Sunday Night Update…

A quick update and a further explanation as we close out this week.

The programs are going to be amazing, and I have been busy finalizing the materials. If you thought the free materials were good, be prepared to be WOWed! They really are that good.

While I’ve been busy working on the content (from my home office-thank god!), everyone else in my organization is working at a frenzied pace dealing with the overwhelming demand that introducing 700 new clients into our company in less than a week has caused.

There are many of you that still need to be added to our customer database. If you are in the 11 week program and have not received any emails from us please email [email protected] with the subject line “Missing 11 Week.” If you are in the 12 month program, please be patient for now. We are adding the new clients from the 12 month program right now, and we expect to have the job done by the end of the week. (I have three people who are trusted to go through my merchant accounts and I have all three working on getting this done as we speak.)

The 11 week program is starting this week. The 12 month program will start the following week. I will have a lot more updates for everyone this week so make sure to stop by and read any new posts.

Speak to you all tomorrow…

p.s. – In the previous post I asked you to submit a comment if you haven’t received an email from us. Please only do so if you are in the 12 month program. If you are in the 11 week program please send an email to the email address I listed in the body copy of this post.

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  1. Hi Rich, just to let you know I haven’t received any news about the 12 month program I have signed on. I appreciate if you can send us the agenda of the program. It would be great to know when it is coming etc. Thank you.

  2. Hi Rich, I haven’t received any e-mails about the 12 month program I have signed on. Can you send an outline agenda? timeline of study activities etc. Best, Andy Whitehead

  3. Just received the first email from you… a few hours ago.

    JC, the 11 week program is the one that sold out in 2 hours and 14 minutes. The one-on-one coaching program.

    Most of us are in the 12 month program for 397$ per month.

    Hope that helps,


  4. Hi Rich: I received my receipt and one email saying that your elite group was having their first call on August 2, and we your 12 month group would be receiving word shortly after. So I am hoping that I am on your email list for the program emails, but, if the above mentioned was not all that we should have received to date, then please add me. Thanks
    I am so excited to get started.

  5. Hi Rich – No e-mail or welcome materials yet for the 12 month program. Looking forward to everything you have to offer!

    With Gratitude,

    Danny Guspie

  6. I am in the 12 month program, I have received the initial couple of emails. The last email I received mentioned a conference call today but I still haven’t received the call-in information.


  7. To Clarify:

    11-Week Members Have A Coaching Call Today, August 2nd.

    12-Month Members Will Be Receiving Their Welcome Information Shortly.

    Warm Regards,
    Dan Caron
    Strategic Profits

  8. Just letting you know I did recieve your email about starting the 12mth program next week but have not recieved the conference call email that other 12mth program members are talking about.



  9. I’ll keep this short and quick.

    Very seldom do I write something like this. I do my
    absolute best to keep things positive in the marketplace.

    But I wanna set the record straight about something…

    A high profile marketer who I respect is making claims
    that no other marketer has been teaching business systems
    for hiring employees, building, growing and expanding a

    I want to set the record straight right here, right now.

    In Milcer’s (pronounced MILKERS) newsletters, this was one
    of our 3 themes from day 1. Check Or the
    current sales letter that has been up there a long time.

    You can read back issues that are available.

    I didn’t email about this earlier because I felt it would
    be innapropriate to detract from this marketer’s launch.

    But I have studied systems for 5 years. Read probably
    20,000 pages on them. Had them in my business for 6+

    And anyone who knows me personally knows that basically I
    don’t work in this business other than reading and writing
    my monthly newsletter and the occasional seminar or
    conference call.

    I’ve had people for 6 years. Systems for 6 years. Other
    people doing the work for 6 years.

    In terms of not doing actual “work” in their business, I
    seriously doubt there’s anyone who has my lifestyle. Every
    day you can find me at Starbucks, bookstores or wherever I
    choose reading and learning, which is what I love to do
    and love to share.

    Now, having gotten that off my chest let me say several

    1. I have high respect for the marketer making these
    claims. I think he has a LOT to offer the community.

    2. I joined his program. I think it’s a good program. I
    spend $20,000+ a year on education, so it isn’t a dent in
    my monthly educational budget. But I think this marketer
    has a unique and valuable contribution to make to people
    who are at the level where they need it.

    3. What I CAN show people how to do is get to the point
    where I’m at. That is 2-5 people, either virtual or
    employees helping you out in your business doing the work.
    I call that putting your business on full or semi auto
    pilot, and I’ve been teaching that in Milcers for several
    years, however long I’ve been publishing. Can’t recall off
    the top of my head.

