How To Get V-I-P Access

Hey Guys,

It’s ALMOST here.

I’ve been putting the finishing touches on the Internet Wealth Alliance, and things are just about ready to Rock and Roll!

Since so many of you have shown SIGNIFICANT interest in the program, I am providing a V-I-P Pass that allows you an HOUR head start to evaluate the offer and join the program.

This will allow those who have ALREADY made the decision to buy, NEARLY guaranteed access.

Some of you will need a little extra time to decide, and this will give you a few extra few minutes, without having to worry about missing your opportunity to join.



1.) Watch your inbox at 2PM Eastern Time Tomorrow.

2.) Grab one of the 1500 passes, before they’re gone!


Now, there is one last thing to clarify.

People are anticipating a VERY HIGH price point.

I can assure you, it will NOT be five figures, as some of you have speculated. It will be affordable for those who are SERIOUS about taking their game to the next level.

Remember, if you want an hour head start, be sure you pay CLOSE attention to your inbox tomorrow.

To Higher Profits,
Rich Schefren

Answering The Most Pressing Question

Hey Guys,

November 1st is ALMOST here.

So I want to take this opportunity to clear up the MOST frequent question that I’ve been getting about the Internet Wealth Alliance.

IS the program for beginners?

Answer: YES, the program is suitable for newbies. But here’s the CATCH…

The program is designed to teach you the invisible factors that are CRITICAL to know in order to build a multi million dollar, online business.

It’s not necessarily the program that will teach you the technical aspects of how to setup a website. While we will provide you with software that will help you do this (if you need), please understand that it will not be the central focus of the program.

Another question that I’ve been getting is about the price of the program. Here’s what some people are speculating:

“I was prepared for a $25k price tag on this one, but $50k seems a little steep to me. But I understand the essential need to keep the alliance free from those who will drag it down. Maybe Rich will set on a price somewhere in the middle.”

I think you’ll be relieved to know that while we’ve considered price points in this range, we’ve decided to make it MUCH more affordable.

Finally, availability.

While we have not made any official decisions… …please understand that the program WILL be limited.

Also, keep in mind that there are approximately 30,107 serious entrepreneurs who are EAGERLY anticipating the launch of the program, which means it WILL sell out VERY quickly.

If, on Wednesday, you would like a chance to join the program before the general public, (in order to beat the crazy rush) then pay CLOSE attention to your inbox over the next few days.

To Higher Profits,
Rich Schefren

What’s Happening On November 1st?

Hey Guys,

As you can probably imagine, my office has been getting HAMMERED with phone calls and emails regarding the Final Chapter.

The MAIN question people are asking is, what’s the deal with your next program, and how can I get in?

Up until now, I’ve been TRYING to keep it under wraps.

I REALLY want the ideas from the Final Chapter to resonate with everyone. I want people to take their business to next level.

And I STRONGLY believe the Manifesto trilogy can do tha


The many, many emails and blog posts I’ve seen are FILLED with brilliant observations and insights on how to grow a business.

But since the doors to my office are CAVING in, and my staff is tired of answering the same questions over and over, I need to address the issue RIGHT now, once and for all.

So here’s the OFFICIAL statement:

YES, I’m introducing a new program on November 1st @ 4:00PM Eastern Time (mark your calendars).

…and yes, it’s going to be my best program to date.

Now as you know, I’ve made the transition to working with Agora nearly full time, in addition to working with my current clients.

But there is MASSIVE internal debate going on about the program.

Everyone involved, (Early To Rise, Strategic Profits, and my Internet Marketing Guru friends) ALL have different ideas on how to make this program the greatest program EVER to be offered.

Here’s the main issue, and I’m hoping you can help me out.

The program that is coming up on November 1st is going to be a hybrid program. It’s based off the knowledge and experience of the world’s most successful direct response business, Agora Publishing.

Agora (more specifically Early To Rise) is essentially a goldmine of business building knowledge. I’ve been mining their wisdom for a while, and even with my background and experience, I still can’t find an end to the mine shaft.

So that leads us to the issue at hand. We have what we believe is a VERY strong foundation for an INCREDIBLE program.

It’s called the Internet Wealth Alliance and it’s built around four fundamental principles. Briefly, they are:

1. List & Relationship Building: The cornerstone of any online business that has longevity. We’ll show you the most powerful ways to build a list, from the pros who have more names than any other direct response business in existence. Absolutely no one else can claim that. We’re talking millions and millions of names here.

2. Alliances and Joint Ventures: You can’t do it alone. You need alliance partners to expand the market and to leverage the efforts of others. You understand this already, especially if you’ve read any of my work. But in this program, we’ll show you how to develop powerful alliances, and even facilitate joint ventures between members, and potentially (IF it’s a good fit, Early To Rise).

