Win a Dream Date with Rich Schefren

I have a promise to keep …

For months I’ve been teasing you with information about The Attention Age Doctrine, Part 2.

I’ve promised that it would be a blockbuster report…

I’ve told you to mark your calendars for its arrival…

I’ve asked you to clear the cluttered thoughts from your mind and save enough bandwidth for all of the juicy, actionable, and potentially profitable information you’ll find in Part 2…

Well, all of your patience, all of your interest, all of your anticipation, and – yes – all of your attention will pay off handsomely, because…

It’s finally ready… almost.

This will be great news to a lot of people.

We have been covered up with phone calls, emails, and messages from my readers and even my coaching students. The message from each of them is basically the same: “Rich, where the %$#$% is Part 2?”

Think I’m exaggerating? Well, one of my loyal blog readers – Andrea Yager in Israel – has created a video and posted it to YouTube about her eager anticipation for Part 2 of the Attention Age Doctrine.

She’s had fun at my expense, and I deserve it…

You see, I’m a perfectionist, and I don’t like to release reports unless I know they will blow your mind. That’s the reason it’s been taking me so long.

I’ve been tweaking The Attention Age Doctrine, Part 2 ….tinkering late at night, many nights in a row, to re-write sections and change the phrasing to really whip this report into shape.

And believe me, it hasn’t been easy. Just one look at my raccoon eyes and you’ll know that this head has not felt the pleasure of a pillow in nearly a week… But I’m not complaining.

What I’ve lost in sleep, you’ll gain in wisdom. That’s my promise to you… and you’ll be able to realize this promise really soon…

How soon? Well, how about Wednesday, Nov. 28?

Wednesday, Nov. 28, will be a date that will forever be ingrained in your minds as the day you started thinking differently, and acting more profitably with regard to your business passion.

That’s my dream date: Wednesday, Nov. 28 … Not because I’m dreaming, but because this report will help you realize your dreams of online business success … and more.

In The Attention Age Doctrine, Part 2 you’ll discover:

– The biggest obstacle to achieving your online business success

– How marketing methods must change to reach and influence consumers in the Attention Age

– Why the Attention Age presents “the biggest business break of our lifetime”

– Why consumers are in control of your marketing and how this works to your advantage

– What the emergence of Web 2.0 and social media means for your online business growth

– How to turn your prospects into “the best marketing channels” for your business success

– The fastest and easiest ways to maximize the attention of your marketplace

– How to develop personal, business, and marketing attention plans to grow your business

– How to transform yourself from “Marketer to Maven” and gain the trust of your prospects.

That’s a lot to digest, but it only provides a taste of what you’ll find inside this truly impactful doctrine.

Save the date: Wednesday, Nov. 28, for the release of The Attention Age Doctrine, Part 2.

While you’re downloading, I’ll be getting some much needed sack time… Don’t let my snoring disturb you. Devour this report with gusto… You won’t be disappointed (I’m talking to you, too, Andrea…) 😉

Anyone else wish to create a video about your own anticipation for Part 2 of The Attention Age Doctrine? Send it to me and YouTube and I’ll post the link on our blog… Hit me with your best shot!

Follow Andrea’s lead… Get creative. Have some fun. Get fired up about the coming launch of The Attention Age Doctrine, Part 2.

Wednesday, Nov. 28, will change your future as an online entrepreneur. Prepare to be blown away!

32 thoughts on “Win a Dream Date with Rich Schefren”

  1. Andrea – killer video!
    Thanks, Rich, for being a sport and sharing that video.
    It made me laugh!
    I do look forward the the second part of the report.

  2. CLASSIC.. 🙂 Go Andrea! That was Brilliant..

    Got My Laugh for the Day, Thank You!

    And Yeh! Just about have forgotten what was in Part 1..
    oops…. Does seem like a lifetime ago, in Internet Years/days!

    As Attention is what most of us do suffer from or lack there of I should say …. “Roll on Nov 28th”

    Cheers, Dianne in NZ 🙂

  3. What a brilliant video! But, really, Rich, I’m with her – but I’m with you too. otoh, perfectionist is a VICE. did you not know?

    And I hope you have arranged backup servers, i foresee a crash within 2-3 minutes of your deadline.

  4. Hey Rich!

    It’s okay, it’s okay. No, really. We luvs ya despite all these self-professed ‘shortcomings’, ‘weaknessnesses’ like vague, responsibility, avoiding abstract concepts of ‘perfectionism’. (“I Kid, I Kid”!) Seriously, we really, truly glad you took yr sweet ‘ole time! Why? Well, we’ve been busy building on what you’ve been empowering us in your teaching to do all year long and it all happens for a good reason. (“I Kid, I Kid – NOT!)

    But, now that the time is ‘nigh’, I quote the lost-forgotten, pretty boy blonde of the TV 70s’ landscape, Shaun Cassidy – “Come On Everybody, Get Down, Get With It”(repeat three times). ;-P

    That said, RIGHT ON, Andrea – that rocked! (I’m secretly w/ ya on the sentiment, too)

    Bruce @ Not Lame

  5. Awesome video! I am friends with Andrea…… Damn she is something special, I was going to go for the dreamdate myself, but she has me beat with her mad video skills.

