I Don’t Think We Can Be Friends Anymore

A little over a year ago I left an internet marketing seminar feeling disheartened, disillusioned, and disappointed by what I saw. In fact, I was so disturbed I wrote a warning, a prescription for change, a call to arms for entrepreneurs online – The Internet Business Manifesto.

That’s why it’s rather ironic that I am writing this post from my hotel balcony in Sydney, Australia, once again disappointed, depressed, and disturbed by what I witnessed yesterday at an internet marketing event I participated in.

There were 16 speakers, many of whom were clients of mine. It was an impressive lineup of self made entrepreneurs who got to their current position by learning, thinking, working hard, and marketing even harder.

Yet table rush after table rush were for so-called “short-cuts” like Private Label Rights Products, Push Button Software, And you just sit at home and get rich while my company does all the hard work for you type products.

Not one person speaking from the stage got to their current position by any of these methods. You would think that the audience would see that. But if you did, you would be wrong.

What’s even more troubling is how unconscious opportunity seekers are to this “blind inner idiot” controlling their actions. Is it only me who sees this? Am I the only one whose perplexed with the inherent disconnect between what people say they ” understand and agree with” and what they go running to the back of the room to buy?

One of my mentors, Jay Abraham, used to always say he didn’t want to be anyone’s intellectual entertainment. I always felt I knew what he meant by this. Yet today my comprehension of this statement is 10 times stronger than it was 2 days ago.

What I saw yesterday has left an indelible mark inside my brain. It’s nauseated me to opportunity seekers lying to themselves and those around them who they really are at their core.

So here’s the deal…. if you’ve read my stuff, know my point of view, have even agreed with it and then purchased some get rich quick item, I have something that’s always difficult to say….

I Think We Should Stop Seeing Each Other…   

Here’s why…

In the next few weeks I will be releasing Part Two of The Attention Age Doctrine. It’s going to reveal killer strategies that I’ve used inside my business and inside the businesses of my clients. The exact strategies responsible for the hyper-growth my clients and I have achieved. Plus a whole lot more…

But if you are just looking for some report that promises to get you rich fast without any effort on your part then you wouldn’t like what I am going to share anyway. I simply refuse to cater to the lowest common denominator – I will not sacrifice my integrity, nor insult the intelligence of my readers.

I know this sounds harsh – but I just can’t allow my message to be compromised. So if you want to keep believing in all the things opportunity seekers do… no hard feelings, just go somewhere else.

But if you are serious about growing your online business and can’t wait to get your hands on this killer information because you will apply it – then you are exactly who I want to talk to and I can’t wait to put this business transforming info into your lap.

60 thoughts on “I Don’t Think We Can Be Friends Anymore”

  1. The thing is Rich, some of the experts you coach sell the reprint-rights, PLR, crap. Their whole business model is… target the opportunists. So are you saying that your clients are selling crap to their customers and misleading them too?

    You help these coaching clients sell MORE of this crap to people? You encourage it?

    Mike Filsaime – your client – got his start selling this crap. He still sells some of it: http://the-best-deal-ever.com/index.htm/. This page is full master resale rights, PLR, and other garbage… THAT… when it all boils down to it will not help ANYONE build a significant business… just like you say. It got opportunist written all over it.

    Look he sells a product teaching people how to sell this crap to other people to: http://www.the-total-resale-package.com/resale/

    What do you think of that?

    I get the impression you say one thing, but do another.

    It’s like you’re fighting against all this “opportunistic” stuff, but you’re in bed with it at the same time. (You’re clients are the guys you don’t want to be friends with? I think you’re smart enough to know it?)

    You comments box says “Speak your mind”, and i just did. Your post above sparked these comments.

    I’d like to know what you think about what i have just said? Am i right or wrong?

    • I absolutely whole heartedly agree with the comments made by this post. The FIRST thing that has to happen is this… current internet entrepeneurs with any morals have to stop supporting those marketers who feed us crap. I can’t tell you how many times I have read emails from “respected” marketers who send out an email for a product recommendation which I know for a fact is not their own testimonial or recommendation. It’s a simple “cut and paste” email to ther list and with a link to “Go Buy”. And you don’t have to have a “blind innner idiot” driving the rush to PayPal to work out they do this time and time again. Don’t forget… “The money is in the list”.. and every internet entrepeneurs list is a list of “wanna be internet entrepeneurs wanting to learn how it’s done. Money See Monkey Do – but the prerequisite is you MUST have no morals, no conscience, and no guilt to stop you getting to where you want to go.

      I have yet to meet one internet marketer who can say they got to where they are by NOT using covert methods to sway the buyer (us). Hell.. I’ve even seen marketers who launch a product, yet seem to have untold testimonials as to the effectiveness of the content. I got sucked into the Niche Domination System at US$695 (which is $AU was a hell of a lot more at the time). The launch of this “system” was JV’ed up the wazoo across a multitude of lists. They all said the same thing… “This is a great System”… well worth the investment.. yadda yadda yadda. Well guess what? The whole thing collapsed, the members (which were touted at 500 were so pissed with what they got (or more to the point what they didn’t) that various people have instigated lawsuits. So insensed with the blatant BS that was spun by JV’s that when I approached one of the (well respected) JV partners abiout his involvement in this launch and letting them know the inside story about what had happened and how disappointed I (and many others) were that he supported this freakin’ scammer – who STILL is pushing his products to the unsuspecting (and yes I will name Rob Benwell right here for all to see), this marketer (Michael Cheney), responded to my email saying how he just couldn’t belive someone who he considered a friend and respected marketer could do such a thing but would contact Rob to try and get resolution. Yeah.. Pigs might fly too Michael Cheney.From that point forward did nothing.

      Rest assured there is a ground swell of “wanna be” internet marketers who have been so burned, so pissed off with the hype, so fed up with the “Buy Buy Buy” call of the wild internet marketing pack, the “time sensitive offers”, the “get in early or if you leave it until later you are going to be hit for a LOT more money” spiel that it is becoming a personal mission to let those who are even remotely contemplating getting into this business what to expect. All this goes on with some of the biggest “gurus’ in internet marketing (your buddies).

      The truth is you can find just about anything that you want on the internet and you don’t need to buy into an ebook to get a hold of this information. I subcribe to a hell of a lot of lists. They all do it. The question is Rich… did you stand on your moral highground and call it as it is to those 16 speakers? Bet you didn’t. You don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

    • Yeah,
      A big me too on this post. I just 2 days ago bought the 2
      products from Mike Filsaime, who I have been following
      for a year and a half now, thinking I could learn from him,
      and respecting him as a guru, until I bought the latest junk
      from him.
      It is all re-hash garbage which I have already bought most
      of it, and still have it on my hard drive, from the various
      people months ago.
      I am thinking about asking fro my money back.

