Attention Age Paradoxes

It’s no big secret that I’ve been slaving away at The Attention Age Doctrine II. In order to do that – I often have to step back and reflect on what is currently happening in today’s world. 

One of the many observations I’ve made about the attention age is that it is full of paradoxes. Such as:

We Have…
    -More Information But Less Knowledge
    -More Activity But Less Accomplishment
    -More Achievement But Less Fulfillment

As you can see the paradox is “More but Less”; for instance, it seems logical that having more information would lead to more knowledge – but as we all know the opposite is often true.

I’ve been working on a chart that has all the paradoxes I’ve thought about. Here, take a look:


(Don’t worry about “Attention Bankruptcy”, I’ll tell you about it in the Doctrine)

I’m really interested in the “More but Less” paradoxes you’re noticing.

What would you suggest I add to the chart?

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162 thoughts on “Attention Age Paradoxes”

  1. Hi Rich,

    The “More but Less” Paradoxes Chart of the Attention Age pretty much sums it up though you ask for more. Maybe that is another paradox? More likely, though, it is less of that and your usual desire to excel more than expected that prompted that request.
    My big takeaway is that it is really a sign of the times. Remembering the prophecy that says in the last days knowledge would increase, people would run to and fro, ever learning, but never coming to the knowledge of the truth.
    I believe that is what is being fulfilled in this very hour in the market and those who remain focused more on providing longterm value and the overdelivering on promises will also be those who are more successful. To echo your interview with Jay Abraham,
    discovering the tools and the strategies for maximizing the profitability as well as discerning the value of the information available is now the currency worth more than its weight in gold.
    Keep fighting the good fight my friend,
    Doug Barger

    • Hi Doug,

      Amen to that one! Before I even read your post , the same exact thought came to mind.

      More, more more…..
      Here’s one for you.
      More Blessings/Less Gratitiude

      I call it the “Adam and Eve Syndrome”

      As far as the internet goes, I feel we must master
      the few things we know first, then apply them. Next, continue on and master a few more.

      Above all, don’t spend hours of time reading things from every Tom, Dick and Harry on here claiming to be “an expert”.
      Trust a few……..Learn a lot

      Donna Smith

  2. ok here are some more:

    more Accomplishments less satisfaction
    more varieties less trust
    more clarity less confusion
    more qualifications less opportunities
    more analyzing less doing
    more thinking less progressing
    more noise less focus
    more laziness less reach
    more laughing less stress
    more friends less sincerity
    more products less quality

    more confusion less right choices
    more technology less healthy environment
    more discoveries less balanced humans
    more freedom less free minds
    more speed less enjoying
    more power less honesty
    more fear less courage

    and a variation to your statement:
    more porn less sexual satisfaction

    and from the movie
    “too many men too little time”:-)

      • Hi Kelly & people,
        Actually as an old Salesmeister (Ret.) I can now reveal the truth:
        More presentations actually does more often mean less sales.
        It’s an old Salesmeister con to keep the slaves in the field. Unless someone is born with the knack, direct sales is a most awful way to exist.
        The key to success is to learn to target PROBABLE prospects and never try to hard sell them. The time input should be focused on making sure you know your product, know your competition equally well and if theirs is better, go there!

        Golden rule for success – Never sell anything you don’t believe is worth it…..
        Better rule for happiness: If the product doesn’t referal sell it isn’t worth it.

  3. “More information; less knowledge” would be better read, “More knowledge; less understanding”. “Understanding” is the most powerful force on earth. It sees all things as they really are. Its depth is the result of knowledge combined with purity of being. More knowledge usually dilutes the understanding or remains undigested and impedes the flow. What is needed is an increase in being… more consciousness. So that people have a better understanding of the knowledge they already have.

    Mani gave you good insight in his August blog. You don’t need any more paradoxes. You need more wisdom… more understanding. Then you will be able to teach what you know in a fraction of the time with a fraction of the energy. Yeah, even you… but it’s not a question of outsourcing. It’s a question of splitting the atoms of your psyche with the focus of your awareness.

    Good luck, brother…

    • Hello: friend
      I very interesting your idea , when you hear you forget
      when you see you remember,and when you do you understand, if you want to win you need to play the game ,if you want more,be more,have more you need to learn more and do more.

  4. Frank Zappa said a long time ago:

    “Information is not knowledge
    Knowledge is not wisdom
    Wisdom is not truth
    Truth is not beauty
    Beauty is not love
    Love is not music
    Music is THE BEST…
    Wisdom is the domain of the Wis
    (which is extinct).
    Beauty is a French phonetic corruption
    Of a short cloth neck ornament
    Currently in resurgence…”

    That was back in the 70s guys…

    I’m amazed how well Frank predicted the future…
    …Or maybe I am off topic here?

  5. A few more for your list…

    More politicians…fewer statesmen
    More religions…less spiritual peace
    More anger…less compassion
    More “today”…less “the future”
    More “good enough”…less “the highest quality”

  6. Rich,

    I never cared for you personally. I never cared for Tellman Knudson either. My personal observation is you are all outright liars. You are polishing turds and trying to pass them off as rare gems.

    My observations are based on having three advanced college degrees including an MBA and twenty-five years of business experience including several years as the administrator of a top ten US law firm.

    Most of the people who are part of the good old boy Internet marketing club are a bunch of back slapping self promoting hustlers. The goose that laid the golden egg died 6-8 months ago.

    You can fool some of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time but you can never fool all of the people all of the time. Most people once burned by spending their money on pure junk do not do it again.

    Utility product price and service are the for cornerstones of marketing anything. They collectively equal value. All of you guys involved in Internet marketing have the mark of true hustlers. You all lie and collectively you are only interested in money regardless of whatever unethical means you have to engage in to get it. You wanted to know now you know. The Internet is a cheap media to advertise on and that is exactly what it is, a form of media and nothing more.

    Ralph Dreifus

    • Mate, disconnect your modem and stay in the dark. Your slur is amazing seeing you apparently have 3 advanced college degrees a MBA 25 years of business experience (now is that 1 year of the same experience done 25 times over??) etc etc. No wonder the guys that have no formal education seem to be on the top as millionaires and billionaires.

      Cheers heres to us eneducated turd polishers.


      Martin Elkhorn

    • Hey Ralph Mouth,

      How many people from the real world have u helped….. Not including suit and tie jockeys….

      Now that is the real back slapping mens club….

      People like Rich put themselves out there to lend a hand unconditionally to the genuine people of the world and hard workers… They put up with bullshit from all walks of life simply to help a few….

      So comments from someone like u who thinks they are the King of Bling and above the rest of us, is very sad that u waste your valuable time to crap on with out offering anything valuable to the people in reruen for your comments…. Can u lead us in a better direction can u ??

      In fact why dont u submit a list of testimionials from people that u have personally helped achieved success in their life….. or are u one of those secret Blood sucking vampires that makes it possible for genuine people like Rich to simply put his hand up to say I will help u, and thousands by word of mouth listen, simply coz we are all sick of your incestuous sterotypes, hiding behind walls to extract our money….

      I love giving Rich my money every month… and so do thousands of us becasue he has what u dont have champ…. He has balls to face the genuine people who question his intentions…. He faces his people front on and talks with confidence and realism, not in riddles and quotes…..

