Unlimited Performance In Under 30 Days

Brace yourself!

For the rest of this month (and possibly into March), right here in this very spot, you’re going to be treated to an eye-popping tutorial on how to quickly and easily crank up your personal (and professional) performance.

Call it an experiment in mass transformation. Call it a sort of blog-correspondence course. It’s going to be a dialogue between you and me. An it’s likely going to double or even triple your performance and productivity.

Over the next 30 or so days I want to take you, my blog readers, through an exploration of the obstacles that are really limiting your performance (and success!). And I’m willing to bet, you’re not even aware of them.

Because they’re all unconscious pitfalls that trip up and sidetrack every effort you make.

Sorry if that’s a little harsh. But it’s the truth.

If you’re struggling anywhere in your business — YOU are probably the one shooting yourself in the foot.

Unclick The Cruise Control

And the real problem is you even don’t realize it. Why not?

Because the things you do to limit yourself, the behaviors you exhibit, the criteria you use to make decisions, have drilled so deep into your subconscious, you don’t even realize you’re doing them.

You’re operating on your own personal “cruise control.”

That’s where I want to come in to help you.

I used to have a little saying I shared with clients who came to me looking for help. (I think I’ll share it with you now.)

“Your business is perfectly designed for the results you’re getting right now.”

That means if you’re not experiencing the booming success you want, something’s gotta change. I’m going help you find it. And CRUSH it.

That’s right.

It’s going to be like your own personal coaching session with me. I’ll ask the questions and explain what effects certain factors are having on you. You answer and take the proper action that’ll get you performing like never before.

In all likelihood it’ll only be one small change you discover in the coming posts that will change everything for you. Because when you remove that key obstacle, your performance starts to multiply. And not just an inch here or there. It’s exponential. So are you ready?


It’s Time For Some Homework

Yeah, homework. (Don’t worry, it won’t be hard.)

I’ve got a ton I want to share, but I need to know where to start.

Don’t miss this coming series of posts. (I’m not sure I’ve ever done anything like this before.) In fact, call a friend you think might be interested and let them know what (or just send them this link to sign up for notices.)

Get busy with your homework and I’ll be back in a couple days with your first lesson.

145 thoughts on “Unlimited Performance In Under 30 Days”

  1. My performance lags due to my inexperience. I have no product or sales to date
    No I pick things up quick.
    Yes I get distracted by new offers
    Yes I do finish most things but I must be confident with the results

  2. I’m overwhelmed, distracted, suffering from analysis paralysis, stuck in research mode even though I finally stopped chasing the shiny objects and got clear on the purpose and path that I’ve chosen to follow in order to serve my target audience.

  3. Thanks. Would like to participate. I must admit that I have a serious problem with all the homework questions. Specifically question 3. I always seem to start enthusiastically, but end up getting distracted and hung-up with technical challenges. Eventually (usually) I land up with question 4, by not finishing anything.

  4. Great topic, not nearly addressed enough in all the ‘how to’ entrepeneurial training out there! My performance would have lagged where subconscious self doubt kicks in. That influenced my USP, confident selling, creating programs, you name it! It influences everything.

    • Glad you like the topic Astrid! Self-doubt is a big obstacle. But I’ll let you in on a secret. It’s only a symptom. There are a lot of underlying causes I’ll be talking about in the coming posts. Thanks for reading!

  5. I feel like it takes forever for me to implement ideas. I seem to find excuses for why it won’t work for me-or I’m too busy with this over here-don’t have the technical savvy or I really don’t want to waste money trying this new marketing idea-even though it sounds like it could work, etc.

  6. There are a lot of moving parts… but at this point, I would say : the ability to start a project and see it through, even if obstacles and distractions hinder my tenacious resolve.

  7. oui mon amie je sais est comme vous connais a moi j ai la capacité de la stabilisation de monde en 24 heurs .dans toute les secteurs. Economique est autre comme l énergies est le foods est l stabilisations climatique.de puis 5 ans est moi j ai cries est j alertes le monde .je ne trouve en face de moi que les profiteurs est la première fois qui j ai connais que le gouvernement est l administrations de mon payés le maroc incapables.de marché avec le nouveaux monde merci

  8. 1. In getting new online services working. I have started a (Dutch) membership site on leadership and I have difficulties getting the leaders on board.
    2. Nope
    3. I thinking there’s the major part of the problem.
    4. I do finish things, but that’s More in the “offline” business. I had rather good results there’s, but I know I can multiply that once I have my online pressence under control.

  9. Thanks Rich! Great topic, I have problem with content (sales letters) and technological issues, even the simplest of tasks. I tried to hire a team to do copywriting but they couldn’t deliver the message that was “ME” if You know what I mean! Thanks

  10. Hi Rich,

    Here my answers to your questions :

    1. Lack of quality leads turning into sales…how to get them.
    2. No,love learning and not slow on uptake
    3. Distracted in a way …overload on information …what is good to use and what not ?
    4. yeah ,sometimes can’t even see the finish line ,if you know what I mean…

    I wish you well,


  11. Hey Rich. I get distracted in the middle. Then I either take too long to finish it or move on to something else and don’t finish it at all. Chances are that I’ll also get distracted in the middle of the thing I moved on to.

    • Hey Tracy – Getting stuck mid-project could be a lot of things… One thing that comes to mind is some flawed thinking that’s not entirely uncommon. I’ll put that one on the list… Thanks for reading!

  12. I would say my challenge is in being clear on what do I want to create with my business – lack of mission, lack of clarity on what is the value that I want to create with my business overall, instead of just using marketing tactics to try to get something – money or success.