  6. Yeah Rich,
    Andrea’s got a point. When I read the first Attention Age doc, I was paying $2.75US per gallon of gas. Yesterday I paid somewhere in the neighborhood of $3.39 US per gallon, and still no report. Al Gore was still sore about the elections and hadn’t yet won a Nobel Peace prize (what a joke) and still no report…

    Rich, i know you’re a great thinker and strategist, but i bet Jeff Walker would be hard pressed to not say, “It’s time already. Give ’em the damn report!”

    And Andrea, you’re clever, possibly brilliant… i don’t know what goes on in that mind of yours to create such a hilarious video, but you must have known what was going on in mine…
    Thanks Andrea.
    and Rich, I thank you in advance for the new report; hopeful that it rocks as usual!
    Gotta go watch the video again ( helps make sense of things until the report shows up)
    Alex T.
    Miami Beach

  7. Wow, not sure if this happened to everyone, or just me, but the last 6 seconds of the video kept repeating itself! Very cool effect, like a vinyl record – would love to know how to do that, if it is an effect.

  8. Andrea, I think you and I are the same age : ) .. I recognize a lot of those references from the time that we had time to watch things enough for them to stick in our heads.
    Now I dont have the time for that stuff, but hope that Doctrine Part II will help me make more time!

  9. Andrea,

    Good going. Way to keep those feet in the fire. Rich should sign you up to promote his stuff. You are the marketing queen of the net.

  10. Hi !
    I’m new on this blog, so sorry if I say something dumb…
    How can I get The Attention Age Doctrine, Part 1.
    (just so as to get ready for The Attention Age Doctrine, Part 2. when it finally DOES come out). Thanks ;D

  11. Loved Andrea’s video . . .
    So now I want to know, “where’s part 2”?

    It sounds so very exciting; so exciting in fact that I can hardly wait until wednesday!
    Thanks Rich for sharing!


    Great Job! What a response~!
    There is a good chance this video is destined to be a classic.

    Rich, you definitely owe that gal a hug.

    Best Wishes

  13. this must be the best “homegrown”
    thing i saw in a while…..

    andrea you should be on richS team

    you definetly won best home made video

    in my opinion

    keep up the good work

  14. Great Video Andrea! Your creativity is really impressive! I’m sure it’ll push Rich to ensure that Part II is better than ever!!

    Andrea – I really enjoyed all your other videos as well! You have quite a talent! Shalom!!!

    Rich – Thanks for sharing!

  15. Rich,

    I thought you might want to know this. I tried sending the URL of this post to a friend through my yahoo mail account and kept getting a message about being blacklisted by

  16. Wow. I feel like I unsuspectingly stumbled upon my own fan club.

    WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE and where can I find you when I really need you. lol.

    Sincerely, love the ego boost. Now I know how Rich must have felt when he found my video!

    So all you sleeping people .. in exactly 9 hours, Part II will be released! As that is 7 PM (dinner/bedtime) for me it will still have to wait a little while longer to get my attention.

    but then I will be all yours 😉

  17. Yup Alex… you’re right. I’ve been telling Rich to just get the darn thing out for weeks.

    But I tell him that with pretty much every one of his reports. 🙂

    That said, I saw a “beta” copy in early October and it looked really cool. And I just saw an almost-done copy last night, and it looks even better.

    – Jeff

  18. Hahahaaaa! That is hilarious Andrea. I particularly like the way you counted your waiting time in dirty diapers. Vivid!

    Rich was supposed to send ME something 10 weeks ago. If it took 130 days for Part Deux of the Attention Age Doctrine, maybe there’s still hope that my package is coming.

    How about it, Brian? Don’t make me come down there – or make my own video!

  19. The video was pointless.
    If you wait for something then just be patient.
    Nobody cares how bad you want it.

    “Patience is your virtue”

    P.S. You could save more of your valuable time without wasting time on useless video.

  20. Rich,
    I’m using several of your techniques right now and seeing amazing results (for a new web based real estate company). Based on your ebook, I’m going to create a free value added product and will soon add the viral script.



  21. Boris,

    I love to self deprecate, so bring it on..

    but pointless and useless??

    After reading Rich’s report, I would say that I have ‘piggybacked’ on his fame to get my name mentioned in his blog TWICE + in a major emailing.

    How many times has he mentioned you 😉 ?

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  23. who is this Andrea girl???

    that was freakin awesome!

    ….just checked her out, a mompreneur internet marketing consultant!

    very cool Andrea!
    and my wife said ‘props to you’


  24. Raccoon eyes! You are a hoot Rich and totally believable, I can see you now brother. Rich you’re an information ingesting machine and your ability to convert your knowledge into insight and clarity is unmatched in my book brother.

    You TOTALLY have my admiration and thanks for your dogged determination to make order and sense out of what to most is totally confusing information overload.

    Thanks for continuing to put in the long hours even when you could retire buddy!

  25. Thanks to you for a great excellent blog! I can think of quite a few site that does not present useful facts UNLIKE yours blogsite. Thanks for your insight!


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