rich for all you have done for me, Lucille

      • Dear Lucille,

        it is great to start achnowledging what you need to do… but you might want to write down some ‘measurable’ aims… Like 1) by march 15th I will have made my first $1 on the internet 2) By January 15th I will purchase my domain name and have it hosted 3) By December 15th I will have made a business plan and had it reviewed by “someone you trust”

        I hope this helps!

        Best Wishes


        Your Ideal Day

    • Can you tell me where to get info on starting a music download service? I’d like to do the same thing but on a more local basis.
      Thank you !

  5. Hi Rich,

    As usual you are right one. But I’m still having turkey tomorrow!

    The other day I got a notice from my bank that said, “Please Activate Now.” It was for my credit card that I’d forgotten about.

    It gave me an idea for a blog post: http://budurl.com/ptpa

    Happy Thanksgiving,

    Tom Justin

  6. Hey Rich,

    Great post and yes – the key is to just DO IT.

    That takes WAY less energy than THINKING about doing it!

    For this next year I’m planning on:

    1. Becoming more and more valuable than ever as a person, friend, entrepreneur, success coach, and mentor.

    2. Teaching others how to become more and more valuable themselves.

    3. Teaching them how to teach others to be more and more valuable as well.

    2008 has been a great year – and 2009 is going to explode!

    It’s a great ride and we all can achieve ANYTHING we want to!

    Just decide to do it, take action, and the rewards will be yours.

    Take care,

    Carolyn Carey


    now i know why i click on your email.
    1.i get done my store
    2.send invitation for my product
    3.Online stuff.
    4.singing “We’re In The Money…” by Rich`s Blog

    VILLY Italy

  8. Hey Rich,

    Boy, do you have it right…dig in and get it done.

    I just launched a pretty sizable site, now getting
    ready to promote the heck out of it….I really am
    working over the holidays…..have a ton of video
    to shoot and roll out all over the web.

    Have set up a network of 15 blogs as well as
    multiple accounts as the SN sites and IPOD
    sites…my, my…..I will take some time to
    chew on Bill the Butterball turkey and
    wolf down some pumpkin pie though.

    And then I have another site to launch by January
    1 – at least that’s my plan….yowsa!!

    Happy Thanksgiving


  9. 1st- Rich have great holidays and thanks for sharing your knowledge

    2nd- Will develop a emaillist. Will acquire 100 quality contacts per month

    3rd – Reinstate my direct mail contact approach – sending 100 postcard per months to people who have expressed interest in my product/service. Will use the email address to assist with this.

    4th – Stick to my cost for people opening marketing consulting account. I just give too much away in wanting to show how sincere I am in helping people build their business.

    5th – Increase my mentoring networking sources. I recognize and accept
    Networking increases net worth.

    6th – Use the information I obtain in area of listbuilding and good copy writing for the program/services I promote.

    7th – Check in often to sources like this to say up on what does work and what does not.

    Thank you
    Rickey – The Cell Phone Revolution Guy

  10. There is ONE big think that I NEVER got to WORK for me.
    Others have and seam to do it with ease….. GETTING TRAFFIC…. LoL

    Getting traffic to generate $68 a day in profit. Assuming to have a product generating $17 in profit, it translates in 4 sales a day. 4 sales a day need around 800 visitors – maybe with the economy as is 1200 visitors are needed…. LoL Am I right ?

    STEP 2
    Once that goal is reached. I will purchase a program to push me up even higher. Yeah, one of these programs that do the “magic” to push the income to a much higher like 5-figure income.

    Question: Who can give a helping hand for STEP 1 … anybody dare…. LoL my bribe, if I master Step1 with your help I will buy your product for Step 2. On top I will share the income of Step 1 with you…. Is it a deal?!

    You can contact me on my blog by leaving a comment

    No more excuses, the world has it now in written. Oh Rich, what have I done…. LoL


  11. Hello Rich

    Thanks for all the good advice you always give in your e-letters including this last one. It all helps me to focus, plan the way and go for it.
    This is what I am doing the next months including the holidays: I am finishing and promoting my new e-book and my great tasting all natural food products, continously writing newsletters, blogs, making those videos helping others with advice and tips for food/health/athletic living.

    All the best

  12. I like Rich’s concept of massive fast action. I am a big believer in this as have gone from full time employee to fulltime internet marketer in the last 12 months and that has been a major factor for me.

    1. Take massive action to Build list with Free High Value Content
    2. Get membership site live within one month (due date of the 15th)
    3. JV with relevant list owner within one month of go live for membership site.

