Decrease The Input… Increase The Output

I intended to write this blog post about a week ago.

The reason I am writing this post now is that so many things have been happening and, changing for the better. I kept getting more and more info I wanted to share with you. But, I can’t wait any longer. Sometimes, you can have too many good developments in your life and business that, even one more piece of good news is not welcome because you simply have too much on your plate already.

Bottom line – too much is simply too much no matter what. Often, having too many great options leaves you frozen instead of giving you momentum, because just when you start thinking the option you’ve chosen is really the best choice, the other killer idea on that yellow pad laying on your desk may be even better, so you reevaluate, and reevaluate and you end up making absolutely the worst decision of them all… NO DECISION!

It’s a scary thought isn’t it? It absolutely sucks, so I’m just going to start writing.

First, I’ve noticed most struggling internet marketers are nothing more than hardcore information junkies. They just want to learn, absorb… absorb… absorb and they simply don’t have the power to turn off this constant craving for more.

But you have to be able to turn it off. Because it’s one of the single biggest obstacles to achieving lasting success online or offline.

Stated more simply- as long as you’re inputting, you’re not outputting.

Yet, getting everything you want out of your life hinges on your output.

So if you’re an info junkie, you must go on an information diet. Now I don’t know about you, but I know that when the double stuff Oreos are sitting on the top shelf in the kitchen it’s a whole lot harder resisting the temptation. What I mean is this: you’ve got to get all that extra info out of sight so you don’t even feel the temptation.

Make your office a rehab, no information is allowed to come in whatsoever for the next week. The only information you can have is the information you create. Stop studying, stop analyzing and start creating. Develop urgency in everything you do for the next week and you’ll be blown away at your level of output.

Sadly though it’s not enough.

Because if you really want to grow your business you are going to have to answer a single question that almost no struggling entrepreneur ever asks themselves. You want to know what it is? Of course you do, so let’s press on…

Now listen, don’t let the simplicity of the question fool you because it’ll be easy to dismiss it, but I promise you that if you do, you’ll never even achieve a fraction of what you are capable of. Ok, so here it is:

What Work Are You Willing To Leave Undone?

The sooner you realize that you can’t read everything, nor can you cross off every item on your to do list the better. Because at that very moment you are forced to realize that you absolutely must prioritize no matter what.

You see, realizing you can’t do everything helps you determine what you really must be doing, and realizing you can’t read everything forces you to decide which information you must read.

Now if you are wondering how you make these difficult decisions, have no fear because I have your answer. And it’s simple… You have to know what you want and what you must do to get it. Once you know then you can make effective decisions about what you should be doing, who you should be talking to, and what you should be studying.

So quickly, do you know what your top three objectives are right now in your business? Are they quantifiable, concisely stated, at your fingertips, so you always know precisely what you should be working on?

If your answer is yes – congratulations you are on your way towards business success. But, if you can’t rattle them off in rapid fire then it’s time to get serious and figure out what you really want, what you are willing to do to get it, and what steps you must take to achieve it.

Like I said in the beginning of this post, I’ve got a lot more to tell you – but it will have to wait until tomorrow — because I need to get some sleep. But before you run off, tell me what you think by posting your comments.

103 thoughts on “Decrease The Input… Increase The Output”

  1. Oh dear, you have really got my number! Didn’t think the reason I procrastinate so much on my many ideas was because I am an informatin junkie, but this really hit home. I spend my life sharing information with others, and gleefully gathering it in and indeed don’t have enough time to get most of my ideas off the drawing board and onto the web site. So thank you for the insight! AnnA

  2. Rich, This blog entry (in my case it was your email) was the most sensible, helpful “take” on this dilemma that I’ve read in a long, long time. Your words felt like they reached deep into my DNA and struck the “AHA!” gene. Nobody had ever made this simple solution make as much sense (at least to me) as you just did. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, it was just what I needed to hear at precisely the right time. Have a blessed weekend, Donna

  3. Finally I know I can get ahead, this post hit home… hard. I did realise this recently but have not acted upon it. Hearing it from you put the cherry on the cake. So sift through the minds database, lock all the information I don’t need right now in a folder and throw away the key. I’ll take you information on board and CRACK ON with some real production.
    Thanks Rich

  4. I reckon Rich is a mind reader.

    Quote: Stop reading new information and start DOING something with it. No information at all. For a whole week.

    A WHOLE WEEEEEEEK? You gotta be kidding me.

    For me that would be like an alcoholic having his meths bottle taken away.

    But …. I will do it.

    Look out for a grey and shaking Internet Marketer on this blog next week. πŸ™‚

    The Secret of how I got a MILLION HITS in 27 days.

  5. I knew this was a problem, because at the rate that I am receiving information right now I am only grasping unfinished sentences and both comprehension and productivity stalls. I get nothing done! Time to go on a strict info diet.

    I wonder.. Is this belief that I need more information from the desire to become better, or having a lack of self-worth, where I don’t think that my current level knowledge is good enough.

    Sadly, I think the second option. This because I know that it only applied knowledge that counts. I could be the smartest guy on the planet but if I don’t get anything done, its just the same as being dumb as dirt. If not dumber..