3. Market Analysis: It’s important to provide the market what they want. This program will teach you how to find and develop your niche, and (this is UNPRECEDENTED) share some of our marketing experiments for you to see what’s hot and what’s not. This program will teach you advanced competitive intelligence, and go into great depth on how to setup a front-end that works. Agora is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars per year on market tests. Sharing some of these results with you is valuable BEYOND calculation.

4. Proven Direct Response Models: To top things off, even if you know how to build a list, in the right niche, and have access to the right joint venture partners, that doesn’t guarantee success. Case in point, the big Internet gurus. Even THEY are doing things backwards. This fundamental cornerstone will teach you how you can build a multimillion dollar profit model that works, and works VERY, VERY well.

So there you have it, the four cornerstones of the program, complete with a panel of experts to guide you through every step of the way.

Everyone I talk to says this program WILL be the HOLY GRAIL of Internet Marketing programs, since it’s grounded in real world experience (and success) that is second to none.

But I STILL need to know one thing in order to feel that this program has everything it needs in order to go down in the history books as a massive success.

What is the ONE question that you absolutely need to have answered, in order for this program to be THE best investment of your life?

Please answer this one question, by commenting below.

More than ever, I am looking forward to your important feedback.

Warm Regards,
Rich Schefren

P.S. As far as the contest goes, you guys are off to a GREAT start. You can learn a TON just from reading all the brilliant responses on the blog. So keep the entries coming. I have a few favorites, but I’ll be looking for a few more over the next several days.

Win A Trip To Meet Rich And Agora

Hey Guys,

Tonight’s teleconference with Michael Masterson has already filled up. All 1,000 lines were reserved in JUST 90 minutes!

If you were one of the lucky few to get in, then I congratulate you and look forward to you joining us tonight.

And if you missed it, DON’T worry, we have some more calls lined up. Please don’t call the office and ask if you can sneak on, it’s not physically possible.

But to those of you that did get in… You’re NOT off the hook just yet. Registrations were coming in SO quickly we couldn’t turn the page off in time…

To be exact, we handed out 1061 registrations.

Please be sure to call in early so you ensure you don’t get booted. If you were lucky enough to get
registered in time, then you definitely DON’T want to miss this call.

Win A Trip To South Florida to Meet Rich and Agora

If you haven’t read the Final Chapter, here’s a damn good reason why you should.

And if you have read it..

You have a better understanding of what you need to do in order to grow your business to the next level.

What if I told you that I would PERSONALLY pick you up at the airport, in my Porsche, and let you rack my brain for an ENTIRE afternoon?

Imagine starting out at my office and my team and I brainstorming ideas on your business. Then taking off for a power lunch. Imagine heading over to Agora (the Early To Rise office) and their team spending the rest of the afternoon working hard to solve your biggest challenges.

Well, that’s EXACTLY what we’re going to do.

If this is not a once in a lifetime opportunity, then I don’t know what is…So for one VERY LUCKY person, we’re going to foot the bill for this very exclusive trip.

How do you win? Follow these instructions.

1.) Click “Comment” Below

2.) Summarize why it’s critical that your business has a consistent series of back end offers and why it’s important that you build alliances within your marketplace.

The person who has the best summary will be chosen and notified that they’ve won.

Please don’t ask for more direction, we simply CANNOT answer all of your questions right now, as we’ve been swamped with inquires regarding the Final Chapter.

The winning entry will be based on merit, and not based on need. So keep your summary ON topic, and show us just how smart you really are.


P.S. Good luck with your summary, and don’t plan on packing tons of luggage… my Porsche can barely store two gallons of milk. 😉

Announcing The Final Chapter Of The Trilogy

Hey Guys,

I’ve got some GREAT news. In just a few days, I’ll be releasing “The Final Chapter” of the Internet Business Manifesto trilogy.

I’m ABSOLUTELY convinced that this third and final installment is my BEST work to date. I’ve been showing off the ROUGH draft to some of my inner circle friends and they all think I’m NUTS
to be releasing it for free.

But, like I said before, I’m NOT going to leave anyone out in the cold, even if you couldn’t afford my exclusive coaching.

Now I’d like you to take a minute and think about what has changed in your business since you read the original Manifesto and the Missing Chapter.

It will reveal some DEEP insights into your personal approach to business, and what you need to CHANGE in order to be successful.

So leave a comment on this thread and let me know how things are progressing for you. It will be a good exercise for you, because it will force you to closely analyze your progress over the last three months. It will also help me tailor the remainder of the upcoming “Final Chapter” to address your most pressing issues.

Warm Regards,
Rich Schefren