Multitask Like an Octopus on Crack


Do you ALWAYS follow the bouncing ball?

Congratulations! Like me, you may already have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).

And you may be on your way to becoming an Internet Millionaire!

I’ve coached thousands of entrepreneurs. Many of them have been diagnosed with ADD, but many more have not… they just think they have it. And they are using ADD as an excuse for why they haven’t succeeded in their chosen careers.

That’s a cop out. 

There’s a reason why 76 percent of the successful Internet business gurus I have coached all have ADD. (That’s 15 times the national average).

People with ADD are exceptionally suited to excel as online entrepreneurs because of — not in spite of — our so-called “affliction.” You should think of it as an advantage. Learn from people who are using ADD to grow their businesses.

Here’s why:
(Hat tip to Peter Quily, author of Top Ten Advantages of ADD in a High Tech Career”)

Hyperfocus Rules! Who says people with ADD can’t focus? Sometimes, that’s all we do. You know how to get in the zone and stay there. Sometimes for 14 hours at a time. Make it productive. While others are sleeping, you’ll be making money.

Use Your Rapid Fire and Ferocious Mind. Your brain is a cheetah. The next great idea is a rabbit. Yummy, yummy. Enough said.

Multitask Like an Octopus on Crack.  How many browsers can you keep open on your monitor and still stay productive? Push the limits and find the best research in less time.

Experience a Super High Energy Level. Is Adrenaline a vegetable? If not, I’m declaring caffeine and sugar as fruits. Vroom! Vroom! Let’s get healthy and wealthy!

Get Highly Creative. Do you look at Dalmatians and see dice with legs? Ever find a business solution at the bottom of your smoothie? You don’t just think outside the box you play in it and turn it into a multi-family dwelling when you’re done. Rock on, origami boy!

All Hail the Quick Learner. ADDers pay attention to things that interest us. If something bores you, move on. There’s plenty more to do and discover with your supercharged mind. Mix in some creativity and create a cocktail for success.

Welcome to Stimulation Nation. Your brain craves stimulation. The Web gives it a home. Turn your distraction into discovery and keep your brain juiced with something amazing.

Leave X-Ray Vision to Superman. He only used it to check out Lois Lane, anyway. You have the super ability to see what others don’t see. Find business opportunities while your competitors find despair.

You’re a Crisis Champion. You don’t just like to mix it up, you are sometimes guilty of being the instigator. You thrive on chaos and change, and you don’t shrink from intense situations. Create an environment in which you thrive that will drive your competitors crazy.

No Risk, No Reward. Take some chances, then move onto the next adventure. You have ADD. While others are still reading the directions, you’ve already made two trips around the game board. Learn as you go, but keep going! and going! and going!

Forget about making lemonade from lemons! You have ADD! Go make your millions while others are still wondering how you get everything done.

Remember, ADD is a disorder, not a cop out. It’s a physiological problem, not a psychological one. You can’t fake ADD, and you shouldn’t try.

There are good traits with ADD as you can see, but there are some bad ones, too. I know because I struggle with them everyday.

Don’t use ADD as an excuse for your fears and failures. Rather, you should be inspired by people who really struggle with ADD and have turned perceived weaknesses into business strengths.

I know because I’m one of them… but I won’t change who I am or make excuses because of it.

Simple message: Be comfortable with who you are… but be more productive.

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19 thoughts on “Multitask Like an Octopus on Crack”

  1. Hi Rich,

    I don’t have ADD. Do you know how I can get it? Sounds good!

    As always you have come up with something interesting to say. I love looking at what our society sees as a disadvantage and turning it around to see how it is a gift.

    I am a highly sensitive person which I always perceived as a disability because of the reaction of the people around me. I now know that because I am this way I am highly intuitive and creative and as long as I don’t spend too much time aroung ADD type people (who, bless their hearts, wear me out!) I can make the most of my previously perceived “disability” as well.

    We are all different and why would that happen unless it were for a good reason.