    Greg Cassar

  13. Wow, thanks for that – just the kick up the butt I needed.

    The three things at the top of my list are:

    1. Get writing – I’ve been procrastinating over writing more articles for my website.

    2. Stop smoking (every night I say this and every day I say tomorrow)

    3. Clear the clutter – It’s been a while since I spring cleaned and the clutter gets to me. I need to make a start and get it done so that I can relax and focus on what’s important.

    I’ve spent so much time researching and doing unimportant chores lately that I’ve got a bit side-tracked and stopped producing anything worthwhile. Your article was just the remedy and reminder I needed (maybe I should write an article on just that!)

    Anyway, I’m off to start taking action now – why wait till the New Year πŸ™‚



  14. Hi Rich, I gotta thank-you for this post today. What great timing to read something with a good boost and perspective. You’re absolutely right! Action is key. Often I hum and haw not quite sure what my first step is, but whenever crunch time hits I just start typing and oodles of good stuff comes from the recesses of all my knowledge and experience. Heck, sometimes there is stuff there that seems to come from the ether. πŸ™‚

    So just a note of thanks. Having just started on my own success quest with OMC Social Media Solutions, I’ve been finding myself often having to employ similar tactics, particularly when the feelings of it all become overwhelming.

    And you know what?

    It’s working itself out. Worry rarely materializes into reality unless I stay with it.

    Cheers, Lee

  15. 2009 is going to be such a breakthrough for the Internet Business Community that I can barely control myself
    on not sharing with you the three things I am going to do to kick off the new year.

    But I have my reasons. 3 to be more specific:

    1) I am going to shut up,
    2) reduce shelf life and
    3) keep diving in and focus on the things I have to do to make things happen.

    I do share the same feeling when it comes to talk about my plans, ideas and strategies with others, but as you
    said, I rather do the talk after the walk and not the other way.

    All I can share is letting you take a peek right here to find out what I am up to.

    I can’t reveal what this is all about, all I can say is that this is going to be BIG, and you are already included in my plans Rich.

    All The Best,

    Got Twitter?

    P.D. And I hope you’re reading this so you can remember me next time I mention this…

  16. Woohoo! I’m on the same page as you are, Rich!

    Started my resolutions two weeks ago … not writing them down or talking about them but actually doing things … hahaha tomorrow being Thanksgiving Day I now have a lot more to be thankful for.

    Yup, I’m all for skipping the holidays, except the food of course, and working every spare moment right through them. That way all my backend stuff is done in time for the launch of 2009.

    Ya, like minds … thankyou for sharing!

  17. Hi Rich,

    Awesome post. I am about to strongly build up my online buisiness alongside with my offline consultancy.

    I am a natural health consultant and help people getting energetic, focused and vital.

    One of the major goals for 2009 is for me to leverage more time and money. I am in the process of creating my first online marketable health info products.

    As well I have finished setting up my first structures to market my seminars and prodcuts directly to a targeted audience.

    I am right on it. Actually I am onm my break of content creation. I hada peek at my mailbox… and it is great to get that boost about getting active.

    That what it’s all about get active and stop talking… SHUT UP Matt, and get back to work!

    Thanks Rich,

  18. Really a timely post for me Rich. About two weeks ago I decided to put the fear and procrastination behind me and just get on with it.
    I have selected a product.Researched for and found my market prospects.Put together the offer(s). Started to assemble the help I will need e.g. manufacturing, packaging, shipping etc.
    I have walked out of a fog that has surrounded me for more than a year and a half. Rich Schefren is the beacon.
    Some of you might remember me as the guy “who did’nt know what he did’nt know”.This is a confining and resricting place to dwell.If any students out there can relate, then move on outta there!
    Use the knowledge and JUST DO SOMETHING!!! A little step forward every day is a good thing to say.
    In the new year I need to produce a video, finish setting up all my links and do my first product launch.

    Thanks Rich – and all the best to you and yours.
    Gary Woodhouse

  19. I was reading email as a way of procrastinating, but thanks to Rich I get email that actually gets me to do something. Thanks for lighting a fire under my butt, Rich!

    Three things I’m going to do:

    1. Send out postcards to the list I built to get opt-ins so I can sell my new info-product (I’ll do the first one THIS WEEKEND)

    2. Record the CD for my info product, and hire a graphic designer to make the accompanying workbook look good

    3. Promote my new travel “side business” in at least 5 different ways (I’ve already thought of three ways and implemented one of them)

    As soon as I take my laundry out of the dryer, I’ll get started.

  20. Hi Rich,

    You hit the nail on the head. I’ve had ideas for months that still have not even hit the pad.

    I’ve just written them down and actually started on one today.