    Sad really. Let’s turn off outlook, and go to work…

  6. I was burried in tasks, work, studying, e-mails,… you name it. But as soon as I started to know/realise what was my direction, my purpuse, I started to re-organise my workload and my incoming information. This starts to change my world. It so much easier to be selective if you know what you are supposed to do.
    Nevertheless, the danger to start again with information overload and over-tasking in your niche/purpose is waiting around every corner. So I would suggest, start to find your reason for being, or for your work and business, eleminate what is not in accordance with that mission, and keep watching out not to fall in the same mistakes again, and you will see how your life will start to change.
    Thanks for reminding me Rich, I was already starting to look behind the corner again…;-)

  7. Thank you so much Rich.
    I to have a junk yard full of unopened e-mails. All are they having the ‘one offer I’ll ever need’?
    Now I’ve decided that the solution about taking an education in Sales and Marketing is the best solution I’ve ever maid. I’ll stay put there until I’ve learned all they can learn me πŸ™‚ Tuff stuff – but thats is what I need, to find out of this ‘jungle’of business opportunities.

  8. Profund and true Rich,
    I receive far too many emails promoting products, giveaways and courses. It was getting to the point where it took me over an hour just to delete them.
    Only 4 days ago, I began sorting them by sender and hitting the delete button to clean most of them out, regardless of how good the offer sounded.
    It was tough, as I am an info junkie too. (One day at a time LOL).

  9. I make a list every evening of things to do the next day. In the morning, I assess my thoughts from the night before. I set up to do the things that really need be done. The priorities may change during the day as I progress. If I don’t accomplsh an item during the day, it might by placed on the next day’s agenda. If it remains for more than three days, I reassess it for higher priority or just drop it into the trash can. If it pops up again, I do it at highest priority. 1000 emails are not read that week. Telephone calls go unreturned. But I insert family activities and household items daily as they pop up. The schedule provides the guide line but not the absolute driver for my life. It helps to sort those time users that don’t really serve and support me.

  10. You’re the only guy I’m listening to at the moment. I have to say, just for one fraction of a second I hesitated posting to your blog….cos you know…it’s the time thingy :-).
    After reading the ‘Manifesto’…yep…it was a relief..whew! Keep your reminders coming please Rich. They keep me on track.
    By the way…are you clairvoyant? well…you are kinda an angel

  11. I have tried to ignore the emails but thankfully I haven’t always, otherwise I would not have read your one Rich! Sometimes when my head is absolutely bursting with all the tasks I have listed to do and I am unable to do a particular thing – out of the blue an email will arrive with the answer in the subject line. I always find that strange – someone is helping me! My practice is to spend just 30 mins on checking emails and then getting on with my list. My list is a spreadsheet on my desktop with each task prioritised and moved when completed – only thing is at the moment there are over 40 items to do. It grows each day!! But slowly, slowly I am getting there. Many thanks Rich.

  12. Hi Rich,
    You really do have a knack for hitting the nail dead smack on the head. I’m guilty as charged…
    It’s definately time for me to heed your advice before my entire computer screen is covered with icons (it’s not too far away!)
    I guess it all comes back to the core principle of becoming an entrepreneur, a business person, rather than just an opportunist, chasing the latest and greatest equalizer, generator, automator, creator, empire builder ad infinitum.
    Thanks for the slap in the face with the wet fish, I needed that!

  13. Wow! I needed this as a wake up call. I’ve got more projects “on the go” than I can even remember!

    The email has made me relise just what my original intention was – to create something on the internet that would, by helping others achieve what they want, help me earn a decent online living.

    Many thanks for that,


  14. Rich, Waht can I say…it´´s spooky when you get an email that smacks you upside the head and says”youΒ΄d better stop doing what youre doing and get on with whats important!” As a Newbie, I always work form a position that I dont knowenough yet, and buy the next program or tutorial as part of the complete puzzle, but dont use them because I feel like the stating piece is still missing. Thats why I ahvent made it yet online! Passive info consumption is not the key to success! Ive got enough material on my harddrive now for 3 lifetimes…Ive just got to sort thru, pick out the neccessary tools and get on it! Thanks for the priceless kick in the pants Rich!

  15. Awesome, solid & practical info in that last email Rich, thanks. You asked a really important question: “do you know what your top three objectives are right now in
    your business?” And my answer was yup, sure do! Now if you had’ve asked me that same question 6 months ago I would’ve had NO clue. And I SHOULD’VE known how important this was because I come from a project management background.

    Unfortunately though, in my own ‘online business’ (if I could even call it that back then) I wasn’t applying these basic principles and was just flip-flopping around under the banner of what you so accurately labeled as a “hardcore information junky”.

    Reading your stuff really solidifies how a successful business should be operated, if anything it confirms for me that my business is now on the right track – and it’s always good to have this reassurance πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the great ‘common sense’ info Rich…
    Hayley Merrett

  16. Sometimes you have to “Treat the symptom, and not the disease”. The biggest symptom is that quest for more knowledge – not something to be ignored, but tempered and understood. We are all inflicted by this “can’t know enough” disease – and we wouldn’t be in this business without it. You are right-on though, too much input and not enough output! I set aside 3 times during my lengthy “work”day to selectively filter my inbox to sort, file, or delete. Always read a couple and maybe investigate quickly, but quickly back to business at hand.

    Ohh, ohh, just got 25 more emails, that one looks interesting, so does that one, so inviting, fingers are itching … whoa … take drink of tea, breath deep, relax … BACK TO PRODUCTIVE WORK!

  17. As usual, your sagely advice is direct and to the point – Name your top 3 objectives and what are you doing to achieve them. Thak you for reminding us about the value of simplicity! Now back to work.