    Have a great day.
    Kind Regards,

  2. your right lesley, and here’s a tip for you…

    as a highly sensitive person you can become a thought leader in your niche.

    in case you never heard of it… thought leadership is increasingly becoming the virtual branding tactic of choice these days. primarily due to it’s effectiveness and the speed in which results are achieved.

    my two biggest mentors both taught me critical key elements that i’ll tie together for you. first, michael masterson taught me long ago the number #1 skill in copywriting and marketing is empathy. my other mentor, jay abraham taught me that if you could articulate the market’s problem better than those in the market could, you would have their complete and undivided attention.

    if you look at the reports i’ve written and the my most popular blog posts you’ll see that’s exactly what i’ve done.

    tap into your sensitivity lesley, and go into a market that you are a member of. then just immerse yourself in the process and see what comes to the surface. whatever your frustrations are assume there are others and communicate to them through a blog, podcast, report, or video. quickly you will amass a following and a loyal group of customers.

    this is exactly what i meant when i wrote “the missing chapter” – each of us has a unique skillset, when properly channeled and leveraged it is the key that’ll unlock success in a certain business using a certain strategy.

    if you haven’t figured out what that is for you…. re-read the missing chapter and begin your search today!

    in my follow up to attention age doctrine, my next report reveals a 4 other key secrets on this topic, so keep your eyes peeled…

  3. Hi Rich,

    Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my post. It was very stimulating and I dug the missing chapter out of my hard drive and intend to spend this weekend re reading all your reports.

    It was in reading your material that I first really sat down and became clear on what my strengths are. I only subscribe to a few newsletters and blogs now and the information has to really valuable to me or they get the flick! You are that top of my list, Rich.

    Best Regards,

  4. I agree, ADD can be an incredible asset. Did I just say ADD is a gift? Yes!

    Unfortunately, most people never learned how to “harness” it and instead use it as an excuse for why they aren’t achieving all that they are capable of.

    DotComPreneurs often refer to having the “Entrepreneurs Curse” of having so many ideas that it can feel overwhelming at times, but it is not a curse at all, it is truly a blessing. We just need to manage our abundance of energy and ideas and be crystal clear about our Goals so that our actions are in harmony with them. Having plans, timelines and structure for carrying out your vision is the key.

    So if you’re ADD or have ADD tendancies, be grateful and learn how to leverage it’s strengths. Embrace it for good and you will become a powerful force.

    Live Your Dreams,

    Jill Koenig
    Author, Coach, Motivational Speaker

  5. Dear Rich,

    Your response to Lesley is informative and deeply compassionate. Having read it makes me see my personal goals in online marketing more clearly…and it gives me a more relaxing way to reach them.

    I am going to speak my mind, and I will do so respectfully and clearly. My instincts and research tell me that “ADD” is a made-up disorder designed to prescribe harmfu pharmaceuticals to children. It may make the “disease” seem legitimate by diagnosing adults with it.

    I fully expect folks diagnosed with ADD to form a class action lawsuit against the medical establishment for fabricating a disease and medicating for profit.

    You, Rich, are very busy. That’s what you “have.” You help so many people with your energy, your manifestos, your coaching, your videos…that your brain and spirit simply need to catch up with the incredible possibilities you are exploring as a result of technologiclal innovations. When you coach or teach…even when someone you don’t know reads one of your free books…there’s an energetic exchange. You are sharing, and maybe even that person is sending you gratitude or rage or questions…and you are tied to that person.

    Very few people have the number of those kinds of “connections” that you do. It’s something to seek yogic, spiritual, kineseological, meditative or some other kind of “higher bodies” assistance with…not, in my opinion, something to consider ADD and call a “problem.”

    I commend you for seeing all of the positives that come from your lifestyle and position, yet I know for sure, I mean for sure that you could, with your mind, with your incredible, organized, high-powered mind…along with your sensitive, kind, and compassionate soul…you could, in an instant decide “I am completely 100% vibrantly healthy, I know how to relax when I need to, and I know how to fire up too. All thoughts of ADD are in the past for me now, as I have replaced them with acceptance of my joyously magnificent character traits.”

    Try putting anyone in your shoes. 9 out of 10 people will develop your symptoms. That’s not a disorder, its your natural response to your position.

    Of course, when you try to take a month off, you still get adrenaline rushes and you want to do this, and then you’re off to go see some waterfall, and then you feel exhausted. In my opinion, that’s not ADD, that’s an inadequate cooling down period…also…it’s clear that you don’t possess the skills you need to handle the energis that you are exchanging.

    I don’t either…but I’m learning.

