Explode Your Profits Almost Overnight

Hey Guys,

Here’s a concept that can make you a TON of money.

It’s called visitor value.

Now, you’ve PROBABLY heard of visitor value before.

But I want to explain why you’re probably not paying as much attention to it as you should.

As you know, I’m a big fan of metrics. I think it’s important to measure and improve everything you do.

Even if you don’t measure everything all the time, it’s good to establish benchmarks to see how well things are performing in your business.

Back to visitor value.

The reason visitor value is so important is that it gives you a bottom line figure that you can use to
measure the effectiveness of your business. But wait, there’s more!

By focusing on increasing your visitor value, you’ll be improving all aspects of your business.

You’ll have to offer better products, that in turn deserve higher price points.

You’ll have to write better sales copy to increase conversion of visitors into buyers.

You’ll have to offer up-sells and cross-sells to drive up visitor value even higher.

And what happens when you start doing these things?

You start acting like a real business.

While you may think visitor value is just a number, there’s much more behind it. Multiple dimensions of profit can be discovered if you know how to analyze this critical metric.

We’ve only touched the surface of visitor value, so if you’re not currently tracking it, then you should figure out how, as soon as possible.

And if you are tracking visitor value, then make a list with 20 ideas on how you can increase it, then
pick the top three and start implementing them immediately.

To Higher Profits,
Rich Schefren

P.S. A lot of people are asking how to get into my coaching programs. But the short answer is there are no open spots at this time. I’ll be making a few structural changes (to accomodate for my newer, more powerful material) and when I’m ready, I’ll open the doors again. So stay tuned, but until then, I suggest you take a look at your visitor value!

19 thoughts on “Explode Your Profits Almost Overnight”

  1. Hello Rich,

    I just put together something that you may find interesting. I called it the “Missing Pages of the Final Chapter”, Please proceed to guesswhatifound dot com. or just click on the link embedded in my handle…

    With much respect,

  2. Hi,

    I am just glad to read some of the negative & frustrated comments coz they verify why only 5% will become wealthy.

    Rich’s content is great, priceless stuff, if you don’t understand it ask another successful person that might be able to explain to you.

    I am sure you have heard this one:”The teacher will appear as soon as the pupils are ready to learn.”

    Take care


  3. Rich had a call with us (IWA members) last week- he’s busy putting together the program, so that’s why he’s been quiet lately. The call was very interesting, and you’ll hear more soon.

  4. unbelievable that some people can be so naive. rich is not providing priceless information. it costs money. the issue is credibility, follow through and continuity. it has nothing to do with the phenomenological student/teacher paradigm. get a grip. this is internet marketing and NOT spiritual development.

  5. Thank you for the grand start I’m looking forward to apply all the strategies to make my life and the lives of others more successful. I’m happy to be part of this program.
    You guys rock!

  6. Well Brit,

    you can say about it what you want, but Rich still does deliver tremendous value that (when you apply it!) will create a very profitable business.

    His methods are time-tested, but you still need the right mindset for building a business. Not everybody can do that.

    So personal development is still pretty important!


  7. I recently created a food blog & have had some compliments regarding content. Now I want to increase my customer traffic & therefore generate revenue on my site. Everything I’ve read thus far keeps pointing out that it takes time. I’m just over the 3 month mark & are getting itchy feet. Can you kindly suggest ways for my food blog to take off.


  8. Heather,

    if you don’t have it yet:

    An update newsletter/list.

    Each time you post a new entry to your blog, send out an email to your entire list.

    That will create much more visitors, comments and profits 😉


  9. I like the concepts that he writes about. Still, whatever strengths you have need to be incorporated into what the market is after. I sell targeted traffic, because there is more market their for me than general traffic.

  10. It’s so funny to see the people complaining about the questioner. Obviously it works, “it identifies the attitudes you would not want to hire in the first place”. This falls right in line with what Rich teaches about hiring the best people. He must be doing it and if you were lucky enough to get in to his company you would probably be on a team of winners. Rich must be doing something right because his company is constantly growing. “Want to be a millionaire? Do what millionaires do”. Cant wait for the new program.

  11. Good stuff with the Visitor Value concept Rich, thanks from the UK.
    I’d appreciate learning exactly how YOU calculate VV though Rich…in fact how about an ‘Essential Business Metrics’ product? Gawd damnit I’m gonna run with that one myself!!
    Thanks again.

  12. Hi Rich:
    Just got done reading the final chapter,This is a great piece of all around info,I fond it very inlighting, also it told me what i have been doing wrong for the last year.The lifestyle Myth chart, open my eye’s.I’am on the left all confused and going nowhere.What i have to do is get aligned and move forward,and i will.Again thanks for writeing this.I will be getting more of your idea’s in the future.

    Paul Levesque
    Brighter Future 4u

  13. Thanks for your fine focus. You express things so well. Just when something is on our minds at the receiving end you put your finger to the spot and cure the disease.
    Thanks a lot. Hope you will have success in 2007 also. 🙂

  14. How do I get into Rich’s coaching program? I know its full, I know its closed…but I still want IN.

    Money is no object. I’ll give a $100 value reward to anyone who can help me get in touch with Rich.

  15. Hi Rich,

    When’re you reopening your membership program? I wasn’t ready financially when you launched, but now I am because I applied strategies from your free report!

    Please let me know when you reopen your programs!

    College Textbooks


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