  13. I start a project and gain a lot of momentum but get right in the middle and start analyzing everything thing and find myself going back and forth editing and changing words, sentences,questioning all my effort and decide to take on another approach and then just continue with the vicious cycle….will eventually complete after many months of pain and frustration.

  14. I am trying something new in my approach. I am working more on my vision (the actual details of my most wanted results from my businesses) and being grateful for what I have and being happy about my life. There is always a huge amount of stuff you need to do in business and so I am tyrying to apply the 80:20 rule to it and then repeating this so that I come up with the 4% of stuff that is really worth doing. It seems to be working but I may need to get out more amongst my clients to dredge up more sales. I have 2 big projects going on and know that I am procrastinating on one of them.

  15. ok, I managed to log in a post, so success there. I think big, with an ambitious, clear vision, but my view is from 10,000 feet and when I come to ground I can’t see the forest for the trees, so to speak.
    Ultimately, my performance lags in my final outcomes.
    I don’t know what I don’t know.
    I am not sure if I ever reach the middle.
    I manage to keep myself fed.

    • Hey Mark, Staying fed is step one! (Don’t underestimate that!) There could be a couple things causing your struggles. Stay tuned and I’ll try to show you one or two of those things you don’t know… 😉

  16. Thanks Rich.
    I learn something, and start creating a funnel or whatever, but get sidetracked and never finish. Sometimes I procrastinate by learning new stuff (it feels productive).
    For 11+ years my excuse is that I have a comfortable full time job. But I am being made redundant in 7 weeks. With no savings. So that excuse is being removed!
    I’ve never made real money online.

    • Hey Chris, Your job situation is not uncommon these days. (Just as an aside, we’re going to start a separate discussion on that topic here at Strategic Profits in the coming weeks. You’ll want to keep an eye out for that announcement.) But back to your procrastination. In a recent report for a group of coaching clients I wrote “Procrastination isn’t your problem – it’s your motivation!” That opened some eyes. I think I have a couple ideas for all the procrastinators out there. Thanks for sharing the feedback.

  17. My comments:
    Q1: I am having a hard time convincing entrepreneurs they need help. Since they are always cash-strapped hiring a consultant/coach is way down in their priorities list.
    Q2| : No, actually I am very fast.
    Q3: Yes.
    Q4: I have ADD so you can imagine that I tend to lose focus and try to do too many different things at once.

  18. No lack for ideas on stories and projects. Too many things going at once?? Need to be more efficient in the followup. Sometimes slow, mostly juggling. U-huh, and sometimes, though it feels great at a good finish line. Doesn’t it?! I’m a writer. Can you help?

  19. 1) Results: I am not generating income. I am probably not executing effectively and quickly enough. I don’t have funds for a coach, but I do try and follow proven, successful online marketers.
    2) I am kind of slow, suffering from perfectionism.
    3) I get distracted by email, facebook, other opportunities, blogs. Time management is an issue.
    4) Sometimes I finish, sometimes I never get back to unfinished projects.
    5) I do over think an suffer from too much anaysis.

  20. I have gotten really good responses when I do training But I feel I keep underestimating my own impact and I procrastinate a lot with projects. I work in spurts. I can be very productive at times but then I get distracted and fall behind on my deadlines. I wish I had the discipline of just putting my shoulder to the wheel until I get the damn thing going with enough momentum that I can see substantial results and income.

    • I too work in “spurts.” Make deadlines but unfortunately, I keep extending them. I too am very profitable when I follow through, even to cold audiences. If I could get consistent, I’d be a rock star:-(

  21. Hi Rich, great topics looking forward your insights.
    Q: Where does your performance feel like it lags?
    How to formulate clearly the problem I’m solving for clients.My topic is too broad(ie Life coaching/Entepreneurship).
    Also How to close the gap between a prospect and the sale

    Q: Are you slow on the uptake?
    Q: Get distracted in the middle?

    Q: Never finish anything?
    got implementation issues

  22. Just wanted to say thanks to all of you who took time to share your thoughts so far. Sorry if I skipped you in my replies. But not to worry, I’m reading everything and I’ve got a ton of info to share. To higher profits and beyond…

  23. Have been trying but when the tech stuff fails I get so discouraged. I also have trouble pulling the trigger as
    I will spend money and fail, take money from my family. I tried something this weekend for the first time I pulled the trigger and so far a flop. Going in for total knee replacement,
    I got fired because of it, but when I get back I will dust myself off and try again. See you all soon.

    • Hey Kwag, It’s easy to get discouraged. Especially when you face a couple setbacks back to back. Simplifying things can be a big help keep things in perspective. Keep reading. And good luck with your surgery!

  24. I am in the right place! I love research, and get caught up looking for that one more perfect bit of info. Then, I have to Push to get the article to the client by deadline. I spend so much time, I make nothing, and I work longer hours trying to fit the next one into my schedule. Decisions? I want to make the perfect one, so that takes forever. Analysis paralysis. Second-guessing, Distraction/Shiny Things or Hyper-Focus for Hours! Over productive, or waiting for ‘inspiration’ and it gets put off. Start projects that I ‘need to get to,’ and other things take over. Projects take on a life of their own – they get bigger, last longer and may change direction. I put off approaching more clients from self-doubt, and ‘not having anything to offer them.’ I’m always taking one more course. My business side isn’t really set up – I feel like I don’t know how, where to start, etc. Can you tell I have ADD? Can’t wait to hear your ‘treatment’ for these maladies!

