It’s Not Always About Trying Harder

“The less effort, the faster and more powerful you will be.” – Bruce Lee

The past week was fantastic. In my elite coaching program I introduced my clients to their strengths using a test also used by Fortune 500 companies like Motorola, Microsoft, Intel, American Express, etc… I actually can’t wait until September when I can introduce my Business Growth System Members this amazing test and the powerful process they will go through.

What’s really interesting is for a few of my elite clients their test scores came back with the label “In Transition”. You see, many of these clients had been working incredibly hard with minimal results. And the test pointed out to them that they needed to stop what they were currently doing and regroup and then choose an alternative route.

The common theme for my “In Transition” clients was attempting to do many of the popular Internet money making strategies with no consideration of what they were good at, or what they enjoyed doing. As if their bank account wasn’t enough of a clue, now they were getting psychological proof that the methods they were trying were not going to lead to entrepreneurial success.

So what about you?

Is it getting easier or more difficult to increase your profits?

Are you working longer hours or less hours?

Remember, in business you don’t get an A for effort – it’s all about the results you are creating. And the easiest place to achieve spectacular results is where your strengths allow you to easily get them. And that’s why it is so very important to play to your strengths.

If you’ve been struggling in your business and it’s not getting any easier to produce the desired results that you want, it’s time to get real. That means take a good look at yourself and really considering whether or not you are following the right path for yourself.

If you are not on the right path – it’s time to stop what you are currently doing and begin your quest to find a business that plays to your strengths.

On a different note…

I have some very big announcements this week regarding bonuses for all of my clients. I wish I could tell you all now, but it’s only a few days away so mums the word for now.

6 thoughts on “It’s Not Always About Trying Harder”

  1. Hello Rich,

    To help with your efforts to keep your customer list organized and increase sales, take a look at the Avidian Prophet 3.0 software programs. I’m using the program and in addition to keeping everything organized, it has greatly increased sales.

    Ron Forster

  2. Rick,
    You have been a pleasure to read and I really like how you write. I have read all three of your books and I learned a great deal from them. I was working hard at working hard. Being organized and having objectives to work toward is much more productive. Thank you for sharing all this information with us. You are amazing. I have always worked hard and my goal was saurvival. Now my goal is to help others to grow and learn about themselves. I want others to succeed, change their mindset and grow. To be enlightened as they grow, just like you are. Thanks again for the great service to do for all of us. I will be much more productive now that I am focused,

  3. Rich, I have just finished reading your downloads and listening to the audios again.
    After three years of following the herd from one program to the next I now know that my way of working was SOOOO flawed.

    Thank you


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