      I too am very disappointed with a millionaire with absolutely
      not enough self-respect to see what he is doing, just grabbing every dollar he can, no matter what it makes of
      his name.
      Stan Clarke

      • The most important thing to have in the internet ‘theatre'(yes,I liken it more to war than to sport of any kind,where rules and sportsmanship prevail;otherwise I might have dignified it with the glamorous title–‘arena’)is 1st good credit, and then 2nd, a good relationship with your credit card company/provider.This is because when you have to go out and try to get your money back you’re going to find that the big c.c. companies will side with them that has the most money.If,however,as I’ve found out,you can maintain a good record and rapport with a large bank with whom you also have in addition to bank accounts,2 or 3 unsecured credit cards in excellent standing*, your good will should counterbalance the millionaire’s and those posing as millionaires when you attempt going back after YOUR money that they have all but stolen from you.You can get some good basics from this free newsletter: http://www.urlfreeze.com/bigdads/bible, albeit, what I just told you above can’t be found there.Good Success,BobLytle aka bigbobs/bigdads. P.S.You’re better off not to have your mortgage at that same bank.*

  2. I’ve really wanted to go to a ‘big’ internet marketing seminar for sometime now but from the sounds of it I’m better off not having gone to this one.

    I have to admit I’ve been to an internet marketing seminar that was held locally and went to the back of the room, and actually bought.

    It was a coaching program that cost almost $10,000 and from the sounds of it I’d be rich by the end. For me, I didn’t fall for it because I’m lazy and want the easy way out of making a lot of money, I just felt like they knew what they were talking about (after listening to their 2-day internet marketing seminars) and if I followed I’d be sure to make the money back and much more.

    About a week after joining that program I had knots in my stomach all the time so I called up the company and got my money back. I’ve never done anything like that since.

    Now over a year later I’m making money by providing services to other business owners, and was able to quit my full time job. I rely on hard work and small investments that I can afford (not putting it all on credit cards).

    So, can I still be your reader? 😉

    I think maybe I felt a little guilty after reading this and thought I should come clean..lol.

    Looking forward to the part two of The Attention Age Doctrine!

  3. Having attended seminars in other areas (mainly sales and real estate investing), I have come to the conclusion that most of them are nothing more than thin attempts to sell you an overpriced and overhyped collection of junk.
    What is disapointing is that I know there are some events that are worth attending, where I can learn and be helped.
    But I am not going to play “Russian Roulette” trying to find out which one of the hundereds I get pitched is that gold nugget.

  4. Rich, I’ve really enjoyed your Attention Age Doctrine and Internet Business Manifesto. I honestly haven’t read a more informative set of documents when it comes to online business. I was actually reading through the (annoyingly-pseudo-narrative-though-pretty-spot-on) “E-Myth” when I found your information. I immediately dropped the queue of other materials I had planned to read and dug in to the rest of your site. I am really looking forward to your next installment of the Attention Age Doctrine.

    Currently, the only online business I’m doing is the occasional item on eBay (though arbitrage, real-world and virtual, was a big part of helping me pay my way through school ten years ago). I do, however, absolutely plan on utilizing online marketing as I go forward with another project.

    Like you, I really don’t like the Private Label Rights swindle or related products and scams – I just don’t anyone but a handful of marketers making a real living with them. Those marketers got where they did by having original content and useful information, but seem to be peddling something different (hey, who wants to give away the farm?)

    The challenge for me is that I *don’t* currently have a product, and don’t want to resell someone else’s information. I do animation, web design, graphic design, etc. – Digital Media, basically. My wife has written some children’s books, one of which is the first in an intended series, and we had an agent, as well as publisher interest, but nothing which we felt comfortable with.

    I plan to create Direct-to-video animated DVD’s based on her books and my illustrations, but the challenge is in raising the capital needed to initiate production. Once I do that, I can finish the project and have a product to sell, online or through other channels. I plan to start working on a grassroots/social marketing PR campaign to raise interest in the project and hopefully stand out from the crowd of authors and artists out there, the thing is I just am not sure of the *best* way to get it rolling. Okay, I realize there probably isn’t just one best way, but lots of ways which are less than ideal, and I hope to avoid spinning my wheels any longer than I have!

    I am more than willing to do the work and I’m driven like a poor man’s mare, I just need to be pointed in the right direction – how many of your clients are using the internet, not to sell something at first, but to generate funding for a future revenue-producing product? That’s where I’m really busting my brains. I have lots of ideas (too many, probably), and eventually would like to see more of this business become Automated, but at the moment I want to be able to pour myself into production, knowing that I have a fairly captive niche-audience (faith-based/family-friendly) for the eventual product. I have no doubt it will take off like a rocket when it’s done, and I actually look forward to the ten months it will take to get it cranked out – it’s just that staying-fed-housed-and-clothed bit in-between I’m still trying to figure out.

    Rich, I’ve really enjoyed your insight and look forward to finding more efficient ways to channel my manic tendencies…

    • Hello, Travis …

      You seem to me to have a wonderful idea for a business!

      “I plan to create Direct-to-video animated DVD’s based on her books and my illustrations, but the challenge is in raising the capital needed to initiate production. Once I do that, I can finish the project and have a product to sell, online or through other channels.”

      May I make a suggestion?

      Contact Marc Hatcher, Business Credit Services, 866-254-6076, Ext. 126. Please feel welcome to use my name as a reference. BSC has an outstanding — even patented — process for getting you access to gargantuan amounts of capital in record time. If you’re not already incorporated and set up properly as a business, his firm will assist you in getting that prerequisite taken care of, too.

      I wish you well. I hope you go forward with your idea. It’s so refreshing to see somebody doing something unique!

      Warmest Regards …

      Elizabeth Adams


    • Hola man I have different perspective view of your problems, I would say is you creating struggle when there should be but natural rain of actions to success, I say you have everything need, your video could be home made, NP, believe you have more than need to produce it, clean front-end you can surely create, auto pilot backend I can help you with that, brainstorming and landing ideas into simple steps plan sure will happen justifying team work. Maybe we won’t be suiting your dreamed standards but cash flowing can take care of that later.

      Dare you prove self success mutilation grow can fly away from your life and we can make and enjoy some money together. I will ask on return you working on some of my ideas. Good writer like you is very useful to have co working on ideas.

  5. Hey Rich

    I was at Mal Emery’s seminar on the Friday. Didn’t get to see you speak as I had another seminar to be at.

    Saw the same thing there. Speakers telling their story of how they made it. Hard work. Effort. But when they mentioned their “instant money making product” people rushed to get it.

    You can often learn a lot more by watching what successful people do than by what they sell you.


  6. Hey Rich, I understand where you are coming from on the resale rights bit, but
    I also wanted to bring another point to this conversation. While I wholeheartedly
    agree that you do need your own product; I also can see the short term benefits to
    using private label rights to bring in enough income to give you a quick start up.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not talking about just slapping your own name on someone
    else’s work, and then having the gall to call it your own. Frankly, my belief is
    that if you are going to move in to that field, then you need to at least take the
    time to add your own content, related to your own experiences, and not the experiences
    of other marketers. If I am wrong in this matter, then I am more than willing to
    admit it.

