We’re Fed Up And We’re Not Going To Take It Anymore

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A MSN ad shows the relationship between the advertiser and the consumer today.


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The response to the Doctrine has been incredible.

The emails flooding my inbox and the comments on this blog have been truly heartwarming.

Every single positive message I’ve received means a lot to me… especially since the message in the Doctrine 2 is so controversial.

I want you to know that I feel really strongly about what I wrote in the Doctrine 2 about the need for marketing and marketers to change.

That’s why I am posting this petition….

It’s time that we band together and tell “old-school” marketers to STOP IT. Because we’ve all HAD ENOUGH!

It’s time to clean up marketing, improve our response rates and be liked by the rest of the world. Because right now, marketers are Public Enemy #1.

Won’t you help me clean up marketing? All you got to do is read the petition, and then digitally sign it by commenting “I Agree”.

So, read on, my friend… and do what you think is right.

3 Review and Sign Our Petition To Stop Deceptive and Annoying Marketing

Petition: To Clean Up Marketing and Advertising

We’re Fed Up And We’re Not Going To Take It Anymore

Dear “Old-School” Marketer

We’ve had it with you – and now, We’re going to get our revenge: By hitting you below the belt …

… In your big, fat, bulging wallet!

From this day on, We will never again open one of your brain-dead e-mails promising to make us a millionaire by next Thursday.

We will never again click the ads shouting outrageous claims you’ve plastered all over Google and the other search engines or the banners you stick all over our favorite sites.

If, by some accident, we should ever find ourselves on one of your sales pages – a page that offers unbelievable claims and mindless hype but nothing of value – we will click that little “X” in the upper-right-hand corner of our browser faster than you can blink your eye.

And that’s not the worst of it. Not by a long shot. Because if you insist on continuing to talk to me and other good people like we’re fools, we will also warn every friend on our contact list and everyone we chat with online about you.

Heck, we might even tell the entire world what we really think of you by blogging about your deceptive tactics.

Because we’re on to you: we now know that you need our attention and ultimately our money far more than we need anything you’re selling.

So if you want these things from us, you’re going to have to work for them.

Reward us for our attention by giving us practical, actionable information or advice or other things that make our life better before you ask me to buy anything.

Earn our friendship and our respect and we’ll learn to trust you.

And of course … as we all know … once we trust you, we can make you rich.

Name: ……………………………….. Signature: ………………………………..

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747 thoughts on “We’re Fed Up And We’re Not Going To Take It Anymore”

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  2. I agree…I just wonder where you all have been. We have BEEN doing business this way! Welcome to the party!
    Danny Arrington

  3. I Agree.

    See how I converse with my customers at For Goji Berries .com

    Note: the demographic this is site is targeted to is not into “web 2.0” (they’ve almost figured out the “click on blue underlined links” thing) but they do chat and (gasp) call on the phone. And yes, I do my own customer service. It’s not outsourced to India.

  4. I agree.
    The Stepford Wives was a book/movie from the 70’s. The Stepford Marketer is so yesterday now too. and the gates are now open. Business is personal again.
    Thanks for the petition.

  5. I agree. I’m sick of hoping I’ll find an honest business I can get into — and finding nothing but another place to donate to some crook’s pocket.

  6. I totally agree! I would love it if, just once, someone who promised to teach you something actually had a conversation with you, not to mention following through and actually teaching something! I need to learn marketing but if I treated my customers the way most marketers treat theirs, my company would’ve been gone before it started.

  7. I Agree.

    As a client I can wholeheartedly say that Rich lives what he teaches… always under promising and over delivering. Pure value.

    Viva la revolución!

  8. Hi everyone,

    This is a petition, not a discussion.

    After the page has been up for a few days we can then discuss it.

    So, I am removing three posts that have gotten rather philosophical because I am afraid they might distract others away from simply signing or not.

    So, if you agree – say so, if not – please just sit on the sidelines for this one.


    to higher profits,
    rich schefren

    • Dear Scefren!

      I can see that what you do it is good but I don,t know why and that is because off my not satisfying english knowlegdge and limited time to practise with it.

      One thing is certain: I,ve spent all of my money for transactions and I didn,t become more rich so, but logically
      that agree with I,ve mentioned before.
      I like those personal messages where I am noticed where I am staying at the given period.
      Thank you for your contact and all of those business materials you were sending me which are very useful.
      Thank you again and tal later: Irén

  9. I’m in! Where do I sign? 🙂
    We need an online “Rip off” report…like the BBB for Internet Marketing! A single place of reference for the “consumer”!! Internet Marketers have to be held accountable.

  10. I also Agree! I have been one of many online to read some decent Ad Copy and get sucked into “wanting” to believe it was finally possible to succeed; only to never earn a cent or never get a response when trying to Request my money back! Thank You Rich, for your integrity and commitment in this industry and helping others. I look forward to see what else you have in store for your subscribers.

  11. I agree it is high time that we get rid of bull shit on the net let us make the bsers responsible for there action by having them agree to a new code. Those who do not agree will be left out of the program and certainly will have a slow death. Let us stand up and be counted for a much better world.
    This is the age of information let us keep it clean and worthy to join and make some honest MONEY there is lots to go around.

  12. Agree, Absolutely!!

    What a world it would be if everyone was set on bringing value to everyone else. And the universe is such an amazing place that it all starts by bringing value to yourself.

    As usual Rich – excellent work.

  13. Yes — from the right
    Yes — from the left
    Yes — from the front
    Yes — front the back

    Yes — count us in!

    .:.:.Ron Reed.:.:.

  14. I agree.

    But, there is nothing new here.

    The video is very clever though.

    Some companies are “getting it” and there are new clever ads
    appearing that don’t insult our intelligence.