    1. List Swaps with complimentary businesses. Easy way to double your list.

    2. Creating a video(s)

    3. Working on affiliate program

    Thanks for the advice,

  21. What a coincidence, I just jotted down three things to do on my journal early this morning, before I read this blog!

    My three things are:

    1) Get videos of me doing my thang up on the Internet – I am proud of what I do, and I believe that there are people who can learn loads just by watching me in action. So I want to be a blessing to them!

    2) Get my Amazon affiliate thingy up and running – I want to give my mailing list people access to the resources that I personally recommend and have benefited greatly from.

    3) Get myself on Ebay in some way, shape or form. All the buyers there, looking for something to spend money on. Why not give some of that money to me? πŸ™‚

    My three things. Should be done before the end of THIS year.


  22. Hi Rich,

    First of all, I want to wish you and your family a
    Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for all your great advice.

    You’re absolutely right about the most important thing to do is take action.

    The past couple of months I’ve been taking action on my thoughts instead of just leaving them in my head to think about and my business is exploding. It’s growing faster now than ever even though the economy is getting worse everyday.

    One thing I can say is that once you do those things that you are putting off because of fear or procrastination, your business has no choice but to grow. I’m doing things now that I was afraid to a couple of months ago and you know what…there was nothing to be afraid of.

    I’ve always been afraid of public speaking so what I’ve been doing is forcing myself to get in front of small groups of people and doing presentations and in the next month I will be organizing bigger meetings and seminars and speaking in front of lots of people. It’s kind of scary but exciting at the same time. The more I do it the easier it gets!

    I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

    Robert Garcia
    Top Internet Marketer

    • If you (or anyone else reading his post) have a fear of public speaking I recommend you seek the help of Toastmasters International (a non-profit USA based organization with clubs throughout the world) you’ll find more at http://toastmasters.org/

      I am a professional speaker and coach (based near Los Angeles) with 40+ years of public speaking (I started at a very young age!). From personal experience I can tell you that belonging to Toastmasters and speaking at local clubs (where there are experienced speakers to help you — and it’s all free!) will make you a better, more confident speaker. It’s also a great way to network — I never met a Toastmaster who didn’t like chocolate!

      Happy Thanksgiving to you all (even if you don’t live in USA)

      Michael Owen
      Distinguished Toastmaster

      PS I don’t get paid to promote Toastmasters. In fact, I risk losing a potential client when I recommend them, Hey! It’s Thanksgiving (all year, for some of us!)

  23. I loved your 3 tips Richard… What they motivated me to do is open up the 3 courses I bought recently and start studying.

    M. Filsame… E. Pagon… Jenkins/Fallon

    Great holidays,

  24. Hi Rich,
    Very insightful blog post as usual, that is why I love hearing from you, because I know it’s going to be information worth reading.

    Well for me, in 2009; I plan to:
    1) Not devote the majority of my time to every major Product Launch that JV’s invite me to participate on, and just concentrate on getting my own business running more smoothly and on complete autopilot.

    2) I am going to master the whole SEO business (through Stompernet), because safelist, mailing list (unless your list is a list of buyers and not just subscribers), traffic exchanges, etc. are a complete waste of time, because every person involved those types of advertising resources just mail the same ads back and forth to each other hoping someone will buy from them.

    3) I am going to build some kind of continuity program, because looking for high paying products or service businesses every month really sucks the big one, if you know what I mean.


  25. Dear Rich,

    2009 is going to be such a breakthrough for the Internet Business Community that I can barely control myself
    on not sharing with you the three things I am going to do to kick off the new year, and that’s because I won’t tell…

    But I have my reasons:

    1) I want to shut up,
    2) reduce my shelf life and
    3) keep diving in and focus on the things I have to do to make things happen.

    I do share the same feeling when it comes to talk about my plans, ideas and strategies with others, but as you
    said, I rather do the talk after the walk and not the other way.

    All The Best,

    Got Twitter?

    P.D. O.K you can take a peek right here If you still want to see what I am up to…

  26. Hi Rich,
    I appreciate the good advice as I find that most of the procrastination comes out of sideways self-sabotage. I’m working hard to make the internet dream happen, and then the lethargy sets in an I have to get the steam built up again to push through the obstacles. I’m currently working on the SEO portion of my websites. Any additional info you could direct me to about increasing free traffice would be appreciated mucho.
    Useful post, have a Happy Turkey day to all.

  27. I can be really proud of myself in 2008. I have done a lot for my business – actually, I have started building a real one with BAP I won in the beginning of the year.