    I look forward to Attention Age part 2, like every one else. I hope that the content
    will spur my husband and I on in our quest to help Christian marketers be bi-vocational,
    while keeping first things first.

    God bless, Teresa

  7. Rich,

    This reminds me of what you said to me on our very first 1-on-1 call.

    You told me that, from your experience, entrepreneurs are the least likely to succeed (and enjoy their success) by following somebody else’s model.

    That is to say, if you’re an entrepreneur at heart, you’re doing nothing but a disservice to yourself by going after the get-rich-quick, Internet marketing hype.

    I bought into the hype when I first started my business, and it was very difficult for me on a personal level. Making money wasn’t hard, but I was unhappy with the work — it wasn’t MINE.

    Thanks to the revelation, I’ve been able to help my peers understand this fact… and now they’re building their own ground-breaking web businesses that are absolutely NOTHING like the garbage sold by so many Internet marketers.

    I look forward to your latest report!

  8. Hi

    Know where your’e coming from – sometimes even when we know better we think people just want the quick fix and the best way to be competitive is to give people that – its the online equivalent to fast food. I’ve been sucked in a few times and now I just read, invest and listen to a few select people, my experience shows me that the fast food buzz is short lived and eventually people get it. I believe this is something people learn – even investing time and money in duds has taught me something.

    Looking forward to Attention Age part 2!

    All the best

  9. Richard, you’re such a sweet heart!

    Have you ever done a personality type analysis? I’m sure if you do the personality type analysis you’ll be high on the amiable type.

    I know of a quick quiz that determines what type you are. What I like about this quiz is that it claims that one person can be high in more than one type but the highest score is of course your dominant type. However you can be high in more than one type and that’s why in different situations the different type of you shows up. Which makes total sense to me than other quizes that make you fall in one and only one type and doesn’t justify your different actions that don’t reflect the type you’re supposed to be in based on those quizes

    Anyways, back to your post,

    I never believed in a “become a millionaire overnight” type of advertisements and never fall for them. I receive a lot of these everyday but never took an action to buy any. I know it’s a trap!

    But you know most people fall for money big time; So they get trapped easily. Just mention money and they’ll do anything you ask them to do. That’s, in my opinion, justifies why although they say they understand and agree with you, they just blindly go ahead and bye the quick soln.

    it’s a trap…

  10. Hey Rich

    You’re obviously more intelligent than the average, and I think you’ve just come up against the mind-boggling fact that not everyone is as intelligent as you are. It’s an easy assumption to make that everybody else is just misinformed, and as soon as they see the truth, they will behave in the “right way”, but after a while, you will realise that the world just ain’t like that.

    This is a problem faced by all visionaries, because they can’t see why people behave like sheep, following whoever pushes the buttons, without thinking things through, and especially when they are in a crowd of other people all doing the same thing – like at a seminar.

    It’s comparatively easy to ignore the typical sales email series, there’s nobody else providing peer pressure, and the atmosphere in your home is not generally full of excitement and expectation. At a seminar, it’s harder. Plus, there’s a lot of NLP and hypnotic selling techniques used at seminars, and this is very effective as a conversion tool.

    You will never know for sure whether the people to whom you give your very straightforward, clear and helpful advice will really take it to heart and apply it. But don’t throw in the towel. If even the standard 20% follow through, we will think it’s worth it, and bless you for it.

    Please don’t leave us out in the cold. Some of us are hanging on your every word.

  11. Nothing worthwhile is easy.
    I wish I had a magic button I could sell to dummies.
    That is what you should do Rich, invent a magic button!

  12. Rich,

    Disenchanted & disheartened. Totally understand. I have noticed a measurable uptick (downslide?) in my attitude in the past year or so. Lots of it is attributable to my present life circumstances, some to the oncoming severe (and largely ignored) recession. But most of the attitude is directly related to sheeple I encounter.

    For years I was I a top billing recruiter. The way I succeeded (other than the fact it was a booming economy) was that I gave all my candidates hard to hear advice, that if applied, helped them land jobs. Two things motivated me to tell people things that are tough to hear and say, 1- there is no sense in sending someone to an interview, just to have them fall on their face, especially when my bottom line relied on their success and 2-the desire to help others learn the things I learned, without the pain.

    Now, as the economy tightens, my advice is greatly needed. Yet, almost no one wants to put in the effort to do the things I KNOW work. Even when their entire family’s future depends on it.

    Most people, my friend, are just inherently lazy and stupid, I am having a real rough time coming to terms with this. And I see you are too.

    So, my final comment is, my attitude is directly related to my dilemma: should I continue taking the high road and telling people the truth while making no money for myself? Or should I create a program that appeals to the lazy and stupid and basically “cheat” them out of their money to benefit my family? Damn, I hate my morality sometimes.


  13. IMO it happen because of supply and demand. we are not living in a generous world. people always take advantage of other people’s weakness. nobody give something for nothing. market loves a winner and scarcity. for that reason that’s why a lot confusion, scam and spam going on but nothing is being stopped.

    this environment are used by the people with money in biz to gather the phobia but hungry market into their dungeon. those people don’t care which dungeon those market or opportunity seekers are put into because they has created the JV and money in the list system. those people know that the market will buy from people whom they trust and has credibility.

    so who will the market trust? definitely not newbies who are taught by them that creating new products, JV and money in the list is the key to success. those principle are created for the benefit of certain people only. and that is the reason IMO why most people failed online. that’s why i’m not into seminar, making money system or anything of that kind or even building a list. a list only needed when you have valuable info for your subscribers. if you are selling garbage to your subscribers you will create garbage market.

    so thanks to you Rich for not being one of them. your “The Attention Age Doctrine” has taught me a lot about the market and i’m looking forward to the second part. to me success is journey not a destination and life is a non-stop learning process. we learn so we can teach. we teach because giving let us experience the greatest feeling in life.

  14. Yes, for sure, we’re all hanging in there, waiting for Part 2.

    But in the meantime, is there any chance of losing the GREEN? I find it incredibly aggressive.

  15. Rich,

    I feel that you and I should be friends by now. And here’s why.

    You write about Strategic Vs Opportunistic approach. And I am using your guidance as a Blueprint in all my business endeavours.

    You talk about Opportunity Vs Distraction. And I used your metrics this Summer to spot the biggest opportunity on the Internet…LOL

    Now here’s where the rubber meets the road, my friend…I will use your advice on how I should treat my business (as a REAL business, of course), in order to create a Brand within a Brand…

    If I become successful by using all of your mentoring and guidance, I will write a book about it, and I will tell the Whole World that I owe it all to you…

    However, if I don’t – then I will come to you for guidance, once again… And I know that you will help me identify my constraints…

    But for now – just one piece of advice to you…

    Jesus said, “Father – please forgive them, for they don’t know what they’re doing…”

    Please forgive them, Rich…For your Coaching clients are scared, confused, and blinded by the smell of an easy profit…They are not concerned about Ethics, or Goodwill, or benefit of the Mankind…They are only in it for the money, Rich. So whatever you’re writing right now is not for them, Rich. You’d be better off saving your wisdom for those of us who really deserve it, for those who are seeking it, for those who will cherish it and use it wisely…

    All the best to you in your wonderful work, Rich – please keep it up for all of us!