      So what was it that u do again ? Does anyone care….. How about you put your address and phone number on the comments, so some of us more freindly people can discuss satisfying your desire to slander people and not only a few but the entire group of people u so kindly stereotype as internet marketers….. Happy to give u a whole list of Internet Marketers that u can waste some more of your time with if u like…..

      So the real question is how did you get polished turds and lawyers into the same paragraph…….

      Rich is waking up people to the reality of this world we live in and I’ve got to say, I would rather be fooled by Rich a hundred times than once by you and your stereotype character….. Only the fool understands the darkness of the corporate world….. You should try being the fool sometime : ) if u think u are so high and might to Judge….

      ” Only God can Judge Me ” but thanks for trying anyway : )

  7. Hey guys, I got a Powerpoint show from a friend the other day that centered around this same idea. You may have seen it floating around the Internet. It covers many of the same ones. The message is clearly that, as a society, our priorities as much on quality, as they are on quantity. Though I do believe an acceleration of this has occurred, these ideas are not new, just much more evident. We are flawed beings and all the technology and resources in the world will not make up for that. I believe it is the responsibility of those of us who know what’s right to teach our children and their generation these truths and, in order to live a balanced life, one must take their eyes off themselves and put them on others. This is the only way true fulfillment and joy can come.

    – Bigger houses, but smaller families
    – More conveniences, but less time
    – More degrees, but less common sense
    – More knowledge, but less judgment
    – More experts, but more problems
    – More medicine, but less wellness
    – More possessions, but fewer values
    – We make a living, but not a life
    – We can add years to life, but not life to years
    – Taller buildings, but shorter tempers
    – Wider freeways, but narrower viewpoints
    – We spend more, but have less
    – We buy more, but enjoy it less
    – We’ve been all the way to the moon and back, but have trouble crossing the street to meet our neighbors.
    – We’ve conquered outer space, but not inner space
    – We’ve split the atom, but not our prejudice
    – We write more, but learn less
    – We plan more, but accomplish less
    – We have higher incomes, but lower morals
    – We are long on quantity, but short on quality
    – These are the times of fast foods and slow digestion;
    – Tall men and short characters
    – More leisure and less fun
    – More kinds of foods, but less nutrition
    – Two incomes, but more divorces
    – Fancier houses, but broken homes

  8. More emphasis on “choice”, less actual choice. (Tried buying a mobile phone without a camera recently?)
    More emphasis on “freedom”, less actual freedom. (Aren’t airports fun these days?)
    More emphasis on “being successful”, less time off to actually reap the benefit. (So glad I’m self-employed and can actually take time off when I want)
    More emphasis on “democracy”, less discernible gap between government and opposition. (What’s a one-party state plus one more party, when the two parties agree with each other? Oh, that’s right, a state with a bipartisan consensus!)
    More emphasis on “peace-loving”, less peace to love. (Anyone want to join me on my holiday to Teheran next summer?)

  9. I think the one that I would like to add is that the harder we work to get ahead, the further we seem do get behind.

    So many of these are so to the point that’s it’s almost scary… so much for advancement and improvement.

  10. More education less wisdom
    More religious choices less honorable actions
    More “political correctness” required, less personal expression allowed
    More pointing of fingers, less personal action
    More judgement less compassion

  11. More emails, less intimacy
    More blogs, less

    And my comment on Mr 25 years Law Firm MBA “slap-em all those internet marketer crooks”: knowledge has been recycling ever since recordings of Greek and Chinese philosophy, and before, and beyond. Value doesn’t come from answers anymore, it comes from application: knowing which questions to apply to what answers. Paradoxes flourish on orthogonal questions that seem to point to a unified answer.

    Thanks to all the internet marketers like Rich (and many others), knowledge is freshly applied to today’s challenges of business on the net. Of course, if you have no challenge and questions, there’s no answer that can possibly be satisfying. Maybe after 25 years I’ll be so settled that I have no more questions whatsoever. But I hope not.

  12. Rich,
    Try these:
    More doctors and fewer healthy people
    More food and less nutrition
    More exercise and less fitness
    More ways to connect and fewer truly connected

    Please forgive any duplication.


  13. How about:
    More healthcare options, less health
    More banking options, less money to spend
    More automobiles, less valid reasons to drive
    More books, less opportunity to read
    More security dollars, less security
    More awareness of interconnectedness, less altruism
    More food choices, less nutrition
    More water sources, less quality water
    More water control projects, more flooding

    It all boils down to the quantum effect … an unobserved wavicle is nothing but potential, but once it gets “observed,” it is forever set in place as a particle.

  14. Hi Rich,

    The More-But paradox list is great but it all depends on where you are coming from. The whole thing sounds a little negative to me. Sure we have more of most things but that’s because we as a society have continually found ways to solve life’s problems.

    For example, More Spending But Less Happiness. Who says happiness depends on spending. I don’t and I am sure there are many others that feel this way as well.

    We as humans can decide what makes us happy. My definition of Happiness has nothing to do with Spending. It has to do with time. The more time I have to do the things I want to do the happier I am.

    I suggest we not be so cynical about life. I like my life and that’s my choice. Abraham Lincoln I think said it best. “Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be” or something very similar. I have more now than I have ever had and I am happy by choice.

    I don’t look at life as a paradox I look at life as opportunity. Let me just take one more example. Your Paradox “More Ideas But Less Influence” is dead wrong, and I totally disagree. There has never been a better time in the history of man for an idea to take shape and influence so many others.

    The internet is the number one influencer. I would be willing to bet your ideas, as brilliant as they are, would not have the impact they do today if it was not for the internet.

    A couple of years ago a couple of guys came up with the idea of putting videos on the internet and called it You Tub, and today it is a world wide phenomena. One idea with lots of influence, the list goes on.

    I could take each of your paradoxes and look at them differently from a more positive perspective and they would hold true. So yes, there is paradox and yes, there is opportunity. So let’s gives both sides of the argument and debate it deserves, always looking for the truth so we can objectively define the problem and then began searching for the solutions.


    To our success
    David A. Scarborough

    PS Rich, I hope you read this and respond

  15. Hi Rich:

    Interesting chart.

    However, I think what you are presenting are many modified forms of cause and affect; and cause and effect, but not necessarily true paradoxical statements. I’ve taken the liberty to visit to study the definition of paradox and have looked at the definitions and examples and then looked again at your chart and I think that in a literal sense most of what is on your chart is a “skimming over” of mantra cliches we repeat to ourselves in an effort to understand situations rather than think deeper about a true paradox, as defined, of course.

    par·a·dox –noun
    1. a statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd but in reality expresses a possible truth.
    2. a self-contradictory and false proposition.
    3. any person, thing, or situation exhibiting an apparently contradictory nature.
    4. an opinion or statement contrary to commonly accepted opinion.

    par·a·dox n.
    A seemingly contradictory statement that may nonetheless be true: the paradox that standing is more tiring than walking.
    One exhibiting inexplicable or contradictory aspects: “The silence of midnight, to speak truly, though apparently a paradox, rung in my ears” (Mary Shelley).
    An assertion that is essentially self-contradictory, though based on a valid deduction from acceptable premises.
    A statement contrary to received opinion.