  25. I’ve never felt comfortable enough in my skills to get into any sort of groove. I can keep a clean house, make healthy diners, paint a room, organize people’s offices, … but this stuff? I’ve just never been able to develop competencies as hard as I’ve tried. I’ve grown a lot over the years, but still not there yet. I have systems and shortcuts for every other aspect of my life. Its really frustrating. I look at each task and its either something I don’t know how to do yet, or something I have failed at. I so look forward to the day when I can confidently bang stuff out.

    • Hey Carole, Hmmmm. Sounds like you have a lot on the ball. But you might be having some trouble porting your skills to your business. A lot of time overcomplicating things is the culprit. I’ll have a few ideas to share with you… Thanks for reading.

  26. Rich, by the similarity of many of these comments you have discovered a common problem.

    I suffer from many of these same challenges; over research, perfectionism, distractions, lack of
    focus, not completing a project, failing to pull the trigger to implement. In
    some sense I feel I am actually afraid that a successful launch is going to create
    issues that I don’t want to deal with. Maybe I just enjoy the vicarious
    pleasure of assembling different elements of my business model but don’t want
    to “get my hands dirty” doing the real work that might result if the
    business model actually gains traction. Not only that, I don’t sit well
    in front of a computer for long stretches of time. Whew, got it all out!
    Thanks for the opportunity of catharsis.

    • Hey Bill, Yep I am starting to see a couple threads start to run through these responses. Fortunately none of them are fatal to your success. And we’re going to cover a lot of them in the next couple weeks. Thanks for the feedback.

  27. Q: Where does your performance feel like it lags?
    A: My biggest problem with performance is once started on a project, I have difficulty keeping at it until finished before trying to move on to a different project. I guess it’s probably an issue with prioritization or motivation focus.

    Q: Are you slow on the uptake?
    A: I am not slow on the uptake at all. It’s the follow through that kills me.

    Q: Get distracted in the middle?
    A: Definitely yes.

    Q: Never finish anything?
    A: In some cases yes, but not all the time. I frequently get involved in research for a project and get bogged down with that or find a new idea that diverts me. I have tried to come up with a way to track ideas, both for the current project I am working on or prospective new projects for action later, but have not managed to do that yet. Heck, I can’t seem to even manage keeping an active and current to do list. Knowing that, I can easily get diverted off in another direction to work on before I forget it. Then, I may not return to the original project to complete it.
    Is there any hope for me?

  28. Rick, I have copied Michael’s because it’s all me with one addition, #6

    1) Results: I am not generating income. I am probably not executing
    effectively and quickly enough. I don’t have funds for a coach, but I
    do try and follow proven, successful online marketers.
    2) I am kind of slow, suffering from perfectionism.
    3) I get distracted by email, facebook, other opportunities, blogs. Time management is an issue.
    4) Sometimes I finish, sometimes I never get back to unfinished projects.
    5) I do over think an suffer from too much anaysis.
    6) Technical issues are keeping me from executing anything

    • Hey Donna, Did I mention “time management” is a myth? It’s “YOU” that you have to manage. Too often it’s a question of focus and follow through. I’ve got some things to share that should help. Thanks for sharing

  29. Sometimes I think I don’t have a business mind … which is the fastest and easiest path to turn a website
    into a business? 🙂

  30. Over think things… so I have been starting to put strategies in place to think more like a man :)…

    Male version…. idea, plan, execute (without thinking), review at predetermined milestone… pivot?… income stream

    Female version… idea, plan, start execute… halfway through rethink, change direction, start again, rethink, change direction…. never finish, fear steps in, reiterate, reiterate, reiterate

    I noticed before I was doing this so I have set up constraints to make me act more like a man in this context… its a never-ending project.

    Thats question 3 and 4.

    1. Actually that is the above

    2. Nope.

    Really looking forward to the blog sequence Rich!
    And glad to be finally back on the Strategic Profits coaching, starting here.

    • Hey Laura, Well… I’m not gonna touch that “male/female” thinking model you outlined. (But based on your definition I’ve known a lot of male entrepreneurs who think like women. 😀 ) But seriously, rethinking is not necessarily bad if it’s really re-assessing. Only when it stems from indecision. Now that I think about it, I have a pretty great exercise I can share for overcoming that. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  31. I have done very well in my business for 5 years but now I am hitting a slump, my goal is to break out of this slump and take it to a whole new level.

    My problems right now are: Optimizing conversions, and building an incredible customer experience.

  32. Hi Rich, you make me curious, here my

    I feel performance lags, but I do not know if that is true. I guess to get my business started it has its own pace. I
    cannot force it to have results quicker, nor slow it down without frustrating myself. I’m missing benchmarks. Am I really at the right pace. Do I have to do it smarter? Or, do I have to proceed as I am doing now and stop worrying?

    Regards, Frank

    • Hey Frank, Well like I said in my post, “Your business is perfectly designed for the results you’re getting.” Too fast or too slow? That’s a little harder to say. As you move to the margins of optimizing your biz, your improvements will get smaller and smaller. But in my experience, most people I work with really could be getting results faster. Keep reading and when we’re done you can let me know. Thanks for sharing.

  33. Technical skills to implement plan. It seems as if I go to do one thing, it takes learning 10 new things in order to do the one thing, consequently it is hard to implement anything. Also get to feel over whelmed and tend to freeze up and don’t do anything. Not good, makes me feel guilty. In writing content I find it takes tons of time, not confident in my editing skills, tried to find ghost writer, but they don’t sound like me..Do get distracted online.. so much information I can get lost in the next blog post..