    Best regards,

  16. I don’t think I’ve read a more honest assessment EVER. I see this happening a lot online. The sad thing is that people fall for this kind of blatant lying, just because these people are known as “The Experts.” I can’t wait to see what else you have coming…

  17. Rick,

    Excellent article. Insightful. Powerful.

    I just posted a link to it at one of my sites … http://www.moneyyeshellno.com/

    Thanks for writing this!

    Scott Hove

  18. Great Post! Keep up the excellent word.

    Love & Gratitude,
    Think Simple. Be Decisive.
    ~ Productivity, Motivation & Happiness

  19. Rich

    I think sometimes the people who do what you said, do the hard work, go the right way, follow YOUR plan or someone else’s are so afraid that someone who they coach, they mentor, they lead might pass them by, might actually DO what they teach them to do- that they subconsciously prevent someone from doing that by NOT teaching the real steps, by NOT showing the truth of how they did what they did. It’s ironic to me how people like yourself, people who have made hundreds of millions of dollars have broken thru that barrior- you do NOT fear that someone might bypass you, someone might actually do all that you taught them. So when you teach someone , you teach them WHAT you did- rather than some psuedo formula that really only teaches bits and pieces and could only create, if at best, 1/2 the success that you had. I applaud your comments, especially, ESPECIALLY because you said some of the people you have mentored were in that room!

    Thanks for being THE VOICE…. you teach, “Many people don’t know who to trust- they don’t know where to go to get their answers, so BE that person.” You are trustworthy Rich- thanks! 🙂


  20. ps… as a matter of fact I feel so passionately about this I am going to link to this post on a new Video I am going to do on YouTube about this very topic. “Is the person you are learning from REALLY teaching you how to do what they did?”

    Thanks for the inspiration! I’ll get that done today! 🙂

  21. Richard,

    I predicted this about you in July of 2006 and it’s documented in an article on my blog.

    Now, I’m not Nostradamus so how was I able to do that? It was easy. And it was two-fold:

    1) Association. Read the first reply in this comment thread. While I can find good things on which to focus about most anyone, the person replying in the first comment has a valid point.

    2) Without problems, there’d be no need of solutions. So people are getting the impression that you’re not highlighting their REAL problems but, instead, a la “Wisk Detergent”, inventing them by a mischaracterization. A ring around the collar used to be a sign of a hard worker and they turned it into a shameful one.

    Unconsciously, you did the same thing by acting disappointed by the herd mentality of those running around for cheap and easy PLR which, by the way, can still be used to make a small mint if a person is ambitious enough and knows what they are doing. They just can’t make any money using it amongst the personality cult of the people you, and associates, train to believe otherwise.

    I’d like you to go back and re-read Napoleon Hill’s best known work. Then, together, we can look at that same “herd” of people and see the spark of ambition that got them to the seminar in the first place. And to realize that before your disappointment, they had been doing mighty fine hadn’t they? They paid a seminar fee? Or did you lure them with another of those “free seminar!” offers? They paid airfare? Hotel? Cabs and meals? Time away from their families?

    And your show of thanks is to blame them?

    It sounds to me like both you and your “panel of success” failed.

    I’ll tell you what. When you feel ready, contact me. I won’t even publicize it. And I’ll show you a way to feed everybody – including the original pack of cronies on whose shoulders you’ve ridden to prominence.

    When you’re ready.

  22. Get Rich Quick — send me all your money! :
    Wait, that will only get me rich. Ahh, what the …, you’d spend your money foolishly elsewhere, so send it to me instead 🙂

    You’re right on Rich!

  23. Rich,

    Right after being swindled out of $2479 by a the Marketing Mentors Inc. and their Attract Clients Like Crazy boot camp, I came across your materials and they really helped me open my eyes.

    I’m aware of my mistake and regret not having the information you provided sooner (http://www.marketing-systems-review.com/)

    Thank you.

  24. The first post nailed it for me Rich!

    Yes, I agree with your sentiments in this post – I hate and loath the get-rich-quick scammers in this wonderful industry (of Internet Marketing) and can see through their lies quickly… I applaud what you said, that I have said to colleagues many times, but…

    Some of those ‘people’ are YOUR clients!

    They pay YOU money for coaching, and if you truly felt the way you do about people doing this sort of thing, why are you NOT coaching your clients to NOT indulge in this sort of behaviour???

    Why are you refusing to take their money and work with them if they continue to use your knowledge & coaching to perpetuate this scenario???

    I know you & Mike Filsaime are friends – perhaps even very tight? I don’t personally know Mike, and I will give him the benefit of the doubt that he is a nice guy, honorable, ethical, etc… Yet, Mike is a big one for this sort of stuff! He’s constantly pumping the get rich quick thing, along with reprint rights, etc etc.

    There are MANY others I am sure. Mike’s just the most obvious one that comes to mind.

    So…… whaddayasay Rich???

    R U gonna walk the talk or just talk?

    I for one am very interested to see the outcome of this…


    PS: I attended 1 big IM seminar back a few years ago in Sydney (I am in West Australia) and it was one big pitch fest from start to finish! I had a good time & met some good people, but was pretty disappointed with what happened there, ESPECIALLY when I paid $2-3K (I forget how much exactly) for the ticket, accommodation, airfare, food, etc just to get pitched at for 2-3 days!

    PPS: No way will I fall for that again. There’s only 2-3 people who run these sorts of seminars that I would go to now, and both of them are very strong on NO PITCHING by their speakers. Just give great info – teach, educate, inform, enlighten. That’s how it should be, UNLESS the ticket is dirt cheap & you KNOW u will get pitched at cos it is cheap! 🙂

  25. Ooopppssss…. 😉

    In my above post, I said “Why are you refusing to take their money and work with them if they continue to use your knowledge & coaching to perpetuate this scenario???”

    I got 1 word wrong: are SHOULD have been aren’t, so:

    Why aren’t you refusing to take their money and work with them if they continue to use your knowledge & coaching to perpetuate this scenario???


    Sorry & thanks.


  26. Hi Rich, received your notice in my inbox and came on over to read what’s up.

    I’ve been handling phone calls and publishing articles about this very thing now for over 1/2 a decade. I’d stop, but the calls just keep coming. My conclusion drawn a long time ago – common sense is one commodity in definite short supply on the ‘net. Oh, and tally in impatience. No one has any nowadays. Everything is “I want it now!”