    Apple and IBM ads come to mind.

    The world is changing and the consumer does have the power!

  15. “Get with the strength” ——–OOPS! its shifted!!!

    and shifted BIG TIME!!

    ‘ON YA RICH you” re not just a pretty face

    I’m backing you all the way!!!

  16. If a stranger wants to sell me the universe I want a title search.
    Business consists of incremental steps.
    A con is a robbery disguised as business.
    Let marketing shake off the stings.
    In that sense – I agree.

  17. I completely agree! I’ve already started SCREAMING at the hypsters. Sick of buying worthless junk that ridiculously priced.

  18. I do agree Rich.

    My simple suggestions to help with your plan of action…

    1. Don’t get angry, just Unsubscribe

    2. Click the X button and close the browser

    3. Then offer the service that you expect yourself. :^)

    Take care, Mal.

  19. Hey Rich!

    I agree, but this is useless.

    It’s like signing a petition against spammers. Do you think that will work? Well, think again!

    Anyway, what I’ve learned in all these years is that you can’t change someone else and a petition won’t do it.

    We only have the power to change ourselfs, so the best thing we can do is to change our own marketing methods first, and then, by the power of example the others will follow.

    Best Regards,
    Ovi Dogar
    (no website in the signature – just google my name and you’ll find it) 🙂

    PS: A little piece of advice to marketers doing Christmas/New Year’s card mailings: keep them personal and keep any commercial offer out of them. This will work, trust me!

  20. I agree totally and wish to see a better way to trade business online…GO WIN – WIN instead of sucking our money with the sweet sale letter.

  21. I agree, I also think this google thing is about to be history..there has to be a better way to get customers..As far as spammers go..stop linking with them and they will dry up.

  22. sort of agree

    where’s the line between puffery and reality?
    who’s the arbiter?
    what’s to stop this from becoming another case of overly-sensitive people making a mess out of normal behavior?

    The attempt to “correct” the world often leaves it in a sorrier state. Just clean up your own mess and lead by example.

    [end of soapbox]


  23. I think I have collected all the usual terms into my spam rules. Very few get through. Those that do I think are innovative enough to look at just for the amusement.

  24. I totally agree and my url isn’t the regular kind of url because I have been scammed shamelessy by some of these neanderthals of business. I hope to upgrade to a real site but in he mean time am doing the best I possibly can do. I truly believe that we must take action; it is a long time coming. I totally agree with Oral Sanders. We must act in unity and get things cleaned up in this area of business.

  25. I agree most definitely!! Hope this has some effect in protecting the “innocents” from the “baddies”.
    Just hope the new generation will be more upfront and honest – but I doubt it, human nature being what it is!

  26. Rich

    AT LAST!!! Someone showing a bit of common sense on what has been a pain in the petunias for WAY too long.

    Some so called “professional”‘s attitudes absolutely STINK….and becasue of this, everyone gets tarred with the same brush. More power to your elbow, my friend, and count me in….definately!!

    If I can be of any help on this, don’t hesitate to get in touch

    Geo. Imrie MCSI ACI

  27. Yes, I think we need to do better too:
    1) Has anyone ever been paid for surveys or data entry?
    2) Couldn’t the programs be rated according to the techincal savvy needed? It’s hardly fair to tell us, “It’s so simple a child can do it.” The kids are growing up with pc’s! My 16 year old granddaughter has been building websites since she was 12. How many people over 50 can do that? If classes are not readily available and the program is too complex, even a LITTLE tutoring would go a long way toward helping everybody. Most of us in this arena are trying to learn — that’s why we’re not gurus — we’re still in the learning stage and that’s why the gurus can make money on us — while they’re sleeping or playing on a beach while some of us are trying to figure it all out. 🙂
    3) I realize gutter language is sometimes used for shock or — it can be an alternative to academic thought, but not all of us enjoy being dragged through a sewer just to read through a program.

    Thanks for helping, Rich………

    • Answered 2 surveys and all I get is more junk email, and signed up for something I get a monthly charge for.
      If you find out how to find an affordable tutor, let me know. 🙂

  28. I’m 110% agree with you. We hate to be fooled by good-to-be-true lies thrown by these liars and we don’t want to see others to be fooled too!

  29. I agree……..we have had enough of all the crap…..all talk and no action…………just taking our money and running………I can’t even continue with my website because the course didn’t include showing me how to edit my site for videos etc., etc., etc.,…..what’s all this crap about….you know how much I paid for this system from Derek Gehl promising me everything I need to know and after I paid RM26,000.00 they asked for US1,000 an hour for extra mentoring……HELLO……I had enough

    I even asked them to review my site and help me with what I need …….NO THAT MIGHT COST THEM MONEY…..only I am allowed to spend money on them….NOT THEY SPEND MONEY ON ME….

    WELL YOU KNOW WHAT>>>>>>>>>>I AGREE>>>>>
    I AGREE>>>>>>>I AGREE

    Rich ……..you better look after us….. WE HAD ENOUGH!!!!!!

  30. I agree. We have our word and character. This is needed in our business. It will grow only on a solid foundation. Merris

  31. a petition needs you want support ie help, i came here as i thought you needed me.

    Pissed that you should cry wolf at this time of year

  32. I agree but it does not go far enough.
    How about revealing those promoters who offer a product, under deliver on their claims on the sales page and then ignore you when you try and use the refund guarantee which is the reason you took the risk in the first place ?
    Are you still reading Mr Blackburn ?
    If guarantee’s are not going to be honoured who wants to take a risk on anything costing more than a few dollars ? I bet almost everybody reading this has been conned at some point and it is not always the promoters you have never heard of that do the conning !