    • Hey Karen, Can you see any connection between “having to learn 10 new things” just to do one thing and “feeling overwhelmed”? Good news is you don’t! Stay tuned and thanks for sharing the feedback.

  34. Hi Rich, this is great. Building my list, engaging with them, how often, content.

    I use blogging now to attract leads but have only started 10 days ago and so have no real data yet.

    I can see who I want to become, and I have an end in mind, over the last 18 months ( that’s when I started on line) I have built a list of just over 1000 but quite unresponsive.

    I like the long term prospect of blogging as opposed to advertising, am I right?

    One thing I feel I do at last have a handle on is that I am now becoming consistent.

  35. Hi Rich, thank you for taking the time to help us, here are my answers to your questions

    Q: Where does your performance feel like it lags? I feel my performance lags mostly in sales, its been months I have not engage a new prospect.
    I sometime procrastinate on some of the most important tasks. I do not out-think myself? I don’t suffer from “analysis paralysis”? But I would love to have more clarity, to have a sense of knowing where I am going.

  36. 1. Spread too thin across various ventures and parts of my business. Engaging list consistently. Lack of clarity and overall strategy (which gives greater certainty that my efforts won’t be a waste of time)
    2. Slow on uptake? Not really
    3. Distracted in middle? Mostly by urgencies and other people’s demands
    4. Never finish anything? No but do feel my interest and productivity dropping when it gets into the details or tech of delivery.

    I know I’m at my best in the creation and creative development of content….but want someone else to manage the execution.

  37. Hi Rich,
    My performance lags in communicating my ideas because people don’t seem to get them. That was until I found out what you are teaching: about prioritisation, project management and businesses processes. I have been trying for months to convince entrepreneurs and owners of small businesses that they need to pay attention to these things. I am not good at writing copy to sell the benefits of what I do to potential customers. I am not slow on the uptake and I love learning but I get frustrated with having to learn so many new things to done the one thing that I want to achieve. Either that or the opposite ; I get too interested in the tool or technique then I get distracted and lose track of what I am supposed to be achieving. I do finish things but it takes a lot longer than I had estimated/set aside. This means I am constantly reprioritising and rescheduling.

    • Hey Judy, I hear ya. Balancing focus – going from distraction to over-involvement – can be a real obstacle to optimizing your performance. But I’ve got a few techniques to share that I think will really help. Thanks for sharing

  38. Thank you for your insights and for sharing your brilliance with us al Rich. It is appreciated. I really relate to the problems EVERYONE else here is having. I would add one additional issue – I have allowed other people to much control in my business. From family and friends jumping in with problems that ‘need’ immediate help at crucial times in my business, to my allowing employees and independent contractors to place themselves in just the right place to form a bottleneck that stops or redirects the business flow. I have been making major changes both in my personal and my business life as a result of your advice. I want to add that your weekly calls as well as your reports have been an invaluable aid to me during a time of major transition. Thanks again.

    • Hey Sandy, Thank you for the kind words! Let’s see if I can be worthy of that praise. In the meantime, let me give you something to think about: Being an entrepreneur isn’t about being your own boss, it’s about making the decisions that are best for you! Got it? Thanks for sharing the feedback

  39. Hi, here is my homework:

    1. Unfocused, time and project management. Putting more attention in basic tasks than in strategic and high impact business activities.

    2. No. But there are a lot of information and sometimes I feel overwhelmed.

    3. Yes.

    4. I finish all but many times not as fast as I want.

    Thanks Rich.

  40. Just wanted to thank everyone again for sharing your feedback. We’re going to leave the comments open for another day or so and I’ll keep checking back, If I didn’t get a chance to respond to you here, don’t worry, my team and I are going to read each and every one. And I’m going to cover as many of your obstacles as I can. I’ve got a ton to share. That means it’s time for me to get busy sorting through everything you’ve all written and get ready for later this week!

    To higher profits and beyond!

  41. Q1: Where does your performance feel like it lags? Knowing what to do to execute a specific outcome.
    Q2: Are you slow on the uptake? I’d say yes but I know that because I’m more a visual person. Need to see the whole picture to really get it.
    Q3: Get distracted in the middle? It happens but not a big problem. Distractions in the beginning is what kills.
    Q4: Never finish anything? Definitely.

    • Hey Steve, If I had to make an unscientific guess based on most of the entrepreneurs I see, yours is the more common problem. Losing momentum as you go. So we’ll have to talk about following through… thanks for your comments

  42. Thanks Rich; my personal challenge is to BELIEVE AND ACT ACCORDINGLY, based on the “assumption” that I have still the same quality and personality as AN ENTREPRENEUR, as I have had as a successful Managing Director signing for a global player: MY GOAL: going out to my prospective customers and act accordingly, while personally believing it 🙂 My motto is: “As good as the big ones – AND more agile” – FYI: I am a business consultant with the philosophy, that value based management solves most of the Human Resources glitches and reflects itself in ROI quite fast.

    I very much look forward to more of your insight.

    • Hey Markus, Your real challenge is BEING the entrepreneur you know you are. (A little out of this scope, but it’s the topic I’m working on in my latest coaching report.) Still, indecision and self-doubt lie at the root of it sounds like you’re struggling with. Got some stuff to share I think you’ll like. Thanks for writing!

      • Hey Rich, spot ON! Thanks – I finally am having time to work myself through your great BGS course, which I will be profiting greatly from.

  43. 1. My performance lags in the marketing of my product.
    2. Not sure I am slow, maybe overly cautious.
    3. I let lackluster results deter me.
    4. Many times.