    The internet is a place where people come for information. Putting one’s creative abilities to work to provide that sought out “widget” information requires the one thing that most people lack – the ability to hunker down to start something and stick with it. I’ve asked and/or told people to stop spending money and do something productive like teach themselves how to code a website and provide a valuable resource. I’m positive if I was in the room with them, and not on the phone, they are just shaking their heads. “It’s too hard.” “I just can’t do that.” “It’s too much work.” Yet they blindly run up their credit cards and search for someone to blame when life isn’t handed over in a nice, neat little bundle of money.

    I’m not sure if you’ll allow me to post the direct url, but if anyone is interested just visiting my website and looking under the Article Library will get you to the most recent called, “Putting That Making Money Online Thing In Perspective.”… my (in vain??) attempt(s) to be heard on the subject of “that guru you follow did not do it ‘overnight!'” I’m tired of the lies. And, on a daily basis, dismayed at how easily they are believed.

    Honestly, Barnum knew what he was talking about when he said there’s one born every minute. Take that statement down to nanoseconds and we’ve about summed up the last decade or two.

    Thanks for an interesting visit. Enjoyed all the comments, too 🙂

  27. At last someone who tells the truth (if you pay close attention to the words in this blog). I’ve been studying the whole Internet Marketing ‘industry’ for years and am happy to say I’ve never spent one dollar on anything offered. I worked very successfully in marketing for 20 years and have been teaching it, at university for 5 years and consulting, with similar success. Where nearly all so-called gurus (there are a few well-known exceptions) demonstrate a) their lack of REAL marketing understanding b) their ‘get rich quick at the suckers’ expense’ mentality is they break a key rule of professional marketing: building long-term MUTUALLY profitable relationships. TIP: to anyone thinking of investing in whatever this week’s over-hyped package is: do they REALLY care about me long-term? Do they PROVE they do in a concrete way? Most don’t and most fail this simple test. It amazes me that the ‘bubble’ hasn’t burst sooner. Alas, there are a lot of desperate people who don’t know any better.

  28. Chris in Prague, what still remains to be addressed is why Rich did not take responsibility for the fact that his trained minions were unable to get their point across. If his frustration is sincere then he’s just waking up. If he’s using it as a sales tactic, then he’s blaming the sheep for being sheep rather than blaming his shearers for not being able to shear them.

    It’s really that simple. But imagine calling attendees idiots because the sales force couldn’t convert. lol Anyone? Bueller?

  29. Hi Rich;

    I have been watching your blog for some time now and have always been impressed. I read the first half of the attention age report and am looking forward to the second half.

    I too have become bitterly disappointed with the “pitch-fest” (or table rush as you called it) that tends to happen at each and every live event these days. Regardless of how well-meaning these speakers are on stage they lack one critical skill (in my opinion)…

    They can’t teach anything!

    They know how to do, but they can’t teach others how to do it for themselves. At least not in the 90 minutes of stage time they are given. So it’s no wonder they have to resort to fluffing and pitching just to capture the attention of the audience, who are numbed by the onslaught of “magic bullet” so-called opportunities.

    But the blame can’t all be laid on the speakers, or on the event organizers who create the schedules and the set up for these events.

    Some of the blame needs to be laid squarely on the shoulders of the people who are only interested in a push-button solution.

    It is a huge barrier for those companies (like me) who are actually trying to engage people in real education, real training and real ownership of their personal level of success.

    In our new marketing “bookinar” (book + seminar = bookinar) called “Make My Marketing Work” we expect and require people to participate actively in the process of learning. They have to engage in the material as they go through it so that by the time they are done they have not only learned how to approach their marketing strategically… they have actually spent time practicing the various elements we teach them.

    I apologize for the rant here, but I have spent the last 5 years working directly in the seminar industry and this has been a growing frustration that doesn’t seem to be getting any better.

    I appreciate the work you are doing help make people aware that there is no magic bullet, no push button instant fix they can use in ANY area of their lives.

    Keep it up, Rich!


  30. I agree, Sam. But that is a question Rich, himself, must answer. I’ve been expecting (or rather hoping for) an ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ scenario in ‘Internet Marketing’ for a long time, now.
    Paul, I really sympathise with your situation; fortunately, students here, KNOW that nothing is achieved without THEIR hard work. For now, they’re not living in an environment where they expect instant gratification (as seems to be more and more the case elsewhere) as their ‘right’. I still blame the fake ‘gurus’ though for not ‘telling it like it is’ rather than how people would like it to be.

  31. Response to Theresa…

    P.T. Barnum never said “There is a sucker born every minute” – it was one of his competitors at the time who had his mummified giant hoax “stolen” by Barnum who is actually the one who said that.

    Here’s a link with more info on this: http://www.ringling.com/explore/history/ptbarnum_1.aspx


  32. I agree with Frann’s first post (Oct 27th), but would like to add that you forgot to take into account the power of the mob mentality. Even when you know better by yourself, watching the queue form and feeling like you might miss out can make an idiot of us all… especially after all the right buttons have already been pushed and are buzzing. Did you ever watch Men in Black?
    “A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals and you know it.” —Agent K

    Maybe that’s why marketing and coaching is all moving to mass delivery systems?
    Why don’t you create an alternative mob pressure in the right direction?


  33. Hey Rich,

    You hit the Internet nail right on the
    head with your post.

    There IS alot of “do what I say and not
    what I do” gymnastics out there.

    I’ve gotten pretty immune to it, but only
    after thousands in biz opps were spent.

    I doubt we’ll be seeing any headlines
    that say, “Work Hard and Maybe Get
    Rich in a Few Years.” … just doesn’t
    cut it.

    But as long as it’s out of the “Buy
    This Ebook, Don’t Even Read It,
    Go to Bed and You’ll Wake Up A
    Millionaire” arena, then there’s hope.

    The funny part is that you CAN get
    rich quick.

    People do it all the time.

    But to promise it to everyone is
    a recipe for disaster.

    So get out part 2 and let’s rock!

    Here’s to your success,

    Rich Davey


  34. Hi Rich – I just started reading your blog today (after seeing a post from you on Aaron Wall’s SEOBook blog), and I’m impressed, thanks for taking the time to put your thoughts down (I’ve already shown one of your recent charts to a colleague today to help communicate a point to them about today’s “attention age”).

    I’m not sure you’ll ever reach a point where you don’t see people being attracted to “get rich quick” schemes, for a few reasons. First, there are always a few winners – for every 100 people who buy one of these programs and throw away their money, there’s one who does it and makes a huge return (or whatever the numbers are, I’m just using 1 in 100 as an example). Second, in such a situation, human nature being what it is, people will gamble – the opportunity to risk $1 for a potential return of $1million, although it statistically you’re just giving away your money, will always attract buyers – and it works the same for a lot of people when it comes to paying for these type of programs. I say, be glad you know better, and feel sorry for those with the gambling problem!

    Harry Bishop

  35. Rich,
    I’m surprised you didn’t respond to some of these posts (for example #1 and similar posts) challenging your position. It would have made for good dialog and opened some more eyes on how you see yourself benefiting the marketplace.