  18. I have noticed something only just recently, that has prompted me to post here, Rich, and believe me when I say public speeches are not my strong-
    point. I am a behind-the-scene kinda gal and rarely venture into the crowded public arena. My observation? Well I have recently discovered that the internet can and does imitate life!! You know how sometimes it can seem that basically-speaking things seem to happen over and over again. Like the vacuum stops sucking the same day your child discovers filling every conceivable carrying spot on his body with sand (which he undoubtably empties quietly on the white sofa meant only for company). Or your Income Tax refund arrives the same day as that bill for the thousands of gallons of heating oil it took to stay warm last winter( I am Canadian, it’s cold in the winter!!!). Is this all fate or destiny or just my luck??
    And how does this connect to you?? Well, in the last week I have had three e-mails discussing the same topic you did today. I’ve heard it from three of the more reputable (and I truly hate this next word) Gurus that I have chosen to gleam information from. So, although I’d like to say,”WOW Thanks Rich, that’s the best advice I’ve had in months”, I just can’t unless I cc the other three gents too. BUT (another word that rubs me the wrong way) I can honestly say that personally-speaking (as I am a person and take great pleasure in speaking) I will gladly say, “You’ve all made me sit back and re-think my situation!!! And this, kind sir is definately a GOOD THING.
    And, because of the great advice I’ve received four times now this week, I find myself with a bit of free time in which I can share the following analogy.
    Now, I am the proud mother of three fine, and, Thank God, grown up sons. I am also with a wonderful man that I’ve allowed to stick around for the past 20 years. I remember, back in the beginning of our relationship, everything I did, wanted to do, and could was directly related to pleasing and teasing him, then the only man I felt the need to pamper. His favourite meals, at least 5 nites a week, his two pre-dinner beers, chilled and available, his personal favourite shirt washed and freshly pressed! There was nothing that I would not do to make him smile.
    Then, our first son arrived. Suddenly, I had diapers, bottles cuddling, bragging, extra cooking, and extra sleeping to deal with. He accepted my change of workload and helped out dramatically, which worked in his favour too. After all, if he made up the bottles, I had 20 mins free just to cuddle him!!
    Son # two showed up, roughly 10 months later(damm those 20 mins). And he was not a happy baby. Oh no, quite the opposite!! I believe he started teething at birth, crawling a few days later and began interacting (by that I mean pestering) his older brother the very next weekend.
    Where there had once been team work, I now found myself run ragged by petty squabbles, the need to prepare two, sometimes three different menus, due to age and allergies and no matter what hubby tried to do, my list went on and on. When by some miracle I found 10 free minutes, I usually spent them in my lazyboy with my eyes closed and the headphones on.
    Son #3 appears!! Yep, you guessed it! Even 10 free minutes can have results(wink, wink).
    It’s been 17 years now since the children showed up. I wouldn’t change a moment, feel no remorse in my devotion to them nor guilt due to a lack of attention to the one man who has remained loyal all this time. I know if I’ver said it once, I’ve said it a million times, albeit usually when he is snoring loudly, having gone to bed hours before me, “Someday, I’ll make my absence up to you honey. The kids will grow up, leave home and find their own time-warp. Then, oooh baby, what fun we’ll have.”
    Segway to 5 months ago-kids are almost ready to fly the coop, hubby is well-established in a job he loves, and I decide that with all the free time I anticipate discovering, I need a diversion. So, I foray into Internet Marketing. After all, how hard can it be to read a few pages, answer an e-mail or two, before throwing the lasagna in the oven. Can you say “misguided “? or perhaps “uninformed”? I have found Hell, of that I am sure!! Always punctual, even with four men to get ready, I now find myself rushing through the laundry to attend that “must-be-there” conference call. Lunch becomes a quick sandwich thrown together between mail deliveries. As for dinner, well sir, can you say “Dominos”? Not only are all the fast-food delivery places on speed dial, I don’t have to even give my name anymore, they anticipate and pre-prepare my order sometimes 4 nites a week.
    So you see Rich, your advice and that of the other three has finally sunk in!! Yes, I have enough useless drivel on my comp that I must defragment every other day. Yes, I have at least 7 free autoresponders but I have not had time to learn how to use them. I surf for 5-7 hours EVERY DAY and double that on weekends! If I try for a nite off, my cell rings non-stop. Not too good when hubby is trying to work his magic, now is it? Prioritize, Delegate, Downsize, and Deny, the four words I’ve found most effective!!
    And to be honest, I can say these tips came this past week from you four!! I’ve narrowed my horizions, eliminated the fluff, stopped reading and taking notes from every e-mail, chosen one particularily well-organized site to commit my time to, and discovered the time to write this rather long, and I admit, rambling prose, just to say the following:
    Rich, when you are right, sir, you are right!!!! Thank you so very much, and hehe, any future brainstorms sent in an e-mail form by yourself and my other three newly-named biz-whiz’ will be read, thoroughly, quickly and completely BEFORE I file them in the “Need To Know” slot.

    Camille Thomson

  19. Well I have spent my last month, after reading the manifesto, putting the whole process into action and this latest bit of advice just clinches it.

    Not long now and my whole business will run completely differently.

    Thanks Rich for the encouragement.


  20. Thanks, Rich. I am a newbie to internet business- to business mind at all. I taught school for 35 years, loved it, then lost my husband who left me with a home-based business. Now I am trying to learn business and to do it online. Your stuff is a big help to me, but I do get TOO MUCH info some days and waste time. Thanks for your slap in the face today. Keep your honesty coming through. Now back to the obvious at hand…

  21. A very timely message! I was feeling frustrated just yesterday with my seemingly long list of ‘To Do’s’, but after reading your post I realize it’s definitely time to simplify. I need to focus on what’s important and set everything else asisde.

