The Vultures Are Descending Already

So, I finally got some needed sleep.. opened my email box this morning to find:

1) A teleseminar for the internet marketing community about 7 secrets to a million dollar business being used to pitch some sort of program

2) A pitch for a 6 week teleseminar series on how to get the maximum leverage out of your internet business.

Then I opened an email from a friend and he had found two other promotions geared for the budding internet entrepreneur.

Unbelievable. I guess I should take it all as a compliment, but I don’t. I have spent years perfecting what I now teach, and it all has been proven time and time again. These Johnny-Come-Latelys are just opportunists trying to feed on my table scraps – and they’ll end up hurting the people who put trust in them.

So, if you are one of the people who couldn’t afford what I have offered, please do not go looking for some cheap option. Instead go through my free materials, study them, do your best to apply them and I will have more free materials for you. Yes, I will be busy but I would rather do some extra work and get you what you need, even if I give it away, then be at all responsible for you going down the wrong path with the wrong people.

I know what I’ve said here is controversial, but for 2 years I was the only one working on strategy and systems for internet businesses and within 4 hours of my launch ending all of sudden there are quite a few popping up, it really make me sick, and it should make you sick too.

If you read my work, you already know how important a role I feel your business plays is in your life. That’s why I get so worked up about this. The wrong advice could literally set you years back. Be careful, before you take anyone’s business building advice, see if they have testimonials from people your respect and whose success you would like to emulate. Make them prove to you that they’ve been focused on internet businesses – and that they’ve had more than 10 internet businesses as clients.

OK, I am finished with my rant. Now on to some housekeeping.

I have sent emails out to clients on both of my client lists. If you paid and did not receive an email I need to know about it. Just post a comment here using your preferred email address when you sign in (don’t put it in the body of your post) and we will contact you.

My oldest daughter Ava has a tennis lesson so I got to run, but sometime soon I am going to tell you why my daughter Ava (who is 4 years old) already makes more money than most internet marketers do all by herself (no help from her old man).

60 thoughts on “The Vultures Are Descending Already”

  1. Hi Rich,

    I’ve signed up for the Businesss Growth System, but haven’t received any e-mail.

    However, I’ve contacted Sheila from Schefren, and she has confirmed that I was on the list.

    I’ve watched your video and the wisdom inside this video is already more worth for me than the price of the purchase of the Growth Business System

    Can’t wait to get started.
    Jan Heering

  2. Hi Rich,
    I purchased a spot on your month by month program and have not received an email. I emailed you a few days ago and have heard nothing yet.

    Shane Wilson

  3. I don’t see the similarity between your program and the email you are talking about. Offers like that have been around for years. I don’t see how you can take credit for sparking them. I’m sure they would be there even if people have never heard of you.

  4. Hi Rich – I signed up too but have not heard anything. I also sent an e-mail but got no reply.


  5. Hey Rich,
    I signed up for the 12 month program and haven’t received any emails yet (other than the receipt). Looking forward to hearing from you and getting started.

  6. I was one of the first 40 who signed up on the evening before your launch – and I am totally pumped!! But, I haven’t heard anything yet, either – and have left 2 emails because there was a double chargo on my cc’s through PP.

  7. I got an order confirmation email.
    I saw my name on the list, #78 I think.
    I see the charge on my CC.
    I haven’t received any additional emails.
    I’m working on your suggestions in the freebies but I’m anxious to get rolling on the major program.

  8. I also have only received a payment receipt and no other email from you. Thanks for asking us to post this for you to see. When do we start?

    I’ve been reading through your free resources and am going to start learning mind-mapping & project-mapping as/and before we get started. I’m looking forward to this coaching as I really need to learn more efficient & effective management tools and management style to make my time effective and super effective.

    Question: On your resources pdf you have 3 different ones. mindjet, smartdraw, and gyronix. Do you use them all? It looks like gyronix isn’t the easiest to start with.

