Have You Ever Met an Idiot Who’s More Successful Than You Are?

successful idiot

We all have met those people, right?

The people who seem like idiots, yet they’re still more successful than you? It’s irritating, isn’t it? It goes against everything we’re taught to believe. But it does happen.

Frequently, when I am coaching, a client will ask something like…

“I’m just as smart as this person, so why am I working so much harder yet making so much less than them?”

When they ask, I’m never quite sure… Do they really want the truth, or are they simply venting their frustrations?

To play it safe, I usually say nothing and wait to hear what comes out next. After a silent pause, the client speaks…

The next few words out of their mouth tell me everything I need to know. If they are serious they’ll press me and ask again. If not they’ll simply move on to the next topic.

You see, I need to know if they are serious, because if they’re not, then they aren’t ready to hear the cold, hard truth.

So what about you? Do you want to know why people half as smart as you are making 10 times more? If so keep reading…

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