And Finally, The Secret To Bringing It All Together

Hey Guys,

Here’s the final installment of your business makeover toMake 2007 Your Best Year.

Pretty soon you’ll have a bigger smile because there will be epiphanies for you if you’ve done the lists with all the heart and honesty you could muster.

So by now you may have some ideas about how to build a better life in 2007… So we’re going kick it up a notch.

Are you wondering just how to use what you’ve learned from the last 4 lists to make this year extremely profitable for you?.

Well, your next Big Question is the glue that brings all of this together.

If you’ve skipped ahead to find out where my Business Makeover Formula was taking you, please go back to the first post and follow the step by step makeover formula for each post.

You’ve really got to put in the time to get the benefit from this… Just like you don’t get the benefits of working out by only talking about it, you wonvt get the benefits of this synergy if you donvt do all of these lists. So hold off on today’s Big Question for now if you need to go back and do the other lists first.

Because all of those steps will lead you right back here.

Then you will be ready for the Biggest Question for turning your situation around in short order.

Your Biggest Question Is…
How Can I Use This Information to Make 2007 My Best Year?

The Big Questions and steps you’ve taken leading up to this post will help you only when you put them to use.

And only if you’ve been brutally honest with yourself.

I strongly suggest that after you finish this post, go into your office and grab a big stack of index cards.

Yes, index cards.

Next, take each of your accomplishments from 2006 and write each one on a separate index card.

Now take each of your disappointments and write each one on a separate index card.

Then take each bad thing that you’ve discovered is holding you back and write each one on a separate index card.

These Index Cards are Your Pot of Gold

Take your stack of ‘Victory cards’. On each card write down as many ways you can think of to apply what you did right to your activities this year.

Next, grab your stack of ‘Disappointment cards’. On each one write down how you can avoid this disappointment in 2007.

Then take your stack of ‘What Held You Back cards’. Write down how you can eliminate each limitation from your life as soon as possible.

You Now Have the Key to Making 2007 Your Best Year!

The pot of gold is what you discover by going through all the lists and the entire makeover process – to make 2007 your best year ever.

You only get the results by first following the formula.

Are you thinking that this index card thing is stupid?

Well lose that thought because it works! Writing things down is very powerful.

Make these cards easily accessible so you can review them regularly and re-apply them when needed.

From my personal experience, I know for a fact that if you do this exercise just as I’ve shown you, you’ll get an incredible amount of ammunition to move onward and upward with your business situation and your life in general.

Now and then as you re-visit these lists and see how far you’ve come, you’ll be blown away… And when you are, donvt forget to write and tell me.

By using this formula to make your situation better, you are not relegated to reliving your mistakes year after year…

Why not capitalize on the things you’ve done right to bring you easy profits well into the future?

Why not eliminate what hasn’t worked instead of repeating the same mistakes over and over?

Why not question beliefs and actions that bog down your life in ways that inhibit your business and personal growth?

I Want to Hear How My 2007 Makeover Process Helped You!

After you create your index cards and get a boatload of great ideas for blowing out your business in 2007, tell me!

Leave a comment. Actually, you can leave many comments, so I can see what you thought of each lesson and how each one helped you.

I’d really love to hear your success story…

To Higher Profits,

Rich Schefren
Strategic Profits

P.S.- You’ve really learned a lot this week about making your situation better and not getting stuck in a rut of poor results from your business.

Making things better in 2007 is affected by the decisions you’ve made over the last year.

More importantly, the wrong decisions you’ve made that you haven’t corrected. The wrong things that you keep on doing, even though you can see they are not helping you to grow the online business of your dreams…

Plus all of the good decisions you’ve made in the past that you didn’t automatically apply to your business this year.

And the decisions you’ve made based on pre-programmed beliefs and weaknesses that you never even knew were there dragging you down.

P.P.S. Make me proud. Do what you have to do to use this powerful Business Makeover Formula (that I use myself) to take your business to new unimaginable heights…

And then let me know, because you’ll be the kind of person that I want to do business with!

20 thoughts on “And Finally, The Secret To Bringing It All Together”

  1. Dear Rich,

    You come up with Such Simple yet profound ideas, Its amazing how we forget to take advantage from the History.

    I Think Andrew Carnegi had given the same Simple yet life changing formula In 1940’s.

    Your teachings are very straight and Direct.

    I have used the technique , Iam using it, I find, it gives amazing results.
    Just mind blowing. or Can I say ” It Gives Results” period.

    Thanks for all the “Result giving” Practical ideas to all of US.

    Jayant Hudar
    Internet Business Coach

  2. Rich,

    Great article.

    I sincerely hope people won’t blow this off as being “too simple.” These are powerful concepts when put into practice.

    Last year, these exact same ideas helped me take an online company doing approx. $6k a month to more than a 1200% increase in sales… in only 4 months. Needless to say, the owner’s life changed in dramatic ways.