    Very simple advice but very profound in it’s application. Thanks!

  22. I have to admit, a short while ago i did start to unsubscribe from a few lists to cut down my intake, but there is SO MUCH really good FREE information coming through at present. ie; Rich Schefrens video presentation recently, which was simply a ‘must watch’ video, that it is very hard to let go.
    But yes, it is an addiction I guess, and I’m standing up here to be counted, (but trying to beat it).

    Keep the E-mails coming Rich, we need a good kick up the backside from someone we can’t kick back.

    Thanks, Pete.

  23. Rich,
    You hit the nail on the head. I am just learning this business and I feel I am going to miss someething critical. I want to fill myself with knowledge from the pathfinders who have gone before. But your words are a wake up call that I need to wean myself and keep only an information “A” list. I will probably get more done in a week of output only then in an entire month of input/output.

    Actually I was having the same thoughts but not so organized as you just gave us Rich. I recently was out of the loop for 36 hours without access to the internet. On my return I spent the next 24 hours clearing my inbox. That was 2 days ago and this email from you is just a confirmation of my thoughts.

    Thanks Rich. Your are the man of the moment.


  24. I definately have experience in what you are saying Rich!

    Just this week I was looking at all my emails in my inbox and I decided that I really needed to focus and unsubscribe from all these people offering me the latest tips.

    Everyday you are just bombarded by people and ideas and you just become overwhelmed and don’t know what to do next.

    I now have a focus strategy where I am only allowing the best in the various fields of business and marketing to maintain email contact with me.

    Yes, Rich you are one of the best!

    It has already been a stress release for me.

    Another tip: Most of us will have bookmarks of sites that we may go to or think may help us in the future. Get rid of it, it is only distracting You!

    Paul ThΓ©rond

  25. I guess one of the reasons I didn’t take you up on your offer was that rich, your program is focused on the internet marketer. But most everything in your systems(the fundamentals) come from enlightenment in the offline world. I find great value in your free stuff.Offline or online, the basic priciples are same.

  26. Rich,
    I’m retired and want to start life over doing something worthwhile and profitable. Many of the business ideas presented are momentarily exciting (good copywriters?) but I can’t seem to get started before another “great opportunity” appears. Perhaps I’m afraid to fail or maybye I’m just a dreamer happy to imagine the wealth, excitement, exotic travel, etc. etc. as promised by the copy-writer of the moment.
    Stan Ruxton

  27. Rich…right on point. I have so much info right now. Just when I think I am ready…I tend to see something else.

    Thanks for the re-focus,

  28. You hammered my nail. Reading your mail and the comments to it, I confirm that I’m an info adict. This is not new to me, I’m working on it for the past two weeks, and yor mail adds strength to my change decision.
    What I never thought is that this addiction is such a common place for so many people. WOW!

  29. Holy moly! You are so right on it’s sick. The problem is, is that I love gathering information. But I realize how it is killing my business and not allowing me to hit my targets and goals.

    I gather, gather and gather. This post is a great reminder of how I need to focus and take action on my top priority item and then continue to move forward in a focused way.

    Great stuff! Thanks…

  30. Thanks Rich. This is definitely a reminder that I have to decide right now what’s most important to me. There is always a hundred things pulling me in different direction and I realize that I’m always going to have too much to do. It’s time for me to stop being a grasshopper. I appreciate you.

  31. Thank you, you’re so right. I’m going on an info diet right after this post! Yes, I have heard this elsewhere, but reading it as “info diet” really struck home.

    Time to be a “planter of seeds” rather than a “gatherer.”

  32. As usual, you hit it right on the head. It feels a lot safer to sit back and gather information than it does to put what you know into action.

    When you’re gathering information, you feel like you’ll SOMEDAY use that information to achieve the success you seek.

    But when you keep gathering and gathering and gathering, guess what. YOU’RE NOT PUTTING IT INTO ACTION.

    There’s no chance of seeing your efforts fail, because you’re not making any effort. The effort is safely in the future where it can remain unspoiled, perfect, and an absolute certainty — but only in our minds.

    There is no such thing has having complete knowledge before you start. The most valuable knowledge you receive comes not from a book, but from testing your ideas out in the real world. That’s when you learn the most.

    Thanks for pointing this out again, Rich.

  33. Excellent article. Hit me hard. It’s been happens to me for a long time. I know what was going on that kept me not getting the results I want(I’am not talking about millons, just simple results).
    Maybe I was waiting to hearing for somebody in order to realize what’s my problem. I hope this help starting get going.

  34. Yes Rich, I’ve realized for some time that I have a problem with too much information. My answer to that problem so far has been to find the ultimate “information organizer” software program. So between reading emails, organizing my ideas and looking for software all the time, I have done little or nothing for my business in at least a year. Just writing that makes me sad. I used to make a pretty good living online from affiliate programs, until everything changed and I went on a quest to find the answer to get back on top. I’ve known for awhile now that I have to do something about it and your post offered some of simplest information I’ve seen in awhile. The fact is, I have no excuse for this foolishness, as I’ve been doing internet marketing both on my own and for a company for over 7 years. I should know by now that knowledge is not necessarily power. Thanks for the kick in the pants.

  35. Rich,

    Yes, that’s exactly why your post is the last thing I’m reading this morning before jumping into my 3 Prioritized Actions for the day.

    Goals Are Everything.
    The Rest Is BS.


  36. Right on! It’s so easy for newbies to keep searching for that magic answer on how to succeed on eBay or the Internet. After reading information from endless gurus, information overload sets in and paralysis is the result. At one point, I was receiving advice via newsletters from some 20 gurus until my head was spinning. Time to take your advice, decide on a definitive course of actio and THEN DO IT!