    Best wishes,
    Dainis W. Michel

  6. I may not have ADD but I just blame everything on the fact I am a Gemini.. lol Very high level energy of being able to do more than one thing at a time and most can’t follow half of what I am doing.
    Now I know what my brain is! Thanks!
    “Use Your Rapid Fire and Ferocious Mind. Your brain is a cheetah. The next great idea is a rabbit. Yummy, Yummy. Enough said.

    Multitask Like an Octopus on Crack. How many browsers can you keep open on your monitor and still stay productive? Push the limits and find the best research in less time.

    Experience a Super High Energy Level. Is Adrenaline a vegetable? If not, I’m declaring caffeine and sugar as fruits. Vroom! Vroom! Let’s get healthy and wealthy!”

    I don’t have ADD but I Multitask like an Octopus on Crack!
    Got to have a sense of humor if you don’t, than you will just fall apart.
    But your way of looking at what ADD makes it sound like you use
    it very well.. Have found ways to make it work for you not against you.
    Be very very quiet, I’m hunting Rabbits here.. LOL
    If it is a made up disorder I don’t think so because I have a child with
    a disorder that is now found to be very real and more children are
    being found with it every day because tests have improved. Autism
    I also agree that no matter what you have you need to make what ever disorder you may have work
    for you not against you. Anyone can give up, its those who have the mind set to change their world will do so, not let them get down and give up.

    Some of us live for the high that we get from working overloaded.. taking on more than anyone else can handle and still come out on top. These days you run your own business you need to wear so many different hats that most who can’t handle it give up and go back to a “real job” . Easily to handle I guess having some else telling you what to do . Where money can be made on the web if you are only willing to work at it.

    Life isn’t easy and if you are a little different, then make it work for you not against you! And giggle when others think you are nuts but way richer than they are, because its not the mild who will inherited the world, its the geeks, freaks and anyone a little bit strange.. 🙂

    Kim Snyder

  7. Ahh Kim, sorry to hear about your little one:

    and yes, online revenue is indeed a “beautiful” thing…for your case in particular.

    Here’s some skin care info that may interest you and your site visitors:

    “you need to make what ever disorder you may have work
    for you not against you. Anyone can give up, its those who have the mind set to change their world will do so, not let them get down and give up.”

    Smiles, smiles…let’s keep it freaky and geeky!

  8. Wow! what a great insight! My World Vision Entrepreneurs monthly series (which is going out to high schools across North America for free) should do an interview with you on this topic if you could spare 10 minutes by webcam.

    Not only does this turn a negative into a positive for all these potential young entrepreneurs, but they will see that this mental perspective shift can be applied to anything.

    Love your manifestos! I will send u a copy of our first DVD when final edit is done, then when you see our unique angle on entrepreneur education, and the quality of our production, maybe you will consider being a guest!


  9. Dear Rich,

    You hit the nail on the head. I was finally diagnosed with ADD 2 years ago when my daughter in high school was also diagnosed. It was a lightning bolt. I have accomplished more things since the diagnosis than I had in the previous 40+ years, and that has been a lot, but not efficiently or profitably. I am now in your strategic profits class and I am looking forward to finishing the multitude of unfinished projects, businesses and books so that I may finally become profitable. I have followed some of your previous students and hope one day I may be among them.

  10. Hi everybody,
    i was never diagnosed with ADD, but i sure have some of the symptoms. Many things bore me quickly except brain stimulation. i just dicovered the film “The Secret” and this got me really going. I can stay focussed on the internet for far more than 14 hrs. Thank God i work on a ship and we sail out every day or i wouldn’t sleep anymore. I am now down to 6 hours of sleep per day and all i need is 10 minutes of meditation to keep me going strong. The interesting reading on this website sure helps to keep me upbeat !
    Keep it up everybody, feel good and good things come to you,
    Remember that your life is a mirror of your previous thoughts.

  11. Yes, I like this discussion. I am afraid that I, also have ADD. I didn’t realize it until a few weeks ago, when someone else made the observation that I couldn’t focus on one task for more than a few minutes.
    I thought this was about marketing. Maybe it is. Maybe the lesson is that our clients have ADD and once we realize that, then we will understand the Better. Anyone agree?
    I have bypassed Todd Brown’s messages for the last six months. Why? Because I have had to FOCUS all of my attention on getting this website about the compost tumbler so that’s what it takes. I can’t understand why it’s still on page 35 of google still. But then, I got distracted, didn’t I, by getting into this comment situation?



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