    (logic) a statement that contradicts itself; “‘I always lie’ is a paradox because if it is true it must be false”


    A statement that seems contradictory or absurd but is actually valid or true. According to one proverbial paradox, we must sometimes be cruel in order to be kind. Another form of paradox is a statement that truly is contradictory and yet follows logically from other statements that do not seem open to objection. If someone says, “I am lying,” for example, and we assume that his statement is true, it must be false. The paradox is that the statement “I am lying” is false if it is true.

    American Heritage Stedman’s Medical Dictionary – Cite This Source – Share This
    par·a·dox (pr-dks)

    That which is apparently, though not actually, inconsistent with or opposed to the known facts in any case.

    Best regards as usual,

    Cheryl C. Cigan
    Known Books

    Make it Known!

  16. cheryl,

    based on your first definition:
    “1. a statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd but in reality expresses a possible truth.”

    i think that statements like “more information but less knowledge” fit the bill, but to each his own, and thanks for your opinion.

  17. more talk less action
    more thought less insight
    more feelings less insight
    more expression less individuality
    more community less connectedness
    more empathy less compassion
    more knowledge less understanding
    more growth less prosperity
    more time less free time

    • >more expression less individuality
      >more community less connectedness

      It’s amazing how the universe works.
      I’ve never looked at life like this but today something happened while I was talking with my wife – about 5 hours ago. I’ve never been here before and it’s my first time.

      It’s also amazing how the uninverse moves us in the direction of life that is most beneficial for us. Always teaching us the wonders of life and existence even that part that deals with making money, marketing etc.

      Anyway, while talking to my wife today I mentioned her that as you get to know a lot of people you will end up losing a lot of your individuality. Your peronality will assimilate and become like that of the collective that one is in. You will get lonlier and have a more desruptive behaviour and you will no longer be like the person you are now.

      Thank you for all.


  18. First of all, let me respond to Ralph Dreifus…

    It’s completely unfair of you to criticize Rich’s work if you’ve never personally met him or been coached by him. He’s the REAL DEAL. He gives his all and is completely transparent to both his paying clients and to the public in general. He’s made a significant impact in my business and my personal life and i’m eternally greatful for that. If you haven’t been able to find any value in his work then why are you still reading his blog or on his mailing list? Seems to me if you were as smart as you think you are you’d be giving back by teaching others as well instead of spewing jealous jibberish.

    Now here’s 10 more…

    More Celebrities – Less Artists
    More Sex – Less Love
    More Ways to Communicate – Less Communication
    More Children – Less Parenting
    More Airlines – Less On-time Flights
    More Schools – Lower grades and Less Learning
    Higher College Tuition – Less Real World Education
    More War – Less Diplomacy
    More Work – Less Reward
    More Charity – Less Change

  19. Hello Rich,

    I really enjoyed the more / less chart. Over the centuries, nations advanced,
    we tend to see massive improvements; allowing more comfort, but less time to enjoy it.

    Why? When people focus on keeping up with the Jones’s so to speak we loose sight of the most precious gift of life. “Enjoy each moment.”

    Less is more: This is evident when one is in 5 Star establishments, hugh lobbies, spacious, yet almost empty. Wealthy people have less clutter. We ca learn much from

    When we can focus on belief in self, then master the skills necessary to become a valuable member within the community, life becomes enjoyable. We need more self motivated confident leaders and less followers. If our nation is to keep up with the massive outsourcing we need to roll up our sleeves and get to work and less of its not my job, or not my problem, attitudes.

    Great job my friend again you have hit the nail on the head.

    Mr. Michael J. Pickett
    [email protected]

  20. Rich – I’m sorry by generalizing all of them – not my intent. Of course you have identified many valid gems. Many paradoxes. You asked for opinions. Luckily you are the writer, the editor, and the product will have your name on it, so the really deep thinking part is up to you. But please, go for digestible quality, not quantity, present the truly profound. You have such a valid following along the entire strata of knowledge, understanding, and experience levels. You have credibility to what you present. Your readers are sitting around waiting, wanting what your present. What you are doing with the paradox chart is important. But you knew that, otherwise you wouldn’t have involved all of your readers!

    Cheryl C. Cigan
    Known Books

    Make it Known!

  21. More experience Less acceptance
    More talking less hearing
    More chiefs less indians
    More wit less sense of humor
    More discontent less effort

    And a special one just for Mr Driefus
    More drivel less compassion

    Truly an interesting collection

    Camille Thomson

  22. I’ve been watching with fascination at the number of these that people are coming up with — so creative, way to go everyone!

    I was thinking as I was reading that the human experience likely hasn’t changed. I’m old enough now (shudder, I can’t believe I just said that!) to have heard a couple of generations of introspection and reflections on the humand condition.

    All these things seem very real, very big, very intense in our present moment…yet it is not a new experience. The triggers may be different, the externalization might change, the numbers involved may be bigger..but our interpretation, psychology, conditioning and self talk seems to be inspiring the same experience.

    I mean, after all, most all of these paradoxes (yup, I’ll accept Rich’s definition!) are not new — they’re age-old sayings, right?

    Which makes me think…

    “The more things change, them more they stay the same”. 🙂

    Thanks again Rich for some thought provoking stuff!


  23. Here some thought of comfort to more of this and more of that. It could be anything that we could want more of. The balance is in moderation and also me not judging you because you want more. And beside how one take in and how one lets go is their business. Who made me a ruler over you and who made you a ruler over me. No one did this but that’s how we think. If we change the way we view and think about others then we see. Vision is just a part of life but it is not etched in stone we have to have wisdom and knowledge, plus understanding of the way things work as to what things we say and do. Spiritiual things are for the spirtiual minded person and carnal things are for the carnal mined person. Why because if you don’t understand my language then you cannot receive what I’m saying. Life is full of games we play and some are very dangerous in the hand of the wrong people. For instance if you say come work for you and their are 50,000 aplication you may chose one who is better qualified than me as you see and not as God see. My point is if you go by what is written it is good but that does not stop me from excelling in God’s grace of Knowledge and wisdom.

  24. Gotta throw a few more in:

    More self help books, less self acceptance
    More causes, fewer charitable thoughts
    More talking, fewer deep & meaningfuls
    More critics, fewer producers
    More movies, fewer plots

    and for the web
    More websites, less content!!!!

  25. Wouldn’t it be better to be asking where all these paradoxii came from instead of just listing them? I would imagine since there are so many and they look all connected, more like a chain than anything else, There would be some common causes amongst all of it.

  26. Dear Rich

    I read all of this and I feel thankful for the sake of our species that there are people who don’t wallow in this type of thinking. We are here to take responsibility for our lives.

    “The future is not some place we are going, but one we are creating. The paths to it are not found but made, and the activity of making them changes both the maker and the destination” … John Schaar


  27. A lot of these are great.
    Here’s a few more for consideration:

    more taxes, less benefits
    more religion, less peace
    more ads, less sales
    more specialists, less experts
    more interest, less credit
    more restrictions, less security
    more words, less meaning
    more websites, less content
    more shows, less enjoyment

  28. All in good time Alan. I go into this in detail in the Doctrine II, but I wanted to see how many of them I wasn’t seeing. So far the contributions have been impressive, and will help me considerably. So thank you all… and keep them coming.

  29. Rich

    I might just clarify that I wasn’t suggesting that you are “wallowing” …. more that it is great that there are people who are too busy changing the world for the better who do not accept these paradoxes.