    Thanks for the prod,


  37. Very logical concept as usual, Rich!

    A person who spends his day gathering, may have the idea that someday he’ll become rich with all the stuff he has. But if its not put to practical use, all he becomes is a “pack rat.”

    Likewise, if the information you’ve gathered is so overwhelming that you can’t sort through it anymore to find a logical pattern or a viable use for it, then you might as well grab yourself a hunk of cheese πŸ™‚

  38. I own and operate my own company Eva Nash Realty I am Eva Nash Broker. I have a link to Rich Schefren on my home page, section 3 in the Financial Section. I have sent and recommended the manifesto to everyone I think might use it. When I receive an email from Rich Schefren *Do You Know What I do? I read it. I learn something and I am a different person from the communication Rich sends. I see the information as vital to business and Rich as a philanthropist to share his wisdom. Thank you for continuing to share your gift. Eva Nash – Broker – – Pompano Beach. I’ve been doing residential real estate sales over 20 years and some of the best information I have had in a very long time has come from Rich. All his information is timely and uplifting. Take it seriously. Rich you are my Guru of business philosophy. Keep up the good work. I am the better from you influence. I can take that to the bank.

  39. Well, when I first listened in to Rich’s teleconference promoting his coaching program, I was a bit shocked to hear of the high price tag.

    I mean, to pay that much per month is not an easy thing to jump on. Especially when you can’t “feel or see” what you’re getting in return at that moment.

    But then I realized that I’ve paid more than that in the past on things like a car payment, rent, and other costs that just do not produce any return on investment.

    So I made the leap of faith and joined Rich’s 12-month coaching program.

    And I can tell you, without a doubt, it was the single most important, defining moment in my business career.

    Not only can I “feel” the difference already, I’ve started thinking so much bigger.

    And that, right there, was worth the price, many times over. The shift and change in my mindset, it happened as a result of Rich and because of it, my business has changed.

    And believe it or not, the bonus material alone that Rich has given us to this point has paid for the entire price of Rich’s program.

    I’m not kidding when I say that Rich has overdelivered so much, and given us so much value in return, I almost feel as though I should be sending him additional payments.

    I’m a firm believer that the quality of someones’ life boils down to a few, key decisions.

    And joining Rich’s coaching program was one of those such defining moments in my life.

    Rich, thank you for doing what you do and for helping me, and my fellow coaching members, start to build the business, and the life, of our dreams.

    Shawn Lebrun

  40. Why do I do that which is not productive? I know all of those endless emails and offers are not what I need to be doing. Recently I have been reducing the number of non essential emails that I read, but a week without wasting that time? What a concept! Life has it’s own unavoidable interruptions, but I can do it with the black email hole. I think… Thanks, Rich for the nudge.

  41. Rich,
    Your observation stopped me dead in my tracks.What a revelation.In my case I find that this particular modus operandi applies not only to internet considerations but extends to almost every aspect of my life.I just want to know everything..Religion,social concerns,etc.,etc.Problem is this constant seeking never results in anything worthwhile accomplished.Result…I’ve been stuck for years and years.However,your email makes me realize that I’m definitely not alone.Anyone know how to stop
    and/or redirect?Easier said than done.

  42. Man-oh-Man! God has blessed you with an abilit to be very insightful. You have hit my “Hammer right on the nail” I too, along with many. many others are experiencing informaiton overload. It’s as if there mey be something in the emails, course offerings, and/or free-give-aways that’s going to get me over the hill of despair. Fortunately for me, your timely email was exactly the kick in the “basooka” I needed. I am now borrowing a page out of Robert’s book and get my priority list in the proper order. Thanks for your insightfulness.


  43. That’s really funny!
    So you want us to be more effective by not reading all our inbox. If I did not, I had not read your enlightening email, recommending, to not read your emails, instead take action NOW, great! You internet millionair guys bombard us with your mails demanding, to not read it?? If I had not read your email, I would not be here to write a comment, that does not bring me any money, instead I could be working on my projects. But you urge us to write comments here, wasting our time, instead doing our business, as you recommend. You guys know, how to move us wannabe marketers around like puppets on a string, at last buying your incredible stuff …

  44. Rich,

    I agree 100% with everything you said. It’s right on and I’ve already noticed a massive improvement in my effectiveness from what I’ve learned in module 1.

    Now, here’s some timing feedback: 3 days before our next module (new information) you’re recommending we shut out any new information for a week.


  45. Good advice, Rich! Thanks for the whack-across-the-head reminder.

    You nailed it!

    As Brian Tracy says: “I’ve been on hundreds of radio and television interviews, and they always ask me “What are the reason for success and failure?” And I can summarize, if I only had a minute, in two words: they are focus and concentration. Focus and concentration. Focus means knowing exactly what you want, and concentration is having the discipline and willpower to concentrate single-mindedly in a single direction until you get it done.”

  46. I have great articles I got last week and still haven’t had tha chance to read through and act upon. This information highway has just too much info. I am still trying to decide who has the best information and who to follow. I like Bead Fallon, Mike Rasmussen and you, Rich. All 3 are on the mark…There are not enough hours in the day though… What to do?

  47. Anyone know of an information anonymous meeting? I have it hardcore. It IS the hardest thing to overcome when doing business from home. So many distractions, ugh! I just need someone like a drill seargent standing right behind me and whipping me every time I don’t do what I’m supposed to be doing. Any volunteers?