    I currently outsource four ongoing tasks, but these four outsourcers have no need to be in contact with each other. My first priority is to get my own tasks/mind clear and focused, and I have my tasks and notes in various places: word, excel, access, ms works database with no efficient central place (only too many papers on my physical desk). it looks like mindjet might be the best for me to start with for this task organizing part??

    If you can give me a comment on my questions along with when we get started I’d really appreciate it.

    Thank you

  9. Rich,

    As far as the copycats go, I wouldn’t expend any negative energy even thinking about them.

    As we both know, anyone that has been in business for any length of time and produces a quality product WILL get knocked off.

    Not if, but when. It’s just the human nature of lazy people, they think they can come in and just copy your success.

    But when they find out how hard it is to get to the top, how much time and money you have to invest… well, most of them are just not willing to put in that time and money. So they fall by the wayside.

    Your USP is what will separate these wanna-be’s. And thankfully, you’re lightyears ahead of what others are offering to do.

    You’ve so far “out-USP’ed” them, they are now all playing “catch-up”

    Shawn Lebrun

  10. Hey Rich,

    also didn’t get that email.

    But systems mess up every now and then, got problems with it myself too.

    Maybe you want to look into it and send another mail to everyone once the problem is fixed, so that everybody can confirm they’re on the list now!

    Looking forward to your program,

    The Netherlands

  11. Hi. I enrolled in the 12-month program and didn’t get a mail from you.

    Much looking forward to your program!


  12. Hi Rich,

    I signed up but received no “welcome” or follow up emails either. There was also no thank you page when I completed the Paypal payment step.

    I did, however, ended up with 2 Paypal subscriptions and got receipts for both, including the one from 1ShoppingCart.

    I’ve sent a reply email to Sheila about this already – waiting to hear back 🙂

    Best Regards,


  13. About the Johnny-Come-Latelys:

    Thought I should mention that Perry Marshall also does coaching that includes building/growing your internet business, and he’s been doing it for a while.

    Though he wouldn’t be one of the ones sending out opportunistic emails. He only markets his coaching to existing customers.

    But anyone else who’s promoting coaching right now, using the term “business building” for internet businesses, I’d say is definitely copying Rich – since he’s the one who’s popularized (and systemized) that term and idea.

  14. wow, I’ve had a great ride just getting to the signing up part of the coaching program. I think I have learned more than a few thousand dollars worth just watching rich sign us all up. and with all the great free information I’m on such a great learning buzz cant wait to get started.

  15. Hi Rich,
    I think I was number 152 to sign up for the monthly program.
    I received a “Thank you for your order” email from you and my credit card WAS charged.
    However, I did not receive a receipt from Paypal and I don’t see a subscription to the program there either.
    I feel really good about signing up for your program. I look forward to working with you and I’m grateful that you came up with the monthly payment option as it will be much easier for me to manage financially.
    Barbara Wainwright

  16. Hi Rich!
    I paid for a subscription to your 12 Month Business Growth System Monday July 24th. I got a receipt, but haven’t received an email or any information from you.

    I’m really looking forward to getting started!

    Jan Marie

  17. Rich,

    I paid for month to month, but have not received email. By the way, have any spaces in the 11-week intensive opened up?


  18. No email here either. Was listed on the site as having signed up and credit card was charged.

    Did anyone actually GET an email?

    I also emailed shortly after signing up to make sure that the right affiliate was credited since I signed on from a different computer and no response.

    Also, it would be REAL nice if we could get an advance schedule of the planned dates/times for the calls and how you plan to deal with the time differences.

  19. Nancy – MindJet ( makes software called MindManager specifically for mindmapping. Gyronix is a plugin for MindManager – it pulls data from other maps to create a “dashboard” of “to do” lists, projects, etc.

    SmartDraw is great for process mapping (and about 1000 other drawing-related projects). Not so good for mind-mapping (especially compared to MindManager).

    Hope this helps.

