The ONE thing to do right now

You’ve heard it before and I’ll say it again…

Using a strategy at the right time is critical to explosive growth.

But it’s not the ONLY thing. It also has to be the RIGHT strategy for your business (which is based on several important factors).

So in today’s livestream, I’m sharing my time-tested process for uncovering the root of any business problem and how I identify the right growth strategy to solve it. It’s going to be another juicy episode.

Ad performance down?

You’re not alone…

Facebook advertising performance is down across the board.

And thousands of frustrated media buyers are perplexed about how to make their targeting effective again.

As a result, people are throwing in the towel and leaving the platform in droves. Before you do the same, I may have an easier solution.

Because in today’s livestream, I’ll be talking about the biggest changes to media buying in 2021 and what you should do to crush it in 2022.

You won’t want to miss this one.

Tips for ADD entrepreneurs

It’s hard enough to run a business…

Let alone with ADD thrown into the mix.

When you constantly feel like everything is urgent and that all tasks have the same level of importance, how do you prioritize?

And that’s exactly what people have been asking me for years.

But even if you’re not like me and you don’t have to work harder to overcome this extra layer of complexity, the basic tips can help anyone to focus better, get more organized, and improve their time management.

So in today’s livestream, I’ll share with you how I deal with ADD and how it actually helps me, sometimes, to become a better business owner.

The Myth Of “Taking Action”

It’s become a cliche…

“Just take massive action, brah!”

I hear it all the time from gurus on social media.

And they’re not wrong.

But what’s often overlooked is that there’s 2 types of “action.”




Consumption includes things like reading, watching, listening.

While production is stuff like planning, writing, editing, recording, publishing, designing, building, teaching, creating.

Now, there’s nothing inherently wrong with consuming. It’s a necessary ingredient to success. And if you’re consuming good stuff — both mentally and physically — then it’s going to amplify the productive actions you’re taking.

But too often, I see folks lean in the wrong direction.

Their ratio is way off.

…Especially when their business is small and struggling to get off the ground.

And herein lies the problem:

Too many folks think that a lack of knowledge is what’s holding them back.

They don’t have all the answers yet. So they convince themselves that they gotta invest a lot of time to learn, learn, LEARN.

And as a result, they spend most of their time:

  • Reading books / articles / emails
  • Watching courses / webinars
  • Listening to podcasts / audiobooks
  • Overanalyzing business metrics

And while learning is important, what they’re not doing is putting what they just learned into practice by:

  • Planning the steps needed to achieve their goals
  • Developing content and copy
  • Creating SOPs & processes for repetitive tasks
  • Training employees and delegating projects
  • Outreach for JV partnerships or high-ticket sales

Now, as someone who publishes consumable content for a living, it’s not exactly in my best interest to expose this issue.

But if you want real results, you gotta produce more than you consume.

In fact, I’d say that at a minimum, you should spend 4 hours producing for every hour you spend consuming.

And when your business is in the early stages it’s even more important. If that’s the case, you should even consider making that ratio closer to 90/10.

Cause when I see folks struggling…

It’s almost never because they’re not consuming enough.

It’s cause they’re not producing enough.

Don’t let that happen to you.

Your pen pal,

Matt Rizvi