  33. Yeah, like, I totally agree, this has gotta stop. Hey I know why don’t we sell them a report showing them how to stop? I wil only cost then $997 and may even help their sex lives or something. Yeah, whatever.

    Seriously, I agree the shonky tactics and methods used by many so-called marketers has got to be stopped. If not by us then the law makers will try and step in again and I am not ready to laugh that hard again in this decade!

  34. I Agree

    Awesome video, lmao.

    And maybe it’s not your intention, but I love the
    use of ‘commitment and consistency’ by asking
    us to sign the petition.


  35. I agree but why not go one step more

    Why not have a “recommendations” page listing honest IMs who sell without BS/hype and truly offer a product/service with PROVEN results

    I’m putting together a web site on ways to make money online (starting early 2008) and would love to include recommends from colleagues with their links posted under a heading “recommended by …”

  36. I Agree!!

    Its time for Win/Win Solutions…..but the Customers Win
    must ALWAYS come first, being genuine, relevant, and lasting!

    Interpretion of famous quote: (Guess the author and win
    a trip to the Bahamas!) lol
    Give enough people what they want and you will automatically
    get what you want.

  37. I agree as about Ovi Dogar wrote. More on you about “old-school” marketers of having trust at this attention age.

  38. Well put Rich. I value all your good advice.It is so hard for me to make sales because of the blatant marketing tactics all these other marketers use.Nobody trusts anybody anymore.And I’m just an honest person trying to do my best to make an honest living.

    I agree!

  39. What’s not to agree, but the real deal is

    (1) Email idiot marketers with ridiculous spammy headlines, “My Killer yada yada..”

    (2) Unsubscribe from idiot emails

    Because it is our actions that matter way more than just saying, “I agree”


  40. We all depend on each other to be the best we can be. If I take form you I only take from myself, but if I add to you I add to myself.

  41. Agree wholeheartedly.

    E-mail junk is the worst, I get 69% spam plus deleting another 29% of supposed friends as measured over approx. 100K e-mails received.

    Needs a Global Marketing Standards Authority with sharp teeth.


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  44. I agree.
    Some internet marketters have earned themselves a bad name.
    I had to put it aside a few months ago – in debt.
    Can a leopard change it’s spots?
    The love of money is the root of all evil, so if one loves it to an excessive degree the potential is there to manipulate the unwary. Internet marketters need to be accountable. I just don’t know how you can make that happen Rich. Nice try.
    Of course I agree. Pixie.

  45. I Agree!

    This is a problem that has reached breaking point and people need to start ‘voting’ with their mouse in terms of what they click to and away from.

    I’ve been proactive in adapting my own marketing. Now I offer free eBay selling advice as a kit that’s mailed out to people to attract them to my courses and seminars – I used to charge almost $600 for these products seperately. You can sneak a peek to see what I’m doing here: www.SendMyFreeGift.com and the response has been phenomenal because it’s so unusual in my marketplace.

    Great job Rich for this initiative. And I’d love to hear from others about what they’re doing to take positive action in their businesss.

  46. Rich,
    I agree! having spent 30 years getting good at my job I bitterly resent hucksters who seem to have nothing but contempt for their would be customers and see them purely as a source of easy money.

  47. I agree. I am a frustrated internet user who has poured thousands into schemes that seemed really good only to find I don’t know enough to be able to use the things I signed up for. You just can’t get a response from them no matter how many emails you send pleading for help.

  48. We and our snails do agree. It’s time us humans start paying attention, and stop remaining blind to what is out there in the natural world for some are ecological, sound, perfect solutions to our human worries, turnmoils and needs that no industry, laboratory, clever pharmaceutical or marketer can possibly replicate… fortunately some do pay attention and through keen observation have seen those solutions and can now spread the word like never before to all those willing to belong to this Global Village we are all into! www.bioskincare.com

  49. I agree.

    It makes me think of my site & how it’s written (I didn’t write it, the copywriter did, although I did write my own copy on another page & will be split testing that soon.)

    What pisses me off even more, is this boy’s club that sticks together.

    They promote each other’s product/service whether it’s any good or not.

    You hear/see the big names all over the place, & all it is in the end is a scam, but we don’t know whether it’s a scam or not b/c soooo many of the big names send out e-mails on their list, each one is JVing with the other, etc.

    Me being a real entrepreneurs online makes very little money (that will change soon), yet I’m honest, have a real product, & really want to help others.

    These guys make millions, & all they do is sell other people’s products, or create stuff that doesn’t work well, give very poor customer service, or post fake reviews saying their stuff is fantastic. I even saw fake reviews on Amazon & when I finally found the real reviews, the book was nothing but an upsell to other products. I didn’t even know one could post such fake reviews, but I guess it’s possible.

    When telling this story to my online researcher, he educated me even more saying that they buy domains & write glowing recommendations (of course saying they are someone else) about their own product just to get sales, so in the end I don’t know who to believe.

    It’s not even an affiliate giving the review, & really, how many affiliates every use the product/service they are selling b4 they promote it? 1% or less???

    I guess I got a little carried away as usual : )

    Thanks for listening


  50. I agree,lord knows i have been agrueing these same points for over a year now.Now if we can just get Rich to design a program to teach us how to learn the internet marketing business that is affordable to people who are not rich lol. well Rich i do support you in this whole heartly! Lets go to battle! joe knight

  51. Great to see a positive movement in the right direction. Let’s hope that this is the groundswell for a tidal wave to sweep through the Internet Marketing industry.

  52. I agree.
    Been there, done that, GOT BURNT!
    “Honest”, “reliable”, “informative” once were words to live by.
    What happened?

  53. Hi All,

    Rich is great, thats true,
    but do you see the pattern?

    Declare something to be dead,
    then announce a solution and back up
    the new emotion with some logical approach…

    Thats like humans work.

