Joe Polish Interviews Rich Schefren and Clayton Makepeace

22 thoughts on “Joe Polish Interviews Rich Schefren and Clayton Makepeace”

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  2. For those of you who do not presently receive Clayton Makepeace newsletter… google it and sign up… His writing is beyond genius…it’s inspirational…

    Great to see Brian getting some golfing tips…

    Thanks Rich, Clayton, Brian and Jay Abraham for LXM’s….just outstanding work and content…

    Loyd La Rue

  3. Though Rich, Clayton, Brian & Paris gave some good tips in 8 minutes, they didn’t have time for details. I hope my expanded summary will help you get the full benefits of their advice.

    Note: My summary of this interview – with my embellishments – is quite long. I don’t want to post a message that may be considered too long for this blog. I have many long posts in my blog, so I know they’re allowed there.

    After interviewing Robert Cialdini, Rich probably wants the 1st set of posts to be short. Cialdini advised Rich to reserve the 1st posts for short comments &/or questions as a way to encourage more participation.

    The URL for my embellished summary is:

  4. That’s a pretty slick way to take a vacation as a business expense ! Make a video and claim it as a business write off.

    Thanks for the idea !


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