    – I have come much closer to my target group – Russian women living abroad Russia
    – I have developed two new products including very efficient training “Restoring Personal Power”
    – I had provided this training online and made the product of it I launched sales just a few hours ago πŸ™‚ (and today is my third anniversary of marriage in the USA :-))
    – I have built a partner network with 30 partners
    – I have joined a coaching program to have a support for my business
    – I have launched my own coaching program for Russian women
    – I have learned how to make video and many other skills
    – I have won a couple more business prizes πŸ™‚
    – I have been developing my business plan for the next 5 years.

    It seems to me I haven’t miss any opportunity to come closer to my dream :-).

    And what is about the next year?

    Well, it’s time to reach English speaking audience and now my target group should be those English speaking men with Russian wives. Thus I intend

    – to build two selling websites (in Russian and English) and I have already found partners who would help me to promote my service
    – to teach my partner’s network how to sell my products and services
    – to build my image of successful Russian woman living abroad
    – and to overcome some inner barriers πŸ™‚

    There are just the directions I will definitely go. And there is a lot to do…

  28. Good timing for the post. You are right that ideas get stale and loose their fizz if not acted on quickly.
    1. Start working out to get more energy
    2. Stop reading and researching till the cows come home and start applying what I already know.
    3. Stay focused by having a daily plan of action

    Happy Thanksgiving


  30. Thank you for Rich, OK Iselect the 3things
    1. From Debt or credit card free life and get the profit and earning life syles with Internet million dollars.com and other
    elite software program .

    2. Set the action for the susutainalblility project for the earth
    citizen in the world. ( i already sent the letter yesterday selected person who might became the fist leader in USA and EU,and JP group)

    3. To experinced long elite success one who has possess the own open study and arts house to be free and release the
    CD for the best in the world.

    4. Get the high degree for the studies and make a full joyful
    and a happiness life entirely and wish to my families health and wealth and full with wisedom and science.

    5. Grow with google and make and see a beake all of the smile.

    6. Meet the friends and say Thanks and shake a hands on.

    Oh, I discribed double against 3 things…….

  31. HI Rich,
    Love this idea! OK, here it goes:
    1. Start my marketing campaign for my seed launch

    2. I will review my business, entrepreneurial & personal life progress weekly and implement weekly improvements.

    3. Focus on doing. Using what I know and continue acting, adjusting, then acting again.

    3a. Going with my gut.

    Thanks Rich, have a great holiday season especially New Years!
    Geoffrey Fullerton

  32. Hi Rich,

    I will:

    1. Complete a special report that has been in the pipeline for too long.

    2. Record a series of teleseminars for some of the programs I deliver.

    3. Outsource more work to liberate more of my time to the things I do best.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  33. Hai Rich,
    Rich,You had hit exposed your grand success in just 3 simple steps and for all for FREE.
    Its just as simple as You said.

    Already learnt several things from you since 2007.

    I Actually have to summarise this and keep as motto,coz am DONE Those nistake No 1 Time and Time again which vented and goes with low action or zero action.

    I think Steven has been your student implementing all your theories in http://ww.googleportfolios.com in crystal clear.

    Its visible clearly there in his sales page and Content which Only produces RESULTS.

    Thanks Rich for your care and advice for our future success.

    All the Best Rich.


  34. Hi Rich,

    Thanks for your mail, very timely for me as i have been learning about online business over last few weeks and sitting on the fence. I have been stuck on that i don’t have a product to sell. But now i have committed to take actions:

    1. Get my first affiliate program up and running in next 2 weeks.
    2. Prepare a plan to earn $1000/month in next 6 weeks.
    3. Get web development JV up and running in 4 weeks,
    4. Keep my goal of $4000/month in 3-4 month alive and take actions to achieve this.

    Look forward to hear from you soon again.

  35. Hey Rich,
    I’m a long time lurker. I hover out here in cyber-space reading, watching and listening gleaning information. I seldom comment.
    Occasionally, I nod sagely in agreement.
    To find some one else who believes, as I do, in the one great truth, that if it hasn’t happened in the first three months of the year it aint gunna happen makes me feel not so alone in my lurkiness.

    Each year I do the same thing, I lurk on the back step of last year and wait for the starting bell of the new year. When it rings I leap into the blue taking a fist full of ideas and another of enthusiasm I write an overly ambitious production chart and rush for the finish line with ever decreasing speed.

    Then it happens!

    Delicious chocolate season, sometimes known as Easter.

    Perhaps Rich, the secret is somewhere in your 3 Tips, maybe there is a rule of three. That’s where I go wrong, maybe instead of 33 ideas it should just be three ideas not spread too thin but sharpened to a deadly target homing point.