  20. Just as Shawn said.
    For process mapping SmartDraw is ideal. There are probably cheaper options out there but it really is so easy and powerful I love it.

    For brainstorming, organizing thoughts, and keeping track of my daily to-do’s I use mindmanager from mindjet.

    I just posted a new post. The 11 week program starts this week, the 12 month will start the following week.

  21. Rich, I didn’t get your emails after I received your “thank you for the order” email.

    My order id is 13902081. Thank you for the help.

  22. Hi Rich!

    I paid for a subscription to your 12 Month Business Growth System. I got a receipt, but haven’t received an email or any information from you.


  23. I signed up and received the paypal receipts but nothing else. No welcome emails or anything.

    Please send me what I’ve missed so far.


  24. I seem to get all my emails ok, 3 so far! It looks like the internets blackhole for email is at work here or maybe its spam filters?

  25. Since I couldn’t afford the offerings I had to pass and focus on my strengths. From devouring all of the free stuff you’ve released so far, I was able to implement some of them.

    Congrats to the 60-minute makeover winner!

  26. This really ROCKS !!

    Thanks for taking the time to respond to my question on the mindmapping as to which one to start with.

    I’ve set up 2 mindmaps already and I feel the stress level already going down 🙂 Being able to centralize my thoughts in this visual enviroment is great!! And being able to massage and move things on the map is amazing. Having these handy “clicks” to documents and webpages from the mind map is awesome – WOW what an efficient time saver!!

    I’m sure that as I work with my mindmaps will get even better and more efficient. It took some time to set these up with the learning curve, but within the next few days my time saved with these mind maps will quickly exceed the time it took to set these up. Plus I can feel the “flow of ideas” starting to happen in mindjet environment.

    I’m sure I’ll be adding the Gyronix dashboard and the SmartDraw soon. Thank you Rich and thank you Shawn for your responses to my mindmap questions 🙂

    I’m looking forward to this next year working with the 12 month group and you Rich.

  27. Talking about Johny-Come-Lately, you have to be aware that some of them might be people who has or will be in Rich’s Coaching program. I’ve got some of the offers lately.

    My suggestion, if you’re not have the luxury to be in the program, read again the manifesto and the missing chapter. Then read all the emails you’ve received so far. You can tell which’s crap which’s not.

    Indratno Widiarto
    from The Infopreneur World

  28. Nancy-
    one other resource you may be interested in is (One note though for full disclosure – I created that site.) There are sample maps, free resources, suggestions, etc. I will be adding more stuff to it in the near future including a downloadable maps gallery and some tips and tricks (all free, of course). One word of advice to help you avoid the mistakes I made initially with mind mapping – get the info on the map first, then arrange and format it. I used to spend a lot of time trying to get everything right first and that’s not very productive. I start by pouring everything I can onto the map, then figuring out where everything goes, how it relates, how to format it, etc. Good luck.

  29. I’ll keep this short and quick.

    Very seldom do I write something like this. I do my
    absolute best to keep things positive in the marketplace.

    But I wanna set the record straight about something…

    A high profile marketer who I respect is making claims
    that no other marketer has been teaching business systems
    for hiring employees, building, growing and expanding a

    I want to set the record straight right here, right now.

    In Milcer’s (pronounced MILKERS) newsletters, this was one
    of our 3 themes from day 1. Check Or the
    current sales letter that has been up there a long time.

    You can read back issues that are available.

    I didn’t email about this earlier because I felt it would
    be innapropriate to detract from this marketer’s launch.

    But I have studied systems for 5 years. Read probably
    20,000 pages on them. Had them in my business for 6+

    And anyone who knows me personally knows that basically I
    don’t work in this business other than reading and writing
    my monthly newsletter and the occasional seminar or
    conference call.

    I’ve had people for 6 years. Systems for 6 years. Other
    people doing the work for 6 years.

