Better Than Facebook Ads?

Creating a successful offer that can scale on Facebook and convert cold traffic into customers is seen as the “Holy Grail” of internet marketing.

But despite this fact..

Facebook is NOT my favorite source of traffic.

In fact, if you put a gun to my head and I was forced to grow Strategic Profits with only ONE channel, I know exactly which one I’d pick.

It’s not Facebook…

Or Google…

Or Youtube…

Or native…

Instead, my favorite traffic source is one that doesn’t impose cumbersome restrictions on your marketing… it can’t completely blacklist you… and the traffic is often FREE.

What is this magical source of traffic?


You see, there’s several benefits to partnering with other businesses to promote your offer…

  1. YOU CAN’T LOSE MONEY: When striking a deal with affiliates, they’re often compensated with a cut of the sales. That means you can’t go negative on your ad spend. Worst case scenario? They generate zero sales and you both make nothing. But the best case scenario? Your offer crushes it to their list, they earn a hefty sum, and you get to acquire customers at a profit!
  2. LESS RESTRICTIONS: In general, you won’t have to jump through countless hoops and have your marketing approved by a robot in order to promote to an affiliate’s list. In fact, they’ll often tweak your copy or write new ads from scratch that align with their audience and beliefs. And while individual affiliates will have their own guidelines and can decide not to promote you at any time, it’s impossible to get completely “deplatformed” from this source of traffic when you build a robust network of partners.
  3. HOTTER PROSPECTS: Lastly, when promoting to affiliate partners, they’re often giving you or your product an endorsement. They’re building your credibility. And this means you’ll have higher conversion rates and attract hotter customers than when you’re advertising to cold traffic.

See why affiliates are such an amazing traffic source?

Sure, paid media is great when it comes to scaling…

But if you want a business that’s truly resilient and will generate new customers with ZERO financial risk, then forming strong relationships with affiliate partners should be a top priority.

Now here’s the next question you should be asking…

“How the heck do I get partners to mail my offer to their list?!?!”

Well that’s exactly what Glen Ledwell — affiliate marketing extraordinaire — shared in his recent interview with Rich Schefren for the November issue of Steal Our Winners.

In fact, the exact strategy he revealed led to a 300% increase in the chance that affiliates said “YES!” to promoting his offer.

And on the call, he even gave the specific script you should use to achieve those results in your own business.

Want the full details?

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The clock’s ticking.

Your pen pal,

Matt Rizvi

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John Lee Dumas’s Secret For A MILLION Podcast Downloads A Month

If you host a podcast… or publish a blog… or create Youtube videos… or post on social media… or write an email newsletter…

Then listen close.

Because in this email, I’m going to reveal a secret that John Lee Dumas — the host of the Entrepreneurs On Fire podcast — shared in a recent interview with Rich Schefren about how he got his podcast to over 1.4 MILLION downloads in a single month.

This strategy doesn’t involve paid ads, SEO, or any traditional method.

Yet you can use it to build consistent streams of traffic to your content, no matter what medium you use for distribution.

So what’s the secret?

Well, the thing most marketers forget about their prospects is that they’re creatures of habit and it’s best to engage them through a single medium.

Podcast listeners listen to podcasts.

Youtube viewers watch Youtube.

Email readers read emails.

So the BEST way to target those folks and build your own following, is by being featured as a guest in someone else’s content.

Building a blog? Then write a guest post on another blog in your niche. You can do the same thing with emails… or Youtube videos… and DEFINITELY podcasts.

In fact, JLD revealed that he dedicates a single day per month to record 20 different 15-minute interviews on other people’s podcasts.

It sounds extreme (and your voice might be sore after all those interviews).

But because of that level of commitment, he’s created one of the most popular business podcasts on the planet by leveraging organic content marketing that’s fueled by other people’s lists.

So remember:

If you want to build a thriving audience — without a big budget — then convince others in your niche to share your free, high-quality content that will ultimately convert their following into your following.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering…

“But Matt, how do I convince someone to feature me as a guest on their [ENTER MEDIA OF CHOICE HERE]?!?!”

Don’t worry, I gotcha covered…

Because during JLD’s interview with Rich, he revealed that in addition to being a featured guest on other podcasts, he also receives over 400 requests from other people asking to be on HIS podcast every single month.

Most of the requests suck and go straight to the trash heap.

But there’s ONE email he received that was so freaking persuasive that he saved it and now uses it as a template whenever he sends out his own guest interview requests.

“I have never received a pitch as good as this one,” he said. “It’s a very specific and very structured strategy. And it works practically every time.”

And during his interview, JLD revealed the full details, including…

  • How to discover the right podcasts for you to be a guest on
  • How to get in contact with the podcast owners
  • The fill-in-the-blank script you should use to get on their podcast
  • And how to show credibility and create instant goodwill with the host

In fact, JLD estimated that his method works 25%-50% of the time!

Want to check it out?

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