A Daring Online Business Blog Post?

Can you write a valuable blog post made up entirely of questions?

I think i can, but will you give me your opinion by commenting below once you finish reading it?

Should we begin? I’m ready, are you?

How’s your business going? Is it doing as well as you used to dream it would? Do you think you could improve it right now?

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Online Business Tip: Merchants Hand Down New Regulations

Is this a good thing?

Recently, Mastercard and Visa, as well as other merchant processors have conveyed some new regulations with regard to program execution such as one-time offers, forced continuities, and shipping and handling only, to name a few.

These new rules/regulations are due to longtime complaints from customers that are being billed for products they didn’t want or felt they were being misled into buying.  All the processors have basically decided to shun any company that employs tactics like deceptive forced continuity type programs.

So the big question remains…is this a good thing or not?

Well, I guess the answer depends on you, your business philosophy, and the quality of products or services you provide for your customers.

I believe that there are many pros and cons to this new set of guidelines.

I’m very excited about these guidelines and plan to use them to our company’s advantage in order to lead our company to higher levels.  We will simply do what we always preach and that’s to do the right thing.

Now, if you are one of those companies that is focused on taking every last dollar from your customers or trying to misguide or force people into a continuity program unwillingly  in order to squeeze a month or two of program fees out of them… than you’re probably concerned about the new regulations.  As you should be!

If you get caught violating these regulations, not only will you lose your merchant processor and merchant account, but most likely you won’t be able to get another account from other processors in the future.

Here at Strategic Profits, from time to time, we have tried optional continuity type programs.  It is a possibility that we may offer  some type of optional continuity program in the future, however, these new guidelines are making us step up our game, convey all of our offers with even greater clarity, and become superior in the way we handle our prospects and customers.

These new guidelines will force us to revisit the marketing basics that we know have worked for decades and decades (because consumer buying habits never change).

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Online Business Owner: So You Want To Be One?

Business Vision

Photo by Starck Ting

Yesterday we discussed the difference between owners and victims. Today I want to tell you more about the “Owner’s Mindset.”

Owners give everything they’ve got to whatever they’re doing. They pour every ounce of energy into the current moment.

They realize that anything they could do while multitasking isn’t a high-leverage activity they should be doing in the first place. Instead it should be delegated or outsourced.

You see, when you give all of yourself to something you own it. In a sense, you wrap your responsibility around it completely.

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Are You An Online Business Owner… or Victim?

Yesterday, I shared with you this thought…


Today, let’s expand on it…

Online entrepreneurs can be separated into two different groups by the way they think…

Owners -or- Victims

Here’s what I mean…

Right now in your business you are either an owner of your outcomes, or you’re a victim of your circumstance.

Entrepreneurs who are victims, don’t realize the power they have to alter the results they’re getting. They fail to exercise their creativity to solve the current challenges standing in their way. Instead they give all their power away to circumstance. The net result — their business ends up getting worse and worse.

Entrepreneurs who are owners take ownership of every situation of their business.  They realize they grow with each challenge they overcome. So they come up with creative solutions to their current obstacles. And in the process their skills get better and better…

Entrepreneurs who act like owners stay in the “profitable now.” They give all themselves to what they’re doing in the moment. They stay committed to the outcomes they’ve established and invest all their energy into achieving them.

You see, owners realize this…

Future business success is only created in the present moment. The small task, activity, or project you’re focused on right now will impact your business’ future more than all the excuses, worries, and fears you could possibly stack on top of each other.

Owners embrace the philosophy shared by Ralph Waldo Emerson when he wrote…

“Don’t wast life in doubts and fears. Spend yourself on the work before you, well-assured that the right perfromance of this hour’s duties will be the best preperation for the hours and ages that will follow it.”

So, for today, pick one excuse you’ve been using in your business and come up with all the different actions you could take that would begin to eliminate it once and for all.

If you get stuck, or you come up with a great new approach – share your obstacle or success by commenting below.

Online Business Profits…Now!

Your business exists to make a profit.

Simple statement, right?

Well, before you agree, do a self-check to determine if your actions are congruent with this simple statement.

Are you currently prioritizing and managing your time (at work) according to what’s profitable and what’s not?

Yesterday, we talked about intentions — how entrepreneurs need to be crystal clear about the outcomes we’re committed to achieving each day.

Today, I want to take the conversation further…

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My Online Business: What To Do Today…

If your entrepreneurial life isn’t what you want it to be, you might be suffering from Intention Deficit Disorder.”

Intention Deficit Disorder occurs when you have no real clarity about WHAT result you intend to produce and (even more importantly) WHY you want to produce it.

You see, many internet entrepreneurs spend all their time searching wildly for “how to” advice, yet neglect strengthening their “want to.” And that, my friend, is a big mistake.

Because when you’ve got your WANT TO tweaked and fully torqued, you’ll always find the HOW TO.

Think about this… My daughter Ava is seven years old. She’s relatively a neat little girl. But what if she wasn’t? Let’s just say her room was always messy. It would never occur to me to send her to a seminar on “how to clean her room.” The reason is the “how to” isn’t missing… the “want to” is missing.

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