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It’s late at night and I’m burning the midnight oil. Why? Because I am working on my next report, and it’s shaping up to be my best one yet. It happens everytime… I get so absorbed in my writing that I just click away on my keyboard until I look up – and everyone is gone!

Anyway, during my research I happened to stumble across a really cool new site. It’s SearchMe and it completely changes the way you surf online. I think you’re going to love it.

I recorded a video (sorry about the size), it’s my first time using my new screencapture software, ScreenFlow. Jeff Walker recommended the software to me when we were out in Vegas last week and it’s awesome (for the mac). Check out the video, then take a look at the stack I created below.

Pretty cool, huh? Right below you’ll see the stack I made – What’s really cool about the stack is how it handles video – so you’ll definately want to check that out.

So, did you like visual seach? If so let me know below… And if you have any clever ideas on how to use it – share your idea with me and everyone else too…

13 thoughts on “Using Visual Search”

  1. LOL…. Good One Don!
    You know I hardly ever do video, but it’s such an amazing tool – i just wanted to share it with everyone, it takes searching to a whole new level

  2. Brilliant visual search tool Rich and thanks for sharing. Just stumbled your post as it’s so good for research and saving time. I guess it works when you’re searching for named people, companies or whatever on the web rather than general search terms which would just throw up far too many pages. I also couldn’t see how to put quotes round the search to avoid pages that aren’t relevant, but still figuring it out! Thanks again.

  3. Thanks Rich for sharing this great tool with us.
    Definitely will be using this and I can see the
    value. It’s great to have marketers and business
    owners like yourself who are willing to share what
    they’ve discovered with us “regular” folks.

    Have a great 4th of July down there in Florida.

  4. Rich,

    Thanks again for sharing all of the great resources you find. I’m using this new one to search “deep” about Dachshunds (wiener dogs) and specific areas of a dog’s lifecycle – the results are astounding. Saves me a lot of time; I like its visual benefit.

    Appreciate you! Happy fourth. Enjoy the amazement while watching the fireworks w/ your family….. 😉

    Cheri Sigmon

  5. Wow,

    Nice tool, much more stimulating and interesting than going thru a typical Google search.

    Paul’s right, though – have to remember to keep working on “the plan” and not get distracted too much 🙂

    Cheers & many thanks
    Suresh M. Nair

  6. yes…paul, and suresh… there certainly is a time and place for everything. right now i am working on my next report… so i am doing lots of research so i’m in the clear (for now)

    i’ve got some other nifty tools to share – thinking about writing about them tonight…stay tuned….

  7. Wow!

    How have I not heard of this. The last time a search page took my breath away like that was when I first saw Google way back when and it was just so profoundly different from anything else.


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