    While I think much of your information is valuable, much more so than the paid garbage out there – I think you’ve tried to position yourself above regular internet marketing ‘gurus’ by condemning them. It’s a good branding tactic. But the question remains – why work with the people you condemn ?

  36. You are speaking out of both sides of your mouth!
    It’s OK that Mike Filsame peddle the acres of crap that he has peddled over the years, even improved his peddling at your hand my millions of dollars, but it’s not OK for the poor newbie that just stepped inside the hall to buy any of this crap thinking the plan makes sense to him?

    You have made millions pandering yourself to these con men but it’s gonna boil down to being all my fault because I have no morals and no values and you can’t do business with me because I betray your precious values by buying a Resale Rights ebook, or using a Private Label product as a starting point in developing my own material to publish?

    You advise these men on how to perpetuate the con and develop it to the furthest degree and last millions of dollars you can. And you were sickened by these hard-working mens slow drift to the easy

  37. …slow drift tot he easy way out. That’s a crock and you know it. What you are upset about is there are so many of these bullshit seminars and conventions that like your despised PLR and MRR products, no body takes the the time to learn their part.

    That’s really all that’s missing is these guys haven’t yet figured out how to perpetuate the con the way you do: always the same suave black shirts and smart image, always well thought out and concerned. You’re just a more polished con than they are!

    If every newbie and less than the brightest marketer stopped buying these people’s crap they would have zero money to pay you the big bucks that you make.

    What a circus this all makes. I’m glad I only step into your blog once in a great while or I’d bust my gut wide open from laughing so hard. Don’t take yourself so seriously, unless, do tell have you figured out a better way to take a dump than we have? That would really give you the high ground!

    Common either you are with them or against them but you can’t straddle the fence and take their money at the same time and dare say it’s ethical. Not when you sadly saying goodbye to so many corrupt friends of late.

  38. Alrighty…

    Let’s get a few things straight.

    When I said, “We can no longer be friends”, I was referring to my readers, prospects, clients, and fellow internet marketers that claim they’re listening to me, agreeing with me, but still (for some strange reason) not hearing my message.

    I despise opportunistic thinking (as opposed to strategic thinking). It’s been one of my central rallying points since starting Strategic Profits.

    Here’s why: It’s a bug (like a software bug), a thinking virus of some sort, residing in the brains of all those infected..

    I say it’s a bug because it’s flies in the face of all reality. It’s a desire to get something for nothing. And that my friends is the one of the initial ingredients to everything bad in this world.

    The PARASITE inside must be starved – yet, the opportunist thinker does the opposite – it feeds it.

    When you focus your attention on a free ride to your dreams – and you pay whoever promises you the fastest and easiest trip, you can be guaranteed only one thing – the destination is never what was sold to you.

    So, if you really believe there’s a magic “SECRET” that stands between yourself and massive wealth, or that there are real people (just like you and me) who know the secrets, but for some reason they are “SECRETS THEY DON’T WANT YOUTO KNOW”. Then you are either paranoid, scarcity minded, or insane – not three qualities I look for in my friends.

    So, if I’ve been describing you – I don’t want to be friends with you anymore – it really is as simple as that.


    A few readers have questioned why i would be friends with Mike Filsaime, and using him as an example of someone who sells “crap”.

    At first I ignored these comments because they aren’t even on the same page of this post. There’s a big difference between an opportunity seeker and a sleezy marketer (which is what certain readers were accusing mike of being – which I disagree with 100%). I was writing about opportunity seekers and some of you felt it was a good place to point fingers at Mike and basically accuse him of sleezy marketing. Once again – that’s not the point of this post, nor do i agree with the accusations.

    Thanks for reading,
    Rich Schefren

  39. Well all I can say is you missed your calling sir. You should run for political office as you can speak out both sides of your split personality at the same time. You would probably garner a lot of votes too.

    With many of your proteges on the stage and their products being offered in the back, so full of hype and false promise. You sir, as their “coach/mentor” have failed. Or your greed prevents you from stating the truth. Their products are BS and should not be purchased. Did you stand up at said seminar and state that?


    You took the money and thecame home and wrote this drivel. POSER~!!!

    • Amen.

      Rich, the 8th result in Google for Mike Filsaime is by someone who also agrees with me about Mike Filsaimes products. (Gee, could the community slowly be seeing Mike for what he really is – as you preached in part 2 of your Doctrine?)

      Mike got rich by selling how to make money products to people. But he never made any money from the methods he “teaches” outside of the how to make money niche. And if he has then why doesn’t he list the examples for us to see?

      Now, look for a second, at StomperNet Brad Fallon. The guy is legitimate – someone who i respect 110%. He ranks top for his main keywords in a niche outside of the money making niche. He has proven his stuff works with a REAL business (what the mainstream world would consider to be real-not a how to make money selling how to make money business). He teaches others how to build a real business online, too. He doesn’t just teach people how to get good at networking at seminars and selling PLR and resale rights crap after them – which, forgive me, i can image Mike Filsaime doing.

      The only course Mike Filsaime could sell which would be worth buying, is one titled: “how to make money by selling how to make money products” and “how to network with gurus, use social proof, to sell junk”.

      That is why i do not like him – and some others in the community think likeminded to me.

      You yourself said in part 2 of your doctrine that people who are scamming the community will be caught out eventually BY the voice of the community. You said you will go to Google and find pissed off people ranking for their brand name, etc. Already, in position 8, on google, for mike filsaimes own name, is a page written by someone who shares similar views to me, and many others, about Mike. We don’t have a random, innate hatred for mike. We just don’t respect his products. Period. I classify them as being targeted at opportunistic individuals.

      And when i, and others, read the sentence in your post above which said “I Think We Should Stop Seeing Each Other… ” we imagine that you are talking about guys like Mike Filsaime… the guys selling “how to make money selling how to make money” products… not real business building strategies and products. And so this makes you sound like a hypocrite because you are in bed with Mike – but at the same time you are saying that you should stop seeing each other?

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  41. G’day all,

    What a lot of fascinating reading we have here. A few comments for you to consider. I would first of all stress that these are my own views and I have no allegiance to anyone. I go to great lengths to ensure that’s the case.

    First of all, I feel it a little harsh for people to be blaming Rich for the actions of his clients/students or whatever. Providing he is teaching ethical methods of business, the responsibility for the actual business practices must lie squarely at the foot of the individual marketer that some people seem to be most annoyed with. What’s that old saying…. “Don’t shoot the messenger!”. Many things in life can be used for good and evil. It’s not appropriate to blame the “inventor” for how their inventions are used, providing of course the initial intention was that it be used for good.

    Secondly, I may be wrong in assuming this, but on reading the comments here it would appear that people think that the fleecing of opportunity seekers only happens on the internet. Wrong! It goes on every single day in the offline world as well. The reality, unfortunately, is that as long as the sun comes up each day, people will get sucked into “get rich quick schemes”, whether they be online or offline. One big difference however is that there is far less regulation online to catch the scammers. With this in mind, there is a forum for discussion on online ethics which has recently started. You’ll find it at Ethical Marketers Assocation. It is NOT a place to slam individual marketers, but it is a place to put your views on appropriate practices.