  30. I very rarely do this. However, I just couldn’t resist after reading Ralph Dreifus’ post above.

    Ralph, for a guy with “… three advanced college degrees including an MBA and twenty-five years of business experience including several years as the administrator of a top ten US law firm… “, you should really learn not to ramble on, not to use SO many cliches in one paragraph, and how to spell “four” (“… for cornerstones of marketing… “).

    It sure is hard to take seriously anything posted by someone like that… 🙂

    Besides, Ralph, college degrees don’t make someone smart. Nor do years of experience equate to years of success and productivity.

    OK… stepping off the soapbox now. Sorry for the rant, Rich… 🙂


  31. Hi Rich,

    I’ve been around for quite a while and I have seen most of these paradox type quotes many times. However, the largest paradox I’ve seen is what has taken place over the past few years. Union members have gone on strike many times requesting less working hours and more free time. Then someone invented the cell phone and the black berry and now workers and managers are on call 24/7. You can’t even go to a wedding or a funeral without the ring of cell phones interrupting the ceremony. What good is technology if you become a slave to it? I think that many people would be much happier and the world would be less frenetic if everyone just took time to smell the roses. Where is everyone rushing to? Other than more electronic gadgets, life isn’t much different today than it was 50 years ago—The only difference is the speed at which people rush hither and yon. A trip to the local store now has to be done at 50 mph instead of at a leasurely walk. What! The store is not going to be there unless you rush? The only reason people need doctrines is because the are zipping around so fast that they miss just about everything life has to offer. Slow down folks, don’t be in such a hurry to run toward your demise. If you take it a little slower you’ll probably live a little longer and see many things you are missing today and that you missed on all of those hectic yesterdays.

  32. I feel that the paradoxes that are felt by many people around the world in various areas are:
    In the health industry we see:-
    More drugs, less cure
    Less epidemics more disease
    More facilities, less care
    Higher life expectancy, less quality of life

    In the political arena:-
    More promises fewer fulfillments
    More conferences less agreement
    More troop surge less victories 
    More fighting less peace
    More tactics less principles
    More spending fewer achievements

    More people, less families
    More facts less faith
    Increased income and decreased savings

  33. – More links, fewer destinations.
    – More text, less content.
    – More light, less illumination.
    – More analysis, fewer conclusions.
    – More digitization, …. more paper.

    (A “more-more” paradox; not quite in line with the list, but one that has always perplexed me.)

  34. Rich,

    Now, you of all people know that information doesn’t equal knowledge… so is it really a paradox?

    Knowledge is merely the application of information that forms experience.

    The same thing goes for alot (not all) of these other additions. I love the work, ideas & comments… as some excellent points have been made. But, I believe that a paradox to one person isn’t always a paradox to others.

    Case in point… “more drugs, less cure”. Is this really a truth… or just a truism? In reality, more drugs have led to longer lives & better treatment. Anyone that ever thinks soemthing is ever cured by the implementation of one method, system or treatment… medical or otherwise… isn’t grateful for what we’ve got.

    Gratefulness solves most (if not all) of these “paradoxes”… just food for thought.

    Our world isn’t worse. Our world is a better place.

    All societies have always have problems, such as: disease, famine, wars, economic woes, etc.

    It’s these perceived paradoxes that cause more stress in our lives.

    Paradoxes… only… exist where our minds allow them to.

  35. much thought…and so much to say..
    there is so much negative .. and less positive.. everyone takes everything very deeply..
    true there i s sooo much out there for self help and yet people read and don’t do ..
    because it takes responsibility and effort.
    our power is within us.. if our attitiude can change .. and as one post put it.. stop and smell the roses..
    how about just stop and BREATHE.. and start thinking within
    i have found it hard for people to do this.. so my most strong paradox is
    so much sleep….. but no true rest

  36. Hi Rich,

    Such awarenes of our paradoxical world…or is it just the stumbling blocks as we make our way through life?

    I truly enjoyed your “Indoctrinations”.

    Since I’m taking a break, might as well have some mental fun…

    I think I can squeeze in some more paradoxes –

    – more marriages but less commitment

    – more money but less value

    – more dates but less love

    – more crowds but less togetherness

    – more schooling but less wisdom

    – more fashion but less style

    Good-night. Back to work.


  37. Hi Rich,

    Few paradoxes that I have observed:

    1) More Hype Less Value
    2) More Hatred Less Love
    3) More Herd Mentality Less Innovation
    4) More Promises Less Deliverance
    5) More Short Term Focus Less Long Term Vision


  38. This more and less business is disgusting. There is no more and no less. It is the way you look at things. If you want more money then in a given time you have to sacrifice something else (Like time spent to play with kids) to get money. It is your outlook. What you consider more often is insignificant for another group of people. To them it is unnecessary. So these comparisons are flawed and serve no purpose.
    If you wish to do business and prosper in that your business must be helpful to those who need it. Passing off all these kind of research as you label it, is a very bad karma. Better you read books by the maharishis, especially those religion in which you were born. (It does not matter which. they all say the same thing. For example the sermon on the mount is the essence of Christianity and that is exactly what the Buddha said 1200 years before, and the Gita says still back in infinite time. So to come up with something we already know and make lists may serve you to get a Phd. I don’t think it will be of use to anyone.

    If you scoff at the ancient texts outright it shows you do not have a mind to explore and look back. Either way the attempt has the seeds of its destruction sown.
    So look for something more revealing and useful.
    Bye Take care

  39. Wow! What an impressive collection of observations. Here are a few more for consideration – more education, less thinking; better advertising, less integrity; more expensive political campaigns, less leadership.

  40. Hi Rich,

    Good list, and I think that your insight simply adds credibility to the idea that we have both more and less at the same time, which in my mind points to a systemic problem in the way we live. We mostly seek out and put into action symptomatic solutions rather than fundamental ones, which is one reason why we fail to take advantage of the abundance around us in way that is fulfilling, balanced, and leads to personal mastery.

    Just one comment – please be aware of your grammar! 😀

    If a noun is countable, use “fewer”, not “less”. For example: “More options but fewer (not less) decisions.” and “More networking but fewer (not less) friends.” It’s not critical, but what else can you expect from someone who works with non-native English speakers all the time…you get sensitized to these things!

  41. more taxes, less benefits
    more religion, less peace
    more ads, less sales
    more specialists, less experts
    more interest, less credit
    more restrictions, less security
    more words, less meaning
    more websites, less content

  42. more taxes, less benefits
    more religion, less peace
    more ads, less sales
    more specialists, less experts
    more interest, less credit
    more restrictions, less security
    more words, less meaning
    more websites, less content
    more shows, less enjoyment

  43. A few of the more important paradoxes have slipped by unnoticed, such as:

    More laws, but less justice.

    More fiat currency, but less wealth.

    More taxes, but less benefits.

    More news, but less understanding.

    More communication, but less wisdom.

    More “just” wars, but less friends and allies.

    More government, but less peace.

    More “freedom,” but less free men and women.

    More opportunity, but less achievement.

    More choices, but less contentment.

    That’s my short list, based on a lifetime of study and personal experience.

  44. Rich Schefren!
    Thank you!
    You,indeed,was conducted to correctlly choice an information about moving the Internet Business and a littie psychological trick(as description) my colleagues,opponents. Therefore I should want to observeted oneself another side to be more negative and possibly fight to my weakness. For instance,I have a big of problems by really getting fees,but for me all this is enigma. For all that I live another a country and to distant very hard an influence others the banking systems (paypal,clickbank.ebay),because I have not own ofthe financial resources and same time I have the greating information potencial ,which I must to combine “useful” by”pleasent”.
    Yuriy Dyskyy.

