On My iPhone @ The Fountainebleau Hotel

Today I’m writing this post from the lobby of the fountainebleau hotel.

Yep that’s right… I’m not at the beach instead I’m in South Beach… at one of the many exclusive resorts that populate the coastline down here.

And believe it or not I’m having more difficulties than you might imagine.

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Online Business Voyeurism (gasp!)

“In clinical psychology, voyeurism is the sexual interest in or practice of spying on people engaged in intimate behaviors, such as undressing, sexual activity, or other activity usually considered to be of a private nature.

In popular imagination the term is used in a more general sense to refer to someone who habitually observes others without their knowledge, with no necessary implication of sexual interest.”

That’s how Wikipedia defines voyeurism.

In today’s blog post I want to share with you a form of “voyeurism” that actually works to get you more customers and make you more money.

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Marketing An Online Business With Credibility… Believability… And Proof!!! (part 4)

Today, we’re continuing the series on how get and leverage credibility, believability and proof to boost your online business.

And we’re heading down the home stretch…

We’ve now covered 12 methods you can employ.

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Marketing An Online Business? Step #3 – Pile On The Proof!

I hope you had a great weekend, a great Valentine’s Day and (for those in the U.S.) a great President’s Day.

I sure did.  In fact, Debi and I celebrated our nine year wedding anniversary on Valentine’s Day.

We were the last couple to ever tie the knot on top of The World Trade Center on Valentine’s Day.  We got married February 14, 2001.

So, needless to say… we partied like rock stars all weekend.

Then on Monday, Ava and Elle had off from school – so we all had fun taking a day off.

Now, it’s time to get back to work.  So I am back at my beach office ready to take our conversation about credibility, believability and proof much further.

The sun has just risen.

Here’s the view from my beach office this morning…

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Marketing An Online Business? Step #2 – Boost Believability

Yesterday, I gave you six powerful bullets to…

Create Credibility…
Boost Believability… Pile On The Proof!

If you haven’t read it yet – I strongly suggest you click over to that post first.

OK, now today, if all goes right – I’ve got another ten (sorry I only got 4 done today) to add to your arsenal.

Whoa… ten plus six equal sixteen… Do you really need that many?

Yes. You Do!

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Marketing An Online Business? Step #1 – Create Credibility

Credibility… Believability… Proof…

You need more of it. That’s what everyone says… There are even entire books written on how to get it… Courses too!

But you know what I say? It’s this:  Boosting your credibility is necessary but, it’s always much easier if you…

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Marketing Your Business Online? Leverage Your Strengths…

Inquiring minds want to know, don’t they?

“Know what” you ask?

Well, from what I can gather… lot’s of things!

And in today’s post I’m going to address a few of those many things you’re telling me are pressing.

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