    Thirdly, one of the big problems I find with most people looking to make money online is that they want to be an “internet marketer”. I addressed this recently in a video post I did on my blog. Quite frankly I don’t believe there is any such thing because the internet is NOT for sale. It isn’t until people realize that there is no such thing as an Internet Marketer and that they are just business people who trade online that they will reconcile the online and offline world. It will be at that time that they will realize that the same “rules” apply. You MUST start with a Business Plan and then that it will take you 5 years to be an overnight success. (OK, some may do it quicker)

    Wishing all of you the best,


  42. Exactly Ric! I’ve been waiting for a long time for someone to say this: “. . . they want to be an “internet marketer” . . . there is [not] any such thing . . . [there] are just business people who trade online . . . [and they need to be able to] reconcile the online and offline world . . . the same “rules” apply. You MUST start with a Business Plan and then that it will take you 5 years to be an overnight success.” In my experience, here in the Czech Republic, where, if anything people are more sceptical, it takes around 3 years before a new business (combining offline AND online marketing — which is what the REAL gurus do) moves into lasting profit. I would recommend anyone wanting to start in business to FIRST learn how to run a business (work for someone who has a successful business — a sosme of the real gurus did) and MARKETING, preferably “guerrilla” marketing, first. The Internet is BOTH a sales channel AND a communications channel; but it is not the only route to success as too many ”get rich quick” “Internet marketers” would have you believe. Plus, you have to WORK if you want to earn lasting income. Buying a so-called guru’s over-hyped, expensive package may or may not make you money, in the short-term, but in the medium to long-term, (so fleeting are the opportunities so many of these packages are aimed to exploit), they are most unlikely to. Why do you think “guru” after “guru” is hyping package after package at ever shorter intervals! It’s time for people to wise-up and stop lining their pockets!

  43. Chris and Ric,

    You both missed the point with your replies. It’s nice that you, Ric, are supportive and attempt to be educational. And it’s also nice that Chris supports you in your effort, but the point wasn’t any of that.

    And, to be clear, the point had NOTHING to do with Mike Filsaime and NOTHING to do with Rich essentially calling seminar members “blind, idiots.”

    It was the hypocrisy that upset the detractors. Rich turned it into a defense of Mike. And Rich shouldn’t really be upset with any of this, not even my two cents which can be a bit abrasive sometimes, because he’s managed to stir up a little controversy. And I would sure be a hypocrite if I frowned upon that, now, wouldn’t I? 😉

    But what Rich needs to do next is classic in the WWF. He needs to come out and try to be more friendly and understanding to those alleged “blind, idiots” by saying something like, “Listen, I realize that I’ve worked with people who once coached you to use and want PLR and MRR products, but the time for that is over… and maybe I was a little over the top to call you all idiots…”, etc.

    But he took the route of self-righteousness instead.

    Check out my full rebuttal to his reply above, line for line:

    tinyurl.c o m/2nj6xj

    And kudos to him, so far, for not censoring. As tempting as it might be, it really is even worse than calling former clients of his colleagues “blind idiots” for doing what his colleagues taught them to do.

    Imagine the irony, he’s trying to undo the hypnosis in prospective clients that was embedded by his current clients.

    What a rush and a riot to see all this going on…


  44. This goes out to Jim and all the others who may fall in to his line of thinking.

    I have a lot to say, and I feel that you need to be called to the carpet sir. You made some very harsh comments, all of which are unfounded. However, for the sake of everyone reading this post, lets examine them one by one.

    First of all, you accuse Rich of being double minded, and talking out both sides of his mouth. Look, at least he stepped up to defend his friend, something that a lot of people wouldn’t have the integrity to do.
    Second, you accuse Rich of failing the people he coached just because in your mind they came out with junk products. Well, let’s bring it down to reality for a second. Yes, Rich is their mintor/coatch, but he is in no way responsible for each and every product that his clients have produced. After all, it is their business, for them to do with what ever they want. If you actually read his last post on this subject, you would know that he said as much.
    And last but most certainly not least, you accuse Rich of being a “poser” By this I assume that you mean he is insincere in his business dealings. Frankly, I find it extremely distasteful to use such below the belt street language! If there is one thing that I can say from my reading of Riches work, and my talking to him personally, it is this. Rich is one of the most honest, genuine guys in our industry today.
    In conclusion, I want to thank you for at least reading what I have to say, even if you disagree.
    God bless, Teresa

  45. Fortunately most of us have enough common sense to realize that all you are really doing is flaming Mike Filsaime. If you have such a beef with him, why don’t you contact his office directly and try to resolve it like an adult instead of taking our attention away and wasting our time from what is really important. IE The huge implications that Attention Age 2 makes. I have had many interactions with his staff, and I’m sure that they will do everything they can to resolve your issue. In fact Mike Filsaime is the only marketer I know that employs a customer relations guy. As far as Mike’s products, even though most of them are directly related to the subject of making a living online, they are quality products, with lots of value. Mike Filsaime knows what it means to under commit and over deliver. If you apply the concepts that are presented, and use the tools as they are intended, they will work. To me that is what Mike is the best at; creating useful tools for internet marketers, like squeeze page generators, list builders, and last but certainly not least, the butterfly marketing script for creating membership sites. I think what Rich is referring to is the crap like “Be a millionaire overnight in 3 easy steps.” Mike doesn’t promote anything like that.

    My point is this: Don’t judge a book until you have read it.


  46. Its funny.

    You all bitch here about Rich leaning one way or another. Then you talk shit about Mike F. as if you have never tried any of the same tactics he uses.

    See the problem is this. Rich and Mike have been successful and you other losers haven’t. Who cares what kind of “tactics” Rich or Mike use. The bottom-line is they use them well and you could learn something.

    Shut your whiny pie-holes and open your eyes. You might actually learn something from people who have been successful at this IM game you all keeping chasing your shadows in.

  47. Well, from some of the responses here, it would seem that there are a few ‘wannabe successful’ IM folks carrying around a lot of IM emotional baggage.

    If the student doesn’t follow in the master’s footsteps, then shoot the master right? What a load of crap, responsibility rests with the individual, not their parents, teachers, police department, coaches.

    If anybody has a problem with Mike F., then speak to him personally, don’t run around attacking anybody that says anything nice about the guy. To those who complained about Mike F., step down off your soap boxes, give Mike a call, have a good cry, whine, bitch then… get on with your own business.

    Sam, Stop trying to get everybody over to read your ‘rebuttal..line for line’. Maybe consider a different form of driving traffic, like press releases etc. While you’re entitled to your opinion, what everybody ‘needs to do’ is up to them, not you. If I liked my dog yesterday and don’t like it today, that’s my business and I have every right to change my mind at any time without your approval.

    We all get fleeced online/offline from time to time, it’s part of the learning process. (Check out your local department store). It doesn’t always follow that everyone is a crook because you feel that you didn’t get value for money.