    Well done Rich.
    The herd is following you.

    Kind Regards
    Frank B

    • May be I misunderstood this post.
      I find it quite wrong (and offensive too).
      The pattern is:
      ill-intentionned people abuse of something,
      people accumulate resentment
      one day the whole thing implode.

      from a member of the FREE Herd

  54. I AGREE!!!!!!

    Even here in Belgium we get those emails from the so called ‘gurus’ who promise us a million by next week! Here in Belgium and the Netherland we are internetmarketeers but we don’t have those moneymaking products. Instead we sell real products that people can actually use. Please don’t buy any so called moneymaking software or products because 99% just DOESN’T WORK!!!!!
    There’s is nothing new anymore, all you need to have to start making money online is allready there….most of it for FREE!!

    My advise to all of you?…..Start taking action, stop buying!

    You don’t have to believe this simple guy from Belgium but one day you will agree with me!


  55. Rich;

    bang on! Let’s get rid of the eSnake Oil merchants, full of hyperbole and our money.

    If we promised clients in our offline businesses what is promised by some of these marketers on the online world, we wouldn’t have a sustainable business, in fact we wouldn’t have a business; period.

    Thousands of dollars lighter, but still no wiser; always looking for the magic pill; that’s me.

    There’s an old saying – you’ve got to be in it to win it – and that’s the key to the pull – what if somebody really does have a magic formula and is altruistic enough to want to share it at a cost?

    Would you have bought Microsoft shares at launch, or Google, or eBay?

    Hindsight, the infallible investment tool; not widely available yet.

    Oh, by the way, I agree.


  56. I agree.

    The customers are bored by lying marketeers that only show the triggers to let customers buy, without delivering the goods.

    But I want to stress, that most marketeers knows it ( see Eben Pagan who did not promise expensive gifts to the customers but offered them to the most successfull of his affiliates) but don’t want to change behaviour since it could hurt the income they do – in the same way as Microsoft does in the video above the page, they understand the problems, but don’t want to deliver good products without bugs that wouldn’t get them recuring income.

    Problem is that it is difficult to change marketers behaviour, they are heading to more profits to themselves, more than to the customers, and they promote products from the friends they have without even testing the products, just to get a commission from the huge lists they have. They also test the sales letters, and it seems that the get rich quick scheme, still is working to make customers buy.

    I have read your “Attention age” report with attention, but was dissapointed by the second part, that didn’t deliver the promised solutions, promised in the beginning of the report, even if i got my golden nuggets e.g. to find the most successfull people and work with them.

    Thanks for giving a bit more than the others. Continue the good work.

    David Norden

  57. I agree wholeheartedly!

    I recently became aware of a deceptive tactic used by a well-known marketer to get people to enroll in a monthly membership.

    You are automatically enrolled in the membership when you “opt-in” to get a free CD. However, the wording of the bullet point describing this significantly changes from the sales page to the order page.

  58. Thanks Rich, For standing up for what’s right. It is long overdue and we needed to be heard. I may be just starting but when I build my web business it will be based on truth and value and honesty. If I can do anything to assist you in the cause say the word. Thank you my friend, Rick Falls

  59. I totally agree with you Rich. I myself have spent hundreds (maybe even thousands, gulp!) of dollars for information and programs that I thought would help me in my journey to build a successful online business only to find out after the purchase that they were full of crap, bug-ridden programs, or old ideas and methods that no longer applied. To make it even worse, several would not even honor their refund policy. I consider myself to be somewhat savvy when it comes to technology, and I fell for so many “this is what you really need to be successful” deals, so I really feel for the person who knows little or nothing and is getting taken for a big ride.

    I now own a successful online audio book store where I strive to give each visitor a positive experience and the ability to increase their knowledge and add to the improvement and enrichment of their lives.

    One of things I do is make several free audio books available. Of particular interest to the readers of this blog might be the free audio book . It is in MP3 format, 59 minutes long, and contains some great search engine information, all for free!

    Thank you for all your ideas and everything you do.

  60. You don’t know how much

    I agree

    for already a long long time.

    But you know what is even worse: people who claim to be authentical, honest and spiritual and do the same thing only a little bit more subtle. (and Rich, don’t worry, I don’t mean you!)

  61. What are you babbling on about? Are you guys saying Direct Sales Pages are no longer to be used?

    I’m not sure what this petition is for????

  62. I agree. I have been trying to find my way on the internet for the past 2 years. After reading and/or deleting hundreds of spam emails weekly, I have only found a few people that I would truly trust to help me make my way. I went to one of the meetings given by Storesonline and really believed after hearing their spew about 24/7 support and that all the information a person needs to set up their own webpage is in the package. Bull!!!!! I have yet to get on a live chat with someone and when I send an email with a question, I might get an answer a week later. Come on guys! You have our money, now give us the product you promised.

    Keep up the good work Rich.

  63. “I Agree” but still don’t know how 2.0 can help me sell my new Marriage Handbook, so I need some good advice.

  64. I agree too. I have been fighting this battle seemingly alone. But I feel we shouldn’t just unsubscribe or block but let these people know we will not do business with them and why. I would love to see a standard form that we could send which maybe includes the petition. What you will find though, is when you do tell these guys why they are being fired, they get ugly on you. I have had a lot of profanity, mockery, derision, disdain and denial. They don’t get it unless enough speak up. I will tell you this they could not get away with treating people so shabbily in a brick and mortar business like maybe a men’s clothing store Rich LOL. Good work, good leadership.

  65. I agree – and I am so glad the world is waking up to what is the only TRUE direction.

    I am applying web 2.0 marketing with ‘fun for profit’ and found that really way too many people do not know about this evolution yet!