  44. This year we decided that we HAD to focus – follow through to the end on one big project at a time, worked in the sense we just finished one launch . which bummed, no paid sign ups, lots of interest, opens, positive comments, no sign ups… discouraged would not be the word… So my question is, how do we know when to stop doing what we’re doing cos its going to go nowhere and when do we decide to keep trying and trying….. that saying that people give up just before their major breakthrough makes sense but there’s the other side of the same coin – blindly continuing when there is no hope….How to judge where we are and how to know what to put our faith in….. I think this weekend we’d both have thrown in the towel if we could but looking past this launch there are other positive indications that we’re on a worthwhile track… and other positive things came our way yesterday – just no sign ups for this course….I think I may have just answered my own question – nothing is a failure unless you haven’t learned from the experience…

    One other question – we have two sides to our business online/offline. Online is attractive as it means that we can sell more than our one on one time. But our market doesn’t seem to get the online concept – do we spend time trying to educate them, or do we just get out there and do the workshops, one on one work and hope that eventually that leads to online success as people get to know us.

    • Hey Louise, Well if you do something and it doesn’t work. And then you do it again… I think you got the idea. “Blindly continuing” and “putting your faith in” something aren’t business strategies. If your marketing is generating buzz but no conversions, then you need to focus on what’s lacking. I call those your appropriate objectives. I’ll have some more on this soon. Thanks for the feedback!

  45. 1. Single-mindedness, action, focus.

    2. Fast on the uptake.

    3. Yes. I can get distracted.

    4. 99% of the time finish everything I start.

    Re “out-think myself”: Yes…if I think long and hard enough.

    Re “life of their own”: Can say no. Perhaps 90% of the time in control.

    Re “suffer analysis paralysis”: Yep, I can at times.

  46. Performance lagging issues:
    1. More independent direction — I have a small group of people I started off ventures with in the past. I think I’ve outgrown this group though we still maintain a money-making business together. I’m working on transitioning away from this dynamic.

    2. marketing — I need help creating a coherent marketing message. I’m constantly searching for the next sale I can close.

    Slow on the uptake? Not really, I’m a pretty fast learning and open to new ideas. Though I tend to run out of steam in the middle of projects b/c I get bored somehow.

    Get distracted in the middle? Yes, frequently. I find I’m constantly being pulled in different directions. I have time but manage my time rather poorly.

    Never finish anything? Yes indeed, I’ve finished some tasks but most are unfinished b/c I run out of steam in the middle. I don’t know if it’s my motivation, lack of direction, or just that I’m mentally tired!

    • Hey Lillian, Here’s a clue to what I see going on based on some of what you wrote. (I mentioned it in one of my earlier replies.) Time management is a MYTH! Yep. You can’t manage time. You can only manage YOU. You may think there’s no difference, but because of what your brain hears, there is. What you have are follow through issues. And I’ve got some info for you. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  47. It’s like this for every project I have ever taken on:

    Q: Where does your performance feel like it lags? More task oriented than high-level strategic thinking

    Q: Are you slow on the uptake? No, Tons of energy, ready to go, get her done.

    Q: Get distracted in the middle? Starting to get distracted but I hang in and push through the wall and have to work hard to get refocused

    Q: Never finish anything? That’s right – never finish, ever. I just can’t hang in there when it takes so much effort and there are no rewards.

    Do you always seem to out-think yourself? Only after about 6 months and the money hasn’t started flowing yet

    Do projects take on a life of their own? No, I can handle projects, I just can’t hang in long enough to see them make money

    Do you suffer “analysis paralysis”? No, I can cut through that

    • Hey Reba, There are about 8 or 9 big reasons entrepreneurs don’t follow through. And judging from what I’m reading here, I’m going to be talking about a lot of them. But here’s something to think about while I’m getting to that… If you’re gung ho at the outset of a project, but lose that enthusiasm mid-way, what changes for you? Thanks for writing.

      • Hey Rich, thanks for the reply! Yeah I’ve thought about it a lot – the hope and promise that I have in the beginning doesn’t pan out like I envision and I start to question my idea thinking maybe it wasn’t good. Then I figure, what the heck, why waste my time, and I move on to something else where there’s hope and promise again. Honestly, I don’t know how many projects I’ve given up on just prior to them taking off and I’ll never know. I’m really trying to work on it and with my latest project, at least I’ll be able to identify my habit and hopefully push through. Can’t wait to read what you have in store for us!

  48. 1. I feel overwhelmed most days. This leads to being unable to finish many projects in time. I run 2 businesses, completely different from each other and constantly feel torn between the two. So: I’d love to be able to figure out the real priorities to focus on! One business is 100% mine, so I find it easier…I’m the only one in charge. The other is a shared venture with my companion, so all decisions need to be shared.

    2. I’m usually pretty quick on the uptake and can make decisions quickly, I tend to “shoot from the hip” once I have some basic knowledge of a subject.

    3. I’m distracted frequently…back to the answer to question #1. Plus I live in a country where unexpected everything and anything happens almost every day, which, of course, adds to distraction!

    4. I finish things, but not in a linear way. I start, stop, pick up again when I find a moment, and so it goes until a projet is finished. I find it very frustrating. I often wish I could hire people to do all the things I struggle with or just don’t like doing. Just recently, for the first time ever, I’ve hired a bookkeeper (perhaps my very weakest area) My companion does not feel the need to hire people (he’s very much an I can do it better and cheaper kind of guy, and the problem is, he really CAN do most everything better and cheaper!)

    • Hey Elizabeth, Yep, sounds like prioritization is a definite stumbling block for you. Got a few thoughts on that coming. But I’ve got another question. If your partner can do all the stuff that can be outsourced better and cheaper, who’s doing his job?… Stay tuned and thanks for the feedback!

