EXTRA! EXTRA! 12 Internet Gurus Bare All May 28th

12 Internet Marketers Bare All

Imagine the scene…

…if 12 of the top internet marketing gurus stripped down to bare all.


Somehow I don’t think the internet marketing world would ever be the same again.

Fortunately, they all kept their clothes on… but bared it all during a rare, one-of-a-kind Teleseminar about how they each overcame their biggest business hurdle, obstacle or constraint and have since gone on to make millions online.

And, if you’re up for it, I want to invite you to listen-in to a one-time replay of this killer Teleseminar this Thursday night.

This is an ULTRA-RARE opportunity for you to learn from the struggles and frustrations of some of the biggest names in internet marketing.

And, even more important: it’s an opportunity for you to learn exactly what they each did to break-free from their constraint and overcome their obstacle… so you can follow in their footsteps in your own business.

Please keep in mind:

This is NOT your typical Teleseminar about traffic, conversions, PPC, CPA, or anything else like that.

I simply got 12 of the top online marketers on the phone and asked them 4 simple, yet profound questions:

QUESTION #1: What was your biggest constraint to your business?

QUESTION #2: How did you overcome that?

QUESTION #3: What was the quantifiable results of your solution?

QUESTION #4: What did you take away from it?

And, I think you’ll find, the answers they shared are some of the most profound content you’ll hear anywhere about REALLY being successful online.

If there’s anything you’re struggling with right now in your business, this Teleseminar should be a must for you.

When you’re done listening to this rare Teleseminar, you’ll understand how the top internet marketers were able to find and overcome their big obstacle, roadblock, or constraint – so you can do the same for yourself!

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15 thoughts on “EXTRA! EXTRA! 12 Internet Gurus Bare All May 28th”

    • Hello Rich! Just another great enlightening event a la Rich Schefern! listening to all your guests, after re-reading the Marketing Manifesto, I am going to have to change. A one man show just isn’t going to cut it. May I add my appreciation to you for your ability to first clarify, then sweep away the any remaing haze. I will keep attending your events for the value they provide. Thanks and see you again soon!

  1. Hi Rich

    Awesome call and great to hear about some of the constraints overcome and shortcuts taken that have propelled these top marketers to success.

    I stayed up late and this material got my notepad busy.



  2. Wow ~ my mind is spinning. Rich, I was absolutely mesmerized by that call and I learned a ton by really listening to what everyone had to share. One of the biggest take aways for me was from Mike Filsaime saying, “differentiate between working from home and being
    my own boss.” The second biggest take away was something I’ve heard many times – but today it stuck: delegate chores so I can concentrate on what I’m best at.
    Thank you for the illumination.


  3. Hi,
    I am so glad that I took the time to listen to
    this teleseminar! Although there were several
    good points, the one that hit me like a ton of
    bricks, was the one that many of the experts
    stated-I’ve been doing it ALL myself.
    I know now that I need to allow myself to outsource
    the time-consuming tasks such as support, autoresponder
    messages, affiliate marketing, etc.
    Thank you so much for the call!
    Now I just need to know where to find
    this excellent help.

    Kristi Sayles

  4. Great call tonight with really useful information.

    It was good to hear all the gurus share things that contained them from being successful and how they overcame those constraints. It gives me a lot of hope.

    I would like to hear next, once we discover our contraints, how do we overcome them. That is especially problematic when we are getting in our own way.

    Thanks again. I look forward to getting your report.

  5. Thanks Rich,

    Although the call just “reinforced” many
    things I’ve learned the “hard way,” it
    nonetheless was extremely valuable.


    Well because I’ve been attempting to
    get my business up for two years now
    with very limited funds.

    I created my own products, created the
    website, wrote mysalesletter, developed
    the strategy, etc. all by my lonesome.

    However, the call enabled me to “think
    outside the box” to find help although
    I have no money.

    That alone made these two hours
    well worth the time.