    So step 1. Stop lurking now and start doing.
    2. Treat all months with equal value and use them
    to the best of your ability.
    3. Three… What’s the third one? Don’t know. Oh
    wait a minute what about those three graphic
    novels you’ve written for your own amusement.
    Stop keeping them to yourself, do something
    with them. Stop worrying about them being
    perfect. So you’re not JK Rowling.
    Put them on line one at a time!

    Okely Dokely
    Thanks Rich
    Onwards and upwards

  36. Rich,

    Great idea. I’d love to skip the holidays this year.

    I’m currently finishing up a book called “The DropOut Zone: A Radical Answer to America’s Drop Out Crisis.” US Dept. of Ed. statistics indicate that around 10 million Americans between 16 and 40 are walking around without a high school diploma. Other good research indicates that they’re not all losers and thugs – many would still love to do something great with their lives.

    That’s a potentially big market; but more important, it represents an opportunity for some amazing innovation in the education process.

    I had been thinking about “The DropOut Zone” as a book, but as it’s come together, I’m shifting to more of a white paper/free report approach.

    So with that in mind, 3 big things for 2009:

    1.) Get “The DropOut Zone” into as many hands as possible. (Sounds like there might be a launch in my future.)

    2.) Create a network of partners to create and deliver highly accelerated learning in science and technology.

    3.) Enroll learners who might have given up on other options in “The DropOut Zone.”

    Rich, I can’t thank you enough for this insightful, motivating post. Perfect timing. Best to you and yours for the holidays, and 2009.

  37. Hey Rich,
    Very timely post indeed. In my case, I know that pet lovers and pet owners are always seeking high quality products like beds for their dogs as well as other items. My resolution is threefold:

    1) Maximize my personal productivity by ignoring distractions.
    2) Building more backlinks to my website.
    3) Re-examine and tweak my business plan in accordance with current economic realities, then stay focussed.


  38. 1. Create and Launch my OWN continuity based membership site using the learningevolved website and turbocontinuity.
    2. Create and sell my OWN information product using Camtasia.
    3. Propose to Lorretta…

  39. You’re absolutely right. For months I’ve been getting this project going, but the majority has been procrastinating. You see I’m a massage therapist and have developed self-help techniques that can both prevent and reverse carpal tunnel. I developed these over many years, but just for myself.

    Now I want to teach it to others. I’ve made a few short videos, but getting myself to do them has been like pulling my own teeth. It’s not like I have to hire anyone. I can make them and edit them myself.

    I think I get blocked by wondering if anyone cares. Are there enough people who would rather put in a little bit of effort to make their life better.

    Okay, now I’ve got to go kick myself in the butt and go do something.

  40. I love the line about an idea is more like milk than wine! That is so true. For some reason I get most of my ideas when I am working out (must be the endorphins :)) and if act on them right away the idea usually blossoms into something much greater because of all the focus and excitement around it during that crucial time. Conversly, the longer the idea lingers and is not aked upon, the “stinker” it gets. You start thinking of all the things that can go ‘wrong” with it.

    Ther is no time like the present when it comes to acting on ideas!

    Happy Turkey Day!


  41. I love the line about an idea is more like milk than wine! That is so true. For some reason I get most of my ideas when I am working out (must be the endorphins :)) and if act on them right away the idea usually blossoms into something much greater because of all the focus and excitement around it during that crucial time. Conversely, the longer the idea lingers and is not acted upon, the “stinker” it gets. You start thinking of all the things that can go ‘wrong” with it.

    There is no time like the present when it comes to acting on ideas!

    Happy Turkey Day!


  42. Great advise Rich … as usual.

    So what am I gonna do first things in 2008?

    1.) Buy a camcorder so we can record the screencast we want to start in early 2009

    2.) Map things out for our next launch

    3.) Go find a nice house or appartment for me and my girl to move in πŸ˜‰

  43. Rich, Thanks for these 3 simple, YET Powerful starters for next year. First 3 things I’m going to do are as followes.

    1. Take Action
    2. Take Action
    3. Take Action

    That’s the only difference between success & failure in life. Yah, you can study till your brain turns blue…or have as many ideas as Senator Maccain has years…but I don’t know why so many people just don’t take ACTION? I’m also in that boat…but am getting better.

    Good Luck everyone in ’09…Make this your ACTION year.


  44. Happy Abundance Day to everyone at Strategic Profits!

    Yes, I have officially renamed Thanksgiving. It is waaaaay too easy to say, “I’m thankful for my family, or I’m thankful for my friends, or my Ferrari (lol), or I’m waay thankful for GPS-Elite. And while all this is true, well, except for the Ferrari, these gratitudes are platitudes compared to the vastness of the TRUE abundance in my life.