    In terms of not doing actual “work” in their business, I
    seriously doubt there’s anyone who has my lifestyle. Every
    day you can find me at Starbucks, bookstores or wherever I
    choose reading and learning, which is what I love to do
    and love to share.

    Now, having gotten that off my chest let me say several

    1. I have high respect for the marketer making these
    claims. I think he has a LOT to offer the community.

    2. I joined his program. I think it’s a good program. I
    spend $20,000+ a year on education, so it isn’t a dent in
    my monthly educational budget. But I think this marketer
    has a unique and valuable contribution to make to people
    who are at the level where they need it.

    3. What I CAN show people how to do is get to the point
    where I’m at. That is 2-5 people, either virtual or
    employees helping you out in your business doing the work.
    I call that putting your business on full or semi auto
    pilot, and I’ve been teaching that in Milcers for several
    years, however long I’ve been publishing. Can’t recall off
    the top of my head.

    4. What I have to teach about systems I’m sure is a
    different and unique body of information. I don’t teach
    process maps, although I think they’re a great idea. I
    don’t teach growing BIG beyond 5 people because I haven’t
    done it yet.

    5. While I have taught and will continue to teach systems
    to my Milcers, it isn’t the focus because to be honest,
    most people don’t have a product, don’t have a target
    market, don’t have a sales letter. So what is it you need
    systems for other than to get those activities going,
    which is what I teach?

    Most people in this industry are stuck at a job they hate,
    with only an hour a night, no revenue from their business,
    no product yet of their own, and no target market or an
    unclear one.

    Thus, my main thrust has been getting people to square 1
    which is income. At which you can turn up the systems. But
    that doesn’t mean I haven’t in the mix been teaching
    outsourcing, delegating and autopiloting.

    6. From day 1 in Milcers, the theme has been create income
    streams using the steps of “The Amazing Formula”, put them
    on full or semi auto pilot and enjoy the Internet lifestyle.

    Step two involves systems and hiring either freelancers or
    employees. And I’ve been teaching and preaching that since
    day one. To say that no one else has taught systems to
    this market is not true. And if you maintain that, you
    ain’t done your homework on Milcers.

    And to say that if I talk about systems, I’m therefore
    ripping off the “domain” of this other marketer is a

    He’s marketing his territory and his positioning, and I
    don’t blame him. It’s a smart thing to do. But I want YOU
    as my customer to know I’ve been bringing the value on
    this topic for a long time, and it isn’t true to say I haven’t.

    However, I give him GREAT credit for recognizing the value of
    it as a stand alone topic and making that “his thing.” Those
    who are ONLY interested in that topic won’t be well-served with
    my Milcer’s newsletter, since my primary focus there is helping
    focus get the income streams to begin with by applying “The
    Amazing Formula” to whatever topic or area they have an interest


    1. I think this marketer has a great deal to offer the
    community in how to grow beyond the level I’m currently at
    which is 5 and less freelancers/employees.

    2. The claim he makes to be the first and only person
    teaching systems and growing a business is to discount the
    work I’ve done in and with our Milcers.

    3. In all fairness to this other marketer, I doubt he’s a
    member of Milcers, although I haven’t checked. So he isn’t
    aware of what I have or haven’t taught. I’m NOT in any
    way, shape or form criticizing or attacking him in the

    But I think it’s fair and my duty to point out the service
    I HAVE performed for my Milcers since day one. And not to
    do so is to allow another to INVALIDATE the value I’ve
    delivered and continue to deliver.

    4. I’ll continue to teach what I’ve always taught — which
    is to create income streams, put them on full or semi auto
    pilot and enjoy the Internet lifestyle.

    The one thing I CAN say definitively is that this marketer
    did a 10X TIMES BETTER job than I have done or anyone else
    has done (other than Michael Gerber) for convincing people
    they need systems and so forth.

    For that, I feel the industry as a whole owes him a debt
    of gratitude. I welcome any contributions made to this
    industry by anyone who can help all of us put more to the
    bottom line.