    And this transformation started exactly like you have outlined in your article.


    All the best,
    Doberman Dan

  3. WOW. Great Stuff!! –
    I have been working on this ‘sort-of-stuff/information’ for several years from an arms lenghth away. This leason put’s the INDEX CARD idea into a full picture & ties into the identification of the mental walls and things that work & don’t work into perspective.

    Good Job Rich!
    I’m inspired to x-off 1/2 a day and go through all the leasons.
    (and that’s BIG)

    Duane Forrest

  4. Hello Rich,

    I have to give you respect man,you’re good and as a result
    so am I.Amazing how a little bit of insight and NOT hindsight
    can change so much.

    Thanx again Rich.

    Regards with respect at all times,


  5. Dear Rich

    What a shock to the system these lists are! But I have to say like most ‘cold bolts of truth’ it has been a very therapeutic shock.

    Here’s why:

    I took a risk and combined this list making and analysis with the your ‘Missing Chapter’ from the ‘Internet Business Manifesto’.

    Holy cow. The result is a frighteningly dynamic and clear direction for me. So … gulp…. I am taking this path, but it requires a lot of guts.

    Are you with me so far? To fulfil on this promise requires not only preventing myself from backsliding into the old way of thinking, but removing all the old hard wiring!

    But it get’s even better: I discovered by reading “the Missing Chapter” that it is all about confidence, but confidence that can only come from doing work IN WHICH I HAVE A PASSIONATE INTEREST – otherwise I have no point of difference in the market place.

    Sorry about the capitals, but this is so important I fear I will not make myself clear:

    Respected ranks of top-flight gurus loftily advise: “Go looking for a niche that is starving and then give them what they want, that is the opathway to millions!”. Really? What a load of trash. If you do that, you will be jostling for position with several thousand other players all fighting for a piece of the action.

    Instead, I am going with your hard-edged advice Rich: Find your REAL, honest-to- God stengths and passions, and only then choose a market in which those strengths and passions can be leveraged to advantage. This was the piece of pure gold you gave that has set me on the right path.

    It will work for anyone.

    In fact if you are reading this, get Rich’s missing chapter – it contains the ultimate business key and is shockingly, blissfully simple – if you ‘get it’ that is. Better still, let me quote Mike Ambrosio after reading the Rich Schefren’s Manifesto and Missing Chapter:

    “Opportunist V Entrepreneur … It is something I have always KNOWN, but could not put my finger on. When I read it the way he wrote it, the light bulb clicked on and I felt all the cockroaches in my brain scatter for cover. He simply explained it in a such a way that it related to me.”

    I feel the same as Mike. A total eye opener as to the truth on what to do, and how simply it really is. i.e Discover and go with whom you really are.

    Your revelations on this blog and in print remain a shining light. It is much appreciated Rich.

    My best wishes

    Jonathan Gunson

    I keep the ‘missing chapter’ as a guide and reminder as part of my personal systems manual I hav created … it stay by my PC and is reviewed daily..

    Bettre still , I have a systems book I keep by my compiuter I

  6. Hi Rich,

    Success Always come to those who take that extra step of auditing themselves and more importantly using those information to capitalize on both positive and negative feedbacks.
    The more we ‘d want to achieve, the more we’d attract them. And here, it’s for the amazing simple nuggets that would ideally wake those idle, dormant and opposing elements to state where we constantly analyze and improve upon them and it manifests. The resulting glory thus comes from a simple yet powerful step, self-analysis. And thanks for the entire Makeover plan, it just leaves us with a potential, which would have been yet to be discovered, otherwise.

  7. Richard, thank you so much for helping me to remove the scales from my eyes and making me see all the things I wasn’t doing well and the things that I was.

    I have struggled for years making peanuts online and now I have my path mapped out, based on my strengths, To follow.

    Thank you so much.


  8. Rich

    Simple truth that most 98%’ers won’t apply. Far too often most internet-marketing-overachievers tend to focus ONLY on what did work and won’t take a good hard look at the down-falls. Possibly this is why so many fall ‘over’ in less than 3 years…. the weaknesses will eventually bite you in the butt if you don’t cover or change them.

    Thanks as well for your constant emphasis on doing the activities that earn a profit- it’s far too easy with “so many programs, so little time” to get bogged down with just education and never getting to action. My coaches Hans and Dani Johnson ( ) have taught me procrastination, indecision, and fear come from NO ACTIVITY more than anything. STEP into action and most times things dissolve themselves in the growth process.

    I hope people will be wise enough to listen to you…. especially if they’ve never made 7-figures in under a year before!


    Sandi Krakowski

  9. Hi Rich:

    I must say that what you are doing is really great. One of the biggest positive things in 2006 for us at our company was your video that you sent out for free….. At the time, we were growing like crazy but working harder and harder… That is no fun at all.

