Open Thread – Attention Age Doctrine

As I toil away on research into Part 2 of the Attention Age Doctrine, a creative idea came to mind.

How about having an “open thread” on my blog that invites comments from you – my readers – about what you’d like to see in Part 2.
What are some the concerns you have about focusing attention on your business?

What are some of the top challenges you face when dealing with interruptions to your work flow?

What challenges have you come up against in getting the attention of your market?
I’ve made a commitment to have fun this weekend as well, so that may have something to do with this request. But don’t let that discourage you. If you can find time in your fun activities to give this blog some attention, I’d greatly appreciate it – and so would your fellow readers.
So, consider this an open thread… What’s on your mind regarding attention?

What kind of solutions would you like to see included in Part 2 of The Attention Age Doctrine?
Let me know and have a great weekend.

I’m anxious to see your ideas.
To Higher Profits,
Rich Schefren


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15 thoughts on “Open Thread – Attention Age Doctrine”

  1. Hi Rich

    I will like to know when to have small chunks (like 1-2 hours) of undisturbed sessions of solid work interspersed with handling interruptions like phone calls, staff etc and when to have full days of uninterruptible sessions.


  2. I loved the kitchen timer strategy exposed in the Internet Business Manifesto. It has dramatically improved my productive time and that of my colleagues. So, I would love to read more of the same types of solutions: Solutions that increase productive time allowing us to get things done faster and better in less time so we all have more time to spend in recreation.

    Best regards,
    Alan – Helping You Win Online.

  3. When I read Part 1, I left with a question that wasn’t answered, and would be nice to see in Part 2:

    I remember that you said that an overwhelming number of the gurs you worked with had ADD, pointing at a correlation about 5 X that of the normal population.

    But you never mentioned what this meant. You stated that fact, and that was it.

    So, do people with ADD do so well because even though they may have ADD, they have incrdibly sharp foucs on what they’re doing right now, whereas the rest of us only have a diluted focus?

  4. Alan – you’re in luck… there will be lots of tips in the next doctrine that will be as simple as the kitchen timer but more powerful.

    DK Fynn – i apologize for not telling you why i mentioned so many gurus have ADD – there’s a very good reason for it and there was a very good reason for me bringing it up – i will make good on it in the next doctrine and it will truly shock quite a few readers….

  5. Hi Rich ,
    Your creative idea to open attention report to comments
    on solutions is great thank you for the opportunity..
    For some time i have been wondering why does not anyone comment on the possibilities of opening up the Asian student market ?
    Is it because of the fact that it is poor? Or it is difficult to reach as most have no internet access ?
    They have two things we need” creative ideas and time.”.I would like to see a solution as to how there could be an exchange of time for resource on a vast scale..
    I have my own idea of how it can be solved but you may well solve it better than i …
    Creativity is the major asset you seem to have to solve problems ..could you suggest how you employ yours in problem solving ?
    Do you have a coaching program for startups ? Contact address ?
    Thank you for your great info…look forward to your report two…. regards ian

  6. Hi Rich, don’t know what to suggest for now.

    But have a question – your new blog design
    is less interesting than your first one, sincerely.

    Do a quick survey to your subscribers,
    ask your blog readers, and you’ll see
    what I mean.

    Codrut Turcanu.
    “Succeeding Against All Odds!”

  7. Hi Rich,

    This is a longshot …

    You mentioned in the previous doctrine how many people had ADD. I believe I am one of them, although I am taking steps to irradicate it. Anyway, the other day I discovered I couldn’t even count to 100 in my mind without an interruption from somewhere thus forgetting exactly what number .

    Perhaps a suggestion to people to increase their attention spans and focus thus fighting off interuptions is to do something as simple as counting to 100, then 1000 etc successfully without stuttering to remember what the previous number was.

    Does this sound completely silly?

  8. I just wanted to say how much I enjoy pondering the imponderables and puzzling over paradoxes – so thanks Rich for the posts that are making us all think.

    I feel as I imagine my grandmother felt sometimes, I can’t find a decent well filled pie – meat or fruit. A guarantee is almost always spot on for predicting the failure of electrical goods, and you can’t find a product that lasts a lifetime anymore . My family share next to nothing because we all have our own space. I miss seeing gentle movies. I miss social singing.

    I can publish a book with the equipment that is on my desk, I can print photographs, but I was happier when I went to the developer and had time to stick the good shots in the photo history book of my family.

    I always said I wouldn’t be a whinger about the “good old days” – Nor am I .
    But sometimes I can’t help feeling we have lost more than we have gained.

    I plan on an early Christmas Party, a fire in the back yard, home made mince pies bursting with fruit and making everyone sing Christmas carols because they are the only songs left that we all know the words to.

    Sharing our lives with our kids, our heritage, the good things, – this is what is hard to do, competing as we are with RPGs and mobile phones. Any ideas about that?

  9. Hello everybody, my name is Damion, and I’m glad to join your conmunity,
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