    – The Pleasure Creator –
    Quit 9to5, quit old-school selling, quit chasing people and join making videos for fun & profit :)))

  66. Too funny Rich. Aren’t all of the “old school marketers” your success story clients?

    I like how you work the hoard though – my hat is off to you.

    • Hi Chris(x)
      Just thought I’d let you know I’ve wasted loads of my time wading through another episode from Rich’s blog – but I wanted to say that I thought your comment was very subtle and made me laugh!!!!!!!!!!
      I’ve also been taken to the cleaners by the so called gurus Getting back to the petition from Rich – in my mind I see Rich on a white horse (ney -Joan of Arc springs to mind)
      charging into the fray to sort it all out!
      oh yes – I agree
      Bring it on!
      Graham in U.K.

  67. One more thing,

    I agree to the trend – but we do not need a petition.

    I do not need to compete against the bad guys or anybody. Because the good ones applying the honest creativity of web 2.0 from now on will beat the dark sheeps away by itself.

    What’s left will be more people sharing value and helping each other creatively instead of competing. This is my strong attitude which I build my business on.


  68. Wow, So true… Sell… Sell… Sell… That is all we see today!

    Take the Telemarketers, We ask them to take us off their list and they have the flagrant disregard to call back yet the very next day. Do they really not understand that once a customer says they want off their list they have to stop what they are saying and say,,,, Yes, No Problem …

  69. We live in a busy fast paced world where our resources especially time is being stolen by unethical media. I need facts succinctly to make decisions that are in my best interest to do well in business and life. Media that overstates claims or gives lenghtly presentations are a waste of my time and usually do not lead to a sale or the reason I purchase a product or service. As one of the baby boomers I am learning better ways to communicate from the younger generations the world is changing and some of the data we grew up with in regards to communication is not effective and hinders affluence. I agree with the statements made and personally need to apply this to the overall way I communicate to others in life.

  70. Hey there Rich,


    Oh sorry, got a bit carried away. But yes I agree
    whole heartily.

  71. Thanks, rich.

    You speak the truth when the truth isn’t pretty.
    There are so many ‘marketers’ out there in the
    internet marketing/make money from home niche that
    need to hear this.
    And sooo many new marketers-to-be that need to hear the voices of those of us who want to help change this industry.
    I have dedicated one of my sites to helping the beginner marketer get past the hype and untruths in the online marketing field and focus on buiding their business.
    I am going to link to this post so that they can hear from a heavy in the niche (you) and stop falling into the traps that the ‘unscrupulous’ among us set….

    We WILL set this straight. Enough is Enough.
    Love your honesty!!

    Keith deBolt

    • Hi There

      I’m a baby boomer and a sort of newbie.
      I’m trying to find something to make a little cash on the side but as yet ???
      Once you get in there ,they want more and more money.
      I’m getting really P……………sd off.
      I’m getting ready to give up.
      thanks Bianka

  72. Thanks Rich, I hate those get rich quick scammers trying to push a non-product, I’m just as fed up with that as you are, now here’s my signiture:

    I agree

  73. Rick,

    I wholeheartedly AGREE! The worst is the pages that go on and on forever. I used to stick on the page, wanting to click out, yet hoping maybe, just maybe, there is something at the end of this time wasted boring page that I could use!

    Then click on the “x” and a little drop down box says “don’t leave” an agent wants to talk to you! AND you can now get this last and only last chance to get this at “x amount of dollars!” a special price just for me? Imagine that!

    If you are bored you could have a few minutes of fun with this, and actually call the agent “bad names” lol, (I wouldn’t do that!)
    lol, however you could?!

    We don’t have time for this crap, and too many do fall for it, and get their last hopes up, and their last dollar out!

    good for you Rick, you know I love you!

    Karin Hiebert

  74. I agree too, the saddest part of all is that knowing these page are automaticly sent they’re wasting time & lots of money: theirs & ours.

  75. As a little person, it is nice to know there are big people who think like me. We can save the world and the universe we live in, if more of us can bring the love back.

    Please visit my first website (still developing it) if you have time

    I don’t know if I’ve done this link right, but

    Merry Christmas and Good Will To All !!

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  77. I agree.

    Garry Worger

    “Has all else failed you?
    Healing begins here. Travel
    to balance and light.”

  78. Rich, you’re on the right track. These “marketers” are so deceptive with there tactics, many innocent purchasers are very disappointed when they receive there purchase. I’m one of those persons. I hope this spreads like wildfire. Marketers will have to change their ways or their business will go South.

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  81. Just found this petition.

    As someone who runs several successful websites that use direct sales pages I must confess I am a bit confused as to what all the fuss is about.

    All good marketers know you have to sell to the wants of your customers. It’s not about what you want. It’s all about what your customer wants.

    That is the whole idea behind the “hyped up” direct sales page model and the reason it works so well.

    Just my two cents.

    • Hi Hammer:

      I think you missed the point. The point is what is on those direct sales pages and the misleading, false, phoney become a millionaire overnight b.s. that is pedeled on them, that is the point being made!

  82. I agree. Thanks for giving me good advices for free and congratulations on your effort and energy to get things better generally.

  83. I do agree…

    And how to find my precious, my very special consumers and partners within (or beyond – or outside) this aggressive crowd?

  84. Scammers and the advertisers like you talk about have been making my life miserable for years. When every other thing you see on line is an ad or a scheme, it’s hard for someone with something genuine to get noticed. All those ‘dime sales’ or ‘How I made a million dollars by investing twenty eight cents’ books make people so scared of buying on line that only the big stores like Wal-Mart or Best Buy stand a real chance. Hell yes, I’m signing the petition!

