Your Automatic “Chain Of Reaction”

I’m sure you’ve heard of this self-preservation mechanism before. The way we react when we encounter some kind of “danger”.

You probably know it as the “Fight or Flight” response.

When confronted with some sort of imminent threat, we calculate the degree of danger. And either run for cover or face it down and do battle.

Well guess what?

You can forget that.

Because that understanding is wrong…

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The Bad News On Why You Keep Procrastinating

So in my last post I left you with a somewhat daunting question…

I mean in all the information that’s been published, there’s got to be a solution somewhere that’ll get you to stop being a procrastinator. Right?

How’s all that been workin’ for ya?

You see, like I also said in my last post, the problem is there’s a distinction about procrastinating that most people don’t seem to get.

And not understanding this distinction blurs the reality of the problem. It renders any hope of dealing with procrastination just about dead on arrival.

What is it?

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Why You’re Not “Living the Dream” Right Now

Think back to what your hopes and dreams were when you were a child. The amazing future you had planned. Every day was filled with opportunity and promise. Anything was possible for you then. How many fighter pilots, astronauts, major league third basemen, writers, artists, poets and princesses do you suppose are reading this post right now?

OK. Let’s be a little more realistic.

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Mastering the Attention Age

So you’re still with me in this little series? Good attention!

So what do you know now? Every “age” has it’s unique leverage points that offer economic value. And as an entrepreneur, mastering those leverage points will launch you head and shoulders above the competition.

So… now that we’re smack dab in the middle of the attention age, what leverage points do you need to master?

It’s simple.

You need to master…

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How The Attention Age Is Killing Your Business

The other day we talked about how six areas of information overload combined into a perfect storm to create The Attention Age… An era in which your prospect’s attention is the most valuable asset you can have.

We also talked about the spillover effects that it’s had on our ability to focus, think critically and get things done.

But all our talk has been about how we’ve been influenced as consumers of information. What about as entrepreneurs? What about as marketers and business owners? How have those roles been impacted?

Let’s dip back into The Attention Age Doctrine and see how you got an economic edge in every age since the dawn of time…

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The Attention Age… It’s Worse Than You Think

I just got back from San Diego where I spent the better part of the week at my buddy Ryan Deiss’s Traffic and Conversion summit. It was an incredible event. I’d guess there were probably 3,000 people in attendance. Props to Ryan for a really amazing conference. (You should check it out next year if you’ve never been.)

But one of the things at the conference that struck me was the overarching theme of attention. That’s not exactly a new topic for me.

Way back in 2007 I wrote a pretty ground-breaking free report titled The Attention Age Doctrine. It was downloaded a ton.

And it was different from anything I had written in the past. Because unlike it’s Manifesto predecessors (that explained the mistakes entrepreneurs were making), the Doctrine was a prediction about the future.

In the next couple posts, I want to revisit a couple ideas from that report and take a look at how they’ve evolved since I wrote it. And how they’re impacting what you’re trying to accomplish in your business today.

It all started with a really simple premise…

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