  45. Start at the Top and roll the mouse .. Scan the page as if you only had a second to gather the jist …. and walk away , the groupings of ” We Must More ” stagnate the memory . A paradox itself to the “We Must More ” little train that could chugga chugga choo conjuntion function , the wheel was created on a cognitive fulcrum , It can , not ” We Must More “

  46. Excellent observation Rich,

    Seems we are either focused on only the BIG picture or narrowly focused.

    More international travelling but less understanding
    More giving but less appreciation.

    My contribution.

  47. A long time ago when I hung out with this Native guy he would always say, “You’re not living in the real world; none of this is real, it will all disappear in a flash” and then he would roll a cigarette and stare up at the sky and maybe whistle to a hawk. In the end for all the frenetic effort and grand striving we will be left with the simplest of all necessities, and those represent true wealth. Clean water, clean air, pure food, and a clear spiritual purpose. When those values reach the heart of marketing and our everyday decisions, things will calm down and the great vacuous loneliness which we escape into our attention deficit lives to avoid will be annihilated by a vibrant purpose.

  48. More me, less You – so it seems
    More Love, less conflict – I wish
    More Gifts, less gratitude – take and take again
    More Given, less appreciation – my right, the world owes me a living

  49. Rich,
    I propose that instead of putting forward the duality of every choice we make (can you get more love through porn?) you could focus on the three way choice we face in most situations:

    “You can have high quality, low cost, and fast service, but not all at the same time. Choose any two you like…”

    In the information rich environment we can choose between breadth, depth, and speed. Inevitably we do run out of capacity, even if we can read really fast, and listen at double speed. It comes down to a balanced discernment, based on both the right brain intuitive, and left brain analytical process.

    Everyone’s success will still hinge on principles, a balanced core of our existence that is beyond the reach of superficial stimulation. And that means going strategic, not tactical; holistic, not symptom chasing. You already stand for that …

    That old saying about fooling some people all of the time will probably still apply, and even unscrupulous sellers will make a living, and perhaps even a good living, so long as buyers are so distracted that they do not take the time to analyze the situation. Decisions based on fear (uncertainty and doubt) lead to regrettable choices…

    Majority of population wants to be lead, wants to be told what to do, and wants to trade their freedom for the illusion of security. Remember the “teach me to fish” story … majority wants to have the fish served to them … which eventually has to end in a collapse, or at least a “correction”.

    I believe that the greatest commodity of the information age is trust. If I could believe that you will never take advantage of me for a quick gain, that you will always consider my benefit first, why would I shop anywhere else? Can you imagine the power of an incorruptible seal of authenticity?

    That’s what the judicial and governmental systems are supposed to stand for. But they no longer do. We now have the best congress money can buy …

    So do you want it fast, cheap, and good? And how do I know that I can trust you?

  50. Lots of great comments!

    More commentary – Less said

    More looking without – Less looking within
    [Looking for “Truth” in all the wrong Places]

    More DOing – Less BEing

    And as a ‘Salute’ to my Fellow Vets this Veterans Day …
    … More people “Squaking” about Freedom
    Fewer stepping up to Fight for it

    More desire for patience – Less respect

  51. Another Paradox:
    The more tools for communication, the less actual communication.
    We have phones, cellphones, email, instant messaging, SMS’s, MME’s, Skype, Websites, IRC, WebCams, presentations, whiteboards, response forms, faxes, postal services, telegrams, word processors, blogs, TV, radio, DVD, tapes, CD’s, records, MP3 players etc etc

    And daily new forms of communication are being invented. Why? To fill the demand for more effective communication.

    But, the more tools we have, the more noise, the more messages, the greater the twitter, the less the actual communication.

    Could it be because the greater part of communication is actually non verbal and we are losing that in the electronic age?

    Could it be that communication is not merely shouting a message across? But that communication only happens when you have the focus of the receiving party. And when the receiving party is receptive, on the same mental plane as the communicator? And that communication is only successful when the receiving party has been empowered by the communication!

    I spent several years in the military, and the plethora of modern communications reminds me of a parade ground where dozens of drill instructers are each shouting commands at the top of their voices. Yes, the individual squads are responding to the sounds in a totally robotic fashion. But the effective level of communication on the parade ground? Zero!

    Another example – tune into the evangelical broadcast stations. A raging pastor screams a sermon to a motionless audience. How many people really receive and digest and empower themselves with that message? Put in another way, if they really, really got the message, applied it and executed it, they would not be sitting in that audience! Thus – the effective level of communication in that example is nil. Or very close to nil.

  52. The search for paradoxes continues ad infinitum.Attention deficit is the root cause of much of the time wasted on repeat learning known by various names.The greatest of paradoxes is however that there is enough food and other resources in this world for everyone’s need but not enough for everyone’s greed! If only we pay adequate ATTENTION TO THIS ASPECT, THERE WOULD BE A BETTER WORLD FOR ALL TO LIVE IN.

  53. As Ravi said, it’s been said before in old days. It’s the attitude toward the experience that really counts. And everything that we experience will lead to greater knowledge and eventual wisdom. And wisdom in the highest sense leads to love.
    The greater our wisdom the greater our survival the greater our universe expands. When one is successful, it is a pleasurable experience and when one is unsuccessful, it is a painful experience. We learn.
    But regardless, experiences give us comparisons in order to determine what is the best course of action to take that will lead to success. And all that we are reading on these comments good, bad or indifferent on how we see our world, add to our knowledge base that we can cast out what may not have much value and keep what has good value.
    Keep on writing and thanks for listening.


  54. Although an interesting observation, there is nothing surprising about most of these phenomena. A majority of them have to do with the fundamentum of quality decreasing with the growth of supply. This isn’t a rule of thumb, but common observation. Entry barriers go down, which gets lots of players to show up and there’s nothing to pre-qualify them.

    Also, the “more commercials- less viewers” and some other paradoxes relate to the good old long-tail. They should read “less viewers per medium”…

  55. Hi Rich,

    Now in this context I see more clearly what your tagline is about: More money. More business. More time off.

    For most business people – It is a paradox in itself. But infact it isn’t…

    And also listening to Al Gores work on the enviroment, there is hope there too.

    So, my observation is that there is always room at the top for some ‘uncommon sense’ to solve any paradoxes sillyness puzzle, become an expert on it and if you want – create a profitable business around it.

    There is something stirring in the pot over at Strategic Profits, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.


  56. Rich

    You are limiting yourself severely here.

    A paradox is not always more of something and less of something else.

    Sometimes it’s more of something and more of something else.

    eg more technology to achieve results but even more results required to just stand still


  57. more fashion, less style
    more diets, less nutrition
    more friends, less closeness
    more supplements, less health
    more children, less family values
    more toys, less love
    more space, less freedom
    more lovers, less commitment
    more certificates, less pride
    more fences, less safety
    more e-mails, less communication
    more gyms, less muscle
    more degrees, less wisdom
    more schedules, less time
    more goals, less accomplishments

  58. Hi,
    Although you can add many things to this graphic, the point is thit is already too much.
    As a presentation it does make the point already, and what will change if there is a page full of attention grabbers???