  85. Oh, yea. Sorry, I forgot.
    I agree!
    I agree!
    I agree!
    I agree!
    I agree!
    I agree!
    I agree!
    I agree!
    I agree!
    I agree!
    I agree!
    I agree!
    I agree!
    I agree!
    I agree!
    I agree!
    I agree!
    I agree!
    I agree!

  86. NO, I don’t agree.

    If ads are just ignored and we concentrate ONLY ON KEY INFORMATION provided by you then we are never bother about clicking on it.

    Either way you will win!..


  87. Boy are you right on………

    I’m a complete novice to all this marketing stuff, actually I don’t want to market, just wanted to understand what was going on , why my website “didn’t exist” and what I could do about it….

    but I know when my skin is crawling, and it was with most of the stuff out there….

    ….this is a breath of fresh air.

    Thank you

  88. I agree that there is a huge problem with crooks like Shawn Casey, Ken Mc Arthur and those rip off artists who promise the moon and deliver zero but more hype and SUB ZERO support .

    We KNOW the problem and that there is NO solution because the internet is a world wide market place for crooks as well as decent people. Internet Marketing is so difficult to do that few succeed. I know after trying for three years and spending 70K on these scams that there is no free lunch or silver bullet. Unless and until someone comes up with the ANSWER, then
    Internet Marketing will remain the cesspool it is.

  89. I agree! Would that one day I can tell someone I am an internet marketer without them thinking that means selling banner ads or sending tacky emails!!

  90. The Internet is a scarey place and thrives on perpetuating annonynimity. It is a world, much like the offline world, where the “haves” will do just about anything to preserve the status quo. Compromising values and establishing elaborate rationalizations are the rule of the day. I agree with this petition. The disturbing part of the problem is that the largest percentage of “gurus” would agree with it, too. How many of them do you think could admit to themselves that they deceive, sensationalize,shamelessly promote,fail to deliver on promises,take advantage of ignorance, etc. etc. They are guilty of those practices, they just call them something else. They have to sleep at night. Rich is a “guru”, too, and i am interested to see how he delivers on his promises. Remember, he is a “have”, too.

  91. I agree..I started in the game late and spent a large sum of money I didn’t truly have for information that I could not follow. Did they mean to be rip-off artists? Don’t know! They may know what they are writing about; but are unable to convey it to be productive to a general audience that need the income to meet basis expenses – daily living and medical in my case at nearly 63 years old and very well educated and literal. Or is that too many people worldwide have the Enron cover-up mentality. Rich, I wish you well in educating the public.

  92. I agree. Thank you for taking a stand against unfair and deceptive marketing practices that promise the moon and don’t even deliver a pebble. It’s time to clean up marketing and turn it back into a legitimate and trustworthy industry.

  93. I agree! We are awash in folks, invading our privacy and pushing material of limited to no value in our faces in the most obnoxious of ways.

  94. I totally agree, and it is so refreshing that someone has taken the problem in hand and doing something about it. One gets so very tired of searching for a trustworth business.

    Best of luck and keep up the good work!!

  95. Agree whole-heartedly.Not much on net these days that is valuable ,or costs a bundle an is old news any way. Way to go ,im behind you 110%.

  96. Very true Rich,

    I recall one of the first so called firesales I purcahsed when I was starting out. It was hyped so much I felt that it was the only thing that I needed in order to be like that so called guru.

    I blagged about it at work and was lucky enough not to quit my job. I purchased the product at work and was so looking forward to getting home and launcing my online career and also expecting millions in my account.

    On downloading the products onto my pc when I got home I was so shocked to find out that the products sold where a load of bulls faeces. There was no money back guarantee so there was no way I could get a refund. Some of the products contained software that needed to be upgraded to use its full pontential and most of it was just freebies which where available online. These markerters where just hell bent on gettine email addresses with the intention of upselling. Do not get me wrong upselling is not a bad thing, as long as the initial product produces results.

    Most of these marketers have got to realise that it is now the year of the customer, where blogs are freely available and it has become easier to disseminate information. If you do a disservice to one person just imagine the impact it could have on your wallet. It does not only lose you that one person’s custom in the future but it also hinders others from buying from you.

    There are many internet marketers who believe in offering quality products and customer service and these are the ones I only deal with. There are just a hand full who spoil it for the rest, and this gives our industry a bad name.

    Lets make the internet marketing arena a trustworthy community and be honest with eachother.

    Rich I really appreciate all the free help which you have rendered to me as a newbie and I have placed you on my list as a favourite guru whom I can trust and deal with. Lets all spread the great work of Rich

    Thanks once again

  97. Right on Rich.

    Down with the slick but meaningless advertising. Just us marketing of value, that is of interest to me!!


  98. Thanks for your courage. The risk you have taken is to be
    labeled a “trouble maker” by the gurus. If so, place my name
    along with yours.

    A question. Can an email with the claim of almost instant riches
    be classified as “spam”? A just reward for such claims.

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  100. I strongly agree I’m totally fed up with all the BS put out by so called Guru’s Period, I delete or block ALL such emails, kindest regards to all.

    Peter J Linnell.
    What goes around comes around
    Helping others helps YOU!
    Kindness counts.

  101. I agree and more I agree with the fact that when this reaches the billionth recipient of this wonderful mail, he or she will hold the head in both hands and say “aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhh” the PC will conk out, and fumes will come from the monitor. ah! how about giving serious thougths to “just the names, just the names”, the more the graphics the more the chances of loosing a reader due to PC system failure…. ha.ha.ha.ha. though the point is stressed in greater depths and dimensions….but…………..

    Have merry holidays, dear friends. Sincerely, anjum azad

  102. Oh YES! I’m on your side Rich! You’re the savior of all marketing!


    Nice social proof marketing idea to make everyone join “your” side before your release your new super expensive product to fight “the bad guys”.

