Part 2 of Your Business Makeover Formula

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re having a profitable day.

So did you finish your ‘Victory’ list – you know the one that we talked about in my last post? Where you get to relive your glory days from last year so we can carry what worked forward into 2007?

If not, please scroll down to yesterday’s post and complete that exercise before you move on to Your Next Big Question for “Making 2007 Your Best Year Ever”.

When you’re ready to continue, here’s…

Your Next Big Question!
What Were Your Biggest Disappointments Of 2006?

Looking at your disappointments from last year may not be easy for you. Don’t worry – you’re not alone. It’s not easy for many people and so they white it out of their minds. They’d rather pretend it never happened and hope for the best.

But it’s hard to build a booming growing successful business if you live like an ostrich with your head in the sand. It’s with your eyes open looking around that you’ll make this year better than 2006.

Last year happened and you have experience from it, both positive and negative…

Today you’re going to learn the next step (#2 out of the 5) that will enable you to really profit from that experience.

First, you must start with this in mind:

As You Launch Into 2007 (it’s only January!!!) – Identify What You Did Wrong Last Year. No Pain, No Gain

It’s time for you to take out that treasured notebook or pad and begin a new list. This one steers clear of your accomplishments and focuses on what didn’t work in 2006…mistakes, missteps, failures, wrong roads, bad choices. Call it what you will, you know what it is I’m talking about.

And by the way SAVE YOUR LISTS!!!! They are the building blocks for your success. The more you put in to them, the more that comes back at you. Save them all! A treasured book of lists is really an excellent idea. You’ll see why.

Be Totally Honest with Yourself

When you begin to write up your list of disappointments, you may be inclined to just rush through them.


The easy route here has no pay off. You know what went wrong and taking a good hard look at what happened is where the juice is. No one else has to see this list but you.

And, by the way, take a hard look not only at last year’s business activities, but your personal life, too. Lots of things go hand in hand.

Last time, we talked about taking an honest look at your situation… This is absolutely essential when building your list of disappointments and failures from last year.

You should not just be mildly honest with yourself – Mild Honesty is like lukewarm water.

Instead, go at your disappointments with gusto. If you’re ruthless in tearing your business and life apart, you’ll get a chance to find and face the core problems. You need more than a surface look. If things don’t jump out at you, look again and look harder. This really is a treasure hunt.

The harder you are on yourself at this point, the more ammunition you will have to make the radical changes that are crucial to making your life and your business better.

While you are working on your brutally honest list of disappointments and failures, it might help you to take a look at what I came up with when I did the same exercise you are doing.

What I Must Change In My Life and My Business to Make 2007 the Best Year Ever!

All of us have something we can improve upon from the last year, and that includes me.

Yeah, there were some things that I think could have gone better in 2006…

A big concern was all of the time I personally put into my coaching programs. This really turned out to be a problem for me.

I found it difficult to manage my time when working with over 750 coaching clients, working on my business expansion, entering into new partnerships and speaking all around the world.

All of this while spending as much time as possible with my two daughters Ava and Elle, and my wife Debi.

And I really don’t know how I did it… I sacrificed a lot of hobbies I enjoy – I slept less and read less. And I spent less time with friends. All in all, not too good.

But the pay-off was huge.

I am honored to have been able to help so many clients achieve and exceed their business goals in 2006.

And Strategic Profits is now set up to produce and deliver what I believe will be unrivaled in the business growth field of today and tomorrow.

So now that I have gotten Strategic Profits where it needs to be, I’m readjusting my schedule. This is bringing my life more into balance so I can dedicate more time to having fun.

Now I’m Not Claiming to be Perfect…

The facts are I certainly made some other missteps along the way last year. In hindsight, I did not do everything right.

Most people would have been happy with the numbers we did with our launch of Internet Wealth Alliance with Agora (a program we did together.)

But I thought the results were disappointing, considering the over the top track records of Agora and Strategic Profits.

And as I said before about my family life, I missed out on more than I care to admit. I wanted to spend more time with my wife and kids than I did.

I can’t undo what happened, but as you can imagine, these points are all very important to me.

How Important is All of This to You?

Taking a good look at your 2006 and building a list of all your disappointments and failures will be one of the most important exercises you do all year!

I’m serious here!

Take the time to do it right. Don’t get sidetracked – this is too important. If you face it now, you’ll be amazed at what you will find out about yourself and your business practices last year just from this one list .

Plus you will need this list, and your list of last year’s accomplishments, to be able to complete my business makeover formula so you can make 2007 your best year yet.

Your Next Big Question?

This is something that will make or break your business success and growth this year.

In fact, it is so important that without it, you are putting yourself in the position of reliving your mistakes over and over again, just like Bill Murray did in Groundhog Day.

And you’ll get to benefit from this next big question soon.

So make sure you check in with me tomorrow and make room in your notebook for another important list.

Soon you will see how these lists work together to help you transform your business and your life into that of your dreams.

To Higher Profits,

Rich Schefren
Strategic Profits

P.S. – I’m really looking forward to being able to help even more people in a different way coming up soon.

Since people are always asking me “So Rich, what exactly do you do every day?”… I’m going to let a few lucky people look ‘Over My Shoulder’ this year.