    You need to nail the Paradox, in terms that people can relate (witch the graphic does) and terms that people can use to extrapolate into their situation:

    Data in not equal to Information.

    The difference between data and information is up to the person that interprets it.

    The value of Information depends on your current needs:
    Without a precise need Information became data.
    With a precise need you can turn Data into information.

    Information is of no value if it’s not actionable..


  59. Looking at the paradox from a musical standpoint there was a musician back forty years ago who would spend a whole day just practicing a four – note phrase until he was satisfied that he had achieved the maximum amount of feeling, passion and musicality from those four notes.Four notes can equal a symphony.He became the most celebrated Guitarist of his generation and proved that less is more.

    More Notes – Less Music
    More Speed – Less Communication

    From an Internet perspective.

    More Purchases – Less Action
    More Action – Less Stress
    More Seeds Sown – Less Weeds Grown.

    Thank you Rich for your contributions to the phalanx of struggling marketers.

  60. More Dreams but Less Action
    More Gurus But Less Leaders
    More Options But Less Clarity
    More Ideas But Less Strategy
    More Steak But Less Sizzle
    More Gurus But Less Mentors
    More Hype But Less Substance
    More Selling But Less Marketing
    More Selling But Less Caring

    A stab at what Attention Bankruptcy is, it’s when you’ve got so many things pulling at you for your attention and you start to give your attention to all these things and soon, you’re left with nothing to give attention to what really matters. You’re running cashflow negative (I mean attention negative) and therefore you can’t get anything done.

    It’s only when you STOP giving your precious attention and focus and thought to these OTHER things and FOCUS on what really matters to your personal life and to your business, that you truly achieve success online and in life.

    Just my two bits.


  61. More Politicians – Less Progress,
    More Religions – Less Truth,
    More Money – Less Happiness,
    More Desires – Less Contentment,
    More Technology – Less Leisure Time,
    More Noise – Less Listening,
    More Houses – Fewer Neighbors,

    (and my favorite…)

    More Tele – Less Vision,

  62. More of everything, vs. everything else – so much so, that this exercise becomes overloaded with information and points of view. The simple truth is that people want things to go more their way in life. To get that to happen, they need power to negotiate. Most see money as the best tool for this, so they look to business as a way of achieving it. As there are lots of people online and it’s perceived as being relatively cheap, they (most on this blog anyway) figure the online model is the way to go. So they scrabble about, looking for something they think can be sold to a percentage of the masses, so they can retire. Offline, it’s pretty much the same thing. The resultant noise is deafening.

  63. Re: Val Slastnikov – Frank Zappa.
    No, I don’t think you were off-topic at all – spot-on in fact!
    It’s a shame the media marginalised Mr. Zappa as ‘absurdist’, behind the humour, there was a lot of commonsense in what he said.

  64. Here are a few more that came to me after a good night’s sleep:

    More opinions, but less facts.

    More confidence, but less assurance.

    More faith, but less truth.

    More trust, but less loyalty,

    More words, but less enlightenment.

    These, and the paradoxes mentioned in my other post, get to the root causes of all the other Attention Age Paradoxes.

  65. I haven’t read all the comments so if I;m repeating something, my apologies, but it seems to me that we are plagued with:

    More ‘Political Correctness’, but (far) less Political Integrity.

  66. these fit the frame but are not paradoxical
    more rage less reason
    more consumption less resources
    more blogs less interest

    these are
    more laws less control
    more rules less discipline
    more work less pay
    better design – poorer quality
    more connection – less contact
    more jobs less skills
    more promises less integrity
    more strategies less sense

    these don’t fit the frame
    more rights more abuse
    more side effects more drugs

    and I liked
    more fear less courage
    more management less leadership

  67. Thanks for this amusing post.

    Nothing new here. George Orwell came up with the same when looking at modern life in 1984.

    Ralph is absolutley right about the internet marketers. It’s sordid rabble trying to take people to the cleaners via the nearest exit.

    Rich’s own materials are good, but he puts them to poor use training career sharks like Mike Filsaime on how to lighten pockets.

  68. Hi Rich,

    Couldn’t resist one last comment to all the people that digressed from the poll question, and gave opinions instead. Hooray to all of you who are on the journey to taking responsibility for your actions, and turning negatives into positives, problems into challenging opportunities.

    The bigger picture is – there are a lot of people who have not come to these areas of realization. They are unhappy, depressed, thinking something is wrong with them, etc, etc.

    For many people, seeing these paradoxes and seeing a different solution is going to be their “defining moment” – a moment where they step back, take a closer look, and make a personal decision to start making effective changes. Many people want to change something, but it is simply too overwhelming and they do not know where to start.

    Not everyone is going to respond to this writing, and that is okay. And for those that would respond positively, thank you Rich for putting pieces like this together, that gives not only powerful food for thought, but genuine, eye-opening, empowering solutions.

    And one last thought – these paradoxes don’t need to be proved or supported by fact – because many of these are really based on perceptions. How we perceive things takes basic facts, and turns them into personal beliefs that may or may not be true. So, if you view these common paradoxes more as common perceived beliefs that are holding us back, Rich’s writings become a powerful catalyst for debunking the blockages, and moving forward.

    Thank you Rich for your powerful, forward-moving programs!

  69. Dear Rich,

    I think it’s really great that you are trying to tackle with a philosophical question that I KNOW eventually you’ll whittle it down to very practical step-by-step actions to overcome these challenges.

    Now that you’ve got a ton of paradoxes, I’m curious to how you plan to edit them down to the essential ones- i.e. eliminating the redundant ones or ones that are simply “too similar”.

    I think you’d probably understand that if we are given too many paradoxes, confusion will reign!!!

    All the best


  70. Taking from Doug Barger above “My big takeaway is that it is really a sign of the times. Remembering the prophecy that says in the last days knowledge would increase, people would run to and fro, ever learning, but never coming to the knowledge of the truth.” I would go one step futher

    More learning — less thinking
    More learning — less creating
    More learning — less focusing
    More learning — less accomplishing