  49. Q: Where
    does your performance feel like it lags? Getting started and putting it
    all together

    Q: Are
    you slow on the uptake? No, just getting the visuals in place to get the
    big picture

    Q: Get
    distracted in the middle? Yes, other things come in and can take priority

    Q: Never
    finish anything? Often, depends on support, time and health

    Do you always seem to out-think yourself? Yes, overthinking
    can be an issue, then lack of motivation and fear of failure

    Do projects take on a
    life of their own? Sometimes

    Do you suffer “analysis paralysis”? yes!!!! Too much
    thinking and not enough action

  50. Q: Where does your performance feel like it lags?
    Honestly I think I can do better in every stage of a project, but it’s hard to put a finger on where or what might be dragging me down. Maybe because at this stage of my business I’m doing everything myself.

    Q: Are you slow on the uptake?
    Yes. I’m a 8 Fact Finder in Kolbe so I naturally try to gather anything and everything related, think about every aspect, and that makes me ‘slow’ in some sense. But I think that’s a relative term, and I don’t think it harms me every time (sometimes yes, other no)

    Q: Get distracted in the middle?
    I generally am not distracted by other projects, but other angles to approach the project at hand. Usually because of something I figure out as I go along. I think this can be constructive at times; maybe it’s just getting in the way of getting things done?

    Q: Never finish anything?
    I’m pretty good at finishing what I’ve got serious about. But I don’t necessarily finish ‘everything’; I abandon projects, most of the times deliberately.

    Do you always seem to out-think yourself?
    Totally, if you mean overthink. I’ve always tried to think less and do more, but it’s never been easy for me.
    Do projects take on a life of their own?
    I’ve never thought of it that way.
    Do you suffer “analysis paralysis”? Most of the times, but I somehow get started if it’s important enough.

  51. Hi Rich, thanks for the opportunity,

    My performance lags where it concerns my pricing strategies.

    I am not really slow in the uptake, when I am focussed, start pretty quick.

    I bann distractions as much as possible.

    In the end, I always finish what I started.

  52. Q: Where does your performance feel like it lags? I can’t seem to talk myself into pulling the trigger. I’m striving for perfection yet I know it doesn’t exist. I’m certain I have a viable vision yet I’m stuck on what if the public doesn’t like it. Of all the things I’ve done in the past, this is the one I have the most control over, the most flexibility with the ability to adjust in real-time and for those reasons I’m stuck. (I’m starting a publishing company.)
    Q: Get distracted in the middle? I definitely let myself get distracted which allows me to take a break from what I’m working on guilt-free. I eventually get back to it but it takes longer than it should because eventually guilt creeps in and I feel bad for not finishing what I was working on.
    Q: Never finish anything? I’m guilty of not finishing with respect to my current project. When I sit to work on one piece, it leads me down the road of another, and another and another. In the end, I’m left with several unfinished pieces or well written plans I can’t execute because I don’t have finished product.
    Do you always seem to out-think yourself? Do projects take on a life of their own? Do you suffer “analysis paralysis”? I definitely suffer from analysis paralysis and out thinking myself. I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 20 years and I’ve never been afraid to explore ideas and I’ve been successful with most. However, I’m now about to start a publishing company and I’m hesitant. Today’s marketing options are plentiful and it would appear your best success is to utilize as many as possible all in “real-time.” I don’t know how you marketing gurus get it done. I’ve spent a significant amount of time studying everything, constantly being stopped in my tracks by overwhelm.

  53. Q: Where performance lags: Strong Prioritization instead of Completing Everything is always a challenge
    Q: uptake / middle / finish: Usually getting started is the hardest. Once I’m moving forward its usually pretty easy… when I can envision the end product it gets pretty easy. But starting the big task need to do is tough… I tend to get stuck on little ones that don’t matter as much because they’re easier.

  54. Q1: Performance lags in the area of marketing, specifically choosing the best (right) approach. Certainty of what approach and achieving the desired outcome make me hesitant, i.e. analysis paralysis. This is an issue for me more generally than just in marketing.
    Q2: Slow on uptake only until I am set on the direction.
    Q3: Distracted in middle with uncertainty of achieving desired outcome and the possibility of a better way to the desired outcome.
    Q4: Never finish anything is not generally an issue once I have settled on the approach and am convinced it is the right/best one.

  55. Performance lacks in Marketing. I believe I am doing all the right things, but I never get the results I feel I should.
    I am not slow on the uptake.
    I do my best to stay focused, but I can get distracted, especially if the current campaign is taking too long
    Again, I often do not complete campaigns that take too long.

    I have learned to avoid analysis paralysis as I have learned that it is in the doing that I learn the most.

    I am really looking forward to your posts, Rick.

  56. Performance lag- i have goals, I create deadlines, I achieve them pretty consistently.
    Slow on uptake- working on reading and learning more and delegating more
    Distractions- internet addiction- using “Cold Turkey” helps
    Fininsh- got a coach/partner to crack the whip every week

  57. The cruise control mode really hits home.

    That’s exactly the mode our
    business has been for too many years and we are starting to feel the effects especially
    when it comes to growing our business through sales and marketing processes.

    Q: Where does your performance feel like it lags?

    A lack of confidence to take action.

    Q: Are you slow on the uptake?

    Yes, not sure what the first step should be probably due to analysis
    paralysis which leads to a lack of focus.