They will get to hear first-hand what I do each and every day and how I’ve used my actions to build my business into what it is today.

8 thoughts on “Part 2 of Your Business Makeover Formula”

  1. It’s so great that you’re talking about integrating personal lifestyle and family goals (your personal life strategy) with your overall business strategy.

    For most of us we got into business to make a better life for ourselves and our family.

    But I see so many of my copywriting clients (especially internet marketers) so consumed by their business that they end up neglecting time with the family they love so much.

    I always find it useful when I set income goals to set a definite number of hours I’m willing to work to reach those goals. And include vacations.

    I also ask my clients what their pesonal and business strategies are.

    It’s amazing how just defining those can change the way you do everything.

    Kindest regards,
    Andrew Cavanagh

  2. Well, I’m looking over my decimated forces from 2006. The victories were minimal. The defeats were almost overwhelming. When doing the books for 2006 I experienced a very strong urge to just quit. However….. I refuse to give up yet!

    I am going to use this state-of-the-business review to figure out where I went wrong and how I can enhance those few victories. The biggest area of defeat for me was buying training products and content that really didn’t deliver what I needed. (Not to mention that I didn’t even READ some of the stuff I bought–Yikes!) Talk about a waste of time! I currently have plenty of business plans, advice and training sitting on my computer that I will make a schedule to review. I will decide what I can use to fit in with MY business plan and I will NOT buy any more until I have read and implemented what I already own and I know EXACTLY what I need to further my business! 🙂

    I will also work to enhance the small bit of my business that was modestly successful so that it can produce even more in the coming year. I will also focus on creating ONE superior product that is in a niche I know. I will forget about trying to make bucks in niches that I know nothing about and don’t care about, no matter how “lucrative” others may claim them to be!

    Thanks for making me take a good hard look at my business. Your commitment to delivering quality service is an inspiration to me.

    Audrey Berry

  3. Hey Rich,

    Well put, and timely. Not 10 minutes ago, I was working on an article (sort of a rant) about the number of folks out there who demand only the bullet points of an answer to whatever their dilemma is, without any of the BS.

    Sorry. I’m not wired to operate that way.

    I tend to be the same person online as I am off. And in my relationships offline, I like to have fun and make folks laugh, and enjoy the laughter myself.

    That goes for business as well as personal relationships, and there’s room for a little BS in our relationships.

    Sure, if you’re a doctor, lawyer, or a rocket scientist (do they still make those?), there will be times for a no-nonsense approach to matters, and I’m certainly not talking about blatant lying, just a bit of balderdash.

    In marketing and sales, a little BS can go a long way to solidifying bonds in your relationships, and making life just a wee bit more tolerable for all concerned.

    All work and no play…

    Is not why I got into this game.

    Love yer style, Rich. Stay real!

    Dave Franzwa

  4. To answer Dave Franzwa’s question “do they still make rocket scientists” the answer is yes, and I know a fair number of them who are involved in various aspects of finding ways to gain access to space and build cities there.

    I have been going through these questions for my business concept, Sophia Systems Design & Engineering. I’m not a rocket scientist myself, nor am I a “certified” engineer. I am a polymath with a preference for creating solutions to problems other people can’t even recognize as problems, or if they do recognize them as problems, they can’t believe there are any solutions for them. My biggest problem is finding ways to share my proposed solutions with those who might have an interest (as well as the time and resources) to apply either the principles behind the solutions, or the solutions themselves, to the problems that keep them awake at night.

    My other biggest problem is that I lack confidence in myself and the value of my solutions because I was taught as a child that I would never be able to make a living doing what I love to do–write novels, paint beautiful pictures, and create beautiful music, and so on. I was also taught that imposing on anyone is a serious breach of manners–and trying to sell anything is an imposition. Even outsourcing such things as marketing requires either that I have a fairly substantial amount of money (which I don’t) or that I be able to “sell” myself and my products and services to those who could handle the marketing. As a result, I find myself in a Catch-22, because my sub-conscious mind (not all that sub-conscious for me) refuses to cooperate. My few marketing efforts have all been designed to fail.

    I see this problem as being due to a major internal conflict between my sense of honor, which demands that I be brutally honest with myself and everyone else, my desire to share my ideas with others, and my fear of rejection–that is the fear that everyone else will agree with my assessment that my ideas are worthless.

    My question is how do I overcome this internal conflict and its outward expression, as evidenced on my website and my blogs ( and Just setting up these sites is a major accomplishment for me, but to drive traffic to them? That’s another matter entirely. I have studied the Mini-site Creator’s Course (as should be obvious from my main website), but I have no idea how to price my novels (which is why they’re free for download), much less encourage anyone to read them. After all, who has the time, much less the inclination to read fiction anymore (especially romances)?

    I’ve done the first three lists Rich has laid out and will be working on the next two over the next couple of days. I’ll be interested to see if I can come up with any solutions to these two major problems–but comments from others would be helpful.

  5. Well,
    I got here a bit late but have done my review and …so many failures I wonder why I’m still here. The main problem I have discovered is lack of total focus

    So time to be focused



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