    Before our mid-year strategic planning session, we recieved your video talking about how typical internet marketers structured their business and why it rapidly topped out. Specifically, your comment of “we are working for idiots (ourselves)” really hit home.

    We immediately changed our course of action and growing like crazy. So, our plan for 2007? Fire myself and my partner and replace them with people that are better than ourselves…. Because we are doing this, we are planning for an explosive 2007.

    Thanks for your help.

    Chris Anderson, Ph.D.

  10. Hello Rich:

    I have read all your blogs and probably even landed on the last day before you wrote it – or that’s all in my imagination! It’s in giving myself your kind of advice that makes me step back every now and then to look dispassionately at what it is I am doing, where do I hope to go, how do I get there, where am I now, why am I here now and am I happy at being here now. If ‘yes’, I want to know if I arrived here by chance or by design – my honest answer shows me how to proceed.
    Your intuitive advice is probably meant for doing business online, but has helped me tremendously in my brick-n-mortar marketing business. My original aim was to switch careers to Internet marketing but my index of cards for 2006 was showing a lot more minuses than pluses financially. However, from a business point of view it is all pluses because those loses and months of learning were ‘bends in the road’, and can only get better from now on. I certainly intend to make it in 2007, but also realise that I need my B&M business regardless.

    I consider myself fortunate to finally find an honest person like you to learn from and intend to encourage my affiliates to learn from you.

  11. Hi Rich,
    thank you for the great content. I’m actually preparing to create a business with a team of 8 people to delegate them the tasks for my Infoproducts business.
    i’m raising the funds, and think i was reafy to go after writting a good business plan. Last year i discovered the IM & Internet Business world and jump on the train.
    From your 5 steps Reframe Pack, i’ll give my most valuable feedback.
    I didn’t achieved what i wanted from my Infoproducts Sales due to lack of Focus.
    And this lack of focus was Only Due to my limiting belief of “Get Rich Quick Scheme”, yes that’s it. I jumped from everynew opportunity and never finish any of the good ideas i have.
    But in 2007 everything is different and i’m very gratefull to have read your master pieces of the manifesto and you 5 Steps Reframing Post.
    I Hope we meet in some seminar this year
    Kind Regards,
    ps: i live in Belgium where Internet Business is like an UFO

    PPS: i prepare a chart map of my business process and the team integration, i think it will be interresting to watch yours. Anyway i’ll prepare mine and if you have a minute to watch it. it will be my pleasure to send you a copy.

  12. HI rich,
    too many times in this world people are trying to overcomplicated things.People r trying to come up with the next greatest thing.Usually it comes down to simplicity being the most useful .I always say simple is useful.

  13. Dear Rich,

    I really do appreciate what you are doing for people by giving such high quality coaching. I am very interested in what you offer. I live in a spiritual community where we share what we have in common. I do not have access to money . I have not had money to invest in anything . I work with my hands. I share the little bit I can with others. We dont really understand alot about investing into business. But the bright side is that I think I could help people here see that there is a good way to build a business that does not conflict with thier spiritual ideals. Then I could truly help alot of other people. So, I hope to be an honest person who could still live a simple spiritual life without compromising my values and have alot more to share with others by building a successful business. The question I have for you is this…is it possible for someone with no money to be able to build up a business? Can someone like me somehow get access to your services and prove to the rest of the world that it is possible to succeed and still be spiritual? I know this sounds funny, but I am very serious. Can I get help and pay you back when I can raise the capital? I am not a quitter and will be very hard working and honest in my relationship to you. I don’t know what eles to say except that I know I need what you offer, and would gladly pay you when I have it, but I don’t have anything to give upfront. I don’t want to just beg or something, but I don’t know what eles to do but ask. I am not lazy by any means and will be faithful with what you may share with me if you could, and I would prove to be a strong freind and supporter of your services in every way. I am under certain constraints that dont allow me to have $395 dollars a month here now. But if my freinds saw that I was truly successful and maintaining my goals here it would open them up to see that we could still share what we make together and still be successful.I want my life to be a good example to others. I know there are lazy people who just want life given to them at no cost, but that is not me. I am truly not in a place to be able to get “alot” of money at all. I want to change things. I need freinds who I can work with who can help me who can put a little trust in me, thats all. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    [email protected]

  14. Dear Rich,This is just the thing I was looking for,I have,nt started as yet,because there are so many different things and ways one can find in trying to come up with somethings to impliment in their lives,I guess after going over it again and again,then I realise I was loosing out.Rich this is awesome stuff.Thank you very much for the eye opening,God Bless you.
    Yours truly [email protected]

  15. Dear Rich,This is just the thing I was looking for,I have,nt started as yet,because there are so many different things and ways one can find in trying to come up with somethings to impliment in their lives,I guess after going over it again and again,then I realise I was loosing out.Rich this is awesome stuff.Thank you very much for the eye opening,God Bless you.
    Yours truly [email protected]
    13th February 2007


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