    • Hey Steve, You hit on the big key issue – cruise control. Entrepreneurs very often start to coast once they start making a little money. It’s easy to do when things look good. But things never stay good forever. Then comes the panic mode and guess what… that leads to bad decisions, a lack of focus and saying “yes” to too many of the wrong things. Good thing you’re here. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  58. Can’t seem to sustain a long commitment, like writing regularly for my
    blog, especially when I’m not seeing any traction in the beginning.

  59. Where does your performance feel like it lags?… regrettably everywhere.
    Q: Are you slow on the uptake? Yes.
    Q: Get distracted in the middle? Yes.
    Q: Never finish anything? Not ‘never’ but often.

  60. 1) Where does your performance feel like it lags? Getting started
    2) Are you slow on the uptake? Quick on the uptake
    3) Get distracted in the middle? Yes, always evaluating alternatives and other options.
    4) Never finish anything? Usually finish but often second guess myself.

  61. I have a problem staying focused and working. I am very motivated, goal oriented, probably in analysis paralysis, and just want to get over the hump and be successful. I was raised by a women who continually told me I couldn’t do anything, so I have a little inferiority complex. Thank you

  62. Hmmm….
    Q1. I guess performance lags at the outset, in the planning stage. For some reason, I haven’t been able to move beyond it. So I guess that would suggest that…
    Q2. …I must be slow on the uptake.
    Q3. And I’ve also noticed that I get distracted by new ideas of things I should be doing or would like to do. Hence, overwhelm and lack of certainty about where and how to start or where I’m going.
    Q4. Well, I wouldn’t say I never finish anything.
    But, yes, I probably get analysis paralysis.

  63. I’m a one man show on a shoestring budget and no previous entrepreneurial success. Making and marketing a course.

    1) knowing the most important thing to focus on.

    2) not sure what the uptake is, but I have learned almost too many things in the last two years from all the marketing gurus to know what to believe anymore.

    3) I get distracted when I have to make a decision about things. Very bad habit probably stemming from uncertainty.

    4)I will finish, but scope creep and my ow expectations are a problem.

  64. Great questions – I’ll answer as honestly as I can.
    1. When I get too stressed, overwhelmed and tired. Then I am not thinking clearly about the next productive step – I default to what I know which is not always moving my business forward.
    2. Yes, when I don’t clearly understand what I need to do or the concept. If I’m clear, I go for it.
    3. Sometimes, when my brain won’t absorb any more information. It just stops. Frustrating.
    4. I’m persistent. I will always strive to finish what I’ve started – so understanding what is required is the key.
    Thanks, Rich, for providing this forum for learning. Look forward to the next 30 days.

  65. JOHN OGANA From Nairobi Kenya.

    Yes this is spot on and what I believe will push me into action:

    Q: Where does your performance feel like it lags? The execution stage because, I know what I should do but doesn’t put it down into workable time framed blocks… too much noise then anxiety creeps in.

    Q: Are you slow on the uptake? Once I begin, nothing can stop me; problem is beginning

    Q: Get distracted in the middle? Yes especially when results take long to start trickling in. I start re-evaluating and slowing down the momentum then the fire just fizzles out slowly…

    Q: Never finish anything?. Not all the time, but I’ve learnt to always take control of things I can and definately keep promising to; but i get bogged down and never follow through the way I’d love to. This affects the final finish

    Do you always seem to out-think yourself? Do projects take on a life of their own? Do you suffer “analysis paralysis”? Yes to all these. I need to clear the clatter and cut the cheese. But how?

  66. Q: Where does your performance feel like it lags?
    Q: Are you slow on the uptake?
    Q: Get distracted in the middle?
    Q: Never finish anything?

  67. Q: Where does your performance feel like it lags? Maintaining momentum
    Q: Are you slow on the uptake? I am slow to take action in the beginning because I’m unsure where to start or who to hire for help.
    Q: Get distracted in the middle? Yes
    Q: Never finish anything? No
    Do you always seem to out-think yourself? Often
    Do projects take on a life of their own? In a good way, they move the project along
    Do you suffer “analysis paralysis”? Occassionally

  68. Q: Where does your performance feel like it lags?
    Lack of focus.Trying to complete 3 things at once.

    Q: Are you slow on the uptake?
    I have noticed what i really like i can
    do pretty fast without hestiation. Tho on
    some tasks i really have to force myself to do it.

    Q: Get distracted in the middle?
    Yeah, somewhere at that point. I start
    thinking i want to finish that other
    project and go there.

    Q: Never finish anything?
    Yeah, some things have started, but
    less things have been finished.

    For some ideas i really tend to out-think

  69. A friend of Mine Outs my obstacle in a nutshell. I have to Pay a Price to believe in me. I Love to begin New, Never Finishing anything. I am afraid to finalise what i want to do. Sure, i am frightened to lose control, to do the wrong things in my Owen Business, don’t believe in me. I think others entrepreneurs will Deal much netter than i do. I have to earn my Money…So i stay employed and try to builder my Business around Job and Family…knowing: it won’t work.

  70. Q: Where does your performance feel like it lags?
    Making the time to get things done – things take longer than I think, so then when I get to doing them and it takes longer than I’ve allowed, it doesn’t get done.
    Q: Are you slow on the uptake? I think things over… and over …. and over… I’m not slow on the uptake, I just like to think about it over and over and over again.
    Q: Get distracted in the middle? I’m sorry, you were saying something?
    Q: Never finish anything? I finish very little. I know what I want to do and what I want to accomplish, but don’t quite actually finish.
    Do you always seem to out-think yourself? Do projects take on a life of their own? Do you suffer “analysis paralysis”?