    Thanks again


    I had never before heard of the idea of constraints holding one back and was delighted to be able to hear 12 different scenarios from people to whom I look up! Such a huge blessing to hear that a) they struggles and b) those exact struggles because, as you mentioned, I had only seen their ‘successful’ sides.

    (and, Rich, you’re really adorable…)

    Two best parts:

    a) (from 3 or 4 of the gurus) delegate aka you’re not the only one who can do it aka this frees you up to be who you really are / do what you’re best at. ‘But I CAN’T DO THAT!’ I keep telling myself. ‘I can barely afford food / bills!’ But you know what? I am gonna do what I tell my potential readers (in the book I’m writing): “Barter to get what you need!” and I’m gonna do exactly that and make this work!

    b) (Kevin Hogan’s commitment to generating a ton of publicity, gave self up for free any way he could to get himself and the book known, period! Hearing this has inspired me anew; I implemented the ‘send out a newsletter and build a list’ recommendation; my network forwarded my newsletter to between 1 – 3000 people (and several of them said the n.l. was great!) and only 1 person subscribed 🙁 …I hadn’t quite given up yet I am RE-fired up and for that, I am so appreciative.

    Thanks for all you do in this world Rich – Hil

  7. wow! adorable… thanks Hil

    tony – just isolate your constraint – and you’ll take a giant leap forward

    betty – i am going to give you the information you desire, so stick with me

    kristi – in my report i’ll show you how to find the perfect people to outsource to

    robin – you haven’t seen anything yet – i’ve got even more powerful advice for you coming soon

    jerry – glad you stayed up! looking forward to sharing with you what’s coming next

    isolating constraints and then eliminating them is how i’ve helped so many of today’s top gurus get to their current income, status, and business success. and i’ve got lots more to share, so stay tuned…

  8. Rich…
    What a privilege it was to listen once again to your teleseminar today interviewing guru’s from around the internet world.

    Getting clarity on what you’re going after and what’s needed is critical to success. Being proactive to business growth in lieu of reaction-based can make for a substantial growth difference as well as provide the higher income we all deserve.

    The greatest biz question anyone ever asked me:
    “What is the #1 thing holding you personally back from higher performance and fulfillment?”
    Thanks for asking me that question, Rich…it changed everything in my life & my business…

    Keep up your continued teachings on how to break away many of the self imposed constraints that hold potential entrepreneurs from their dreams.

    I know this sounds so simple but “we are our own biggest obstacle”.

    Look forward to your new Report…Best wishes to you and the entire StategicProfits Team. You guys are the best.

    Loyd Larue

  9. Rich,

    Absolutely loved the call tonight. Got so much out of it!!

    I am just starting to get into the internet marketing game, so many of the things that were talked about I won’t be able to implement until a little bit later down the road, but it all still definitely clicked for me. The number one thing that the call made me realize is that I won’t be able to do everything myself, and will eventually need to outsource to others. Also, the “think of our business as your child” analogy really hit home, and the fact that you need to build and continue forward momentum in order to succeed in the long-term definitely was something I gathered from the conversations and in my recent studies.

    Just for future topic suggestions like you asked for at the end of the phone call:
    In the future, if you could talk more specifically about entrepreneurs that are just beginning and your recommended best approach towards success, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks a bunch,

  10. Incredible call, Rich, thanks so much for making it available. It was like a Master’s degree in internet marketing in one call.

    My takeaway was that I can do it too, that problems are just problems that can be overcome by creative thinking.

    There were certain themes repeated: Get a mentor, don’t try to do it all yourself, play to your strengths, know when to delegate and do it, don’t try to reinvent the wheel, step back and get some perspective, remember balance and personal health issues effect performance.


  11. Hi Rich,

    you like to get our comments, and we, here in Europe, do like your concepts and commitment to really helping and seeing others’ growth.

    Your positioning, far from extortion, is a pure delight.

    Thanks a lot.


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