  103. As an affilicated Iam hopeing that I can start income rolling in,
    in order to maybe have my own product to sell one day. But with all the
    gemince, trick, con and you name it out there that taking your money the beginner doesn’t have a change.

  104. There’s a problem with this petition.

    It’s tone and approach actually goes against the strategies and methods you teach.

    You persuade people (including old school marketers) by educating them with real verifiable information.

    By treating them with respect.

    By meeting them where they’re at.

    Your petition actually seems very similar to a poorly written hard sell sales letter…the very thing you, I and most of the people who’ve posted here are trying to change.

    Kindest regards,
    Andrew Cavanagh

  105. Oh I forgot, what I’d LOVE to petition is all the marketers that keep sending out the obligatory “social proof” with every launch.

    ie – “my shocking report was downloaded 1,536,395 times within the past 12 seconds! our servers have all crashed and melted due to the absolute flood of emails we’ve been receiving night and day asking about our product. our phone lines haven’t stopped ringing for the past 7 days cause everyone is simply dying to know what the product details are. people have been literally tearing down our office doors and walls trying to get the details for our next product.”

    you know what I’m talking about. it’s like every marketer has the same cut and paste ready for their product launch emails.

    after hearing this week after week, you begin to wonder…

    Let’s start by stopping THAT nonsense.

    Some emails I got recently:

    Mike Filsaime: “I released a report that
    had over 34,000 downloads in 1 day and 100,000
    in one month. In fact, of 350 people responded on the blog, on just 1 blog post in just a few days. The report is spreading through the NM industry like a California wild fire. Already, over 25,000 people have downloaded this report and the feedback is just incredible.”

    Mike Long: “Folks started picking up on the video through
    viral means and the next thing you know,
    word spread like crazy and now thousands
    of folks have jumped on board – in just the
    last few hours.”

    Let’s stop the nonsense.

  106. Opps, I forgot to mention yours truly – Rich Schefren:

    “The response to the Doctrine 2 has been incredible. The emails that have flooded my inbox over the last week and the comments on my blog have been heartwarming. the message in the Doctrine 2 is so controversial. The response to The Attention Age Doctrine Part 2 is absolutely amazing — over 23,970 downloads so far. And every few seconds, a new download occurs. People are buzzing over this Doctrine like nothing I’ve ever written before. Check out the comments at the blog — we’re already over 243 comments now… and we’re only about 48 hours into the release! There’s an enormous buzz building about this advisory.”

    Love the hype!!!!

    • sorry charlie,

      it’s not hype if it’s true… there’s a difference

      and actually we’ve blown past evey single one of those numbers – if you don’t believe me – bet me – if you do believe me, then it’s not hype.

      • Right on Rich! I don’t think it’s “hang the marketer” time… let’s face it, we’re all marketers here. I think the point is… create something of tremendous value and you’ll have REAL numbers to talk about… just like your numbers, Rich.

        Kudos to you!!


  107. Another little thought……….
    I come from an engineering background. If I were to make any kind of sales pitch to an engineering audience and made a claim that something was 6 inches wide you can bet that at least half the audience would have rulers in their pockets and would measure it. In that game BS would send your credibility down the drain faster than a starving rat.
    Call us nerds if you like, but what Rich preaches is not exactly new. We have always lived in a world where “if it ain’t provable, it ain’t believable”
    Just stand back and realize what easy meat the “financially challenged” masses are to the hype merchants. If you doubt that, just look at the politicians people vote for. People believe what they want to believe, they can’t be bothered to do their homework and test the claims. That’s why con-men thrive.

  108. Rich,
    I too agree 100%.

    There are too many spammers and scammers able to get away with what they do

    I think its time to fight back. Thanks for taking the initiative on this matter Rich, I am with you all the way.

  109. I Agree!

    There’s too little regard for the customer’s interest in the marketing process and after-sale satisfaction.

  110. I agree – Like many others I have lost a fortune trying to learn the trade. On top of that, recently when I purchased something and found it to be not what I thought it was, I tried to get my money back – guess what? The seller and his JV partner have ignored my request despite a guarantee and I now have to resort to contacting clickbank to try and resolve the problem.

    Thank you so much Rich


  111. I Agree Totally Rich.

    Your report The Doctrine 2 made me open my eyes and see what I have been doing in the past.

    No more…let’s force the old school marketers to throw in the towel and force them to listen to us, and communicate with us and give us something of real practical value before we even bother to read what they have to say.


  112. Dear Sirs;
    I wholeheartedly agree, concur, and comply. So I say, “Death to the Old School”!

    Benton Middleton, Independant Ecopreneur

  113. I Agree!

    People really need to wise up now. There is a spammer born every minute and ironically, he is the one making most of the money online! Seems like most of us still believe what the so-called ‘Gurus’ have to say and still like to buy what they have to sell. Just signing petitions won’t help -we really need to take some action! But yes, this is indeed a great start. Well done Rich!!:-)


  114. I agree. Enough is enough already. Meaningful, useful, down to earth, no nonsense, direct to the point, simple and truthful content/information is what I want to see.

    -Coach Rich

  115. I agree. You have verbalized what I have been saying all my life. If you want to teach someone or convince them of anything, you must start from where they currently are. That means communicating with them in a way that will cause them to trust you and travel the path to where you are.


  117. I think that these so called people only think of what they are going to out the deal not what they can do for the person that is wanting the help or asking the questions. The bottom line greed!!!

  118. I totally agree !

    Sadly, the french market, very new in emarketing, try to follow these “old style” emarketers… 🙁

    I try to show to them it’s not the right way but… it’s too easy to only translate what is done right now than try to create a new dialog with customers.

    So I AGREE 200 % !

  119. I agree!!! Smart marketers research their target market and find people that are LOOKING for what you offer. THEN jump out and stick it in their face.