    The opportunities to create and act upon new beginnings, over and over until I get it right. The intelligence to understand when I get it wrong, and the ability to admit to myself just why “my eyes are brown” ( πŸ™‚ ). These abundances alone, OPPORTUNITY, INTELLIGENCE, and HUMILITY would be enough to be thankful for. And there is so much more.

    I am educated; my grandparents were not allowed to go to school!
    Like Albert Einstein, I was a “late bloomer”, and like Einstein I did not shine in school. UNLIKE Einstein, however, I am nobody’s genius and yet, because I live in America where EVERY PERSON WILLING TO TAKE A CHANCE is given another and another and another, I attended college and that experience was my launching pad to discovering my unique life proposition (ULP). The experience of higher education opened my mind to an array of possible directions for my ULP to take which I can choose from forever.

    THIS IS ABUNDANCE-the opportunity to make something concrete and meaningful out of mere possibility regardless of what my 6th grade teacher thought of me or (of what my 6th grade self thought of me).

    So, what have I committed to during 2008 that has anything to do with abundant opportunity? Well, in February of 2008, I decided to reinvent myself to discover what I want to do when I grow up. I neither knit nor crochet (although I do paint), don’t bake cookies and am nobody’s granny.

    My lifelong practice of challenging myself to push the envelope of personal growth combined with a desire to create exponential financial abundance while serving others in a community format led me to the internet.

    Now mind you, I AM NOT 30 or even 40 so I did not spend the first 30 years of my life with computers and I am a TECHNOPHOBE of the first order. In fact this morning I had a thought that I should start a 12-step group, TA (Technophobes Anonymous). I’ll bet there is an entire generation in cyberland who would join!

    And yet, here I am, 9 months later, on the verge of birthing my first website, first WordPress blog, and first landing page. And while the name WORDPRESS causes me to hyperventillate, I know this too shall pass.

    So, Rich, my opportunity for 2009 will BEGIN with managing a constraint; my fear of technology, and I am shooting for a first ever 6 figure income.

    Same time next year?

  45. Hi Rich,
    1. I’m writing down my goals.
    2. Focusing on the end.
    3. One step at a time.
    Thank you for the 3 step process.

  46. thanks for this post Rich. great stuff.
    in 2009, I will
    1. add a 7 part e-course on my book website at http://www.createyourGOE.com

    2. develop an affiliate program for my book (Create Your Garden of Eden: Change Your World in 7 Days Like God did)

    3. partner with other authors by giving a free mini e-course as a bonus to their marketing efforts.


  47. Thank you, Rich.

    Inspiring post as many others you write.

    We at 1888toys.com would like to express many thanks to all our loyal customers and supportive business partners. We wish them all the best in 2009.

    The 3 tasks I am going to act on are:

    1. Hire 2 more employees.
    2. Create a greater exposure for our educational toys blog. Where parents can find valuable information about developmental toys.
    3. Introduce 2 more lines of wooden toys.

    Efim at Educational Toys and Games Store

  48. not β€œ3 tips” it is β€œtop 3 tips” for tiptop generated life.
    1.talk less work more
    2.over analyzes doesn’t work – leads to negatives
    3.get into action at once the ideas arises, before the second idea arises.

    the tips you suggested will really bloom success not only in 2009 but the years to come – the entire life time, if it is followed..,

    Thank you Rich for the tips to make me and us rich

  49. Rich,

    I love your idea of spending these 6 weeks reviewing 2008 developing plans and taking action steps on 2009 plans. I’m with you let’s skip the typical celebration for the holy days.

    Actually I think of it as a redfinition of these next 6 weeks.

    Very nice,
    http://www.DrLynda Klau.com

    of Life Unlimited

  50. For those of you who don’t know, Rich’s tip #4 is – Take the money and don’t deliver the product.
    It’s true. I’ve been waiting since late March for my delivery from Rich. The just keep telling me that they’re working on it, that is, when they bother to respond to my emails.
    I filed a complaint against Strategic Profits with the Florida Department of Consumer Services, which forwarded the complaint to them. More than a month has passed, and Rich hasn’t responded to them, either.
    So, if you want to get welathy, just do what Rich does. Take the money and don’t deliver.

  51. Thanks for that post – Here are my action steps:

    1. My website will be up & cranking with 3-4 super-great posts a week.

    2. I will market my blog using some of Yaro’s (a student of yours) tactics & do this each night.

    3. I will feel grateful for each & every second – the good, bad & ugly of my little ole’ life & I will focus on giving great energy to others.