  71. It’s very interesting how most people find paradoxes instead of SOLUTIONS. I find it very strange, and rather a sign of confusion than a proof of clarity in vision.
    There is a saying here on the Romanian Internet that I like very much:
    Bring solutions, NOT advices. Stupid people don’t understand advices and wise man DON’T NEED them.
    There are a few comments I liked very much on the subject: David Scarborough, Cheryl C. Cigan.
    On the other hand, after 1 (one) year of taugh research and study on IM (and that means about 16 hours daily!), I came to understand a few basic things:
    Every client has his own sellers and every seller has his own clients.
    I grabbed a great idea from David Vallieres: MOVE NEXT!
    So, do you find useful Rich Schefren’s stuff? BUY IT! You don’t? Well, in this case, grab all what you can find useful from him, and MOVE TO THE NEXT marketer. DON’T BLAME anyone! Just LEARN from them. Then, act, act, ACT! ACTION is the way you find the truth and gather experience.
    Unfortunately, I found something that looks very strange to me: There are thousands who expect from a successful marketer to make their business successful.
    Well, if you expect from Rich to make your business and deliver you the money, I belive you’ll have to pay him very well to do this for you. And that is equally true for me!
    Why would I spent my time, money and skills to make anyone’s business run smoothly, except for money? Well, there’s one rerason I would do it for free: If I find someone that is really gifted, learns fast and values highly the Time, well, such a person deserves all the best from me. My investment will surely get back somehow, someway, sometime. Otherwise? It took me long hard years to develop some skills, be them native ones or not. It meant also lots of money spent on different experiences that eventually lead me to some knowledge. I don’t find it in any logic or philosophy system to be true that anyone who has spent his time and money to develop his skills, to waste his time with someone who doesn’t value the time and price VERY high the hard work. If so, well, why bother about “ethic” or “unethic” marketing?
    Do you guys find it ethical to expect anyone to do everything for you and even pay you for that effort of yours to get his hard earned money in your pocket?
    Basically, that is the CORE problem:
    Most of the beginners that “eat” the hype, really belive that there is some magical formula that you can spell out somewhere in about 10 seconds, or let’s say 10 days, and oooooppppssss! you’re a millionaire!
    For that kind of guys, I belive a cold shower might be useful. Centuries of history proved that most people learn only from taugh lessons. Even I did it this way, from time to time.
    A possible approach and paradigm:
    Some marketers blame Rich (and many others) for his (their) “crap”, “scam”, etc.
    Well, I VALUE them for their articles. This is FREE RESOURCE.
    Now, my question for all blamers is the following
    Are you good enough to value a free resource AND learn the best you can from it?
    How many articles have you written last year?
    I don’t care for the content of an article as long as it reflects ACCURATELY author’s experiences. He might be a millionaire or not. But his path to a successful business, is a reality. Obviously, I MIGHT ignore it. But I also MIGHT consider it. THAT is up to me and MY LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING.
    My level of understanding is a result of my investments in myself, not Rich’s efforts, or anyone else’s. He can show me many things, but if I’m Dumb, Deaf and Blind, well, I seriously doubt that it’s Rich’s fault or guilt if I don’t get anything from him.
    On the other hand, some people might say “I’s not fair to sell…” To sell what? “That crap?”. If a product is or not “a crap”, depends on how far the buyer has got. How many skills developped in itself.
    Let me point it out this way:
    Do you want to buy the salespage? I got it! I’ll sell it to you! I’ll even sell you a thousand if that’s what you want!
    Are you interested in buying a PRODUCT? Well, in that case, it seems you already bought a lot of salespages, and you now know the difference between a salespage and a product. Now it’s for sure that you’l watch your wallet, and do your homework: You’ll surely make a taugh research on the subject matter, compare a few dozen products, salespages, feedbacks, reviewers, and AFTER this, you’ll make up your mind on buying…
    Finally, I like to apologize for the dreamers that felt disappointed by a product or another. I’ve been too, sometimes. But, I understood that according to the Law of Attraction, we get ONLY what we can use…
    So, when you buy a product that you think is “crap”, well, think twice:
    Were YOU good enough to make a better choice, or THIS WAS YOUR LESSON?

  72. Hi Rich

    Greetings from New Zealand

    Here’s my two cents worth:
    More greed, less God
    Less God, less peace
    Less peace, more worry
    More worry, less focus
    Less focus, less progress
    Less progress, more frustration
    More frustration, less motivation
    Less motivation, more waste
    More waste, more scarcity
    More scarcity thinking, less abundance
    More perspiration, less inspiration
    More work, less life
    More external, less internal, less eternal
    More blah, less blah blah…


  73. My eyes are bulging outta my head reading all this marketing stuff..not here on this site..elsewhere. I think there are more internet marketers than the amount of brain cells I have left. They have been killing my brain slowly but surely with the same ol trite ad copy thats approximately 20 to 25 pgs long. It goes on and on and on. Will someone please write something short..sweet and refreshing for a change. Please.

  74. Happy to Join the Fun Rich,

    Thanks for asking, here are a few more to get the creative ideas flowing…

    More Rich Schefren’s, Less Wannabe Gurus
    More Thinking, Less Action
    More Politicians, Less Truth
    More Spirits,( Alcohol ) Less Spiritual
    More Games, Less Fun
    More People, Less Jobs
    More Magazines, Less Reading Time
    More Prisons, Less Harmony
    More Papers, Less Reading Time
    More Bills, Less Ability to Pay
    More Credit, Less Ability to Repay
    More Living, Less Giving
    More Buildings, Less Nature
    More Cars, Less Effective Getting Around
    More Schools, Less Free thinkers
    More Prisons, Less Harmony
    More Homes, Less Families
    More Divorce, Less Togetherness
    More Spare Time, Less Success
    More Automated, Less Jobs for the people
    More Choices, Less Thinking Time
    More Life, Less Living
    More Business, Less Happiness
    More Guru’s, Less Students
    More Students, Less Workers
    More Videos, Less Experience
    More Computers, Less Family Time
    More Products, Less Time to Use
    More Customers, Less Personal Expereince
    More Sunshine, Less time to enjoy It
    More Books, Less Reading Time
    More Rules, Less Fun
    More Proetcetion, Less Rights
    More Networks, Less Personal Contact
    More Challenges, Less Fullfillment
    More Coffee’s, Less Sleep
    More Sleep, Less Motivated
    More Time, Less Energy
    More Energy, Less Time
    More Free Time, Less Money
    More More, Less Less
    More Web Traffic, Less Online Help
    More Power, Less Control
    More Control, Less Supporters
    More Busyness, Less Free Time
    More Products, Less Value
    More TV Adverts, Less Watchers
    More Free Stuff, Less Valuable Stuff
    More Excitement, Less Morals
    More Showers, Less Water
    More Immigrants, Less Jobs
    More Knowldege, Less Help
    More Expensive, Less Effective
    More Emails, Less Time to Filter
    More Friends, Less Savings
    More Spendings, Less Savings
    More Help Needed, Less Information Quality Delivered
    More Desire / Wants, Less Needs
    More Wars, Less Peace
    More Forums, Less Moderators
    More Prices, Less Shopping Time
    More WebSites, Less Local Purchasing
    More Paper work, Less Admin Workers
    More How To Vids, Less How Come Vids
    More Secrets, Less Honesty
    More Honesty, Less Cashflow
    More Wolves, Less Sheep
    More Cash Flow, Less Honesty
    More Join Ventures, Less Control
    More Articles, Less Quality
    More Softwares, Less Users
    More Vampires, Less Morals
    More Energy Suckers, Less Energy Givers
    More Dealmakers, Less Home Makers
    More Females Working, Less Attention on the Kids
    More Police, More Crime, Less Morals
    More Attention Needed, Less Focus
    More Focus, Less Attention
    More B.S., Less Trust
    More Rich Schefren’s, Less Wannabe Gurus

    Love ya work…..

    Have a great day

    Clayton J : )

  75. Hi Rich,
    You’re exactly right, it’s a crazy world we live and work in; we seem to have more than enough wegets & gadgets to do things with, but less gets done.

    To Your Continued Success

  76. I think there is more violence and less talking when it comes to “world” issues.This is another paradox. However, this is a global problem.

  77. I have one that has to rank pretty high :

    More Leaders / Less Leadership

    I think its pretty self explanatory, but it sums up the too many chiefs not enough indians argument…No offense to anyone.

    What do you think Rich?

