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The Insider Secrets Billy Knew About Turning Ordinary Household Products Into Muli-Million-Dollar Businesses…

How They Can Revolutionize Your Sales Process And Turn EVERY Product You Sell Into A Sales Windfall

Last week the airwaves were saturated by coverage of celebrities’ deaths.

If you’re a client of mine, it’s no surprise which one hit me the hardest. If you’re not, it was none other than Billy Mays, the greatest TV Pitchman ever.

In fact, when news of his death hit the airwaves, within the span of twenty minutes I received 5 text messages about Billy’s departure.

You might wonder why everyone was texting me about his death. Well, first off, I was a big fan of Billy’s. I told everybody I knew to watch and study the series Pitchmen on Discovery Channel.

And, second, my closest confidants knew I was considering creating a product with Billy on how to best sell through video.

Why would I want to create a product with Billy? Because Billy knew how to do something that very few marketers realize is even possible. He knew how to create and stir up demand for a product in less than two minutes.

That’s right, in less than 120 seconds he was able to introduce you to a product, get you to want it badly enough, and then get you to pick up the phone and crack open your wallet to order it. And once again – all in the span of two minutes.

It’s like the opening line of Pitchmen asserts “Two minutes of television wow that makes you buy now.”

And Billy was dammed good at it. Over the past decade the products he and his partner Anthony Sullivan sold on TV racked up combined sales of over $1 billion – and made each of them a personal fortune.

In 2008 alone their ads cumulatively ran for some 56,000 minutes on U.S. television at a cost of about $170 million, according to Icon Media. And just like A-level copywriters, these A-level pitchmen get a cut of every sale.

So, while banks are scrambling for bailouts, retailers are slashing prices, and industrial giants are cutting headcounts, Mays and Sullivan were thriving.
Why? Because recessions don’t daunt you when you are able to do the impossible – Getting people to buy something they didn’t even know existed in 120 seconds or less.

But, with Billy’s untimely death – all that has changed.

Unfortunately my product with Billy will never happen, the pitchmen series will probably not broadcast another season, and there won’t be any new Billy May’s pitches screaming through the TV at us.

Like I said, I was a huge fan of his show, Pitchmen. I watched every episode and took copious notes in order to improve my own marketing skills. And to honor Billy I’d like to share with you many of the gold nuggets I learned…

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What’s Luck Got To Do With It?

…. You’ve gotta ask yourself a question: “Do I feel lucky?”

If you’re a movie buff, then you recognize those immortal words of Clint Eastwood from “Dirty Harry”.

It was a chilling sight…the sneering face of Eastwood staring down the barrel of a .44 Magnum, as the criminal pondered his choices (which ultimately would be the last thing he ever did).

But I bring this to mind because of a discussion Brian and I were just having about “being lucky.”

Have you ever known somebody who seems to have the best luck in the world?

It’s like everything they touch turns to gold. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s in their business affairs or their personal life, they just seem to have luck on their side all the time.

I can add myself to that list. Because I consider myself EXTREMELY lucky.

I’ve built an 8 figure business, married the woman of my dreams, and have 2 beautiful daughters who are healthy and happy.

And along the way, I’ve had lots of lucky breaks–things that just sort of “happened” which ultimately resulted in me becoming more successful.

Business and Success Coach Tom McCarthy knows all about luck, He’s been studying it for years and claims that there’s an actual science to being lucky.

We’ll tell you more about Tom’s findings later, but for right now I want to give you 3 things that have always helped me increase my luck:

1) Get Out There: I’ve found that luck stems mostly from opportunities, and the more you put yourself in front of others, the more opportunities you’ll have. So don’t be an extrovert. Meet new people. Shake their hands. Look them in the eye and find out more about them. This will increase your luck exponentially.

2) Go With Your Gut: I can’t count how many times I’ve made an important decision based on a gut feeling and it’s turned out to be the right one. You should be doing the same. Follow your instincts and go with what you feel is correct. More often than not, you’ll see your luck increase.

3) Grab The Silver Lining: The most successful people I know don’t wallow in their misery when their luck goes sour. They find the best in the situation and focus on that. And guess what? They always turn their fortunes completely around very quickly. You can do the same.

That’s a few of the strategies I use to bring better luck to my life. But what about you?

What is your definition of “luck”?

Is it mere coincidence, a supernatural happenstance, or something else entirely?

Why is it that some people seem to be lucky in everything while others have no luck at all?

And how can you change your luck from pitiful to prosperous?

I want to know how luck has affected your life, both personally and professionally.

Tell me your take on this subject, and why (or why not) it’s important to your success. Post your comments below and let’s see if we can uncover the mysteries of good fortune.

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts…

To Higher Profits,


P.S. There’s LOTS of cool things happening here at Strategic Profits this summer, and the office is virtually buzzing with activity.

Some of these things you’ll be hearing about very soon, so keep an eye out for more emails and blog posts from me.

In the meantime, answer those 4 questions in the comments below and let’s hear what you have to say about the mystery of good luck.