The Entrepreneur’s Reality Check: What’s Stopping You from Getting the Success and Freedom You Want

Imagine for a moment that every promise for every product, program or service you have ever bought had already come true.

That you were, in fact, already reaping the rewards of all the time, energy and investment you’ve sacrificed.

What would your life be like right now?

How would your life be different?

Well, when I ask new clients these same questions, they tell me…

  • They would have already achieved the positioning they were after…
  • They would already be a leading authority in in their market or niche…
  • They would be making the money they’ve always dreamed about…
  • And have the financial security that is currently missing in their life.

Yet, when I ask them what they’d need to achieve they give me one of a hundred different answers…

All of which are wrong.

In other words, all the things they think they need will never actually get them what they really want.

And that’s the purpose of this post…

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The World Lost a Mammoth Friend: A Tribute to Stephen R. Covey

Guest Post by Jay Abraham

Note from Rich: Jay was closer to Stephen than I was, so I think it’s fitting this tribute come from him…

Stephen R Covey Of 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People Dedication Obituary
Stephen Covey, 1932-2012

Stephen R. Covey, author of “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,” died unexpectedly on Monday. The world is saddened by his passing, but has been blessed these 79 years by his life.

He was a friend, but even more, he was a true benefactor to the betterment of our entire world. An obituary in USA Today started out by calling him “A force of human nature…”

They talked about how his “seven habits” have been woven into the emotional wellbeing of multimillions of people’s lives – in almost every walk of life – from self-help to the corporate boardrooms of big businesses.

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Warning: A Lack of Focus Can Kill Your Business

To accomplish any objectives you set, you have to focus. Plain and simple.

Specifically, you have to be able to focus on the things that are essential to your business.

That’s what separates the opportunity seekers online from what I call “strategic entrepreneurs.”

The opportunity seeker is in a virtually constant state of un-focus. He’s scouring the internet landscape trying to find out “what else can I do?” “Where is my next opportunity going to come from?”

The strategic entrepreneur, on the other hand, focuses on the essential. An entrepreneur is constantly asking: “what’s the least I can do to make my vision of success a reality?”

Big difference.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an opportunity seeker, you are constantly assaulted by opportunities and other distractions vying for your attention.

So it’s absolutely vital that you learn to think like a strategic entrepreneur and learn to focus. I’ll show you how. But first, a quick test to see if this applies to you…

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3 Deceptively Simple Questions that Make Millionaires Online

Right now, if I asked you “what’s your overall business strategy?” would you…

1) Look at me confused and say nothing
2) Fumble your way to a semi-coherent answer
3) Or, would you easily answer the question (as if by rote)?

Sadly, if you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’d end up in group 1 or 2.

And that means you’re needlessly sacrificing profits, while working more than you need to.

Don’t believe me? Give me two minutes and I’ll prove it to you…

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