  78. A paradox of paradoxes, most all of the paradoxes listed can be reversed as in more knowledge less clarity can be reversed to less clarity more knowledge. It is often a matter of where we are on the multiple learning curves of life how we think that day, how we state the paradox. Question, if we reverse the order is it really a new paradox?
    The biggest paradox for me is not so neatly packaged. Why, when we have the knowledge to solve todays biggest problem, and make money doing it, do we not go ahead and do it. Specifically I am referring to global warning due to CO2 and how Solar Power Satellites can reverse the problem, but then I have a vision on how to do build solar power satellites and make gobs of money but have yet to figure out how to get the company/group of companies started to start the process.

    • If it is not already too late, the only way to REVERSE the problem of CO2 is to find a way to remove more of it than we produce.
      Satellites cannot remove CO2 and will produce massive amounts of CO2 in their manufacture and transport. I think you will also have major problems in transmitting the power from Satellite to Earth.

      Best thing travel less – work from home. Hence I give you not a paradox but a truism.

      More Internet Business less environmental damage.

  79. thanks for all the additions – for those who’ve asked… yes i will have more to say about this soon.

    lately i’ve realized another one to put on the list. although it’s more of a truism than a paradox, and it doesn’t fit the “more but less” – i guess what i am saying is it’s entirely different.

    but i still want to share it.

    the more you share – the more insults they throw

    thanks to all of you who came to defense.

    ps – what do i have to do to get you guys to start participating in social media? do i need to do a series of videos on using social media for the blog?

    • Hi Rich!
      Seems that I have to come back…
      I guess it’s not a matter of “videos”. It’s rather a matter of knowlege and experience. Many people have low level skills on using a computer. Some of the social networking software is easy to use, but some need years of computer experience to figure out. I’m a self-teaching kind, so I usually look for a PDF like “User’s Guide” or so. But that took me some time to understand. And afterall, why would the more experienced guys say “RTFM”, if this wasn’t really true?
      Lots of people think of computers in terms like “push the button, the rest is up to the computer”.
      Well, at some point, might be true, but the knowledge of pushing the RIGHT buttons, well, it took me about 6 years to reach… ;).
      Same for the social networking. Using a free blog, might be easy for many people, but NOT FOR ALL.
      On the other hand, we’re here for online business, not jus for putting our diaries on the net. That means that we have to be a little webmasters, which means that we need certain web administration skills and knowledge. That takes some time and if such tutorials are made available, I guess your question, and the problem is solved.
      Maybe that would do the trick;)
      Have a good day!!

    • Yes, Rich.

      Please go ahead and create some more videos for us.

      The responses show that people have absolutely NO CLUE as to what Social Media is and what you are alluding to…I look forward to becoming one of your Coaching Clients soon!

      The World needs Rich Schefren BIG TIME now, but all we see is LESS OF RICH SCHEFREN – MORE OF SELF-PROCLAIMED TEACHERS…

      Enough is enough, ladies and gentlemen! It’s time to do LESS TALKING and MORE LISTENING!

      Rich is the answer to all of us, so…

      GO RICH GO!

  80. The more links a website has, the less intuitive the navigation thereof!
    (I see this every day)

    The more things are “explained” the less is the likelyhood that people are not confused!
    (Watch out for this the next day you see people having a fire-drill in a highrise building.)

    The more you try to help, the less the appreciation you receive.

  81. More marketing and less merchandise. Isn’t this what marketing is all about? I want you to get my stuff (product, merchandise, product, box of widgits,….. fill in the blank). Get it because I’m presenting it so well see? You really want it! It doesn’t really matter what it is… advertising becomes a means in itself, not a means to an end.

  82. Hey Rich,

    I just got an email from a friend and realized where you got the inspiration for this “paradox” thingie – Dr. Bob Moorehead’s “Paradox of our Time”. Boy that thing’s been around for a long, long time it seems – way to breathe new life into that puppy!

    Apparently…it’s been at various times attributed erroneously to George Carlin (who, by the way has his own typically outrageous opinion of the writing), a mythical Columbine student, and the oh-so-prolific “Anonymous”.

    I bet Dr. Moorehead would be impressed that all these comments have expanded that initial insight so broadly and that clearly he’s written something that strikes a common chord in us.

  83. More Opportunities, Less Success
    More People, Less Interaction
    Bigger Houses, Smaller Porches/Yards
    More Square Footage, Less Family Members
    More Gurus, Less Expertise
    More Networking, Less Working
    More Viewing, Less Vision
    More Free, Less Value delivered

  84. The lists above are impressive. I couldn’t add to them, yet I want to contribute.

    I actually focus on the ‘ mores’ in life rather than the ‘ lesses’.

    That’s not to say I walk around in rose-coloured glasses.

    When interacting with myself or with other people, I have:

    Less hangups, more self-assurance
    Less judgmentalism, more respect
    Less assumption-making, more clarification requests
    Less taking things for granted, more gratitude
    Less carelessness, more care-taking doing tasks
    Less gulibility, more astuteness

    And so on

    Just me,

    I do appreciate that the purpose of the table was to alert, I’m just indulging.


  85. Hi

    Yes this paradox is wired, but also very normal I think. Let’s say you have a small company 9 employee, than you don’t need a big staff to run all the accounting, and other every day events.
    The paradox will come very fast when you have 20 or more working for you.
    Let’s say the limit for a small business is 25 persons, in this company it is enough to have a director and one to help with accounting in the office.
    If this company with 25 employee get a new employee, the company will grow by 3 to 4 people, it will be one in the production (the new employee) and to run the office the right way they have to have one more employee there to. The director can now not take care of the daily day doings, so he needs to have one employee to run the production. So with one extra employee, this company needs to hire 3 new people to run the business as usual.
    So now the paradox comes, the company have now 3 more employee, the commando from the boss shall trough more people to get to the person it is meant for, and this can create some problems like misinformation, misunderstanding.
    This is of cause a little wrong when you only have fewer than 30 employees, but i think it is what happens in the world to.
    All the worlds citizens grow with very high speed, more people in the world mean more people in the governments, but the problem is there are not enough people with the skill we use in the world, so we build more schools, universes but we don’t have enough skilled teachers, so we produce more of them, but we don’t have enough teachers in our universities, so we produce more of them, but who shall do that.
    That is a problem so we find new ways to educate people who shall educate others, so we cut down on the time it takes to educate those people, it is not enough so we give people a computer and they can stay home and a teacher will than try to educate big big groups, but of all the students there are some who are bright others are like you and me, and need to ask for help, but there are no help to find, yes maybe people can get help on a help desk after the lesson, but do they remember the problem than.
    more students less help
    more citizens less time
    more “less time” less quality
    more “less quality” less understanding
    and so on.
    I think we are in spiral where we can get out, too much growth is the problem, because all the needs will raise with the growth, and we can keep the speed up, so we feel this paradox.
    Think when we 50 years from now can say
    more people NO food, not only less food but NO food, NO water to drink, NO value of the money earned and so on.
    Only one solution and it is not a good one, only one child per family, or a much worse situation all old citizens shall be sent to the moon, we can simply not have them here where they belong.
    Think of this scenario scary.

  86. Thanks Rich and Thank You Gloria for putting everything I read before you into perspective. I agree with your thinking and applaud your style. Rich, as always, you bring out the best in people, even jaded lawyers. For my part I would like to add:

    More Accountability, fewer Regrets

    More Dreams, fewer Nightmares

    More Rain, fewer Deserts (couldn’t help myself!)

    More Light, fewer Shadows

    I Am,
    Linda X


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