Do You Have A Favicon?

Did you notice?

We installed a favicon.

It’s just one more detail that scores you a few extra points in the credibility index (Can I trust you?)

Do you know what I am talking about?

It’s the little logo you see in the address bar. It’s also shows up  in bookmarks (yep, social ones too!), which means you need to get one right now!

Fortunately you can have one in a few minutes for free:

here’s a copy of ours:

 You Can Only See It On The Blog Page



You can create one too! It’s easy… Here’s how:

Go to: favicongenerator 






















8 thoughts on “Do You Have A Favicon?”

  1. Rich,
    I really appreciate this post. I think having a customized Favicon is a key point to show more professionalism in the website. Not many do it and having a different company’s logo on your site isn’t good. For example, a Joomla created site has the Joomla Favicon by default.


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