  120. I Agree!!
    The Internet is something we all can use to be successful and profit from but we all need real info and old school marketers to follow. The problem is when you have people messing up a good thing just bcause they can. When you should be using your gift to help the no so gifted/blessed be all they can be in life. When you are blessed! You are blessed to be a blessing! What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose is soul?

  121. I agree…

    I learned in the “Integrity Selling” program almost 20 years ago that selling isn’t something that you DO TO someone but rather a process that you GO THROUGH WITH someone to come to a mutual beneficial ending (a sale with a happy client). In the best situations it’s a partnership in discovery of needs, wants, goals & solutions. Selling/Marketing can be a noble profession. That’s why I went in this direction despite all the negative baggage.

  122. All I’ve achieved from this is a inbox full of comments – didn’t realize I had to uncheck the box below the “add comment”

  123. Hi Rich!

    I Agree!

    The position of a advertiser and the consumer is getting out of hand. Personally, I don’t buy anything advertised from anyone that are from paid endorsed actors, singers, guru’s etc.

    I believe if you are going to sell, you should do it with your own self respect and not try to con folks into buy now or the price will rise, and all the other b.s. out there.

    The only thing
    i can say is
    “I AGREE”



  124. I got my own feelings about this…I sort of agree. But I think most of the “big timers” are still missing the boat. Yes, they get rich with one click on the buttons. But I still see a hole. But that doesn’t matter…I agree. I won’t pretend to think that it’s my job to change everyone..but as for me, I am an Attraction Marketer. I add massive use value and I help people one a one on one basis. Peace.
    Danny Arrington

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  126. Glad you’ve done this Rich. I’ve been saying exactly what you’re saying for ages and I also know many other “minor” players like myself have also. Of course, we don’t have the profile that you do. You have the capacity to send the message out as a global broadcast instead of local flyer so to speak. Either way, the message is getting out and what once was a trickle of opinion will become a tsunami of discontent. Change or be damned!

    Get ethics into online trading and business.


  127. Hi Rich,

    Yes Rich, I did say I agree with most of your thoughts. That however is because – Truth in principle are just like Facts. One cannot but agree simply because it is what it is.

    I do commend you for taking the time to put it down and seizing the opportunity to speak about it first. Smart move! But do you think you could stop sending us everybody’s response to your petition.

    Agreeing and allowing my email to be flooded is quite two separate things and not exactly sensitive to my use of time.

    Hope this is one of the method solving of Attention Age Doctrine. Appeared more like what wikipedia would call Spamming.

    “Spamming is the abuse of electronic messaging systems to indiscriminately send unsolicited bulk messages. While the most widely recognized form of spam is e-mail spam, the term is applied to similar abuses in other media: instant messaging spam, Usenet newsgroup spam, Web search engine spam, spam in blogs, wiki spam, mobile phone messaging spam, Internet forum spam and junk fax transmissions…”

    Let’s just celebrate your efforts in ways honorable of the status you deserve.


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  129. Pity,
    I would LIKE to AGREE, as yes, there are too many sales-black-sheeps.

    But meanwhile this whole story, competition, petition scares me.

    The petition sounds like masses are getting ready for war.
    (scary). Too much focus on the scapegoat. (but makes a good ATTENTION trigger).

    Anyway, who are “they” who I need to beat first? Do I first need to kill to survive?

    The scapegoat is not the solution.
    I need not waste time defeatng “them”. I (we) only need to get better and this will erase them.

    I prefer TO FOCUS ON SOLUTIONS. Let’s HELP MORE PEOPLE learn the tools to become successful ONLINE WHITE-SHEEPS – because THIS IS WHEN THE GOOD GROWS and kicks them out.

    I kinda get depressed here… 🙁

    I send you a Business Christmas Card for fun & success, I prefer to call for cheer than for war.


  130. I agree they are to quick to take your money and leave you in the Dark and alone.The only thing you have is an empty Wallet and a suspicion of anyone else on line!
    It took me 8yrs to find out the hard way,I know now who to trust and whom to avoid.
    Thanx for your time. Regards Don Goldwyn.

  131. As you know Rick replied yesterday and I agree with what you are doing

    I was led to believe by one guy about a system if I got I would be able to get his keyword system, anyway when I bought the ebook about how he was making money it turned out that later on I had to buy his system when it came out, so a few weeks later it did, at $500

    I never dealt with him again as I thought I was misled, its only after you buy you learn the hard way

    And this is the reason that most people are not having much sales as too many people have been duped !!

    So I only buy now when I hear about good products through discussions on internet forums but only when I have been on them a few months and know who is who

    Best of luck Patrick in Dublin

  132. Why do I feel like I’m being sold again?

    This feels like the “Death of Adsense”, Death of Network Marketing”, and now “Death of Old School Marketing”. And of course Rich will have the “magic answer” for a price.

    Sorry Rich, but I have become so cynical of internet marketers that I trust very, very, very few – not sure about you yet 🙂


  133. I agree !
    After Losing $2500 on what look like a real course turn out to not teach me nothing but that I got TAKEN!!!
    It would be nice to have a course that lets you make money even befor they ask for your money !!
    I would give 10% of the first money I earned !! I would sign a contract for that .
    MY wife sead no more money for get ritch scams! I have ben CUT OFF!!!!
    I would like to BATA test your course if your looking for some one thats dead serious about makeing it on the net!!
    Thank you.

  134. I took Rex’s advice and I created a standard letter you can send to deceptive and annoying marketers to inform them that they need to change their ways.

    It’s here:


    Have fun!

  135. I agree! It’s old, stale and shows the worse side of being in business. Let’s all agree to follow through – unsubscribe from their email lists, bet that will do it!