Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should

Guest Post By Pete Williams

There’s a weird theory in Internet Marketing space.

It goes something like this…. If you’re going to run an online business, you need to know how to do every single thing in Internet Marketing yourself.

And I do mean everything…

  • Designing and maintaining your website
  • Writing all your own blogs
  • Filming your own videos
  • Uploading those videos to YouTube, Facebook etc.
  • Running your own social media
  • Creating all your own information
  • Writing all your own copy
  • Recording and uploading your own podcasts.
  • Running your own traffic to your website
  • Creating your own keynote presentations.
  • Writing all your own emails to your list

I’m always surprised to hear that regular people believe they need to know how to do all these things.

More importantly, they believe their business cannot be successful until they personally learn how to do everything I mentioned above (and keep in mind this is just a partial list here).

If you find yourself constantly running in circles, trying to do all these things, then you’ll want to hear the strategy that I’m going to reveal here. First I want to put this in perspective for you…

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What’s Holding You Back from Getting Everything You Want

What I’m about to share with you can have a profound effect on not just your business, but all areas of your life.

It’s one of those issues that we all like to believe doesn’t really affect us. We tell ourselves “we grew out of that a long time ago.” Or, “sure that affects other people, but not me.”

We all pay a steep price for ignoring it.

I see this with my business clients all the time. These would-be entrepreneurs look at their business performance and they can’t understand why their struggling.

They have no idea what’s really holding them back.

Yet it’s obvious to me. It’s the same thing that holds all of us back in all aspects of our lives…

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