    Sure there is a lot of crap, but we don’t always know the good until we see the bad. Get a refund where possible, learn from the experience, make sure your own IM efforts are ‘squeaky clean’ and lead by example.

    If you don’t agree with Rich or anybody, that’s fine but don’t attack the guy because he likes Mike F., his brother-in-law’s next door neighbor’s cat, strawberry ice cream or students who handle their business in ways that he either never did or perhaps no longer agrees with, whatever the case may be.


  48. Guys,

    Wow, you guys really do need to just chill out!

    You’re spending way too much negative energy focusing on points that Rich isn’t even talking about.

    You’d be far better placed ‘putting some action’ into your goals and objectives instead of spending the next hour ‘penning’ a clever response.

    “Move on – There is NOTHING to see here!”

    Thanks for your time and energy Rich,… as ever!

    Have a Merry Xmas and a Great 2008 one and all!

    P.S. Yes, even you negs can have a Great 2008 if you learn to appreciate what you’ve got as well as the help others are trying to offer you for FREE! (i.e. Rich Schefren!) – Nuff said!

  49. Rich,

    I read everything you write, because the first thing I read from you felt like you we’re channeling me. I agree with you on most everything, including this. However, I want to make a couple of points.

    There are many degrees of people and products that can and in many cases are useful to others. I don’t believe we can speak in absolutes when it comes to a person who is looking for opportunity.

    Yes, there are many, many people in the world who simply exist to take advantage of other people. Those victims don’t see it coming because they desperately want to believe.

    Many people, okay most of the people we might talk to, want it bad and they want it now. There are a lot of people who are willing to go through some of the crap to get to the gold.

    I know much of what I have learned to do and what not do has come from others before me. I have been victim to the hype and BS thrown out by a lot of marketers, companies and organizations who say and preach they have my best interests at heart. But I am a realist. I know they are using what they know and what they have learned to create a business designed to make a profit.

    Most of us do the same thing. Once we learn more of what we can do we hopefully get better at what we do. I believe it all comes down to our personal integrity. I operate my business with three major ideals. 1) Do what’s right. 2) Do what makes sense. 3) Make yourself easy to do business with. Along with a foundation of the Golden Rule that’s I how operate.

    That’s not to say I don’t have issues or don’t make mistakes. I am a smart guy, but far from perfect. Last year I purchased a web design company with exceptional talent (one of our designers had computer graphics in three blockbuster motion pictures in the last 16 months), but the previous owner had taken short cuts and created so much bad will we couldn’t use the name and had to start building a new brand.

    Still I knew it was a great opportunity knowing what I know and what I believed I could make it a great success and do great work for the existing 267 clients and for future customers.

    I am now in more debt than I have been in the last 15 years and there is a lot of work that needs to be done to make this company as profitable as I would like to be. But I am using this company, staff and resources as a foundation to do other projects.

    I would not have taken this risk had I not seen what other people have been able to do by just taking action. I think many of us out here have to understand there is no quick fix or magic bullet, but there are things, people, products, seminars, etc., that can get us to the next point.

    I am another one of those people who do coaching, but I am under the radar with mine. I work with people who are intelligent enough to know they need to learn more and I happen to have some of the knowledge they need. I also have the ability and the desire to guide someone over the rough spots or past the mistakes that nearly every one makes if they don’t know where the mistakes are.

    I have clients who will only do so much because of time constraints, financial resources or belief. I try to equip them each with the possibility of what’s they can achieve without filling their head with pipe dreams. One of my clients is a soon to be 90 year man who is brilliant engineer. Most of his peers are either dead or have forgotten him and their own ideas. He is still going strong with an idea that could be the next phase of social networking for education. It’s a brilliant concept, but it needs work, clarity and someone else to help him guide his passion. I got chosen from a small field of individuals.

    I am helping him pursue a dream he has had for the last ten years and one that most people had written off. He is more excited than he has been in years, because someone was willing to listen to him.

    Everyone one of us has dreams and desires to pursue the ideas in our head. Many of us need other people to help us along the way. For me many of the marketers I’ve met, purchased products from, or have been guided by have good intentions.

    The people that don’t grow emotionally beyond the idea of creating the next product they can sell to their list are the ones I don’t have time for. I could have been one of those people. I did a presentation at business opportunity seminar and created over $65,000 in sales. It scared me because the people I sold to were the people we’ve been talking about. I quickly discovered that most of them would never do what they needed to do to even create a modicum of success with my project.

    Most people are sheep. They want everything now. They want it cheap, they don’t want to learn and they don’t want to be told they can’t have it. Therein lies the battle every company has to face. Do we sell products to people we know will never use them the way we intended them to.

    Use an author as an example. Statistically, most people read past page 14 of any book they buy. That fact comes from several publishing organization. The figure is years old, but a fact nonetheless. Do we as authors stop writing for those who will read because we know most people who decide to buy our book won’t read it? Of course not.

    When we decide to create we don’t wonder whether or not most people who might buy our product won’t take advantage or our effort or knowledge. If we did it would stop us dead in our tracks. No, we create because we believe we have something of value. Period. Of course, it won’t be the exact amount of value to all persons, but there is value in what we are doing. We believe we can help some of the people. Those that want our help, our knowledge and experience.

    No, we create because we have the passion and the intention to create something that will make life a little better for all who we encounter with it. My friend Robert Imbriale share something with me a few years ago. He said we must think of ourselves like waiters in a restaurant. Those who create the meal must do so with integrity and desire to serve up a great dining experience if they are to stay in and grow their business. The decision to dine at that restaurant is solely on the person who wants to eat. The waiter should not feel guilty if the person decides to eat only half of the meal.

    They may not be the best analogy, but my point is this. We all learn at different levels and have different levels of expectation in everything we do and want.

    Rich has brought us incredible food for thought. Many of us will take what he has learned and shared with a grain of salt and many of us will digest it like a five star meal. But his information is only part of the puzzle of action, determination and results we hope to figure out. Our self esteem, self awareness and personal desire are all major factors. We can’t grow as a person and as a success in what we do if we spend so much time complaining about what others do us.

    Some people get taken. Some more than others. Each of us can only do what’s right for ourselves. We can’t be our brothers keeper for everyone. Some people don’t want the help. But if enough of us do what’s right I believe it will affect a lot more us.

    I’ve been working on a book that focuses on helping people using the Internet and the technology we can now all have access to, to make better income decisions in our lives individually. I’ve been nervous about putting it out during the climate of crap products, low integrity marketers and pie sky business opportunities.

    With Rich’s help I’ve determined that much of this is never going away and with the right attitude, true passion and great direction, every one of us has the choice to do what’s best for our customers and company.

    Every relationship has the potential to lead us to even greater, more prosperous relationships. Some relationships we make will be long-lasting and more profitable than we could we possibly imagine. Knowing that why in the world would be want to do anything to jeopardize our future?

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