What do President Obama, Jimmy Fallon, and Spongebob Squarepants Have In Common?

The answer to the cryptic title of this post is: They are all included in the video below… but more importantly, there are business and life related tips, hacks and stories that will show you:

  • Why “working harder” isn’t great advice, and might actually do more harm than good,
  • Why most of your competition are targeting low-hanging fruit, and how to feast from the top of the tree…. alone,
  • How to achieve the seemingly impossible, over and over again.

I originally planned on writing a nice, long, article to share all of this… then I remembered that I already gave a 15 minute presentation sharing all of this and more.

So let’s start off with that short video, and then I will add some additional thoughts, ideas and suggestions to help you get even more out of it:

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Cure Information Overload Now – Do Less Get More

Your eyes are stinging and bloodshot. Your brain has all but gone on strike.

You’ve just spent the last six, eight, maybe even twelve hours researching important data you need for a project. Or maybe you’ve been trying to learn the details of a certain strategy. Or the ins and outs of specific techniques for marketing your next launch.

The only problem is you can hardly remember anything you’ve read. And worse than that, the stuff you can recall seems to have no relation to anything you’re working on.

In fact, for a split second in time, you’re not even sure what you were working on in the first place.

Only one thing to do. Get some sleep and get back to more research in the morning.

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11 Questions You Need To Answer To Know If A “Shiny Object” Is Right For You!

A lot of entrepreneurs believe their performance struggles stem from “shiny object” syndrome. Getting distracted by the latest, greatest, newest, sweetest, whiz-bangiest whatever-it-is. But did you ever think a “shiny object” could actually be good for your business?

You know what… they actually can!

You just need to make sure of a few things first…

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