  48. Rich,

    You have really opened my eyes to alot of things. The Internet Business Manifesto and The Missing Chapter have been two of the best items I have ever read on starting an online business. You helped me realize that I was thinking like an Opportunity Junkie, not an Entrepeneur. This blog/e-mail just helped to drive that home a little more, and I think it made alot of people realize that no matter how great your “next plan” is, YOU MUST ACT ON IT! If you fail to act on it, you’ll probably continue to do nothing until your next “big plan” that you will also do nothing with. No matter how new you are to this, you need to get out there and do something! This is the only way you will ever succeed, and I have realized this all because of you Rich. I cannot thank you enough. I didn’t have enough money to enroll in your program, but the free information you’ve put out is definitely better than anything i’ve paid for so far. I look forward to meeting you at TIMME II. I wish you continued success, and again, I could never thank you enough for opening my eyes to alot of things. If I had continued to do what I was doing, I know I never would have succeeded in anything.

    Forever Grateful,
    Zach Watkins

  49. I imagine this was a great post, but sadly I couldn’t read it because I am on an Information diet. πŸ˜‰
    Just kidding, you are totally wright, actually I have a hard time trying not to buy new information and reading it. And with all the comments in the blog you have proven your point.
    Great Job


  50. How weird this is? I made the post above then went back to outlook and immediately there was ANOTHER email from Tellman.

    Google is about to utlaw ‘Squeeze pages” so ofcourse I need to know how to protect my business and put the “squeeze” on Google instead. There I was, just about to enter my name and email address when suddenly a certain R.S. whispered in my ear, “You’re on an information diet.”
    Is this guy telepathic or what?


  51. Hi Rich,

    I read you post and immediately went to action: made a list of what I was fucusing on. I realized I was doing it, but not consciously. now that the process is conscious…what an help.
    Thanks so much,

  52. Whoa! Are you right on! Not only am I an information junkie, but I read every single blog (all 59 of them) about this topic before I posted my reply!! πŸ™‚

    Fortunately, you seem to come along with just the perfect “nudge” right at the moment when I need it most; it has happened more than once. I am cutting way back on the emails, but am afraid I can’t cut yours out πŸ™‚ You’re too real.

    Thanks and please keep us newbies in mind like you have been!

    (PS FYE: This is my first blog post ever! How is that for a red letter day?!)

  53. Rich,

    “The only information you can have is the
    information you create. Stop studying, stop analyzing and start
    Develop urgency in everything you do for the next week and you’ll be
    blown away at your level of output.”

    HIT me… it sounds like heaven and the answer to my overwhelmed feeling that results in the ‘no’ output you speak of.

    Also, your question “What Work Are You Willing To Leave Undone?” has been bugging the daylights out of me for the past month or more as I endure the ever-lengthening ‘to do’ list each day’s end…

    THANK YOU for stating it, so I could SEE it. Everything has to help with the three priorities or get … canned…

    Lord! Strength!!! πŸ˜‰


  54. Wow! You cut right through it get to the motherlode. I keep needing your insights – shows how much of a ‘junkie’ I’ve become! Keep them coming!

    P.S. I’m only reading your emails now. πŸ™‚

  55. I went on an ezine diet recently. I decided I could only have 5 ezines total. So I had to really think about what was most important in my business. And to be honest, I haven’t missed the other ezines. And I feel more peace because there’s not so much pressure to try to read, learn, apply at the speed of light.

    Less input, more output. I’m on board with that!

  56. Wow, this was really thought provoking. It reminds me of something one of my clients said to me today. We were discussing the fact that there is just always so much to do and that it’s a constant battle to prioritize and focus our efforts in the most productive area. I quoted an internet guy that I’ve heard say – “you don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going.” My client responded with this comment – “everything worth doing is not worth doing well.” Frankly I hate both of those concepts because I’m a perfectionist and I prefer to wait until I have it all figured out and perfect before I act. But the reality is that if I keep waiting for it to be perfect, I don’t get a lot launched. I just keep studying, researching, ramping long learning curves and endeavoring to be the very best coming out of the box. I agree Rich, it’s time to stop all of the constant studying and learning and take more action. Thanks so much for the wise insight!

  57. You nailed me to the wall I even read the posts to see if I was the only one that this has happened to! Thank God I am not the only one and thank you Rich for bringing me back to where I need to be in business NO MORE INFO Thanks Again

  58. Your email came just in time for me today. What a wake up call! I have unubscribed, deleted, and discarded so that I can get clear on my priorities instead of everyone else’s.

    Thanks for the inspiration for how to be a true business person.

  59. Thank you Rich
    I am very agreeing to what you say, I hva now over 1000 mails that I have to delete, because I do not have the time as you so well put it.
    I am consentrating one one important issue, and that is health. I know now so much, so I do not have to worry any more about how to stay healthy.
    The most terrible thing is that we are brainwashed by the government who are just doing what the pharmaceutical industry want them to do.
    One simple example is Aspartame that are forced into so many thousend products, that is responsible for the overweight all over the world. EU is helping a lot to reach their goal, to also get Norway, where I come from, to get forced into EU, like the rest of the countries.
    Democracy is not working anymore as it is supposed to. We are now living in a totalitarian society, where the free speech is only possible through internet.
    People has to shut up at their jobs, to keep their income, otherways they may be laid off.