    I already spend lots of time with my daughter – I always felt I had to choose between being a great mom & making a fantastic income – I’ve changed this belief – I know I will do BOTH!

    From a big thinker who is transforming into a big “Doer,”

    Cynthia “The Rich Mama”
    ps ~ my site is still under construction; hence goal #1

  52. Rich,

    Once again thanks for the advise. I can always count on you to put things in there proper perspective. The three areas I am going to put much more effort into in 2009 are:

    1. Spend at least 4 to 5 hours a week adding content and affliate site to my blog.

    2. Get another website up and running by February 1.

    3. Recruit more non-profits to my primary website so I can assist them in securing funds for their numerous missions in helping people throughout the world.

    Keep your information flowing.

  53. Great Reminder!

    I Promise to:

    1. Write every day.
    2. Get video on my web site.
    3. Update my web site before January 1, 2009!

    Ahhh. That feels GREAT!

    Elaine Starling
    Starling Media Services, Inc.

  54. More Great Advice Rich…Thanks..

    These are essentials to success in every aspect of our personal growth, regardless if we are in business or not.. I appreciate the outined steps.. I’ll make sure I have them covered..Guess I’ll have to get a video camera now…

    Thanks Again Rich,
    Shane in Wyo

  55. Rich,

    I’m getting my self in big trouble by posting this, but I like challenges!!

    Your three advices are great, and I will apply them; so here are the three things I’m going to do to kick off the New Year right!

    1. File a patent I’ve been procrastinating by December 31, 2008

    2. Work in my website following the suggestions you gave me yesterday in a GPS Silver call, and improve conversion(I believe by at least two times)

    3. Keep working with my friend on his launch, and get it up and runnung some time in February

    The best to you Rich and all of you guys, specially GPS members for the next year!


  56. Rich, Everyone,
    Here’s my intention:
    1. Write the outline and the detail for my proprietary business program – and create this into a training guide/manual.

    2. Record 5 audios and make 1 Powerpoint presentation for the content of the program.

    3. Produce marketing materials, and lead generation facilities to get my business program out to my prospects and clients.

    To make this intention REAL, I set the date of achievement:
    *By December 20 I have completed #1.
    *By December 30 I have completed #2.
    *By January 7 I have #3 working for me.

    There’s a 4th element that I learned from you, Rich – find my own wo/man for “behind the curtain”. Once I see I’m closing in on completing #1, #2, and #3, I know I am going to find more benefit in having #4 happening…
    (…and I know that if I don’t get these done by the date, it is not so bad as not starting at all… now I have a much stronger mission.)

    Thanks for such great advice, Rich.

    Really Valuable.


  57. I think I’m finally ‘getting it’ after all these months. I just need to ‘do it’ and not worry so much about how it turns out. I can always change it. I have been learning, searching, reading etc with not enough action! I will put into action each step I learn and finish a project before I begin a new one …. That is how I will replace my current income (and more) and be able to quit work!

  58. Once again Rich you hit the nail directly on the head. How much fun is it to explain to a few friends what you have been planning for the last few weeks, only to be stunned later to see they did not HAPPEN?

    Give Me Great Credit has had an awesome year!! (Well since it went online….. four months) We have surpassed every goal but one.

    So…. For the last few weeks of this year and into 2009 we are going to do something special.. Since I do not have time for multiple “Gurus” thanks for the smack in the forehead!!

    Now is a GREAT time for me to increase sales, and with this reminder I know just how to do it!!

    Wayne Altman

  59. Hi Rich,

    I am in the GPS Elite program and have listened and hung on your every word. I do believe because of the lessons you have taught, I will be very successful in the upcoming year. I have learned a lot. I will practice the advice about just jump in and get going. This is great advice.

    I am one of those over thinkers but I can see that once I get going results will follow. In 2009 I plan to jump in with both feet, article writing, social networking, PPC, etc.

    I may even do a video. The future is bright!


  60. Hi Rich

    First of all, thanks for all you have shown me in the last few months.

    It seemed my business was going to go know-where in the last six months. Death has a way of making you face life – whether you like it or not. To cut a long story, I know that I am in the right place at the right time.

    My business is set to explode next year. Systems are being put into place and there is no more holding back. Yes, I could use my four young children as an excuse not to build my business, No! These guys are one of the reasons I want to build a successful business – my business πŸ™‚

    You see, in helping others we help ourselves. The existing and new sites are being branded in a Aussie way and theme.
    Hey, I am an Aussie born and bred – what better product/s to know than ones in my own back yard?

