Where do internet marketers go to die?

I don’t go to too many internet marketing conferences anymore.

One reason is I’m kind of introverted to begin with (like I said in my first post). But there’s another reason I don’t.

Because I really don’t look at business and marketing the same way most of the people who go to these kind of conferences do. (I wrote the Internet Business Manifesto after I went to an event and saw what I thought were a lot of mistakes people were making.)

But a few years back I attended an Internet marketing conference put on by a pretty well known guru. I could have written another report after that conference. Because the topic at that conference was something I consider to be another huge mistake. Yet it’s one I see marketers make again and again.

It’s a mistake that has a dangerous downside if you’re not careful. One that promising marketers disappear into and are never heard from again…

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The Truth About “Never-Ending” Sales

Several years back, I had a conversation with a gentleman by the name of Porter Stansberry.

If you don’t know who Porter is, he’s the guy behind the largest financial division at Agora publishing. His group was responsible for the marketing juggernaut called “The End of America” which sold hundreds of thousands of subscriptions to his service. It’s also made him the top producer at Agora which is no small feat. So it’s safe to say Porter knows a little bit about marketing.

Anyway, I was chatting with Porter and he shared an insight I thought was incredibly accurate. Incredibly profound. And incredibly powerful. We were talking about the reasons that people buy things. (I’m sure you, as a savvy marketer, understand that people buy for emotional reasons. And then rationalize their purchase after the fact. That’s nothing new.)

However, the point Porter made – the one I thought was so powerful – was something most marketers never fully comprehend…

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The Most Powerful Persuasion Secret… That You Don’t Know!

When I was spending a lot of time consulting with Agora – I still work with them just not as much anymore – one of the big things they mentioned to me about my marketing was something that every A-list, superstar copywriter understands.

But it’s an aspect of content creation that most rookie marketers (and even a lot of veterans) don’t have a clue about.

What is it?

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The $2 Secret To Marketing AWESOMENESS!

So today I want to take a slight detour. Instead of sharing a specific insight on marketing with you, I want to share a secret for becoming a better marketer. It’s a tool I use all the time that will give you a ton more clarity into everything that you do.

I’m sharing it with you now because it will make what I shared with you in my last two posts much easier to do. It will help you nail down your “revelation story” so you can deliver that AhHa! moment to your prospects. And it will help you get inside their heads by getting inside your own. It’ll help you do it faster that just about anything else.

And the best part is, it’ll only cost you two bucks! (If that!)

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Understanding The Marketing Experience

OK, let’s dive right in. Today I want to talk to you about your marketing content. Specifically about a simple but very important and unique way to think about the content that you create.

The goal of this little tweak in perspective is to stimulate demand for whatever it is you’re selling. But done correctly, it can even create demand where it wasn’t before. This is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful concepts you need to think about and put to work in every aspect of your marketing.

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An “Outsider’s” View of Marketing

I’m kind of an introvert.

I’ve always been the guy who prefers to stand at the edge of the party looking in rather than be the center of attention.

And my “outside-looking-in” tendency extends to other areas too. Like the way I think about marketing.

I’ve always been on the outside of the “marketing-think” community too. Don’t get me wrong. I understand that there are time-tested marketing truths. Rules you always have to respect. (You have to know the rules before you can bend them, as they say.)

And I’ve used pretty much every conventional method and channel you can name. I’ve used direct response strategies in the mail and online. I’ve bought newspaper ads. Radio ads. PPC ads. Facebook ads. I’ve used product launches. Marketing funnels. You name it, I’ve done it.

But at the same time, I’ve always kind of looked at all of it from the outside. I’ve always looked for ways to “crank up the heat”, so to speak, of all my marketing. Whether it was the one small tweak I could add that would add major dollars to my bottom line. Or testing an entirely new breakthrough marketing idea.

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