    I am so sorry to say all this, but as you say, it is hard to read everything that comes to you.
    But one important thing all the money making people are forgetting. What good is all the money, if you can’nt stay healthy?
    Best Regards

  60. I have begun following you since I read my free copy of the “Manifesto”. I have a horse farm that I am downsizing to make time for a real estate investment career. Your comments about refining focus and getting rid of dead time spent reading useless emails is so simple. I feel proud that I began that process about a month ago. Thanks for the stern reminder to stay on task.

  61. Hi Rich,

    You certainly hit the nail on the head. We sometimes give unimportant things a higher priority than they deserve, we fiddle around with lots of little things ignoring the things that we really should be concentrating on. I sometimes think this is because we are afraid that if we try we might fail or succeed, more people are really afraid of success than failure even if they dont know it. Come everyone lets show the world that success is not a dirty word and everyone can have what they want with a bit of effort.

  62. The truth shall set you “free”.

    I was embarrassed with myself for all the information I was absorbing and couldn’t make myself stop. Finally, after two years of absorbing, I woke up to the reality that I still had not taken the first step toward building a business on the internet. Last month I began to unsubscribe myself to all but a few newsletters – kept yours. I still need to purge the list some more. I’ve gotten started with a site, but I need to get motivated to accomplish more.

    From reading all these posts I know that I’m not the only one in this situation. Sounds like there are a lot of us info junkies that need a little push in the right direction.


  63. So much learned,so much more to know, that’s my quote,haha. So true, got to turn off the incoming sometime somehow.Think I’ve written several emails admitting that I was an information junkie, at least I’m not in denial,haha. started with 345 or so,that’s daily, and am down to 256, I’ll get it down to 200 or so and then tomorrow it’ll be back to the 350 or so. They keep coming in as fast as I can delete them,and the sad part is that the real junk that I want to stop, (which is’nt any kind of “information”),they just ignore your unsubscribe requests.Got to go,,starting to get a small grip on some production here the last week or so when I finally decided I had to stop reading and start doing.But it’s hard,haha,,always good to get a good swift kick in the as…. to stay on track. thanks Rich. P.S.I read about the first 10 or 15 then I just glanced at Collen Simmons and have to say that she has taken the words right out of my mouth that I was thinking as I was reading Rich’s email.go Colleen

  64. Right on, that’s where I am. The problem is that I have gotten into so many “Opportunities”, and I can’t bear to leave any of them. I was going to dump almost all of them but when I went to decide which one I couldn’t do it. I have way too much on my plate and I know you need focus to make it. BUT. How do you drastikly cut things out of your life with as little pain as possible?

  65. Hi Rich:
    It’s all been said already. I also am way behind the information ball. My whole house is covered with piles of papers and books.
    Your advice gave me the extra oomph to put away a bunch and throw a bunch away. I’m going to have to figure out a filtering system. Just because it’s interesting is no longer a good enough reason. It has to be related to my current field(s) of inquiry.

  66. So mu ch email is little more than similar to sticky fly paper. Read through the text, free offer thatconverts into a puchase fee and more information to file and store. I have shevles full already. Yes, quite right. Thanks. Charles

  67. Hi Rich,
    Your email/post is very timely indeed. I was just commenting to a good friend of mine that I felt like was spinning (out of control) and that my pace has been a bit dizzying lately. And of course the #1 enemy of a good idea is … you guessed it…
    another good idea. So yes, this is just what I have been grappling with. I’m looking for solid business growth and too much of a good thing can wreck growth. In other words we can’t let too much “progress” too fast suffocate true growth. As you put it, less input, more output! I like!
    Best Regards,

  68. Hi Rich,

    Your email/post is very timely indeed. I was just commenting to a good friend of mine that I felt like was spinning (out of control) and that my pace has been a bit dizzying lately. And of course the #1 enemy of a good idea is … you guessed it…

    another good idea.

    So yes, this is just what I have been grappling with. I’m looking for solid business growth and too much of a good thing can wreck growth.

    In other words we can’t let too much “progress” too fast suffocate true growth. As you put it, less input, more output! I like!

    Best Regards,

  69. If you are reading this, you probably didn’t read the blog post properly. In fact, I don’t know why I’m posting here except that I was actually pretty moved and inspired by the blog post. I’m going to keep it short, though, as I have much doing to do and this isn’t helping grow my business!


  70. It’s good news, bad news. It’s not just me!

    As I read the message, I was struck by how Rich nails me in my quest for info. And my frustration that the output doesn’t match the input. So okay, the good news is I know I’m not the only one. I can let go of the guilt and start with the output already.

    This message is also very subtle and wise: Pay attention to a select few (includes Strategic Profits of course), and stop paying attention to the barrage of other information on every imaginable topic. We can then start creating output for those who haven’t yet learned this wise lesson or are looking for the specific info we (already) have to share.

  71. Hi Rich,

    This is great info that will help to stop more info input and increase output! I mean stop info that will not help in achieving our top 3 objectives. πŸ™‚

    Thanks Rich, for outputing another great info that changes lives. Keep them coming. I don’t mind inputing more great info! πŸ™‚


  72. I have just read the email. I think I have just been punched in the guts. Oh boy, and here I was thinking I should learn it all first. If I printed out all the free (and some purchased) ebooks and newsletters I have, I could cover a multi-storey building. Very sad – I am an information junkie – isn’t part of the moving forward admitting it?? Suppose I should get started and actually build some of these notes into ideas and sites. Thanks for the slap!!!!!