    All the best to your family, readers and clients! May prosperity be yours, good health, success and more in 2009!
    Remember live each day as it is your last.

    As I can testify to how fleeting life is and I value people, even the annoying guy in the car who cuts me off when I am driving (gotto laugh sometimes)

    All the best

    Sue in Aus
    Blog: http://www..marketinginaus.com

  61. Hi Rich,

    I just put down the Maven Matrix Manifesto and after some thought, wanted to share its value to me personally. I understand and agree with defining your Maven and delivering it to your niche market. It finally “clicked” for me. The truth is, I’ve always been a Maven. I had to be in order to achieve all that I have so far. I just didn’t let my Maven continue to be free. Instead, I entered business and the professional world and tried to follow what everyone else was doing. Which lead me to come back to assess what allowed a young man, born in NYC in an immigrant community to break every cycle and achieve success.

    Everyone has an inner Maven, however, its easy to lose touch with the “true” Maven and attempt to transform what works into what is expected. We lose touch of our dream and vision or we attempt to excel using false foundations and principles that are unsustainable.

    I started my business 3 years ago based on my vision of “helping others achieve their dream through property ownership”. The current market has presented challenges to sustain that dream, however, its not a detriment to persisting on the journey I started.

    I started educating myself on marketing and over the last few months became absorbed with leaders such as Dan Kennedy, Yanik Silver, among others. It was amazing as to how much I did not know about business and marketing, yet I was hesitant to give credibility since the lawyer in me was skeptical of the “guru” snake oil sales pitch and secret success formula promises.

    Then I ran across your work and with the same skepticism, I downloaded and began to read your material. The only reason I invested this time with you was because you connected with my needs for not only wanting marketing methods and ideas, but also business management, processes, and laying out a road map for conducting business.

    It also helped that your from NY, named Rich, have ADD, and have real world experiences in business at such an early age.

    I have several visions for my businesses that are personally aligned with my true Maven. I want to thank you for “keeping it real” and reminding me that genuine Mavenism is what attracts your market and establishes a lasting business relationship and bond.

    While I cannot afford to enroll in your coaching program, I have dedicated myself to not only reading all your Manifestos, but also to implement those principles in my ventures.

    Once profits are turned, I will be the first to become immersed and seek your counsel as a mentor.

    Best regards and keep up the great work that you are doing to encourage, educate and guide entrepreneurs that will undoubtedly hold you in as high regard as you do for Jay.

    Rich Johnson, Esq.

  62. 2008 was a crazy year for me! I went flat broke and moved back to my parent’s house… and went from zero to 100k flipping properties.

    And now next challenge is to go ALL OUT with internet marketing. I can’t stop won’t stop until I make 100k!

    2009 is MY TIME TO SHINE! =)

  63. Hi Rich just checking back to say hello, had to share my news with someone, I finally reached pr1 on yahoo with my website. Woo-hoo! So that helps in the traffic dept. however I wish that silly page would convert arrgh! Time to find another affiliate product to promote. Cheers have a happy holidays to all and happy conversions!

  64. Hi Rich.

    Thank you for another great year.

    I am in the field of self development and I have read ALL your stuff with interest and found it to be really useful and full of great innovation and thought.

    I would like you to comment on this; I teach that to truly understand and get to grips with any message, you should select one person or teaching that you empathise with and just follow that, until you have a grip on the subject, then and only then you should start to investigate other methods etc..

    What do you think about the situation that you and all the other gurus have created with your affilliate programs and links. You all seem to be in this select circle that promotes very similar messages purely for gain.

    Everyone is chasing around buying and collecting all these different methods to create an online business and effectively getting nowhere because of all the confusion.

    It is rather like buying a load of different cooking books and expecting a cake to appear. Until you just follow one path [initially] and you action that information, it is unlikely that you will get anywhere.

    Do you reccommend following one teacher to get maximum results and if you do, apart from getting your commissions, why do you keep sending out affilliate programs that cover a lot of the ground that you do?

    I strongly suggest that you would get better results for more people, if they just relied on your message.

    I would be very interested in your thoughts.

    Abundance to All


  65. Rich,

    Thank you so much for every thing you are doing for us. I’m a student of your GPS Silver program. I just studied up to Session 11 and I’ve learned so much! and it’s not just great IM, but how to apply all this knowledge to all aspects of my life.

    I want to extend my thanks to your great staff.

    A very happy holidays!!


  66. Taking action and positive thinking are the most important steps to any sort of success.

    I began IM around 7 months ago and am making close to $100 a day every day. I am sometime really hardworking, sometimes less so, but consistent effort wins the day.

    Thanks for a great blog, very inspirational


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