  71. Q: Where does your performance feel like it lags?
    A: I need to start my business a.s.a.p. and will do that the coming month
    Q: Are you slow on the uptake?
    A: not really
    Q: Get distracted in the middle?
    A: not really as long as I know where I’m heading
    Q: Never finish anything?
    A: not at all
    Q: Do you always seem to out-think yourself? Do projects take on a life of their own? Do you suffer “analysis paralysis”?
    A: no; once I know my direction, I go for it; I’m writing my book about sales and I’m determind to start a franchise org for B2B industrial salespeople this year.

  72. Q1 Where does your performance feel like it lags?
    Getting starting on writing content for my website/blog and understanding the needs, desires and wants of my target audience. Knowing how to weave my subscribers desire into my marketing message without sounding pushy.
    Q2 Are you slow on the uptake?
    To some degree, yes. The reason being is because I’m not new to online marketing however I do feel overwhelmed by the amount of learning and applying of marketing skills that I’ve learned over the years and have no results due to my lack of understanding of communicating online.
    Q3 Do you get distracted in the middle?
    Yes, I do because of whether I remembered tips or strategies for getting my website visitors to take action.
    Q4. Never finish anything?
    Well, my girlfriend said that I’m not a finisher. And to be honest I’ve never really applied myself. Actions speak louder than words. I’ve just recently hosted my website and I’ve invested in an auto-responder. I’m now working on my auto-responder messages to build a relationship with my subscribers.

  73. Q.Where does your performance feel like it lags?
    A. having no mney to invest and market my business

    Q: Are you slow on the uptake?
    A.Once again not having the money stops my uptake

    Q: Get distracted in the middle?
    A.only if I try to take a smarter way other than what the system says-which is not smart

    Q: Never finish anything?
    A.yes-due to lack of a clear business plan

  74. Q. Where does your performance feel like it lags?
    A. Marketing and sales

    Q. Are you slow on the uptake
    A. Could you repeat the question a bit slower

    Q. Get distracted in the middle?
    A. I don’t even make it to the middle

    Q. Never finish anything?
    A. I’m too busy starting the next big thing…

  75. 1—getting the right info in marketing 2—No 3—Never used to always finished but lately starting new stuff without finishing prior 4—Yes lately distracted

  76. Just yesterday I logged into my BGS account for the first time in a long time because I had to get my “Rich fix”…Hadn’t heard from you in awhile and was wondering what new stuff you might be working on. Excited to see where this goes…

    As for the questions

    Q: Where does your performance feel like it lags?

    -Really struggle with execution. My Kolbe test puts me as a high “fast start”…And partnering with/hiring an executor has always been something I know I need to do but lacked clarity/confidence to pull the trigger…Finding that person has been hard as well.

    Q: Are you slow on the uptake?

    -Not sure what you’re asking here. “slow on the uptake” could mean a few different things. But if you mean “do you struggle getting started”, yes.

    Q: Get distracted in the middle?

    -Not as much. This happens sometimes, but I’ve found the things I start have a much higher likelihood of getting finished than the ideas that never get off the ground.

    Q: Never finish anything?

    -A lot of my struggles to see things through come from the fact that most of them don’t get started in the first place. A roadblock, or doubt about whether it’ll actually be a success pops up and I go to the next idea. My boss says I wait for things to be perfect before launching, but I see it as not wanting to put a boat in the lake if it has holes….If you catch my drift.

    Thanks Rich, looking forward to your upcoming posts

  77. Answers to Q’s:
    1. I think I fail to join all of the dots,in as much as |I may lack a crucial piece of information, or some know how or I do not know where to look. Also there are things I like to do and things I do not!
    2.I probably am slow on the uptake. Also I may interpret what I am told differently to how intended.
    3. I quite easily get distracted.
    4. This is a tough one to answer-Yes and No.

  78. Q. Where does your performance feel like it lags?
    A. My personal profile is that of a scanner – so there is always too much to see.

    Q. Are you slow on the uptake
    A. No – I can digest information quickly

    Q. Get distracted in the middle?
    A. If the middle part is too long – I might get disctracted – yes

    Q. Never finish anything?
    A. Sometimes finished – sometimes not. But even with a finish – you need follow up. There it´s where I give up too early.

  79. 1. Lack of the right tools to create and implement products fast. Lack of speed implementation.
    2. Yes
    3. No
    4. I finish but projects they take to long to implement and it´s hard to keep up with the new tecnologies that are showing up all the time. That gives a sensation of don´t take advantage of my truly potencial and stay behind of the top of the game

  80. 1. Setting clear objectives and knowing which steps to start with
    2. Sometimes
    3. Yes, very often
    4. Yes, even more often

  81. 1. Believing (and executing) that the project is worth taking the risk and then following through
    2. Yes
    3. Usually
    4. 50%/50%

  82. Q: Where does your performance feel like it lags?
    Not fired up, just taking consistent steps almost every day which does move me forward but not fast enough in my opinion.
    Q: Are you slow on the uptake?
    At times
    Q: Get distracted in the middle?
    Q: Never finish anything?
    I have and do finish my projects albeit slowly, just completed an 11,000 word introductory course to build my email list with in my niche and now require a website built up as well as turn the course into a paid product, Kindle book and Slideshare and I find getting motivated is hard. I should be happy for my accomplishment and excited for the next steps though that doesn’t seem to motivate me tp move forward…

  83. Q: Where does your performance feel like it lags? lack of focus, too many options and we keep changing direction all the time
    Q: Are you slow on the uptake? no
    Q: Get distracted in the middle? yes
    Q: Never finish anything? lots of times, again too much on, lack of focus


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