    4. What I have to teach about systems I’m sure is a
    different and unique body of information. I don’t teach
    process maps, although I think they’re a great idea. I
    don’t teach growing BIG beyond 5 people because I haven’t
    done it yet.

    5. While I have taught and will continue to teach systems
    to my Milcers, it isn’t the focus because to be honest,
    most people don’t have a product, don’t have a target
    market, don’t have a sales letter. So what is it you need
    systems for other than to get those activities going,
    which is what I teach?

    Most people in this industry are stuck at a job they hate,
    with only an hour a night, no revenue from their business,
    no product yet of their own, and no target market or an
    unclear one.

    Thus, my main thrust has been getting people to square 1
    which is income. At which you can turn up the systems. But
    that doesn’t mean I haven’t in the mix been teaching
    outsourcing, delegating and autopiloting.

    6. From day 1 in Milcers, the theme has been create income
    streams using the steps of “The Amazing Formula”, put them
    on full or semi auto pilot and enjoy the Internet lifestyle.

    Step two involves systems and hiring either freelancers or
    employees. And I’ve been teaching and preaching that since
    day one. To say that no one else has taught systems to
    this market is not true. And if you maintain that, you
    ain’t done your homework on Milcers.

    And to say that if I talk about systems, I’m therefore
    ripping off the “domain” of this other marketer is a

    He’s marketing his territory and his positioning, and I
    don’t blame him. It’s a smart thing to do. But I want YOU
    as my customer to know I’ve been bringing the value on
    this topic for a long time, and it isn’t true to say I haven’t.

    However, I give him GREAT credit for recognizing the value of
    it as a stand alone topic and making that “his thing.” Those
    who are ONLY interested in that topic won’t be well-served with
    my Milcer’s newsletter, since my primary focus there is helping
    focus get the income streams to begin with by applying “The
    Amazing Formula” to whatever topic or area they have an interest


    1. I think this marketer has a great deal to offer the
    community in how to grow beyond the level I’m currently at
    which is 5 and less freelancers/employees.

    2. The claim he makes to be the first and only person
    teaching systems and growing a business is to discount the
    work I’ve done in and with our Milcers.

    3. In all fairness to this other marketer, I doubt he’s a
    member of Milcers, although I haven’t checked. So he isn’t
    aware of what I have or haven’t taught. I’m NOT in any
    way, shape or form criticizing or attacking him in the

    But I think it’s fair and my duty to point out the service
    I HAVE performed for my Milcers since day one. And not to
    do so is to allow another to INVALIDATE the value I’ve
    delivered and continue to deliver.

    4. I’ll continue to teach what I’ve always taught — which
    is to create income streams, put them on full or semi auto
    pilot and enjoy the Internet lifestyle.

    The one thing I CAN say definitively is that this marketer
    did a 10X TIMES BETTER job than I have done or anyone else
    has done (other than Michael Gerber) for convincing people
    they need systems and so forth.

    For that, I feel the industry as a whole owes him a debt
    of gratitude. I welcome any contributions made to this
    industry by anyone who can help all of us put more to the
    bottom line.

    I apologize for the direct nature of this email. But
    sometimes, on rare occasion, I think you need to set the
    record straight, at least with your own customers.

    Best wishes,
    Marlon Sanders “Innovator since day freakin’ one”

  10. Marlon is right. I put my respect on him. I understand why Rich felt sick about johny-come-latelys as he called them. I got severals email offering such service.

    I’ve checked that some of them will be in the coaching program 🙁

    I’ve read the Manifesto and The Missing Chapter twice. When I check all the email I’ve got so far I was amazed that finally I can tell which one is crap which one is not.

    What make me sad was that one of the craps was promoted heavily by marketer Rich mentioned in his Manifesto.

    Anyway, Rich’s helped me alot.

    I have not got anything free from Marlon 😉

    Indratno Widiarto

  11. Reply to Indratno: We send out a full-blow free newsletter monthly to our A-List members (that’s our buyer’s list). It’s quite elaborate.

    We also send out meaty articles 2X a month and PDF’s on occasion.


  12. I purchased Marlon’s Cash Like Clockwork system a year ago. And recently, I’ve been re-reading it. It includes very detailed process maps on how to create your products, write sales letter and even manage your business. And yes, it does have info on creating systems to run your business.

    I’m also on Marlon’s FREE A-List and it’s filled with useful, practical tips for building your business.

    Of course, this takes nothing away from Rich. I think having them both as mentors can only enrich our businesses.

    Mark Flournoy,


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