Motivation To Grow Your Internet Business

In this video I’ll help you get motivated to grow your internet business. While doing business on the internet, we tend to get disconnected from the impact we have on our clients.

Something happened to me recently that got me really motivated to grow my Internet business. I got two separate letters that had a profound impact on me. The first, from a client (Mike Filsaime), and the second from Jay Abraham… one of my mentors. Watch the video to find out how I’m channeling this two letters as a motivational tool for you to grow your internet business.

Can You Make Money Online By NOT Working?

How do you really make money online by NOT working. Well… first you have to set your business up the right way. If your team is as focused as you are, in growing the business and achieving maximum profits, taking an entire month off is very easy.

Also in this video, I lightly cover how to make money online using FaceBook marketing. You see, I recently did a webinar with Mr.FBX, the best facebook marketing coach I know. Subscribe to my channel, for details on how to catch the upcoming replay.

Youtube’s Cosmic Panda Update

Youtube's Cosmic Panda Update
Youtube's Cosmic Panda Update

Have you heard about the changes coming down Youtube’s pipeline? Well… Youtube is going to undergo some major graphical and interface changes. So far, major functionality seems to stay the same with the exception of Navigation. If you don’t have a customized Youtube channel, the changes won’t really mean much but it’s best practice to keep an eye on them.

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