Is Business Just Common Sense?

Is business success just common sense? A lot of people think so. They think if you’re smart and you work hard, you will be successful. But you know what? Most people are wrong because it’s not common sense to success in business.

How do I know?

First of all, most businesses fail, so it takes uncommon sense to win. The biggest contributor to the high business failure rates is that most people were never trained on how to really make a business run and grow. Most people were never taught what an entrepreneur really is. and who you have to be in your business. Because of that, there’s a major price that’s being paid.

The price is the overwhelming majority of businesses fail, and even those that very few that last and still survive most of them are just glorified jobs, with the owner working his / her butt off to make a salary. They’ve got no freedom. They’re probably working harder than they would ever work for somebody else., and have little to show for it.

It’s a fair statement to say that most small businesses, almost all small businesses, do not reach their potential. The big question is why? Why don’t most small businesses reach their potential?

And while the truth stings… the research backs it up, the main reason for the sad state of affairs for small business online and offline is the entrepreneur’s lack of skills and knowledge (Dunn and Bradstreet).

So what are you doing (besides reading this) to improve your entrepreneurial skills?

In my coaching programs Module #1 is completely focused on becoming a better entrepreneur, and many of my most successful clients have told me that right after that first session they already started thinking differently.

Here’s a few of the most recent comments about the first module from current clients:

—Tons of info. Very fast paced, with no fluff or filler. Very refreshing. My mind was totally engaged for the entire 2 hours.

—First time I’ve ever heard someone make sense of the skills and the process of growing a business, in two hours, where I felt like I really learned something cohesive.

—Excellent. Exciting. Informative…Rich seems to have the timing of the material very well orchestrated.

—I am impressed so far by the depth of the information given by Rich. For the first time ever – and I have been searching for that information a long time – am I finally learning what having and building “a business” really is about.

—An excellent overview on entepreneurship, business ownership, the various roles I need to play as my business grows. Instead of diving right into tactics, you start with the basics that MUST be understood before moving forward. Answering the WHY of what I’m doing must direct the HOW’s. But without being told that, it could easily be missed and I could be lead down a path of building a business that becomes something I didn’t want in the first place. Solid information for our first real call. Has me thinking a lot deeper about my business already.

—I feel like a just drank from a fire highdrant, it was a mindblowing amount of information. That being said, the information is absolutely life changing. I had these questions for years, and I had not found real answers until now.

—It was great and it was overwhelming and a little intimidating. Good – what an amount of information to learn, how many changes to make… Guess the best way is to follow your steps and do whatever you figured out to do first and then worry about the rest.

—In my opinion, very valuable information, and lot’s of it. The call was a great overview, and I plan on spending time going through the material, taking notes and answering the questions to have it really sink in before the next call. I could see my perspective changing even as the call was proceeding.

—We’ve worked hard at building our business and have some success, but we knew we needed a shift to get to the next level. Today I had the what, how and why laid out in front of me with the challenge to take responsibility and make it happen! What a great start!

—This call was great, TRULY FABULOUS, but I hope every call is not exactly like this. My head hurts.

—Thanks for sharpening the cutting edge of designing and building a highly profitable business!

—This call absolutely blew me away. The quality of the material was 1st class and the amount was nothing short of mind boggling. It was difficult to keep up at times and that, I believe, was the most powerful aspect of Rich’s unique and cutting edge style. I will be going over this stuff in my head 24 hours a day even if I’m not aware of it. This material is truly inspiring.

Keep your eyes out, I got some big announcements to make.

13 thoughts on “Is Business Just Common Sense?”

  1. Hi Rich – Is it possible to at least notify us a day ahead before the conference/coaching call starts. I’m on Pacific Time and its not enough time to get your notice. By the time I read your email, the coaching call is already over. I totally missed the opportunity to join the live call.

    Can you tell me then where I can download the recording of your coaching call.


  2. I too missed the call, thinking the first one would be in September and missing the announcement having left for the morning (PST)and not seeing it until noon our time.
    Can you pls provide the link for the audio? It’s not in the above posting location.
    Sign me, disappointed.

  3. Great session Rich. Sorry I missed the call yesterday, but I read the presentation materials today, and completed the exercises, all of which has really opened my eyes again on how to run my business successfully – I had lost focus and clarity for a time – but I am definitely back on track again!

    Great job and effort by both you and your staff. Well done!!!

    To sum up Module One in three words:

    Powerful – Informative – Timely

    Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  4. I missed the call too unfortunately!

    A reminder email the day before would be super helpful!

    Making the call a few hours later would really help. I’m on the west coast too and having a 10am call on MONDAY morning just seems like a bad idea to me.

    I’m one of those internet marketing guys who works until 2-3AM and so by the time I wake up the call is already over! 😉

    But anyway please get the MP3/transcript to us ASAP. Thanks!

  5. How Fortuitous! …to be reckoning with a deadline to repair a tax mistake from a few years back whilst working through the exercises from yesterday’s lesson.

    I know WHY I (however unconsciously) created the tax issue. I know where I got the beliefs that precipitated my disorganized files.

    But, to be candid, this is where the rubber meets the road. There IS NO new business launch for me without 1) correcting grave financial neglect, and 2) facing and reshaping the weaknesses in my business beliefs.

    I guess I just got to a point where the cost of having a “blind spot” finally was just too high to NOT overcome it. Now it’s pretty amazing to see how much profit I have forfeited for the temporary comfort of more “casual” books in the moment!

    In fact, I think that is where a lot of people are mentally with being a small operation or a one-man-shop: that operating more “on the fly” they then also have the freedom to remain under the radar of greater accountability, as though some sort of consequences DON’T even exist! But they exist in many forms.

    And it’s a double-edged sword. It keeps the “prize” just a little out of reach. And, sadly, for many, that is good enough. It was for me for a long time. For others, that’s just the way they want it. Why wreck a perfect vision by living in reality!

    I hope I haven’t been too personal here in this very public format. It’s good to have practical and personal applications for the material.

    Honesty with one’s self is its own reward…unless you just can’t handle the clarity.

  6. Totally awesome. Glad I forked over the cash for this coaching!

    It’s quite fast paced but if you go back and read the slides, listen to the audio a second time it really hits home.

    I too am on the west coast and would appreciate a little more advance warning of upcoming calls rather than the short notice that we had for the previous call. (With respect.)

    I’m sorry for all those folks that missed out on this coaching. Knowing just the material in month one is really valuable in and of itself. I would be choked had I known what I would have missed out on if I had not signed up for this.

    Much respect out to you Rich.


  7. Try being in Australia and making the live calls. I’ve pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I will be listening to the recordings until I get to Canada in September.

    There is nothing that I get up for at 3AM, not even Rich 😉

  8. Watching the video made me do two things already:

    1. I binned (I mean threw away) a lot of material thatI previously thought was important. But I realized I would just spend more unproductive time on them.

    2. After exactly one hour of watching the video, I stopped the video because it just dawned on me that watching a video is also not productive time! Even that I did learn a lot.

    And products created in productive time is what I need more than education.

    Thanks Rich, great material. Keep it coming!

    p.s. Have a look at, you’ll find some entries about a certain Rich Schefren there …

  9. Darn: I too missed the call. I too did not realize it was the second Monday of this month also. Hopefully it is now posted in the spot noted before. I looked there on Aug.14 but did not see anything. Rich can you maybe post in your blog a few days before the call so we will have advance notice. Do you have a calander maybe for us. HOPE, HOPE. 10 A.M. Monday is hard for me also but, will make the sacrifice. LOL Hugs Tenderspirit


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