  73. Rich: Yep I am Elsie and I am an information junkie. And everyones says welcome…
    Because I have not yet found my true strengths (but hope is here this month) I just keep buying and reading and buying and reading and listening and and and. I keep hoping by doing all the above that a great idea will come to me. But, it has not. I am a staff accountant by trade and self employed. What I do at the moment is audit and correct small business peoples books. The ones that always seem to think they are saving money by hiring people who don’t have a clue what they are doing. I have a great attention for detail. (Though I can’t spell worth a darn) I just can not figure out a way to put what I do and know into an internet business. So, I read, and I listen, and I buy, hopeing to find an answer. So, for the moment I too am going to take your advice and unsuscribe to ALL the big players email list. At least if I am not making money, I will not be spending all that I have and will have in the future. Thanks

  74. rich, whether you realize it or not, you just keep KISSin’ us all!
    it’s the old “Keep It Simple, Stupid” philosophy, hard at work, with you. & boyo, i dunno how or why its so clear to you when everyone else in the universe needs it all spelled out, but BLESS YER HEART for sharing!

    is it true that you’ll be in san diego this next weekend? wooHOOOO if That’s true…i’ll be there too…trying to remember to OUTPUT whilst Inputting from the best! :o>

  75. it’s september 11th – a time for reflection, about the events of this day in 2001 and about our own lives – a time for me to think about what is important – thank god my family is safe and I keep doing what I can in business to make a better life for them.
    Taking a step back and thinking about my objectives is a valuable start.
    My desk is just strewn with papers – I set aside a “reading slot” every day to catch up with it all without thinking it it’s important or not – I just feel like I have to get through it. I feel relief when I clear a pile or tidy my inbox in Outlook, but what have I really gained???
    Thanks Rich – this is the first time I have felt compelled to post on your blog. You hit a raw nerve – well done. I’m away to get a binbag and clear my desk…

  76. I very recently realized this and began to be utterly selective with my email reading, investigations and follow ups. It is so easy to be distracted and off you go to www-wonderland… But I did not realize that that is exactly what I am: an INFO-JUNKY!! So so true! It makes such a difference to actually SEE it written down and then to be struck by the severe truth of exactly what it was that caused a constant niggling uneasyness about just how to find your way in the INFO-JUNGLE and try to make sense of it! And then, heaviness off your shoulders, to finally realize that your condition has a name!:-) Then to admit it and be HONEST with yourself about it!!
    Thanx for putting it into words!

  77. I think I’ll be making this blog site my permanent homepage on my browser. I mean WOWWWWWWWW. I stumbled across this internet business thing about 1 year ago and I have not been making a single cent from the internet. I have A LOT of education materials and tools worth in the region of $20,000 but all this while, I am constantly looking for ways to improve everything relating to internet marketing, I want to find the best mix so that I can go out and make a loud bang on the internet circle. But instead, I ended up collecting more and more information and tools and not doing anything as a result. Your post really really open up my eyes to what I am lacking. It is not a lack of information, rather it is having TOO MUCH information. Analysis paralysis.

    Thank you so so much. Can’t wait for your other coaching materials to come out.

  78. All very true and to the point, I need to drastically reduce my subscriptions. I would also like to say that the enormous volume of freebies offered with some product sales are actually putting me off even looking at the product. Too much information.

  79. A couple of months ago I started “migrating” all of my mailing list messages to my gmail account, and then last month created a lot of filters to put most of the incoming messages straight into the mail archive, but with a label if I had the time or desire to read the messages.

    There were a few exceptions that I left in my inbox — you and Clayton Makepeace amongst a couple of others. Anyway, the big thing is — I haven’t missed those other messages at all, and had nearly forgot about them completely. It is so much easier this way, and if I really want my mailing list “hit” then they’re all there to look at in gmail.

    Like Tony Robbins says, knowledge isn’t power… action is power.

    Thanks for your email,
    Dean in Melbourne downunder

  80. I was busy writing articles for dozens of sites regarding topics I cared nothing about when I read your manifesto a couple months back.

    Almost everything you said was different from how I was structuring my new internet business.

    One thing you said caught my attention — work according to your strengths.

    My strength is in planning and programming. I decided to follow my strength and write a php script to sell.

    It has been incredibly successful during beta testing and sales and now I’m planning and official launch for Sept 26th.

    I created a page linked above to attract partners if you or anyone is interested in taking a look.

    Chris Crompton

  81. Your writing today has hit the
    spot.I realize that I must put
    myself on a “information diet”
    if I am ever to monetize my sites.

    I already have an idea book full
    of entries,now I must prioritize
    them and act.

    Thanks for the wake up call!

  82. Decrease the input is the answer isn’t it?

    Filtering things according to how they fit your goals might be a start.

    Your post was up to the usual high standard Rich.

    I have pulled out a yellow pad to write down the notes from it!

    Judging from the number of comments, this is a hot topic!

    Looking forward to the answer soon.



  83. Rich,

    You’re awesome! I read your Internet Manifesto like a bible and my life already started turning around – just by reading it!!! Thank you for being so generous to the world, Rich! Oh, if only everyone out there was getting it, could our Internet Marketing World be a better place?!…

  84. Boy am I glad I found you Rich! Today I read the phrase ‘defrag the brain’ and I realised that is just what I need to do. My work space is now a rehab area – no new information seeking – just business application! I read the Manifesto and it blew my mind. So I have no more time to blab on blogs, my time is too valuable, lol.
    Warm regards from Australia.

  85. You hit the nail on the head! We continue to do the same things over and over and expect different results. Thanks for your lucid observations…pointing it out once again to us. Regards, Bob

  86. That was a very informative e-book (manifesto: the final chapter). I am starting to break through some limitations and I know I will have a multi-million dollar business, but this makes it more certain and faster. Thanks a lot for a great service.


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