    I apologize for the direct nature of this email. But
    sometimes, on rare occasion, I think you need to set the
    record straight, at least with your own customers.

    Best wishes,
    Marlon Sanders “Innovator since day freakin’ one”

  30. Shawn, congratulations on your Masters. It is no wonder you love mind mapping 🙂 That is Awesome!!

    I looked through your mind mapping website – thanks for the URL to that. I bookmarked it to visit again for tips as I’m doing mind mapping.

  31. Considering how long it took I refer to it as my “gradual” degree instead of my graduate degree.

    Let me know what, if anything, you’d like to see on the site to help you get started with mind mapping. Feel free to email me directly with suggestions.

  32. Truth is, it’s not who is first, it is who is SEEN first.

    And Rich has done a fine job of grabbing the business growth / systems ring in the IM world, if you consider IM a “business.”

    As a “real” coach who has made a mill+ a year in coaching since 1994 (teaching business growth and systems we all learned/modeled from Jay, Gerber, etc.), I recognize that Rich is only doing what most of Jay’s, and especially Dan K’s, students did beginning in the early 90s: marking his territory in the online world.

    And based on the fact that there are many real (certified coaches) with seven figure business experience who have coached hundreds of small business people online B.R., it could be argued that Rich is in fact the johnny-come-lately. But I’m not here to challenge him, I’m here to observe, learn and contribute.

    I love how he has brilliantly “avoided” being called on his “coaching” or “Internet marketing” pedigree by reframing the conversation. This is awesome to watch.

    BTW, I’ve taken a look at his potty training, breastfeeding, escort and child obesity sites/products… And though I don’t know his numbers, he is definitely in the game cranking out sites and products.

    Another thing, from the looks of it, there are a lot of new-to-the-game people here. I was at 300k before Gerber even made sense to me. I think you need a certain level of success to even appreciate this level of information. I may be wrong, but MBA’s get this stuff at Harvard… and I’ve met very few who can run a real business.

    My suggest to the new guys: converse your energy, you’re going to need it to connect the dots that transfer the strategic into action.

    Moving on…

    Like Marlon, I too invest heavily in my own education. And I must say, the chuckle-value here has been worth the price of the first month. 🙂

    Jay I know.

    Dan I know.

    Gerber I know.

    Marlon I know.

    My banker knows me.


    The next 11 months will tell.

    I can’t wait.

    Let’s get on with it…

    A “Rich” fan.

    Observation: probably not a good idea to spend so much time dealing with copy-cats while so many wait for days for a basic “welcome to the program” email. I’ve actually added a welcome series to my own cart autoresponders to run for the first week. Thanks Rich.

  33. Rich

    With all due respect I have been teaching strategy for offline and online business for over 12 years, so your not the only one.

    I also know of at least 12-15 other guys doing the same thing they just keep quiet about it like me. To be fair it is easy to keep quiet when you are offline as the only people who know about me are one’s I want to know about me and it’s simply by word of mouth.

    I am seriously considering coming online and I am sure I will have to make some of the same claims as you….. at least like you I have years of testimonials so I can prove that I have been there and done it. Most of the fly by night guys will not have these.

    Good luck with your program I am sure the participants will do well.


  34. Rich:

    I am way out of my dept and age is one of the reasons. I am 62, not computer literate (I type well)but sincerely believe that I have a very marketable product. I live in England, am American and have for the past 6 years been going into businesses (large and small) deliverying a seminars that actually helps business.

    I have for some time realized that I cannot really make an serious money this way and need to embrace the net. I have no real clue or inclination to become an expert with this contraption and it’s obvious potential.

    Question: Who do you know (reputable company with great track record)that you can refer me to in order that I can get off track and begin to make serious mulla?

    I hope that this does not sound like some crackpot, attempting to waste anyones time. I’m dead serious but need to be involved with someone who knows what to do with my very good material. It sadly isn’t me!!!!

    I am thanking you in advance for advice or recommendations.

    All the very best,



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